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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Trio of Nomination Certificates for Entertainment's Most Prestigious Awards -- Academy Award, Grammy & Golden Globe -- For ''Two Hearts'' by Phil Collins and Lamont Dozier for Film ''Buster'' 2500
2 Official Oscar Nomination Certificate for the Epic 1951 War Film, ''Decision Before Dawn'' PASS
3 Jennifer Aniston Movie Wardrobe From ''Just Go With It'' PASS
4 Christian Bale Screen-Worn Hero Shirt From the Prison Scenes in ''Out of the Furnace'' PASS
5 Christian Bale Screen-Worn Shirt & Hooded Sweatshirt From ''Out of the Furnace'' PASS
6 Lucille Ball Bridal Lot -- 5 Items From Her 1949 Church Wedding to Desi Arnaz -- Garter, Gloves, Photo and Cake Box -- With a COA from Lucy's Daughter 7321
7 Edith Head Sketch of Lucille Ball's Costume From ''The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour'' in 1964 PASS
8 Antonio Banderas ''Mask of Zorro'' Hero Costume Including the Eponymous Mask -- With Shirt, Cape, Pants, Belt, Boots, Gloves & Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 17270
9 Ellen Barkin Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Modern Family'' 500
10 ''Ben-Hur'' Costume Worn Onscreen in The Legendary Chariot Race Scenes -- One of The Most Breathtaking Sequences in Cinematic History PASS
11 Milton Berle's Driver's License PASS
12 Julie Bowen Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Modern Family'' 250
13 Suggestive Medieval Costume From ''Bruno'' -- Worn by the Film's Flamboyant Title Character PASS
14 George Burns Award Plaque as ''Entertainer of the Century'' 1000
15 Gerard Butler Screen-Worn Shirt & Jeans From the Romantic Comedy ''The Ugly Truth'' PASS
16 Nicolas Cage Costume From Thriller ''Season of The Witch'' PASS
17 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Business Suit From ''The Office'' -- With a COA From NBC Universal 500
18 Jim Carrey Screen-Worn Cloak as The Grinch -- With Green Grinch Mask 6050
19 Columbia Pictures Trademark Photo Labeled ''new trade mark'' -- Circa 1936 300
20 Jennifer Connelly Wardrobe Ensemble From Superhero Movie ''Hulk'' 3250
21 Joan Crawford's Polka-Dot Hero Dress From ''Mildred Pierce'' -- The Film That Won Her the Academy Award & Considered One of the Greatest Performances by an Actress in the History of Cinema 22000
22 Russell Crowe Screen-Worn Gym Ensemble From ''Broken City'' 1250
23 Miley Cyrus Screen-Worn Top From ''LOL'' PASS
24 James Dean's Hometown Newspaper Announcing His Death PASS
25 Cameron Diaz Bikini Top From ''The Sweetest Thing'' 1815
26 Disney 1959 Celluloid Featuring Two of Donald Duck's Nephews 250
27 Michael Clarke Duncan ''Hero'' Costume From the Hit Will Ferrell Race Car Comedy ''Talladega Nights'' PASS
28 Robert Duvall Screen-Worn Tattered Wardrobe From Post-Apocalyptic Drama ''The Road'' 500
29 Jenna Elfman Screen-Worn Wardrobe Ensemble From ''1600 Penn'' -- With Wardrobe Department's Tag, Photo of Elfman Dressed in The Wardrobe & COA from 20th Century Fox PASS
30 Sam Elliott Camouflage Military Fatigues From ''The Hulk'' as General Thunderbolt Ross PASS
31 Emmy Award From 1983 for Outstanding Achievement for Children's Programming 5000
32 Emmy Award From the 1988 Winter Olympics 7321
33 Stunning 2002 Winter Olympics Sports Emmy 5000
34 1996 Sports Emmy Award for NBC's Presentation of ''The Centennial Olympic Games'' 5000
35 Emmy Nomination Certificate From 1959 -- James Costigan's Nomination for Writing ''The Turn of the Screw'' PASS
36 Medal From the 1988 Primetime Emmy Awards, Honoring the 40th Anniversary PASS
37 Colin Farrell Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From 2012 Comedy ''Seven Psychopaths'' 500
38 Will Ferrell Screen-Worn Costume From the Hit 2012 Film ''Casa de Mi Padre'' PASS
39 Jenna Fischer Screen-Worn J. Crew Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
40 Harrison Ford ''Crossing Over'' Screen-Worn Costume PASS
41 Jodie Foster Screen-Worn Silk Nightgown & Robe From Her Directorial Endeavor ''The Beaver'' PASS
42 Edith Head Costume Sketch -- Head Draws Mona Freeman for the 1951 Film ''Darling How Could You!'' PASS
43 Morgan Freeman Hero Wardrobe From ''Last Vegas'' PASS
44 Mouseketeer Annette Funicello Personally Owned & Worn Butterfly Brooch PASS
45 Annette Funicello Personally Owned Wardrobe PASS
46 Clark Gable Worn Checkered Suit by Western Costume -- From a Film With Claudette Colbert PASS
47 Eva Gabor Caftan From TV Comedy ''Green Acres'' PASS
48 Ava Gardner Personally Owned Pair of Crystal Decanters PASS
49 Ava Gardner Screen-Worn Cape From Her Personal Estate 2500
50 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Shirt & Sweater From Her 2011 Comedy ''Butter'' 1100
51 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Apron From Her Comedy ''Butter'' PASS
52 Mel Gibson Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 Drama ''The Beaver'' PASS
53 Unique Plaque From the President of Paramount Pictures for the Success of ''The Godfather'' -- ''...unprecedented grosses and extraordinary playing time...'' PASS
54 Tom Hanks Herringbone Jacket From ''Angels & Demons'' PASS
55 Woody Harrelson Stunt Suit From ''Seven Psychopaths'' PASS
56 Teri Hatcher Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Desperate Housewives'' -- Blood-Stained Shirt From Episode Where Mike Is Killed PASS
57 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Shirt & Slacks From ''The Ugly Truth'' PASS
58 ''Killers'' Wardrobe Ensemble -- Worn by Katherine Heigl's Stunt Double in the Romantic Action Film -- With Jacket by Armani PASS
59 Jim Henson Handwritten Character Description of the Premiere Version of Miss Piggy From Her 1974 Television Debut -- With Polaroid Photos PASS
60 Charlton Heston's Screen-Used Hero Prop Rifle From ''Planet of the Apes'' -- The Ultimate Charlton Heston Piece & Likely Last Surviving Prop Gun From the Film -- A Coveted Sci-Fi Weapon PASS
61 Charlton Heston's Belt From Classic Epic ''Ben-Hur'' PASS
62 Jonah Hill Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Grandma's Boy'' PASS
63 Katie Holmes ''Dawson's Creek'' Wardrobe PASS
64 Dennis Hopper Creative Coalition Award Medal From 2008 PASS
65 Dennis Hopper's Jacket Worn as the Grand Marshal of the 69th Hollywood Christmas Parade in 2000 PASS
66 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Something Borrowed'' PASS
67 ''The Hulk'' Screen-Used Gamma Cylinder Prop -- The Machine That Transformed Bruce Banner Into the Hulk at the Outset of Movie PASS
68 Vintage 1939 Script For ''Invisible Stripes'' Starring George Raft, Humphrey Bogart & William Holden -- With Hand Corrections & Notes PASS
69 ''Iron Man'' Lab Coat -- Worn By ''Stark Industries'' Scientists in The 2008 Blockbuster Movie PASS
70 Hugh Jackman Hero Outfit From ''Prisoners'' PASS
71 Screen-Worn Samuel L. Jackson Wardrobe From ''Soul Men'' -- ''Post Fight, Bloody & Ripped'' PASS
72 Amazing Movie Memorabilia From ''Jaws'' -- Life Jackets Worn by Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider and Steven Spielberg -- Call Sheets & Dozens of Photos 40264
73 Bill Thomas' Costume Sketch of Shirley Jones From Her Early Film ''Never Steal Anything Small'' With James Cagney -- Signed by Director Charles Lederer PASS
74 ''The Lost World: Jurassic Park'' Promotional Movie Sign PASS
75 Captain Kangaroo's 1955-1971 Screen-Worn Navy Blue Suit -- With the Kangaroo-Pocket Jacket That Inspired the Name PASS
76 The Batsuit Worn by Michael Keaton in ''Batman'' From 1989 -- Measures Over 7' Tall on Custom Display 30000
77 Original Costume Sketch of Screen Legend Deborah Kerr From the 1959 Film ''Beloved Infidel'' -- Drawn by Academy Award- Winning Costume Designer Bill Thomas 500
78 Ashton Kutcher Pants From the 2005 Film ''Guess Who'' PASS
79 Rare 1940's ''Lassie'' Storyboard -- Painting Depicts the Most Famous Dog in Hollywood Running Through a Wintry Setting PASS
80 Heath Ledger Plaid Shirt & Undershirt From ''Brokeback Mountain'' -- With a COA From Focus Features 12500
81 The Black Leather Jacket Brandon Lee Wore During the Tragic Accident on the Set of ''The Crow'' That Claimed His Life at Age 28 PASS
82 Vivien Leigh Award Plaque From the Lincoln Square Academy PASS
83 Jet Li Costume From His Blockbuster Action/Sci-Fi Thriller ''The One'' 3500
84 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn Harvard T-Shirt & Leggings From Romantic Comedy ''The Backup Plan'' PASS
85 Underage Adult Film Star Traci Lords High School Yearbook -- Her Only Yearbook Appearance Before Dropping Out PASS
86 Tobey Maguire Hero Wardrobe From ''Spider-Man 2'' -- Peter Parker's Jacket 2500
87 Mary Martin's 1963 TV Guide Award in the Form of a Silver Bowl -- For ''Best Performance'' in Her Iconic Role as ''Peter Pan'' 2016
88 Disney Movie Poster for ''Mary Poppins'' With Oscar Statue in the Design -- Film Won 5 Oscars, the Most for Any Disney Movie 250
89 Matthew McConaughey Screen-Worn Costume From ''The Lincoln Lawyer'' PASS
90 Matthew McConaughey Screen-Worn Suit From ''The Lincoln Lawyer'' 1250
91 ''Men in Black 3'' Ray Ban Sunglasses Used by Josh Brolin PASS
92 Sienna Miller Signed Shoes -- With 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
93 Demi Moore Screen-Worn Wardrobe Ensemble From ''LOL'' PASS
94 Julianne Moore Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Carrie'' 750
95 Agnes Moorehead Screen-Worn Pink & Lavender Dress From ''Bewitched'' PASS
96 Actress Brittany Murphy Screen-Worn Sweatshirt From the 2006 Suspense Film, ''The Dead Girl'' PASS
97 Nick Nolte Screen-Used Prop ID Card From ''Hulk'' PASS
98 Laurence Olivier Military Uniform by Western Costume From His Role as General Douglas MacArthur in the Korean War Film, ''Inchon'' PASS
99 Al Pacino Custom Shirt From ''Stand Up Guys'' PASS
100 Paramount Pictures Vintage Employee Pin PASS
101 Academy Award-Winner Sean Penn Screen-Worn Bathrobe From ''This Must Be The Place'' PASS
102 ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' Conceptual Drawing Designed for the 2006 Renovation of the Popular Disneyland Ride PASS
103 Oscar-Winner Natalie Portman Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''No Strings Attached'' 750
104 Kelly Preston ''Cat in the Hat'' Pink Polka-Dot Dress & Cupcake Prop PASS
105 Tony Randall's Director's Chair 500
106 Christopher Reeve Screen-Worn ''Superman III'' Wig 1000
107 Brande Roderick Lingerie Signed & Worn in Her Playboy Centerfold Shoot as Playmate of The Year -- With Signed Magazine, 8'' x 10'' Photo, and Polaroids From the Shoot PASS
108 Adam Sandler ''Click'' Screen-Worn Wardrobe PASS
109 Handkerchief Used Onscreen in ''Saving Private Ryan'' -- One of AFI's 100 Greatest Films PASS
110 Arnold Schwarzenegger Screen-Worn Work Pants From ''The Last Stand'' PASS
111 Frank Sinatra Picture Frame Gifted to Milton Berle -- Engraved ''Love, Barbara And Francis'' PASS
112 ''Forrest Gump'' Boots Screen-Worn by Gary Sinise in His Oscar Nominated Role as ''Lt. Dan Taylor'' PASS
113 Clapboard Used in Acclaimed Thriller ''The Sixth Sense'' -- One of a Kind, as Only One Clapboard Is Used Per Film PASS
114 Will Smith Screen-Worn ''Muhammad Ali'' Robe From ''Ali'' -- With LOA From Will Smith, Calling His Part ''...the role of a lifetime...'' PASS
115 James Spader Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
116 Gucci Shoes for James Spader's Double on ''The Office'' -- With a COA From NBC Universal PASS
117 Britney Spears Screen-Worn ''Crossroads'' Wardrobe PASS
118 Barbra Streisand Worn Silk Body Suit & Wool Trousers PASS
119 Extraordinarily Rare 1951 Sylvania Award -- Considered the Pre-Cursor of the Emmy Awards 2197
120 ''Spartacus'' Screen-Worn Silk Costume -- Custom-Made For Nick Tarabay as Ashur in the Season Finale of the First Season PASS
121 Channing Tatum Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Vow'' 500
122 Script For ''Terminator 2'' Personally Owned by Its Producer BJ Rack & Featuring Hand Notes PASS
123 Jeffrey Thomas Screen-Worn Custom Cloak & Rings From the ''Spartacus'' TV Show Prequel, ''Gods of The Arena'' PASS
124 ''Titanic'' Screen-Worn First Class Steward's Jacket -- With a COA From 20th Century Fox 1000
125 Sofia Vergara Screen-Worn Sweater From ''Modern Family'' -- With COA From 20th Century Fox Television PASS
126 Jon Voight Screen-Used Hero Prop Pistol From ''Mission Impossible'' -- Unique Custom Gun Assembled Onscreen by Voight From Radio Parts PASS
127 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn Hero Shirts & Knapsack From the Final Scene in 2013 Crime Flick ''Broken City'' PASS
128 Paul Walker's T-Shirt From ''2 Fast 2 Furious'' PASS
129 Denzel Washington Costume From the 2010 Film ''The Book of Eli'' 1000
130 Denzel Washington Custom Shirt From ''Safe House'' PASS
131 John Wayne Emergency Thermal Blanket -- Sent to the Actor's Home While He Was Battling Cancer PASS
132 John Wayne Emergency Thermal Blanket -- Sent to the Actor's Home While He Was Battling Cancer PASS
133 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Shirt & Fedora From Action Comedy ''RED'' PASS
134 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''RED'' -- White T-Shirt Distressed With Prop Blood for Action Scenes PASS
135 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Shirts From ''Red 2'' PASS
136 Luke Wilson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Horror Movie ''Vacancy'' PASS
137 ''All in the Family'' Cast-Signed 8'' x 9.75'' Photo 303
138 Lot of 100 Checks Signed by Classic Hollywood Film Star Mary Astor PASS
139 Two 1940's Autograph Books With 35+ Celebrities -- Including Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Roy Rogers, Betty Grable & More PASS
140 Josephine Baker Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the cat can stay in the kitchen - pay attention to her that she does not chase the animals - birds, etc. Pay attention to Fifi as well...'' PASS
141 Lucille Ball Handwritten Letter -- ''...I'm going to miss you - so much more than you know...I've been unable to think of little else for days, except how far away you'll be...'' PASS
142 Vintage Lucille Ball Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
143 Warren Beatty & Carrie Fisher ''Shampoo'' Contract Signed PASS
144 Rare ''Wizard of Oz'' Autograph -- Clara Blandick ''Auntie Em'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
145 Beautiful, Large Signed Photograph of Bombshell Joan Blondell -- 10.5'' x 13.5'' PASS
146 Humphrey Bogart 8'' x 10'' Handsome Signed Portrait Photo of Bogie Dangling a Lit Cigarette -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
147 Humphrey Bogart Signature, Circa Early 1940's PASS
148 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo of Ray Bolger and Margaret Hamilton in ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- ''...I'll fix them!...WWW!'' PASS
149 Ray Bolger 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- In Full Costume as Scarecrow in ''The Wizard of Oz'' PASS
150 ''Bonanza'' Cast Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Pernell Roberts, Lorne Greene and Michael Landon PASS
151 George Burns & Gracie Allen Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
152 James Cagney 1970 Autograph Letter Signed PASS
153 Cast Signed ''Thor 2'' Poster -- Large Poster Measures 27'' x 40'' 750
154 Lon Chaney, Jr. Photo Signed PASS
155 Bing Crosby Autograph Album Custom Made by His Friends for His 48th Birthday -- Signed by Merle Oberon, Dinah Shore, Jack Benny, Gracie Allen, George Burns, Dean Martin & Ethel Barrymore 500
156 Bing Crosby Typed Letter Signed From 1973 -- ''...All goes well here with the boys. They're quite busy, with a variety of activities...'' 250
157 Dorothy Dandridge 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
158 Glamorous Bette Davis 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
159 Olivia de Haviland Oversized Photo Signed -- 14.75'' x 19.25'' PASS
160 Walt Disney Signed Copy of ''Fantasia'' -- With Phil Sears COA 2500
161 Walt Disney Signed Vintage Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
162 Unique Walt Disney 7.25'' x 9'' Signed Photo Where He Holds a Baby Lynx 2000
163 Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Lot of Signed Checks & Bank Correspondence From 1936 PASS
164 Early 20th Century Entertainer W.C. Fields Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 500
165 Clark Gable Document Signed as Executor of Carole Lombard's Estate 750
166 Clark Gable Check Signed PASS
167 Rare Sydney Greenstreet 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo From ''Casablanca'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
168 Sir Alec Guinness 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- Academy Award-Winning Actor of ''Star Wars'' Obi-Wan Kenobi Fame -- Fine PASS
169 Edmund Gwenn 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Himself as the Kindly Kris Kringle From ''Miracle on 34th Street'' PASS
170 'Miracle on 34th Street'' Actor Edmund Gwenn Autograph Letter Signed -- the Oscar Winning ''Kris Kringle'' Writes a Lengthy Letter, '' will undoubtable come under its spell...'' PASS
171 Jack Haley Signed 10'' x 8'' ''Wizard of Oz'' Photo PASS
172 Margaret Hamilton Signed 10'' x 8'' ''Wizard of Oz'' Photo PASS
173 Ted Healy Signed Postcard -- 1937 -- ''...I will be on the air with my new Stooges for the first time...'' PASS
174 Katharine Hepburn ''West Side Waltz'' Program Signed -- From Her Tony Award-Nominated Performance PASS
175 Alfred Hitchcock Signed Sketch of His Famous Profile 1000
176 Hollywood & First Lady Letters Signed -- Lot of 10 Signed by Hollywood, Business & Politics Leaders -- Katharine Hepburn, Barbara Walters, Henry Ford & More PASS
177 ''Our Gang'' Darla Hood Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Bearing Her Autograph Inscription PASS
178 Allen ''Farina'' Hoskins of ''Our Gang'' Signed Photo 250
179 Curly Howard Three Stooges 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
180 Stanley Kubrick Typed Letter Signed While Making His Famous Film ''2001'' -- ''...What a villainous person he sounds like. The movie is going well...'' PASS
181 Stanley Kubrick Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I appreciate the help you gave with 'Possum' and the suspected vermillion paint. As it turned out she must have eaten another color...'' 500
182 Carl Laemmle 1931 Letter Signed Regarding Universal Studios -- ''...[Dracula's] success has prompted us to arrange for the production of...'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley...'' PASS
183 Scarce Bert Lahr Signed Photo as ''Cowardly Lion'' in 1939 ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
184 Unusual Laurel & Hardy Signed 7'' x 10'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
185 Laurel & Hardy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
186 Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy's Autographs PASS
187 Stan Laurel Letter Signed on the Formation of Laurel and Hardy -- ''...the team was formed 1927, not '29. Our first feature was a background parody on an M.G.M. picture 'The Big House'...'' PASS
188 Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier Signed Program From Their Stage Production ''South Sea Bubble'' -- From the Opera House Manchester in 1956 PASS
189 ''Wizard of Oz'' Mitchell Lewis Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
190 Carole Lombard Typed Letter Signed on Paramount Pictures Stationery -- ''...I was hard at work on our newest picture for Paramount, 'Swing High, Swing Low'...'' PASS
191 Janye Mansfield & Mickey Hargitay 10'' x 8'' Wedding Photo Signed PASS
192 Marx Brothers Signed MGM Contract -- Signed By Chico, Harpo & Groucho -- With PSA/COA for All Three Signatures 2000
193 ''Gone with the Wind'' Actor, Thomas Mitchell Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Scarce Signed Photo by First Actor to Win an Oscar, Emmy & Tony Award PASS
194 Western Movie Star Tom Mix Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
195 Fantastic Marilyn Monroe Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- ''...Love & Kisses...'' -- With COA's From Both PSA/DNA & JSA PASS
196 Rare Marilyn Monroe Signed ''Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'' -- The Novel That Inspired Her Most Iconic Role PASS
197 Richard ''Dickie'' Moore 1932 Contract Signed for ''Our Gang'' Films -- Hal Roach Studios PASS
198 Paul Newman Signed Check From 1969 -- The Year He Starred in ''Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'' PASS
199 Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks Signed Autograph Album Page 250
200 Tyrone Power 8 '' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
201 Freddie Prinze Sr. Contract Signed to Appear on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast -- 1974 PASS
202 George Reeves Signed Photo as Superman -- The First On-Screen Portrayal of the DC Hero -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
203 Signatures by Western Stars Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Gabby Hayes -- Plus the Horse ''Trigger''! PASS
204 Will Rogers Signature PASS
205 Early Mickey Rooney Signed 10'' x 13'' Photo PASS
206 19th Annual SAG Awards Signed Tote Bag -- With 20 Signatures Including Jennifer Lawrence, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin & More 1612
207 David O. Selznick Check Signed to Model Anita ''The Face'' Colby From 1946 PASS
208 11'' x 14'' Signed Photo of a Young Frank Sinatra PASS
209 ''Star Wars'' 14'' x 11'' Photo Signed by Darth Vader's Voice, James Earl Jones and by Dave Prowse, Who Played Him Onscreen in the Original Trilogy -- Fine PASS
210 Jimmy Stewart Signed 8'' x 10'' Sketch of Harvey -- Fine PASS
211 Nice 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed by Elizabeth Taylor -- Depicting the Starlet at a Young Age PASS
212 Scarce Elizabeth Taylor 1949 Contract Signed as a 17-Year Old -- Regarding a Betty Crocker Radio Program Appearance PASS
213 Shirley Temple Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
214 1940's Shirley Temple Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
215 Three Stooges Signed Checks -- Three Checks, One Each Signed by Moe Howard, Larry Fine and ''Curly'' Joe DeRita, the So-Called Sixth Stooge PASS
216 John Wayne Signed Contract Pertaining to ''The Barbarian and the Geisha'' & His Following Films With 20th Century-Fox PASS
217 John Wayne Signed Copy of His Album ''America, Why I Love Her'' -- With JSA COA PASS
218 John Wayne 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Depicting the Star in His Western Gear PASS
219 Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan ''Tarzan'' Photo Signed PASS
220 Johnny Weissmuller Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo as Tarzan PASS
221 John Quincy Adams Document Signed as President PASS
222 John Quincy Adams Signature 400
223 Chester A. Arthur Letter Signed as President -- 1881 750
224 Chester A. Arthur Autograph Letter Signed as Vice President 888
225 Chester Arthur Document Signed as President -- Very Bold Signature PASS
226 Chester A. Arthur Signature PASS
227 James Buchanan Signature as President 350
228 George H.W. Bush's Windbreaker Jacket Owned and Worn by the President at Camp David -- With a Copy of the LOA From Sharon Bush 7500
229 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as a UN Representative PASS
230 George W. Bush Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir ''Decision Points'' PASS
231 George W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...You're a good man to care...'' PASS
232 George W. Bush Candid Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
233 Grover Cleveland Document Signed as President PASS
234 Invitation to the Inaugural Ball for Grover Cleveland and His Vice President Thomas Hendricks PASS
235 Grover Cleveland Signature 250
236 Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Signed Copy of ''The President's House: A History In Two Volumes'' -- Elegant Set Inscribed, Signed and Gifted By the Clintons to the Fords -- One of Just 1500 PASS
237 Clinton White House Used China -- Cup & Saucer Set by Lenox From The Year 2000 -- Part of the First Order -- Fine PASS
238 Bill Clinton Signed First Edition of ''Giving: How Each of Us Can Change The World'' -- Fine PASS
239 Calvin Coolidge Uninscribed & Signed Second Edition of His Autobiography PASS
240 President Calvin Coolidge & First Lady Grace Signed 1927 Birth Certificate PASS
241 China Plate From Eisenhower's Presidential Airplane PASS
242 Dwight Eisenhower WWII ALS -- ''...a war zone does funny things to people. It is no light matter to approve sentences that ruin not one, but several lives...'' -- Envelope Also Signed by Ike PASS
243 General Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed to His Wife, Mamie -- ''...'Emergency' is a good name for war...high pressure!...'' PASS
244 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I always feel a bit guilty...when I eat anything special...people, even including babies...have been so long without many items...'' PASS
245 Dwight Eisenhower Letter as President -- ''...I do think that the wisdom of our founding fathers...has been proven time and time again. I do not see any point in amending the Constitution...'' 2000
246 Dwight D. Eisenhower White House Typed Letter Signed -- ''...The only reason I got into politics in the first place...'' PASS
247 Dwight D. Eisenhower Rare Document Signed as President -- Signed on the Day That the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Was Absorbed Into NASA 500
248 Millard Fillmore Signed Free Frank 400
249 Rare James Garfield Free Franked Envelope PASS
250 Ulysses S. Grant Signature PASS
251 Ulysses S. Grant Dinner Invitation to Three Separate Dinners Hosted by Him and His Wife -- ''At Home...Dancing'' PASS
252 Warren G. Harding Document Signed as President PASS
253 Warren G. Harding 9.75'' x 13.75'' Photo Signed PASS
254 White House Used China Plate -- The Benjamin Harrison Design, One of the Most Admired & Sought-After Presidential China Patterns PASS
255 Benjamin Harrison Signature 300
256 John Hay Document Signed in Superb Condition -- Hay Served Under Both Abraham Lincoln & Theodore Roosevelt 300
257 White House Used China -- Oyster Plate in the Rutherford B. Hayes Pattern Ordered by the Arthur or Cleveland Administrations PASS
258 Rutherford B. Hayes Signed Cabinet Card -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
259 1881 Presidential Invitation by Rutherford B. Hayes and First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes PASS
260 Rutherford B. Hayes Signature PASS
261 Herbert Hoover Signed Copy of His ''American Individualism'' 250
262 Herbert Hoover Signed ''The Challenge to Liberty'' 250
263 Herbert Hoover 7.5'' x 9.75'' Signed Photo PASS
264 Secretary of State & Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes Photo Signed PASS
265 Andrew Jackson Vellum Land Grant Signed as President PASS
266 Rare Silk Copy of Andrew Jackson's 1837 Farewell Address -- Beautiful Presidential Keepsake PASS
267 President Andrew Johnson Invitation to Dine at the White House -- Rare Invitation from the Johnson Administration PASS
268 Sterling Silver Julep Cup Gifted & Inscribed by President Lyndon B. Johnson & Lady Bird in 1969 1000
269 Lyndon B. Johnson Typed Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery PASS
270 Lyndon B. Johnson's 1930 Senior Year College Yearbook -- With Four Photos of the Future President in Various Clubs 300
271 Lyndon B. Johnson ''To Heal and to Build'' Signed First Edition 303
272 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned & Worn Court-Style Shoes -- The Style She Popularized 23582
273 The U.S. Flag That Hung Over JFK's Casket When He Lay in State in the Capitol Rotunda -- Given to the Staff Sergeant Who Coordinated the Viewing PASS
274 Incredibly Rare & Unique John F. Kennedy Owned Bottle of Scotch -- Sealed Bottle of Haig & Haig Pinch Scotch -- Given to President Kennedy as an Inauguration Gift PASS
275 John F. Kennedy Personally Owned Unopened Cigar -- Gifted to Him as President by The Philippine Ambassador -- Printed, ''Specially Made For President Kennedy'' 2500
276 Plate From JFK's Last Official Dinner -- Four Days Before His Assassination 2860
277 Original White House Telegram Dated the Day After JFK's Assassination -- Brigadier General Murray Bywater Offers Condolences to Malcolm Kilduff PASS
278 Press Document From the Collection of Malcolm Kilduff, Asking if John F. Kennedy Will Visit Former Vice President Garner on His Fateful Visit to Dallas PASS
279 Original President John F. Kennedy Motorcade Seating Plan for Historic 1963 Berlin Trip PASS
280 John F Kennedy PT-109 Crew Member Autographs on a JFK Commemorative Envelope PASS
281 Invitation to the Dinner Welcoming President Kennedy to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
282 Press Badge for the ''JFK Welcome Dinner'' in Texas the Night of the Assassination PASS
283 Program for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled for the Night of 22 November 1963 PASS
284 JFK Assassination Day ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Program PASS
285 Press Kit for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner Scheduled for the Night of His Assassination PASS
286 JFK ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Press Ticket From November 1963 -- Tragically Cancelled PASS
287 John & Jackie Kennedy White House Card on the Death of Their Child PASS
288 1960 Birth Announcement of John F. Kennedy Jr. PASS
289 Original Instructions for JFK's Funeral -- ''...the body of President Kennedy will leave the White a horse-drawn caisson...'' PASS
290 President John F. Kennedy's First State of the Union Address -- Original Document From the Office of the White House Secretary -- 1961 300
291 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- ''Dallas Morning News'' From 23 November 1963 PASS
292 President John F. Kennedy Unused Inauguration Ticket PASS
293 John F. Kennedy Inaugural Invitation -- Also With an Invitation to the Inaugural Ball -- Near Fine PASS
294 Robert Kennedy Signed Driver's License Application From 1964 PASS
295 Robert Kennedy Signed Photo -- Stark Portrait Measuring 8'' x 10'' PASS
296 Robert Kennedy Signed ''The Enemy Within'' -- Chronicle of His Role as Leader of the Congressional Inquiry Into the Teamsters Union Scandal PASS
297 Four 1865 Letters by a Soldier at the Washington Arsenal, Where the Lincoln Conspirators Were Held -- ''...Ms. Surratt is very sick in Prison here...they...have been sentanced to be hung...'' 5000
298 Illinois Voting Poll Book From the 1860 Presidential Election -- In Which Illinois' Home Son, Abraham Lincoln Famously Beat Stephen Douglas in the Election That Ignited the Civil War PASS
299 ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' -- Complete 10 Volume Set in Unusually Nice Condition From 1890 PASS
300 Abraham Lincoln CDV Photograph by Mathew Brady PASS
301 Abraham Lincoln Civil War-Era Presidential Albumen Photo -- Depicting the President in His Five Dollar Bill Portrait PASS
302 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Card -- ''In Memory of / ABRAHAM LINCOLN...A Martyr to Freedom!'' 250
303 19th Century Presidential Invitation to ''Mrs. Lincoln'' PASS
304 Huey Long ''Every Man a King'' Signed First Edition From 1933 -- Long's Populist Manifesto 750
305 William McKinley Assassination Bulletin -- Physicians' Report on 8 September 1901, Six Days Before the President Died -- ''...the President Since the Last Bulletin Has Slept Quietly...'' PASS
306 William McKinley Assassination Letter -- Vermont Senator Hosted Vice President Theodore Roosevelt at His Home When They Heard of ''...the terrible tragedy at Buffalo...'' PASS
307 Invitation to the McKinley White House From 1901, Less Than a Year Before His Assassination PASS
308 William McKinley Letter Signed as Congressman -- ''...In reply to your favor...applying for a situation in one of the departments here, I am forced to say that I do not now see anything...'' PASS
309 Presidential Medal of Freedom With Distinction Awarded to Robert McNamara -- Secretary of Defense for Both Presidents Kennedy & Johnson 32500
310 Program From ''New York's Birthday Salute To President Kennedy'' at Madison Square Garden -- Where Marilyn Monroe Sang Her Sexy Rendition of ''Happy Birthday'' to JFK PASS
311 Ticket From ''New York's Birthday Salute To President Kennedy'' at Madison Square Garden -- Where Marilyn Monroe Sang Her Sexy Rendition of ''Happy Birthday'' to JFK PASS
312 James Monroe Document Signed as President 500
313 Richard Nixon's Amazing Handwritten Notes on Alger Hiss -- The Trial That Put Nixon's Career on the Map -- ''couldn't prove he was a commie...the counterattack almost blasted us off the map'' PASS
314 U.S. Senate Ticket to the Impeachment Trial of President Richard Nixon PASS
315 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial 750
316 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation 1209
317 Early 1946 Richard Nixon Campaign Letter With Autograph Note Signed -- ''...take...every win voters away from the discredited policies of the New Deal Administration...'' PASS
318 Barack Obama Signed as President Leaderboard for the 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship -- With Obama's Team Picks Handwritten by Him PASS
319 Marina Oswald 1981 Autograph Letter Signed -- Lee Harvey Oswald's Widow Says Her Summer ''...wasn't the best...'' PASS
320 President Franklin Pierce Invitation PASS
321 Rare Franklin Pierce Franking Signature PASS
322 James K. Polk Signature PASS
323 Multi-Presidential Signed Photo: Eisenhower, Truman, Hoover & Nixon Sign a Photo of Eisenhower's Inauguration -- Framed in Wood From Inauguration Stand -- With PSA/DNA COA for All Signatures PASS
324 Ronald Reagan Signed Limited Edition of His Speeches ''Speaking My Mind'' -- #1701 of 5000 Copies PASS
325 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed -- ''Happy Birthday and God Bless You'' -- to Widow of Chicago Cubs' Charlie Grimm PASS
326 Ronald Reagan Signs His Autobiography, ''An American Life'' 350
327 Ronald Reagan Signed Copy of ''The Reagan Presidency'' -- Signed as President 514
328 President Ronald Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
329 Eleanor Roosevelt's Personally Owned Books Regarding FDR's Presidency -- Lot Also Includes Books Inscribed to Her by Josephus Daniels & Pare Lorentz -- Collection of 16 Political Titles PASS
330 Signed Photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt -- Confident Pose and Clear Signature From the Influential First Lady PASS
331 Eleanor Roosevelt Photo Signed PASS
332 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed First Edition of Her Memoir 250
333 Glass Vase From Franklin D. Roosevelt & Eleanor's Home PASS
334 Exceptional Franklin Roosevelt Letter Signed After the Market Crash -- ''...we face in this country not only the danger of communism but the equal danger of the concentration of all power...'' PASS
335 FDR Autograph Note Signed -- Roosevelt Approves the 1930 Budget for His Beloved Warm Springs Polio Foundation PASS
336 Franklin D. Roosevelt 17.25'' x 20.25'' Signed Portrait PASS
337 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed 7.75'' x 10'' Photo as President-Elect in 1932 PASS
338 Nice Franklin D. Roosevelt Signature as Governor of New York in 1930 -- Upon a State of New York Executive Mansion Card PASS
339 Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery -- ''...I am delighted that you were able to make the speech for the Democratic National Committee...'' 300
340 Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President PASS
341 1920 Invitation to Franklin D. Roosevelt's Nomination Ceremony as Democratic Candidate for the Vice Presidency PASS
342 Signed as President, Theodore Roosevelt Signed Copy of His Complete Works -- 15 Volumes PASS
343 Theodore Roosevelt Signed White House Card -- PSA/DNA Encapsulated 1000
344 Large Theodore Roosevelt Military Document Signed as President PASS
345 Theodore Roosevelt Signature PASS
346 1904 Republican National Convention Ticket Nominating President Theodore Roosevelt as the Republican Candidate 275
347 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' PASS
348 JFK During the Cuban Missile Crisis -- ''...Boy, if Fidel Castro had something like you, he would think more about making Love, and less about making war...'' PASS
349 Taft Endorses a Peace Plan Amending the League of Nations -- ''...I have watched the play of selfishness and the prejudice of excessive nationalism among the European Nations...'' PASS
350 William H. Taft Document Signed as President PASS
351 William Howard Taft Signature -- Bold Signature Attractively Displayed With Small Etched Portrait of Taft PASS
352 William Taft Letter Signed -- ''...I am in receipt of a note from the Ladies' Home Journal...enclosing check for $1,000 for my article on 'Is Prohibition a Blow at Personal Liberty'...'' PASS
353 Exceptionally Scarce Harry Truman WWII Victory Proclamation Signed as President -- Gifted to White House Staff in 1945 -- in Seldom-Encountered Near Fine Condition PASS
354 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
355 President Truman Letter Signed -- ''...The question of division of powers...of responsibilities between the executive and the legislative as old as the Constitution itself...'' PASS
356 Harry Truman Signed Two Volume Set of His Memoirs -- Both Volumes Signed 500
357 Harry S. Truman 16'' x 12'' Photo Signed PASS
358 Harry Truman Signed First Edition of ''Mr. President'' PASS
359 Harry S. Truman Typed Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery -- ''...Things went as they should go. Tell Tom Evans to behave himself...'' PASS
360 Harry S. Truman Uninscribed & Signed ''Mr. Citizen'' -- First Edition Account of His Time as President 300
361 Rare Candid Photo Signed by First Couple Harry & Bess Truman -- 10'' x 8'' Photo Is Likely Unpublished PASS
362 Harry Truman 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
363 Harry S. Truman Typed Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery PASS
364 Harry Truman's Death Announced in ''The Kansas City Star'' Newspaper PASS
365 Harry S. Truman Typed Letter Signed from 1955 -- ''...good wishes on the occasion of your Golden Wedding Anniversary...'' PASS
366 Harry Truman Signed First Edition of His ''Memoirs'' PASS
367 John Tyler Franking Signature PASS
368 John Tyler White House Invitation as President PASS
369 Martin Van Buren Signed Check -- With PSA/DNA COA & Encapsulation PASS
370 Martin Van Buren Signature 350
371 Scarce Print of Hattie E. Burdette's Masonic Portrait of George Washington 500
372 Scarce Martha Washington Signature -- With Familial Provenance PASS
373 Watergate Signed First Day Cover -- Signed by Seven Prominent Watergate Figures Including Judge John Sirica and Sam Ervin PASS
374 Woodrow Wilson Letter Signed With Lengthy Political Content -- '' the campaign is going...I hear all sorts of reports...but I never allow myself to form confident expectations...'' 1612
375 Woodrow Wilson Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...we are going to try to save six tickets for your use for your friends for the inauguration stand and the parade reviewing stand...'' 300
376 Published Death Sentence for Henri Bertrand -- ''...Bertrand was the first among the French who accompanied Bonaparte in his enterprise against France...'' PASS
377 Fidel Castro Document Signed as President of Cuba PASS
378 Death Sentence for Napoleon's Aide de Camp, General Charles de la Bedoyere -- ''...convicted of crimes of treason and rebellion, for having lent support in the invasion made by Bonaparte...'' PASS
379 French Revolutionary War General Arthur Dillon Document Signed -- 5 Years Before He Was Guillotined in the Reign of Terror PASS
380 Remarkable Handwritten Account From the French Revolution -- Containing the Opinions of Its Parisian Author Pertaining to the Revolution 750
381 Napoleonic Era Document Signed by Baron Louis Sebastian Grundler in 1814 -- Military Governor of Paris Under Newly Restored Louis XVIII PASS
382 Original 8.5'' x 11'' ''Heroic Warrior'' Photograph of Che Guevara -- Signed by Photographer Alberto Korda PASS
383 1922 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by the IRA -- ''Beware of Black and Tans'' -- With a Statement by Eamon de Valera PASS
384 Impassioned Letter Signed by Captain Revel to King Louis XVIII, Declaring Napoleon Raped His Wife: ''... the Usurper...made her his mistress...'' -- This Mistress Gave Napoleon His First Son 491
385 French General Claude Malet Document Signed From 1795 -- He Would Lead Unsuccessful Coup Against Napoleon in 1812 PASS
386 Golda Meir Autograph Note Signed Upon a Postcard to Palestine 3723
387 Eva Peron Signed Photo Display PASS
388 Eva Peron Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I need you here, because you are a Peron and we need a lot of Perons in the government...Evita'' 750
389 Roman Republic 1798 Document -- Shortly After Napoleon's General Invaded Rome & Established the Roman Republic -- ''...The Republic was founded with their blood...'' PASS
390 Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat Typed Letter Signed PASS
391 Maharaja Duleep Singh Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I shall be happy to shoot with you on the 14...'' PASS
392 Joseph Stalin WWII-Dated Document Signed 7700
393 French Admiral Latouche Treville Letter Signed -- ''...The crew of the ship Tordeaux wrecked in 1773 on the island of Tizago, where they had found the most awful captivity...'' PASS
394 1641 Broadside Regarding King Charles I's Attempted Arrest of 5 Members of the House of Commons -- The Incident That Precipitated English Civil War PASS
395 Charles I English Civil War Broadside -- ''...Whereas the King, seduced by wicked councell, doth make war against his Parliament and people...'' -- 1642 PASS
396 Medieval Document Written in Old French -- From Larnagol, France in 1323, Document Mentions King Charles IV of France PASS
397 Space-Flown Piece of Kapton Foil Coating From The Apollo 11 Command Module, Columbia -- With LOA Signed by Buzz Aldrin 350
398 Astronaut William Anders 1969 Typed Letter Signed on NASA Stationery -- ''...All three of us are grateful for His Eminence's thoughtfulness in praying a prayer just for us...'' PASS
399 Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- One of Most Difficult Astronaut Signatures to Find PASS
400 Apollo 1 Astronaut Crew Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA -- Signed by Ed White, Gus Grissom & Roger Chaffee PASS
401 Apollo 7 Crew-Signed 10'' x 13'' Photo PASS
402 Apollo 9 American Flag Flown in Space -- With Certificate Signed by Crew Members Dave Scott, James A. McDivitt and Rusty Schweickart PASS
403 Apollo 11 Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
404 Apollo 11 Large Photo Display Signed by Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin 2500
405 Apollo 12 Space-Flown American Flag -- Mounted to a Certificate Signed by the Entire Crew PASS
406 Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Photo -- 16'' x 20'' PASS
407 Apollo 13 Crew-Signed Cover -- Cancelled on the Date of the Near-Disastrous Mission's Launch, 11 April 1970 PASS
408 Apollo 14 Crew Signed Envelope -- Ed Mitchell, Stu Roosa & ''Moon Golfer'' Alan Shepard PASS
409 Apollo 14 Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Edgar Mitchell, Stu Roosa & Alan Shepard -- Photo Depicts Shepard Shaking President Nixon's Hand After Successful Mission PASS
410 Apollo 15 Flown Jamaica Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine, Measuring 6'' x 4'' -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
411 Apollo 15 Flown Uganda Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine, Measuring 6'' x 4'' -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
412 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' North Yemen Flag, (Yemen Arab Republic, 1962-1990) -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15'' by Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- With COA by Worden 1000
413 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Zambia Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
414 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- Also With COA From Worden PASS
415 Apollo Astronauts Lot of 6 Photos Signed -- Frank Borman, Charles Conrad, Alan Bean, Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan & Charles Duke 300
416 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Uninscribed & Near Fine -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
417 Neil Armstrong Uninscribed 10'' x 8'' Apollo 11 Photo Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
418 Neil Armstrong Signed Photo & Signed Program From National Geographic's 1970 Hubbard Medal Ceremony -- Fantastic Lot of Two Signatures by the Elusive Astronaut PASS
419 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover -- Cancelled in Armstrong's Hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio PASS
420 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
421 Excellent Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed & Inscribed Photo PASS
422 Neil Armstrong 1969 Letter Signed on NASA Stationery -- Just Months After Returning From the Moon 750
423 Neil Armstrong Signed Christmas Card PASS
424 Neil Armstrong High School Yearbook From 1946 -- With 6 Photos of Armstrong as a Teenager PASS
425 Unusual 10'' x 8'' Photo Signed by Neil Armstrong + 6 More Astronauts -- Shows the Astronauts in Hawaii, on a 1965 Trip to View Lava Formations in Preparation for the Moon PASS
426 Page Signed by a Multitude of Astronauts Including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke & More -- With 20 Signatures in Total PASS
427 Frank Borman Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Fine 250
428 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins ''Carrying The Fire'' Signed PASS
429 Michael Collins Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
430 Amelia Earhart Signed ''20 Hrs. 40 Min.'' 750
431 Ronald Evans 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- Evans Flew as Command Module Pilot of Apollo 17, the Last Manned Mission to the Moon PASS
432 Ron Evans Autograph Letter Twice Signed -- ''...I'm sure you will enjoy hearing what it's like to fly to the moon...'' -- With Other NASA Paraphernalia PASS
433 Astronaut Theodore Freeman Autograph Note Signed -- ''...very best of wishes in each of your goals...'' PASS
434 1933 Graf Zeppelin Flown Cover -- From Its ''Century of Progress'' Flight to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago PASS
435 Early Gus Grissom Autograph Letter Signed to His Mother as an Air Force Cadet & Actor in ''Air Cadet'' Starring Steven McNally -- ''...I'll be flying jets at Williams Field before very long...'' PASS
436 Gus Grissom Check Signed 250
437 Aviation Pioneer A. Roy Knabenshue Typed Letter Signed Discussing Renting Airships -- ''...we take pleasure in offering you the opportunity of securing a Knabenshue Airship...'' PASS
438 Lindbergh 1932 Kidnapping Reward Poster -- Lists Serial Numbers of Currency Paid in Ransom 300
439 Pair of James Lovell 8'' x 10'' Photos Signed -- One Photo of Lovell in His Spacesuit & One Crew Photo of the Apollo 7 Astronauts in Civilian Suits PASS
440 Mercury 7 Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
441 Mercury 7 Signatures From 1961 -- All 7 Original NASA Astronauts Sign the Same Card -- Glenn, Grissom, Carpenter, Slayton, Cooper, Shepard & Schirra PASS
442 Signed Lunar Photo of Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison Schmitt -- 10'' x 8'' -- Fine PASS
443 Harrison Schmitt 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- The Last Astronaut to Walk on the Moon PASS
444 1971 Letter Signed by Harrison Schmitt -- ''...the Apollo 17 mission. I hope that we can...serve the country and mankind through our continued exploration of space -- the earth's frontier...'' PASS
445 Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott Autograph Note Signed Regarding Mission Insignia PASS
446 Alan Shepard Signed 10'' x 11.75'' Photo Display PASS
447 American Flag Flown in Space Aboard Columbia STS-1 PASS
448 NASA Achievement Medal & Certificate for the Columbia STS-1 Mission -- Medallion Made of Metal Taken From the Shuttle Itself 250
449 Thomas Edison Check Signed 750
450 Thomas Alva Edison's Signature 500
451 Albert Einstein's Signature 1650
452 Guglielmo Marconi Signature PASS
453 Albert Schweitzer Signed Book ''The Africa of Albert Schweitzer'' PASS
454 Albert Schweitzer Signed Photo PASS
455 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22kt Gold Detailing PASS
456 Carl Zeiss 1856 Autograph Letter Signed -- Signed During the Time of His ''Carl Zeiss AG'' Lens Invention PASS
457 Stunning Archive of Admiral Byrd's First & Second Antarctic Expeditions -- Photos, Explorer Signatures & First Edition Booklet About Their Ship, ''City of New York'' PASS
458 Mt. Everest 1978 Team-Signed Postcard -- The First Climbers to Reach the Summit Without Supplemental Oxygen PASS
459 David Livingstone and Henry Stanley Autograph Lot -- From the Earliest Days of African Exploration 750
460 Captain Scott's Antarctic Photographer, Herbert Ponting Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have been engaged in such awfully interesting research and innovative work...'' PASS
461 Egyptologist Arthur Weigall Signed Letter -- 1908 -- ''...the Directorate would like to have exchanges with the home owners located in front of Temple of Luxor...'' PASS
462 Sixth-Plate Ambrotype Depicting a House Under Construction During the Mid- 1800's PASS
463 Mt. Rushmore Artist Gutzon Borglum Signed Photo -- 10.5'' x 13.75'' PASS
464 Mount Rushmore Designer, Gutzon Borglum Signed Mount Rushmore Booklet PASS
465 Brooklyn Bridge 1883 Opening Ceremony Souvenir Issued by Lord & Taylor Department Store -- Scarce PASS
466 Rare Sixth-Plate Daguerreotype of a Small Child -- Full Case With ''Bird and Grapevine Variant'' Design by Rinhart PASS
467 Keith Haring's Famous Illustration Promoting ''Safe Sex!'' Signed by the Artist -- Poster Measures 27.25'' x 29.5'' PASS
468 Mastermind Behind The Statue of Liberty Edouard Laboulaye Autograph Letter Signed -- Rare PASS
469 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker as a Hula Dancer PASS
470 Thomas L. Lewis Signed 20'' x 16'' Oil Painting -- Depicting Texas Bluebonnets PASS
471 1843 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''On-Ge-Wae'' Indian Chief PASS
472 French Painter Camille Pissarro Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...We are in for a disaster. We'll soon be very sad, as you must realize...'' -- With JSA COA PASS
473 Artist & Sculptor Frederic Remington Autograph Letter Signed With Art Content -- ''...Did I leave a small palate knife on your window sill...'' PASS
474 Pierre-Auguste Renoir Personally Owned & Painted Miniature Porcelain Sugar Bowl -- One of Only 7 Known Renoir Painted Porcelains From His Time as an Apprentice in a Porcelain Factory PASS
475 Pierre-Auguste Renoir Personally Owned & Painted Miniature Porcelain Cup and Saucer -- Two of Only 7 Known Renoir Painted Porcelains From His Time as an Apprentice in a Porcelain Factory 4000
476 Pierre-Auguste Renoir Personally Owned & Painted Miniature Porcelain Breakfast Service Set -- Nine Pieces PASS
477 Gary Lynn Roberts Texas Landscape Oil Painting -- 36'' x 24'' PASS
478 Norman Rockwell Signed 8'' x 10'' Portrait Photo PASS
479 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''Stagecoach'' -- Art Done for the 20th Century Fox Film in 1966 PASS
480 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of His ''Springtime on Stockbridge'' PASS
481 Master of Americana, Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Well-Known Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
482 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His 1972 Painting of Richard and Pat Nixon 500
483 Revolutionary French Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photo Postcard of His Famous Work, ''Cariatide Carrying a Stone'' PASS
484 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy and the Red Baron'' Signed 300
485 Charles Schulz Signed Book, His Classic ''Happiness is a Warm Puppy'' 300
486 Charles Schulz Signed ''Peanuts'' Christmas Theme Book PASS
487 Garth Williams Hand-Drawing for the Cover Art of ''Emmett's Pig'' -- Signed by Williams on Verso PASS
488 Children's Book Illustrator Garth Williams Signed Drawing -- Early Cover Art For the 1959 Book ''Emmett's Pig'' PASS
489 Frank Lloyd Wright Signature PASS
490 W.H. Auden 1972 Autograph Letter Signed PASS
491 L. Frank Baum Signed and Dedicated ''Wonderful Wizard of Oz'' -- With Scarce Poem Handwritten by Baum -- ''...Mosquitoes charm me / They cannot harm me / For I am Mr. Dooley-ooley-oo!...'' PASS
492 Nash Buckingham Signed ''Tattered Coat, Tales of Shooting and Fishing'' PASS
493 Charles Bukowski Signed Limited Edition of ''There's No Business'' PASS
494 Truman Capote's True Crime Masterpiece ''In Cold Blood'' Signed First Edition, First Printing 2500
495 Truman Capote Signed and Inscribed Photograph -- Photo Depicts the Famous Author Smiling Widely 500
496 Gorgeous Signed Luxury Copy of Truman Capote's ''Other Voices, Other Rooms'' -- Fine PASS
497 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Willa Cather Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you heartily for your cordial expression of interest...'' PASS
498 Rare Mark Twain 1875 Personal Check Signed ''Samuel L. Clemens'' -- A Year Later He Would Publish ''The Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' PASS
499 Signed Limited Edition of Michael Crichton's Classic ''Jurassic Park'' PASS
500 August Derleth Signed First Edition of ''Colonel Markesan and Less Pleasant People'' PASS
501 August Derleth ''Dark Mind, Dark Heart'' First Edition Signed -- One of Only 2,493 First Edition Copies PASS
502 August Derleth Letter Signed -- ''...The task which looms most disturbingly is my novel, STILL IS THE SUMMER NIGHT...'' -- 1932 PASS
503 Exceedingly Rare First Printing Dusjacket of ''The Great Gatsby'' -- Much More Rare Than the Legendary Novel It Houses PASS
504 ''The Great Gatsby'' -- First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Legendary Novel PASS
505 First Edition, First Printing of '''A' is for Alibi'' -- The First Tome in Sue Grafton's Wildly Popular Mystery Series PASS
506 Joseph Heller Signed Copy of His Acclaimed Novel ''Catch 22'' PASS
507 Ernest Hemingway Signed & Inscribed 10'' x 8'' Photo From the 1950's PASS
508 Ernest Hemingway Signed Check From 1952 -- To Longtime Friend & Manager of His Property in Cuba 1000
509 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Postcard Signed -- Penned While on a 1956 Trip to Spain -- Signed ''Papa'' & Additionally Signed by His Wife, Mary 750
510 True 1935 First Edition of Ernest Hemingway's ''Green Hills of Africa'' PASS
511 Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am sorry for your 'tribulations' but with your indomitable spirit you will come bravely through them...'' PASS
512 Langston Hughes Typed Letter Signed -- '' newly published poem 'Freedom's Plow'...'' PASS
513 Stephen King's Pre-Publication Proof of ''Cujo'' -- Signed & Inscribed by King -- ''...Don't let the dog bite! Stephen King...'' PASS
514 Louis L'Amour Document Signed -- Contract For a Collaboration With Screenwriter Jack Natteford PASS
515 Harper Lee Signed First Edition of Her Pulitzer Prize Winning Work ''To Kill A Mockingbird'' 2750
516 Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Nobody said Boo (not Radley) to me...'' PASS
517 Harper Lee Autograph Note Signed -- Lee Pens a Response Writing That She Can't Respond PASS
518 Gorgeous Signed Limited Edition of Cormack McCarthy's ''No Country For Old Men'' -- The Novel That Inspired 2007's Best Picture -- Fine PASS
519 Henry Miller Twice-Signed Book ''To Paint is to Love Again'' -- Also With a Hand-Drawn Self-Portrait Sketch by Miller -- Fine PASS
520 Margaret Mitchell ''Gone With The Wind'' First Edition Signed 4000
521 Wonderful Margaret Mitchell Autograph Letter Signed ''Peggy'' -- Revealing Female Writers and Historians Who Influenced ''Gone With the Wind'' -- 1935 PASS
522 Two 19th Century Books With Rare Paintings of the Tiber and Thames Rivers Along Fore-Edge PASS
523 Carl Sandburg ''Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years'' First Edition Signed PASS
524 ''Where the Wild Things Are'' by Maurice Sendak -- 1963 Children's Classic in Near Fine Condition PASS
525 Maurice Sendak Autograph Letter Signed Upon a Card Featuring His ''Nutcracker'' Artwork -- ''...After 3 Tiresome Weeks Pissing Over the Ballet (Nutcracker)...This Winter I Am Home...'' PASS
526 Rare Original Dr. Seuss ''Grinch'' Drawings Signed -- Festive Christmas Greetings PASS
527 First Printing of Dr. Seuss' ''The Cat in The Hat'' PASS
528 Hard-to-Find 1961 First Edition of Dr. Seuss' ''Ten Apples Up on Top!'' PASS
529 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed on ''Cat in the Hat'' Stationery PASS
530 Dr. Seuss ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Printing -- With Original Dustjacket PASS
531 Dr. Seuss Typed Letter Signed With Literary Content -- Seuss Critiques Two Books at Length PASS
532 Upton Sinclair First Edition of ''The Jungle'' -- With Letter Signed by Sinclair Affixed Within -- ''...I send you an autographed card which you can place in each book...'' PASS
533 Gertrude Stein's ''Lucy Church Amiably'' First Edition -- Scarce Book by the Author Who Coined the Term ''Lost Generation'' PASS
534 Gertrude Stein's Lover Alice B. Toklas Signed Postcard -- ''...Carl's [Van Vechten] birthday noticed by the New Republic! - the dissociated Press!! And hundreds of newspapers!!!...'' PASS
535 1885 First Edition, First Printing of Mark Twain's Beloved Tome ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' PASS
536 Samuel Clemens Twice-Signed Edition of ''The Writings of Mark Twain'' -- Signed as Both ''Samuel Clemens'' and ''Mark Twain'' in Volume 1 of a 25 Volume Set PASS
537 Kurt Vonnegut Signed ''Slaughterhouse Five'' Leather Bound Limited Edition PASS
538 British Author & ''Inkling'', Charles Williams Letter Signed in 1939 England -- ''...the devastation of our normal life over here has cut all that out...'' PASS
539 Signed First Edition of Harold Bell Wright's Last Novel, ''The Man Who Went Away'' -- With Rare Dustjacket PASS
540 Damon Harris' American Music Award From 1974 Honoring The Temptations as Favorite Group in Soul Music 10000
541 American Music Award PASS
542 Beatles Promotional Photo Postcard From Ringo's 1968 Farcical Movie ''Candy'' -- With Letter by Swedish Actress Ewa Aulin -- ''...Next week we're off to New York & Hollywood...'' PASS
543 Jimmy Buffett ''Don't Stop the Carnival'' RIAA Award PASS
544 Karen Carpenter's 1965 Yearbook as a High School Sophomore -- Shows the Young Entertainer Singing in Various Photos PASS
545 Cher Custom Jacket From the ''Love Hurts'' Concert Tour in 1992 2500
546 Cher Personally Owned & Worn Orange Shirt PASS
547 Cher Personally Owned Terrycloth Lounge Pants by Juicy Couture PASS
548 Grammy Award Nomination Certificate for Kanye West's Song ''Mercy'' -- Fine PASS
549 Grammy Nomination Medal From the 52nd Annual Ceremony in 2010 -- Solid Bronze Medal Made by Tiffany & Co. PASS
550 Buddy Holly Personally Owned & Worn Wool Shirt - With a COA From His Widow Maria Elena Holly 3025
551 Michael Jackson's ''Bad'' Prototype Jacket -- Commissioned to Prepare for the Video and Album Cover Photo -- Fine PASS
552 Fine Leather Bolero Jacket Personally Owned & Worn by Michael Jackson -- -- With a COA From Henry Vaccaro 15000
553 Michael Jackson's Personally Owned and Worn Aviator Sunglasses From the ''Victory'' Tour in 1984 -- -- With a COA From Henry Vaccaro PASS
554 Michael Jackson Self Portrait Sketch, Drawn & Signed -- Intriguing Art by the King of Pop, in His Characteristic Drawing Style, With His Own Features Twisted -- With a COA From Henry Vaccaro PASS
555 Michael Jackson's Very Own Grammy Nomination for ''We Are The World'' -- With a COA From Henry Vaccaro 7500
556 Amazing Michael Jackson 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Bold Signature PASS
557 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall Signed Christmas Card PASS
558 Demi Lovato Worn Bodysuit -- Worn While Touring & for Photo Shoot 1250
559 Fantastic Signed 12'' x 12'' Photo of the King, Elvis Presley -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
560 Temptations Vocalist David Ruffin Contract Signed With Original Promotional Flyer PASS
561 The Supremes Signed 14'' x 11'' Glossy Photo PASS
562 Legendary Vocalist Marian Anderson Program Signed PASS
563 Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
564 Leonard Bernstein Signed LP Record Set PASS
565 Opera Singer Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn Caricature, Also Signed by Caruso PASS
566 Art by Opera Great Enrico Caruso -- Signed Bust Sketch in Profile of Caruso Is Likely Him in Character PASS
567 Nat King Cole Trio Autographs -- Plus Nine Additional Signatures of 1930's Jazz Legends PASS
568 George Gershwin Signed Check From 1935 -- Year He Wrote ''Porgy And Bess'' PASS
569 Jazz Musician Hampton Hawes Files a Claim for Wages Not Paid in 1946 -- Signed ''Hampton Hawes'' PASS
570 Rare Signed Photo of 1930's Jazz Musician Claude Hopkins -- 8'' x 10'' PASS
571 Peter, Paul and Mary Signed Drumhead -- Signed by All Three Members of the Folk Trio PASS
572 John Phillip Sousa's Signature From 1930 PASS
573 Detroit Lions vs. NY Yanks Program From 21 October 1951 -- 72pp. -- Some Loose Pages, Else Near Fine PASS
574 DeLorean Motor Company Founder John Z. DeLorean Signed Document -- 1976 PASS
575 Winner of the 1925 Indianapolis 500, Peter DePaolo Lot of Two Signed Photos 1500
576 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Racing Suit Worn & Signed 7500
577 Racecar Driver Guiseppe Farina Signed Photo PASS
578 Signed 7'' x 5'' Photo of Legendary Automaker Ferdinand ''Ferry'' Porsche -- Near Fine PASS
579 Wilbur Shaw's 1935 Indianapolis 500 Jacket -- Given to Him as an Inaugural Member of The ''Champion 100 Mile an Hour Club'' -- From the Wilbur Shaw Estate 12500
580 Trophy Awarded to Wilbur Shaw, The Winner of The 100 Mile Race at Northampton Track in 1926 3000
581 Large ''Hammerin' Hank'' Aaron Signed Photo Measuring 20'' x 16'' -- Depicting His 715th Home Run 250
582 HOFer Frank ''Home Run'' Baker Signature -- Signed ''J. Franklin Baker'' -- With JSA COA PASS
583 Wade Boggs Signed Game-Used Devil Rays Away Jersey -- From His 3,000 Hit Season -- With an LOA From Boggs 1000
584 Pair of Boston American ''Raincheck'' Ticket Stubs -- For 1910 Red Sox Season -- PSA Certified PASS
585 Very Rare 1881 Boston Baseball Association Stock Certificate PASS
586 HOFer Dizzy Dean Signed 8 '' x 10'' Photo in Fine Condition 500
587 10'' x 8'' Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed Photo -- Bold, Blue Signatures -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
588 Outstanding 10'' x 8'' Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed Photo Display -- Large, Bold Signatures -- With JSA COA PASS
589 Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Also Signed by Dom DiMaggio -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
590 Don Drysdale Baseball Signed From the 1960's PASS
591 Herman Hill, Vern Morgan, & George Mitterwald Signatures PASS
592 Baseball Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby Signs a Vintage 1955 Program -- Also Features Signature of Sports Writer James Enright -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
593 HOFer Sandy Koufax Signed High School Yearbook -- ''...To be successful and make my family proud of me...'' -- With JSA LOA PASS
594 Excellent Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA PASS
595 Mickey Mantle & Bill Dickey Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With JSA COA 300
596 Roger Maris Signed ''The Kansas City Athletics'' Book PASS
597 Roger Maris Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 250
598 Famous World Series Photo From 1954, ''The Catch'' Signed by Willie Mays -- 8'' x 10'' Photo Is in Near Fine Condition -- With JSA LOA PASS
599 World Series Champion New York Mets 1969 Team-Signed Photo Centerfold in the 1970 Mets Yearbook -- With JSA LOA 550
600 Ticket Stub From Thurman Munson's Final Game Before His Tragic Death -- PSA Encapsulated & Graded Excellent PASS
601 Longtime President of the Dodgers Wally O'Malley Typed Letter Signed -- ''...We must also have several holes in the head...'' PASS
602 Andy Pettitte Houston Astros Game-Worn Jersey From the 2004 Season PASS
603 Lot of Three Pittsburgh Pirates Newspapers From Their World Series Wins -- 1960, 1971 & 1979 PASS
604 Albert Pujols Game-Worn Glove Signed -- With Official Pujols COA & Hologram 250
605 1916 Boston Red Sox Program -- Babe Ruth Pitching Against St. Louis Browns PASS
606 1984 Topps Cal Ripken Jr. #400 Original One-of-a-Kind Negative -- 2'' x 2.75'' -- Topps Vault Hologram #15290 PASS
607 Jackie Robinson Signed Photo -- 8'' x 10'' Photo of Robinson & Actor Van Heflin, Dedicated in Robinson's Hand to the Actor PASS
608 Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson Twice-Signed Photo Postcard -- With PSA/DNA COA for Both Signatures PASS
609 HOFer Hilton Smith Handwritten Biography Signed -- ''...My greatest thrill was when I beat the New York Yankee...'' PASS
610 Baseball Evangelist Billy Sunday Signs His Detailed Biography 500
611 Pie Traynor Autograph Letter Signed With Handwritten Envelope -- 1935 -- ''...I have been very busy trying to make trades and newspapermen are always around...'' PASS
612 Hall of Famer Bill Veeck Signed Letter on St. Louis Browns Letterhead -- ''...It is against our policy to release the players' addresses...'' -- 1951 PASS
613 Honus Wagner Trophy From 1923 -- Held & Presented by Wagner Personally 1331
614 1938 Signatures by Ted Williams, Joe Medwick, Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner & Six Other Baseball Greats PASS
615 Ted Williams Signed Baseball Bat -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
616 Ted Williams Signed Photo Posing With DiMaggio -- 14'' x 11'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
617 World Champion New York Yankees 1961 Team-Signed Ball -- Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, Tony Kubek and More -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
618 Kevin Youkilis Game-Worn Yankees Jersey PASS
619 Legendary Basketball Coach Phog Allen Autograph Letter Signed & Initialed -- ''...By that time I had lost all desire to follow through my assigned intention...'' PASS
620 NBA 2013 All-Star Basketball Signed by 24 Players -- Includes Kobe Bryant & Kevin Garnett -- With NBA COA PASS
621 1976-77 Topps -- Rick Barry #132 -- PSA 10 -- Population 1 of 4 PASS
622 Marcus Camby New York Knicks Jersey -- Game-Used Against Toronto Raptors to Clinch Playoff Spot -- 22 March 2013 PASS
623 Basketball Hall of Famer, Edward Hickox Signed ''Rules For Basketball'' PASS
624 1976 Topps -- Darnell Hillman #86 -- PSA 10 -- Population 1 of 2 PASS
625 Jeremy Lin Signed Basketball -- With JSA COA PASS
626 ''Pistol Pete'' Maravich Signed Vanderbilt University Program -- From 1970, Inscribed to Boo Odem PASS
627 Original 1951 NCAA Basketball National Championship Trophy From the Collection of Boston Celtics & Kentucky Wildcats, Lou Tsioropoulos 3500
628 John Wooden Typed Letter Signed -- Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach Agrees to Speak on Coaching Topics PASS
629 Fantastic Muhammad Ali Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Also Signed by Larry Holmes From Ali's Penultimate Fight PASS
630 Program From the 1975 World Heavyweight Championship -- Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner -- The Match That Inspired The Film ''Rocky'' PASS
631 Boxing HOFer Max Baer Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
632 Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) vs. Henry Cooper 1966 Championship Fight Program PASS
633 Frazier vs. Quarry 23 June 1969 World Heavyweight Boxing Program -- Madison Square Garden On-Site Program -- 8.5'' x 11'', 52pp. -- Near Fine PASS
634 Sonny Liston vs. Henry Clark 1968 Heavyweight Fight Program PASS
635 Joe Louis Signed 11.75'' x 14'' Photo -- Part of 1935 ''Fortune'' Magazine Article Declaring Him the ''Black Moses'' PASS
636 Joe Louis Signed First Edition of His Memoir ''My Life Story'' PASS
637 Unused & Pristine Ticket From Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight PASS
638 Ike Williams World Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Medal & Program 500
639 FIFA World Cup 1960 Silver Plated Cigarette Case 2500
640 FIFA Referee Pin From 1953 -- Gold-Plated PASS
641 Official 1954 World Cup Participation Medal 500
642 Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers Program From 1 November 1964 -- Cover Wear, Coupon Cut From Rear Page -- Very Good Condition PASS
643 Jim Brown Signed 1953 Yearbook as a Senior in High School -- With 7 Photos of the Football Legend PASS
644 HOFer Earl ''Dutch'' Clark Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the greatest feeling of satisfaction was being selected on the all-pro team for six straight years...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
645 1948 L.A. Dons vs. Baltimore Colts Program -- 15 October 1948 at the L.A. Coliseum -- Creases, Spine Wear -- Very Good Condition PASS
646 1954 Baltimore Colts Season Ticket Book -- All Tickets For Lower Section Reserved Seats Removed, But Cover Displays Nicely -- 5.5'' x 1.75'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
647 1955 Baltimore Colts Season Ticket Booklet -- All Tickets For Lower Section Seats Removed But Cover Displays Nicely -- 5.5'' x 1.75'' -- Very Good Condition PASS
648 Football HOFer ''Jim Conzelman'' Signature -- Upon a 5'' x 3'' Card -- With Notation by an Unknown Hand ''please autograph'' and Tape to Edges -- Very Good PASS
649 Notre Dame ''Four Horseman'' Halfback Jim Crowley Signed 5'' x 3'' Card -- ''To Percy / Every Good Wish / Jim Crowley'' -- Near Fine PASS
650 Peyton Manning Signed & Framed Large 20'' x 16'' Photo From 2007 Superbowl XLI -- With Steiner COA & NFL Hologram 250
651 Program From the First Annual NFL Player Awards Dinner With 13 Signatures -- Pete Rozelle, Gale Sayers, Paul Brown, Bart Starr, Charley Taylor, Mike Ditka & George Halas -- With PSA/DNA COA 500
652 2002 Ohio State National Championship Coaches' Trophy -- Limited Edition 750
653 Bubba Smith Twice-Signed Checks -- Lot of 79 500
654 Glenn ''Pop'' Warner Signed Book, ''Football For Coaches & Players'' 300
655 Boston Yanks vs. Detroit Lions Program From 5 October 1947 -- Slightly Worn Cover; Very Good Condition PASS
656 Boston Yanks vs. Washington Redskins Program From 30 November 1947 -- Near Fine Condition PASS
657 Davis Love III Signed Golf Bag Used at the Ryder Cup in 2012 -- Customized With His Name Embroidered on the Front 1000
658 U.S. Open Golf Program From 1954 250
659 20'' x 16'' Full-Color Montage Photograph of Tiger Woods, Signed by the Golfer Extraordinaire -- With Upper Deck COA PASS
660 Babe Didrikson Zaharias Personally Owned Golf Clubs Used in the Tam O'Shanter Tournaments -- Named Female Athlete of the 20th Century by the Associated Press 25000
661 Scarce Unused Ticket From the 1980 US vs. USSR Olympic Hockey Game -- Named Top Sports Moment of the 20th Century -- PSA Graded 750
662 1972 Topps -- NHL Scoring Leaders #63 -- Featuring Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr & Jean Ratelle -- PSA 10 -- Population 1 of 1 PASS
663 Stanley Cup 1929-1930 Playoff Program PASS
664 Prestigious ESPY Award Statue -- ESPN's Sports Award Presented to Jason Lester as Best Male Athlete With a Disability in 2009 -- The First Triathlete to Win an ESPY 16106
665 Olympian Skater Peggy Fleming Signed Ice Skate -- Fleming Won the USA Olympic Team's Only Gold Medal at the 1968 Winter Games 500
666 Florence ''Flo Jo'' Griffith-Joyner Official 1988 Seoul Olympics Certificate -- Securing Her Place in the Summer Games, In Which She Ultimately Would Set Incredible World Records PASS
667 Jesse Owens 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA 587
668 Pole Vaulter Brad Walker Worn Olympic Logo Nike Jacket With Signed LOA & Photo -- Worn During His Win at USA Nationals in 2012 & Divested Following a Publicized Endorsement Dispute With Nike PASS
669 Hulk Hogan Signed Ring-Worn ''WrestleMania 21'' Shirt PASS
670 Actress Stacy Keibler's Gold-Studded Bikini -- Worn in a WWE Magazine Shoot -- Includes Signed Centerfold Photo From the Magazine of Keibler in the Bikini & COA Signed by the Star PASS
671 French and Indian War Commander Lord Jeffrey Amherst Autograph Letter Signed -- Written in Third Person -- ''...he laid his Lordship's and Mr. Douglas's proposals before the King today...'' 300
672 Revolutionary War General Robert Anderson Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding the Judiciary Act of 1802 -- ''...The law is found to be useless & unnecessary...'' PASS
673 Guy Carleton Autograph Note Signed 1748 -- Commander-in-Chief of British Forces During the Revolutionary War PASS
674 Declaration of Independence Signer, Charles Carroll III Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Endeavour to collect the rents due to me in Baltimore...'' PASS
675 Declaration of Independence Print by J.C. Buttre From 1856 PASS
676 1876 Printing of the Declaration of Independence -- Centennial Memorial Print PASS
677 Autograph Letter by DOI Signer William Ellery PASS
678 Benjamin Franklin Signature PASS
679 Thomas Gage Document Signed From 1766 PASS
680 1765 Announcement of Stamp Act & Colonists' Outrage -- '' virtue of a commission of his majesty, gave the royal assent...for laying a stamp duty in the British colonies in America...'' 500
681 Alexander Hamilton Signature PASS
682 DOI Signer John Hart Signed 1776 New Jersey Currency PASS
683 Document Signed by DOI Signer Samuel Huntington -- The Year He Managed Connecticut's Ratification of the United States Constitution 500
684 Lafayette Letter Signed Just After Arriving in Virginia in Early 1781 Where by the Fall, the British Would Surrender -- He Writes of His Strategy But Notes He Is Hampered by No Ammunition PASS
685 Henry Lee's Urgent Revolutionary War Dated Autograph Letter Twice-Signed -- ''...but sir what are we to do for arms?...The arms we had were sent down with our last detachmt. to Wmsbg...'' PASS
686 Henry ''Light Horse Harry'' Lee Land Grant Signed as Governor of Virginia PASS
687 British General Sir John Moore 1808 Document Signed -- Just Months Before His Heroic Death at the Battle of Corunna PASS
688 1784 Deed to Property in New Brunswick, New Jersey -- ''...previous to the late Revolution...'' PASS
689 American Revolutionary General Samuel Holden Parsons Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Dr. Cogwell applied to me for the purchase of the Horseneck farm...'' -- 1785 PASS
690 Civil War General & Fort Sumter Hero Robert Anderson's Signature PASS
691 G.T. Beauregard Bids Farewell to His Army of the Potomac Whom He Led at Bull Run -- ''...I cannot quit you without...deep anxiety, in the moment of our country's trials and dangers...'' PASS
692 General Beauregard 1864 Letter Signed to Jefferson Davis -- ''...send a force of...4 or 5,000 to storm Fort Powhatan and...command...the James River...'' -- One Day After Bermuda Hundred 2750
693 Thomas S. Bocock Signature -- Speaker of the Confederate States House of Representatives 250
694 Civil War General Benjamin F. Butler Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I can see you any time after half past three o' clock to-day about the matter...and I want to see you about another matter...'' PASS
695 Gettysburg Hero Joshua Chamberlain Signed Bowdoin College Document -- Chamberlain Signs as the School's President PASS
696 Civil War General & Gettyburg Hero Joshua Chamberlain Signed Check PASS
697 Fantastic Edward Everett Civil War Quote Signed -- ''...there can be neither peace nor prosperity at home...but in a harmonious Union under one Government...'' PASS
698 Civil War Photographer Alexander Gardner Signed Check PASS
699 Rare 1865 Edition of the Burials at Gettysburg Cemetery -- Also Includes Transcription of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Everett's Account of the Battle of Gettysburg PASS
700 Union Army General Quincy Adams Gillmore Civil War-Dated Autograph Letter Signed PASS
701 Ulysses S. Grant Carte de Visite -- With Brady Backmark PASS
702 Ulysses S. Grant 1865 Carte de Visite PASS
703 Civil War Document Signed by Generals Johnston and Grant, & War Secretary Stanton -- Johnston Negotiates His Parole Terms After Surrendering & Grant Agrees, ''...I am very much in favor...'' 10000
704 Robert E. Lee Signed Slip PASS
705 Gettysburg General George Gordon Meade Document Signed as Commander of the Department of the South PASS
706 Rare Signature of Elusive Confederate Commander John S. Mosby, the So-Called ''Grey Ghost'' 500
707 1863 Civil War Battles Detailed in Pages of ''The New York Times'' -- Chancellorsville, Vicksburg, Gettysburg PASS
708 General Winfield Scott Document Signed -- Regarding Soldier Abuse in the Seminole Wars PASS
709 Civil War General Philip Sheridan Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I telegraphed to Genl [James A.] Garfield asking him to appoint a new orator...'' 250
710 William T. Sherman Check Twice-Signed PASS
711 Charles Sumner Autograph Quote Signed From His Powerful 1860 ''Barbarism of Slavery'' Speech -- ''The sacred animosity between Freedom & Slavery can end only with the triumph of Freedom...'' PASS
712 Attractive Civil War Tintype of a Union Sergeant -- Armed With Sword & Revolver -- Blue Tinting to Uniform PASS
713 John Allan Wyeth ''With Sabre And Scalpel'' First Edition Signed to a Fellow Physician -- ''...her loyalty to the ideals which the Polyclinic implies...'' PASS
714 WWII General Hap Arnold Signature PASS
715 WWII Iwo Jima Commemorative Cover Signed by Survivor John H. Bradley 500
716 General Omar Bradley Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo Display -- Photo of The Five-Star General in Full Military Regalia From 1970 PASS
717 Karl Donitz Autograph Letter & Accompanying ''Donitz'' Signed Cover -- WWII German Admiral Expresses Thanks for Gift of Model Ship PASS
718 Karl Donitz Signed Photo as the Nazi's Gross Admiral 250
719 James Doolittle & His Doolittle Raiders Signed Document -- Signed in an 1986 Air Force Association ''Gathering of Eagles'' Commemorative Booklet PASS
720 Doolittle's Raiders Signed Photo 330
721 Nazi Leader Adolf Eichmann Power of Attorney Signed -- During His Extradition From Argentina to Israel to Stand Trial For War Crimes 1000
722 Envelope Bearing 7 Signatures of the Enola Gay & Bockscar Crews PASS
723 Rare Book Signed by a Dozen WWII Enola Gay and Bockscar Crew Members PASS
724 Enola Gay Poem Signed by Five Crew Members Including Tibbets, Jeppson, Caron & Ferebee PASS
725 U.N. Non-Proliferation Treaty FDC Signed by Six Enola Gay Crew Members Including Jacob Beser PASS
726 Mitsuo Fuchida Signed Memoir -- the Pearl Harbor Pilot Inscribes Biblical Verse 424
727 Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Twice-Signed From ''Central Pacific / Oct. 17, 1944'', 4 Months Before Iwo Jima -- ''...I hope you didn't forget the reason I joined up in this outfit...'' 500
728 General Roy Geiger April 1945 Typed Letter Signed -- Declines Clippings Concerning Iwo Jima PASS
729 Adolf Hitler Signed Copies of His ''Mein Kampf'' -- Both Volumes Including a 1st Edition of Volume II, Signed by Hitler in 1925, Inscribed to Future SS Leader Josef Bauer 51880
730 Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed -- ''...It was thoughtful of you to write me as you have and I appreciate it more than I can say...'' 300
731 ''Battle of the Bulge'' WWII General Anthony McAuliffe Postcard Signed PASS
732 Bernard Montgomery Signed Copy of His WWII Speeches, ''Forward To Victory'' -- Signed in 1946 PASS
733 Bernard Montgomery Signed Program for 1945 Thanksgiving Service PASS
734 Large Collection of German Nazi Soldier Relics -- With a 1938 Photo Album Depicting Images From Hitler's ''Landjahr'' Training Camp 1099
735 Admiral Nimitz 14'' x 11'' Signed Photo of the Japanese Surrender -- Near Fine PASS
736 General George Patton Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I have written the Adjutant to day to ship the horses...'' PASS
737 Fascinating & Confidential Navy Letter Documenting First-Hand Account on the USS California at Pearl Harbor -- ''...several men were hit by 27 caliber machine gun bullets...'' PASS
738 U.S.S. Bushnell and Crew Panoramic Photo -- 4 June 1932 -- Ship Would Defend Pearl Harbor Nearly 10 Years Later PASS
739 Concentration Camp Victim at Ravensbrueck Writes to His Parents -- ''...How are you? Same old, same old here and everything in order. I wish Merry Christmas and send you kisses...'' PASS
740 Erwin Rommel ''Desert Fox'' Postcard Signed 1000
741 Joe Rosenthal Document Signed From 1953 -- Also Signed by Comedian Ken Murray PASS
742 Albert Speer's Personally Owned Black Leather Jacket -- Possibly Worn by Speer When He Last Visited Hitler on 23 April 1945 8054
743 Nazi ''Public Enemy Number One'' Otto Strasser Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I short today '1000 years' are...'' PASS
744 United States Pictorial History of WWI in Four Volumes -- ''U.S. Official Pictures of the World War Showing America's Participation'' PASS
745 Fascinating Lot of Personal World War II Possessions Belonging to United States Air Corps Officer -- Includes Uniforms, Medals, Photos PASS
746 American GI's Personal WWII Photo Album Featuring Pictorial Accounts of North Africa and Italy as Well as Basic Training -- Includes Several Pictures of War Tanks -- Nearly 300 Photos PASS
747 Cesar Chavez Rare Signed ''Autobiography of La Causa'' -- Near Fine PASS
748 W. E. B. DuBois Signed Card PASS
749 Abolitionist William L. Garrison Autograph Quotation Signed -- ''Liberty for each, for all, and forever!...'' PASS
750 Marcus Garvey Typed Letter Signed Regarding the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities' League -- ''...We do not expect you to fail us...'' PASS
751 1832 Georgia Land Lottery Document Claims Cherokee Land for Settlers -- Infamous Trail of Tears Begins 750
752 Rabbi Meir Kahane Signed Copy of His Book ''The Story of the Jewish Defense League'' PASS
753 Martin Luther King, Jr. Address to the Montgomery Improvement Association in 1959 PASS
754 Martin Luther King, Jr. Program From His 1965 Speaking Engagement Following His Nobel Peace Prize Win PASS
755 Suffragette Mary A. Livermore Cabinet Card Signed PASS
756 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury Easton Press First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine 3000
757 Scarce Civil Rights Artwork Given to Attendees at the ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' -- Stunning Images PASS
758 Bible Leaf From the Medieval Age, Circa 1250-1275 -- Crusades Era Document on Vellum 1000
759 Detailed Report of the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- Circa 1960 PASS
760 Pastor Richard Newton Signed Book of Children's Sermons PASS
761 Rosa Parks 8'' x 10'' Iconic Bus Photo Signed PASS
762 Eli K. Price Autograph Letter Signed to President Buchanan Regarding the Mormon Uprising of 1857-58, aka The Utah War -- '' were enabled to end that trouble without bloodshed...'' PASS
763 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed -- ''...what we do to Jesus and through Him to others...'' 500
764 Alexander Graham Bell Typed Letter Signed Regarding Philanthropy -- ''...continue my subscription to the Groton School Camp for the next three years and enclose my check...'' PASS
765 Autograph Letter Signed by Samuel Colt, Founder of Colt's Fire-Arms Company -- The Company That Brought the Revolver to the Masses -- With JSA COA PASS
766 Bill Gates Senior Year 1973 Yearbook -- in Photo Captioned ''Who Is This Man?'' PASS
767 Richard Gatling Autograph Sentiment Signed -- ''We should remember our friends and not forget our enemies'' -- 1894 PASS
768 American Business Mogul John Paul Getty Group of 10 Signed Checks PASS
769 Charles Goodyear Signed Letter Fragment, Written in His Hand PASS
770 Charles Goodyear Check Signed 300
771 Hugh Hefner Signed Lot of Personal Letters & Photo -- ''...Getting older can be a bitch, but it's better than the alternative- H'' PASS
772 Fast Food Visionary Ray Kroc Signed Copy of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' 500
773 Thomas Lipton Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 400
774 Lot of Autographs by Two Automotive Pioneers -- Ransom E. Olds Signed Stock Certificate & Clipped Signature by Charles Duryea PASS
775 1850's Minute Book for the Pontchartrain ''Smoky Mary'' Railroad -- With Handwritten Act of Congress to Incorporate the Pensacola Railroad System 1250
776 ''Alcoholics Anonymous'' First Edition, First Printing of the Revolutionary ''Big Book'' From Which the Substance Treatment Program Derives Its Name -- One of Only About 1,900 in Existence PASS
777 P. T. Barnum's Signature PASS
778 Red Cross Founder Clara Barton Autograph Letter -- '' is neither wise nor kind to make conditions for persons to be held at the sacrifice of comfort and safety...'' PASS
779 Socialite Edie Bouvier Beale Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...You always sent me such wonderful [cards] at 'Grey Gardens'!...I have to go to NYC soon to hunt for an apartment...'' PASS
780 Margaret Bourke-White 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
781 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremony -- Near Fine & Printed by Tiffany & Co. PASS
782 Rare Letter About Al Capone Written by His Prison Guard -- ''...during my twenty years in the Penitentiary, Al was the most interesting character of the criminal class that I ever met...'' 250
783 Julia Child Signed First Edition of ''Julia's Kitchen Wisdom'' -- Fine PASS
784 Rare 1908 First Edition of ''Four Years in Europe With Buffalo Bill'' -- Firsthand Account Written by a Member of His World Famous Traveling Show 500
785 Invitation to the Buffalo Bill's Wild West & Pawnee Bill's Far East Exhibition Show Premiere in Philadelphia 250
786 Amber, Gold & Guilloche Enamel Cigarette Holder Marked Faberge, St. Petersburg, 1899-1908 5500
787 Abraham Hargis Autograph Letter Signed as the Keeper of the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse -- ''...Please to not forget the dog...Last Knight I lost 2 turkeys...'' -- 1784 PASS
788 Special Edition of ''Karpov on Karpov'' Signed By Chess Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov -- Fine 250
789 Rare Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan Macy Signed Photo Display -- Lovely Portrait Photo by Famed Photographer Nickolas Muray, Also Signed by Him & Dated 1927 PASS
790 Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen Adds a Sketch to Her Signed Autograph Note PASS
791 Titanic Survivor Edwina MacKenzie Trio of a Signed Post Card, Signed Menu and Signed Flyer -- ''...It's great to be Alive...'' 300
792 Mid-1800's Mexican Short Sword PASS
793 Exquisite Miss America Crown -- Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals & With Official Miss America Engraving -- Housed in Its Original Wooden Case PASS
794 John Muir Check Signed PASS
795 Leo Ryan 1969 Typed Letter Signed 9 Years Before His Murder at Guyana's Jonestown Massacre PASS
796 Salem Witch Trials Participant, Stephen Sewall 1705 Document Signed -- Clerk for the Infamous Court That Conducted the Trials 750
797 Samuel Francis Smith Signed First Stanza of ''America'' 750
798 Handwritten Diary by Spanish-American Doctor Aboard Battleship Iowa -- Account of Battle of Santiago -- ''...Spaniards were almost swam ashore with...meat of wounds uncovered...'' PASS
799 Spanish-American War Photo Album With Illuminating Pictures of Cuban Life and the 8th Massachusetts Infantry in the South -- Contains Shocking Photo of Southern Mob Throwing Black Person PASS
800 One of the First Articles Describing Surfing -- Scarce 1822 Edition of ''The Missionary Herald'' Magazine -- ''...he rides on the fore front of the surge...'' PASS
801 Rare First Edition of Geoffrey Marcus' Titanic Book, ''The Maiden Voyage'' -- Signed by Six Survivors: Sandstrom, Hart, Dean, Shuman, Pope & Aks 2500
802 Lot of 6 Tickets to the World Trade Center From August 2001 -- Less Than a Month Before the Twin Towers' Destruction PASS