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Featured Items

Lot 1: Bronze Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics
Held in Stockholm, Sweden

Lot 2: Silver Medal From the 1920 Summer Olympics
Held in Antwerp, Belgium

Lot 4: Silver Medal From the 1936 Summer Olympics
Held in Berlin, Germany

Lot 5: Olympic Torch From the Famed 1936 Summer Olympic Games Held in Berlin
Very Few Torches From the 1936 Games Remain

Lot 6: Bronze Medal From the 1948 Summer Olympics
Held in London, England

Lot 7: Bronze Medal From the 1952 Summer Olympics, Won by a Member of the Finnish Gymnastic Team
Held in Helsinki, Finland

Lot 8: Silver Medal From the 1956 Summer Olympics
Held in Melbourne, Australia

Lot 9: Silver Gymnastics Medal From the 1976 Summer Olympics, Won by Member of The USSR Gymnastics Team
Held in Montreal, Canada

Lot 12: Jean-Pierre Papin's European Cup Rolex Watch
Engraved With "Milan A.C." and Papin's Number 14

Lot 20: Kyle Busch Race-Worn & Signed Firesuit
Worn at 2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Races in 2011

Lot 30: Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn's Gold Glove Award
The Preeminent Defensive Award in Baseball

Lot 46: Babe Ruth Baseball Signed ''Sincerely / Babe Ruth''

Lot 66: Dallas Cowboy Football Coach Jim Myers' Super Bowl & Retirement Trophy
Myers Coached Alongside Cowboys Legend Tom Landry for 25 Years

Lot 72: Academy Award for Best Actor Won by James Cagney in 1942 For ''Yankee Doodle Dandy''
Considered One of the Best Performances in One of the Best Movies of All Time

Lot 104: Gary Cooper's Original Grave Marker
From His First Burial Site at the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California

Lot 149: Bruce Lee's Grey Cotton Jacket
With a COA From His Widow, Linda Lee Who States It Was One of Bruce's Favorite Jackets

Lot 158: Patricia Neal Wedding Dress From ''The Fountainhead''
From the 1949 Adaptation of Ayn Rand's Masterpiece

Lot 161: Typewriter Used to Write The Legendary Movie ''Psycho''
Consigned by the Family of Screenwriter Joseph Stefano

Lot 256: Three Stooges Signed 9.5'' x 7.5'' Photograph
Including Curly Howard

Lot 266: Victoria Beckham's Own Dolce & Gabbana Silver Silk-Blend Dress
From Beckham's Charity Mothers2Mothers

Lot 273: Grammy Medal From 1984
Presented to Mickey Rooney

Lot 276: Alicia Keys Roberto Cavalli Blazer Worn During Her ''Diary'' Tour
With a COA From Keys

Lot 293: George Gershwin Signed Limited First Edition of ''George Gershwin's Songbook''
Beautiful Copy Also Signed by Gershwin & Illustrator Constantin Alajalov in 1932

Lot 298: Billie Holiday Signed First Edition of Her Memoirs

Lot 341: Napoleon Bonaparte's Watch, Engraved and Gifted by Napoleon to His Protege, Baron Desgnettes
Originally Owned by Monaco's Royal Family

Lot 342: Napoleon Bonaparte Document Signed
Regarding the Memorial Service of a Soldier in the French Army

Lot 402: John F. Kennedy Signed Copy of ''The White House'' as President
Also Signed by Jacqueline Kennedy

Lot 403: Autographs of Both JFK and Jackie on a Greeting Card
With an Autograph Note by Jackie Signed "Mrs Jack"

Lot 404: Senator John F. Kennedy Signed Photo, Taken by the Acclaimed Photographer Philppe Halsman, Photo Appeared on Dustjacket for ''Profiles in Courage''

Lot 410: Lee Harvey Oswald Thrice-Signed Junior High School Yearbook & Signed Graduation Cap From 1955
Consigned by a Classmate

Lot 442: Abraham Lincoln Signed CDV as President
John Hay Certifies Signature as Authentic on Verso

Lot 443: President Abraham Lincoln Near Mint Condition Military Document Signed From 1863
Appointing a Soldier KIA at Gettysburg

Lot 480: Fantastic, Fiery Harry Truman ALS, to Dean Acheson in 1958
''...I get so steamed up when I view what these executive numb skulls have done to a foreign policy that you and I left to them...''

Lot 506: William H. Seward Signed Resolution Bringing the 15th Amendment to Congress
''...The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied...on account of race, color...''

Lot 509: Walt Disney Signed Drawing of Mickey Mouse -- Sketched Within a First Edition Copy of "The Art of Walt Disney"
An Exceptionally Rare Disney Piece

Lot 539: Dr. Seuss Original 66'' x 29.5'' 1940's Drawing of His Famous Dachshund, Representing Germans in WWII
Measures Nearly Six Feet Long!

Lot 559: Ernest Hemingway Signed ''Men Without Women''
Dedicated in His Hand to the Son of Renowned Actress Helen Hayes

Lot 563: Harper Lee Signed 1960 First Edition of ''To Kill a Mockingbird''
A Classic of 20th Century American Literature

Lot 600: Jack Swigert's Personally Owned Apollo 13 Flown Robbins Medal
Serial #145

Lot 602: Jack Swigert's Personally Owned Apollo 9 Flown Robbins Medal
Serial #273

Lot 603: Neil Armstrong Signed Limited Edition Lithograph by Paul Calle
Also Signed by Calle

Lot 628: Collection of Items From the Hindenburg Disaster
Includes Debris & Press Pass From the Day of the Disaster

Lot 640: Roald Amundsen Signed Photograph
Showing His Crew Dismantling the Famed ''Norge'' Aircraft

Lot 642: King Tut Founder Howard Carter Letter Signed
While at the Egyptian Antiquities Service

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