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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Scarce Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Academy Magazine Volume 1, No. 1 -- Established in 1927 With Only This Sole Issue Published PASS
2 Collection of Academy Awards Programs From 1977-1981 500
3 Collection of Academy Awards Programs From 1982-1986 300
4 Academy Awards Program & Auto Pass From 1954 -- Only the Second Year the Ceremony Was Televised 300
5 Josh Brolin Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Oldboy'' PASS
6 Pierce Brosnan Screen-Worn Outfit From ''Remember Me'' 807
7 Yul Brynner Worn Thai Silk Jacket From ''The King & I'' -- His Iconic Role For Which He Won Best Actor -- Selected by Costume Designer Irene Sharaff, Who Also Won The Academy Award That Year 2500
8 Cher Screen-Worn Dress From ''The Sonny & Cher Show'' -- Strapless Dress by Bob Mackie PASS
9 Cher Personally Owned & Worn Armani Hat PASS
10 Cher Personally Owned & Worn Bright Aqua Woven Straw Stetson Hat PASS
11 Sammy Davis, Jr. Personally Owned Bracelet PASS
12 Gerard Depardieu ''Man in the Iron Mask'' Red Velvet Musketeer Costume 5000
13 Leonardo DiCaprio ''Man in the Iron Mask'' Costume PASS
14 Michael Douglas Twice-Signed Suede Loafers Worn as Liberace in ''Behind The Candelabra'' -- The Role for Which Douglas Won an Emmy 1250
15 Michael Douglas Screen-Worn Dress Shirt From ''Last Vegas'' 550
16 Michael Douglas Screen-Worn Shirt From ''Last Vegas'' 550
17 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Her Hit Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' 807
18 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Her Hit Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' 1075
19 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Her Hit Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' 733
20 Peter Lawford ''Rat Pack'' Archive -- Documents for His Movie With Sammy Davis Jr., 63 Photos From the 1960's, Matchbooks & Legal Documents Related to Taxes & His Divorce From Patricia Kennedy PASS
21 Peter Lawford Documents From ''Ocean's 11'' -- William Morris & Warner Brothers Documents Discussing Finances Paid for His Role in the Rat Pack Movie PASS
22 Peter Lawford Air Travel Card PASS
23 Harold Lloyd Blue Wool Blazer From Classic Silent Comedy ''For Heaven's Sake'' PASS
24 Julianne Moore Screen-Worn Costume From ''Carrie'' 733
25 Blue Satin Robe Worn Onscreen by Mike Myers as ''Austin Powers'' in the Last Scene of the First Film ''International Man of Mystery'' and in the First Scene of Sequel, ''The Spy Who Shagged Me'' PASS
26 Patricia Neal's ''Fountainhead'' Wedding Dress PASS
27 Al Pacino Prison Costume From ''Stand Up Guys'' 888
28 1950's Paramount Pictures Sign -- Metal Sign Measures 20'' x 19.75'' 2662
29 Anne Parillaud Costume as Queen Mother Anne in ''Man in the Iron Mask'' PASS
30 First Issue of ''Playboy'' Magazine From December 1953 -- Marilyn Monroe Is the First Centerfold PASS
31 Susan Sarandon Screen-Worn Cowboy Hat From ''Thelma and Louise'' PASS
32 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sheriff's Shirt From ''The Last Stand'' PASS
33 Talia Shire's Costume From ''The Godfather'' PASS
34 American Cinema Editors Career Achievement Award Statue 1000
35 Golden Scissors Award Presented to Dorothy Spencer for Her Work Editing ''Earthquake'' 750
36 Limelight Award for Film Editing for the 1960 Drama ''From The Terrace'' -- Presented to Female Editor Dorothy Spencer 500
37 Prototype Stormtrooper Helmet From the First ''Star Wars'' -- One of Only About Half a Dozen of Its Kind Made for ''Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'' in 1977 PASS
38 Producers Guild Award -- Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to the Producer of ''The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson'' PASS
39 Tony Nomination Certificate for Best Play of 1998-1999, ''The Lonesome West'' -- Fine PASS
40 Tony Award Nomination for ''The Beauty Queen of Leenane'' -- For Best Play of 1997-1998 PASS
41 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Red 2'' 750
42 Lon Chaney Jr. Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
43 ''Downtown Abbey'' Signed Book & DVD Lot -- With Screen Actors Guild COA PASS
44 Lot of Hollywood Greats -- Clark Gable Typed Letter Signed, Moe Howard Signed Check & Deborah Kerr Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I simply cannot continue living dishonestly to myself...'' PASS
45 Laurel & Hardy Signed Photo 400
46 Marx Brothers Signatures -- Chico, Harpo & Groucho on 3 Separate Cards 1000
47 Anthony Perkins Lot of Items -- Signed Photo & Autograph Letter Signed 300
48 Rare Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood & Tony Curtis Signed ''Kings Go Forth'' First Edition Book -- All Three Starred Together in the Film Adaptation of the Novel PASS
49 A Young Frank Sinatra Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
50 ''Superman From the 30's to the 70's'' -- Signed by 9 of Superman's Contributors Including Illustration Team Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson & ''Death of Superman'' Artists Janke and Bogdanove PASS
51 Shirley Temple 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
52 Academy-Award Winning Actor Spencer Tracy Signed Photo 300
53 Rudolph Valentino Photo Signed -- Early Signature From 1919 1465
54 John Adams Autograph Note Signed as a Young Lawyer PASS
55 John Quincy Adams Free Frank Signed PASS
56 Spiro Agnew Autograph Manuscript Regarding the Sudden Death of President Lyndon B. Johnson -- ''...Comes as a severe shock. His strength and vitality, his liveliness and warmth...'' PASS
57 Chester A. Arthur Document Signed as President PASS
58 George W. Bush Signed 19'' x 12.5'' Presidential Campaign Poster PASS
59 George W. Bush Signed Photo Jogging with His Dog PASS
60 Jimmy Carter White House Used China -- Gleaming Emerald and Gilt Serving Platter From the Official State Service PASS
61 Bill Clinton, Yassir Arafat & Yitzhak Rabin Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Scarce Signed Photo of the Middle East Peace Accords at the White House in 1993 PASS
62 Bill Clinton White House China -- Entree Plate by Lenox From the Year 2000 -- Part of the First Order & Used in the White House PASS
63 Clinton White House Used China -- Cup & Saucer Set by Lenox From The Year 2000 -- Part of the First Order of the Most Ambitious White House China Service Ever Designed -- Fine PASS
64 Clinton White House Used China -- Salad Plate by Lenox From the Year 2000 -- Fine PASS
65 Clinton White House Used China -- Soup Plate by Lenox From the Year 2000 -- Fine PASS
66 Bill Clinton Autograph Letter Signed as President to Robert McNamara -- With Additional Autograph Note Signed by Hillary & Signature by Chelsea -- Scarce 2500
67 Stunning Eisenhower White House Used China -- 11.5'' Plate by Castleton China, Inc. -- Expertly Crafted With Exquisite Border Made of Pure Gold PASS
68 China Dinner Plate From Eisenhower's Presidential Airplane PASS
69 Exceptional Dwight D. Eisenhower Letter Signed as President -- Regarding the Soviet Arms Race, Nuclear Threat of an ''unspeakable type of war'', Military Spending & the 2nd Amendment PASS
70 General Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed to His Wife, Mamie -- ''...if there were no problems -- and no argument -- wars would be easy to conduct...'' PASS
71 Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Letter Signed During WWII -- ''...Yesterday and today have been hard ones on me...I get so I have no thought except crawling off in a corner + keeping still...'' PASS
72 Eisenhower WWII Letter Signed -- ''...Moreover, people are lost every day - I do not yet know how many this Army lost this morning. We have got to steel ourselves to these things in war...'' 1500
73 Oversized Dwight D. Eisenhower Atomic Energy Document Signed as President PASS
74 Dwight D. Eisenhower ''Crusade in Europe'' First Edition Signed 300
75 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed With Excellent Post-Cold War Content -- ''...the Soviet Union's political and economic policies collapsed...'' PASS
76 John T. Ford Autograph Letter Signed -- Owner of Ford's Theater Where Lincoln Was Shot -- ''...We are in peril...for the sake of the Union...'' PASS
77 James Garfield Signed Cabinet Card PASS
78 James Garfield Signed Telegram From 1880 -- The Year He Was Elected President 500
79 Rare James A. Garfield Free Frank Signed as a Congressman PASS
80 Ulysses S. Grant CDV Photo Signed - With PSA/DNA COA PASS
81 Very Rare & Unusual 12.25'' x 8.75'' Albumen Photo -- U.S. Senators Attending the Funeral of President Ulysses S. Grant PASS
82 Very Rare Warren Harding Autograph Letter Signed as President PASS
83 Warren G. Harding Document Signed as President PASS
84 Benjamin Harrison Document Signed as President PASS
85 White House Used China -- Oyster Plate in the Rutherford B. Hayes Pattern Ordered by Either the Arthur or Cleveland Administrations PASS
86 Herbert Hoover Humorous Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...This is a titanium diamond...Your jeweler can take out one of your ordinary can pawn the ordinary one with dignity...'' PASS
87 Herbert Hoover 1934 Letter Signed Regarding FDR's Controversial Gold Policy -- ''...I would of course be greatly interested in the investigations...knowledge of late 1932 and early 1933...'' PASS
88 Andrew Jackson Autograph Endorsement Signed as President -- Granting Executive Clemency 1250
89 1830 President Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed 550
90 Founding Father John Jay Document Signed From 1757 PASS
91 China Plate From Thomas Jefferson's White House -- Very Scarce, in Near Fine Condition 20897
92 Thomas Jefferson Official Dinner Invitation -- To Revolutionary War General & Congressman Robert Brown PASS
93 Very Scarce Lyndon B. Johnson Autograph Letter Signed, Very Likely as President -- ''...You were thoughtful - gracious & generous ...'' -- Fine PASS
94 Lyndon B. Johnson 24.5'' x 20.5'' Document Signed as President in 1964 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
95 Lyndon B. Johnson First Edition of ''The Professional'' Signed in 1964 as Part of His Campaign PASS
96 President Lyndon B. Johnson Signed National Gallery Book of Artwork PASS
97 Jackie Kennedy's Personally Owned Gold-Plated Necklace by Christian Dior 11794
98 Driver License Application Signed & Filled Out by Jackie Kennedy Onassis When She Remarried & Took Onassis' Name in 1970 PASS
99 Driver License Application Signed & Filled Out by Jackie Kennedy in 1968 PASS
100 John F. Kennedy Neck-Tie PASS
101 John F. Kennedy Personally Owned & Used Pitcher PASS
102 John F. Kennedy 11'' x 14'' Photo Display Signed With His Autograph Inscription PASS
103 John F. Kennedy Letter Signed as President, Regarding Civil Rights -- ''...the standards of nondiscrimination set forth by our Constitution...'' -- With Autograph Postscript by JFK & PSA COA PASS
104 John & Jackie Kennedy's Pewter Salt & Pepper Shakers PASS
105 John F. Kennedy Bust Sculpture by Robert Berks -- Presented as an Award Trophy in 1965 PASS
106 Plate From the Home of John F. Kennedy -- From the Sotheby's Auction of Property of the Kennedy Family Homes PASS
107 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of JFK -- Appeared as the Cover of The Saturday Evening Post in 1960 PASS
108 John F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed From 1954 as a Young Congressman -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
109 John F. Kennedy's Handwritten Notes From 1953 as a Massachusetts Senator PASS
110 John F. Kennedy's Handwritten Notes From 1953 as a Young Senator PASS
111 John F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed From 1954 -- '' the case of Louis Scorperotti who is desirous of having his brother, Giuseppe Scaparrotta come to the United States from Italy...'' PASS
112 Transcript of the Address John F. Kennedy Planned to Give the Night of His Assassination PASS
113 Press Badge for the ''JFK Welcome Dinner'' in Texas the Night of the Assassination PASS
114 Complete Press Package for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner -- Planned for the Night of His Assassination PASS
115 JFK ''Texas Welcome'' Dinner Program From 22 November 1963 PASS
116 Press Ticket to JFK's Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled for the Night of His Assassination PASS
117 Invitation to the Dinner Welcoming President Kennedy to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
118 Original White House Press Release of a Letter to Khrushchev Regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis -- ''...We...agree to remove promptly the quarantine...'' 500
119 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award -- Trophy Is a Bust Sculpture of Kennedy Presented to Wei Jingsheng, Author Who Served 18 Years in Prison for His Vocal Support of Democracy in China 3850
120 Robert Kennedy Signed ''The Enemy Within'' -- Chronicle of His Role as Leader of the Congressional Inquiry Into the Teamsters Union Scandal PASS
121 Robert F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed as a Senator on United States Senate Stationery -- ''...thanks for all your help in preparing for my visit to Portland...'' 500
122 Robert Kennedy 10'' x 8'' Photo Signed 500
123 Excellent 13.75'' x 11'' Photo of the 1963 Warren Commission -- With Signatures From All Eight Members PASS
124 First Edition Set of the Warren Commission's Report on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy -- 26 Volumes PASS
125 Lee Harvey Oswald's Killer Jack Ruby Personally Owned & Worn Trousers 6050
126 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' PASS
127 1865 Period Broadside of the Emancipation Proclamation PASS
128 Abraham Lincoln Owned Glass Decanter 61174
129 Pair of Abraham Lincoln Rocking Chairs From His Springfield, Illinois Residence -- His Last Before Moving to The White House PASS
130 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Letter Signed as President -- Lincoln Soothes Ruffled Feathers: "…This morning your brother came to me again…and insisted that there is still another place…" 15700
131 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Letter '' unfold the scheme of consummation of the plot for assassinating the chief officer of our government...'' 2500
132 Amazing Eyewitness Letter Detailing Lincoln Assassination Events -- ''...It became 'absolutely certain' that Wilkes Booth was implicated in that crime...'' 2500
133 1890 Ten Volume Set of ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' PASS
134 James Madison Land Grant Signed as President in 1814 500
135 Official Telegram Declaring President William McKinley's State of Health Two Days After He Was Shot -- ''The President Has Passed a Fairly Good Night'' 1000
136 William McKinley Signature -- Also Signed by Members of His Cabinet PASS
137 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President in 1823 PASS
138 1825 Invitation to Dinner at James Monroe's White House -- Given to John McLean PASS
139 Richard Nixon 1966 Handwritten Notes on Ending the War in Vietnam & China -- With Excellent Content -- "Time for decision to end war…1. Unite the U.S." & "Don't change policy toward China" PASS
140 Richard Nixon Signed Press Release Pertaining to Watergate & Acknowledging His Resignation -- ''...there have been allegations...that I knew about the planning of the Watergate break-in...'' PASS
141 Richard Nixon Souvenir Resignation Signed PASS
142 Richard Nixon Typed Letter Signed in 1975, Less Than One Year After Watergate -- ''...our family has been weathering some stormy days...'' PASS
143 Franklin Pierce Letter Signed to President James K. Polk -- ''...The sudden disbandment of the ten new Regiments has left him...without Employment...'' PASS
144 Franklin Pierce Document Signed as President PASS
145 Presidential Travel China Plate by Syracuse -- Likely Used on Presidential Rail Car ''Ferdinand Magellan'' PASS
146 Reagan White House Exhibit China Cup & Saucer by Lenox -- Fine PASS
147 Presidential China -- Dinner Plate Given as a Gift to Guests of Reagan's Inaugural Dinner PASS
148 Ronald Reagan White House China for Use on Air Force One, Camp David and the White House -- Fine PASS
149 Luxury Oak Boxed Signed Set of Ronald Reagan's ''Speaking My Mind'' -- Signed Limited Edition Book & Cassette Tapes PASS
150 Ronald Reagan Historic Republican Primary Petition Signed -- Reagan Signs This Ohio Petition to Challenge President Ford in 1976 PASS
151 Ronald Reagan Signed Photograph of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California -- Double-Matted to 20'' x 10.75'' PASS
152 Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush Signed Book ''A Great New Beginning - The 1981 Inaugural Story'' -- Rare PASS
153 ''Where's the rest of me?'' Signed in 1965 -- Ronald Reagan's Early Autobiography PASS
154 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart...'' PASS
155 Franklin D. Roosevelt White House Exhibit China -- Dinner Plate by Lenox PASS
156 Franklin D. Roosevelt White House Exhibit China -- Cup & Saucer by Lenox -- Fine PASS
157 Franklin D. Roosevelt ''On Our Way'' Signed First Edition, First Printing PASS
158 Franklin Roosevelt Letter Signed as President -- ''...You are wholly right in regard to the polluted waters of the Hudson River...the problem is...not [for] the Federal Government...'' PASS
159 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photo PASS
160 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1930 Typed Letter Signed as Governor of New York -- Mentioning Prohibition PASS
161 Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed -- ''...thank you for your kind letter and for the map of Greenwich Village and a part of Lower Manhattan...'' PASS
162 Theodore Roosevelt ''Big Game Hunting'' Signed First Edition From 1899 -- Number 695 of Edition Limited to 1,000 PASS
163 Theodore Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President -- To Yellowstone National Park Warden Buffalo Jones -- ''...I am very sorry to learn of the death of those wild buffalo...'' PASS
164 Excellent Theodore Roosevelt Letter Signed With His Holograph Postscript -- ''...the Federal Courts have...[created] a zone in which the corporations were left absolutely free...'' PASS
165 Theodore Roosevelt White House Card Signed PASS
166 Theodore Roosevelt Document Signed as President PASS
167 Theodore Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed -- ''...You have no conception of the multitude of calls made upon me...'' PASS
168 Zachary Taylor Naval Appointment Signed as President -- Just a Week After Taking Office 4400
169 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
170 Harry S. Truman White House Exhibit China -- Cup & Saucer by Lenox -- Fine PASS
171 Rare Gavel Made From Relinquished Materials From the 1950 Truman White House Reconstruction PASS
172 Harry Truman Signed Two Volume Set of ''Memoirs'' -- Both Volumes Signed 500
173 Harry S. Truman ''Freedom to Serve'' Signed PASS
174 John Tyler Document Signed as Senator of Virginia -- Recommending Virginia Citizens to the Navy PASS
175 Declining to Forgo Retirement to Heal Divisiveness on Slavery, Martin Van Buren Writes in 1855: ''...I regret...the present inauspicious condition of the country, upon the slave subject...'' 2500
176 Martin Van Buren Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the high respect in which I hold your good opinion, have induced me to communicate to you...a profound secret...'' 500
177 George Washington Military Document Signed as Commander of the Continental Army 10982
178 George Washington Presidential Invitation to Joseph Nourse, 1st U.S. Register of the Treasury -- Dinner Likely Concerned the Payment of Clothing for Troops in 1793 PASS
179 Woodrow Wilson White House Exhibit Collection China Cup & Saucer by Lenox -- Fine PASS
180 Woodrow Wilson Document Signed as President PASS
181 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Signed Bush vs. Gore Election 2000 Decision PASS
182 Supreme Court Justices Photo Display Signed by 7 Members of the Rehnquist Court From 1993-1994 -- Measures 20'' x 16'' PASS
183 Signed Photo Display by All 9 Justices of the Warren Burger Supreme Court PASS
184 Large Signed Limited Edition Lithograph of First Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion Signed PASS
185 Fidel Castro Document Signed as Prime Minister of Cuba -- Also Initialed by Castro and Signed by Manuel Urrutia as President of Cuba PASS
186 King Charles II Letter Signed 1000
187 Charles IX, King of France, Document Signed Three Years Into His Reign PASS
188 Winston Churchill Announces His Resignation as Prime Minister -- ''...for some time past I have not felt that at my age it would be right for me to incur such new and indefinite responsibilities...'' PASS
189 Winston Churchill Typed Letter Signed -- '' must not think of having no holiday, or of spending your only holiday in Hospital...'' -- 1931 PASS
190 King Edward VII Royal Cypher Diamond Pin 5000
191 King Edward VIII's Lacloche Freres Case -- Decorated in Diamonds With the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars Emblem -- Gifted Circa 1922 14272
192 Edward, Prince of Wales Engraved Golf Scorer PASS
193 King Edward VIII Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of His Famous Abdication Radio Broadcast PASS
194 Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's 100th Birthday ''Thanksgiving Service'' Invitation PASS
195 Royal Christmas Card Signed by The Queen Mother in 1959 PASS
196 Royal Christmas Card Signed by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother PASS
197 King George I Birthday Celebration Ticket From 1832 PASS
198 King George III Document Signed PASS
199 King George V Autograph Letter Signed From the First Year of His Reign PASS
200 King George V Document Signed PASS
201 Ticket to The Wedding of George Duke of York to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck PASS
202 Original 16'' x 20'' Print of Iconic Che Guevara Photograph -- ''Heroic Warrior'' Image Signed by Photographer Alberto Korda -- Increasingly Scarce Photograph PASS
203 Henry III King of France Letter Signed 1000
204 The Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 PASS
205 King Louis XV French Document Signed From 1761 500
206 Queen Liliuokalani CDV Photo -- From the Time She Was Crown Princess of Hawaii PASS
207 King Louis XI French Document Signed -- 15th Century PASS
208 Nelson Mandela Signed Copy of His Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Beautiful, Near Fine Edition PASS
209 Nelson Mandela Signed ''A Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles'' -- Only 100 Limited Edition Signed Copies PASS
210 Mary of Teck Silver Cigarette Case Given to Her Son Prince Edward in 1925 9746
211 Mary of Teck Silver Cigarette Case Gifted to Her Son Prince Edward in 1913 9746
212 Mary Queen of Scots Document Signed During The Throckmorton Plot to Kill Queen Elizabeth I -- Scarce 8054
213 General William Stewart Writes During the Peninsular War Against Napoleon -- ''...We know nothing of the movements of the French...Lord W. [Wellington] will make a point of following them...'' PASS
214 Viceroy of Peru Don Luis de Velasco, Marques de Salinas Document Signed in 1603 PASS
215 Queen Victoria Silver Photo Frame by Wright & Davis, Circa 1898 14272
216 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Invitation From 1897 PASS
217 Rare Queen Victoria 1864 Invitation to Buckingham Palace PASS
218 Official Duke of Wellington Dinner Invitation PASS
219 Coronation of King William IV & Queen Adelaide Admission Document PASS
220 Buzz Aldrin High School Diploma -- Very Rare Space Collectible From Aldrin's Personal Collection PASS
221 Apollo 1 Astronauts 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo -- Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
222 Exceptionally Scarce Apollo 11 Flag Flown to the Moon -- Signed by Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins 50556
223 Stunning 11'' x 14'' Photo Signed by the Apollo 11 Crew -- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins PASS
224 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins PASS
225 Nice Apollo 14 Signed Cover -- Signed By Stuart Roosa PASS
226 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden 500
227 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Colorado State Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15 / Al Worden CMP'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
228 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Ecuador Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15 Al Worden CMP'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
229 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' El Salvador Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15 Al Worden CMP'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
230 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Haiti Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Fine -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
231 NASA Space Food Display From the Apollo Moon Program 1000
232 Neil Armstrong Uninscribed & Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 3025
233 Neil Armstrong Twice-Signed LIFE Magazine Featuring His Autograph Inscription About The Moon -- ''...It's a bright but quiet spot...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 2500
234 NASA Pilots Signed Lithograph -- Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Pete Conrad, John Glenn, Rick Hauck, Jack Lousma, James Lovell, Wally Schirra & Alan Shepard -- Near Fine Condition 2500
235 Neil Armstrong Signs a Book on ''The National Aviation Hall of Fame'' -- Into Which He Was Enshrined in 1979 PASS
236 Neil Armstrong 1970 Typed Letter Signed on NASA Letterhead PASS
237 Neil Armstrong Signed Program From a 1962 Boy Scout Ceremony Where He Spoke About His Test Pilot Career Flying The X-15 1250
238 Neil Armstrong Signed Moon Landing Cover 1250
239 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
240 Historic Lot of Nine Newspapers from Neil Armstrong's Hometown -- Spanning Three Months, From July 1969 to September 1969 -- With Terrific Apollo 11 Content PASS
241 Lot of of 9 Astronaut Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Photos -- Vance Brand, Paul Weitz, Jerry Carr, Ed Gibson, Joe Kerwin & Bill Pogue PASS
242 Roger Chaffee's 1963 Astronaut Acceptance Letter -- Signed By NASA Director Gilruth -- "…a great pleasure to inform you that you have been selected…to participate in Astronaut Training…" PASS
243 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Signed Memoir, ''Carrying the Fire'' -- Nice, Clean Copy With Bold Signature PASS
244 Gemini 3 Space-Flown $2 Bill Signed by Gus Grissom & John Young -- Mounted to a COA Also Signed by Grissom & Young 3000
245 Three Gemini 5 Crew-Signed Photos -- Signed by Neil Armstrong & 47 More! PASS
246 Gus Grissom's Uniform Intended for Wear on Apollo 1 -- The Mission Aborted After the Launch Pad Test That Killed Grissom and the Entire Crew 14272
247 Excellent 18'' x 8.25'' Mercury 7 Signed Photo Display -- Signed By All 7 of the Astronauts -- For a National Geographic Story in 1960 4480
248 Photo of NASA's Mercury 7 Signed by All 7 Astronauts -- 10'' x 8'' PASS
249 Mercury 7 Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Signed by All Except Wally Schirra PASS
250 Space-Flown U.S. Flag -- Orbited Earth on the Space Shuttle's First Ever Flight PASS
251 Space-Flown ''Thermal Tile'' Material From The Outer Lining of Space Shuttle Columbia -- Flown on The STS-1 Mission in 1981 500
252 Excellent STS-107 First Day Cover -- Signed by Each of the Astronauts From the Tragic 2003 Mission -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
253 Jack Swigert 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
254 Edward White Signed 8'' x 10'' ''Space Walk'' Photo, Inscribed With His Famous Quote -- ''I could see the whole California Coast'' 1000
255 ''20 Hrs. 40 Min.'' Signed by Amelia Earhart -- With JSA LOA PASS
256 Hindenburg Wine Glass PASS
257 Charles Lindbergh 9'' x 8'' Signed Photo -- Attractive Photo of the Aviator in His Plane PASS
258 Charles Lindbergh Signed Presentation Limited Edition of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' With Partial Dustjacket PASS
259 Excellent & Large Charles Lindbergh Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo 1774
260 Charles Lindbergh Signed Children's Book About His Transatlantic Flight, ''Ride on the Wind'' PASS
261 19 Original Plane Pieces From the WWI Planes, Curtiss ''Jenny'' and DeHavilland DH-4 -- DeHavilland Was Restored by the Wright Brothers' Company 1500
262 Orville Wright Signed Postcard of the Famous Flight at Kitty Hawk 3025
263 Henry Robertson ''Birdie'' Bowers 8-Page Autograph Letter Signed -- From 1907, Five Years Before He Perished on Scott's Terra Nova Expedition 1750
264 Autograph Letter Signed by Howard Carter, Discoverer of King Tut's Tomb -- ''...The Nile has risen and now I ride by boat. Between me and Luxor is one sheet of water...'' PASS
265 Dr. David Livingstone Autograph Letter Signed From 1857 -- During His Brief Stay in England Between African Missions PASS
266 Robert Falcon Scott Typed Letter Signed on ''British Antarctic Expedition 1910'' Stationery Asking New Zealand to Overturn Its Refusal to Allow James Mackintosh-Bell From Joining Expedition PASS
267 ''Through The Dark Continent'' Inscribed by Henry M. Stanley in the Year of Publication PASS
268 Discoverer of Carbon Dioxide, Joseph Black Lecture Notes -- With Numerous Mathematical Equations and Illustrations -- ''...We shall now proceed to the Metals possessed of Ductility...'' PASS
269 Elegantly Signed Copy of Thomas Edison's Biography, ''Boy's Life'' PASS
270 Thomas Edison Check Signed PASS
271 Very Scarce Signature by Famed Scientist Edward Jenner, the ''Father of Immunology'' PASS
272 Uncommon Carl Jung Signed Photo Display PASS
273 Polio Vaccine Dr. Albert B. Sabin Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Polio in Mexico -- ''...The organization they have achieved for the eradication of polio is truly remarkable...'' PASS
274 Famed Italian Inventor of the Battery Alessandro Volta Document Signed PASS
275 Rare Oscar Edmund Berninghaus ''Native American Chief'' Pencil Sketch Signed PASS
276 Al Capp Ink Portrait of His Voluptuous ''Li'l Abner'' Heroine Daisy Mae -- 11.5'' x 14.5'' PASS
277 Nice and Large Early Al Capp ''Li'l Abner'' Sketch in Pencil and Ink -- Depicting Daisy Mae & Slobberlips PASS
278 Beautiful, Original Artwork by Marc Chagall in His Book, ''Peintre Sous un Arbre'' Signed 14272
279 Autograph Letter Signed by French Artist Eugene Delacroix PASS
280 Original Disney Cel From the 1939 Short Film ''Society Dog Show'' -- Depicting Two of Disney's Most Iconic Characters, Mickey Mouse and Pluto -- Featuring Mickey in His Older Character Design PASS
281 Animation Cel From the 1940 Disney Classic ''Pinocchio'' -- Shows Pinocchio During His Escapade at the Bottom of the Sea to Save Geppetto PASS
282 Original Animation Cel From Walt Disney's ''Pinocchio'' PASS
283 Disney Animation Cel From ''Dumbo'' PASS
284 Original Disney Cel From ''Sleeping Beauty'' -- Portraying One of the Most Memorable of Disney Villains, ''Maleficent'' PASS
285 1959 Disney Animation Cel of ''Maleficent'' From ''Sleeping Beauty'' PASS
286 Original Disney Cel From ''Sleeping Beauty'' -- Two-Cel Set-Up Depicts the Evil Maleficent in Dragon Form From the Finale of the Film PASS
287 Disney Animation Cel From ''Lady and the Tramp'' -- With Disney Seal PASS
288 Disney's ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'' Original Cel -- Featuring the Lovable Character ''Happy'' PASS
289 Disney's ''101 Dalmations'' Original 1961 Animation Cel PASS
290 Walt Disney Original ''Pinocchio'' Cel -- Intricate Artwork of Jiminy Cricket PASS
291 Animation Cel From Disney's ''Lady and the Tramp'' -- Fine 1000
292 Disney Animation Cels From ''Lady and the Tramp'' -- Set Up Together 750
293 Thomas Kinkade Artist Proof Limited Edition Signed -- ''Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream'' PASS
294 ''Painter of Light'' Thomas Kinkade's ''Gardens Beyond Spring Gate'' -- 1998 Artist Proof PASS
295 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker Juggling Pineapples PASS
296 George McManus Color Drawing Featuring His ''Bringing Up Father'' Characters Maggie & Jiggs PASS
297 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I regret to inform you of my brothers death...'' -- 1917 PASS
298 Jackson Pollock Check Signed to Pay His Taxes in 1953, Three Years Before His Untimely Death at Age 44 -- Very Rare PASS
299 Diego Rivera Signed Book -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
300 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Famous ''Saturday Evening Post'' Cover From 1959 Titled, ''Family Tree'' PASS
301 Norman Rockwell's Original 1943 ''Four Freedoms'' Poster Set PASS
302 Master of Americana, Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Well-Known Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
303 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''The Christmas Coach'' PASS
304 Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photograph PASS
305 Rare ''Every Building on the Sunset Strip'' by Edward Ruscha, Early Edition From 1966 PASS
306 Charles Schulz Large Drawing of Snoopy -- Measures 18.75'' x 14.75'' PASS
307 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy as WWI Flying Ace -- Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Home is on Top of a Dog House'' 1000
308 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy, Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Security is a Thumb and a Blanket'' -- Fine 750
309 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy, Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Home is on Top of a Dog House'' 750
310 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy, Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Foodie Theme Book -- ''Suppertime'' 750
311 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Foodie Theme Book, ''Suppertime!'' 908
312 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Charlie Brown, Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Happiness is a Sad Song'' 750
313 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy -- Drawn Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Security is a Thumb and a Blanket'' -- Fine 750
314 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Snoopy Sketch Within The ''Peanuts Cook Book'' 750
315 Charles Schulz ''Peanuts'' Book With Hand-Drawn Sketch of Charlie Brown 750
316 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Snoopy Sketch, Within The ''Peanuts Cook Book'' 750
317 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy, Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Happiness is a Sad Song'' 750
318 Schulz Hand-Drawn Snoopy Sketch Within The ''Peanuts Cook Book'' 750
319 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Snoopy Sketch, Within His Classic Book, ''Happiness is a Warm Puppy'' 750
320 Charles Schulz Sketch of Linus Within His Signed ''Peanuts'' Christmas Theme Book 500
321 Original Elzie Segar ''Popeye'' Artwork Signed From the 1930's PASS
322 Original Drawing of Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss PASS
323 Dr. Seuss Whimsical Drawing of ''The Cat in the Hat'' PASS
324 Shrek Creator William Steig Hand-Drawn ''New Yorker'' Cartoon PASS
325 Stuart & Revett's 5-Volume Book Set, ''Antiquites d'Athenes'' -- Famous Architectural Study PASS
326 Andy Warhol Signed Iconic Campbell's Soup Label -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
327 Andy Warhol Signed First Edition of His Book With Dustjacket -- ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again)'' PASS
328 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Welcome Home!'' Signed -- With Sketch of a Young Boy PASS
329 Ludwig Bemelmans Hand-Drawn Sketch & Signed Inscription Within His Popular Book, ''Madeline's Rescue'' PASS
330 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Madeline in London'' Signed -- With Beautiful Hand Drawn Sketch of a Child on a Horse PASS
331 Ludwig Bemelmans Signed & Hand-Drawn Elephant Sketch Upon His Classic ''Madeline'' Book PASS
332 Rare 1880 Set of ''Life and Works of William Blake'' -- With Elaborate Gilt Decorations & Woodcuts PASS
333 Very Rare First Edition, First Printing of Raymond Chandler's Masterpiece ''The Big Sleep'' -- The Book That Brought His Detective Philip Marlowe to Fame -- With Original Scarce Dustjacket PASS
334 Garth Williams' Initialed Preliminary Sketch for E.B White's ''Charlotte's Web'' -- Window Into the Process of the Artist's Character Development for 1952 Classic PASS
335 Mark Twain Check Signed as Samuel Clemens 1000
336 Roald Dahl Signed ''James and the Giant Peach'' -- Scarce PASS
337 First Printing of ''Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'' by Sci-Fi Legend Philip K. Dick -- The Novel That Inspired The Film ''Blade Runner'' PASS
338 Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have just returned to town after six weeks absent...'' -- 1840 While Working on ''Christmas Story'' 1500
339 Nice, Clean William Faulkner Signature in His Novel ''Requiem For A Nun'' PASS
340 Limited Edition of ''A Green Bough'' Signed By William Faulkner -- Rare Copy of Faulkner's 2nd Book of Poetry PASS
341 Ian Fleming ''You Only Live Twice'' Signed First Edition -- Scarce PASS
342 Perry Mason Mystery Signed by Author Erle Stanley Gardner -- ''The Case of the Duplicate Daughter'' First Edition PASS
343 ''The Great Gatsby'' -- First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Legendary Novel PASS
344 Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...About undoubtedly know more about the book and the events surrounding it than I do...I would not trust my memory...'' PASS
345 Joseph Heller on His ''Catch-22'' Protagonist -- ''...there was not for a moment the thought of making Yossarian Jewish. That was a line of development in which I did not want to get involved...'' PASS
346 Ernest Hemingway Letter Signed the Year Before His Suicide -- ''... for the material sent to Spain last summer...'' -- Referring to the Trip Where He Wrote His Swansong ''The Dangerous Summer'' PASS
347 Langston Hughes Signed First Edition of ''Shakespeare in Harlem'' PASS
348 Rare Signed & Inscribed First Edition of Langston Hughes' Novel, ''Tambourines to Glory'' PASS
349 Stephen King First Edition ''The Stand'' Signed From 1979 1000
350 Stephen King Signed Postcard -- ''CHRISTINE will be out in May....sleep with the bathroom light on and the covers tucked in and you'll be alright. Probably...'' PASS
351 Stephen King Signed First Printing of ''Different Seasons'' PASS
352 ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' Signed by Harper Lee in 1960, the Year of Publication 5000
353 Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I simply don't give interviews, because it takes great skill to ask meaningful questions and very few people in the media have it...'' PASS
354 Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- Along With Signed Christmas Card -- ''...all this E-Mail nonsense - forget it!...'' PASS
355 Jack London's ''Call of the Wild'' Signed PASS
356 J.R.R. Tolkien's Classic ''Lord of the Rings'' Trilogy -- First Edition Set PASS
357 Gorgeous Signed Limited Edition of Cormack McCarthy's ''No Country For Old Men'' -- The Novel That Inspired 2007's Best Picture -- Fine PASS
358 Margaret Mitchell Signed First Edition of Her Novel ''Gone With The Wind'' -- With Original Dustjacket PASS
359 Eugene O'Neill Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I'm not much on sentiments...'' PASS
360 Dorothy Parker Large Photo With Inscribed & Signed Mat -- 1928 750
361 American Novelist Thomas Pynchon Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I would of course be happy to sign some books for your son - it would be an honor...'' -- 1986 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
362 First Edition, First Printing of J.D. Salinger's ''The Catcher in the Rye'' -- With First Issue Dustjacket PASS
363 Maurice Sendak Original ''Wild Things'' Sketch Signed -- 12.25'' x 14.75'' PASS
364 Very Special ''Where the Wild Things Are'' -- Maurice Sendak Signs and Sketches a Wild Thing PASS
365 Maurice Sendak 1967 Autograph Letter Signed -- '' seems my 'Wild Things' has caused quite a sensation...'' PASS
366 Dr. Seuss ''McElligot's Pool'' First Edition -- With Signature & Hand-Drawn Sketch by Seuss PASS
367 Dr. Seuss' ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Edition, First Printing With First Printing Dustjacket PASS
368 True First Edition, First Printing of ''How The Grinch Stole Christmas'' in Beautiful Condition -- With Well-Preserved Dustjacket PASS
369 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...When things get a bit more un-gerunularized...'' PASS
370 Dr. Seuss Handwritten Postcard -- During a Trip to East Africa PASS
371 Nevil Shute's ''Kindling'' -- First Edition With Scarce Unclipped Dustjacket -- Only Copy on Market With Dustjacket PASS
372 John Steinbeck Signed ''The Short Novels of John Steinbeck'' -- 1st Printing in Original Dustjacket PASS
373 First Edition, First Printing of John Steinbeck's Classic Novella ''Of Mice And Men'' -- With Unclipped Dustjacket PASS
374 First American Edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's Classic ''Treasure Island'' -- The Rare First Illustrated Edition PASS
375 Harriet Beecher Stowe Handwrites a Quote From ''Macbeth'' and Signs Alongside William Cullen Bryant Upon a Single Slip PASS
376 Satirist Jonathan Swift's Very Witty Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...[he] is as high a Whig and more...And yet he is a very honest Gentleman...a Doctor who kills or cures half the city...'' -- 1735 10721
377 First Edition, First Printing of Mark Twain's Masterpiece, ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' -- Beautiful Condition PASS
378 ''The Writings of Mark Twain'' 37 Volume Set -- Signed Both ''S.L. Clemens'' and ''Mark Twain'' to Volume 1 PASS
379 Noah Webster Document Signed -- 1812 Deed in Amherst, Massachusetts PASS
380 Rare Walt Whitman Signed Portrait Engraving -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
381 Garth Williams Drawing for the Cover of ''Emmett's Pig'' -- With an Initialed Note in His Hand Regarding Changes for the Next Draft PASS
382 Queen of Latin Music, Selena's Official 1994 Tejano Music Award for Album of the Year -- Just a Year Before Her Tragic Death 3025
383 Queen of Latin Music, Selena's Official 1996 Tejano Music Award for Song of the Year -- Awarded Posthumously 2750
384 Scarce Sex Pistols Poster for Their Final Tour in the UK -- Poster Full of Quotes by Venues Stating They're Not Welcome PASS
385 Scarce Test Print of Sex Pistols Poster Promoting the Last Leg of Their Final Tour in England PASS
386 The Famous ''Oliver Twist Manifesto'' Poster for the Sex Pistols' Last Ever Show in Britain -- Single Sided Test Print Before Poster's Final Issue PASS
387 Sex Pistols 1976 Press Kit -- Issued by Glitterbest, Malcolm McClaren's Company to Get a Recording Contract for the Group -- ''The Sex Pistols are the foremost rock outfit in the country...'' PASS
388 Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Personally Owned & Used Signature Microphone Scarf -- Scarf Is Also Signed by Tyler PASS
389 Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Gold RIAA Award for ''Live Alive'' 750
390 Louis Armstrong Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo Issued by His Booking Agent -- Signed ''Satchmo'' And ''Louis Armstrong'' 500
391 Irving Berlin Original Artwork & Autograph Musical Quotation Signed -- From His Most Famous Song of All Time, ''White Christmas'' -- With an Additional 1973 Typed Letter Signed PASS
392 Large 8.5'' x 12'' Self-Portrait Sketch of & by Enrico Caruso -- Shows Caruso With French Bass Pol Plancon PASS
393 Enrico Caruso Sketch of Fellow Opera Legend Pol Plancon -- Sketched While on a South American Tour, on Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires Stationery -- Circa 1917 PASS
394 Opera Singer Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn & Signed Caricature -- Caruso Draws Himself as Character ''Flammen'' in ''Lodoletta'' PASS
395 George Gershwin Personal Check Signed PASS
396 Vladimir Horowitz Portrait Photo at a Piano Signed PASS
397 Russian Composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 1907 Autograph Note Signed -- Elegantly Framed PASS
398 Arsenal Match-Worn Lot of Ten 2013 Jerseys, Each Jersey Signed by Its Player -- Arteta, Bendtner, Cazorla, Gibbs, Gnabry, Hayden, Koscieiny, Monreal, Sagna & Szczesny 12100
399 Aston Villa Match-Worn Lot of 17 Jerseys Signed -- Bacuna, Baker, Benteke, Bowery, Clark, El Ahmadi, Guzan, Helenius, Herd, Johnson, Kozak, Lowton, Robinson, Sylla, Tonev, Westwood and Vlaar 5500
400 Lot of 7 Chelsea Jerseys Signed, Most Match-Worn -- Azpilicueta, Ba, Bertrand, Cole, De Bruyne, Eto'o and Terry 6655
401 Everton Lot of 11 Jerseys Signed & Match Worn -- Barry, Baines, Barkley, Coleman, Deulofeu, Distin, Howard, Lukaku, McCarthy, Osman and Pienaar 6655
402 Exceedingly Rare Official Program for the 1931 F.A. Cup Finals -- In Which Two Midlands Rivals Competed, as the Only West Midlands Local Derby in the Cup's History PASS
403 Very Rare Program From the 8th Wembley Final in 1930 PASS
404 Program From the F.A. Cup Final in 1929 Between Bolton & Portsmouth PASS
405 Lot of 12 Hull City Jerseys Signed & Match-Worn -- Boyd, Davies, Elmohamady, Figueroa, Harper, Huddlestone, Koren, McShane, Meyler, Quinn, Rosenior and Sagbo 6050
406 Liverpool Match-Worn Lot of 3 Jerseys Signed -- Gerrard, Leiva & Suarez 6655
407 Lot of 3 Queens Park Rangers Match Worn Jerseys Signed -- Barton, Green & Phillips PASS
408 Lot of 19 Match Worn Manchester United Jerseys Signed -- Carrick, Cleverley, De Gea, Evans, Evra, Fellaini, Giggs, Januzaj, Jones, Kagawa, Rooney, Smalling, Valencia and Vidic 19489
409 Newcastle United Lot of 11 Match Worn Jerseys Signed -- Ameobi, Anita, Cisse, Coloccini, Debuchy, Gouffran, Obertan, Davide Santon, Sissoko, Williamson and Yanga-Mbiwa PASS
410 Lot of 11 Sunderland Match Worn Jerseys Signed -- Bardsley, Borini, Brown, Celustka, Colback, Fletcher, Johnson, Larsson, Mannone, O'Shea and Sung-Yueng 6655
411 Lot of 12 Tottenham Hotspur Match Worn Jerseys Signed -- Dawson, Erikson, Friedel, Paulinho, Sandro, Soldado, Townsend, Vertonghen and Walker 12100
412 Williem Lehman's FIFA World Cup 1934 Participation Medal PASS
413 FIFA World Cup Participation Medal From 1938 -- Issued Only to Members of the FIFA Executive Commission PASS
414 Excellent Ty Cobb Signed Photo of a Fielding Action Shot in Uniform -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
415 Joe DiMaggio Personally Owned & Used Stemmed Glass PASS
416 Photo Signed by Joe DiMaggio & Ted Williams -- 10'' x 8'' -- With JSA COA -- Near Fine PASS
417 Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
418 Evan Longoria Signed & Game-Worn Home Jersey -- From the 16 June 2011 Rays v. Red Sox Game PASS
419 Babe Ruth Signed 1933 Yankees Ball -- Also Signed by 20 Players on the 1933 Yankees Including Lou Gehrig -- With PSA/DNA COA 4400
420 Babe Ruth Check Signed From 1937 -- PSA/DNA Encapsulated PASS
421 Indianapolis 500 Winner Mark Donahue 1973 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...No one is ever going to become a professional driver if he doesn't win races...'' PASS
422 Very Early Indianapolis Motor Speedway Ticket Stub -- From the Pre-500 Races PASS
423 Huge Poster Promoting Evel Knievel at Wembley Stadium 26 May 1975 -- The Show That Broke His Pelvis & Nearly Took His Life -- Oversized Poster Measures 3.5' x 5' PASS
424 ''Pistol'' Pete Maravich Signed Vanderbilt College Basketball Program -- Scarce Signature Inscribed to Sports Journalist Boo Odem PASS
425 James Naismith Autograph Letter Signed to His Daughter During His WWI Service -- ''...How are you getting along with Physiology. Get good grades in that course anyway...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
426 Bronze Medal From the 1920 Summer Olympics, Held in Antwerp, Belgium 11794
427 Athlete Signed Album for the 1955 Funeral of Sports Editor Arch Ward -- With Signatures of Two of Knute Rockne's Four Horsemen -- Also Signed by HOFers Paddy Driscoll & Joe Stydahar PASS
428 Football Star & Legendary Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg 8'' x 11'' Signed Photo -- Inscribed to Christy Walsh PASS
429 Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier 1970 ''Fight of the Century'' Original Dual-Signed Contract PASS
430 Ray Mancini Contract Signed From the Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight PASS
431 Stephen Decatur Autograph Letter of Introduction Signed 750
432 1876 Centennial Broadside Print of The Declaration of Independence PASS
433 Declaration of Independence Signer William Floyd Document Signed PASS
434 Benjamin Franklin Document Signed as Governor of Pennsylvania 8054
435 1768 Document Signed by DOI Signer William Hooper -- ''...great Damage and against the peace of God and our Sovereign Lord the King his Crown and Dignity...'' -- With JSA COA PASS
436 Declaration of Independence Signer John Penn Document Signed PASS
437 William Penn Document Signed -- Regarding a Financial Agreement Circa 1707 PASS
438 Exceedingly Rare Broadside From The War of 1812 Announcing, ''...A treaty of peace between this country and Great Britain Signed on the 26th December last...'' PASS
439 General Gustave Beauregard June 1864 Autograph Letter Signed With Additional AES -- '' with Genl. Lee in any manner...towards the crushing of the foe in his front...'' PASS
440 Confederate Statesman Judah Benjamin Document Signed -- ''...It is admitted that at and before and since the sale of the slaves...'' PASS
441 Battle of Little Bighorn Officer Frederick Benteen 7th Cavalry Document Signed From 1878 PASS
442 Joshua Chamberlain Document Signed PASS
443 Joshua Chamberlain Check Signed -- 1875 750
444 Civil War Era Sewing Box Likely Used in the War -- With Supplies Inside PASS
445 Jefferson Davis Signed Cabinet Photo PASS
446 Confederate Election Ballot for Jefferson Davis -- From Virginia in 1861 -- Rare PASS
447 Civil War ''Harper's Weekly'' -- Bound Compilation of Every Issue From 1863 PASS
448 ''Harper's Weekly'' Compilation of All Issues From 1865 Covering Abraham Lincoln's Assassination & End of Civil War PASS
449 Naval Commodore & Diplomat Matthew C. Perry Autograph Letter Signed PASS
450 Confederate General George Pickett 1864 Autograph Letter Signed, Disparaging Robert E. Lee -- ''...If Mass Robt. [Robert E. Lee] will only leave us but I have my doubts...'' PASS
451 Admiral David Porter Autograph Letter Signed From Vicksburg in 1863 During the Famous Campaign: ''...Vicksburg will soon be ours it is a mere question of no hope for the Rebels...'' PASS
452 William T. Sherman's Civil War Orders Handwritten by His Assistant Following the Battle of Memphis -- ''...All houses inside the new Fort must be forthwith vacated by families...'' PASS
453 Charles Sumner 1863 Autograph Letter Signed as Senator -- Regarding Slavery & a Detailed Critique of the Confiscation Act -- ''...No expression of harshness to the slavemongers...'' PASS
454 Outstanding Texas Artifact -- the Original Receipt for Alamo Expenses Incurred by William Barret Travis to Equip the Alamo Soldiers -- Includes Purchase of ''Flag 5.00'' 16106
455 WWII Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders Cover Signed by 5 Crew Members Including Doolittle Himself PASS
456 Rare Book Signed by a Dozen WWII Enola Gay and Bockscar Crew Members 500
457 WWII Poem Signed by Five Enola Gay Crew Members -- Tom Ferebee, Theodore Van Kirk, Morris Jeppson, George R. Caron & Paul Tibbetts 500
458 WWII Hero Rene Gagnon V-Mail Sent the Day After ''Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima'' -- With an Autograph Letter Signed 1 Year Later -- ''...I can take off this uniform for good...'' 1000
459 Rene Gagnon WWII-Dated Autograph Letter Signed -- '' starts at 4:00a.m...we wash up, make up our bunks, wipe up our rifles and bayonets...We are 64 men in a platoon...'' PASS
460 Admiral Claude Gillette Typed Letter Signed -- Detailing the Torpedo Damage on the U.S.S. California During the Attack on Pearl Harbor PASS
461 Lot of 4 WWII Escape Maps Printed on Silk & Issued to U.S. Air Force Pilots PASS
462 "Top Secret'' Draft Signed by Bernard Montgomery in July 1945 -- With Numerous Hand-Edits by Montgomery Such as ''...allow conversation with adult Germans in the streets and in public places...'' PASS
463 9 August 1945 ''The New York Times'' Announces Atom Bomb on Nagasaki PASS
464 Set of 16 WWII 1944 Postcards From the Krupps' Markstadt Work Camp in Poland -- ''...There was a death in our room. Censorship does not allow me to say how he died...'' PASS
465 Letter Signed by the Diplomat Who Warned of Pearl Harbor -- With Inflammatory Content -- ''...concealing the truth about Pearl Harbor (the destruction, alteration and rewriting of documents)...'' PASS
466 Firsthand Account of Pearl Harbor by M.N. Little of the USS Beaver Signed -- ''...I have no idea how many bodies were removed...corpses left in the flooded areas of the third deck...'' -- WWII Dated PASS
467 'Desert Fox'' Erwin Rommel Autograph Letter Signed to His Wife -- ''...In my thoughts I am...happy in the park at our house and in the garden. Most sincere greetings and kisses...'' -- With PSA/DNA... PASS
468 Albert Speer Letter Signed About Hitler -- "…Napoleon is positively fundamentally different from Hitler…the awful circumstances that were found in Hitler's authoritarian system…" PASS
469 ''The New York Times'' 31 August 1939 Newspaper -- The Day Before World War II Began -- Headlines include: ''Reich Organizes Defense Cabinet in Crisis'' PASS
470 Marcus Garvey Letter Signed From 1934 -- On Universal Negro Improvement Association Stationery PASS
471 1583 Extensive Manuscript Relating to the Papacy of Gregory XIII -- ''... 3 provinces of Catalonia, Valencia, and Aragon, Gregory XIII extends to the them right of autonomy...'' PASS
472 Incredible Martin Luther King Handwritten Pages For ''Stride Toward Freedom'' -- Detailing the Momentous Rosa Parks Incident -- ''...they agreed that the Negroes should boycott the buses...'' 8054
473 ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' Rare Program -- The Event Where Martin Luther King Delivered His ''I Have a Dream'' Speech PASS
474 Rare Flyer From Martin Luther King's 1963 ''March On Washington'' PASS
475 Scarce Civil Rights Artwork Given to Attendees at the ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' -- Stunning Images PASS
476 12th Century Vellum Leaf Removed From a German Breviary -- ''Third Sunday After Easter'' Printed in Latin in Romanesque Script PASS
477 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf Circa 1240 PASS
478 Scarce Flyer Issued by the Black Opposition to the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- ''...There isn't a chance in the world of breaking segregation in Montgomery...'' PASS
479 Statement by the Montgomery Improvement Association & MLK Regarding the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- ''...we simply decided to stay en mass that we were tired of being trampled over...'' PASS
480 Montgomery Bus Boycott Flyer for a Benefit to Commemorate the One Year Anniversary of the Boycott -- ''50,000 People Walk Again! Support Them Until Victory is Won'' PASS
481 Montgomery Improvement Association's Inaugural 1956 Newsletter Regarding Updates in the Montgomery Bus Boycott PASS
482 Pair of Letters Relating to the Montgomery Bus Boycott & Expressing the Racist Sentiments of the Era -- From the Collection of Maude Ballou, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Secretary PASS
483 Pope John Paul Signed Photo Measuring 14'' x 13.5'' PASS
484 16th Century Order Issued by Pope Clement VIII -- Document Brings Uniformity to Religious Rituals -- ''...corrupt and changed ceremonies and rites...are to not be used...'' PASS
485 Period Copy of an Order Issued by Pope Pius V -- Latin Document Translates, ''...suppress all houses and convents of the Franciscans...[who are] behaving with unrestrained licentiousness...'' PASS
486 Pope Pius XII Typed Letter Signed PASS
487 Extraordinary Spanish Inquisition Letter by Pope Clement VIII -- ''...follow the errors of Mohamed...enforce greater punishments...cut off the lethal appointing more inquisitors...'' PASS
488 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Look around and see the loneliness and pain in your family first...'' PASS
489 Chevrolet Motor Company Founder Louis Chevrolet Typed Letter Signed -- ''...We are sending you by parcel post today the propeller hub wrench...'' PASS
490 Walter P. Chrysler Document Signed 500
491 Walter Chrysler 1928 Typed Letter Signed 666
492 Edsel Ford Document Signed as President of Ford Motor Company for a 1929 Stockholders' Meeting -- Lot Also Includes Document Signed by Clara Ford, Henry Ford's Wife 666
493 Ray Kroc Signed Copy of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
494 1903 Invitation & Program to the Opening of The New York Stock Exchange's New Building at 18 Broad Street PASS
495 John D. Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust Stock Certificate Signed as President of the Company -- 1889 PASS
496 John D. Rockefeller Typed Letter Signed -- ''...have a pleasant and profitable summer...'' PASS
497 Cornelius ''Commodore'' Vanderbilt Autograph Note Signed PASS
498 American Express Stock Certificate Signed by Its Founders Henry Wells & William Fargo PASS
499 Five-and-Dime Entrepreneur Frank W. Woolworth Typed Letter Signed to Politician James Beck -- ''...Now, this is no flattery on my part, but I mean exactly what I say...'' 750
500 Wild West Icon ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody 1903 Typed Letter Signed ''W.F. Cody'' PASS
501 Clarence Darrow Signed Copy of ''Farmington'', His Childhood Autobiography 750
502 Clarence Darrow Typed Letter Signed -- ''...'Joseph Smith and His Mormon Empire' at last begun and already certain to enjoy beyond anything I have recently stumbled upon...'' -- 1936 500
503 Harry Houdini's Signed 1908 Book ''The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin'' PASS
504 First Edition of Harry Houdini's First Book, ''The Right Way to Do Wrong'' Signed 1000
505 Magician Harry Kellar Signed 8'' x 10.75'' Photo PASS
506 Helen Keller's Book of Poetry ''The Open Door'' Signed PASS
507 Helen Keller Typed Letter Signed from 1940 -- ''...It has made me very happy to receive your contribution in answer to my appeal for help to Spain's little refugees...'' PASS
508 Senator Joe McCarthy Cold War Photo Signed -- 19.5'' x 15.5'' PASS
509 14th Century Medieval French Document -- Exquisite Calligraphy, Measuring 12'' x 23.5'' PASS
510 Eliot Ness Signed Check -- Rare 500
511 Superstar Sharpshooter Annie Oakley Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Don't know just how long I will keep Sally. She likes to go out nights to [sic] well to quite suit me...'' PASS
512 Samuel Francis Smith Handwritten & Signed Copy of ''America'' -- His Magnum Opus, Also Titled ''My Country, 'Tis of Thee'' PASS
513 Pair of Elegant Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver 15'' Candlesticks PASS
514 Exquisite Five-Piece Sterling Towle Tea and Coffee Service -- Royal Windsor Pattern Set by Legendary Silversmiths in Near Fine Condition PASS
515 Alcoholics Anonymous Co-Founder Bill Wilson Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed ''Bill'' PASS
516 Alcoholics Anonymous Co-Founder Bill Wilson Signed First Printing of ''The A.A. Way of Life'' 1250
517 Classic 1972 Ford Ranchero Automobile PASS
518 1962 Ford Thunderbird -- The First Personal Luxury Car PASS
519 Classic 1963 General Motors Pontiac Star Chief PASS
520 Classic 1966 Chrysler New Yorker -- Seventh Generation of Chrysler's Flagship Model PASS
521 1960 Studebaker Lark VIII -- Made Just a Few Years Before American Auto Giant Studebaker Folded PASS