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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 1942 Oscar Nomination Certificate for Documentary Short ''Alive In the Deep'' -- From The Famous 14th Academy Awards in 1942 2541
2 William Wyler Academy Award Nomination For His Direction of ''The Heiress'' in 1949 2541
3 Academy Awards Program From 1968 Signed by 18 Stars -- Natalie Wood, Greer Garson, Warren Beatty, Barbra Streisand, Faye Dunaway, Estelle Parsons, Sonny & Cher and More 1283
4 Ben Affleck Screen-Worn Costume From the Climactic Ending of ''Dogma'' -- With Kevin Smith COA 2310
5 Pamela Anderson Wardrobe From Her TV Series ''V.I.P.'' -- With COA From Columbia Pictures 250
6 Jennifer Aniston Screen-Worn Top & Pants From 2008 Comedy ''Management'' 1183
7 Pink Costume Worn by Lucy & Desi Arnaz' Daughter Lucie 275
8 Fred Astaire Writes an Utterly Charming ''Script'', Granting Warner Brothers Permission to Use His Name in ''Lullaby Of Broadway'' 446
9 Elizabeth Banks' ''Bloodied'' Wardrobe From the Memorable ''Beezel'' Scene in ''Movie 43'' 250
10 Christine Baranski Screen-Worn Costume From the 1990 Drama "Reversal of Fortune" 275
11 Broadway Legend Ethel Barrymore Incredibly Elegant Black Chiffon Evening Gown 500
12 Kathy Bates Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''P.S. I Love You'' 334
13 Warren Beatty Signed Contract for the 1970's Classic ''Shampoo'' 605
14 ''Ben-Hur'' Original Set Design Artwork -- The Sets Made For the Epic 1959 Film Were The Biggest Ever Created at the Time 875
15 ''Ben-Hur'' Original Set Design Artwork -- For the Temple Featured in the 1959 Epic Film 541
16 ''Ben-Hur'' Original Set Design Artwork -- Two Pencil & Gouache Pieces of the Castle's Interior 596
17 ''Ben-Hur'' Original Set Design Artwork -- The Sets Made for the Epic 1959 Film Were The Biggest Ever Created at the Time 541
18 ''Ben-Hur'' Original Set Design Artwork -- ''Int. Hur Home'' 541
19 Annette Bening Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Running With Scissors'' 733
20 Joan Bennett Original Costume Possibly Worn in the 1939 Film "The Man in the Iron Mask" 605
21 Milton Berle Personally Owned Monogrammed Briefcase 1577
22 Milton Berle's Personally Owned Custom Briefcase 1735
23 Milton Berle Personally Owned Friars Club Briefcase 2100
24 Milton Berle Cartier Clock 807
25 Milton Berle's Driver's License 733
26 Television Superstar Milton Berle's Official 1961 Emmy Nomination for His Performance on an Episode of ''The Dick Powell Show'' 1302
27 Television Legend Milton ''Uncle Miltie'' Berle Personal Wallet -- Contains His Ticket to the 1968 Democratic Convention, Photo of a Lady & Other Items 1183
28 Milton Berle's Grand Havana Room Card PASS
29 Milton Berle's AFTRA Health Fund Card -- His Television Union PASS
30 Milton Berle's Health Insurance Card From His Television Union PASS
31 Milton Berle's National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues Lifetime Pass 250
32 Milton Berle's Director's Guild of America Card PASS
33 Milton Berle's Director's Guild of America Card PASS
34 Milton Berle's Nordstrom Card PASS
35 Milton Berle's Pacemaker Card PASS
36 Milton Berle's Writers Guild Prescription Coverage Card PASS
37 Milton Berle's 1996 Writer's Guild of America Card PASS
38 Milton Berle's Writer's Guild of America Card PASS
39 Milton Berle Clock Gifted to Him by Members of The Friars Club -- Which the Legendary Actor Founded 491
40 Legendary Entertainer Milton Berle Personally Owned Gold ''Friars Club of Beverly Hills'' Desk Clock -- The Popular Private Social Club He Founded 875
41 Milton Berle Personally Owned Travel Clock PASS
42 Milton Berle's Own Monogrammed Silver Box 405
43 Milton Berle Personally Owned Silver Plate 541
44 Milton Berle Silver & Cut Glass Pitcher 541
45 Halle Berry Screen-Worn Tank Top From Thriller ''The Call'' 733
46 Halle Berry Screen-Worn Shirt From ''The Call'' 807
47 Halle Berry Blouse From 2013 Comedy ''Movie 43'' 1183
48 Blues Brothers ''Briefcase Full of Blues'' Poster Signed by Dan Aykroyd & John Belushi 1909
49 Jeff Bridges' Suit From Blockbuster Movie "Iron Man" 2100
50 ''Our Gang'' Child Actor William Thomas Photo Signed as ''Buckwheat'' 303
51 Sandra Bullock Screen-Worn Engagement & Wedding Rings From Oscar Winning ''The Blind Side'' -- The Role That Earned Bullock the Oscar 1302
52 Sandra Bullock Earrings From Her Oscar Winning Performance in ''The Blind Side'' 1302
53 Sandra Bullock Screen-Worn Shoes From ''The Blind Side'' 1302
54 Gerard Butler Screen-Worn Prison Wardrobe From 2009 Futuristic Thriller ''Gamer'' 888
55 Screen-Worn Gerard Butler Wardrobe From 2009 Thriller ''Gamer'' 1302
56 Gerard Butler Screen-Worn Shirt & Jeans From The Romantic Comedy ''The Ugly Truth'' 888
57 Sacha Baron Cohen Screen-Worn Tank Top & Briefs From Comedy ''Bruno'' 250
58 Ronald Colman Screen-Worn Vest 368
59 Noel Coward Signed Thank You Note PASS
60 Bing Crosby Letter Signed -- Crosby Lets a Newspaper Use His Doodle so Readers ''...can see in what way their personality traits resemble or parallel the outstanding people of the day...'' PASS
61 Russell Crowe's Own Gladiator Costume Worn in the Modern Classic ''Gladiator'' -- Film Won Five Academy Awards Including Best Actor, Best Film & Best Costume Designer 13155
62 Wardrobe Worn Onscreen by Russell Crowe in Three Different Scenes of ''The Next Three Days'' 1183
63 Russell Crowe Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Next Three Days'' -- Levi's Jeans, Shirt, Jacket & Shoes 1183
64 Russell Crowe Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Next Three Days'' 1433
65 Fantastic ''Mission Impossible'' Costume for Tom Cruise's Suspension Scene -- With a COA From The Prop Store 6748
66 Tom Cruise Fireman Costume From ''Mission Impossible'' -- With a COA from The Prop Store 4506
67 Matt Damon Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Sci-Fi Thriller ''The Adjustment Bureau'' 550
68 Linda Darnell Screen-Worn Dress From the 1940's Musical ''Centennial Summer'' -- By Oscar Nominated Costume Designer Rene Hubert 1183
69 Matt Dillon Screen-Worn Wardrobe From the Crime Thriller ''Takers'' PASS
70 Oscar-Winner Michael Douglas Screen-Worn ''Haywire'' Wardrobe 1183
71 Robert Downey, Jr. Screen-Worn Costume From the 2007 Film ''Charlie Bartlett'' 1302
72 Screen-Worn Robert Downey Jr. Wardrobe From ''Charlie Bartlett'' 1302
73 Robert Downey Jr. Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Comedy ''Charlie Bartlett'' 888
74 Academy Award-Winner Richard Dreyfuss Screen-Worn Wardrobe From the Hit ''Piranha 3D'' -- Levi Strauss Jeans & Levi's Shirt 977
75 Jimmy Durante Costume From ''Jumbo'' PASS
76 Oscar-Winner Robert Duvall Screen-Worn Police Uniform From 2007 Crime Drama ''We Own The Night'' -- Jacket & Pants Are Official New York Police Department Apparel 1283
77 Robert Duvall Screen-Worn Tattered Wardrobe From Post-Apocalyptic Drama ''The Road'' 1166
78 Robert Duvall Screen-Worn Costume From 2007 Drama ''We Own the Night'' 368
79 Primetime Emmy Award Statue for ''Under Siege'' 4506
80 Early 1955 Emmy Award Plaque -- For Best Camera Work on a Live Show in 1955 1735
81 Emmy Bronze Plaque -- Outstanding Television Performance From 1954-1980 1075
82 Emmy Award Won by Director Lamont Johnson in 1988 for the NBC Miniseries, ''Gore Vidal's Lincoln'' 4957
83 Emmy Certificate to ''Guiding Light'' Director Ellen Wheeler From 2007 500
84 Emmy Certificate to ''Guiding Light'' Director Ellen Wheeler From 2008 500
85 Medal From The 1988 Primetime Emmy Awards, Honoring the 40th Anniversary 2277
86 Rare Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford Signed Photo -- With Inscription In Pickford's Hand PASS
87 Farrah Fawcett Screen-Worn Wardrobe From 1987 TV Drama ''Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story'' 605
88 Jane Fonda Padded Maternity Costume From ''A Doll's House'' 977
89 Harrison Ford Screen-Worn Jacket & Pants From 2009 Drama ''Crossing Over'' 1735
90 Jodie Foster Screen-Worn Nun Wardrobe From Comedy ''The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys'' 1302
91 Jodie Foster Screen-Worn Silk Dress From Her Directorial Endeavor ''The Beaver'' 666
92 Jodie Foster Screen-Worn Silk Nightgown & Robe From Her Directorial Endeavor ''The Beaver'' 1075
93 Morgan Freeman Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Drama ''Feast of Love'' 722
94 Zach Galifianakis ''Youth in Revolt'' Costume 250
95 Judy Garland Original Personal Costume 1000
96 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Hit TV Series ''Alias'' -- From Season Five, Episode 13 2310
97 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Hero Shirt & Sweater From Her 2011 Comedy ''Butter'' 1183
98 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Apron From Her Comedy ''Butter'' 888
99 Incredible Crew-Signed Copy of ''Giant'' -- Signed by the Movie's Director & Cast Including James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson & More 8983
100 Mel Gibson Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 Drama ''The Beaver'' 888
101 Mel Gibson Screen-Worn Suit From the 2011 Drama ''The Beaver'' 1302
102 "The Music Man" Swimsuit Costume 596
103 ''The Godfather Part III'' Signed Actor Contracts -- Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Winona Ryder, Bridget Fonda, George Hamilton & Andy Garcia -- Pacino's $2.5 Million Contract is Twice Signed 1302
104 Sydney Greenstreet Custom-Made Costume For the 1946 Thriller ''Three Strangers'' 666
105 Jake Gyllenhaal Screen-Worn Trench Coat From Thriller ''Source Code'' 1302
106 Marcia Gay Harden Screen-Worn Dress, Shoes & Earrings From ''Whip It'' 303
107 Jean Harlow Owned Silk Satin Bra -- Beautifully Framed PASS
108 Woody Harrelson Screen-Worn Costume From the 2005 Film ''North Country'' 250
109 Silent Movie Star William S. Hart Signed Photo PASS
110 Screen-Worn Josh Hartnett Wardrobe From 2006 ''Lucky Number Slevin'' 795
111 Costume Designer Edith Head Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...In frenzied haste, as I have been making records all the morning...'' 250
112 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Costume From the Hit 2008 Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' -- One of Her Many Bridesmaid Dresses in the Film 1302
113 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Costume From the Hit 2008 Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' 1183
114 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Costume From the Hit 2008 Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' 1302
115 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Costume From the Hit 2008 Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' -- One of The 27 Bridesmaid Dresses Featured in the Film 1183
116 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe -- One of Her ''27 Dresses'' From the Smash Hit 2008 Romantic Comedy 1302
117 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Shirt & Slacks From ''The Ugly Truth'' 605
118 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Ugly Truth'' 977
119 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Ugly Truth'' -- Joie & Juicy Couture Ensemble 1075
120 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Costume From ''The Ugly Truth'' 1302
121 Katharine Hepburn ''Mary of Scotland'' Costume 550
122 Katharine Hepburn, Judy Holliday & Mary Martin Signatures From Autograph Album Page PASS
123 Bob Hope Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo & Lighter With a Caricature of Hope's Face 250
124 Vanessa Hudgens Screen-Worn Diesel Dress, Shawl & Sandals From ''Beastly'' 500
125 Fabulous Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Wardrobe -- Erre Scarf, Chloe Sweater & Valentino Skirt 1302
126 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Something Borrowed'' 500
127 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Dress & Shrug From ''Something Borrowed'' 1302
128 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Gucci Handbag From ''Something Borrowed'' 795
129 Rare ''Iron Man 3'' Signed Movie Poster -- Includes Robert Downey Jr., Stan Lee, Gwyneth Paltrow & Jon Favreau -- Limited 1 of 50 1075
130 "Iron Man" Lab Coat -- Worn By "Stark Industries" Scientists in The 2008 Blockbuster Movie 500
131 Jeremy Irons Produced-Used Custom Shirt From ''Beautiful Creatures'' 334
132 Jeremy Irons Screen-Worn Shirt From ''Beautiful Creatures'' 303
133 Jeremy Irons Screen-Worn Hero Shirt From ''Beautiful Creatures'' 334
134 Screen-Worn Samuel L. Jackson Wardrobe From ''Soul Men'' -- ''Post Fight, Bloody & Ripped'' PASS
135 Samuel L. Jackson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From 2008 Musical Comedy ''Soul Men'' 807
136 Screen-Worn Samuel L. Jackson Blue Suit From Comedy ''Soul Men'' 733
137 Samuel L. Jackson Dazzling Costume From the Comedy ''Soul Men'' 733
138 Dwayne Johnson Screen-Worn Leather Jacket From ''Faster'' 368
139 Milla Jovovich Screen-Worn ''Resident Evil: Afterlife'' Costume 3384
140 Milla Jovovich Wedding Band From Hit Franchise ''Resident Evil: Extinction'' 541
141 Juno Award for the 1978 ''Saturday Night Fever'' Soundtrack -- Presented to The Bee Gees at the 1979 Ceremony 1881
142 Juno Award for Hit ''Grease'' Single, ''You're The One That I Want'' -- Presented at the 1979 Ceremony 1881
143 Diane Keaton Costume Custom-Made for the 1984 Film ''Mrs. Soffel'' 807
144 Diane Keaton Blouse & Skirt Designed by Legendary Costumer Barbara Matera for Keaton's 1984 Film ''Mrs. Soffel'' 807
145 Diane Keaton Victorian-Inspired Costume From ''Mrs. Soffel'' -- Designed by the Legendary Costumer Barbara Matera 605
146 Glamorous Grace Kelly Signed Photo 250
147 Alicia Keys Screen-Worn Outfit From ''The Nanny Diaries'' 275
148 Keira Knightly Screen-Worn Sweater & Skirt Outfit From ''Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'' 722
149 Keira Knightley Screen-Worn Costume From the 2012 Dramedy, ''Seeking a Friend for the End of the World'' 722
151 Stanley Kubrick Autograph Note Initialed -- ''I have no opinion. There is too much I don't know. You must ask your agent, lawyer or Rabbi. Best / S'' PASS
152 Stanley Kubrick Autograph Note Signed -- Relating to ''2001'' -- ''...At least Arthur [Clark] sounds dumb this time, 'I think there's another world out there'...'' 491
153 Stanley Kubrick Autograph Letter Signed While Making ''2001'' -- '' sincere hopes for Miss X. She sounds so good it could be a come on for a wife-swapping ad in the Enquirer...'' 656
154 Stanley Kubrick Typed Letter Signed While Making His Famous Film ''2001'' -- ''...What a villainous person he sounds like. The movie is going well...'' 656
155 Stanley Kubrick 1970 Typed Letter Signed PASS
156 Stanley Kubrick 1967 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Things like this make you realize how pleasant physical violence must be as a short cut to problem-solving...'' 250
157 Stanley Kubrick Letter Signed -- ''...I am sorry that the weaknesses of human nature seem also to exist on the academic level...'' 250
158 Lisa Kudrow Screen-Worn Wardrobe From 2010 Teen Comedy ''Easy A'' 733
159 Mila Kunis Screen-Worn Wardrobe Ensemble From ''The Book of Eli'' 1302
160 Carl Laemmle 1931 Letter Signed Regarding Universal Studios -- ''...[Dracula's] success has prompted us to arrange for the production of...'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley...'' 4608
161 Rare 1940's ''Lassie'' Storyboard -- Painting Depicts the Most Famous Dog in Hollywood Running Through a Wintry Setting PASS
162 Jovial Laurel & Hardy Signed Photo PASS
163 Excellent Laurel & Hardy 13.25'' x 10.25'' Signed Photo 1577
164 Slapstick Laurel & Hardy Signed 7'' X 10'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 1183
165 Jude Law Screen-Worn Jacket From the 2006 Film ''Breaking and Entering'' 1302
166 Lucy Lawless Screen-Worn Roman Gown From ''Spartacus'' 1166
167 Heath Ledger Plaid Shirt & Undershirt From ''Brokeback Mountain'' -- With a COA From Focus Features 15919
168 Vanessa Lengies Leotard From Gymnastics Movie ''Stick It'' PASS
169 Vanessa Lengies Screen-Worn Leotard From Gymnastics Film ''Stick It'' PASS
170 Lindsay Lohan Screen-Worn Black Leather Jacket From ''Scary Movie 5'' 1302
171 Eva Longoria Screen-Worn Silk Dress & Heels From ''Over Her Dead Body'' 1302
172 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn Nightgown From ''The Backup Plan'' 1183
173 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn Harvard T-Shirt & Leggings From Romantic Comedy ''The Backup Plan'' 1183
174 Peter Lorre Costume Nightgown From the 1946 Film ''Three Strangers'' 550
175 Blockbuster "Jurassic Park III" Collection -- William H. Macy Screen-Worn Costume 1302
176 Tobey Maguire's Jacket From ''Spider-Man 3'' -- Slashed Across Chest For Action Scene 2796
177 Tobey Maguire Screen-Worn Sweater From 2007 Blockbuster ''Spider-Man 3'' 2100
178 John Malkovich Screen-Worn Hero Shirt From ''Warm Bodies'' 368
179 Mary Martin's 1963 TV Guide Award in the Form of a Silver Bowl -- For ''Best Performance'' in Her Iconic Role as ''Peter Pan'' 3723
180 Mary Martin's Sterling Silver Tiffany's Photo Frame -- A Gift From Carol Channing & Inscribed From Her 303
181 Mary Martin Silver R. Carr Picture Frame Displaying a Photo of Martin as ''Peter Pan'' 275
182 Mary Martin's Silver Plate Award From The Dallas Communications Council PASS
183 Marx Brothers Autographs on 3 Separate Sheets of an Autograph Album -- Versos of Sheets Bear Signatures of Jack Haley, Ella Logan and Frankie Darro 596
184 Matthew McConaughey Screen-Worn Suit From ''The Lincoln Lawyer'' 550
185 Dorothy McGuire's Wardrobe Most Likely From Elia Kazan's Acclaimed Directorial Debut, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" 405
186 Men in Black 3 ''CLASSIFIED INFORMATION'' Prop Binder 275
187 ''Men In Black 3'' Prop -- Alien Visitor Binder ''Restricted To MIB Agents Only'' 250
188 Alien Quill Prop From ''Men in Black 3'' PASS
189 Will Smith Used Keyboard From ''Men in Black 3'' 303
190 ''Men in Black 3'' Ray Ban Sunglasses Used by Josh Brolin 446
191 Eva Mendes Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From ''We Own The Night'', Also Starring Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Duvall 722
192 Marilyn Monroe Personally Owned Wine Glass 4957
193 Marilyn Monroe's First Ever Magazine Cover in January 1946 -- As Brunette Norma Jeane Baker Before Becoming Blonde 2796
194 Demi Moore Screen-Worn Wardrobe Ensemble From ''LOL'' 1183
195 ''Mutiny on the Bounty'' Signed by the Best Picture Cast & Crew -- More Than 70 Signatures -- Producer Irving Thalberg, Director Frank Lloyd, Charles Laughton, Clark Gable, Francot Tone & More 9882
196 ''National Board of Review of Motion Pictures'' Award For Top 5 Documentary of 2007, ''Nanking'' PASS
197 ''National Board of Review of Motion Pictures'' Award to Space Travel Documentary ''In The Shadow of The Moon'' PASS
198 Mary-Kate Olsen Screen-Worn Costume From ''Beastly'' PASS
199 Al Pacino 1961 Official Arrest Record and Mugshot -- Arrested in 1961 in Rhode Island at the Age of 20 For ''Possession of a Concealed Weapon'' 6748
200 Gregory Peck Screen-Worn Shirt From Oscar Winning Role as Atticus Finch In ''To Kill A Mockingbird'' -- One of the Most Respected Performances of All Time 1577
201 Sean Penn Screen-Worn ''Bloody'' Suit From ''What Just Happened'' Released in 2008 -- The Year of His Second ''Best Actor'' Win at The Academy Awards 1183
202 Sean Penn Screen-Worn Tuxedo Ensemble From the 2008 Film ''What Just Happened'' -- The Year of His Second ''Best Actor'' Win at The Academy Awards 1302
203 Academy Award-Winner Sean Penn Screen-Worn Bathrobe From ''This Must Be The Place'' 1183
204 Academy Award-Winner Sean Penn Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Offbeat 2011 Film ''This Must Be The Place'' 733
205 Academy Award-Winner Sean Penn Screen-Worn Wardrobe From His 2011 Cannes Film ''This Must Be The Place'' 1302
206 Sean Penn Screen-Worn Jacket & T-Shirt From ''This Must Be The Place'' 888
207 Bernadette Peters Costume From ''Slaves of New York'' 368
208 ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' Conceptual Drawing Designed for the 2006 Renovation of the Popular Disneyland Ride 733
209 Brad Pitt Screen-Used Handkerchief From the 2009 Tarantino Film ''Inglourious Basterds'' 250
210 Natalie Portman Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''No Strings Attached'' 1302
211 Oscar-Winner Natalie Portman Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''No Strings Attached'' 1183
212 Kelly Preston ''Cat in the Hat'' Pink Polka-Dot Dress Costume & Cupcake Prop 550
213 Richard Pryor Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Comedy ''See No Evil, Hear No Evil'' 500
214 Basil Rathbone Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the eternal question for the artist...What you have in some ways more provocative than in the case of Oscar Wilde...'' PASS
215 Will Rogers Jr. Matador-Inspired Costume From His 1952 Biopic About His Father, ''The Story of Will Rogers'' 541
216 Arnold Schwarzenegger Screen-Worn Reading Glasses From ''The Last Stand'' 491
217 ''The Last Stand'' Arnold Schwarzenegger Jeans & Belt -- ''Bloodied'' From Production 491
218 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sheriff Shirt From His 2013 Action Movie ''The Last Stand'' 446
219 Arnold Schwarzenegger Stunt Double Wardrobe From ''The Last Stand'' 250
220 Randolph Scott Screen-Worn Tweed Vest PASS
221 William Shatner Screen-Worn Dress Shirt From Popular TV Series ''Boston Legal'' PASS
222 William Shatner Screen-Worn Dress Shirt From ''Boston Legal'' PASS
223 ''Boston Legal'' Dress Shirt Screen-Worn by William Shatner PASS
224 Actress Jean Simmons Plaid Dress -- Made for the Academy-Award 1954 Nominated Film "Desiree" 1909
225 ''Forest Gump'' Boots Screen-Worn by Gary Sinise in His Oscar Nominated Role as ''Lt. Dan Taylor'' 733
226 Will Smith Screen-Worn ''Muhammad Ali'' Robe From ''Ali'' -- With LOA From Will Smith, Calling His Part ''...the role of a lifetime...'' 6134
227 Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Will Smith's 2008 Comedy ''Hancock'' 2100
228 Will Smith Screen-Worn Iconic Black Suit From ''Men In Black 3'' -- With LOA Signed by Will Smith 5453
229 Will Smith Wardrobe for the Hit ''Hancock'' -- Includes Will Smith Signed Lobby Card 1183
230 Will Smith's Cell Phone Used in ''Men In Black 3'' 491
231 Britney Spears Screen-Worn ''Crossroads'' Wardrobe 1433
232 Poster Design for the 1985 Comedic Film Parodying the Life of a Secret Agent, ''Spies Like Us'' PASS
233 Sharon Stone Screen-Worn Cashmere Pants, Top & Slippers From True Crime Movie ''Alpha Dog'' 1302
234 Hilary Swank ''P.S. I Love You'' Screen-Worn Cashmere Sweater 1302
235 Hilary Swank ''P.S. I Love You'' Screen-Worn Costume 1302
236 Elizabeth Taylor's Screen-Worn Costume From ''National Velvet'' -- The Beloved Equestrian Film That Launched Taylor's Spectacular Career 36100
237 Elizabeth Taylor Screen-Worn Gown From the Film Adaptation of the Hit Stephen Sondheim Musical, ''A Little Night Music'' 8983
238 Legendary Hollywood Couple Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton Personally Owned Decorative Glass Container From Their Vacation Home in Mexico 888
239 Elizabeth Taylor Personally-Owned Glass Apothecary Jar 888
240 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Personally Owned Gorgeous Glass Jar 888
241 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Owned Glass Jar 550
242 Rare Early Screenplay of Elizabeth Taylor's Classic ''National Velvet'' -- 1936 Script by David O. Selznick's Company 1735
243 Charlize Theron Screen-Worn Dolce & Gabbana Dress & Shoes From ''Young Adult'' -- With Wardrobe Tag Reading, ''Mavis 'Adjusts' Breasts in Mirror'' 1302
244 Charlize Theron Screen-Worn Tattered Wardrobe From Post-Apocalyptic Drama ''The Road'' -- Sweater, Shirt, Jeans & Shoes 1302
245 Striking ''Three Musketeers'' Screen-Worn Cardinal Guard Costume 303
246 Ashley Tisdale Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Scary Movie 5'' PASS
247 Ashley Tisdale Wardrobe From ''Scary Movie 5'' PASS
248 Marisa Tomei Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Lincoln Lawyer'' 275
249 Denzel Washington Costume From the 2010 Film ''The Book of Eli'' 977
250 Denzel Washington Screen-Worn Suit From Inspirational Drama ''The Great Debaters'' 1302
251 Canteen Used by John Wayne for Production of ''The Green Berets'' 2796
252 John Wayne U.S. Army First Aid Kit From His 1968 Film ''The Green Berets'' 1735
253 John Wayne Production-Used 11-Pocket Grenade Vest From ''The Green Berets'' 1735
254 Raquel Welch Cigarette Girl Costume -- Full Ensemble With Mini-Dress and Matching Hat, Gloves & Shoes 605
255 Olivia Wilde Screen-Worn Wardrobe From 2011 Comedy ''Butter'' 550
256 Robin Williams Suit From Comedy ''Man Of The Year'' 500
257 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Shirt & Fedora From Action Comedy ''RED'' 1183
258 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''RED'' 1302
259 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''RED'' 1302
260 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Ensemble From ''RED'' 1302
261 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Jacket & Boots From ''RED'' -- Prop Blood on Wardrobe 1183
262 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Hugo Boss Suit & Barney's Shirt From ''Lucky Number Slevin'' 1302
263 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''RED'' -- Plaid Shirt by Ralph Lauren & American Eagle Jacket 1302
264 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''RED'' -- White T-Shirt Distressed With Prop Blood For Action Scences 1183
265 Luke Wilson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Horror Movie ''Vacancy'' PASS
266 ''Wizard of Oz'' Colorful Poster Signed by Actors Jack Haley & Ray Bolger 405
267 Academy Award-Winnng Actress Jane Wyman Dress 500
268 John Quincy Adams Free Frank Signature 334
269 John Quincy Adams Illinois Land Grant Signed as President in 1825 500
270 Chester A. Arthur Personally Owned Custom Leather Wallet 4189
271 Chester Arthur New York Customs Receipt Signed -- ''...accruing to the matter of Cigars...'' -- May 1875 491
272 Chester A. Arthur Letter Signed -- Written to the Secretary of War While Arthur Was Collector of Customs for the Port of New York -- 7 October 1873 446
273 Aaron Burr 1827 Autograph Document Signed -- Regarding the Well-Known Eden Family Financial Case to Which Burr Served Counsel 334
274 Barbara Bush Autograph Letter Signed on Vice Presidential Stationery -- ''...look for the homeliest person in the crowd...I fake a lot!!...'' PASS
275 George H.W. Bush Custom-Made Personally Owned Watch -- ''George Bush'' in Gilt at 6:00 9503
276 Vice President George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed From 1981 303
277 George H.W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''...Life is so full and hectic...'' 303
278 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President Regarding the 1982 Mid-Term Election -- With Additional Autograph Note ''No opponent - that's the way to do it!'' 303
279 Vice President George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed -- ''...your role as an outstanding member of the Republican party...'' 303
280 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed After 1983 Beirut Bombing -- ''...our Marines have diligently fulfilled their responsibilities in Beirut, under very tough conditions...'' 491
281 Letter on Terrorism by Vice President George H.W. Bush -- ''...The President has clearly stated...that terrorism has no place in a civilized world...'' 722
282 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed & Autograph Note as Vice President -- ''...The Fund will achieve its goal of electing more Republicans in 1986 and making the Republican Party the majority...'' 275
283 Vice President George H.W. Bush Autograph Note Signed -- ''...I wrote the attached to the kid that drew the card you sent me. Loved it...'' PASS
284 George H.W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''...We loved being at your side...Even though we were spaced out by the 'lag'...'' 368
285 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''...Now that election '86 is behind us...'' 275
286 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''I look forward to working with you when the 100th Congress convenes...'' 275
287 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''...I wish I could give you a firm answer on this right away, but I'm afraid I can't...'' 275
288 George H.W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''...Bar + I send our congratulations...How exciting...'' 368
289 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as Vice President, Campaigning for President -- '' ensure my victory at Presidency II...'' 275
290 As President-Elect, George H.W. Bush Uses the Remaining Stock of His Vice Presidential Letterhead 275
291 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...Thanks for your warm welcome on my arrival...'' 275
292 George H.W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed as President -- ''...Cuban Florid [sic] sandwich...'' 368
293 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as President in 1990 -- ''...You stood with me on the Pelosi Bill, and I am very grateful...'' 368
294 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...Your vote sends a strong signal in support of fiscal discipline and getting a budget agreement prior to sequestration...'' 405
295 George H.W. Bush Typed Signed Letter as President in 1990 -- ''...This was an interesting and confusing election year...'' 446
296 As President, George H.W. Bush Sends Birthday Wishes Via a Typed Letter Signed With an Additional Autograph Note Signed 303
297 President George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed After Gulf War Ended -- ''...There is a new, wonderful sense of patriotism that stems from pride in our men and women in uniform...'' 656
298 Birthday Greetings From President George H.W. Bush 334
299 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President, Campaigning Vigorously in 1992 for Re-Election -- ''...We are working hard and looking forward to March 10 [Super Tuesday]...'' 303
300 George H.W. Bush Sends Birthday Wishes to Congressman Bill Young as President -- December 1992 303
301 George H.W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I'll only be at Duke for a few hours...'' 303
302 George W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed in 2000, Campaigning for President -- ''...I appreciate your hard work to make sure the federal government spends money wisely...'' PASS
303 George W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President-Elect -- ''...Dick Cheney and I want to thank you for all you have done for us...'' 1183
304 President George W. Bush Typed Signed Letter Concerning NATO & the Entry of Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic -- May 2001 1183
305 George W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- March 2001 -- ''...It is an honor for me to serve as President...'' 1302
306 George W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...Thank you for your dedication to a responsible budget and commonsense spending limits...'' 1183
307 Exceptional Letter Signed by George W. Bush as President -- ''...These funds are vital in supporting...operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in America's War on Terror...'' 2310
308 George W. Bush Letter Signed as President -- Dated 20 July 2004, in the Thick of the 2004 Presidential Campaign 1183
309 George W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- From 2006 -- ''...I appreciate your taking on this important responsibility...'' 888
310 George W. Bush Autograph Note Signed as President -- ''...God Bless You...Love, George'' 550
311 Rare Autograph Note Signed by George W. Bush as President 2796
312 Jimmy Carter Letter Signed as President Regarding Vietnam MIA's -- ''...I made a decision not to include anyone who is emotionally involved in the issue, i.e., someone from an MIA's family...'' 541
313 Jimmy Carter 1977 Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...If wasteful spending is to be curtailed...Congress will have to assist me in eliminating needless and counterproductive projects...'' 596
314 Jimmy Carter Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...I've asked the State Department to consider your views on our foreign aid program...'' 275
315 Bill Clinton, Yassir Arafat & Yitzhak Rabin Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Pictured at the Signing of the Middle East Peace Accords at The White House in 1993 4608
316 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President From February 1993 -- ''...It will always be a treasured memento of the Inauguration...'' 275
317 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President on the Political Juggernaut of His First Term -- ''...I do not believe that either party should benefit from exploiting the NAFTA issue...'' 795
318 1995 Birthday Wishes From President Clinton -- ''...As representatives of our people, let us work together to strengthen our nation and improve the lives of all Americans...'' 303
319 Bill Clinton Sends Birthday Wishes as President 303
320 1997 Birthday Wishes From President Clinton -- ''...we can continue working together to strengthen our nation and build a brighter future for all Americans...'' 275
321 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President to Bill Young Concerning His Wife's Surgery -- ''...Our thoughts are with you and your family during this time...'' 275
322 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President -- Dated 11 December 1998, 8 Days Before the House Voted to Impeach Him 303
323 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed as President -- 15 December 1999 303
324 With Scarce ''William J. Clinton'' Signature -- Bill Clinton Writes as President ''...United Nations and other peacekeeping...helped us protect our interests before they were directly threatened...'' 795
325 Bill Clinton Typed Letter Signed -- Dated 15 December 2000, the Last Month of His Presidency PASS
326 'William J. Clinton'' Typed Letter Signed as President 1 Day Before He Left Office -- ''...The challenges faced by Colombia are a matter of national security interest to the United States...'' 722
327 Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial Ticket PASS
328 China Plate From Eisenhower's Presidential Airplane Service 2100
329 Nazi War Souvenir Gifted by President Eisenhower to His Personal Secretary 888
330 Pen Knife Owned by President Eisenhower & Gifted to His Secretary 888
331 Pen Knife Owned by President Eisenhower & Gifted to His Secretary 888
332 Dwight Eisenhower Personally Owned Pen Knife, Gifted to His Secretary 1302
333 Millard Fillmore Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Civil War Poem, ''The Union'' -- ''...that the fanatic might feel the sting of its sarcasm, and the patriot inhale its spirit...'' 1166
334 Gerald Ford Personally Owned Camp David Jacket -- With ''The President'' Label 7259
335 Gerald Ford 1971 Typed Letter Signed Referring to Nixon -- ''...Your help on a very tough issue was deeply appreciated by the President...'' 275
336 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed From 1971 -- ''...May you especially enjoy this birthday and celebrate many more...'' 275
337 Gerald Ford Letter Signed With Autograph Note -- ''...You were super...'' PASS
338 Rare Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed on 16 November 1973 -- ''...after my confirmation [to Vice President] my schedule may have to undergo some drastic changes...'' 275
339 Rare Gerald Ford Letter Signed as Vice President -- One Day After Taking the VP Oath Of Office -- ''...I am sad leaving the House which has been my home for nearly twenty-five years...'' 446
340 Rare Gerald Ford Letter Signed as Vice President in 1974 -- ''...We in the Republican Party can indeed prevail...'' 275
341 President Gerald Ford's First Days as President -- ''...With the loyalty and prayers of...countless Americans, I am confident that we shall meet the challenges in the months ahead...'' 446
342 Gerald Ford Signed Endorsement as President -- ''...If we had more members of Congress like Bill Young, we would not be faced with the inflation we now have...'' 303
343 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed as President Regarding Mayaguez -- ''...I concluded that Congress and the American people would back my action to recover the ship and its crew by military action...'' 1554
344 President Gerald Ford Signed Bicentennial Wishes From 1976 -- ''...We have behind us a record of accomplishment and dedication to the goals of our Founding Fathers...'' 446
345 President Gerald Ford Asks for Advice on Vice Presidential Nominees in 1976 -- ''...I am asking that you send me your suggestions by August 11, 1976...'' 334
346 Gerald Ford 1976 Typed Letter Signed as President, Thanking a Congressman for His Re-Election Endorsement -- ''...Your assistance will be invaluable in achieving a Republican victory in November...'' 275
347 After Losing the 1976 Election, President Gerald Ford Congratulates a Fellow Republican on His Win -- ''...The American people need you in the House of Representatives...'' 368
348 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed With Excellent Post-Cold War Content -- ''...the Soviet Union's political and economic policies collapsed...'' 656
349 Large 19.5'' x 12.5'' Signed Photo of Nine 1904 Fuller Supreme Court Justices -- With Signatures Including Melville Fuller & Henry Billings Brown 1909
350 James Garfield Document Signed as President -- Very Rare as Garfield's Presidency Lasted Only 203 Days 7259
351 Assassinated President James A. Garfield Memorial Ribbon PASS
352 James Garfield Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...revival of the interesting scenes of which you speak...'' -- 24 June 1880 722
353 James Garfield Is Elected President -- Coverage in 1880 ''New York Tribune'' PASS
354 Presidential Gavel Made of Wood From the White House -- Removed During the 1950 Truman Reconstruction 2756
355 Ulysses S. Grant 1869 Postmaster Appointment Signed ''U.S. Grant'' as President 666
356 Ulysses S. Grant 1870 Document Signed ''U.S. Grant'' as President -- Beautiful Condition 807
357 William Henry Harrison Inaugural Presidential Ball Invitation -- Harrison Caught Deadly Cold at This Inauguration 250
358 President Rutherford B. Hayes Signed Military Commission -- 20 April 1880 963
359 Rutherford B. Hayes Signature 303
360 Herbert Hoover Signed ''The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson'' 250
361 Signed First Edition of Herbert Hoover's ''The Challenge to Liberty'' 250
362 Charles Evan Hughes Document Signed -- Upon His Speech Regarding the Justice System PASS
363 President Andrew Jackson Document Signed as President -- 1831 Land Grant 666
364 Andrew Johnson 1868 Pardon Signed as President -- With Bold, Clear Signature 1433
365 President Lyndon Johnson Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo Display 446
366 Lyndon B. Johnson's Biography ''The Professional'' Signed by the President -- First Edition With Dustjacket 334
367 Lyndon B. Johnson First Edition Signed Memoir ''The Vantage Point'' 303
368 President Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson Signed First Edition of ''To Heal And To Build'' -- With Personal Inscription From Christmas of 1968 368
369 JFK Assassination Collection Featuring Two Pieces of Bloodstained Leather From The Dallas Limousine -- Provenance From White House Official Who Removed Them 19263
370 Plate From JFK's Last Official Dinner -- Four Days Before His Assassination 2310
371 Rare Dinner Plate from JFK's Presidential Yacht ''Honey Fitz'' 1735
372 The JFK Assassination as Investigated by the U.S. Congress in 1978, Which Disagreed With the Warren Commission & Found a Conspiracy -- 5 Volumes 405
373 John F. Kennedy Personally-Worn Necktie 7259
374 Nikita Khrushchev & Lazar Kaganovich Document Signed -- ''...those persons who are guilty must be punished immediately...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 275
375 Extraordinary Lot of Items From Monica Lewinsky -- Used by Kenneth Starr in His Case for Impeachment Against Bill Clinton -- Monica ALS: '' I good at lying through my teeth or what...'' 20375
376 Abraham Lincoln Personally Owned and Worn Spectacles -- With Provenance From Lincoln's Family 70352
377 Abraham Lincoln 1863 Political Appointment Signed as President -- With Full Signature 4957
378 Abraham Lincoln 1861 Autograph Endorsement Signed ''A. Lincoln'' -- Just as the Civil War Was Beginning 4506
379 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed -- Just One Month Before His Assassination Signed by Lincoln as President 4096
380 Quill Pen Handcrafted by Abraham Lincoln's Cousin Dennis F. Hanks, Who Taught Lincoln to Write While Growing Up in the Same Household 1302
381 Wooden Pen From an Elm Tree on The Grounds of Abraham Lincoln's Home in Illinois -- With Provenance From Lincoln's Descendants 888
382 Exceedingly Rare Lincoln White House China Plate -- From the ''Buff Set'' Ordered by Mary Todd in 1865 Less Than Two Months Before Lincoln's Assassination 7259
383 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed in 1865 Appointing Samuel L. Woodward Adjutant General -- Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 4096
384 James Madison Document Signed as President -- Granting 50 Acres of Ohio Land '' consideration of Military Service...'' -- Dated 25 July 1815 656
385 Lee Harvey Oswald Arresting Officer, M.N. ''Nick'' McDonald Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Oliver Stones' movie ''JFK'' was filled with half-truths and right out lies...'' PASS
386 Presidential Candidate William McKinley & Running Mate Teddy Roosevelt 1900 Election Campaign Umbrella -- Clever Way to Promote the Successful Republican Candidates PASS
387 William McKinley Signed Photo Display -- With Bas-Relief Portrait 500
388 Original Chair From Presidency of William McKinley -- Circa 1900 From the White House, Then Known as Executive Mansion 17122
389 William McKinley Typed Letter Signed Regarding His 1893 Re-Election as Governor of Ohio -- ''...Please accept my warmest thanks...over the splendid victory of last Tuesday...'' 250
390 President William McKinley White House Card Signed 334
391 Presidential Medal of Freedom With Distinction Awarded to Robert McNamara -- Secretary of Defense for Both Presidents Kennedy & Johnson 18835
392 President James Monroe Land Grant Signed 500
393 President Nixon Letter Signed During Watergate -- ''...It is my intention to remain on the job and perform my duties in the best fashion possible...'' -- 20 February 1974 4608
394 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed as President Preparing for His Historic 1972 Visit to Communist China -- ''...a full generation of peace. As I embark on my mission to Peking...'' 541
395 1971 Letter Signed by Richard Nixon as President Regarding Vietnam -- ''...this Administration to achieve a cease-fire, the release of American prisoners, and the negotiation of a just peace...'' 1166
396 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...Your responsible action on the Floor today advances economic stability and is in the overriding public interest...'' 541
397 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President to Congressman Bill Young Regarding the Contentious 1972 Election Season -- ''...your splendid efforts in the Florida primary campaign...proved decisive...'' 541
398 As President, Richard Nixon 1972 Letter Signed Regarding Vietnam -- ''...a course of action which I am confident will conclude our military involvement in Vietnam...'' 1166
399 President Nixon 1972 Letter Signed Regarding Vietnam -- ''...these proposals...will bring an end to the killing, a return of our prisoners of war, a withdrawal of all forces with honor...'' 1166
400 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President on 23 June 1972 -- the ''Smoking Gun'' Day of Watergate When Nixon Told Haldeman to '' the FBI and say that we wish, for the country, don't go any... 875
401 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President Concerning the 1972 Republican National Convention -- ''...we have laid the foundation for victory in November...'' 541
402 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President After Winning Re-Election in 1972 -- ''...our great victory of November 7...'' 405
403 President Richard Nixon 1973 Letter Signed on the Paris Peace Accords Ending the Vietnam War -- ''...Now that we have finally achieved peace with honor in Vietnam...'' 1166
404 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed as President Regarding Rampant Inflation of the 1970's -- ''...Unless we want another dangerous inflationary spiral, we...hold the line on spending...'' 1166
405 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed as President From 1973 -- ''...oppose unnecessary programs which could result in tax increases and high inflation for the American taxpayer...'' 541
406 Richard Nixon Typed Signed Letter as President -- ''...we share a mutual goal -- a better America and peace and progress for all its citizens...'' 541
407 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed as President in 1973 -- ''...your remarks on the floor of the House...truly epitomize your deep understanding of the American system...'' 541
408 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...your wisdom in rejecting...the 'meat-ax' approach...'' -- 1973 541
409 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President From November 1973 Regarding the War Powers Bill -- ''...I fervently hope the dangerous ramifications of this measure can be avoided...'' 596
410 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President in February 1974, in the Thick of Watergate -- ''...I learn of the widespread support of my conduct of the Office of the President...'' 963
411 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President Just 10 Days Before His Resignation -- ''...the great good that can come when two people with love for one another ...'' 405
412 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed Shortly After His Resignation -- ''...Being hospitalized is not a pleasant experience...'' PASS
413 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed -- ''...You may find it useful in answering some of your hate mail!...'' PASS
414 Richard Nixon Signed Memoirs -- Leather Limited Edition PASS
415 Lee Harvey Oswald Autograph Letter Signed to His Mother From the U.S.S.R. -- ''...[send] the Ft. Worth papers for the month of November 1959, I want to know just what was said about me...'' 8166
416 Franklin Pierce Letter Signed to President James K. Polk -- ''...The sudden disbandment of the ten new Regiments has left him...without Employment...'' 666
417 Ronald Reagan Autograph Letter Signed as President -- ''...Please know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers...'' 1183
418 Stately Ronald Reagan Presidential Dinner Plate 2541
419 Ronald Reagan Signed Cowboy Hat 1302
420 Ronald Reagan 1976 Republican Primary Petition Signed -- Reagan Signs This Ohio Petition to Challenge Gerald Ford in the Primary 1183
421 Two Vintage Straight Razors Used to Shave President Ronald Reagan & Other Celebrities -- Gifted From Reagan To Beverly Hills Barber 3723
422 Ronald Reagan Signed Limited Edition of His Speeches, ''Speaking My Mind'' 1302
423 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed From 1975 as He Prepared His Challenge to Gerald Ford -- ''...this year's calendar is totally committed...'' 368
424 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed in 1978 -- ''...You are doing a great job; keep it up...'' 368
425 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...Congratulations and God bless you...'' 405
426 Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush Signed Book ''A Great New Beginning - The 1981 Inaugural Story'' -- Rare 541
427 Ronald Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph 303
428 Ronald Reagan Signed Photo With Inscription to His Secret Service Agent -- Also With Two Secret Service Plaques 334
429 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Copy of Her Autobiography, ''On My Own'' 368
430 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Copy of Her Highly Praised ''This I Remember'', the Second Installment in Her Autobiographical Trilogy 368
431 Franklin D. Roosevelt Saucer From His Presidential Yacht 605
432 Franklin D. Roosevelt Personally Owned Stationery Rack 1735
433 FDR WWII Letter Signed as President -- ''...there is no...conflict on this matter except among a very small number...who would rather nail my hide on to the barn door than win the war...'' 1577
434 Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Nautical Scene Water Glass 977
435 Franklin D. Roosevelt Personally-Owned Blue Glass Tumbler 977
436 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed 9.5'' x 11.5'' Portrait Etching 656
437 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Limited Edition of His 1889 Book ''Big Game Hunting In The Rockies And On The Great Plains'' -- #972 of 1000 2541
438 Theodore Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President -- To Yellowstone National Park Warden Buffalo Jones -- ''...I am very sorry to learn of the death of those wild buffalo...'' 2541
439 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Card 334
440 William Taft Supreme Court Signed Photo -- Signed by All Nine Justices -- 9.5'' x 9'' 3076
441 President William Taft Document Signed With Naval Seal -- Dated 28 June 1912 PASS
442 Harry Truman's Rocking Chair 19263
443 President Harry Truman Letter Signed -- Regarding the Passing of FDR Two Months Earlier -- ''...your kind letter with that touching tribute to my lamented predecessor moved me deeply...'' 1183
444 Harry S. Truman 1948 Autograph Note Signed as President -- ''...I also remember your receipt for raising big water melons...'' 888
445 President Truman Letter Signed -- ''...The question of division of powers...of responsibilities between the executive and the legislative as old as the Constitution itself...'' 1183
446 Harry Truman Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''... the beautiful cigarette case...'' 250
447 Harry Truman Inauguration Memorabilia From 1949 -- Invitation, Program and Seating Ticket PASS
448 Harry S. Truman Signed Copy of ''Mr. President'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 275
449 Harry Truman Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
450 Harry Truman Signed Portrait 275
451 President John Tyler Clipped Signature 334
452 Declining to Forgo Retirement to Heal Divisiveness on Slavery, Martin Van Buren Writes in 1855: ''I regret...the present inauspicious condition of the country, upon the slave subject.'' 2310
453 26 Volume Set of the Warren Committee's ''Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Hearings Before the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy'' 1302
454 1964 Teletype Regarding the Warren Commission and Lee Harvey Oswald 275
455 George Washington Framed Display Including His Cut Signature, Piece of His Coat & Lock of His Hair 4096
456 Rare 1783 Fabric Featuring George Washington and Sons of Liberty -- Featured in ''Threads of History'' 250
457 Vintage Album of 19th Century Portraits -- Tintypes & CDV's, Including One of George Washington and Ulysses S. Grant and Family 250
458 Daniel Webster Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding the Webster-Ashburton Treaty That He Negotiated, Resolving Several Border Disputes Between the U.S. & British Colonies in Canada 250
459 Section of Wood From the White House -- Removed During Its 1927 Remodel 1283
460 Bill Young Signed Speech Regarding Watergate -- ''...Rather than clearing him, the President's own words remove any question as to what must be done...'' PASS
461 '...Maybe, in God's plan, Richard Nixon was destined to be a sacrifice...'' -- Congressman Bill Young Signed Speech to Congress One Day Before Nixon Resigns 250
462 Chair Used by Napoleon Bonaparte at the Netherlands Home Where He Stayed at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 25640
463 Napoleon Bonaparte Official Document Signed -- ''...You will, General, have deported from the territories occupied by the French Army, the ten French priests...'' 1735
464 Napoleon Bonaparte Official Document Signed During the Italian Campaign -- ''...give me information on the gathering in the city Marguerita and on the 29th Battalion...'' 1183
465 ''Order of The British Empire'' Medal Presented to Winston Churchill's Appointee G. Humphreys -- From WWI When Churchill was Minister of Munitions 963
466 Winston Churchill 1955 Autograph Note Regarding the Geneva Summit -- ''...I am so glad about the Big Four Talks...'' 977
467 Winston Churchill Typed Letter Signed as Minister of Munitions -- ''...I am glad to learn that the King has approved the recommendation...'' -- 1918 1183
468 Queen Elizabeth II Autograph Note Signed With Nickname ''Lilibet'' on Buckingham Palace Card -- ''...With love and good wishes...'' 550
469 King George III Document Signed From 1805 -- Appointing a Captain in the Royal Newfoundland Fencibles PASS
470 King George III Signed Revolutionary War Military Document -- Dated 25 August 1778 500
471 King George V Signed Copy of ''The King's Book'' -- Also Signed by His Wife the Queen Consort, Mary of Teck 1577
472 King George V Cabinet Photo Signed as the 26 Year-Old Prince of Wales -- ''George / 1891'' 1577
473 King George V Coronation Collection From 1911 -- Admission Card, Carriage Regulations, Ceremony & Coronation Service Booklets -- Lot of 9 491
474 1951 Royal Christmas Card Signed by King George VI & The Queen Mother Elizabeth -- Giant Card Measures 8'' x 10'' 666
475 King James I 1598 Partial Document Signed ''James R.'' 888
476 Queen Consort Mary Photograph Signed -- Rare Signed Portrait of King George V's Wife 596
477 The Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson's Green-Enameled & Jeweled Bracelet 7423
478 Cartier Handbag Personally Owned by Wallis Simpson, The Duchess of Windsor 11959
479 Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor Worn Gloves 7423
480 Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson's Personally Owned Evening Bag 7423
481 1870 Otto Von Bismarck Document Signed Amidst the Franco Prussian War -- ''...In the name of the North German Confederation we approve to reoccupy the General Consulate of Peru in Lima...'' 275
482 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo 4506
483 Impressive 11'' x 14'' Photo Signed by the Apollo 11 Crew -- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins 4506
484 NASA Space Food Display From the Apollo Moon Program 1183
485 Excellent Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Uninscribed 3723
486 Neil Armstrong Check Signed ''Neil A. Armstrong'' -- Made Out in His Hand to His Fraternity at Purdue University 2100
487 Neil Armstrong Signed Index Card 666
488 Neil Armstrong's Signature 605
489 Two Neil Armstrong Signed Items -- NASA Book & Business Card 1577
490 Scott Carpenter Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
491 Gordon Cooper Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of Himself in His Spacesuit PASS
492 Rare Amelia Earhart Signed Photo, Taken Immediately After Her Successful Flight as the First Woman to Fly Across the Atlantic -- Also Signed by Flight Team Stultz & Gordon 1302
493 Thomas Edison Signed Check -- Dated 16 January 1929 541
494 NASA Astronaut Ronald Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Flew On Last Mission to Moon -- 1972 666
495 Charles Lindbergh Signed Postcard Featuring His Plane ''Spirit Of St. Louis'' 605
496 Dr. David Livingstone Autograph Letter Signed From 1857 -- During His Brief Stay in England Between African Missions 1183
497 David Livingstone and Henry Stanley Autograph Lot -- From the Earliest Days of African Exploration 1166
498 Mercury 7 Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Signed by All 7 Astronauts 3384
499 Samuel Morse Autograph Letter Signed Mentioning His Historic Invention, the Telegraph -- ''...I was on my way Westward to inspect the Telegraphic Stations...'' -- 1845 1302
500 Louis Pasteur Autograph Letter Signed -- From 1866, in the Middle of His Medical Career 1302
501 Wally Schirra 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed 250
502 Alan Shepard Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
503 Astronaut Deke Slayton's Wristwatch -- Engraved ''The First Watch Worn on the Moon'' 8784
504 Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh Signed Description of Discovering Pluto PASS
505 Edward White Signed 8" x 10" "Space Walk" Photo, Inscribed With His Famous Quote -- "I could see the whole California Coast" 656
506 Part From The Wright Brothers' Groundbreaking 1910 Plane, The ''Wright Model B'' -- The World's First Mass-Produced Airplane 1433
507 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed First Edition of His Autobiography 1283
508 Carl Zeiss 1856 Autograph Letter Signed -- Signed During the Time of His ''Carl Zeiss AG'' Lens Invention 1075
509 Howard Chandler Christy 1903 Wood Burning -- Charming Scene Entitled ''A Plea for Arbitration'' Depicts a Young Girl Pleading Her Case to Both Parents 250
510 Extremely Rare Walt Disney Hand-Drawn and Signed Donald Duck Portrait PASS
511 Original Disney Cel From ''Sleeping Beauty'' -- Two-Cel Set-Up Depicts the Evil Maleficent in Dragon Form From the Finale of the Film 3076
512 Original Disney Cel From ''Sleeping Beauty'' -- Portraying One of the Most Memorable of Disney Villains, ''Maleficent'' 4506
513 Original Disney Cel From the 1939 Short Film ''Society Dog Show'' -- Depicting Two of Disney's Most Iconic Characters, Mickey Mouse and Pluto -- Featuring Mickey in His Older Character Design 5453
514 Chester Gould ''Dick Tracy'' Sketch & Autograph Note Signed 303
515 Hank Ketcham Signed Sketch of Dennis The Menace PASS
516 Pablo Picasso Signed 14.75'' x 22.5 Poster -- 1961 2541
517 Norman Rockwell Lithograph of President John F. Kennedy -- One of Only 200 Signed and Numbered by Rockwell 963
518 Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photograph 2100
519 Auguste Rodin Letter Signed From Paris 795
520 Charles Schulz Giant Drawing of Snoopy & Schroeder at His Piano -- Measures 18.5'' x 14.75'' 3384
521 Charles Schulz Large Drawing of Snoopy -- Measures 18.75'' x 14.75'' 3076
522 Andy Warhol Personally Owned Pocket Watch -- From His 1988 Estate Sale 11693
523 Andy Warhol Personally Owned ''Elgin'' Art Deco Pocket Watch 11693
524 Irving Berlin Original Artwork & Autograph Musical Quotation Signed -- From His Most Famous Song of All Time, ''White Christmas'' -- With an Additional 1973 Typed Letter Signed 6599
525 Kim Carnes RIAA Platinum Record for the Hit 1981 Album ''Mistaken Identity'' -- Featuring #1 Billboard Song ''Bette Davis Eyes'' 446
526 Large 8.5'' x 12'' Self-Portrait Sketch of & by Enrico Caruso -- Shows Caruso With French Bass Pol Plancon 1075
527 Pablo Casals Autograph Manuscript Quotation Signed 250
528 Very Large CBS Records Sign From the New Jersey Production Plant That Produced Hit Recordings For Over 50 Years -- Measuring 30'' Per Letter 2541
529 The J. Geils Band RIAA Gold Record Commemorating 500,000 Copies Sold of Their 1982 Album, ''Showtime!'' 446
530 George Gershwin Signed Check From 1935 -- Year He Wrote ''Porgy And Bess'' 596
531 Guns N' Roses ''Best Rock Band'' American Music Award From 1991 -- Reportedly Used as a Doorstop Due to Axl's Distaste for Awards 15919
532 George Harrison Signed Check -- Dated November 1972 at the Creative Height of His Solo Career PASS
533 Michael Jackson Personally Owned Trademark White Sequined Glove -- Gifted to the Artist He Commissioned for Neverland, Circa 1984 27579
534 Madonna MTV ''Moonman'' Video Music Award -- For Madonna's ''Ray of Light'' Music Video in 1998 17511
535 Charlie Parker's Very Own Saxophone -- Aristocrat Model by Buescher Owned & Played by The Beloved Jazz Legend 31025
536 Elvis Presley's Personally Owned & Worn Gold Watch -- With ''ELVIS PRESLEY'' Engraved Around the Bezel 8983
537 Russian Composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 1907 Autograph Note Signed -- Elegantly Framed 1183
538 Kenny Rogers ''The Gambler'' RIAA Award Commemorating the Sale of 4,000,000 Copies of the Hit 1978 Album 795
539 Frank Sinatra Engraved Sterling Silver Candle Holder -- Engraved as ''Francis'' 1412
540 Frank Sinatra Silver Trophy Plate -- Gifted to Fellow Entertainer Milton Berle 1412
541 Frank Sinatra Brass Picture Frame Gifted to Fellow Entertainer Milton Berle -- Engraved ''Love, Barbara And Francis'' 2277
542 Samuel Francis Smith Handwritten & Signed Copy of ''America'' -- His Magnum Opus, Also Titled ''My Country, 'Tis of Thee'' 1302
543 John Philip Sousa 1929 Autograph Musical Quotation Signed of the ''Foshay Memorial March'' -- Sousa Prevented the March From Being Played After Wilbur Foshay's Check to Him Bounced 303
544 ''The Supremes'' 1960's Contract Signed by Diana Ross, Mary Wilson & Florence Ballard 491
545 Historic ''USA For Africa'' Poster Signed by 25 Musical Artists From the 1985 Charity Single ''We Are The World'' -- Including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Dionne Warwick, Bruce Springsteen 17511
546 Luther Vandross American Music Award -- Awarded in 2002 for ''Favorite Male Artist Soul/Rhythm & Blues'' 9663
547 ''We Are the World'' Platinum Record RIAA Award -- 1985 Award For The First of Over 3 Million Records Sold, Presented to the Benefit's Visionary Creator 666
548 Country Superstar Trisha Yearwood Multi-Platinum RIAA Award for Her 1991 Self-Titled Debut Album ''Trisha Yearwood'' -- Awarded to Her Manager 446
549 Collection of First Edition Books -- Lot of 18 Includes Classics ''East of Eden,'' ''Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'' and ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' 1000
550 Charles Bukowski Signed First Edition of ''Ham on Rye'' -- With a Small Drawing in His Hand 875
551 Rare & Obscure Truman Capote Hollywood Memo Signed for a Proposed TV Pilot Based on His Novella ''Breakfast at Tiffany's'' -- 1977 888
552 Clarence Darrow Signed Autobiography & Letter Signed -- ''...being a man of leisure means laziness...and I let the little things of life keep me busier than ever the bigger ones did...'' 541
553 Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...all social pleasures is denied me...I lead a mere working life...'' 1577
554 Arthur Conan Doyle Autograph Letter Signed -- "…unable to accept the invitation of the Lord Mayor + Lady Mayoress to the Festival Dinner on April 13th…" -- 1910 405
555 Alexander Dumas, Jr. Autograph Letter Signed -- Circa 1885 303
556 T.S. Eliot Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I wish...I could be in Paris and see the exhibition itself, but the problem of currency makes visits to Paris very difficult nowadays...'' PASS
557 Incredible F. Scott Fitzgerald Typed Letter Signed on His Top 3 Influences as a Writer -- '' an utterly imitative Sherlock Holmes story of mine and pretended to like it...'' 10871
558 First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Masterpiece ''The Great Gatsby'' 2100
559 Ian Fleming Signed First Edition of ''On Her Majesty's Secret Service'' 4506
560 Ian Fleming ''You Only Live Twice'' Signed First Edition -- Scarce 6599
561 Two Robert Frost Signed Poetry Quotations -- 1915 ''Birches'' & ''Trial By Existence'' -- ''The utmost reward of daring should be still to dare.'' 334
562 Zane Grey Handwritten Manuscript Page From His 1910 Western Novel ''Heritage of the Desert'' -- ''...The sight of it flashed into the gulf of Hare's mind like a meteor into black night...'' PASS
563 Zane Grey Autograph Note Signed -- ''...Books are good, but there is nothing better for a boy than familiarity with trees and flowers and birds and fish...'' PASS
564 Pristine Edition of Hemingway's Classic, ''The Old Man and the Sea'' PASS
565 Ernest Hemingway Signed Limited Edition of ''A Farewell to Arms'' 4096
566 Ernest Hemingway's ''For Whom The Bells Tolls'' -- First Edition, First Printing 303
567 Helen Keller Signed First Edition of Her 1929 Autobiography ''Midstream: My Later Life'' 275
568 Rudyard Kipling 1906 Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...when he was off for a gallop on his own...he looked...not exactly like a cowboy seen through the wrong end of a telescope...'' PASS
569 H.L. Mencken Autograph Letter Signed -- ''... Let me suggest as a subject for debate: 'Which is the happier: the baby yet unborn, or the man just hanged?'...'' 275
570 ''The Christopher Robin Story Book'' by A.A. Milne PASS
571 Extremely Rare Margaret Mitchell Signed ''Gone With The Wind'' -- French/Belgian Softcover 1st Edition -- Dated 23 January 1947 3723
572 First Edition ''The Pop-Up Minnie Mouse'' 1933 Children's Book -- Plus Three 1960's Charlie Brown Paperbacks 1960's -- Lot of 4 PASS
573 Eugene O'Neill Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I'm not much on sentiments...'' 275
574 First Edition, First Printing of J.D. Salinger's ''The Catcher in the Rye'' -- With First Issue Dustjacket 1577
575 Dr. Seuss ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Printing -- With Original Dustjacket PASS
576 Dr. Seuss Signed Early Edition of ''Horton Hatches the Egg'' 275
577 Dr. Seuss First Edition, Third Printing of ''McElligot's Pool'' From 1947 -- Early Book by the Popular Children's Author PASS
578 First Edition, First Printing of John Steinbeck's Classic Novella ''Of Mice And Men'' -- With Unclipped Dustjacket 550
579 Mark Twain Autograph Letter Signed ''S.L. Clemens'' -- Good Content Regarding Publication of an Upcoming Book 1433
580 Handsome 1885 First Edition, First Printing of Mark Twain's Masterpiece, ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' 1075
581 Tennessee Williams Signed Review for Author James Leo Herlihy -- ''...This is not a lost generation...but one which has found itself through contempt for social and moral falsities...'' PASS
582 ''The Caine Mutiny'' Signed by Its Author Herman Wouk 250
583 Emile Zola Autograph Letter Signed Discussing His Masterpiece Novel -- ''...I submit to you the full right for Great Britain to translate my book 'Germinal' into...English...'' 605
584 Unique Declaration of Independence 1876 Centennial Decorative Printed on Cloth 446
585 Peter Force "American Archives: Fifth Series Volume III" -- History of American Revolution From 1776 to 1783 Peace Treaty With Great Britain PASS
586 John Hancock Ship's Paper Signed as the First Governor of Massachusetts -- Dated 23 December 1784 4957
587 John Hancock 1792 Broadside Regarding Massachusetts -- Signed Twice by John Avery PASS
588 Patrick Henry 1779 Autograph Letter Signed as Governor of Virginia to Benjamin Harrison, Declaration Signer & Speaker of the Virginia House, Regarding the Capture of a Female British Spy 7985
589 1768 Document Signed by Founding Father William Hooper -- ''...great Damage and against the peace of God and our Sovereign Lord the King his Crown and Dignity...'' 2796
590 British Naval Officer Richard Howe Autograph Letter Signed During the American Revolution -- Dated 8 May 1776 250
591 Constitution Signer William Samuel Johnson 1774 Document Signed -- Signed Boldly in Four Places 275
592 Lafayette Writes Re: the Virginia Campaign to Pin Down Cornwallis Just Four Months Before Yorktown's Surrender Noting That the Enemy Has Left Richmond and Was Possibly Headed to Williamsburg 5999
593 Richard Henry Lee Autograph Letter Signed 3 Months Before His State Hosted the Yorktown Surrender -- ''...Since the country was first invaded by [Benedict] Arnold we have had a string of lookouts...'' 4957
594 Richard Henry Lee Long 1779 Revolutionary War Dated Autograph Letter Signed to Patrick Henry -- Detailing How the British Were Unwilling to Exchange Prisoners of War With the Americans 5999
595 Rare William Penn 1697 Autograph Letter Signed -- '' is oppression when even justice is unjustly done...'' 4506
596 Declaration of Independence Signer William Williams Autograph Note Signed 795
597 Civil War Document Enlistment Document Into Union Army -- 5 September 1864 -- Soldier Enlisted in 208th Pennsylvania Infantry PASS
598 Civil War Kepi Hat & Pin PASS
599 Jefferson Davis Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...draw on me now for half the amount but I must ask you to wait until say the end of the month for the balance...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 733
600 Jefferson Davis Excellent & Rare Confederate Content Autograph Quotation Signed -- ''...must be evident to even a careless observer of our race...'' 1302
601 Ulysses S. Grant Autograph Letter Signed in January 1865 -- ''...lose no time in having the Commission investigate into the Norfolk trade matter...'' 1433
602 Civil War General Henry Halleck Autograph Letter Signed as General in Chief -- ''...Iowa troops captured at Shiloh have been exchanged...Grant had effected their exchange...months ago...'' 1183
603 Illinois Artilleryman on The Battle of Nashville -- ''...Thomas...went for [Hood]...we met 15 hundred privates and two generals...We have killed, wounded and taken prisoners about 12 thousand...'' 2500
604 General Stonewall Jackson Autograph Letter Signed -- Scarce Letter Written in 1863, Two Months Before His Death -- '' ever dwell in the presence of God, where no sin can enter...'' 11959
605 Historically Important Civil War Document Signed by Johnston, Grant & Stanton -- General Johnston Negotiates His Parole Terms After Surrendering His Army & General Grant Agrees, ''...I am very much... 10871
606 Civil War Muster Roll -- 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry From 30 June-31 August 1863 PASS
607 9th NY Artilleryman Lot Including Minie Ball That Hit Him at Cold Harbor -- Soldier Also Records Lee's First Raid of Gettysburg Campaign in June 1863 -- ''...The rebs tried to make a raid into... 2500
608 Confederate General George Pickett 1864 Autograph Letter Signed, Disparaging Robert E. Lee -- ''...If Mass Robt. [Robert E. Lee] will only leave us but I have my doubts...'' 1577
609 Confederate General Leonidas Polk Civil-War Dated Autograph Letter Signed, to General John C. Breckenridge -- ''...I thought myself very explicit in asking...'' 1302
610 Civil War ''Citizen's'' Railroad Pass From Atlanta, Dated Just Two Weeks After Atlanta Fell to Union Forces PASS
611 William T. Sherman Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am willing to State to you...that my family is Strongly Catholic, but that I am not...the public has no claim to question me further...'' 1283
612 Civil War Era Shield -- Made From American Flag 250
613 Confederate Texas 20th Cavalry Discharge -- ''...reason of his being over 35 years of age...'' -- 15 July 1862 795
614 WWII Hero General Omar Bradley Signed Photo Display PASS
615 WWII Lot From the Historic ''Cabo De Hornos'' Ship That Transported Jewish Refugees From Europe to the Americas -- Includes Ship's Manifest & Nearly 100 Documents From Argentine Government PASS
616 Souvenir ''Instrument of Surrender of all German Forces'' -- Signed by WWII Generals Mark W. Clark, Matthew Ridgway, Jimmy Doolittle and German Naval Commander Karl Donitz 250
617 1941 Dachau Concentration Camp Prisoner Letter -- ''...Dear father, thank God I am still healthy...'' PASS
618 Three Official Nazi-Endorsed Documents Signed -- From the Nazi Police Commission in Vienna Circa 1938-39 as The Party Took Power PASS
619 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed WWII Memoir ''Crusade in Europe'' 491
620 Enola Gay Model Airplane Signed by Hiroshima Flight Crew Members -- Navigator ''Dutch'' Van Kirk & Weaponeer Morris Jeppson PASS
621 Enola Gay 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- ''This was 'Little Boy' - the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima'' 368
622 Pearl Harbor Captain Mitsuo Fuchida Autograph Letter Signed -- '' the German cities, I shall...testify to these young people concerning the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ...'' PASS
623 Memorial Service Program For Jerome-Gaston Vierstraete, a WWII Political Prisoner Who Died in The Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp PASS
624 Emperor Hirohito Signed Photo -- Scarce 5453
625 Hiroshima Photo Album From 1955 With Photos of Pearl Harbor Captain Mitsuo Fuchida 250
626 Adolf Hitler Signed Copies of His ''Mein Kampf'' -- Both Volumes Including a 1st Edition of Volume II, Signed by Hitler in 1925, Inscribed to Future SS Leader Josef Bauer 18835
627 WWII Japanese Flag Made for Soldier Going to War -- ''Be Brave for Country'' 1166
628 World War II Admiral Ernest J. King Illustration Signed -- Dated 1944 368
629 Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King Typed Letter Signed During WWII -- ''...The importance of petroleum to the general welfare of our country and to the vital part it plays in warfare is important...'' PASS
630 General Douglas MacArthur Signed Copy of ''MacArthur, His Rendezvous With History'' 303
631 Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed -- '' made my day a brighter one, indeed...'' 250
632 British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery Autograph Letter Signed -- 6 December 1955 -- ''...He is a ship-builder on the Clyde and they are very rich!...'' PASS
633 Benito Mussolini WWII Document Signed -- ''...By the grace of God and the will of the nation, King of Italy...'' -- Also Signed by King Emmanuel III -- Dated 20 December 1937 PASS
634 Lot of Six Nazi Documents -- Includes Letters From the Military to Families of Nazi Soldiers Who Died, Including One Who Hanged Himself & Another ''...fatally injured by falling from a cliff...'' 491
635 World War II Signed Naval Collection -- Including Signed Photos by Admirals Nimitz & King 250
636 John J. Pershing Typed Letter Signed From 1939 -- ''...Thanks to your courtesy in having a private car placed at my disposal...'' PASS
637 Enola Gay WWII Photo Signed by Its Pilot, Paul Tibbets 250
638 Theodore Van Kirk Signed Card & Note -- ''...I do not think there was any time since 1945 when U.S. should have used an A Bomb...only when our national existence were really threatened...'' PASS
639 David Ben-Gurion & Paula Ben-Gurion Signatures -- Signed in Jerusalem 334
640 Fantastic Content William Lloyd Garrison Autograph Letter Signed From Reconstruction -- '' was Mr. Sumner's hope and intention to bias the minds of the colored voters of the country...'' 7985
641 Martin Luther King Signed First Edition of ''Stride Toward Freedom'' 2541
642 Nelson Mandela Signed Copy of His Autobiography ''Long Walk To Freedom'' -- Beautiful, Near Fine Edition PASS
643 1935 Golda Meir Signed Report on Food Shortages in then-Palestine Due to Mass Emigration of Jews From Nazi Germany 6134
644 Very Scarce Golda Meir Autograph Letter Signed -- to Baruch Zuckerman, Written on Her Israeli Foreign Minister Business Card 446
645 Golda Meir 1962 Typed Letter Signed to Knesset Member Moshe Unna -- Scolding Him For Contributing to the Political Journal, ''New Outlook: Middle East Monthly'' 446
646 William Seward Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding the Supreme Court Case ''Jones vs. Van Zandt'' -- Seward Defended Van Zandt, an Ohio Abolitionist Who Helped to Free Slaves 334
647 Mother Teresa Signed Note -- ''...Jesus loves you / love others as / he loves you / God bless you...'' 250
648 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed From Calcutta, India --''...Do Not Allow Anyone To Feel Unloved, Neglected Or Unwanted...'' 275
649 P.T. Barnum Autograph Letter Signed to His Manager Major J.B. Pond -- ''...Surely you don't want to be a partner in the show! How could you find time? It would take some little money...'' 446
650 Adolphus Busch Letter Signed on Anheuser-Busch Letterhead -- Pitches Stock in His New Company That Shall ''...rain gold...'' 2100
651 Henry Ford Typed Letter Signed to Songwriter Carrie Jacobs-Bond -- ''...indeed thoughtful of you to send these two pieces...'' -- Dated 23 March 1936 1433
652 ''Ripley's Believe It Or Not'' Creator Robert Ripley Signed Photo PASS
653 Exceptionally Rare ''Red'' Version of the Osama Bin Laden FBI Most Wanted Poster -- Before 9/11 303
654 Buffalo Bill Original Newspaper Advertisement for His 1888 Book, ''Story of the Wild West and Camp-Fire Chats'' PASS
655 Wild West Icon ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody 1903 Typed Letter Signed ''W.F. Cody'' 550
656 Isadora Duncan Signature & Autograph Quote From 1916 303
657 Gothic Old English Document on Paper PASS
658 Amber, Gold & Guilloche Enamel Cigarette Holder Marked Faberge, St. Petersburg, 1899-1908 6599
659 Silver And Guilloche Enamel Brush Marked Faberge, With the Workmaster's Mark of Feodor Afanassiev, St. Petersburg, 1908-1917 11693
660 Escape Artist Harry Houdini 1926 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...The Spiritualists get along nicely without my assistance, and there you are!...'' 963
661 1901 Church Hymnal Book PASS
662 Rare Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan Macy Signed Photo Display -- Lovely Portrait Photo by Famed Photographer Nickolas Muray, Also Signed by Him & Dated 1927 1909
663 Rare Louis Vuitton Steamer Trunk Circa 1930 6599
664 Exquisite Miss America Crown -- Encrusted With Swarovsky Crystals & With Official Miss America Engraving -- Scarce 11959
665 Exquisite Swarovski Crystal-Encrusted Crown Made by the Miss America Crown Maker, Schoppy 4506
666 Stone Tablet From the Cathedral of Notre Dame -- Consecreated to the Archbishop of Paris, Emmanuel Cardinal Suhard -- Suhard Was Disgraced for His Support of the Vichy Regime During WWII 2310
667 Salem Witch Trials Participant Stephen Sewall 1723 Document Signed -- Clerk for the Infamous Court That Conducted the Worst of the Deadly Colonial Witch-Hunt Trials 550
668 18th Century Cannonball From The Spanish Treasure Fleet 666
669 Musket Ball From Sunken Galleon in the Spanish Treasure Fleet Disaster of 1715 PASS
670 Pottery Shard From Sunken Spanish Galleon in 1715 PASS
671 Barnacle-Encrusted Spike From a Sunken Galleon in the Spanish Treasure Fleet of 1715 -- '' of the worst maritime disasters of all time...'' PASS
672 1886 Statue of Liberty Inauguration Ticket, Designed by Tiffany & Co. -- ''Enlightening The World'' 2310
673 Rare Ticket to the Statue of Liberty Inauguration in 1886 -- ''...For Steamboat And Admission To The Island...'' 888
674 ''RMS Titanic Departs'' Framed Photo -- Signed by Its Youngest Survivor, Millvina Dean 303
675 Charles ''Tex'' Watson Autograph Letter Signed From Prison -- ''...We have overcome THE LIE OF THE DEVIL...'' PASS
676 Bill Wilson Signed Copy of ''AA Today'' -- Very Rare Alcoholics Anonymous Book 1283
677 Ed Barrow's Personally Owned Briefcase Bearing His Name & ''New York Yankees'' 4506
678 Joe DiMaggio Personally Owned ''Ping'' Golf Club Head Cover 888
679 Baseball Legend Elston Howard Autograph Letter Signed on Yankees Letterhead -- ''...I Have Been Sick Since The Playoffs...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
680 Jack Lapp Trophy From The Philadelphia Athletics' 1910 World Championship Win -- Incredibly Rare World Series Trophy Cups 19263
681 Incredibly Rare Boston Red Sox Medallion Applied to a Silver Cigarette Case -- From Their World Championship in 1912 8983
682 Alex Rodriguez Game Used Signed Mariners Jersey -- A-Rod Also Writes ''1998 Game Used 40/40'' 1735
683 Pete Rose Signed Baseball -- ''I'm sorry I bet on baseball / Pete Rose'' 250
684 Thomas Hearns' World Champion Boxing Diamond Ring -- With 1/2 Carat Diamond at Center 977
685 Ray Mancini Contract Signed From The Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight 1302
686 Unused & Pristine Ticket From Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight 500
687 Marcus Camby New York Knicks Jersey -- Game Used Against Toronto Raptors Clinching Playoff Spot -- 22 March 2013 1183
688 Chet ''The Jet'' Walker's Hall of Fame Trophy -- Fine 34128
689 Race Car Legend Graham Hill's 1969 Formula One Official Uniform -- Worn at the Apex of His Career, the Same Year He Suffered a Career-Debilitating Injury 21190
690 Famed Early 20th Century Scottish Footballer Tommy Hynds Rare 1904 FA Cup Winner Medal -- The Most Prestigious Award in English Football -- 15 Karat Gold 10630
691 1908 London Olympic Games Steward's Badge -- From the Longest-Ever Modern Olympic Games Lasting 6+ Months 4096
692 Olympic Torch From the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games -- Inscribed With Olympic Motto 2541