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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Five Pound Barbell 1331
2 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Palm Bean Bag 2310
3 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Boxing Gloves 13155
4 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Double End Striking Bag 9882
5 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Focus Mitt 5069
6 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Used Gym Equipment 2363
7 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Worn Headgear 9882
8 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Used Heavy Bag 25640
9 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Kicking Bag 5576
10 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Kicking Shield 4189
11 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Used Striking Bag Holder 2363
12 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Shin Guard Set PASS
13 Bruce Lee Owned & Used Shin Guard Set 2363
14 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Worn Leather Sandals 5069
15 Bruce Lee Personally Worn & Owned Black Platform Shoes 14471
16 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Worn Mahogany Leather Loafers 3808
17 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Worn Shoes 11959
18 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Worn Black and Red Italian Leather Shoes 13155
19 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Worn Platform Shoes 13155
20 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Worn 3'' Platform Shoes 23309
21 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Worn High Style Platform Shoes 10871
22 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Worn Platform Shoes 13155
23 Bruce Lee's Sneaker 5069
24 Bruce Lee's Personally Owned & Used Speed Bag 5069
25 Bruce Lee's Owned & Used Shield 2600
26 Van Heflin's Best Supporting Actor Oscar For His Performance in ''Johnny Eager'' 140607
27 Mickey Rooney Official Oscar Nomination For Best Actor in a Supporting Role For ''The Black Stallion'' -- Inscribed to His Wife, Jan 3723
28 Official Academy Award Nomination For the 1963 Blockbuster, ''Cleopatra'' 4431
29 Official Oscar Nomination Certificate for the 1974 Film ''Earthquake'' 2363
30 Academy Award Nomination Certificate For 20th Century Fox's 1944 Woodrow Wilson Biopic ''Wilson'' 1774
31 Academy Award Nomination Plaque Honoring Acclaimed Cinematographer Robert Surtees for His Work on the 1950 Film ''King Solomon's Mines 1465
32 Official Oscar Nomination Certificate for the Epic 1951 War Film, ''Decision Before Dawn'' 1465
33 Rare 1939 Official Oscar Nomination Certificate For the Acclaimed John Ford Western, ''Stagecoach'' 2363
34 Lot of 6 Academy Awards Items From The 1987 Ceremony -- The All-Important Envelope and Card Bearing The Announcement of an Award Winner, a Program & Materials Related to the Governors Ball 2500
35 Ticket to the 19th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony in 1947 300
36 Giant 27'' x 41'' Poster Advertising The 31st Academy Awards in 1959 PASS
37 Collection of Academy Awards Programs From the Late 1980s 300
38 Academy Awards Program Collection -- Five Programs Spanning 1972-1976 500
39 Alan Arkin Herringbone Jacket From ''The Seven-Per-Cent Solution'' Sherlock Holmes Movie -- Fine 1210
40 Vintage MGM Photograph of Lucille Ball & Red Skelton -- 10'' x 8'' Publicity Shot Promoting Their Film ''Du Barry Was a Lady'' PASS
41 Antonio Banderas Costume From ''The 13th Warrior'' 1183
42 Antonio Banderas Hero Wardrobe From ''Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever'' 1302
43 Antonio Banderas Wardrobe From ''The Legend of Zorro'' 1302
44 Drew Barrymore ''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle'' Costume 1183
45 Drew Barrymore Screen Worn Suede Boots From Her 2003 Comedy Film, ''Duplex'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 500
46 Halle Berry Screen-Worn Tank Top From the 2012 Sea Adventure Film, ''Dark Tide'' 1302
47 Vintage 8'' x 10'' Publicity Photo From 1951 Columbia Picture ''Sirocco'' -- of Its Stars Humphrey Bogart & Lee J. Cobb PASS
48 Marlon Brando Screen Worn Tunic as Mark Antony in ''Julius Ceasar'' 4028
49 Matthew Broderick Worn Jacket From ''Family Business'' PASS
50 Vintage Script for ''Bull Durham'' -- The 1987 Baseball Picture & Rom Com Starring Kevin Kostner, Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins PASS
51 Gerard Butler Screen Worn ''Phantom of the Opera'' Handmade Jacket -- Fine 2500
52 Jim Carrey Iconic Hawaiian Shirt Costume From Beloved 1994 Comedy ''Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'' -- The Shark Attack Scene 2541
53 Script for ''Christmas Carol'' -- The 1938 MGM Version by Hugo Butler PASS
54 Rare Poster Measuring 18.5'' x 24.5'' Promoting ''Citizen Kane'' -- Hailed as The Greatest Film of All Time 250
55 American Cinema Editors Award Awarded to ''Cleopatra'' Editor 1909
56 Courteney Cox Screen Worn Hero Top From 2006 Family Comedy ''Zoom'' 605
57 Catalog From The Bing Crosby Estate Auction Held by Butterfield's in San Francisco in 1982 PASS
58 Lot of Correspondences From Bing Crosby & Family -- Ten-Piece Lot Includes Family Photos of Bing's Children, Including Gary Who Published a Scathing Memoir Damning Crosby as a Father 250
59 Bing Crosby's Appreciation Certificate from the Motion Picture Relief Fund in 1939 PASS
60 Russell Crowe Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Broken City'' 1302
61 Russell Crowe Screen-Worn Gym Ensemble From ''Broken City'' 1302
62 Miley Cyrus Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Comedy ''LOL'' 1075
63 Matt Damon Costume From the 2005 Fantasy, ''Brothers Grimm'' 888
64 Argyle Sweater Worn by Daniel Day-Lewis in ''The Boxer'' -- 1997 1302
65 Cecil B. DeMille's Own Custom-Tailored, Monogrammed Shirt 1331
66 Zoey Deutch Screen Worn Pink Jeans & Striped Knit Top From ''Beautiful Creatures'' PASS
67 Richard Dreyfuss Screen Worn Shirt From ''Paranoia'' -- With Wardrobe Tag & a COA From Premiere Props 500
68 Kirsten Dunst ''Spider-Man 3'' Blouse 1302
69 Nelson Eddy ''Let Freedom Ring'' Worn Trousers -- With MGM Label 722
70 Emmy Award From 1980 -- Daytime Emmy Presented to ''All My Children'' For Outstanding Achievement in Technical Excellence for a Daytime Drama 4957
71 Emmy Award From 1981 -- Daytime Emmy Presented to ''All My Children'' For Outstanding Achievement in Technical Excellence for a Daytime Drama 4957
72 Emmy Award For ''All My Children'' From The 1982-83 Season 4957
73 1995 Sports Emmy Award for Fox Network's ''NHL Sunday'' Program 5069
74 1996 Sports Emmy Award for NBC's Presentation of ''The Centennial Olympic Games'' -- In the Category of Video Engineering 4608
75 Sports Emmy Award From 2004 for NBC's Coverage of The Olympics -- In the Category of Outstanding Live Event Turnaround -- Fine 4957
76 Official 2001 Sports Emmy Award Certificate 491
77 Complete Script For The 36th Annual Emmy Awards on 23 September 1984 500
78 Prolific Television Producer Edgar J. Scherick 1986 Emmy Award Nomination For ''On Wings Of Eagles'' Outstanding Mini Series 491
79 Will Ferrell Hero Costume From His Racecar Driver Comedy ''Talladega Nights'' -- Wonder Bread Racesuit, Cap & Shoes -- With Wardrobe Department's Tag 3328
80 ''Talladega Nights'' Production Used & Likely Also Screen Worn Helmet 1210
81 Laurence Fishburne Morpheus Wardrobe Ensemble From ''The Matrix: Reloaded'' -- With a COA From Warner Brothers for the Shirt 8639
82 Errol Flynn Screen Used Rapier Sword From ''The Charge of the Light Brigade'' -- With A Handsome Framed Trio of Vintage Photos of Flynn Using The Sword On Set & In Costume 4000
83 Harrison Ford ''Crossing Over'' Screen-Worn Costume 1577
84 Harrison Ford ''Crossing Over'' Pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses 722
85 James Franco Worn Custom Shirt From ''Spider-Man 2'' 1433
86 Cape Made for Clark Gable in ''Gone With The Wind'' by United Costumers of Hollywood 11500
87 Mel Gibson Screen Worn ''What Women Want'' Raincoat 1183
88 Dorothy Gish's Sheer Cape & Velour Hat 1612
89 Hollywood Film Company Golden Scissors Award Awarded to The Editor of ''Cleopatra'' 1909
90 Rare Vintage Photo of Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh as Rhett & Scarlett in 1939 PASS
91 Hugh Grant Wardrobe From His Acclaimed 2002 Picture ''About a Boy'' 1302
92 ''Bonanza'' Television Legend Lorne Greene Official 1963 TV Guide Nominee Award From His Personal Estate With an LOA From The Estate 1302
93 Jake Gyllenhaal Screen Worn Hero Shirt From ''Prisoners'' -- With a COA from Premiere Props 550
94 Legendary ''Dallas'' Actor Larry Hagman Official Hollywood Walk of Fame Plaque 15307
95 Dinner Jacket Made For Rex Harrison in "Unfaithfully Yours" by United Costume - With Production Number on The Label 3328
96 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Costume From ''Something Borrowed'' 1302
97 Walter Huston Screen Worn Plaid Pants & Wool Vest From 1943 Western, ''The Outlaw'' 1210
98 Vintage 1939 Script For ''Invisible Stripes'' Starring George Raft, Humphrey Bogart & William Holden -- With Hand Corrections & Notes 550
99 Hugh Jackman Screen Worn Henley Shirt and Blue Flannel Button-Up From ''Prisoners'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 1183
100 Scarlett Johansson Screen-Worn Blouse From ''The Nanny Diaries'' 1183
101 Al Jolson Screen Worn Three-Piece Custom Suit From ''Swanee River'' -- Jolson Stars as Songwriter Stephen Foster 6490
102 Milla Jovovich Costume From the 2006 Sci-Fi Flick ''Ultraviolet'' 1302
103 Burt Lancaster Worn Wardrobe From ''The Crimson Pirate'' 733
104 Jessica Lange Screen Worn Hero Cashmere Sweater Outfit From ''The Vow'' 1183
105 MGM's ''Lassie Come Home'' Script -- The Original Lassie Film -- With Hand Notations From MGM Personnel PASS
106 Golden Era of Hollywood Legend Vivien Leigh Duffel Bag -- Monogrammed ''VLO'' -- During the Era of Her Marriage to Laurence Olivier 3808
107 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn Harvard T-Shirt & Leggings From Romantic Comedy ''The Backup Plan'' 888
108 Jennifer Lopez Screen Worn Wardrobe From ''The Cell'' 1183
109 John Malkovich Screen Worn Russia Tracksuit From ''Red 2'' -- With a COA From Premier Props 605
110 John Malkovich Screen Worn Turtleneck Sweater & Suede Sneakers 550
111 Mask Used in Production of ''Man In The Iron Mask'' 1000
112 Fredric March & C. Aubrey Smith Screen Worn Robes From ''The Adventures of Mark Twain'' PASS
113 Vintage Script For 1944 Warner Brothers Biopic ''The Adventures of Mark Twain'' Starring Frederick March -- With 2pp. Summary & Script For The Trailer 888
114 Virginia Mayo Worn Velvet Gown Costume From ''The Flame and the Arrow'' 2750
115 Ewan McGregor Hugo Boss Hero Coat From ''Haywire'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 666
116 Ewan McGregor Hero Wardrobe From ''Haywire'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 666
117 Steve McQueen Screen Used Stopwatches From ''Le Mans'' -- With an LOA From The Film's Property Master 7853
118 Sailor Suit Custom Made For Steve McQueen by Western Costume 20375
119 Script For Robert DeNiro Action Comedy ''Midnight Run'' PASS
120 Script for ''Mrs. Miniver'' -- The WWII Drama That Won Greer Garson Her Best Actress Oscar, Also Winning Best Picture & Best Director -- With Hand Notations From MGM Writers 1774
121 Helen Mirren Screen Worn Angora Sweater From ''Red 2'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 666
122 Exquisite Miss America Crown -- Encrusted With Swarovsky Crystals & With Official Miss America Engraving -- Housed in Its Original Wooden Case -- Scarce 8983
123 Marilyn Monroe Personally Owned 18k Gold Dunhill Lighter & Timepiece -- In Black Leather Case With Her Monogram 10454
124 Eddie Murphy Black & Red Vampire Coat From ''Wes Craven's Vampire in Brooklyn'' 1302
125 Script for Robert Altman's Classic 1975 Musical Film, ''Nashville'' PASS
126 Darryl F. Zanuck's One World Award From 1945 500
127 Al Pacino Custom Fitted Button-Up Shirt Used in Production of ''Stand Up Guys'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 1075
128 Al Pacino Production Used Wardrobe From ''Stand Up Guys'' 1075
129 Debra Paget Costume from ''The Ten Commandments'' 3808
130 Paramount Pictures Vintage Employee Pin 500
131 Sean Penn Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 European Film, ''This Must Be The Place'' 1302
132 Michelle Pfeiffer Wardrobe From ''To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday'' 1183
133 Elvis Presley Worn Black Leather Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jacket From His 1964 Musical Film ''Roustabout'' 16838
134 Tony Randall's Director's Chair PASS
135 Christopher Reeve Screen Worn Pinstripe Suit From The First Superman Picture in 1978 -- ''Superman: The Movie'' 4431
136 Edward G. Robinson Production Used Three-Piece Suit From ''The Cincinnati Kid'' -- With MGM Costume Label Filled Out With Robinson's Name & Movie Production Number 3025
137 Mickey Rooney's Official Hollywood Walk of Fame Plaque -- With an LOA From Mickey Rooney 19263
138 Mickey Rooney's Montreal World Film Festival Award From 1998 -- With an LOA from Mickey Rooney 722
139 Magnificent Signature Emmy Rossum Screen-Worn ''Phantom of the Opera'' Rhinestone Encrusted Gown with Executive Producer COA 5069
140 Jane Russell Wardrobe From The 1943 Western That Launched Her Career, ''The Outlaw'' 4028
141 Jane Russell 50th Anniversary Walk of Fame Plaque -- From the Collection of Russell's Son 2600
142 Randolph Scott Three-Piece Suit Used in Production of 1942 Movie, ''Pittsburgh'' Co-Starring John Wayne -- Custom Wool Herringbone Suit is by Hollywood Costume House, ''United Costume'' 2750
143 Vintage Script of Jerry Seinfeld's Notoriously Least Favorite Episode, ''The Alternate Side'' -- Guest Starring Woody Allen & Featuring Famous Quote, ''These pretzels are making me thirsty!'' 303
144 Vintage Script For ''Seinfeld'' Episode ''The Alternate Side'' From The Third Season -- Scarce Draft is a Revised Table Draft Issued to Production Team PASS
145 James Spader Screen Worn Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
146 James Spader Screen Worn Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- Ermenegildo Zegna Polo Shirt, Pants & Belt -- With a COA From NBC Universal PASS
147 James Spader Screen Worn Lacoste Jacket From ''The Office'' -- With a COA From NBC Universal PASS
148 Hero Costume Worn by Oscar-Winner Hilary Swank in ''P.S. I Love You'' 1302
149 Hilary Swank ''P.S. I Love You'' Screen Worn Costume 1302
150 Patrick Swayze Wardrobe From ''Three Wishes'' 1183
151 The Ten Commandments Prop From The Film ''The Ten Commandments'', Directed by Cecil B. DeMille -- Held by Charleton Heston in His Iconic Role as Moses -- With Still Photos From On-Set 24655
152 MGM Script For The 1948 Incarnation of ''The Three Musketeers'' -- From The Foreword: ''...these medieval men do not think; they act...'' PASS
153 Script for ''Tortilla Flat'' -- The 1941 Adaptation of John Steinbeck's Novel of The Same Name PASS
154 Liv Tyler Worn ''The Incredible Hulk'' Trench Coat & Top 1302
155 James Van Der Beek Screen Worn Shirt From His Sitcom ''Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23'' -- With Wardrobe Department Tag Showing Him Wearing The Shirt in 2 Photos & 20th Century Fox COA PASS
156 Dick Van Dyke Screen Worn Custom Flight Jacket From ''Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'' -- Made for Van Dyke by Classic Hollywood Costume House Western Costume 5000
157 Ivory Trousers Worn Onscreen in ''Casablanca'' in 1942 by Conrad Viedt as Gestapo Officer Major Strasser 3025
158 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn Hero Shirts & Knapsack From The Final Scene in 2013 Crime Flick ''Broken City'' 550
159 Tuxedo Custom Made for John Wayne by Western Costume 4875
160 Sigourney Weaver Wardrobe Ensemble From ''Copycat'' -- With Armani Top 1302
161 Raquel Welch Worn Red Dress 491
162 Bruce Willis Screen Worn Custom Dress Shirt From ''Red 2'' -- With a COA From Premiere Props 733
163 Debra Winger Production Used Dress From 1993 Film ''Shadowlands'' -- The Role That Garnered Her a Best Actress Academy Award Nomination 2750
164 Vintage MGM Script For John Wayne Film, ''The Wings of Eagles'' PASS
165 Kate Winslet ''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'' Costume 1302
166 Elijah Wood's Screen Worn Lab Coat Ensemble From ''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'' 550
167 Commendation to Darryl F. Zanuck From The U.S. Air Force & Signed by Air Force Chief of Staff -- For The Movie ''Twelve O'Clock High'' PASS
168 Award For Darryl F. Zanuck's Honorary Lifetime Membership in The Directors Guild of America PASS
169 Hollywood Studio Head Darryl F. Zanuck's Award From a School For 1947 Film, ''Gentleman's Agreement'' 500
170 Twentieth Century Fox Studio Employees Club Life Membership Award Presented to Darryl F. Zanuck in 1947 1000
171 Avid Equestrian Darryl F. Zanuck's Personally Owned & Used Crystal Cigarette Box With Silver Horse Figure -- With an LOA From His Daughter -- Fine 2500
172 Darryl F. Zanuck's Own Tantalus Whiskey Decanter Set Customized With His Name -- Made by Betjamanns -- With a COA From The Zanuck Estate 2500
173 Darryl F. Zanuck Personally Owned 24'' x 20'' Painting of a Polo Scene PASS
174 ''Photoplay Magazine'' Award Presented to Famed Studio Head Darryl F. Zanuck For 20th Century Fox's Pioneering Use of CinemaScope 1000
175 ''Photoplay Magazine'' Award Certificate Presented to Darryl F. Zanuck & 20th Century Fox For ''The Snows of Kilimanjaro'' PASS
176 Darryl F. Zanuck's Personally Owned Hand-Painted Glass Water Pitcher & Mug Depicting a Dramatic Hunt Scene -- a Gift From Lana Turner & Tyrone Power -- With an LOA from Zanuck's Daughter 2750
177 Silver Pitcher Gifted to Darryl F. Zanuck by His Good Friend Orson Welles -- With an LOA From Zanuck's Daughter 2500
178 Darryl F. Zanuck's Directors Guild Award From 1968 1612
179 Catherine Zeta-Jones Screen-Worn Hero Dolce & Gabbana Wardrobe From ''Broken City'' 1735
180 Catherine Zeta-Jones Fur-Trimmed Coat From ''Chicago'' 4431
181 Lon Chaney, Jr. Signed Photo PASS
182 Disney's ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'' First Edition Book -- with Signatures of More Than 50 of the Landmark Film's Artists & Animators 1000
183 Clark Gable Check Signed From 1950 300
184 Edmund Gwenn 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed of Himself on Horseback With Lassie PASS
185 Margaret Hamilton Signed 10'' x 8'' ''Wizard of Oz'' Photo PASS
186 Glamorous Susan Hayward Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine 250
187 Jim Henson Signed 8'' x 10'' Muppet Group Photo -- Also Signed on Behalf of ''Kermit The Frog'' PASS
188 ''Jaws'' Book Signed by Its Author Peter Benchley & VIPs of The Classic Film -- Steven Spielberg, Roy Schneider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw -- With Benchley's Shark Sketch 541
189 Sir Laurence Olivier Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
190 Jimmy Stewart Signed Sketch of Harvey -- Fine 250
191 Jimmy Stewart Signed 10''x 8'' Photo From ''It's a Wonderful Life'' -- With JSA COA PASS
192 Spencer Tracy's Signature PASS
193 2000 F.A. Challenge Cup Winners Medal and Commemorative Medal Awarded to Chelsea's Celestine Babayaro 24655
194 George Best Faberge Personally Owned Soccer Trophy 25286
195 George Cohen's Blue England International Cap for the 1966-67 British Home Championship Internationals Versus Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland 4875
196 Scarce Program From The 1935 Football Association Challenge Cup -- Sheffield Wednesday v. West Bromwich Albion PASS
197 Johnny Haynes England International Cap for the Match Versus Italy in 1961 4875
198 Footballer of the Year Trophy Awarded to Nat Lofthouse in 1953 by The English Football Writers Association 24655
199 A 9ct. Gold & Enamel Scottish F.A. Cup Winner's Medal Won by Jock McDougall, Captain of Airdrieonians in 1923-24, This Being the Only Occasion the Club won a Scottish Cup 4189
200 Liverpool 1977 F.A. Cup Runners-up Medal 7139
201 1991/92 Division One Champions Medal - Awarded to Leeds Uniteds Chris Whyte 12650
202 Jules Rimet World Cup Trophy Presented to Jose Nasazzi in 1950 22413
203 Australian Cricketer Ian Redpath Personally Owned & Worn Cricket Cap From The 1974-75 Season 2500
204 David Coulthard Signed and Worn West McLaren-Mercedes 1998 Formula 1 Race Suit 4875
205 Lewis Hamilton Signed McLaren-Mercedes Racesuit Worn in The 2007 German Grand Prix -- With a COA from McLaren Racing 15700
206 Nigel Mansell Italian Grand Prix Worn Racesuit 3328
207 Florence ''Flo Jo'' Griffith Joyner Official 1988 Seoul Olympics Certificate -- Securing Her Place in the Summer Games, In Which She Ultimately Would Set Incredible World Records 1735
208 Pole Vaulter Brad Walker Worn Olympic Logo Nike Jacket With Signed LOA & Photo -- Worn During His Win at USA Nationals in 2012 & Divested Following a Publicized Endorsement Dispute With Nike 550
209 Excellent Lot of Tennis Autographs -- Signatures Include 3 World No. 1 Players -- Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Pete Sampras & David Wheaton 656
210 Glenn ''Pop'' Warner Signed Book, ''Football For Coaches & Players'' PASS
211 Rick MacLeish Clarence Cambell Trophy From the 1977 Season -- With an LOA From MacLeish 2541
212 1964-65 Montreal Canadians Dick Duff Miniature Stanley Cup Championship Presentational Trophy 7423
213 Unused & Pristine Ticket From Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight PASS
214 Ike Williams World Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Medal & Program PASS
215 World Series Championship Trophy Won by The Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 & Presented to HOFer & Hero Roberto Alomar 4875
216 Mount Rushmore Designer Borglum Signed Mount Rushmore Booklet PASS
217 Lot of Comic Artists' Signatures -- Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury, Hank Ketcham of Dennis The Menace and Walter Lantz of Woody Woodpecker PASS
218 Eugene Delacroix Autograph Letter Signed PASS
219 Hank Ketcham Signed Sketch of Dennis The Menace PASS
220 Norman Rockwell Signed Autobiography ''My Adventures as an Illustrator'' With Unclipped Dustjacket PASS
221 Master of Americana, Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Well-Known Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' -- 30.75'' x 12.5'' PASS
222 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of His ''Springtime on Stockbridge'' PASS
223 Charles Schulz Four-Panel ''Peanuts'' Strip -- Charlie Brown & Linus After Their Losing Baseball Game PASS
224 Charles Schulz ''Peanuts'' Cartoon -- Featuring Snoopy & Woodstock Golfing 1166
225 Charles Schulz Signed First Edition of His Biography ''Good Grief'' PASS
226 Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I exceedingly regret that I am particularly engaged on Saturday, or I should have been most happy to have accepted your kind invitation...'' PASS
227 Exceedingly Rare First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Legendary Novel ''The Great Gatsby'' -- & First Printing Dustjacket PASS
228 Pristine Edition of Hemingway's Classic, ''The Old Man and the Sea'' PASS
229 Ernest Hemingway Letter Signed The Year Before His Suicide -- ''... for the material sent to Spain last summer...'' -- Referring to the Trip Where He Wrote His Swansong ''The Dangerous Summer'' PASS
230 Rudyard Kipling Signed Ticket 250
231 Gorgeous Signed Limited Edition of Cormack McCarthy's ''No Country For Old Men'' -- The Novel That Inspired 2007's Best Picture -- Fine PASS
232 ''The Christopher Robin Story Book'' by A.A. Milne PASS
233 Margaret Mitchell Typed Letter Signed 750
234 First Edition ''The Pop-Up Minnie Mouse'' 1933 Children's Book -- Plus Three 1960's Charlie Brown Paperbacks 1960's -- Lot of 4 PASS
235 Ayn Rand Typed Letter Signed Mentioning ''The Fountainhead'' PASS
236 Excellent Carl Sandburg ''Lincoln Collector, The Story of the Oliver R. Barrett Lincoln Collection'' Signed Limited First Edition PASS
237 Carl Sandburg Signed First Edition of ''Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years, Volumes One and Two'' -- Both Volumes Are Bound Together in One Book PASS
238 Maurice Sendak ''Where The Wild Things Are'' Signed Page PASS
239 True First Edition, First Printing of ''How The Grinch Stole Christmas'' in Beautiful Condition -- With Well-Preserved Dustjacket PASS
240 Samuel Clemens Signed Edition ''The Writings of Mark Twain'' -- Signed as Both ''Samuel Clemens'' and ''Mark Twain'' in Volume 1 of a 25 Volume Set PASS
241 Kurt Vonnegut Signed ''Slaughterhouse Five'' Luxury Leather Bound Limited Edition PASS
242 Buzz Aldrin Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo 275
243 Apollo 15 Crew Signed Rare NASA Issue Astronaut Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
244 Apollo 16 Charm, Left on the Moon for 3 Days in the PPK on the Orion! -- With COA From Astronaut Charles Duke -- ''...This charm then spent the next three days on the surface of the Moon...'' 30250
245 Neil Armstrong Signed Photo PASS
246 ''20 Hrs. 40 Min. - Our Flight in the Friendship'' Signed ''Amelia M Earhart'' -- With JSA LOA PASS
247 Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Publicity Photo -- Fine PASS
248 Charles Lindbergh Signed First Edition of ''We'' 750
249 Mercury 7 Signatures -- All 7 Original NASA Astronauts Sign The Same Card -- Glenn, Grissom, Carpenter, Slayton, Cooper, Shepard, Schirra -- Framed to 12.5'' x 13'' PASS
250 Excellent STS-107 First Day Cover -- Signed by Each of the Astronauts From the Tragic 2003 Mission -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
251 Space-Flown U.S. Flag -- Orbited Earth on the Space Shuttle's First Ever Flight PASS
252 Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh Signed Description of Discovering Pluto PASS
253 Alexander Graham Bell Typed Letter Signed Regarding Philanthropy -- ''...continue my subscription to the Groton School Camp for the next three years and enclose my check...'' PASS
254 Jewish Philosophy Great Martin Buber Autograph Letter Signed -- '' has been such a long time that I have not been to Ober-Hambach and have no idea when I will be able to visit there...'' PASS
255 Howard Carter, Discoverer of King Tut's Tomb Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The Nile has risen and now I ride by boat. Between me and Luxor is one sheet of water...'' PASS
256 Guglielmo Marconi Signature PASS
257 Drs. William & Charles Mayo Signatures From 1930 PASS
258 Polio Vaccine Dr. Albert B. Sabin Autographed Letter Signed Regarding Polio in Mexico -- ''...The organization they have achieved for the eradication of polio is truly remarkable...'' PASS
259 Albert Schweitzer Signed Photo PASS
260 Famed Italian Inventor of the Battery Alessandro Volta Document Signed PASS
261 Rare James Watt Autograph Letter of Introduction Signed to William Herschel, The Discoverer of Uranus -- '' friend...Mr. Corrie who wishes much to make your acquaintance...'' 1500
262 Eli Whitney Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...a remittance of six thousand dollars or on acct of my contract for manufacturing arms...'' 3500
263 John Adams Autograph Note Signed as a Young Lawyer PASS
264 John Quincy Adams Document Signed as President PASS
265 Spiro Agnew Autograph Manuscript Regarding the Sudden Death of President Lyndon B. Johnson PASS
266 Chester Arthur Document Signed as President -- Very Bold Signature PASS
267 Chester Arthur Autograph Document Signed During the Civil War -- ''...The quarters...are particularly well adapted for the drill and practice of sharp shooters...'' 888
268 Grover Cleveland Oversized Document Signed as President 303
269 Grover Cleveland Document Signed as President 334
270 Bill Clinton ''My Life'' Signed First Edition With Dustjacket & Error in The Final Paragraph PASS
271 Bill Clinton Signed First Edition of ''Giving: How Each of Us Can Change The World'' PASS
272 President Calvin Coolidge & First Lady Grace Signed 1927 Birth Certificate PASS
273 Lot of 2 Watergate TLS by Archibald Cox & Elliot L. Richardson -- ''...Nixon's resignation was in his own, as well as the country's best interest...'' PASS
274 Dwight D. Eisenhower Rare Typed Document Signed as President PASS
275 Owner of Ford's Theater Where Lincoln Was Shot -- John T. Ford Autograph Letter Signed PASS
276 Assassinated President James A. Garfield Memorial Ribbon 250
277 James Garfield Signed Telegram From 1880 -- The Year He Was Elected President PASS
278 James Garfield Is Elected President -- Coverage in 1880 ''New York Tribune'' PASS
279 James Garfield Signed Card PASS
280 Warren G. Harding Document Signed as President 500
281 Warren G. Harding 14'' x 19'' Inscribed Signed Photo -- ''...To the Richmond Hill Republican Club...'' 440
282 Rutherford B. Hayes Military Appointment Signed 500
283 Herbert Hoover Signed First Edition Book, ''The Challenge to Liberty'' PASS
284 Herbert Hoover Signed 8'' x 10'' Campaign Photo of Himself With His Dog ''King Tut'' PASS
285 Andrew Jackson Autograph Endorsement Signed as President -- Granting Executive Clemency PASS
286 John Jay Autograph Letter Signed as Secretary of State PASS
287 John Jay Document Signed PASS
288 Thomas Jefferson's Signature PASS
289 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Book: ''The Professional'' PASS
290 JFK Assassination Dallas Newspaper -- 23 November 1963 Edition of the ''Dallas Morning News'' -- ''KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET'' 250
291 John F. Kennedy Photo Signed With His Autograph Inscription PASS
292 Rare Transcript of the Address John F. Kennedy Planned to Give The Night of His Assassination PASS
293 John F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed From 1954 in Fantastic Condition -- ''...your letter in regard to Mr. Joseph Markham was apparently lost...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
294 Robert Kennedy Signed ''The Enemy Within'' -- Chronicle of His Role as Leader of The Congressional Inquiry Into The Teamsters Union Scandal PASS
295 President Kennedy 1961 Birthday Program Signed by Bobby Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson & More 1075
296 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed in Wonderful Condition -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
297 Four 1865 Letters Discussing Lincoln's Assassination & the Trial of Conspirators, ''...the Prisoners they have been tried and several have been sentanced to be hung by the neck...'' PASS
298 Lee Harvey Oswald Arresting Officer, M.N. ''Nick'' McDonald Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Oliver Stones' movie 'JFK' was filled with half-truths and right out lies...'' PASS
299 Presidential Candidate William McKinley & Running Mate Teddy Roosevelt 1900 Election Campaign Umbrella -- Clever Way to Promote the Successful Republican Candidates 1433
300 James Monroe Land Grant Document Signed as President 500
301 Richard Nixon Signed Press Release Pertaining to Watergate & Acknowledging His Resignation -- ''...there have been allegations...that I knew about the planning of the Watergate break-in...'' PASS
302 Richard Nixon Signed First Edition of ''RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon'' PASS
303 Richard Nixon ''The Real War'' Signed PASS
304 Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation PASS
305 Franklin Pierce Document Signed as President 750
306 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photo PASS
307 Franklin D. Roosevelt 17.25'' x 20.25'' Portrait Bearing His Autograph Inscription Signed PASS
308 President William Taft Document Signed With Naval Seal -- Dated 28 June 1912 250
309 Zachary Taylor's Rare Signature 750
310 Zachary Taylor Naval Appointment Signed as President -- Just a Week After Taking Office PASS
311 Harry Truman Large 20'' x 16'' Document Signed as President 300
312 Harry S. Truman ''Memoirs'' -- Both First Edition Books of the Two-Volume Set Are Signed PASS
313 Harry Truman's Signature PASS
314 Harry Truman Signed First Edition of ''Mr. President, The First Publication From The Personal Diaries, Private Letters Papers and Revealing Interviews of Harry S. Truman'' PASS
315 Harry Truman Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo From 1959 PASS
316 Martin Van Buren Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the high respect in which I hold your good opinion, have induced me to communicate to you...a profound secret...'' PASS
317 Martha Washington Signature -- With Familial Provenance PASS
318 Large Limited Edition Lithograph Portrait of David Ben-Gurion Signed PASS
319 Fidel Castro Autograph Note Signed as President of Cuba -- ''...for the excellent work within the scientific - technical circles of the Mozambiquan schools on the Island of Youth...'' 750
320 Cuban Revolution Budget Document Signed by Fidel Castro in 1959 1000
321 Charles IX, King of France, Document Signed PASS
322 Prince Charles Signed Christmas Card 275
323 Moshe Dayan Typed Letter Signed as Israeli Minister of Defense PASS
324 Program From The Coronation Ceremony of King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra -- Fine PASS
325 King Edward VIII Christmas Card Signed as Prince of Wales from 1923 PASS
326 Queen Mother Signed Diploma From The Royal School of Needlework -- 1949 PASS
327 Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip Signed Christmas Card -- Early Signature by Elizabeth as a Princess PASS
328 King George III Document Signed PASS
329 King George III Document Signed From 1805 -- Appointing a Captain in the Royal Newfoundland Fencibles PASS
330 Very Large Signature of King George IV of Hanover PASS
331 King George & Queen Mary Coronation Booklet PASS
332 King George V Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...he was the nicest Frenchman I ever knew...'' PASS
333 Program From The Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth in 1937 PASS
334 Henry III of France Letter Signed PASS
335 King Louis XI Old French Document Signed PASS
336 Louis XV Large Document Signed as King of France in 1755 500
337 Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat Typed Letter Signed PASS
338 Royal Luncheon Menu From Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 PASS
339 Unique Queen Victoria Personally Owned and Worn Silk Stockings 5069
340 Exceptionally Rare John Lennon Personally Owned & Played Musical Instrument -- Reed Organ Made of Walnut in Dark Finish -- With Provenance From Sotheby's 59628
341 American Music Award From the 2011 Ceremony 5069
342 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Rock Song to Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers for ''Scar Tissue'' 1183
343 Official 1992 Grammy Nominee Medal 2541
344 Grammy Nomination Medal From 2002 2796
345 Grammy Nomination Medal From 1993 2541
346 Grammy Nomination Medal From 1999 2541
347 MTV Music Award For Video of The Year to Pearl Jam For ''Jeremy'' in 1993 9882
348 Leonard Bernstein Signed ''West Side Story'' Record Cover With LP Record Included 330
349 George Gershwin Personal Check Signed PASS
350 Dolly Parton Worn Suede Blouse 500
351 French and Indian War Commander Lord Jeffrey Amherst Autograph Letter Signed -- Written in Third Person -- ''...he laid his Lordship's and Mr. Douglas's proposals before the King today...'' PASS
352 Revolutionary War Leader Lord Charles Cornwallis Free Frank Signature PASS
353 Henry Dearborn Autograph Letter Signed as Secretary of War PASS
354 DOI Signer William Floyd Document Signed PASS
355 Nicely Framed Benjamin Franklin Signature PASS
356 Henry ''Light Horse Harry'' Lee Land Grant Signed as Governor of Virginia PASS
357 First Governor of Pennsylvania Thomas Mifflin 1795 Land Grant Signed 250
358 Founding Father John Penn Signed Document PASS
359 William Penn Document Signed -- Regarding a Financial Agreement Circa 1707 PASS
360 Declaration of Independence Signer George Read Signed Document PASS
361 Founding Father Artemas Ward 1777 Pay Warrant Signed as Continental Army Eastern Division Commander 1000
362 Artemas Ward 1776 Document Signed 1000
363 Letter From The 39th Alabama Infantry on the Battle of Stones River -- One of The War's Nastiest Battles -- '' could see a man shot anywhere, some in the head and some shot in two...'' PASS
364 Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard Civil War Dated Document Signed Three Times -- Chronicling His Major War Efforts PASS
365 Frederick Benteen Document Signed PASS
366 Civil War Letter -- Battles of Missionary Ridge & Lookout Mountain -- ''...storm of grape shot & canister & shell...We camped on the field of battle overnight among the dead & dying...'' PASS
367 Civil War Document Enlistment Document Into Union Army -- 5 September 1864 -- Soldier Enlisted in 208th Pennsylvania Infantry PASS
368 Civil War Kepi Hat & Pin 500
369 Civil War Letter From a Soldier in The Second Battle of Bull Run -- ''...engagement our Brigade had at Manassas...right between two rebel forts, both of them shelling us at the same time...'' PASS
370 Father of American Naval Ordnance John Dahlgren Civil War-Dated Document Signed PASS
371 Civil War Photographer Alexander Gardner Bank Check Signed PASS
372 Confederate Autograph Letter Signed From a Soldier in The 3rd Georgia Cavalry During The Atlanta Campaign -- ''...they scattered like sheep, leaving all their dead in our possession...'' PASS
373 Union Army General Quincy Adams Gillmore Civil War-Dated Autograph Letter Signed PASS
374 Gettysburg General George Gordon Meade Document Signed as Commander of the Department of the South PASS
375 Civil War Muster Roll -- 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry From 30 June-31 August 1863 PASS
376 Civil War Letter Following the Battle of the Wilderness by Private Dwight W. Stannard of the 97th New York Infantry -- ''...a spent ball...hit me right where my hips set on my backbone...'' 666
377 Union General William S. Rosecrans Civil War Document Signed, Dated Christmas Day of 1862 from Nashville PASS
378 Civil War Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Ruger Handwritten Report on the Battle of Cedar Mountain -- ''...My regiment remained and continued fire until the line was driven back...'' PASS
379 William T. Sherman Check Signed PASS
380 Confederate VP Alexander Hamilton Stephens Free Franking Signature PASS
381 Charles Sumner Civil War Dated Autograph Letter Signed re the Civll War Draft of Soldiers -- ''...I voted against obliging persons to bear arms who have conscientious scruples...'' PASS
382 Nazi Leader Adolf Eichmann Power of Attorney Signed at The Time of His Extradition From Argentina to Israel to Stand Trial For War Crimes PASS
383 Enola Gay Model Airplane Signed by Hiroshima Flight Crew Members -- Navigator ''Dutch'' Van Kirk & Weaponeer Morris Jeppson 250
384 Pearl Harbor Captain Mitsuo Fuchida Autograph Letter Signed -- '' the German cities, I shall...testify to these young people concerning the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ...'' 250
385 Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed Less Than 2 Months Before His Death -- ''...The kindly thought underlying your birthday greeting moved me deeply...'' PASS
386 Benito Mussolini WWII Document Signed -- ''...By the grace of God and the will of the nation, King of Italy...'' -- Also Signed by King Emmanuel III -- Dated 20 December 1937 PASS
387 Erwin Rommel Autograph Letter Signed PASS
388 Theodore Van Kirk Signed Card & Note -- ''...I do not think there was any time since 1945 when U.S. should have used an A Bomb...only when our national existence were really threatened...'' PASS
389 Large Collection of 19 WWII Generals Signed Photos -- Including James Van Fleet, Colonel Matt Urban & Others PASS
390 W. E. B. DuBois Signed Card PASS
391 Marcus Garvey Typed Letter Signed PASS
392 1901 Church Hymnal Book PASS
393 Martin Luther King, Jr. Address to The Montgomery Improvement Association in 1959 PASS
394 Incredible Martin Luther King Handwritten Pages For ''Stride Toward Freedom'' -- Detailing the Momentous Rosa Parks Incident -- ''...they agreed that the Negroes should boycott the buses...'' PASS
395 Early Drafts of Martin Luther King's Address Titled, ''For All - A Non-Segregated Society'' -- Given at The 35th Annual Race Relations Sunday by the National Council of Churches PASS
396 Suffragist Mary A. Livermore Cabinet Card Signed PASS
397 Rare Flyer Issued by the Black Opposition to The Montgomery Bus Boycott -- ''...Are you tired of walking? Sure you are. But we walk while our leaders ride. In big cars too. Why?...'' PASS
398 Rosa Parks 8'' x 10'' Iconic Bus Photo Signed PASS
399 Pope Pius XII Typed Letter Signed PASS
400 Chevrolet Motor Company Founder Louis Chevrolet Typed Letter Signed -- ''...We are sending you by parcel post today the propeller hub wrench...'' PASS
401 Walter Percy Chrysler Document Signed PASS
402 Charles Goodyear Check Signed PASS
403 McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc Twice Signed Book, ''Grinding It Out...The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
404 Automotive Pioneer Ransom E. Olds Signed Stock Certificate & Charles Duryea's Signature 275
405 J. C. Penney ''Lines of a Layman'' Signed First Edition, First Printing PASS
406 John S. Pillsbury Signed Stock Certificate PASS
407 Early Richard Warren Sears Autograph Letter Signed -- Founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company -- ''...I have a few open face stem with gold filled cases...will make you a disc. of 20%...'' PASS
408 Leland Stanford Stock Certificate Signed as President of the Bodie Bluff Consolidation Mining Company 605
409 Rare Charles Lewis Tiffany of Famed ''Tiffany & Co.'' Jewelers Cabinet Photo Signed on His 80th Birthday 1500
410 Cornelius ''Commodore'' Vanderbilt Autograph Note Signed PASS
411 Henry Wells, William Fargo, Alex Holland American Express Stock Certificate Signed PASS
412 Signature of Thomas Andrews, Head Ship Builder of the RMS Titanic PASS
413 Red Cross Founder Clara Barton Autograph Letter -- '' is neither wise nor kind to make conditions for persons to be held at the sacrifice of comfort and safety...'' PASS
414 Clarence Darrow Typed Letter Signed -- ''...'Joseph Smith and His Mormon Empire' at last begun and already certain to enjoy beyond anything I have recently stumbled upon...'' -- 1936 PASS
415 Stephen Decatur Autograph Letter of Introduction Signed PASS
416 Mount Everest Team Signatures From 1953 -- Edmund Hillary, Tenzing, John Hunt, Tom Bourdillon and C.G. Wylie -- With a COA From Fraser's Autographs 1000
417 Abolitionist William L. Garrison Autograph Quotation Signed -- ''Liberty for each, for all, and forever!...'' PASS
418 California Gold Rush Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...We are going to Start up into the mountains to morow I guess. there is very faverable reports coming down from the mountains every day...'' PASS
419 Alger Hiss Autograph Letter Signed PASS
420 J. Edgar Hoover ''Masters of Deceit'' Signed PASS
421 Helen Keller's Book of Poetry ''The Open Door'' Signed PASS
422 Helen Keller Typed Letter Signed from 1940 -- ''...It has made me very happy to receive your contribution in answer to my appeal for help to Spain's little refugees...'' PASS
423 Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma Autograph Letter Signed PASS
424 Superstar Sharpshooter Annie Oakley Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I wanted Pam & you to come to dinner, as Mr. B left yesterday for 2 weeks...'' PASS
425 Naval Commodore & Diplomat Matthew C. Perry Autograph Letter Signed PASS
426 ''Pike's Peak'' Explorer Zebulon Pike Early Document Signed 250
427 Pulitzer-Prize-Winning American Journalist Ernie Pyle Typed Letter Signed PASS
428 Hadassah Founder Henrietta Szold Hebrew Typed Letter Signed PASS