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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Oscar Awarded to Broderick Crawford for Best Actor as Willie Stark in ''All The King's Men'' -- The Performance That Trumped John Wayne in ''Sands of Iwo Jima'' 127824
2 Hollywood Legend Gloria Swanson's Official 1950 Best Actress Academy Award Nomination for ''Sunset Boulevard'' 5999
3 Actress Gillian Anderson Personally Owned & Signed High Heels 446
4 Lot of 100 Personal Checks Signed by Hollywood Film Star Mary Astor PASS
5 Contract Signed by Celebrated American Performer Gene Autry PASS
6 Christian Bale Iconic Screen-Worn Schoolboy Uniform From His Breakout Role as a 13-Year-Old in Steven Spielberg's ''Empire of the Sun'' 7259
7 Edith Head Sketch of Lucille Ball's Costume From ''The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour'' in 1964 550
8 Lucille Ball Handwritten Letter to Her Husband Expressing Her Love for Him PASS
9 Lucille Ball Handwritten Letter -- ''...I'm going to miss you - so much more than you know...I've been unable to think of little else for days, except how far away you'll be...'' PASS
10 Lot of Three Autograph Notes by Lucille Ball -- Referencing Another Famous Sitcom, ''...You'll miss Florence Henderson in Brady Bunch...'' PASS
11 Lucille Ball Typed Letter Signed -- ''...thank you for your beautiful pink carnations...'' -- Near Fine PASS
12 Lucy Ball Rare Typed Letter Signed on Her Production Company's Stationery -- 1980 PASS
13 1956 Lucille Ball Receipt Signed -- During the ''I Love Lucy'' Years PASS
14 Lucille Ball Signed Receipt From Bullock's of Palm Springs PASS
15 Lucille Ball Check Signed From Joint Account With Desi Arnaz PASS
16 Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz Signatures PASS
17 Lucille Ball Signature on Verso of a Paper Coaster PASS
18 Lucille Ball Large Signature, ''To Bob / Lucille Ball'' PASS
19 Large Lucille Ball Signature To Album Page PASS
20 Elizabeth Banks Screen-Worn Outfit From Her 2012 Comedy Feature ''What To Expect When You're Expecting'' PASS
21 Actress Elizabeth Banks Screen-Worn Maternity Top -- From the 2012 Romantic Comedy ''What to Expect When You're Expecting'' -- With Original Wardrobe Tag 250
22 Ellen Barkin Screen-Worn Prada Shoes From ''Modern Family'' PASS
23 Ellen Barkin Screen-Worn Prada Pumps From ''Modern Family'' PASS
24 Ellen Barkin Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Modern Family'' PASS
25 Ellen Barkin Screen-Worn Designer Jacket From ''Modern Family'' PASS
26 Famed Child Actor Freddie Bartholomew Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
27 Frances Bavier Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo as ''Aunt Bee'' PASS
28 Stymie Beard Autograph From ''Our Gang'' PASS
29 Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen Contract Signed -- 1954 Copyright Agreement PASS
30 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
31 Legendary Television Entertainer Milton Berle Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 1959 Membership Card PASS
32 Milton Berle 1960 NARAS Membership -- The Academy That Puts on The Grammy Awards PASS
33 Milton Berle 1961 NARAS Membership Card -- The Academy That Puts on The Grammy Awards PASS
34 Milton Berle's 1962 Membership Card to NARAS, The Academy That Puts on The Grammy Awards PASS
35 Milton Berle's 1962 Membership Card to NARAS, The Academy That Puts on The Grammy Awards PASS
36 Milton Berle, aka ''Mr. Television'' Actors' Equity Association Membership Card PASS
37 20th Century Television Superstar Milton Berle Signed ''Brown Derby Restaurants'' Club Card PASS
38 Milton Berle's 1962 Membership Card to AFTRA PASS
39 Milton Berle's AFTRA Membership Card From 1962 PASS
40 Milton Berle's AFTRA Membership Card From 2001 PASS
41 Milton Berle 1959 Membership Card to The American Guild of Authors & Composers PASS
42 Milton Berle's Membership Card to The American Guild of Authors & Composers From 1962 PASS
43 Milton Berle's Membership Card to The American Guild of Authors & Composers From 1963 PASS
44 Milton Berle's Card From The Hollywood Comedy Club in 1959 PASS
45 Milton Berle's 1960-61 Official Directors Guild of America Membership Card PASS
46 Milton Berle's 1962-63 Official Directors Guild of America Membership Card PASS
47 Milton Berle's 2001 Directors Guild of America Membership Card PASS
48 Milton Berle's Hillcrest Country Club Membership Card From 1962 PASS
49 Milton Berle's 1962 Golf Handicap Verification Card From Hillcrest Country Club PASS
50 Milton Berle's Society of American Magicians Card From 1959 PASS
51 Milton Berle's Society of American Magicians Card From 1960 PASS
52 Milton Berle's Society of American Magicians Card From 1961 PASS
53 Milton Berle's Society of American Magicians Card From 1962 PASS
54 Milton Berle's Society of American Magicians Card From 1963 PASS
55 Milton Berle's WGA Membership Card PASS
56 Milton Berle Membership Card to The Writers Guild of America West From 2001 PASS
57 Milton Berle's Official ''American Federation of Television and Radio Artists'' Membership Card PASS
58 Groundbreaking Oscar-Winner Halle Berry Screen-Worn Lilac Silk Blouse 1183
59 Jason Biggs Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Over Her Dead Body'' -- Calvin Klein Dress Pants, Kenneth Cole Belt, Tommy Hilfiger Shirt, Johnston & Murphy Shoes 250
60 Jack Black Costume From ''Year One'' 977
61 Orlando Bloom Signed Photo From ''Lord of the Rings'' PASS
62 Humphrey Bogart Signature, Circa Early 1940's PASS
63 Humphrey Bogart 8'' x 10'' Handsome Signed Portrait Photo of Bogie Dangling a Lit Cigarette -- With PSA/DNA COA 1302
64 Kate Bosworth Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 Thriller, ''Straw Dogs'' PASS
65 Julie Bowen ''Modern Family'' Scree-Worn Cocktail Dress -- With 20th Century Fox COA 250
66 Julie Bowen Screen-Worn Dress Form the Second Season of ''Modern Family'' 250
67 Julie Bowen Screen-Worn Silk Dress From ''Modern Family'' PASS
68 Julie Bowen Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Modern Family'' PASS
69 Actor Edward Burns Suit From the 2008 Horror Flick ''One Missed Call'' PASS
70 Amanda Bynes Screen-Worn Sweater From the 2010 Teen Comedy ''Easy A'' 250
71 James Cagney 1970 Autograph Letter Signed PASS
72 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Seeking a Friend For The End of The World'' PASS
73 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Wardrobe From His 2012 Film ''Seeking a Friend For The End of The World'' 550
74 Sacha Baron Cohen Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Comedy ''Bruno'' PASS
75 Harry Connick, Jr. Screen-Worn Wardrobe From His 2011 Family Drama ''Dolphin Tale'' PASS
76 Wardrobe Worn On-Screen in ''Seven Psychopaths'' by Actor Kevin Corrigan PASS
77 Wardrobe Worn Onscreen in 2012 British Comedy Film ''Seven Psychopaths'' by Actor Kevin Corrigan PASS
78 Noel Coward Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am living down here and am doing 12 hours a day on my film...'' PASS
79 Joan Crawford Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you so much for your beautiful Valentine...'' PASS
80 Very Large Joan Crawford Autograph Note Signed -- Measures 11'' x 8.5'' PASS
81 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed on Holiday Stationery -- ''...dear, sweet girl...I hope you will not think me presumptuous, but I am enclosing a little colored photograph of myself...'' PASS
82 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I am sorry, but I don't have a fan club, Patricia...Aren't you sweet to want me to do more television shows...'' -- 1960 PASS
83 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...if you write to my New York address, the mail just sits there until I return to my apartment...'' -- 1961 PASS
84 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...delighted that I will be on the panel of judges at the Miss America Beauty Pageant next month...'' -- 1961 PASS
85 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I am planning a trip to Europe on business for Pepsi-Cola...'' -- 1961 PASS
86 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and your friendship. I am deeply grateful. Bless you...'' -- 1963 PASS
87 Academy Award-Winning Star Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''... Thank you too for your kind remarks about 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the film...'' PASS
88 Hollywood Legend Joan Crawford 1963 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you so much for my lovely hammered silver pin. It is absolutely exquisite...'' PASS
89 Joan Crawford Letter Signed With Autograph Postscript -- ''...I'm so happy that you saw Christina on 'Here's Hollywood'. She had such fun doing that show, and I thought she looked lovely...'' PASS
90 Joan Crawford 1961 Typed Letter Signed -- ''... I was so touched that you spend so much time making the painting, and I am delighted to have it...'' PASS
91 Hollywood Screen Siren Joan Crawford 1963 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you too for these wonderful clippings from the Muncie newspapers...'' PASS
92 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I plan on doing some television work in the near future. At the moment, the writers are working on the script...'' -- 1961 PASS
93 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you...for sending me the photographs you took with your Polaroid camera during the Zane Grey Theatre television show...'' -- 1961 PASS
94 Joan Crawford Signed & Inscribed Photo PASS
95 Glamorous Joan Crawford Signed Photo PASS
96 Joan Crawford Signed Magazine Photo PASS
97 Hume Cronyn 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
98 Bing Crosby Signed Copy of His Wife Kathryn Crosby's Autobiography ''Bing and Other Things'' PASS
99 Bing Crosby 8'' x 10'' Signed Matte Photo PASS
100 Varied Collection of Props Used Onscreen by Marcia Cross on the Hit Series ''Desperate Housewives'' -- With Two Signed Photos & COA From ABC Studios PASS
101 Marcia Cross ''Desperate Housewives'' Props PASS
102 Dorothy Dandridge 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
103 Beloved Actress Dorothy Dandridge Signed Album Page PASS
104 Claire Danes Costume From ''Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines'' 733
105 Jeff Daniels Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From ''RV'' 250
106 Olivia de Havilland Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo From Her Acclaimed ''Gone With the Wind'' Role PASS
107 Olivia de Havilland Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Gone With the Wind'' PASS
108 Olivia de Havilland Signed Photo PASS
109 Gorgeous Olivia de Havilland Signed Photo as Melanie From ''Gone With the Wind'' PASS
110 Autograph Album Pages Signed by Leo Gorcey and Four of the ''Dead End Kids'' PASS
111 Brooklyn Decker Screen-Worn Wardrobe From 2011 Comedy Film ''Just Go With It'' 275
112 ''Desperate Housewives'' Prop Set -- ''Gabrielle Solis' Lovers'' Including Photos of Eva Longoria & Other Props From the Show PASS
113 Leonardo DiCaprio Shirt From Scorsese's Best Picture Nominated ''Gangs of New York'' 733
114 Walt Disney Signed Copy of ''Fantasia'' -- With Phil Sears COA 2310
115 Walt Disney Signed 1942 Copy of ''Bambi'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 1302
116 Disney Animation Cel From ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'' in 1937 PASS
117 1959 Donald Duck Disney Animation Celluloid 334
118 Disney 1959 Celluloid Featuring Two of Donald Duck's Nephews PASS
119 Walt Disney Signed Game-Used 1935 Polo Ball -- Also Signed by Actors Jack Holt & Rex 'Snowy' Baker 2100
120 Robert Downey Jr. Screen-Worn ''Flying Test'' Wardrobe From ''Iron Man'' -- With ''Iron Man'' Production COA 3076
121 Robert Downey, Jr. Calvin Klein Robe & Shirt From the 2007 Comedy ''Charlie Bartlett'' 656
122 Hilary Duff Signed Boots & Autograph Note Signed by the Actress -- ''I hope you love these heels as much as I do!'' 733
123 Lot of 7 Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Single Signed Checks -- With Corresponding Entries on Ledger Sheet PASS
124 Chris Farley ''Beverly Hills Ninja'' Costume -- One of the Final Films in The Comedic Actor's Career 1302
125 Colin Farrell Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From 2012 Comedy ''Seven Psychopaths'' 722
126 Colin Farrell Screen-Worn Cardigan From ''Seven Psychopaths'' 656
127 Comedian Marty Feldman Autograph -- ''Hello Joe! / Marty Feldman'' PASS
128 Will Ferrell Screen-Worn Costume From the Finale Sequence of the Hit 2012 Film ''Casa de Mi Padre'' 550
129 Will Ferrell Screen-Worn Costume From the 2012 Telenovela Spoof, ''Casa de Mi Padre'' 550
130 Scale Model of The Ranch From Will Ferrell's 2012 Comedy ''Casa de Mi Padre'' PASS
131 Stepin Fetchit Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- First African American Film Star to Receive Screen Credit PASS
132 Early 20th Century Entertainer W.C. Fields Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
133 Carrie Fisher Signed ''Star Wars'' Contract Obligating Her to Reprise Her Role as Princess Leia in Sequels 10871
134 Brendan Fraser Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Furry Vengeance'' -- Suit & Tie, Shirt, T-Shirt, Belt & Shoes 250
135 Screen Legend Mona Freeman Costume Sketch From the 1951 Film ''Darling How Could You!'' -- Drawn by Academy Award-Winning Costume Designer Edith Head 656
136 Authentic Police Costume From the 2002 Film ''Gangs of New York'' 596
137 Ava Gardner Holograph Check Signed PASS
138 ''Perry Mason'' Author Erle Stanley Gardner Typed Letter Signed -- ''...You want to know what it is that makes male stars in the late fifties still attractive to young girls...'' PASS
139 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From ''Butter'' 733
140 Film Pioneer Samuel Goldwyn 1937 Document Signed PASS
141 ''Gone With The Wind'' Photograph Lot -- 120 Fascinating Still Images by Wilbur Kurtz From the Set With Several Showing Vivien Leigh in Costume 1735
142 Signed ''Gone With The Wind'' 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by Six of the Legendary Cast -- Frank Junior Coghlan, Ann Rutherford, William Bakewell, Cammie King, Rand Brooks & Marjorie Reynolds PASS
143 Betty Grable Signed Photo PASS
144 ''Bonanza'' Actor Lorne Greene Signed Photo PASS
145 Jack Haley Signed & Inscribed 10'' x 8'' ''Wizard of Oz'' Photo 275
146 Linda Hamilton Wardrobe From ''Terminator 2: Judgment Day'' 2100
147 Margaret Hamilton, Oz's ''Wicked Witch'' Autograph Letter Signed to Her Friend PASS
148 Margaret Hamilton 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
149 Oscar & Tony Award-Winning Actor Rex Harrison Signed Check PASS
150 Academy Award Winner Rex Harrison Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With Wehrmann COA PASS
151 ''Jason & The Argonauts'' Visual Effects Genius Ray Harryausen Typed Letter Signed -- ''...whether he can find an outlet for his creative artistry...'' PASS
152 ''Desperate Housewives'' Screen-Used Billboard Prop From Season 7 of the Hit ABC Series PASS
153 Desperate Housewives Screen-Worn Blouse by Teri Hatcher in The Second to Last Episode of the Series PASS
154 Teri Hatcher Screen-Worn T-Shirt From the Final Season of ''Desperate Housewives'' PASS
155 Teri Hatcher Screen-Worn Cashmere Sweater From One of the Last Episodes of ''Desperate Housewives'' PASS
156 Academy Award Winning Costume Designer Edith Head Signature -- Large 3.5'' x 2.5'' Signature PASS
157 Costume Sketch From 1975 Epic ''The Man Who Would Be King'' -- Created & Signed by Legendary Hollywood Designer Edith Head 250
158 Ted Healy Signed Postcard -- 1937 -- ''...I will be on the air with my new Stooges for the first time...'' -- Near Fine PASS
159 Jim Henson Photo Signed PASS
160 Jim Henson ''Sesame Street'' Signed Album PASS
161 Katharine Hepburn Autograph Note Signed to Her Stylist, ''What an enormous help you are...'' PASS
162 Katharine Hepburn Autograph Letter Signed on Her Personal Stationery -- ''...What a charming Christmas are sweet...'' PASS
163 Katharine Hepburn Typed Letter Signed -- ''...such a nice letter...Thank you for bothering...'' -- 1996 PASS
164 ''Our Gang'' Darla Hood Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Bearing Her Autograph Inscription PASS
165 ''Little Rascals'' Star Darla Hood Letter Signed -- ''...Spanky works for Philee-Ford...Buckwheat works for Technicolor...'Mickey' is now known as Robert Blake...'' -- With Candid Content 303
166 Edward Everett Horton Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
167 Allen ''Farina'' Hoskins of ''Our Gang'' Signed Photo PASS
168 Helen Hunt Wardrobe From Woody Allen's 2001 Crime-Comedy ''The Curse of the Jade Scorpion'' 605
169 Sarah Hyland Screen-Worn Pink Top From the First Season of ''Modern Family'' PASS
170 ''Immortals'' Screen-Worn Armor Costume Worn by Soldier in Battle Scenes 250
171 Angelina Jolie Wardrobe From ''Salt'' 2310
172 Signature of Al Jolson -- Called The World's Greatest Entertainer PASS
173 Al Jolson Signed Autograph Album Page PASS
174 Catherine Zeta Jones Iconic Diving Suit Costume From ''Entrapment'' -- The Costume Worn During the Famous Scene With Sean Connery That Launched Her Career 1577
175 Bill Thomas' Costume Sketch of Shirley Jones From Her Early Film ''Never Steal Anything Small'' With James Cagney -- Signed by Director Charles Lederer 368
176 Milla Jovovich Wedding Band From ''Resident Evil: Extinction'' 500
177 Grace Kelly Screen-Worn Beige Jacket From ''Mogambo'' 3461
178 Josh Kelly Screen-Worn Shirts & Belt From ''Circle of Eight'' PASS
179 Complete Outfit Worn Onscreen by Anna Kendrick in ''What To Expect When You're Expecting'' PASS
180 Original Costume Sketch of Screen Legend Deborah Kerr From the 1959 Film ''Beloved Infidel'' -- Drawn by Academy Award- Winning Costume Designer Bill Thomas 334
181 Ashton Kutcher Pants From the 2005 Film ''Guess Who'' 722
182 Ashton Kutcher Shirt From the 2005 Film ''Guess Who'' 875
183 Michael Landon Signed Postcard From ''Highway to Heaven'' -- Fine PASS
184 Ali Larter Screen-Worn Dress From Her Hit TV Show ''Heroes'' -- With NBC Universal COA 368
185 Laurel & Hardy Lobby Card -- From ''Nothing But Trouble'' PASS
186 Stan Laurel Typed Letter Signed on the Formation of Laurel and Hardy -- ''...the team was formed 1927, not '29. Our first feature was a background parody on an M.G.M. picture 'The Big House'...'' 334
187 Nice Group of Signatures of Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier & William Morris PASS
188 Vivien Leigh Signed Autograph Album Page 250
189 Screen Siren Vivien Leigh Signature PASS
190 Vivien Leigh Responds to Fan Mail 303
191 Logan Lerman Pants Screen-Worn as D'Artagnan in ''The Three Musketeers'' PASS
192 ''Scary Movie 5'' Costume For Heather Locklear's Stunt Double PASS
193 Eva Longoria's Desperate Housewives Screen-Worn Wardrobe From The Final Season 405
194 Peter Lorre Signature -- Plus Six Additional Glossy Photos of the Acclaimed Actor PASS
195 Madonna's Iconic Lavender Hat From Her Role as Eva Peron in ''Evita'' -- Part of Her World Record for Number of Costume Changes in a Single Film 1577
196 John Malkovich Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From ''Warm Bodies'' 596
197 ''Halloween 2'' Screen-Worn Black Coat -- Worn by the Famous Killer Mike Myers, a.k.a. ''The Shape'' 334
198 Groucho Marx & Elizabeth Taylor Burton's Signatures in a Beverly Hills Guest Book 303
199 Groucho Marx Signed and Inscribed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo PASS
200 ''Leave it to Beaver'' Star Jerry Mathers Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo PASS
201 Oscar Winning Actor Thomas Mitchell Signature PASS
202 Western Movie Star Tom Mix Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
203 Extremely Rare Marilyn Monroe Signed Photo of Her Junior High School Class -- Inscribed by Marilyn to Verso as ''Norma Jean Baker'' 5069
204 Marilyn Monroe's Personally Owned Blouse With Provenance From Christie's 8983
205 Marilyn Monroe Receipt Signed From a Saks Fifth Avenue Shopping Spree 1735
206 Marilyn Monroe Signed Salon Receipt From 1961 1183
207 The ''New York Mirror'' Newspaper, 6 August 1962 Edition Announcing Marilyn Monroe's Suicide PASS
208 Early Demi Moore Signed Contract Page -- Between Her and Her Agent at ICM in 1983 PASS
209 Tracy Morgan Screen-Worn T-Shirt From the 2007 Film ''Death at a Funeral'' PASS
210 Actor Matthew Morrison Screen-Worn Shirt From the 2012 Romantic Comedy ''What to Expect When You're Expecting'' -- With Original Wardrobe Tag PASS
211 Joe Morton ''Terminator 2: Judgment Day'' Gunshot Costume -- With Distressed Levi's Jeans, Banana Republic Shirt & Shoes 963
212 Brittany Murphy 10'' x 8'' Photo From ''Uptown Girls'' Signed Before Her Untimely Death at Age 32 PASS
213 Eddie Murphy Costume From the Hilarious Film ''Norbit'' 795
214 Mike Myers Screen-Worn Iconic Crushed Orange Jacket From ''Austin Powers in Goldmember'' 2100
215 Sam Neill Screen-Worn Boss Suit From ''The Vow'' PASS
216 Paul Newman Signed Check From 1969 -- The Year He Starred in ''Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'' 275
217 Child Actress Margaret O'Brien Dress From the 1948 Film, ''Tenth Avenue Angel'' 733
218 ''Some Like It Hot'' Actor Pat O'Brien Signed 10'' x 8'' Vintage Press Photograph PASS
219 Sir Laurence Olivier Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
220 Laurence Olivier as Richard III Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
221 Laurence Olivier 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- Olivier Poses as ''Hamlet'' PASS
222 Laurence Olivier Signed Photo as Othello PASS
223 Ed O'Neill Screen-Worn Wardrobe From the First Season of ''Modern Family'' PASS
224 Ed O'Neill Screen-Worn Jacket From ''Modern Family'' PASS
225 Maureen O'Sullivan 1940's Photograph Taken by Hollywood Photographer George Hurrell PASS
226 ''Queen of Pin-Ups'' Bettie Page 8'' x 10'' Sexy Signed Photo -- Also Signed by Photographer Bunny Yeager PASS
227 Bettie Page Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
228 ''Queen of Pin-Ups'' Bettie Page 8'' x 10'' Risque Signed Photo -- Also Signed by Photographer Bunny Yeager PASS
229 Robert Pattinson Rain Jacket From the 2010 Romantic Film ''Remember Me'' 250
230 Peabody Award Presented to Screenwriter James Costigan for His 1958 Teleplay, ''Little Moon of Alban'' 6134
231 Brad Pitt Screen-Used Handkerchief From ''Inglourious Basterds'' 250
232 First Issue of ''Playboy'' Magazine Featuring Marilyn Monroe as Centerfold 1554
233 ''Playboy'' Magazine One Year Anniversary Issue -- December 1954 PASS
234 Freddie Prinze, Sr. Rare Contract Signed -- Concerning His Appearance on Variety Show ''The Midnight Special'' in 1974 PASS
235 Mario Puzo Autograph Letter Signed -- ''Godfather'' Author Asks His Literary Agent for Comments on a Script PASS
236 Typed Letter Signed by ''Godfather'' Novelist Mario Puzo -- '' can mount my head with the lions you brought back from Africa...'' PASS
237 Dennis Quaid Worn Hawaiian Shirt During Promotional Photo Shoots For The 2012 Film ''What to Expect When You're Expecting'' PASS
238 George Raft Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Starred in ''Scarface'' and ''Some Like It Hot'' PASS
239 ''Resident Evil: Afterlife'' Screen-Worn Zombie Costume PASS
240 ''Resident Evil: Afterlife'' Screen-Worn Zombie Costume PASS
241 Bill ''Bojangles'' Robinson Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Shirley Temple's Famous Dance Partner PASS
242 Chris Rock Screen-Worn Hugo Boss Pants & Jacket From His 2010 Comedy Film ''Death at a Funeral'' PASS
243 Seth Rogen Screen-Worn Boxers From His Acclaimed 2011 Film ''50/50'' PASS
244 Fred Rogers Typed Letter Signed -- ''Best Wishes From All of Us Here in the Neighborhood...'' PASS
245 Ginger Rogers 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
246 Movie and TV Western Stars Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Gabby Hayes & Even The Horse ''Trigger'' Signed Autograph Album Page PASS
247 Academy Award-Nominated Actor Mark Ruffalo Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''All The King's Men'' PASS
248 Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis Signed 10'' x 8'' Still Photo From ''Thelma and Louise'' -- Fine -- With Wehrmann COA 250
249 World Series 1987 Sports Emmy Award 5069
250 Arnold Schwarzenegger ''Terminator 2: Judgment Day'' Iconic Biker Pants Costume 6748
251 Arnold Schwarzenegger Production Used Sheriff Shirt From ''The Last Stand'' 977
252 Fake Bloody Jeans From Arnold Schwarzenegger's Action Movie ''The Last Stand'' 875
253 Arnold Schwarzenegger Stunt Wardrobe From ''The Last Stand'' 1166
254 Edith Head Costume Sketch From Her Zenith as a Hollywood Designer in 1952 -- For Dinah Shore in The Film ''Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick'' PASS
255 Alicia Silverstone Broadway Stage-Worn Costume From ''The Performers'' 368
256 Dylan Smith Screen-Worn Armor From ''Immortals'' PASS
257 Sports Emmy From 1980-1981 for ABC's Coverage of NFL Sunday Night Football 4608
258 Nich Stahl ''Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines'' Costume -- Complete Outfit With Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Gloves & Goggles 963
259 Nick Stahl Costume From ''Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines'' 1412
260 Star Wars Original 1974 Script - ''The Star Wars / Rough Draft'' 722
261 James Stewart Letter Signed Regarding ''The Glenn Miller Story'' -- ''...June Allyson...may be accorded [equal] credit...except, of course, that my name shall precede her name...'' PASS
262 Emma Stone Screen-Worn T-Shirt From the 2010 Teen Comedy ''Easy A'' PASS
263 Three Stooges Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Signed by Each Member of the Comedic Troupe -- Depicting a Scene From ''You Natzy Spy!'', the First Film to Parody Hitler 5069
264 Ed Sullivan 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
265 Hollywood Siren Gloria Swanson Signed Autobiography PASS
266 Channing Tatum Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Vow'' 541
267 Elizabeth Taylor Silk Dress From ''The Girl Who Had Everything'' 977
268 Intriguing Elizabeth Taylor Wardrobe -- Blouse Custom Made for Taylor by ''Mystery Street'' Production, Though Taylor Never Appeared in the Film 500
269 Elizabeth Taylor Screen-Worn Silk Slip and Skirt From ''Father's Little Dividend'' 500
270 Elizabeth Taylor ''Rhapsody'' Costume 500
271 Elizabeth Taylor Contract Signed as a Minor in 1947 446
272 Elizabeth Taylor 1947 Contract Signed 405
273 Robert Taylor Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
274 Shirley Temple Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
275 Shirley Temple Signed 1977 Limited Edition Poster -- Scenes From 1930's Films of Everybody's Favorite Child Star PASS
276 Irving Thalberg Signed Louis B. Mayer Check From 1923 PASS
277 Three Stooges Signed Checks -- Three Checks, One Each Signed by Moe Howard, Larry Fine and ''Curly'' Joe DeRita, The So-Called Sixth Stooge 1075
278 Signatures of All Three Stooges Including Curly Howard 666
279 Jennifer Tilly Screen-Worn Roberto Cavalli Dress From ''Modern Family'' 250
280 Ashley Tisdale Screen-Worn J. Crew Hero Sweater From ''Scary Movie 5'' 250
281 Screen-Used Flatware From the 1997 Blockbuster Film, ''Titanic'' -- With a COA From 20th Century Fox 491
282 Life Vest Worn Onscreen in the 1997 Epic ''Titanic'' 722
283 ''Titanic'' Screen-Worn First Class Steward's Jacket -- With a COA From 20th Century Fox 656
284 Chris Tucker Screen-Worn Shirt From the 2012 Acclaimed Indie Film ''Silver Linings Playbook'' PASS
285 Chris Tucker Screen-Worn Shirt From the 2012 Acclaimed Indie Film ''Silver Linings Playbook'' PASS
286 ''I Love Lucy'' Star Vivian Vance Signed Card PASS
287 Sofia Vergara Screen-Worn Top From the Second Season of ''Modern Family'' 405
288 Sofia Vergara ''Modern Family'' Screen-Worn Nightgown PASS
289 Bright Yellow Skinny Jeans Worn Onscreen By Sofia Vergara on the Hit Show ''Modern Family'' 446
290 Sofia Vergara ''Modern Family'' Screen-Worn Top 275
291 Sofia Vergara Screen-Worn Rebecca Taylor Dress From ''Modern Family'' 303
292 Sofia Vergara Worn Wardrobe From ''Modern Family'' 405
293 Herve Villechaize Signed 8.5'' x 11'' Photo Signed PASS
294 Silent Film Actor and Director Erich von Stroheim Signature PASS
295 John Wayne Signed Copy of His Album ''America, Why I Love Her'' -- With JSA COA 875
296 Johnny Weissmuller Vintage 1930's MGM Studio Photo -- Measuring 9.75'' x 13'' 250
297 8'' x 10'' Press Photo of Raquel Welch in Her 1968 Film ''The Biggest Bundle of Them All'' PASS
298 Orson Welles' Signature PASS
299 Orson Welles Signed Drawing -- What Looks to Be a Sketch of Himself as Santa Claus -- Watercolor & Ink on a Card 656
300 Mae West Signed Check, Dated Christmas of 1978 PASS
301 Mae West Signed 8'' x 10.25'' Photo PASS
302 Bruce Willis Costume From One of His Most Famous Roles as the Quick-Witted Lt. John McClane in ''Die Hard With a Vengeance'' 14471
303 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Poncho From His Role in ''Unbreakable'' -- Worn in Some of the Most Memorable Scenes in the Film 2505
304 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo of Ray Bolger and Margaret Hamilton in ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- ''...I'll fix them!...WWW!'' 275
305 Fay Wray Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine PASS
306 Fay Wray Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo from ''King Kong'' PASS
307 20th Century Fox Producer Darryl F. Zanuck Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
308 John Adams Four-Language Ship's Papers Signed as President -- From The Privateer-Raided Schooner ''Nancy'' at the Height of French-American Tensions 5576
309 President John Quincy Adams 1836 Printed Eulogy of James Madison PASS
310 Secretary of War John Armstrong Letter Signed -- Secretary of War Under James Madison PASS
311 Chester Arthur Presidential Invitation PASS
312 Original ''FBI Ten Most Wanted'' Poster for Osama Bin Laden 250
313 ''Equal Justice Under Law'' Book Signed by All 9 Justices of the Warren Burger Supreme Court 605
314 Official Signed Photo by All 9 Justices of the Warren Burger Supreme Court 1075
315 ''The Philadelphia Gazette and Daily Advertiser'' -- 18 February 1801 -- False Reporting That Burr Was Elected President PASS
316 Barbara Bush Signed Memoir -- 1994 PASS
317 President George H.W. Bush Signed Copy of ''All The Best'' PASS
318 George Bush Autograph Letter Signed as President-Elect to Robert McNamara -- Less Than a Month After Bush Won the Election PASS
319 George W. Bush Limited Edition ''Decision Points'' Signed PASS
320 Laura Bush Signed ''Spoken From the Heart'' PASS
321 Jimmy Carter Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
322 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark Signed Photo -- '' wishes of an old Scouter...'' PASS
323 Grover Cleveland Autograph Letter Signed 250
324 Grover Cleveland Signed Envelope PASS
325 Grover Cleveland 1896 White House Invitation PASS
326 Bill Clinton Impeachment Ticket -- Fine Condition PASS
327 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President to Robert McNamara -- ''Dear Bob: Happy Birthday!...'' -- 1998 PASS
328 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President to Robert McNamara -- ''Happy Birthday!...We hope the year ahead brings you...dreams that come true...'' 250
329 Hillary Rodham Clinton Signed ''It Takes a Village'' PASS
330 President Calvin Coolidge Signed Card PASS
331 President Calvin Coolidge 1923 Invitation to the White House -- His First Year as President After Harding's Assassination PASS
332 President Coolidge 1925 Official White House Invitation PASS
333 WWI Navy Secretary -- ''the Navy of 1915 is larger, better equipped, and in better condition than in any previous year...what President Wilson promised for the Navy has been fulfilled.'' PASS
334 Vice President Charles Gates Dawes Signed Letter -- ''...I realize the value of your plan for the recognition of civic service as never before...'' -- 1927 PASS
335 Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas Signature PASS
336 Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Letter to His Wife Following Birth of Their First Child -- ''...glad that the young scoundrel can howl...wait until I get home, I'll start teaching him boxing pronto...'' 1302
337 Eisenhower 1917 Autograph Letter Signed to Mamie After Their Son's Birth -- ''...Why you sweet little old girl, somehow it doesn't seem possible. How I wish I could come see you and 'IT'...'' 1302
338 Dwight Eisenhower WWII 4pp. ALS -- ''...must be...a diplomat - lawyer - promoter - salesman - social hound - - Simon Legree - humanitarian - orator - and incidentally...a soldier!...'' 1302
339 Dwight Eisenhower WWII 4pp. Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...our plane front of West Point...This is a lonely existence...I live in a gold fish bowl...'' -- With Envelope Twice Signed by Ike 1075
340 Dwight D. Eisenhower WWII-Dated Typed Letter Signed -- To His Brother, Edgar -- ''...I think you should not try to mould plans around the possibility of a bombing raid...'' 656
341 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...sent you...presents by a Miss Helen Kirkpatrick, a newspaper returning to states...busy...Last night with the Prime until 1:30...'' 605
342 Dwight Eisenhower WWII 4pp. ALS Denying Affair to Wife -- ''...I've liked some [women] - been...intrigued by others - but haven't been in love with anyone else & don't want any other wife...'' 1302
343 Dwight Eisenhower 1944 Autograph Letter Signed -- The General Misses His Wife -- ''...war wouldn't be nearly so tough on me if you could be here...'' 807
344 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Letter to His Wife -- ''...I desperately miss you. Why we have to have wars to separate families and cause all the anguish...they do is...impossible for me to understand...'' 666
345 Eisenhower WWII 1944 Autograph Letter Signed -- Eisenhower Must Miss His Son's Graduation From West Point in Order to Command the Normandy Invasion 1075
346 General Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Ever since Gen. Marshall's visit we've been keyed up to a higher pitch than ever...even the state of the weather is a secret!...'' 1302
347 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Our attacks have been going well...The enemy becomes more and more stretched, but he shows no signs of quitting...'' 1302
348 Eisenhower WWII ALS -- ''...War and its aftermath are both h---!...Tomorrow I entertain the awful chore...I must appear in Congress upon arrival in the US. I'll be scared to death!...'' 1433
349 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The Air Chief Marshal is due in to see me now...'' 733
350 Dwight D. Eisenhower Letter Signed as President Regarding His Democratic Predecessor: '' President desperately tried to arrogate himself greater power than contemplated in the Constitution...'' 1909
351 President Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed ''D.E.'' as President -- 1953 PASS
352 Dwight D. Eisenhower White House TLS With a Handwritten Postscript -- Unofficial Counts Have Only 4 Handwritten Ike Letters or Notes as President in Existence -- ''...But I will never...agree to... 1909
353 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1955 Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...'Any provision of a treaty or international agreement which conflicts with this Constitution shall be of no force or effect.'...'' 1735
354 Exceptional Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- Regarding the Cold War, Russian Weapons, the Threat of an ''Unspeakable Type of War'' aka Nuclear War & the 2nd Amendment 2541
355 Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President Regarding His Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles -- '' took his grave illness to awaken the American people to a true appreciation of his... 550
356 Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed ''...I assure you that there is nothing complacent in the attitude I take toward the Communist menace...'' 888
357 Dwight Eisenhower 1964 Typed Letter Signed, Regarding Civil Rights -- ''...I scarcely see how the Federal Government can fail to take cognizance of the 14th and 15th Amendments and violations... 888
358 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1965 Typed Letter Signed to Brother Edgar Eisenhower -- ''...we believe that trends to socialism and communism will be halted better by positive thinking and by an alert... 888
359 Eisenhower -- ''...if we had never undertaken the policy of helping other nations...Iran and Greece would have been...under Communist domination...Central America would be gone and all of Southeast... 1909
360 General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1951 Signed Photo 500
361 Dwight D. Eisenhower's Personally Owned Ballpoint Pen -- Gifted to His NATO Secretary Helen Weaver North 596
362 Dwight D. Eisenhower Republican Elephant Pin From His 1952 Presidential Campaign PASS
363 Dwight D. Eisenhower Owned ''IKE'' Elephant Campaign Pin 795
364 Mamie Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed on White House Stationery to a Newborn -- During Her First Year as First Lady, 1953 PASS
365 Palm Beach, Florida 2000 Election Ballot Box -- The Most Closely Contested Presidential Election of All Time PASS
366 William P. Fessenden Signed Slip -- Secretary of The Treasury Under Abraham Lincoln PASS
367 Gerald Ford's Memoir ''A Time To Heal'' Signed PASS
368 Gerald Ford Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The beautiful Republican tree trimmings are already appropriately displayed...'' PASS
369 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed as House Minority Leader PASS
370 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed as House Minority Leader -- ''...I am sure that with a change in administration on January 20...'' PASS
371 Early 1958 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Your wonderful expression of faith in my work...'' PASS
372 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed to Robert McNamara -- ''Dear Bob...I cannot attend the dinner in your honor with David Rockefeller as host...'' -- 1981 PASS
373 Contemporary Print of Ford's Theatre Playbill For the 1865 Production ''Our American Cousin'' -- Which Lincoln Watched as He Was Assassinated 2310
374 Dance Card From a Ball Held in Honor of James Garfield's 1881 Inauguration PASS
375 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Signed Bush vs. Gore Election 2000 Decision 491
376 Barry Goldwater Lot of 24 Personal Checks Signed -- The Foremost Conservative Who Inspired Ronald Reagan PASS
377 Signature of General Frederick Dent Grant, Son of President Ulysses S. Grant PASS
378 Ulysses S. Grant Dinner Invitation to Three Separate Dinners -- ''General & Mrs. Grant, At Home'' -- With a Mention of Dancing PASS
379 Ulysses S. Grant Dinner Invitation to Three Separate Dinners Hosted by Him and His Wife -- ''At Home...Dancing'' PASS
380 Abraham Lincoln's Vice President Hannibal Hamlin Document Signed -- Countersigned by Maine Republican Party Members PASS
381 President Benjamin Harrison 1891 Dinner Invitation Addressed to New Hampshire Governor Person Colby Cheney PASS
382 President Harrison 1892 Invitation to Three Dinners -- To Meet the Diplomatic Corps, Congress, the Judiciary and Military Corps PASS
383 Benjamin Harrison Signed Holograph Check -- $5.00 Drawn From Fletcher's Bank PASS
384 Excellent John Hay 1892 Autograph Letter Signed -- ''... to tell the truth and shame the Devil, I have no good portrait of Lincoln...'' PASS
385 ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' -- Complete 10 Volume Set in Unusually Nice Condition From 1890 733
386 Rutherford B. Hayes Autograph Letter Signed From 14 February 1883 to Magazine Editor and Pulitzer Prize Author Edward Bok PASS
387 Rutherford B. Hayes ALS -- ''...schools...should teach not only what is found in books, but also the arts...The failure to do the latter is a capitol defect in our public school system...'' 275
388 Rutherford B. Hayes Autograph Letter Signed -- ''I...will be again in New York attending the meetings of the Slater Board and...National Prison Reform Board...'' PASS
389 Rutherford B. Hayes Autograph Letter Signed -- Replying to Editor of ''The Brooklyn Magazine'' on an Article Submitted by Hayes PASS
390 Rutherford B. Hayes Handwritten Note Signed -- To Editor Edward Bok -- ''...I hope the article is not too large...'' PASS
391 Rutherford B. Hayes Carte de Visite PASS
392 Rutherford B. Hayes Invitation -- February 1881 from the Executive Mansion -- '' The Members of the Diplomatic Corps...'' PASS
393 Herbert Hoover 1934 Letter Signed Regarding Investigations Into FDR's Gold Policy -- ''...I would of course be greatly interested in the investigations...knowledge of late 1932 and early 1933...'' PASS
394 Herbert Hoover 1928 Typed Letter Signed PASS
395 Herbert Hoover Typed Letter Signed -- ''...My only to help crystallize the issues with which the country is faced...'' PASS
396 Herbert Hoover Signed ''The Challenge to Liberty'' PASS
397 Herbert Hoover Signed First Printing of His ''Memoirs'' PASS
398 Herbert Hoover Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
399 Pristine Herbert Hoover Signed Photo 275
400 Herbert Hoover Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Posing With His Dog King Tut PASS
401 Herbert Hoover Signature PASS
402 Herbert Hoover Signed Card PASS
403 Invitation and Program From the Laying of the Cornerstone for the New House of Representatives Building in 1906 PASS
404 Charles Evan Hughes Signed 1910 Letter PASS
405 Andrew Jackson Deed to Indiana Land Parcel Signed During His First Year as President in 1829 656
406 Rare Silk Copy of Andrew Jackson's 1837 Farewell Address -- Beautiful Presidential Keepsake 303
407 Andrew Jackson Inaugural Address 5'' x 6.5'' Broadside 250
408 Lyndon B. Johnson First Edition Memoir ''The Vantage Point'' Signed PASS
409 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Portrait by Norman Rockwell -- Measures 14'' x 11'' 275
410 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed First Edition of ''The Professional'' -- With Original Dustjacket 250
411 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Photo Display 250
412 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Photo Display 275
413 Lyndon B. Johnson Typed Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery 275
414 Jackie Kennedy Mourning Card After the Assassination of JFK PASS
415 Joseph & Rose Kennedy Thank You Card -- Expressing Thanks for Prayers & Sympathies After the Tragic Death of JFK PASS
416 John F. Kennedy International Extradition Document Signed as President During The Last Year of His Life -- Scarce -- With PSA/DNA COA 3384
417 Complete Press Package for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner -- Planned for the Night of his Assassination 368
418 Press Badge for JFK's Texas Welcome Dinner Scheduled for 22 November 1963 368
419 JFK ''Texas Welcome'' Dinner Program From 22 November 1963 446
420 Ticket to JFK's Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled for the Night of His Assassination 368
421 ''The Dallas Morning News'' Announces ''KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET'' PASS
422 22 November 1963 Edition of ''The Dallas Times Herald'' Announcing The Assassination of John F. Kennedy -- ''PRESIDENT DEAD'' PASS
423 Late Edition of the 22 November 1963 Dallas Times Herald Announcing Assassination of JFK -- ''PRESIDENT DEAD / CONNALLY SHOT'' PASS
424 23 November 1963 Edition of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Newspaper -- ''KENNEDY MURDERED'' PASS
425 ''The Dallas Morning News'' Announces ''CLUB OWNER KILLS OSWALD'' and Second Paper ''LBJ Takes Over Government Reins'' PASS
426 John F. Kennedy's Funeral and Oswald's Killing -- Newspaper From Dallas -- 25 November Issue PASS
427 Plate From JFK's Last Official Dinner -- Four Days Before His Assassination 2310
428 Election Pin From The Kennedy-Nixon Race in 1960 ''PROSTITUTES Vote for Nixon Or Kennedy / We Don't Care Who Gets In!'' PASS
429 Invitation to John F. Kennedy & Jacqueline Bouvier's Wedding -- Scarce 722
430 JFK's Personally Owned Necktie -- With Excellent Provenance From The John McInnis Sale of the Collection of Dave Powers 4957
431 Three Snapshots of John F. Kennedy -- One of JFK in The Dallas Motorcade Immediately Preceding His Assassination, One From a Memorial & One of Him Standing on a Sidewalk -- With PSA/DNA COA 722
432 A Crew Member of John F. Kennedy's PT-109 Boat Handwrites & Signs a First Person Account of the Sinking PASS
433 President John F. Kennedy's First State of the Union Address -- Original Document From the Office of the White House Secretary -- 1961 PASS
434 UPI Teletypes Reporting on JFK's State Funeral -- ''...Last Rights For The Assassinated President Were Conducted at St. Matthews Cathedral...'' PASS
435 John & Jackie Kennedy White House Card on the Death of Their Child PASS
436 1960 Birth Announcement of John F. Kennedy Jr. PASS
437 Robert F. Kennedy Autograph Note Signed From a Trip to the Soviet Union PASS
438 Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Card PASS
439 Robert F. Kennedy Autograph Note Signed -- Upon a Postcard From a Trip to the U.S.S.R. PASS
440 Rose Kennedy Handwritten Postcard From Los Angeles -- ''Bear Hugs - Rose'' PASS
441 Rose Kennedy Autograph Postcard Signed from Venice -- ''Here for a week and then back to Paris...'' -- 1959 PASS
442 Rose Kennedy Handwritten 1956 Postcard From Paris -- ''...Just returned from Rome where I saw His Holiness...'' PASS
443 Rose Kennedy Handwritten Postcard From Paris -- ''Came over here for a change while all the family is with Joe...'' -- 1952 PASS
444 Ted Kennedy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
445 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed as President -- Note Was Written to Facilitate an Intriguing Plan That Could Have Altered the Course of the Civil War 4506
446 Incredibly Scarce Desk Used By Abraham Lincoln in 1838-1842, While Serving in the Illinois General Assembly -- With Excellent Provenance 93640
447 Abraham Lincoln's Signature 2100
448 Abraham Lincoln's Signature as President -- Dated 13 July 1861 3384
449 Ticket to Ford's Theatre From the Time of Lincoln's Assassination -- Possibly Used That Night 6599
450 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Letter -- ''...story of our imaginary attempt to kidnap President Lincoln...suggested, no doubt, by Booth's attempt at abduction...'' PASS
451 Lincoln Assassination Letter -- Signed by Doctor in Charge of Imprisoned Mary Surratt & Other Conspirators 550
452 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Letter '' unfold the scheme of consummation of the plot for assassinating the chief officer of our government...'' 550
453 Lincoln Assassination Letter -- Signed by George Porter, Doctor at John Wilkes Booth's Funeral -- ''...the...locality where the post-mortimized remains of Booth were secreted has never been... 550
454 Letter by the Son of Secretary of State William Seward -- ''...My brother...seriously injured at the time of the attempted assassination of Secretary Seward recovered...'' PASS
455 Letter Regarding the Pardons for Lincoln Assassination Conspirators Dr. Mudd, Edmund Spangler and Samuel Arnold 550
456 Lincoln Assassination Letter From Lead Detective -- ''...I think Mrs Surratt, next to Booth was the moving spirit [behind the assassination plot]...'' 888
457 Amazing Eyewitness Letter Detailing Lincoln Assassination Events -- ''...It became 'absolutely certain' that Wilkes Booth was implicated in that crime...'' 550
458 Michigan Ballot From the Lincoln-Johnson 1864 Presidential Election 446
459 Abraham Lincoln Mourning Card -- ''In Memory of / ABRAHAM LINCOLN...A Martyr to Freedom!'' PASS
460 Abraham Lincoln Civil War-Era Presidential Albumen Photo -- Depicting the President in His Five Dollar Bill Portrait 368
461 Senator Joe McCarthy Cold War Photo Signed -- 19.5'' x 15.5'' PASS
462 ''The Buffalo Enquirer'' 16 September 1901 Reporting on Death of President McKinley -- ''...Dead Ruler's Remains Borne to Washington...'' PASS
463 ''Buffalo Courier'' -- William McKinley Assassination Newspaper -- Covers Final Moments & Autopsy Results -- ''The bullet has not yet been found...'' PASS
464 Official Telegram Declaring President William McKinley's State of Health Two Days After He Was Shot -- ''The President Has Passed a Fairly Good Night'' 875
465 First Lady Pat Nixon Typed Letter Signed to Wife of Robert McNamara -- ''...You have my deepest admiration...'' -- 1970 PASS
466 First Lady Pat Nixon Typed Letter Signed to The Wife of Defense Secretary Robert McNamara -- ''...We do indeed share a concerned interest in eliminating illiteracy...'' PASS
467 Richard Nixon Signed ''1999 Victory Without War'' -- His Essay on Foreign Policy in a Nuclear World PASS
468 Richard Nixon Signs and Inscribes a First Edition of His Book ''In The Arena'' PASS
469 ''The Memoirs of Richard Nixon'' First Printing Signed -- Also Signed by First Lady Patricia Nixon PASS
470 Richard Nixon ''Seize The Moment'' Signed -- Inscribed ''To Donna and Josh Dilloa / With best wishes / from Richard Nixon'' -- Near Fine PASS
471 Richard Nixon Signed True First Printing of ''The Real War'' PASS
472 Richard Nixon Bookplate Signed & Inscribed in His Hand -- Bookplate Made for His Autobiography ''Memoirs'' PASS
473 Rare U.S. Senate Ticket to the Impeachment Trial of President Richard Nixon 334
474 Rare Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial of President Richard Nixon 334
475 Richard Nixon Signed Photo PASS
476 Early 1946 Richard Nixon Campaign Letter With Autograph Note Signed -- ''...take...every win voters away from the discredited policies of the New Deal Administration...'' 446
477 Richard Nixon 1968 Typed Letter Signed -- Gearing Up for the Presidential Election -- '' such that I do not have an opening for even so pleasant an occasion as lunch with you...'' PASS
478 President Barack Obama Autograph Letter Signed on White House Stationery -- ''...We are at the brink of historic health care reform legislation that gives 30 million people coverage...'' 8166
479 Marina Oswald 1981 Autograph Letter Signed -- Lee Harvey Oswald's Widow Says Her Summer ''...wasn't the best...'' 334
480 Franklin Pierce Document Signed as President 666
481 Rare Document Signed by Both Franklin Pierce & Jefferson Davis -- Pierce Signs as President in 1854 1302
482 President Franklin Pierce Invitation PASS
483 Ronald Reagan Signs His Autobiography, ''An American Life'' 275
484 Ronald Reagan Signed Copy of ''The Reagan Presidency'' -- Review of His First Two Years in Office -- Signed as President 303
485 ''Where's the rest of me?'' Signed in 1965 -- Ronald Reagan's Early Autobiography 405
486 Ronald and Nancy Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 275
487 President Ronald Reagan 1985 Inauguration Official Invitation & Memorabilia PASS
488 Rare 1967 Ronald Reagan Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...My bill to give union members a secret ballot lies buried in a committee on a straight party line vote...'' 250
489 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed -- ''Happy Birthday and God Bless You'' -- to Widow of Chicago Cubs Charlie Grimm -- 1992 368
490 Ronald Reagan Signed Short Story About Filming ''The Cattle Queen of Montana'' With Barbara Stanwyck -- Drafted for Ivy Crane Wilson's ''Hollywood Album'' in the Mid-1950's 491
491 Ronald Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 275
492 President Ronald Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 334
493 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed as President -- Composed on White House Stationery 368
494 President Ronald Reagan Letter Signed From 1983 -- ''...One day one of our Secret Service agents was sitting up on a hill above our house and a mountain lion strolled by...'' PASS
495 Rehnquist Supreme Court Signed Photo -- All Nine Justices Sign Including William Rehnquist, Sandra Day O'Connor & Thurgood Marshall -- 19.25'' x 16.25'' 733
496 Chief Justice William Rehnquist Signed Edition of ''Grand Inquests'' PASS
497 First Lady Edith Kermit Roosevelt Signed 1904 White House Postcard PASS
498 Eleanor Roosevelt ''This Is America'' Signed -- Scarce Title Signed by the First Lady PASS
499 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed ''India and the Awakening East'' -- First Edition PASS
500 Signed Photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt -- Confident Pose and Clear Signature From the Influential First Lady PASS
501 Franklin D. Roosevelt & Eleanor Signed Page 303
502 July 1940 United States Democratic National Convention Floor Ticket -- Designated For ''Delegate or Alternate'' -- Near Fine PASS
503 FDR's Funeral Covered in 16 April 1945 ''New York Times'' -- America Mourns as the War in Europe Draws to a Close PASS
504 Inauguration Ceremonies Program From 20 January 1941 -- the Only Inauguration Program for a Third-Term Presidential Election PASS
505 Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President 334
506 President Teddy Roosevelt 1905 Inaugural Ball Program -- Listing Various Waltzes & an Elaborate Dinner Menu PASS
507 Theodore Roosevelt 1900 Dinner Invitation Sent as Governor of New York PASS
508 Invitation to the Theodore Roosevelt White House in 1905 PASS
509 Official 1904 Republican National Convention Ticket Nominating President Theodore Roosevelt as the Republican Candidate 275
510 Theodore Roosevelt 1916 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I thank you for sending me those editorials. It was very good of you to think of me...'' 275
511 President Theodore Roosevelt White House Dinner Invitation -- Sent to His Cousin Dorothy Roosevelt PASS
512 Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland Signed Photo & Signed Letter -- ''...if I were your father I should be very proud...I am...sending you a photograph taken...before I went on the bench...'' PASS
513 First Lady Helen Taft Autograph Letter -- Written in the Third Person PASS
514 William Howard Taft Signed Quote as Chief Justice 275
515 Taft Presidential Invitation to a Musical Performance at the White House -- 1912 PASS
516 William Howard Taft Letter Signed as Chief Justice -- ''...My work on the Court monopolizes all the strength that I can give to it...'' -- 1924 PASS
517 William Taft Typed Letter Signed as Chief Justice -- Regarding a Visit by the South African Prime Minister -- He Asks Edward Bok to Compose ''...a general proposal for his trip in this country...'' PASS
518 Typed Letter Signed by William Taft on Supreme Court Letterhead, as U.S. Chief Justice PASS
519 William Taft Typed Letter Signed -- With Handwritten Edits: ''the teacher and the best of the family'' PASS
520 William Taft Typed Letter Signed From 1913 -- '' expect to take me an automobile...Will you not be good enough to look up the trains...?'' PASS
521 William Taft Typed Letter Signed -- ''...He is in every way a desirable guest, a charming fellow, a most skilled surgeon and an admirable man...'' PASS
522 William Taft Typed Letter Signed as Yale Law Professor -- Confirms a Lecture Date PASS
523 Very Nice William Taft TLS -- Sent to His Friend Edward Bok Just After He Vacated the Presidency and Before He Became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court PASS
524 William Taft Typed Letter Signed -- Discussing Article for Publication in ''Ladies Home Journal'' -- '' have made it much more readable than it was...I am very glad you are going to publish... PASS
525 William Taft Typed Letter Signed to Editor Edward Bok -- Negotiating an Article Deadline PASS
526 William Taft Typed Letter Signed on the Eve of War With Germany -- to ''Ladies' Home Journal'' Editor Edward Bok Regarding Red Cross Page for Magazine PASS
527 William Taft Typed Letter Signed -- Reply to Edward Bok Telegram About Philadelphia Dinner PASS
528 William Taft Typed Letter Signed as Yale Law Professor -- Agrees to Deliver a Lecture on ''The Lawyer of Ideals'' -- Excellent Signature PASS
529 William Taft Typed Letter Signed to Editor Edward Bok -- Acknowledging Receipt of Payment for an Article PASS
530 William Taft Typed Letter Signed January 1920 -- New Year Wishes to Edward Bok PASS
531 William Taft Typed Letter Signed as Chief Justice -- ''The profundity of the suggestion does not appeal to me...'' PASS
532 President William Taft 1911 White House Invitation PASS
533 President Taft Invitation to 1911 Taft Wedding Anniversary Party at White House -- Social Highlight of Taft Administration PASS
534 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Signed Election 2000 Decision -- George W. Bush vs. Albert Gore PASS
535 Harry Truman 1949 Inauguration Program PASS
536 Harry Truman's Death Announced in ''The Kansas City Star'' Newspaper PASS
537 President Harry Truman Two-Volume ''Memoirs'' Set -- Each Volume Signed 368
538 Harry S. Truman ''Memoirs, Volume I'' With Signed Insert PASS
539 Harry S. Truman Signed ''Mr. Citizen'' -- First Edition Account of His Time as President 275
540 President Harry S. Truman Signed 11'' x 13.75'' Photo PASS
541 Harry S. Truman 16'' x 12'' Photo Signed 368
542 Harry Truman 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo 250
543 Harry S. Truman 1951 Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...It is always so pleasant to be remembered by our good friends of Independence...'' PASS
544 Harry S. Truman Typed Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery PASS
545 Harry Truman ''Memoirs'' Signed Within the First Volume, The Rare Kansas City Edition of ''Year of Decisions'' 275
546 President Harry Truman Signed Photo PASS
547 Rare Record of the 1885 Dedication Ceremony of the Washington Monument PASS
548 Unusual Fully Filled Out George Washington Presidential Invitation to Joseph Nourse, 1st U.S. Register of the Treasury -- Dinner Likely Concerned the Payment of Clothing for Troops in 1793 1577
549 Timothy Pickering Announces George Washington's Death One Week Later -- ''...I have to announce to you the death of the universally lamented General Washington. It was sudden & unexpected...'' 7259
550 Watergate Signed First Day Cover -- Signed by Seven Prominent Watergate Figures Including Judge John Sirica and Sam Ervin PASS
551 White House Oval Office Resolute Desk 4506
552 Woodrow Wilson First Inaugural Program -- 1913 PASS
553 ''Democratic Inaugural Souvenir'' Program for Woodrow Wilson -- 5 March 1917, One Month Before Wilson Asked Congress to Declare War Against Germany PASS
554 Mary Adelaide 1890 Autograph Letter Signed -- Mother of Queen Mary PASS
555 Napoleon's Marshal, Charles Pierre Francois Augereau Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I received from the Emperor the order to go to the Camp at Brest...'' 368
556 ''Memoirs of Empress Josephine'' -- 1828 Two Volume French Edition PASS
557 Buckingham Palace 1936 Garden Party Invitation -- Signed by Lord Chamberlain Under King Edward VIII's Short Reign PASS
558 1641 Broadside Issued by The House of Commons Regarding King Charles I's Attempted Arrest of 5 Members of The House of Commons -- The Incident That Precipitated English Civil War PASS
559 Original 1660 Printing of King Charles II's Famous Declaration of Breda -- Charles Promised to Pardon Those Who Committed Crimes During the English Civil War 500
560 Broadside by King Charles II Issued in 1666 -- Banishing Jesuit Priests After the Great Fire of London PASS
561 Broadside Issued by King Charles II Calling on His Subjects to Act as Bounty Hunters -- 1678 PASS
562 Medieval Document Written in Old French -- From Larnagol, France in 1323, Document Mentions King Charles IV of France 888
563 Christmas Card Signed From Clementine Churchill PASS
564 Clementine Churchill Typed Letter Signed to Winston Churchill's Secretary -- ''...I want to thank you so much for all you have done to start my sub-depot...'' -- 29 January 1940 PASS
565 Very Rare Sir Winston Churchill Signed First Edition of ''Arms and the Covenant'' -- 1938 Collection of the Leader's Famous Speeches 977
566 Winston Churchill Typed Letter Signed -- '' must not think of having no holiday, or of spending your only holiday in Hospital...'' -- 1931 1075
567 French Revolutionary General Earl de la Valette Autograph Note Signed -- ''...kindly grant him leave as requested...'' PASS
568 King Edward VII Autograph Letter Signed as Prince of Wales -- ''...could you pay us a visit at Sandringham in Nov: 12th till 14th?...'' 500
569 Prince Edward VIII Document Signed From 1918 -- Warrant of Appointment Inducts Officer to the Prestigious Order of the British Empire 368
570 King George VI & Queen Mother Elizabeth Signed 1935 Christmas Card 446
571 Queen Mother Elizabeth Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...many thanks for the lovely lilies of the valley...'' 334
572 English Civil War Broadside Authorizing London Militia to Raise Horses for the Defense of Parliament -- '' suppresse all Tumultuous Rebellions...'' PASS
573 English Civil War Broadside Commanding The Burning of an ''Impious and Blasphemous'' Book & Banishing Its Author Laurence Clarkson PASS
574 French Revolutionary General Etienne Eustache Bruix Autograph Letter Signed -- Signed in 1798, the Year Before His Infamous ''Cruise of Bruix'' PASS
575 King George III 1785 Document Signed -- Interesting Document Itemizes Expenses Incurred for 5 of His 15 Royal Children -- ''Prince William / Robe, Stables, Extras...'' 888
576 Striking King George III Signature -- Signed ''George R'' PASS
577 King George III Document Signed in 1795 596
578 King George V Document Signed From 1919 656
579 Princess Grace's Death Announced in Her Hometown Newspaper PASS
580 Napoleonic Era Document Signed by Baron Louis Sebastian Grundler in 1814 -- Military Governor of Paris Under Newly Restored Louis XVIII PASS
581 King Hussein of Jordan Signed Holiday Card -- 9.5'' x 7.5'' -- Near Fine PASS
582 Irish Civil War Broadside From Eamon de Valera's IRA -- on The Battle of Dublin ''...sniping posts against the soldiers of the Irish Republic...'' PASS
583 1922 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by the IRA -- ''Beware of Black and Tans'' -- With a Statement by Eamon de Valera PASS
584 Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 1302
585 Document Signed by Alexandre Lameth, French General & Aide to Rochambeau During the American Revolution PASS
586 Impassioned Letter Signed by French Captain Revel to King Louis XVIII, Declaring Napoleon Had Raped His Wife: ''... the Usurper...made her his mistress...'' -- This Mistress Gave Napoleon His First... 368
587 Official 1815 Order From French King Louis XVIII 250
588 1819 Napoleonic General Edme Aime Lucotte Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...It is a riddle that I cannot explain...'' PASS
589 French General Claude Malet Document Signed From 1795 -- He Would Lead Unsuccessful Coup Against Napoleon in 1812 368
590 Napoleonic General Jean Moreau Signed Military Document -- 1799 -- Moreau Would Later Turn Against Napoleon PASS
591 Autograph Letter Signed by President James Madison's Brother-In-Law Informing Him of Napoleon's Capture Following Waterloo -- 1815 446
592 Napoleon III Palais Des Tuileries Royal China 13155
593 Napoleon III Royal China From Tuileries Palace 11959
594 Napoleon III's Royal China From Palais Des Tuileries 13155
595 Napoleon III's Royal China Service From The Palais Des Tuileries 14471
596 Count de las Cases ''The Life, Exile and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon'' -- 1835 PASS
597 Eva Peron Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I need you here, because you are a Peron and we need a lot of Perons in the government...Evita'' 446
598 Napoleon General Francois Roguet Signed Pay Document -- 1814 PASS
599 British General William Stewart Writes During the Peninsular War Against Napoleon -- "...We know nothing of the movements of the French. Soult is ordered to France with 40,000 men..." 541
600 French Admiral Latouche Treville Letter Signed -- ''...The crew of the ship Tordeaux wrecked in 1773 on the island of Tizago, where they had found the most awful captivity...'' PASS
601 Queen Victoria Cabinet Card Photo Signed 2310
602 Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley Free Frank Signed ''Wellington'' PASS
603 Slice of Prince William & Catherine's Royal Wedding Cake in Red Presentation Box -- Gifted to Officers in The Royal Navy, of Which William is Commodore in Chief 368
604 Rare William III of the Netherlands Signed Book -- the King Dedicates a Copy of van Prinsterer's Dutch History to American Historian John Motley in 1858 888
605 Buzz Aldrin ''Encounter With Tiber'' Signed Book -- 915 of 1500 Copies -- Fine PASS
606 Space-Flown Piece of Kapton Foil Coating From The Apollo 11 Command Module, Columbia -- With LOA Signed by Buzz Aldrin 303
607 Buzz Aldrin 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Early, Boyish Portrait of the Astronaut PASS
608 Buzz Aldrin Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
609 Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- One of Most Difficult Astronaut Signatures to Find 334
610 Astronaut William Anders 1969 Typed Letter Signed on NASA Stationery -- ''...All three of us are grateful for His Eminence's thoughtfulness in praying a prayer just for us...'' 405
611 Patch From Apollo 1 1412
612 Patch From Apollo 1 1412
613 Apollo 7 First Day Cover Signed by Walt Cunningham, Donn Eisele & Wally Schirra 275
614 Apollo 7 American Flag Flown -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed By Walt Cunningham 1909
615 Apollo 8 Space-Flown Flag With COA Signed by Frank Borman and Jim Lovell 4506
616 Apollo 10 American Flag Flown -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed By Each Astronaut 3384
617 Space-Flown Apollo 10 Robbins Medal, Serial Number 205 3723
618 Apollo 11 Crew Signed Photo -- Dedicated to Their ''Den Mother'', NASA Secretary Lola Morrow 3723
619 Apollo 11 Space-Flown Flag -- Affixed to a NASA Certificate Signed by Each of the Apollo 11 Crew Members: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin -- Very Scarce 39710
620 Apollo 12 Space-Flown American Flag -- Mounted to COA, Signed by the Entire Crew 3723
621 Apollo 12 Space-Flown West Virginia State Flag -- With COA Signed by The Crew, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan L. Bean 2310
622 Space-Flown Apollo 12 Robbins Medal -- Serial Number 91 3723
623 Apollo 12 Space-Flown Card -- From the Second Successful Manned Lunar Mission 405
624 Apollo 13 American Flag Space-Flown -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed By Each Astronaut -- ''This flag was on board Apollo XIII during its flight and Emergency Return to Earth.'' 4957
625 Scarce Apollo 13 Flown Robbins Medal -- From Astronaut Ed Gibson's Collection With His Signed COA 2541
626 Apollo 14 Crew Signed Envelope -- Ed Mitchell, Stu Roosa & ''Moon Golfer'' Alan Shepard 368
627 Apollo 14 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Edgar Mitchell, Stu Roosa & Alan Shepard -- Photo Depicts Shepard Shaking President Nixon's Hand After Successful Mission 303
628 Apollo 14 Space-Flown Flag & COA Signed by the Crew 3723
629 Apollo 15 Crew Signed NASA Cover PASS
630 Apollo 15 Flown Algerian Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden PASS
631 Apollo 15 Flown 6.25'' x 4.25'' American Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 2541
632 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Bolivia Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
633 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Botswana Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
634 Apollo 15 Flown Burundi Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
635 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Central African Republic Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
636 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Chad Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
637 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Colorado State Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
638 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Columbia Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
639 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Flag of The Democratic Republic of Congo -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
640 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Costa Rica Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
641 Apollo 15 Space-Flown Flag -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed by the Crew 3384
642 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Rwanda Flag -- Signed & Inscribed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 656
643 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Taiwan Flag -- Signed by NASA Astronaut Al Worden 722
644 Space-Flown Apollo 17 Robbins Medal, Serial Number 168 -- One of Just 80 Flown PASS
645 Neil Armstrong Autograph Letter Signed Immediately Following His Return From The Moon! -- ''...Appreciated all the prayers & good wishes, they must have helped...'' 6599
646 Neil Armstrong Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you for your kind invitation to participate in the British National Model Flying Championships in August...'' -- 1984 1075
647 Neil Armstrong 1969 Letter Signed on NASA Stationery -- ''...On behalf of our wives, Colonels Aldrin and Collins join me in expressing our sincere thanks for...your specially designed handbags...'' 888
648 Neil Armstrong 1970 Typed Letter Signed on NASA Letterhead 807
649 Neil Armstrong Signed Christmas Card 446
650 Neil Armstrong Signs a Book on ''The National Aviation Hall of Fame'' -- Into Which He Was Enshrined in 1979 1433
651 Rare ''Neil A. Armstrong'' Check Signed -- Also Made Out in Armstrong's Hand, With NASA Association 2100
652 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover Celebrating the Apollo 11 Splashdown & Recovery by the U.S.S. Hornet 888
653 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover Commemorating His First Steps on the Moon's Surface 1735
654 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover -- Cancelled in Armstrong's Hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio 1735
655 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover Paying Tribute to the Splashdown Recovery -- Cancelled Onboard the U.S.S. Hornet 1735
656 Neil Armstrong Signed Lithograph -- NASA Artist Paul Calle's Rendition of Armstrong Crafted Immediately Before The Launch to The Moon 2310
657 NASA Pilots Signed Lithograph -- Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Pete Conrad, John Glenn, Rick Hauck, Jack Lousma, James Lovell, Wally Schirra & Alan Shepard 2100
658 Neil Armstrong Signed Mat With 26 Other Public Figures From a 1988 Celebrity Golf Tournament 666
659 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Uninscribed & Near Fine -- With PSA/DNA COA 3723
660 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Uninscribed -- With PSA/DNA COA 2310
661 Excellent Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 1075
662 Neil Armstrong Signed Press Kit -- With Materials Inside Relating to His Endorsement of a Concrete Manufacturing Company in 1985 733
663 Neil Armstrong Signed Program From a 1962 Boy Scout Ceremony Where he Spoke About His Test Pilot Career Flying The X-15 1075
664 Astronaut Neil Armstrong Signature PASS
665 Neil Armstrong Bold Signature -- With PSA/DNA COA 733
666 Neil Armstrong's Signature -- Accompanied by Official NASA Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 666
667 Neil Armstrong Signed 1947 Wapakoneta High School Yearbook -- With a Signed Senior Portrait & Seven Photos in Total 1433
668 Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo of the Apollo 11 Launch 963
669 Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin Signed 12'' x 16'' Apollo 11 Art Display 2100
670 Impressive NASA Signed Photo of 7 Astronauts Who Traveled to Hawaii to View Lava Formations to Prepare for the Moon's Surface -- Including Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & More 3384
671 Roger Chaffee's Original Astronaut Acceptance Letter -- Signed By NASA Director Gilruth -- ''...It is a great pleasure to inform you that you have been participate in Astronaut... 3723
672 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins ''Carrying The Fire'' Signed 303
673 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Signed Cover PASS
674 Astronaut Michael Collins Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- First Manned Lunar Landing 334
675 Michael Collins Signed Composite Photo of Apollo Flights -- ''Michael Collins, Apollo 11'' PASS
676 Typed Letter Signed by American Astronaut Michael Collins -- Nice Signature From Apollo 11 Flight Member PASS
677 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins 1952 West Point Senior Yearbook PASS
678 NASA 1981 Columbia Space Shuttle Commemorative Medallion -- Made of Aluminum Taken From Columbia STS-1 Mission, The First Manned Orbital Flight of the Space Shuttle PASS
679 Space-Flown U.S. Flag From The Columbia STS-1 Mission 1183
680 Space-Flown ''Thermal Tile'' Material From The Outer Lining of Space Shuttle Columbia -- Flown on The STS-1 Mission in 1981 446
681 Space Shuttle Columbia STS-2 Astronauts Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
682 Space-Flown Flag From The STS-2 Mission -- Flown Aboard Space Shuttle Columbia When the Spacecraft Broke the Record for Number of Space Flights 405
683 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed ''Let's Fly to the Moon'' Cassette Tape Set PASS
684 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 541
685 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine 666
686 NASA Astronaut Ted Freeman Signed Glossy 8'' x 10'' Photo 303
687 Gemini 3 Space-Flown $2 Bill Signed by Gus Grissom & John Young -- Mounted to a COA Also Signed by Grissom & Young 2796
688 Three Gemini 5 Crew-Signed Photos -- Signed by Neil Armstrong & 47 More! 1060
689 Excellent Collection of 6 NASA Astronaut Signatures on Greeting Cards -- Includes Several of the Mercury 7 PASS
690 Christa McAuliffe Heartbreaking & Rare Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I'm excited about my upcoming shuttle flight...'' 656
691 Mercury 7 Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Signed by All Except Wally Schirra 1060
692 ''MEN WALK ON MOON'' -- 21 July 1969 Edition of The New York Times Newspaper PASS
693 Space-Flown Flag & NASA Patch Gifted by Challenger Disaster Astronaut Judy Resnik to Colleagues at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company -- Framed With Resnik Signed COA -- Possibly Unique 1210
694 Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott Autograph Note Signed Regarding Mission Insignia PASS
695 Alan Shepard Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo of His Apollo 14 EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) on the Moon 405
696 Space-Flown Skylab II Robbins Medal -- One of Just 55 Flown PASS
697 Clyde Tombaugh Autograph Letter Twice-Signed -- Regarding Pluto & His Disregard of Astrology -- ''...I do not believe anything in Astrology...gullible people will pay money for such worthless... PASS
698 Excellent Clyde Tombaugh Autograph Note Signed -- Regarding His 1980 Book Detailing His Discovery of Pluto PASS
699 Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh Signed Description of Discovering Pluto PASS
700 German Egyptologist Emile Brugsch Document Signed -- 1899 PASS
701 Frederick Cook ''My Attainment of the Pole'' -- Controversial Explorer Signs 1911 First Edition 334
702 Prolific Inventor Lee De Forest Typed Letter Signed PASS
703 Thomas Edison Signed Edison Botanic Research Corporation Check 656
704 Signature of Surgeon General William C. Gorgas -- The General Who Abated Malaria & Yellow Fever PASS
705 1933 Graf Zeppelin Flown Cover -- From Its ''Century of Progress'' Flight to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago PASS
706 Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Signed Cover -- With a Commemorative Medallion of the First Men to Reach Mt. Everest's Summit 250
707 Howard Hughes Signed Envelope From His Sponsorship of The World's Fair in 1939 -- Hughes Flew Around the World to Promote the Fair 3384
708 Vintage Press Photograph of the 1947 Flight of Howard Hughes' H-4 Hercules, Dubbed ''Spruce Goose'' PASS
709 Very Scarce Signature by Famed Scientist Edward Jenner, the ''Father of Immunology'' 1060
710 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' 656
711 Lindbergh 1932 Kidnapping Reward Poster -- Lists Serial Numbers of Currency Paid in Ransom PASS
712 Charles Lindbergh Signed Children's Book About His Transatlantic Flight, ''Ride on the Wind'' 405
713 Arctic Explorer Robert Peary 1906 Typed Letter Signed -- After His Expedition -- 8'' x 10.5'' -- Near Fine PASS
714 Captain Scott's Antarctic Photographer, Herbert Ponting Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have been engaged in such awfully interesting research and innovative work...'' PASS
715 Polio Vaccine Inventor Albert Sabin Signed First Day Cover 250
716 Jonas Salk & Albert Sabin Signed First Day Cover PASS
717 Polio Vaccine Pioneer Jonas Salk Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
718 Polio Vaccine Pioneer Jonas Salk 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
719 Jonas Salk Typed Letter Signed on ''The Salk Institute'' Stationery PASS
720 Albert Schweitzer Signed Book ''The Africa of Albert Schweitzer'' 334
721 Robert Falcon Scott Typed Letter Signed on ''British Antarctic Expedition 1910'' Stationery Asking New Zealand to Overturn Its Refusal to Allow James Mackintosh-Bell From Joining Expedition 2100
722 ''Through The Dark Continent'' Inscribed by Henry M. Stanley in the Year of Publication 1060
723 ''Father of the Hydrogen Bomb'' Edward Teller Typed Letter Signed With Excellent Nuclear Content -- ''...nuclear medicine, the peaceful uses of nuclear explosives, and nuclear energy...'' PASS
724 James D. Watson ''Avoid Boring People'' Signed -- Leather Bound -- 22kt Gold Detailing PASS
725 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22kt Gold Detailing PASS
726 James Watson Signed Copy of ''Genes, Girls, & Gamow: After the Double Helix'' PASS
727 Egyptologists Arthur Weigall and Gaston Maspero Signed Letter Regarding the Luxor Temple -- 1908 250
728 Maurice Wilkins Autograph Manuscript Signed -- ''...DNA structure & function was the big...problem...I find it disturbing that Rosalind indulged in a joke at a rare & critically important meeting...'' 1075
729 19 Original Plane Pieces From the WWI Planes, Curtiss ''Jenny'' and DeHavilland DH-4 -- DeHavilland Was Restored by the Wright Brothers' Company 1302
730 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 722
731 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 541
732 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 656
733 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 1412
734 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 491
735 Orville Wright Signed Photo of the Wright Brothers Conducting Their First Flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903 -- With PSA/DNA COA 2310
736 Original Piece of Fabric From the 1903 Wright Flyer -- Also With an Aviation Cover Signed by Orville Wright -- Scarce 2756
737 First Printing of Ansel Adams' ''Images 1923-1974'' Signed by the Artist 250
738 Ansel Adams Signed Copy of His Majestic Work, ''Yosemite and the Range of Light'' PASS
739 Margaret Bourke-White 8''x 10'' Photo With Her Signed Autograph Inscription 368
740 Dick Calkins Typed Letter Signed Featuring Five Color Drawings -- ''...Don't let this Buck Rogers business fool you. About all I get is a lot of publicity, while the syndicate gets the gravy...'' PASS
741 Henri Cartier-Bresson ''The Decisive Moment'' First American Edition -- First Edition Photo Collection by the ''Father of Modern Photojournalism'' 541
742 Marc Chagall 1937 Autograph Letter Signed -- Written in Yiddish to Friend and Magazine Editor Gabriel Talpir 446
743 ''Christy Girl'' Artist Howard Chandler Christy Letter -- ''...I do not know what your request is, but...I send this at random...'' PASS
744 Howard Chandler Christy Signed First Edition of ''The Girl I Loved'' -- Featuring His Illustrations PASS
745 Cartoonist Robert Crumb Autograph Letter Signed to Fellow Comic Book Cartoonist Woody Gelman -- Mentioning His Famed ''Zap Comix'' 446
746 Cartoonist Robert Crumb Handwritten Manuscript Page & Original Pencil Drawing 963
747 Chester Gould Autograph Note Signed -- With Cartoonist's Famous Character ''Dick Tracy'' PASS
748 Keith Haring's Famous Illustration Promoting ''Safe Sex!'' Signed by the Artist -- Poster Measures 27.25'' x 29.5'' 334
749 Animator Chuck Jones Signed Sketch of ''Bugs Bunny'' -- 8.5'' x 11'' Large, Scarce Sketch 541
750 Rockwell Kent Signed First Edition of ''Later Bookplates & Marks of Rockwell Kent'' PASS
751 Artist and Writer Rockwell Kent Autograph Note Signed PASS
752 Thomas Kinkade Artist Proof Limited Edition Signed -- ''Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream'' 1060
753 Mastermind Behind The Statue of Liberty Edouard Laboulaye Autograph Letter Signed -- Rare 405
754 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker as a Hula Dancer PASS
755 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker Juggling Pineapples 368
756 1872 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Creek Chief'' -- 7'' x 10.5'' -- Excellent PASS
757 1843 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''On-Ge-Wae'' Indian Chief PASS
758 1855 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Uje-Jock'' PASS
759 George McManus Color Drawing Featuring His ''Bringing Up Father'' Characters Maggie & Jiggs 875
760 Sports Artist LeRoy Neiman Signed Serigraph Print Capturing The Tennis Serve -- ''Deuce'' -- From His 1971 Tennis Series 596
761 Fashion Photographer Helmut Newton ''Special Collection 24 Photo Lithos'' First Edition 303
762 WWII Red Cross Poster -- ''Mobilize For Defense'' -- Featuring Norman Rockwell Art -- 1951 PASS
763 Norman Rockwell Limited Edition Lithograph of President John F. Kennedy -- Signed by Norman Rockwell 1075
764 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His 1972 Painting of Richard and Pat Nixon 303
765 Master of Americana, Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Well-Known Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
766 Norman Rockwell Signed ''Hollywood Dreams'' -- Illustration for 1930 ''Ladies' Home Journal'' 275
767 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''The Christmas Coach'' 405
768 Norman Rockwell Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''My Adventures as an Illustrator'' PASS
769 Norman Rockwell Signed First Edition of ''The Norman Rockwell Storybook'' -- 1969 PASS
770 Norman Rockwell Signed Copy of His Biography, ''Illustrator'' -- Inscribed to ''fellow Vermonters'' PASS
771 First Edition, First Printing of ''Happiness Is A Warm Puppy'' Signed by Charles Schulz PASS
772 Beloved ''Peanuts'' Creator Charles Schulz High School Senior Yearbook PASS
773 Original Elzie Segar ''Popeye'' Cartoon Signed From The 1930's 1433
774 2012 ''Spider-Man'' Banner -- Announcing ''Spider-Man Week'' in New York City PASS
775 Shrek Creator William Steig Hand-Drawn ''New Yorker'' Cartoon 795
776 ''Superman From the 30's to the 70's'' -- Signed by 9 of Superman's Contributors Including Illustration Team Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson & ''Death of Superman'' Artists Janke and Bogdanove 446
777 Andy Warhol Signed Iconic Campbell's Soup Label -- With PSA/DNA COA 1302
778 Andy Warhol Signed Rare Catalog ''Andy Warhol: Space Fruit'' 275
779 Frank Lloyd Wright Silver & Mother of Pearl Opera Glasses -- Gifted to His Wife Catherine & Passed Down to Their Granddaughter, Oscar-Winning Actress Anne Baxter 888
780 Frank Lloyd Wright Signature 275
781 Program From ABBA's 1977 Australian Tour at the Peak of Their Popularity 250
782 Marian Anderson's Signature PASS
783 Famed Jazz Trumpeter Louis Armstrong Signature PASS
784 Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From 1956 Movie ''High Society'' PASS
785 Beatles Promotional Photo Postcard From Ringo's 1968 Sex Farce ''Candy'' -- Costar Ewa Aulin Writes ''...We're making a movie in Rome...'' PASS
786 Beatles Promotional Photo Postcard From Ringo's 1968 Sex Farce ''Candy'' -- With Letter by Swedish Actress Ewa Aulin -- ''...Next week we're off to New York & Hollywood...'' PASS
787 Legendary Composer Leonard Bernstein 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
788 Jimmy Buffett ''Don't Stop the Carnival'' RIAA Award -- 21'' x 16.5'' PASS
789 Opera Legend Maria Callas Signed LP 656
790 Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn Sketch on Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires Stationery Circa 1917 While On a South American Tour PASS
791 Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn Sketch, Circa 1917 While Performing in ''Lodoletta'' PASS
792 Opera Singer Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn & Signed Caricature -- Caruso Draws Himself as Character ''Flammen'' in ''Lodoletta'' 541
793 Opera Singer Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn Caricature, Also Signed by Caruso 541
794 Miley Cyrus Personally Owned Pink Shirt 250
795 Sammy Davis Jr. Signed & Inscribed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
796 Duke Ellington Signature PASS
797 Jazz Great Duke Ellington Signed Photo PASS
798 ''King of Swing'' Benny Goodman 8'' x 10'' Glossy Signed Photo PASS
799 2005 Latin Grammy Nominee Medal Bestowed Upon the Grammy-Winning Funk Band Ozomatli 2541
800 Grammy Nominee Medal Bestowed Upon the Hip Latin Band Ozomatli in 2002 2541
801 2005 Latin Grammy Nominee Medal Bestowed Upon the Grammy-Winning Funk Band Ozomatli 2541
802 ''The Who'' Grammy -- 2001 Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award -- Scarce 17511
803 1953 Jazz Program Signed by Hawkins, McGhee, Heard, Brown & Jones 250
804 Rock and Roll Pioneer Buddy Holly Senior Yearbook PASS
805 Michael Jackson's 1985 Grammy Award Nomination Certificate for His Performance in USA For Africa's Hit Charity Single ''We Are The World'' 13155
806 Yearbook From Janis Joplin's High School -- Featuring Her Senior Picture in Graduation Cap PASS
807 Jerome Kern Signed Check 250
808 Liberace Signed 1973 Autobiography -- With Distinctive Signature PASS
809 Tragic Performer ''Frankie Lymon'' Signed Magazine Photo -- With Roger Epperson COA PASS
810 RIAA Award for Graham Nash's 1971 Album ''Songs For Beginners'' Awarded to Drummer John Barbata 722
811 ''Blue Suede Shoes'' Songwriter Carl Perkins' Own Pair of Blue Suede Shoes 6748
812 Peter, Paul and Mary Signed Drumhead -- Signed by All Three Members of the Folk Trio PASS
813 Legendary Broadway Composer Cole Porter Signature PASS
814 Elvis Presley's Personally Owned Shotgun -- With a COA From The Elvis Presley Museum 2363
815 Fantastic Signed 12'' x 12'' Photo of the King, Elvis Presley -- With PSA/DNA COA 1075
816 Candid Photo of Elvis Presley in a Flashy Coat PASS
817 Elvis Presley Candid Photo Circa 1970's PASS
818 Candid Photo of Elvis Presley in Concert Circa 1970's PASS
819 Elvis Presley Stage Used Guitar Pick -- With COA From His Graceland Nurse PASS
820 Elvis' Death Reported in Memphis Newspaper -- ''Death Captures Crown of Rock And Roll -- Elvis Dies...'' PASS
821 Elvis Presley Newspaper From His Hometown of Memphis -- Dated 17 August 1977 -- ''...The King is Dead...'' PASS
822 MTV 2000 Video Music Awards Nomination Certificate For ''Red Hot Chili Peppers'' Music Video For ''Californication'' -- Presented to Guitarist John Frusciante 963
823 Rolling Stones 10'' x 8'' Black and White Signed Photo -- Signed by All Five Members Including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Mick Taylor -- With PSA/DNA COA 1075
824 Very Nice 1940 Signature by Piano Impresario Arthur Rubinstein PASS
825 Temptations Vocalist David Ruffin Contract Signed With Original Promotional Flyer PASS
826 Sex Pistols 1976 Press Kit -- Issued by Glitterbest, Malcolm McClaren's Company to Get a Recording Contract for the Group -- ''The Sex Pistols are the foremost rock outfit in the country...'' 500
827 1977 Sex Pistols ''God Save the Queen'' NME Magazine Ad -- Signed By Sex Pistols Artist Jamie Reid -- ''God Save us all / Jamie Reid'' PASS
828 Sex Pistols Contract Signed by Infamous Bassist Sid Vicious -- Extremely Rare 963
829 Pop Icon Shakira Worn Dress & Signed Photo -- Also With a Signed COA by the Pop Star 795
830 Intimate 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Frank Sinatra 656
831 Kate Smith Signed Card PASS
832 John Phillip Sousa Signed 1930 Autograph Album Page -- Also With Crew Member Signatures of the Graf Zeppelin PASS
833 Cat Stevens Signed ''Teaser and the Firecat'' Record -- With ''Moonshadow'' and ''Peace Train'' PASS
834 The Supremes Signed 14'' x 11'' Glossy Photo 275
835 The Turtles Drum Skin Used to Record Their Hit Single -- ''She'd Rather Be With Me'' -- Signed by The Drummer John Barbata 596
836 Legendary Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughan Contracts Signed PASS
837 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Gold RIAA Award for ''Live Alive'' 446
838 Gorgeous Isaac Asimov Signed Deluxe Edition of ''Prelude to Foundation'' -- Near Fine PASS
839 W.H. Auden 1972 Autograph Letter Signed PASS
840 Signed 1979 Limited Edition of James Baldwin's ''Go Tell It on the Mountain'' -- Semi-Autobiographical Novel of Baldwin's Harlem Youth PASS
841 J.M. Barrie Autograph Letter Signed About His Famous Boy-Protagonist -- ''...I didn't see any German papers about Peter Pan but would like to. Do as you think best with...'Peter'...'' 541
842 Ludwig Bemelmans Original Art Signed From ''Madeline'' -- Saturated Watercolor Depicts a Parisian Scene From His Famous Children's Book 4608
843 ''Madeline and the Bad Hat'' Limited First Edition Signed by Ludwig Bemelmans -- With Original Large Sketch by Bemelmans of a Child in the ''Bad Hat'' 888
844 ''Madeline and the Gypsies'' First Printing Signed With Drawing of Madeline -- Scarce Piece by Author Ludwig Bemelmans 1302
845 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Madeline in London'' Signed -- With Beautiful Hand Drawn Sketch of a Child on a Horse 888
846 Ludwig Bemelmans Signed & Hand-Drawn Elephant Sketch Upon His Classic ''Madeline'' Book 888
847 Very Special Signed & Hand-Drawn Copy of Original ''Madeline'' -- Ludwig Bemelmans Adds Inscription and Charming Christmas Drawing 1183
848 Ludwig Bemelmans' ''Madeline and the Bad Hat'' -- First Edition With Dustjacket PASS
849 Rare 1880 Set of ''Life and Works of William Blake'' -- With Elaborate Gilt Decorations & Woodcuts 446
850 Ray Bradbury Signed ''The Last Circus & The Electrocution'' Book -- With Humorous Sketch by the Imaginative Author PASS
851 Ray Bradbury 1975 Typed Letter Signed -- About Newly Published Book, ''The Ray Bradbury Companion'' PASS
852 Ray Bradbury Typed Letter Signed on Unique Imaginative Stationery -- To Publisher of 1975 ''The Ray Bradbury Companion'' PASS
853 Famed Poet & ''New York Evening Post'' Editor William Cullen Bryant Signature PASS
854 Nash Buckingham Signed ''Tattered Coat, Tales of Shooting and Fishing'' 368
855 William F. Buckley Jr. Typed Letter Signed on ''National Review'' Letterhead -- ''...No, I don't have a bibliography of my work...'' PASS
856 Truman Capote Signed and Inscribed Photograph -- Photo Depicts the Famous Author Smiling Widely 405
857 Lewis Carroll Signed Handwritten Letter --''...I liked getting your letter very much, though I have been so lazy about answering it...'' -- 1880 1075
858 Garth Williams' Initialed Illustration for Children's Classic, ''Charlotte's Web'' -- Revealing Look at Process of Artist's Character Development 303
859 Signed Limited Edition of Michael Crichton's Classic ''Jurassic Park'' PASS
860 Roald Dahl Signed ''James and the Giant Peach'' -- Scarce 1302
861 August Derleth Signed First Edition of ''Colonel Markesan and Less Pleasant People'' PASS
862 August Derleth ''Dark Mind, Dark Heart'' First Edition Signed -- One of Only 2,493 First Edition Copies PASS
863 August Derleth Letter Signed -- ''...The task which looms most disturbingly is my novel, STILL IS THE SUMMER NIGHT...'' -- 1932 PASS
864 First Printing of ''Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'' by Sci-Fi Legend Philip K. Dick -- The Novel That Inspired The Film ''Blade Runner'' 733
865 Rare First U.K. Edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's ''The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'' -- Southampton Street, London 1892 Publication 666
866 Ralph Ellison ''Invisible Man'' Signed -- Fine PASS
867 Limited Edition of ''A Green Bough'' Signed By William Faulkner -- Rare Copy of Faulkner's 2nd Book of Poetry 405
868 Nice, Clean William Faulkner Signature in His Novel ''Requiem For A Nun'' 541
869 Charles Frazier Signed ''Cold Mountain'' -- ''...a Civil War soldier...his...journey...through the devastated landscape of the South...'' PASS
870 Rare Perry Mason Mystery Signed by Author Erle Stanley Gardner -- ''The Case of the Duplicate Daughter'' First Edition 368
871 Allen Ginsberg Signed Copy of ''Kaddish & Other Poems'' PASS
872 Allen Ginsberg Signed ''Reality Sandwiches 1953-60'' -- ''...'Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages, for yr own joy'...'' PASS
873 Allen Ginsberg Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I guess communism just doesn't work...'' PASS
874 Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg Signed 9'' x 13.5'' Photo PASS
875 First Edition, First Printing of '''A' is for Alibi'' -- The First Tome in Sue Grafton's Wildly Popular Kinsey Millhone Mystery Series 275
876 ''The Great Gatsby'' -- First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Legendary Novel 1735
877 Zane Grey 1930 Handwritten Check Signed -- Prolific Author of Popular Western Novels PASS
878 Novelist Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- ''I am not Hemingway (nor was meant to be)...I'm not as reclusive as Thomas Pynchon or J.D. Salinger, I doubt that what I do is any more exciting...'' PASS
879 Famed Satirical Novelist Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- Regarding An Upcoming Speaking Engagement -- ''...speaking fees have gotten quite high...No higher, I believe than Vonnegut's or... PASS
880 Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed -- To A Professor Writing a Book of Critical Essays on His Famous Tome, ''Catch-22'' PASS
881 Acclaimed ''Catch-22'' Author Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...My memory isn't as good as the written notes, but if you're puzzled, perhaps I can make sense of things...'' PASS
882 Joseph Heller Signed Copy of His Acclaimed Novel ''Catch 22'' PASS
883 Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- Regarding His Novel ''Something Happened'' -- ''...The potential for commercial success of the novel is...larger than any of us had been likely to believe...'' PASS
884 True 1935 First Edition of Ernest Hemingway's ''Green Hills of Africa'' 446
885 Rare First Edition of Ernest Hemingway's ''The Sun Also Rises'' -- Beautiful Hardcover Edition of a Literary Masterpiece 303
886 Marguerite Henry Signs ''A Pictorial Life Story of Misty'' -- ''Happiness is knowing Misty!'' PASS
887 Oliver Wendell Holmes Autograph Note Signed -- ''...It warms my old heart and makes me grateful to you for giving such free and kind expression to your thoughts and feelings...'' PASS
888 Famed Fireside Poet Oliver Wendell Holmes Signed Card PASS
889 Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am sorry for your 'tribulations' but with your indomitable spirit you will come bravely through them...'' PASS
890 Special Edition of ''Karpov on Karpov'' Signed By Chess Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov -- Fine PASS
891 Stephen King's Pre-Publication Proof of ''Cujo'' -- Signed & Inscribed by King -- ''...Don't let the dog bite! Stephen King...'' 541
892 Vincent Price & Stephen King FDC Signed -- Stamp and Cover Feature ''The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'' -- Unique Treasure PASS
893 Stephen King Signed Postcard -- ''CHRISTINE will be out in May....sleep with the bathroom light on and the covers tucked in and you'll be alright. Probably...'' 368
894 Louis L'Amour Document Signed -- Contract For a Collaboration With Screenwriter Jack Natteford 334
895 Harper Lee Typed Letter Signed Praising Alabama Writer -- '' the midst of social revolution, work of lasting worth which reflects that revolution. (The Grapes of Wrath is an example.)...'' 550
896 Harper Lee Personal Typed Letter Signed -- ''...a new holiday sport in Monroeville, that of people bringing their visiting relatives to look at me...'' 733
897 ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' Novelist Harper Lee Signed 2005 Christmas Card PASS
898 ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' Signed by Harper Lee in the Year of Publication 1183
899 Jack London's ''Call of the Wild'' Signed 1183
900 Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Autograph PASS
901 Rare Autograph Letter Signed by H.P. Lovecraft -- ''...I yet mean to write a tale whose one supreme climax shall be the man's discovery, after many torturing...that he is on another world...'' 500
902 Norman Mailer Signed 1979 Limited Edition of ''The Naked and the Dead'' -- 30th Anniversary Based on Mailer's WWII Experience PASS
903 W. Somerset Maugham 1950 Typed Letter Signed PASS
904 Henry Miller Twice-Signed Book ''To Paint is to Love Again'' -- Also With a Hand-Drawn Self-Portrait Sketch by Miller -- Fine 275
905 Scarce First Printing of ''Winnie the Pooh'' by A.A. Milne -- 1926 With Ultra Rare Original Dustjacket 1283
906 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited First Edition of ''Ah, Wilderness!'' PASS
907 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of His Pulitzer Prize-Winning Drama ''Anna Christie'' -- Fine PASS
908 Limited Edition of Eugene O'Neill's ''Hairy Ape'' Signed -- Fine PASS
909 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of ''Lazarus Laughed'' PASS
910 Eugene O'Neill ''Marco Millions'' Signed Limed Edition PASS
911 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of His Classic ''Mourning Becomes Electra'' PASS
912 Eugene O'Neill's 1934 Play ''Days Without End'' Signed Limited First Edition PASS
913 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of ''Lazarus Laughed'' PASS
914 Eugene O'Neill Typed Letter Signed -- From Dresden, Germany -- With Postscript in the Playwright's Hand 250
915 Dorothy Parker Signed ''Sunset Gun'' Limited Edition -- With Scarce Original Slipcase 334
916 Dorothy Parker's Signature & Sketch 446
917 Ayn Rand Signed Limited Edition of ''Atlas Shrugged'' -- The Epic Novel That Gave Birth to Objectivism 1577
918 Signed Copy of James Whitcomb Riley's ''An Old Sweetheart of Mine'' -- With Illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy PASS
919 Carl Sandburg Signed First Edition of ''Remembrance Rock'' PASS
920 Carl Sandburg Signs His Autobiography ''Always The Young Strangers'' PASS
921 Carl Sandburg Signed First Edition of ''Carl Sandburg'' PASS
922 ''Where the Wild Things Are'' by Maurice Sendak -- 1963 Children's Classic in Near Fine Condition 446
923 Dr. Seuss ''Cat in the Hat'' -- First Printing Copy With Dustjacket -- 1957 334
924 Dr. Seuss Letter Signed -- ''...six solid days have been spent with photographers and interviewers...all of whom promised it would be quick and painless. It never was. It never is...'' PASS
925 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- '' I'm going swimming to prepare my body temperature for the Rodeo tomorrow...'' 446
926 Dr. Seuss Signed Photo PASS
927 Dr. Seuss Typed Letter Signed With Literary Content -- Seuss Critiques Two Books at Length 446
928 Nevil Shute's ''Kindling'' -- First Edition Rare Book With Scarce Unclipped Dustjacket -- Only Copy on Market With Dustjacket PASS
929 Upton Sinclair's ''Cry For Justice'' First Edition -- Signed & Inscribed to Fellow Author Jack London! PASS
930 Upton Sinclair First Edition of ''The Jungle'' -- With Tipped-in Typed Letter Signed by Sinclair -- ''...I send you an autographed card which you can place in each book...'' PASS
931 Upton Sinclair Signed First Printing of ''The Jungle'' -- Inscribed to Fellow Christian Socialist George Herron 1710
932 Gertrude Stein's ''Lucy Church Amiably'' First Edition -- Scarce Book by the Author Who Coined the Term ''Lost Generation'' PASS
933 John Steinbeck Signed ''The Short Novels of John Steinbeck'' -- 1st Printing in Original Dustjacket 875
934 First American Edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's Classic ''Treasure Island'' -- The Rare First Illustrated Edition 1577
935 Signed Limited Edition of Irving Stone's ''The Agony and the Ecstasy'' -- Fine PASS
936 Stuart & Revett's 5-Volume Book Set, ''Antiquites d'Athenes'' -- Famous Architectural Study 1433
937 Gertrude Stein's Lover Alice B. Toklas Signed Postcard -- ''...Carl's [Van Vechten] birthday noticed by the New Republic! - the dissociated Press!! And hundreds of newspapers!!!...'' PASS
938 True Mark Twain 1885 First Edition of His Beloved Tome, ''Huck Finn'' 2310
939 Nice John Updike 1991 Typed Signed Postcard -- Opining on Saul Bellow & ''...The book felt very creamy and airy and good when I was writing it...'' PASS
940 S.S. Van Dine Signed First Edition ''The Scarab Murder Case'' -- 1930 Philo Vance Whodunnit 303
941 Kurt Vonnegut Signed ''The Writer's Image'' -- Gorgeous Book of Photos of 1960's and 1970's Novelists PASS
942 Noah Webster Document Signed -- 1812 Deed in Amherst, Massachusetts 368
943 Scarce Signed Photo of Pioneering Poet, Walt Whitman -- Bold Signature 2310
944 Tennessee Williams Signed Check PASS
945 Tennessee Williams Typed Poem Signed -- ''Tennessee Williams '81 / For Francisco Bay'' PASS
946 Original Book From William Wordsworth's Personal Library -- Signed by the Revered Poet on Title Page 1183
947 Harold Bell Wright First Edition of His Last Novel -- ''The Man Who Went Away'' -- With His Autograph Inscription Signed During The Last 2 Years of His Life & Rare Dustjacket PASS
948 Revolutionary War General Robert Anderson Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding the Judiciary Act of 1802 -- ''...The law is found to be useless & unnecessary...'' 446
949 Guy Carleton Autograph Note Signed 1748 -- Commander-in-Chief of British Forces During the Revolutionary War 405
950 Scarce 1860 Print of The Declaration of Independence Published by Colton/Thayer -- One of Just a Handful Known to Exist 491
951 Exceptionally Beautiful Force 1843 Copper Plate Engraving of the Declaration 11693
952 The Declaration of Independence 20th Century Printing PASS
953 Autograph Letter by Declaration of Independence Signer William Ellery PASS
954 Founding Father Oliver Ellsworth Autograph Note Signed With Engraved Portrait PASS
955 1765 Announcement of the Stamp Act & Colonists' Outrage -- '' virtue of a commission of his majesty, gave the royal assent...for laying a stamp duty in the British colonies in America...'' PASS
956 American Revolutionary War General Robert Howe Autograph Letter Signed 334
957 Correctly Ascertaining that the British Are Sailing to Yorktown Just Three Months Before the Surrender There, Lafayette Writes General Weedon Asking for More Intelligence on Future Moves 5999
958 Henry ''Light-Horse Harry'' Lee Unheard of & Urgent Revolutionary War Dated ALS -- ''...but sir what are we to do for arms?...The arms we had were sent down with our last detachmt. to Wmsbg...'' 8784
959 Thomas Mifflin Tries to Have Philadelphia Become the Permanent Federal City by Financing a Presidential Mansion in 1792 -- Washington Declined as He Was a Strong Advocate of Washington, D.C. 2541
960 British General Sir John Moore 1808 Document Signed -- Just Months Before His Heroic Death at Battle of Corunna 446
961 American Revolutionary General Samuel Holden Parsons Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Dr. Cogwell applied to me for the purchase of the Horseneck farm...'' -- 1785 446
962 1776 Land Deed for Property in Providence, Rhode Island -- Very Attractive Presentation 250
963 West Point Chief Engineer Stephen Rochefontaine Autograph Letter Signed -- From West Point in 1796, the Year of the West Point Fire PASS
964 Union General Nathaniel Banks CDV -- Mathew Brady Backstamp PASS
965 Signature of ''Grant's Shadow'' Captain Samuel H. Beckwith -- ''...He carried with fidelity the secrets of the nation...'' PASS
966 Confederate Statesman Judah Benjamin Document Signed -- ''...It is admitted that at and before and since the sale of the slaves...'' 722
967 Thomas S. Bocock Signature -- Speaker of the Confederate States House of Representatives PASS
968 Civil War General Ambrose Burnside Document Signed as Governor of Rhode Island -- ''State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations'' PASS
969 General Ambrose Burnside CDV -- Mathew Brady Backstamp PASS
970 U.S. Infantry Civil War Snare Drum 3723
971 Incredible Antietam Content -- "…The scene was revolting to the extreme…Some with their heads shot entirely off…Features had become one dark mass of putridity and corruption…" 2860
972 Confederate Civil War Reunion Flag of Texas and Oklahoma Veterans -- Naming The Battles of Appomattox, Antietam, Devil's Den, Gettysburg & Chancellorsville 2363
973 Four 1864 Confederate War Bond Coupons -- Each for $30 Printed by Archer PASS
974 Confederate Election Ballot for Jefferson Davis -- From Virginia in 1861 -- Rare 446
975 Jefferson Davis Signed Cabinet Photo 1302
976 Confederate General John B. Floyd CDV Photo & Buttons -- With Unusual COA From Soldier William R.P. Crocker of the 30th Illinois Infantry 334
977 Shelby Foote Signed Edition of His Civil War Masterpiece ''Shiloh'' 250
978 Rare 1865 Edition of the Burials at Gettysburg Cemetery -- Also Includes Transcription of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Everett's Account of the Battle of Gettysburg PASS
979 The Battle of Gettysburg & Siege of Vicksburg Are Reported Here in the ''New York Tribune'' Newspaper -- 3 July 1863 Edition PASS
980 CDV of Ulysses S. Grant in Civil War Uniform -- With Anthony Backmark 334
981 Ulysses S. Grant Carte de Visite -- With Brady Backmark 368
982 Ulysses S. Grant 1865 Carte de Visite 368
983 Union General Henry Halleck CDV Photograph -- Mathew Brady Backstamp PASS
984 Gettysburg Hero General Winfield Scott Hancock CDV -- Mathew Brady Photograph PASS
985 ''Harper's Weekly'' Compilation of All Issues From 1865 Covering Abraham Lincoln's Assassination & End of Civil War 596
986 Admiral David Porter Autograph Letter Signed From Vicksburg in 1863 During the Famous Campaign: ''...Vicksburg will soon be ours it is a mere question of no hope for the Rebels...'' 4506
987 Civil War Captain Joseph Prime Autograph Letter Signed 1862 -- 13th New Hampshire Regiment Letterhead PASS
988 William Tecumseh Sherman Autograph Letter Signed -- '' dinner on Feb 8 is for the army comrades who were with me at the close of the war...'' 368
989 Shiloh POW Letter & Photo Lot -- Fort Donelson: ''...bullets came as close as I cared having them. poor man...had his leg shot off just so it hung on and the other fell right on me...'' 3461
990 Charles Sumner 1863 Autograph Letter Signed as Senator -- Regarding Slavery & a Detailed Critique of the Confiscation Act -- ''...No expression of harshness to the slavemongers...'' 1577
991 West Virginia Confederate Broadside -- ''...those who persist in adhering to the cause of the public enemy, and the pretended State Government he has erected at Wheeling...'' 1075
992 John Allan Wyeth ''With Sabre And Scalpel'' First Edition Signed to a Fellow Physician -- ''To...Dr. Rosalie Slaughter-Morton...[for]...her loyalty to the ideals which the Polyclinic implies...'' 368
993 WWII Iwo Jima Commemorative Cover Signed by Survivor John H. Bradley 334
994 General Omar Bradley Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
995 General Mark Clark Signed First Edition of ''Calculated Risk'' PASS
996 WWII General Mark Clark Typed Letter Signed -- Along With Shoulder Patch PASS
997 General Lucius D. Clay Typed Letter Signed as Commander in Chief, U.S. Forces in Europe -- 1947 PASS
998 Dachau Concentration Camp Letter -- ''...Dear Parents and Brothers and Sisters...I am letting you know that I'm healthy...I thank you very much for everything you've done for me...'' -- 1940 250
999 Dachau Concentration Camp Prisoner Letter PASS
1000 Dachau Concentration Camp Letter -- 1940 German Prisoner Letter on Dachau Stationery PASS
1001 Karl Donitz Autograph Letter & Accompanying ''Donitz'' Signed Cover -- WWII Admiral Expresses Thanks for Gift of Model Ship PASS
1002 WWII German Admiral Karl Donitz Signed Autobiography PASS
1003 WWII Nazi Admiral Karl Donitz Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo of the Nuremberg Trials PASS
1004 Karl Donitz Signed Photo as the Nazi's Gross Admiral PASS
1005 Dwight Eisenhower Signed Photo in His 5-Star General's Uniform -- With JSA COA 368
1006 Enola Gay Crew Members Signed Cover -- Paul Tibbets, Dutch Van Kirk, Tom Ferebee, Jacob Beser & Dick Nelson 405
1007 WWII Enola Gay Printed Poem Signed by Five Crew Members Including Tibbets, Jeppson, Caron & Ferebee PASS
1008 U.N. Non-Proliferation Treaty FDC Signed by Six Enola Gay Crew Members Including Jacob Beser 275
1009 Enola Gay Signed Photo -- Black & White Photo of Eleven Members of the 509th -- Six Crew Members Autographed 334
1010 True First Edition, First Printing of ''The Diary of Anne Frank'' 1060
1011 General Roy Geiger April 1945 Typed Letter Signed -- Declines Clippings Concerning Iwo Jima -- 6.25'' x 9.25'' -- Very Good PASS
1012 WWII German Luftwaffe Rare Photograph Album -- Kampfgeschwader Unit e8 -- 189 Photos With Captions PASS
1013 WWII Fleet Admiral Bill Halsey Signed Photo Display -- PSA Encapsulated PASS
1014 ''The New York Times'' From 2 May 1945 -- ''Hitler Dead in Chancellery, Nazis Say...'' -- ''...Britain to Insist Germans Show Hitler's Body...'' PASS
1015 Holocaust Postcard From a Jewish Charity in Warsaw -- Requesting Immediate Aid For 15 Jewish Families -- Postcard Bears Nazi Stamp 656
1016 Iwo Jima's 44th Anniversary First Day Cover -- Signed by Joe Rosenthal, John Bradley & Charles Lindberg PASS
1017 Fleet Admiral Ernest King's Navy Pilot Wing -- With Signed ''E.J. King'' Card by the WWII Legend 1302
1018 Charles W. Lindberg, Iwo Jima Flag Raiser, Typed Letter Signed -- ''...After we raised the flag, the enemy started coming out of their caves...'' -- Letter Documenting Iconic WWII Moment PASS
1019 Nazi POW Document -- ''...The Polish War Criminal...was discharged from the prison camp 'Rosenblatt' Lodz...'' --1939 PASS
1020 Douglas MacArthur Signed First Edition of His Biography, ''MacArthur, His Rendezvous With History'' 275
1021 Five Star General Douglas MacArthur Signature -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
1022 Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed in 1954 -- ''...I enjoyed reading your poem...'' PASS
1023 1959 General Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed PASS
1024 Bernard Montgomery Signed ''A History of Warfare'' -- ''...I have not written this book to glorify war...'' PASS
1025 Bernard Montgomery Signed Document Pertaining to Normandy -- ''...push forward fairly powerful armored-force thrusts on the afternoon of cause alarm in the minds of the enemy...'' 334
1026 Bernard Montgomery Signed Program for 1945 Thanksgiving Service PASS
1027 Large Collection of German Nazi Soldier Relics -- With a 1938 Photo Album Depicting Images From Hitler's ''Landjahr'' Training Camp 446
1028 Set of 16 WWII 1944 Postcards From the Krupps' Markstadt Work Camp in Poland -- ''...There was a death in our room. Censorship does not allow me to say how he died...'' 888
1029 ''The New York Times'' 5 September 1939 Marks The Beginning of World War II -- ''100 Believed Killed on Athenia'' PASS
1030 Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz WWII-Dated Naval Appointment Signed PASS
1031 U.S.S. Bushnell and Crew Panoramic Photo -- 4 June 1932 -- Ship Would Defend Pearl Harbor Nearly 10 Years Later PASS
1032 Concentration Camp Victim at Ravensbrueck Writes to His Parents -- ''...How are you? Same old, same old here and everything in order. I wish Merry Christmas and send you kisses and greet you... PASS
1033 Iconic 1918 Red Cross Poster From WWI -- ''Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call?'' -- 28'' x 30'' -- Edge Chipping & Discoloration to Upper Right PASS
1034 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient, WWII General Matthew Ridgway Typed Letter Signed -- Dated 1947 on U.N. Stationery PASS
1035 Iwo Jima General Keller E. Rockey Typed Letter Signed -- March 1945, Just Days After the Battle! -- ''...we will probably be moving so fast...'' PASS
1036 Wartime Norman Rockwell Poster -- ''Freedom From Want'' -- 28.5'' x 40'' PASS
1037 WWII Norman Rockwell Poster -- ''Save Freedom of Worship'' -- 28.5'' x 40'' PASS
1038 Iwo Jima Photographer Joe Rosenthal Autograph Letter Signed PASS
1039 WWII ''Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima'' Photographer Joe Rosenthal Autograph PASS
1040 WWII Photographer Joe Rosenthal Signed Photo 541
1041 Iwo Jima General Harry Schmidt Typed Letter Signed -- April 1945 PASS
1042 WWII General Lawrence Snowden Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
1043 Albert Speer Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I have already seen photographs of the actor that is going to play me!...'' PASS
1044 Albert Speer Letter Signed Mentioning Hitler -- ''...Napoleon is positively fundamentally different from Hitler...'' & ''...the awful circumstances that were found in Hitler's authoritarian... 656
1045 Albert Speer Typed Letter Signed -- ''...It pleases me when we can correspond with humor, which has become so rare and which I can also use....'' PASS
1046 Albert Speer Typed Letter Signed -- ''...We recently asked [our grandchildren] if they would rather live in Germany or there, and they chose Chicago...'' PASS
1047 Albert Speer Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I [don't] personally condone Nixon's actions...Let's hope that the next election will produce a capable and intelligent leader for the United States...'' PASS
1048 General Joseph Stilwell Typed Letter Signed -- ''...[this box of cigars]...will add...relaxation to many otherwise 'tough' conferences...'' -- Dated 1943 From China PASS
1049 Nazi ''Public Enemy Number One'' Otto Strasser Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I short today '1000 years' are...'' PASS
1050 United States Pictorial History in Four Volumes -- ''U.S. Official Pictures of the World War Showing America's Participation'' 275
1051 WWI ''Lost Battalion'' Colonel Charles W. Whittlesey Letter Signed -- 1919 -- Scarce 491
1052 Simon Wiesenthal Signed 10'' x 8'' Glossy Photo PASS
1053 American GI's Personal WWII Photo Album Featuring Pictorial Accounts of North Africa and Italy as Well as Basic Training -- Includes Several Pictures of War Tanks -- Nearly 300 Photos PASS
1054 Original 8'' x 10'' Black and White Glossy WWII Photo of Omaha Beach on 8 July 1944 -- Fine PASS
1055 Original World War II 10'' x 8'' Black and White Glossy Press Photo -- Cargo Trucks on Normandy Beachhead -- Very Good PASS
1056 Pope Benedict XV Signed Benediction -- to Pennsylvania Governor William Sproul 541
1057 Cesar Chavez Rare Signed ''Autobiography of La Causa'' -- Near Fine PASS
1058 Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Legendary Tibetan Spiritual Leader, The Dalai Lama Signed Photo -- Near Fine PASS
1059 1865 Period Broadside of the Emancipation Proclamation 888
1060 Boys Town Founder Father E.J. Flanagan Signed 3'' x 5'' Photo PASS
1061 Henri Gregoire Autograph Letter Signed From 1815 -- Revolutionary French Priest Who Supported Universal Suffrage & Abolition PASS
1062 L. Ron Hubbard Signed Letter -- ''...I could sell more than that on a New York street corner...people are writing to me about my non-Scientology writings...'' PASS
1063 ''The Day They Marched'' -- Story of 1963 March on Washington With King's ''I Have a Dream'' Speech 250
1064 Nelson Mandela Signed Autobiography -- ''Long Walk to Freedom'' 3076
1065 Nelson Mandela Signed ''A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles'' -- Only 100 Limited Edition Signed Copies 1909
1066 Golda Meir Autograph Note Signed Upon a Postcard to Recipient in Palestine 303
1067 Golda Meir Signed First Day Cover as Israeli Prime Minister -- ''Willa Cather'' Cover Dated 20 September 1973 -- Near Fine PASS
1068 Pastor Richard Newton Signed Book of Children's Sermons PASS
1069 Eli K. Price Autograph Letter Signed to President Buchanan Regarding The Mormon Uprising of 1857-58, aka The Utah War -- '' were enabled to end that trouble without bloodshed...'' PASS
1070 Harriet Beecher Stowe Handwrites a Quote From ''Macbeth'' and Signs Alongside William Cullen Bryant Upon a Single Slip 405
1071 Charles Sumner Autograph Quote Signed From His Powerful 1860 ''Barbarism of Slavery'' Speech -- ''The sacred animosity between Freedom & Slavery can end only with the triumph of Freedom...'' 596
1072 Mother Teresa Endorsed Check -- Donation Check to Her for $2.00 250
1073 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed -- Dated Shortly Before Her Death 368
1074 Turn-of-the-Century Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Sign 2600
1075 DeLorean Motor Company Founder John Z. DeLorean Signed Document -- 1976 PASS
1076 Henry Ford Document Signed Appointing a Proxy to Vote in His Place at a Stockholders' Meeting -- With PSA/DNA COA 888
1077 Bill Gates Senior Year 1973 Yearbook -- in Photo Captioned ''Who Is This Man?'' PASS
1078 Richard Gatling Autograph Sentiment Signed -- ''We should remember our friends and not forget our enemies'' -- 1894 368
1079 American Business Mogul & Philanthropist John Paul Getty Group of 10 Signed Checks PASS
1080 Charles Goodyear Signed Letter Fragment Written in His Hand PASS
1081 1865 Railroad Bond Signed by Jay Gould PASS
1082 Conrad Hilton Signed ''The Man Who Bought The Waldorf / The Life of Conrad N. Hilton'' PASS
1083 FDC Signed by Richard McDonald, Founder of Famed Restaurant Chain -- Celebrating the United Nations PASS
1084 Andrew Mellon's Signature as Secretary of the Treasury PASS
1085 Rare Handwritten Letter Signed by ''Believe It or Not!'' Robert Ripley -- ''...Believe it or not, but when my taxi...pulled up...'she' was on the platform waiting for me!...'' PASS
1086 $10 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1934-C, Dallas -- Gutter Fold to Lower Left Corner PASS
1087 Jefferson Nickel -- Series 1939 -- PCGS AU53 -- Doubled Monticello PASS
1088 $10 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1950, Dallas -- Major Face to Back Printing Error PASS
1089 $1 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1969, New York -- Back to Front Ink Transfer PASS
1090 $5 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1969, Kansas City -- Strong Third Print Shift PASS
1091 $2 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1976, St. Louis -- Third Printing Shift Error PASS
1092 1976 Half Dollar Kennedy Error Coin -- Struck 10% Off-Center PASS
1093 $10 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1977, New York -- Graded PCGS 64PPQ -- Full Face to Back Offset PASS
1094 $20 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1977, Chicago -- Full Face to Back Off-Set Printing Error -- Dark Ink to Verso PASS
1095 1977 $50 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1977, Dallas -- Strong Offset Error PASS
1096 1980-P Jefferson Nickel Error: Struck on Penny Planchet -- 3.06 Grams -- NGC MS63 BN PASS
1097 $5 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1985, San Francisco -- Insufficient Ink to Verso PASS
1098 $10 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1988-A, Dallas -- Blank Back Printing Error PASS
1099 Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 1988-A, St. Louis -- Near Fine PASS
1100 $20 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1990, New York -- Offset Printing PASS
1101 $1 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1995, Cleveland -- Gutter Error to Front, Mainly Affecting City Seal PASS
1102 Uncut Sheet $5 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 1995, Atlanta -- Near Fine 275
1103 Georgia Quarter Error Coin -- Series 1999-P -- Struck 20% off Center -- Fine PASS
1104 $1 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 2003, Philadelphia -- Reverse Offset Printing Error PASS
1105 South Carolina Error Quarter -- No Date -- Approximately 30% Off-Center PASS
1106 Alamo Letter of Merit Awarded to Mexican General for Fighting the ''rebel...settlers in the year 1836'' 2600
1107 Katharine Lee Bates Autograph Letter Signed -- Refers to ''America the Beautiful'' -- ''...I enclose an autograph copy of the hymn you are so good as to like...'' 446
1108 Daniel Beard Signed Photo -- One of the Original Scout Masters PASS
1109 Brooklyn Bridge 1883 Opening Ceremony Souvenir Issued by Lord & Taylor Department Store -- Scarce PASS
1110 Invitation & Program to The Opening Ceremonies of the Brooklyn Bridge 1554
1111 1849 California Gold Prospector Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I mean the gold sent the first time & the small package of gold sent...'' PASS
1112 ''Julia Child & More Company'' Signed -- ''...Everything she demonstrates on her second cooking-for-company television series...'' PASS
1113 Julia Child Signed First Edition of ''Julia's Kitchen Wisdom'' PASS
1114 Western Showman William ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody Personally Owned Chair From His Ranch in Wyoming 5453
1115 Signed First Edition of 1950's Household Gem ''Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book'' PASS
1116 Titanic's Last Living Survivor Millvina Dean Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
1117 The Fatal Shooting of John Dillinger Announced in His Hometown Newspaper ''The Indianapolis News'' PASS
1118 French Revolutionary War General Arthur Dillon Document Signed -- 5 Years Before He Was Guillotined in the Reign of Terror PASS
1119 Ellis Island Pass From 1928 -- Signed by The Commissioner of Immigration PASS
1120 Remarkable Handwritten Account From the French Revolution -- Containing The Opinions of Its Parisian Author Pertaining to the Revolution -- Scarce 888
1121 1832 Georgia Land Lottery Document Claims Cherokee Land for Settlers -- Infamous Trail of Tears Begins 446
1122 George W. Goethals Autograph Letter Signed -- Goethals Is Widely Admired for His Supervision of the Panama Canal Construction PASS
1123 Abraham Hargis Autograph Letter Signed as the Keeper of the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse -- ''...Please to not forget the dog...Last Knight I lost 2 turkeys...'' -- 1784 368
1124 1925 Manual Regarding Construction of the Holland Tunnel -- Quarto Runs 162pp. -- With Worksheet Pages -- Very Good PASS
1125 ''J. Edgar on Communism'' Signed by the Infamous FBI Director PASS
1126 J. Edgar Hoover Signed ''Kids' Letters to the FBI'' -- a Collection of Humorous Children's Letters PASS
1127 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Copy of ''Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It'' PASS
1128 FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover Signed 9'' x 11.5'' Photo PASS
1129 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Portrait Print PASS
1130 J. Edgar Hoover 1953 Typed Letter Signed -- Congratulating Employee on Tenth Year With FBI PASS
1131 Julia Ward Howe Signed Slip PASS
1132 Helen Keller's Signature -- Accompanied by a Photo PASS
1133 Helen Keller Signed Book Containing Her Awe-Inspiring Poem, ''The Song of The Stone Wall'' 446
1134 Pawnee Bill Autograph Letter Signed Mentioning His Ranch -- ''...if you find the article on Pawnee Bills Buffalo Ranch mail me 6 copies...'' -- 1905 368
1135 14th Century Medieval French Document -- in Exquisite Calligraphy, Measuring 12'' x 23.5'' 888
1136 Medieval French Vellum Document -- Handwritten in Exquisite Script 807
1137 1971 Miss America Pageant Program With Phyllis George on Cover 250
1138 1784 Deed to Property in New Brunswick, New Jersey -- ''...previous to the late Revolution...'' PASS
1139 New York City Tunnel Contract -- 1921 -- 8'' x 11'' -- Tape Repair to Backstrip -- Very Good PASS
1140 Autograph Letter Signed by John B. McDonald, Visionary Creator of the New York Subway System -- ''...enclosing ticket for admission to the Sagamore...'' -- 1904 PASS
1141 Invitation to the Opening Ceremony of Cornelius Vanderbilt's Niagara Cantilever Bridge in 1883 303
1142 The ''Father of West Virginia,'' Francis Harrison Pierpont Signed Slip PASS
1143 Vintage Red Cross Poster -- ''Our Boys Need SOX / Knit Your Bit'' PASS
1144 Vintage Red Cross Poster by Walter Beach Humphrey -- ''For Their Sake'' -- 1936 PASS
1145 Italian Roman Republic 1798 Document -- Shortly After Napoleon's General Invaded Rome in February & Established the Roman Republic -- ''...The Republic was founded with their blood...'' PASS
1146 Leo Ryan 1969 Typed Letter Signed 9 Years Before His Murder at Guyana's Jonestown Massacre PASS
1147 General Winfield Scott Document Signed -- Seminole Wars Relating to Soldier Abuse PASS
1148 Salem Witch Trials Participant, Stephen Sewall 1706 Document Signed 541
1149 Handwritten Diary by Spanish-American War Doctor Aboard Battleship Iowa -- Full Account of Battle of Santiago -- ''...Spaniards were almost swam ashore with...meat of wounds uncovered...'' 1577
1150 Spanish-American War Photo Album Consisting of Illuminating Pictures of Cuban Life and the 8th Massachusetts Infantry in the South -- Contains Shocking Photo of Southern Mob Throwing Black Person 446
1151 Bird Man of Alcatraz Touching Typed Letter Signed With Excellent Bird Content -- ''...My orange pair had four eggs that I was very hopeful of...'' PASS
1152 General Maxwell D. Taylor Signed ''The Uncertain Trumpet'' PASS
1153 Republic of Texas 1836 Original Pay Scrip 656
1154 Eyewitness Account of Santa Anna Attack on Texas -- ''...invaded by a large body of Mexicans...Santa Anna has been foiled once in this country and has not come the second time without being... 1710
1155 Republic of Texas Loan Note Signed by Joseph L. Bennett, the Well Known Texas Lt. Colonel -- 1837 PASS
1156 1863 Texas ''Petition to Sell Slave'' -- ''...she prays for an order to sell said negro to the highest bidder for cash...'' 250
1157 United Nations 1949 Dinner Invitation -- in New York City for the Start of the General Assembly's Fourth Session -- 20 September 1949 PASS
1158 Charles ''Tex'' Watson Letter From Prison -- ''...Yes I am behaving myself very well...I have been reading a book on CONTROL YOURSELF...'' -- 1983 PASS
1159 Manson Family Killer Charles ''Tex'' Watson Autograph Letter Signed From Prison PASS
1160 General W.C. Westmoreland Typed Letter Signed Re: Vietnam Support -- 1967 -- Near Fine 250
1161 Alcoholics Anonymous Co-Founder Bill Wilson Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed ''Bill'' 656
1162 General Reginald Wingate Autograph Letter Signed to Arthur Balfour -- ''...leave me out...if you are making up a shooting party as I have not shot for many years & feel sure I could not 'hit a... PASS
1163 Letter Signed by Rear Admiral Cameron McRae Winslow on U.S.S. Louisiana Cardstock -- ''...due to the stress of official work...'' PASS
1164 2001 World Trade Center Ticket -- for Observatory Deck Dated 21 June 2001 PASS
1165 World Trade Center Ticket 2001 Observatory Deck Dated 6 August 2001 PASS
1166 HOFer Frank ''Home Run'' Baker Signature -- Signed ''J. Franklin Baker'' -- With JSA COA PASS
1167 1916 Boston Red Sox Program -- Babe Ruth Pitching Against St. Louis Browns 656
1168 Johnny Damon Game-Worn Yankees Jersey -- With Steiner COA 1075
1169 HOFer Dizzy Dean Signed 8 '' x 10'' Photo in Fine Condition 368
1170 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo by Baseball Greats Joe DiMaggio and Bob Feller -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
1171 Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Also Signed by Dom DiMaggio -- With PSA/DNA COA 334
1172 Joe DiMaggio Signed Autograph Album Page PASS
1173 1938 Joe DiMaggio Signature -- Five Other Yankees From Championship Season Also Sign PASS
1174 10'' x 8'' Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed Photo -- Bold, Blue Signatures -- With PSA/DNA COA 334
1175 Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 446
1176 Joe DiMaggio 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo in His Yankee Pinstripes -- With JSA COA PASS
1177 Joe DiMaggio Sport Jacket Worn on the Cover of ''GQ'' in 1965 -- Along With His Award Plaque From the Magazine as One of San Francisco's Best Dressed Men 6599
1178 Don Drysdale Baseball Signed From the 1960's PASS
1179 Don Drysdale 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
1180 Lot of 10 Index Cards Signed by HOFer Charles Gehringer PASS
1181 Detroit Tigers' HOF Charles Gehringer Signed Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
1182 Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
1183 Hank Greenberg Signed Postcard of His Hall of Fame Plaque PASS
1184 Cooperstown Hall of Fame Induction 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed by HOFers Bowie Kuhn, Monte Irvin, A.B. ''Happy'' Chandler and Team Owner, American League VP Gene Autry PASS
1185 Signatures by 10 Hall of Fame Infielders -- Appling, Gehringer, Reese, Johnson, Etc. PASS
1186 Baseball Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby Signature on a Vintage 1955 Program -- Also Features Signature of Sports Writer James Enright -- With PSA/DNA COA 334
1187 Excellent Collection of 10 Autographs From 1920's Baseball Legend Waite Hoyt PASS
1188 Lot of 10 Personal Checks Signed by Baseball HOFer Harmon Killebrew PASS
1189 Mickey Mantle & Bill Dickey Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
1190 New York Giants HOFer Rube Marquard Signed Lot of 8 Index Cards PASS
1191 Willie Mays Signed OML Baseball -- With Mays' ''Say Hey'' Hologram PASS
1192 Willie Mays Signed OML Baseball -- Signed & Inscribed ''HOF 79'' -- With ''Say Hey'' Hologram & PSA/DNA COA PASS
1193 Willie Mays Signed Photo -- 20'' x 16'' With PSA/DNA COA PASS
1194 Stan Musial Typed Letter Signed on St. Louis Cardinals Stationery PASS
1195 Andy Pettitte Houston Astros Game-Worn Jersey From the 2004 Season 666
1196 Albert Pujols Game-Worn Glove Signed -- With Official Pujols COA & Hologram 334
1197 Pete Rose Signed Baseball -- PSA/DNA COA -- Graded 9 PASS
1198 Pete Rose Signed Baseball Bat -- JSA Authenticated PASS
1199 Hall of Famer Edd Roush Signed Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
1200 Babe Ruth's Custom Sterling Silver Humidor Gifted by the City of Boston -- Engraved ''BR'' and ''Boston Red Sox'' 8784
1201 Babe Ruth Baseball Signed -- Also Signed by a Dozen Others Including 8 of the Legendary 1927 New York Yankees, Plus Inaugural HOFer Grover Cleveland Alexander -- With PSA/DNA & JSA COA's 7985
1202 Babe Ruth Signed 1924 Home Run Ball -- With PSA/DNA COA -- Also Signed By Fellow Yankees Player Bob Meusel 5453
1203 Baseball Evangelist Billy Sunday Signs His Detailed Biography 368
1204 Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca Signed 20'' x 16.5'' Photo of the Famed ''Shot Heard Round the World'' PASS
1205 Hall of Famer Bill Veeck Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I was glad to hear that you enjoyed reading 'Veeck As In Wreck'. It was fun doing the book...'' PASS
1206 Hall of Famer Bill Veeck Signed Letter on St. Louis Browns Letterhead -- ''...It is against our policy to release the players' addresses...'' -- 1951 PASS
1207 Honus Wagner Trophy From 1923 -- Held & Presented by Wagner Personally 4506
1208 Baseball Hall of Famer ''Little Poison'' Lloyd Waner Signature PASS
1209 Baseball Hall of Famer George Weiss Typed Letter Signed to West Coast Scout Joe Devine PASS
1210 1938 Signatures by Ted Williams, Joe Medwick, Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner & Six Other Baseball Greats 405
1211 Ted Williams Baseball Signed in Black Ink on the Sweet Spot -- With JSA COA 250
1212 Ted Williams Signed Baseball Bat 446
1213 Ted Williams 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
1214 Jeremy Lin Signed Basketball -- With JSA COA PASS
1215 Scarce Unused Ticket From the 1980 US vs. USSR Olympic Hockey Game -- Named Top Sports Moment of the 20th Century -- PSA Graded 1075
1216 Bill Russell Signed ''Red and Me'' -- Russell's Story of His Friendship with Legendary Coach Red Auerbach PASS
1217 John Wooden Typed Letter Signed -- Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach Agrees to Speak on Coaching Topics 275
1218 Fantastic Muhammad Ali Signed Photo -- Also Signed by Larry Holmes From Ali's Penultimate Fight 722
1219 Iconic Muhammad Ali Signed Photo -- From Controversial Ali vs Liston Fight 656
1220 Boxing HOFer Max Baer Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
1221 Jack Dempsey 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
1222 World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey Signed 9'' x 12'' Photo PASS
1223 Jack Dempsey Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
1224 Pristine Postcard Signed by World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey PASS
1225 Joe Louis Signed 11.75'' x 14'' Photo -- Part of 1935 ''Fortune'' Magazine Article Declaring Him the ''Black Moses'' 368
1226 Joe Louis Signed First Edition of His Memoir ''My Life Story'' PASS
1227 Heavyweight Champions Joe Louis & Max Baer Signatures PASS
1228 Unused & Pristine Ticket From Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight PASS
1229 Paul Brown Typed Letter Signed on Cleveland Browns Letterhead -- ''...I received your letter concerning George Ratterman's foot work...Any such 'give away' would be careless...'' PASS
1230 Coach Paul W. ''Bear'' Bryant Signed Copy of His Memoir, ''Bear: The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama's Coach Bryant'' PASS
1231 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee Earl ''Dutch'' Clark Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the greatest feeling of satisfaction was being selected on the all-pro team for six straight years...'' --... PASS
1232 1968 Baltimore Colts LP Record -- ''Colts Stampede...Rush to the 1968 Championship'' PASS
1233 Red Grange Signed ''Zuppke of Illinois'' -- 1946 PASS
1234 Rare 1899 Ticket Stub From a Harvard Versus Carlisle Football Game -- The First Year Carlisle Was Coached by ''Pop'' Warner PASS
1235 Woody Hayes Signed Autobiography -- ''You Will Become a True Buckeye Believer...'' PASS
1236 Green Bay Packers Coach Vince Lombardi Signed Photo -- With JSA COA 491
1237 Peyton Manning Signed & Framed Large 20'' x 16'' Photo From 2007 Superbowl XLI -- With Steiner COA & NFL Hologram PASS
1238 1926 Football Program for University of New Hampshire vs. Connecticut Agriculture College PASS
1239 Bubba Smith Single-Signed Checks -- Lot of 50 PASS
1240 Football Star & Legendary Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg 8'' x 11'' Signed Photo -- Inscribed to Christy Walsh 303
1241 Super Bowl IV ''CHIEFS CHAMPS OF WORLD'' Announced in ''Kansas City Times'' PASS
1242 Super Bowl XVI Auxiliary Press Pass -- San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals PASS
1243 First Edition of ''The Walter Hagen Story'' -- Signed by the Golf Extraordinaire 500
1244 Ben Hogan Check Signed -- Nice Signature From One of Golf's All-Time Greats PASS
1245 Clifford Roberts 1959 Typed Letter Signed Regarding the 1959 Masters Tournament -- Roberts Outlines Tournament Rules & Guidelines PASS
1246 20'' x 16'' Full-Color Montage Photograph of Tiger Woods, Signed by the Golfer Extraordinaire -- Upper Deck COA 368
1247 Olympics Ticket -- Opening Ceremonies at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles -- Fine PASS
1248 Broadway Legend Cole Porter's Engraved Personal Backgammon Set -- In a Black Case Engraved ''Cole Porter'' 7259
1249 Cole Porter's Traveling Gambling & Game Set -- ''...Cole would play on that backgammon set and gambling teenagers gambling and drinking and acting a fool...'' 4506
1250 1954 World Cup Final Program -- Famous Match Where Underdog West Germany Bested Hungary 722
1251 Official Program From The Very First Soccer World Cup in 1930 2541
1252 Hulk Hogan Signed Ring-Worn ''WrestleMania 21'' Shirt 2310
1253 Early Wilbur Shaw Racing Trophy From The Bernbach National Championship in 1924 4189
1254 Race-Car Legend Wilbur Shaw's Trophy From His Induction Into The Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1991 5069
1255 Wilbur Shaw's 1935 Indianapolis 500 Jacket -- Given to Him as an Inaugural Member of The ''Champion 100 Mile an Hour Club'' 15919