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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Beautiful, Original Artwork by Marc Chagall in His Book, ''Peintre Sous un Arbre'' Signed PASS
2 Jasper Johns Signed 38'' x 40'' Poster of His Famous ''Flag'' Painting -- With Additional Postcard Signed by Johns PASS
3 Norman Rockwell Oil Painting of Vice President Spiro Agnew -- Cover Illustration for TV Guide on 16 May 1970 PASS
4 Frank Sinatra Painting by Innocenzo Daraio -- Given by Frank to Keely Smith 1500
5 Andy Warhol 1965 Red ''Liz'' Lithograph -- Limited to Approximately 300 42250
6 Andy Warhol Large Signed Poster of Marilyn Monroe PASS
7 Andy Warhol Signed Poster of His Famous Elizabeth Taylor Masterpiece PASS
8 Andy Warhol Sketches His Famous Campbell's Soup Can -- Drawn Upon a Signed First Edition of ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'' PASS
9 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed First Edition of ''The Natural House'' PASS
10 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed First Edition of ''The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright'' PASS
11 1948 Academy Awards Program -- The Year of ''Miracle on 34th Street'' & ''Great Expectations'' PASS
12 37th Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
13 Script for the 1969 Academy Awards -- With Dialogue of Presenters, Call Sheets & Award Recipients 750
14 41st Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
15 42nd Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
16 43rd Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
17 Complete First Draft Production Script and Invitation to the 1972 Academy Awards -- Rare Internal Script & Ticket From the Event's Art Director PASS
18 58th Academy Awards Poster PASS
19 60th Academy Awards Poster PASS
20 63rd Academy Awards TV Pass -- Belonged to Army Archerd, Columnist for Variety PASS
21 64th Academy Awards TV Pass -- Belonged to Army Archerd, Columnist for Variety PASS
22 65th Academy Awards TV Pass -- Belonged to Army Archerd, Columnist for Variety PASS
23 66th Academy Awards TV Pass -- Belonged to Army Archerd, Columnist for Variety PASS
24 67th Academy Awards Presentation ''Final Draft'' Script -- With Detailed Schedule, Staff List, Rundown & Script PASS
25 68th Academy Awards Presentation ''Final Draft'' Script With Detailed Schedule, Staff List, Rundown & Script -- With 9 Original Photos of Award Winners PASS
26 69th Academy Awards Poster PASS
27 70th Academy Awards Poster PASS
28 71st Academy Awards Poster PASS
29 72nd Academy Awards Poster PASS
30 73rd Academy Awards Poster PASS
31 Very Special 75th Academy Awards Presentation Program -- With Rotating Best Picture Wheel PASS
32 Amy Adams' Outfit from ''Julie & Julia'' PASS
33 Jessica Alba Costume From ''Into The Blue'' Co-Starring Paul Walker -- Eye-Catching Top of Dolphins & Sun Setting Over the Ocean PASS
34 Jessica Alba Screen-Worn Outfit from ''The Killer Inside Me'' -- Dramatic With Movie Studio Blood PASS
35 Richard Attenborough's Directors Guild Award From 1982 for Most Outstanding Directorial Achievement for the Classic ''Gandhi'' PASS
36 Lucille Ball Worn & Signed Costume in a Desilu Production -- Signed by Lucille Ball, ''Love Lucy'' -- Provenance from Christie's PASS
37 Lucille Ball's Corset From Her Second Wedding to Desi -- With a COA From Lucie Arnaz PASS
38 Beyonce Director's Seat from ''Pink Panther'' PASS
39 Cate Blanchett Wardrobe From ''Bandits'' -- Stunning Satin Top Worn by the Academy Award Winning Actress PASS
40 ''Exorcist'' Writer & Academy Award Winner, William Peter Blatty Signed Academy Membership Card PASS
41 Lloyd Bridges' Personal Copy of ''Hot Shots!'' Movie Script -- With Hand Annotations by Bridges PASS
42 Lloyd Bridges Trophy -- ''The Air Force Salutes Hollywood'' -- Sculpture by Michael Garman PASS
43 Matthew Broderick Screen-Worn Outfit from 1998 Film ''Godzilla'' PASS
44 1956 Cannes Film Festival Poster -- Linen Backed, in Near Fine Condition PASS
45 ''John Carter'' Dress Worn by Lynn Collins PASS
46 Charlie Chaplin ''The Great Dictator'' Handbill -- From the Iconic 1940 Comedy PASS
47 Don Cheadle Screen-Worn Outfit from His Academy Award Nominated Role in ''Hotel Rwanda'' PASS
48 Joan Collins Owned Fur Hat PASS
49 Sean Connery Screen-Worn Jacket From 1970 Film ''The Molly Maguires'' PASS
50 Joan Crawford Personally Owned Film Script for ''Daisy Kenyon'' -- From Christie's Auction of Crawford's Estate PASS
51 Sammy Davis Jr.'s Personal Address Book Containing the Names & Addresses of Over 100 of His Celebrity Friends -- Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Liz Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Jay Leno & More PASS
52 Medallion From ''The Deer Hunter'' -- Gift Given to Crew After Filming the Oscar-Winning Film 500
53 Cameron Diaz Wardrobe From ''The Sweetest Thing'' PASS
54 Hilary Duff Wardrobe From ''Agent Cody Banks'' PASS
55 Kirsten Dunst Screen-Worn Dress from ''Spider-Man 3'' -- With COA From Columbia Pictures PASS
56 Emmy Nomination Certificate for ''Love, American Style'' in 1971 PASS
57 1987 Primetime Emmy Award for Costume Design for the Miniseries ''Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna'' 2750
58 1989 Daytime Emmy Award Nomination for ''The Young and the Restless'' PASS
59 Emmy Nomination Certificate for The Learning Channel's ''Books Across America'' PASS
60 Emmy Nomination Given to Producer Richard A. Harrison for ''Jamison's Story'' in 1993 PASS
61 Emmy Nomination Given to Producer Richard A. Harrison for ''The Water Game'' in 1993 PASS
62 Emmy Nomination Certificate for ''The Tracey Ullman Show'' Given to Sam Simon in 1987 -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
63 Emmy Nomination for ''The Tracey Ullman Show'' Given to Sam Simon in 1988 -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
64 Sally Field Wardrobe From ''Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde'' -- Field Plays Against Type as the Corrupt Congresswoman PASS
65 James McAvoy Lab Coat From ''Victor Frankenstein'' PASS
66 Annette Funicello 2010 Academy Award Membership Card PASS
67 Lorne Greene Hollywood Walk of Fame Award -- For His Starring Roles on ''Bonanza'' and ''Battlestar Galactica'' -- With an LOA From His Estate PASS
68 Luke Skywalker's DL-44 "Hero" Blaster From ''The Empire Strikes Back'' -- Scarce Piece of ''Star Wars'' Memorabilia -- With Sotheby's Provenance PASS
69 Goldie Hawn's Hand-Annotated Script for ''Goldie & Liza Together'' TV Special PASS
70 ''Hello Dolly'' Shooting Script -- Plus Additional Paperwork From the Production of the Academy Award-Winning 1969 Musical 500
71 Movie Poster for Alfred Hitchcock's ''Rear Window'' -- Starring James Stewart & Grace Kelly PASS
72 Jeremy Irons ''Avellaneda'' Costume From ''Pink Panther 2'' 750
73 Kendall Jenner Owned Strapless Dress PASS
74 Kendall Jenner Owned Skirt PASS
75 Kendall Jenner Owned Cashmere Sweater PASS
76 Kendall Jenner Owned Leather Purse PASS
77 Kylie Jenner Owned Black Motorcycle Jacket PASS
78 Kylie Jenner Owned Nude Maxi Dress PASS
79 Kylie Jenner Owned Olive Green Strapless Dress PASS
80 Khloe Kardashian Owned Long Sleeve Pink Dress PASS
81 Khloe Kardashian Owned Pink & Black Dress With Gold Belt PASS
82 Kim Kardashian Owned Black & White Strapless Jumper PASS
83 Kim Kardashian Owned Long Black Tank Dress PASS
84 Kim Kardashian Owned Long Sleeve Black Dress PASS
85 Khloe Kardashian Owned Leopard Print Dress PASS
86 Kourtney Kardashian Owned American Flag Tongue Shirt PASS
87 Kourtney Kardashian Owned Crochet Maternity Dress PASS
88 Kourtney Kardashian Owned White Dress & Slip PASS
89 Val Kilmer Wardrobe From the Acclaimed Film ''At First Sight'' -- Lot Includes Blind Cane Central to the Movie PASS
90 Steve Martin's ''Inspector Jacques Clouseau'' Pink Camouflage Costume From the ''Pink Panther'' PASS
91 Ewan McGregor Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Mortdecai'' PASS
92 Iconic Black Suits from ''Men in Black 3'' Screen-Worn by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones 12500
93 Original 1946 Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Andre de Dienes -- With de Dienes Backstamps, Developed by Him From His Negative -- Large Format Photo Measures 11'' x 12.25'' PASS
94 Olivia Munn Screen-Worn Outfit from ''Mortdecai'' PASS
95 Eddie Murphy Screen-Worn Dress From ''Nutty Professor II: The Klumps'' PASS
96 Sam Neill Screen-Worn Outfit From ''Jurassic Park III'' -- With COA From Universal Pictures PASS
97 1921 Program From D.W. Griffith Film ''Orphans of the Storm'' -- Filled With Rich Illustrations, Photographs & Comic Strips PASS
98 Al Pacino Screen-Worn Wardrobe in ''Danny Collins'' PASS
99 Superman Hero Costume Worn by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 Superman Film PASS
100 Gone With the Wind's Ann Rutherford's 1988 ''Golden Boot Award'' -- The ''Academy Award'' of Westerns PASS
101 Susan Sarandon Wardrobe from ''Igby Goes Down'' PASS
102 Amanda Seyfreid Outfit From ''Ted 2'' PASS
103 Charlie Sheen Screen-Worn Shirt from ''Anger Management'' -- With Lionsgate COA PASS
104 Charlie Sheen Screen-Worn Shirt from ''Anger Management'' PASS
105 Alicia Silverstone Screen-Worn Dress From ''Angels in Stardust'' PASS
106 People's Choice Award for ''The Simpsons'' -- Awarded Favorite New Television Comedy Series in 1991 -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
107 Writers Guild of America Valentine Davies Award Presented to Sam Simon in 2014 -- Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
108 Writers Guild of America Award Presented to Sam Simon in 2013 -- Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
109 AFI Certificate Given to ''The Simpsons'' Co-Creator Sam Simon -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
110 Frank Sinatra & Mia Farrow Silver Box Gifted to Keely Smith PASS
111 Frank Sinatra Cigarette Lighter Gifted to Keely Smith PASS
112 Anna Nicole Smith Lakers Jacket from ''Be Cool'' PASS
113 Keely Smith Gold Necklace, Given to Her by Robert Mitchum -- With 2 Photos of Keely Wearing Necklace PASS
114 ''Star Wars: Droids'' Hand Painted Cel Featuring R2-D2 & C-3PO PASS
115 ''Straight Outta Compton'' Raiders Hat Worn by O'Shea Jackson Jr. as Ice Cube PASS
116 Ed Sullivan Award From the Catholic Youth Organization in 1955 PASS
117 Mena Suvari Screen-Worn Costume From ''Beauty Shop'' 750
118 Lot of 20 ''Taxi'' Scripts From 1979-1982 -- From the Estate of Sam Simon, Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' & Writer on ''Taxi'' PASS
119 Shirley Temple Dress & Jacket Worn to the 1935 Academy Awards to Receive Her Juvenile Oscar PASS
120 Shirley Temple Sterling Silver Vanity Set PASS
121 Shirley Temple Owned Leather Bound Script From 1935 Film ''Curly Top'' PASS
122 Program From 1921 Silent Film ''The Three Musketeers'' Starring Douglas Fairbanks PASS
123 Tony Award Presented to Frankie Michaels in ''Mame'' -- Youngest Recipient Ever to Win the Tony, Won at Age 10 15000
124 Memorabilia Owned by Frankie Michaels -- Youngest Tony Award Winner Ever at Age 10 for Role in ''Mame'' 500
125 John Travolta Wardrobe as ''Chili Palmer'' From the 2005 Hit ''Be Cool'' PASS
126 Vince Vaughn Outfit Worn Onscreen in ''Be Cool'' PASS
127 Paul Walker Screen-Worn Outfit From ''Into the Blue'' PASS
128 Denzel Washington Screen-Worn Costume from ''Out of Time'' PASS
129 Original ''War of The Worlds'' Radio Broadcast Script Draft, as Read by Orson Welles in 1938 -- This Broadcast Famously Caused Mass Panic of an Alien Landing PASS
130 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Overcoat & Scarf From ''Hart's War'' PASS
131 ''Splendour'' Yacht Pieces, the Ship Where Natalie Wood Lost Her Life -- Name Board & Coffee Table, With Vintage Photos of Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner & Sean Connery PASS
132 James Bond ''Spectre'' Cast-Signed Poster -- Autographed by Daniel Craig, Monica Bellucci, Lea Seydoux, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes and Sam Mendes -- With LOA from MGM PASS
133 Greta Garbo's United States Immigrant ID Card -- Signed & With Her Photo From 1938 PASS
134 Judy Garland Signed Check PASS
135 Bruce Lee Signed Receipt From 1967 3300
136 The Beatles Signed Photograph -- Signed by All Four, with Frank Caiazzo COA PASS
137 The Beatles 1966 ''Battle of the Giants'' Award -- Scarce Beatles Award Which Rarely Come to Auction -- Christie's Provenance PASS
138 The Beatles Signatures -- Signed by All Four, with Frank Caiazzo COA PASS
139 BET Award From 2010 to ''Young Money'' for Best Group PASS
140 Johnny Cash Handwritten Set List from Mid 1990's -- Includes ''Ring of Fire'', ''I Walk the Line'', ''Hey Porter'' and ''Casey Jones'' -- With Sotheby's Provenance PASS
141 Cher Worn Roberto Cavalli Black Velvet Jacket With Gold Embroidering PASS
142 Cher Personally Worn Silk Camisole PASS
143 Grammy Nominee Award Medallion -- Awarded to 1960's Songwriter Rod McKuen PASS
144 Grammy Nomination Medal -- Made by Tiffany & Co. PASS
145 Grammy Nomination Medal -- Made by Tiffany & Co. PASS
146 Guns N' Roses RIAA Multi-Platinum Record Award for ''G N' R Lies'' -- From George Marino Estate PASS
147 MC Hammer Award for ''U Can't Touch This'' -- 1990 Billboard Music Video Award For Best Dance PASS
148 Jimi Hendrix Personally Owned & Worn Scarf -- With Sotheby's Provenance PASS
149 ''The Jimi Hendrix Experience'' Gold Record Award -- From George Marino Estate PASS
150 Mick Jagger Autograph Letter Signed From 1965 -- With Hand-Addressed Envelope by Mick 1000
151 Rock n' Roll Hall of Famer, Louis Jordan AMQS & Set List -- Autograph Musical Quotation Signed (AMQS) Is for ''Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens'', the Number One Single PASS
152 Alicia Keys Dolce & Gabanna Worn During Her ''As I Am'' Tour PASS
153 Alicia Keys Worn Roberto Cavalli Blazer -- Worn During Her ''Diary'' Tour -- With a COA From Keys 1500
154 John Lennon Signed ''Bag One'' Print Depicting Lennon & Yoko Ono -- Limited Edition #48 of 300 -- With COA From Roger Epperson PASS
155 John Lennon & Yoko Ono RIAA Platinum Record Award for ''Double Fantasy'' -- From George Marino Estate PASS
156 Don McLean's ''American Pie'' RIAA Gold Record -- Presented to Grammy Award Winning Master Sound Engineer George Marino & From His Estate PASS
157 Keith Richards Autograph Letter Signed From 1965 -- ''...It is difficult to catch what Mick sings...'' 1750
158 Luther Vandross Soul Train Award From 1992 for ''Album of the Year'' -- From the Luther Vandross Estate PASS
159 Led Zeppelin RIAA Platinum Record Award for ''Led Zeppelin'' Boxed Set -- From George Marino Estate PASS
160 Tex Beneke's Hollywood Walk of Fame Plaque PASS
161 Tex Beneke Commemorative Gold Record for ''Chattanooga Choo Choo'' -- First Record to Ever Sell One Million Copies PASS
162 Tex Beneke 1947 Billboard Award PASS
163 Tex Beneke 6 Foot Wooden Standup PASS
164 Tex Beneke Autograph Arrangement of ''Everything Happens To Me'' PASS
165 Tex Beneke Autograph Arrangement of ''Lazy Bones'' From 1949 PASS
166 Tex Beneke ''Gold Record'' From Bluebird for ''Chatanooga Choo Choo'' -- With Accompanying Letter From Bluebird -- First Record to Ever Sell One Million Copies PASS
167 Aaron Copland Autograph Musical Quotation Signed in 1936 500
168 George Gershwin Signed Limited First Edition of ''George Gershwin's Songbook'' -- Beautiful Copy Signed by Gershwin & Illustrator Constantin Alajalov in 1932 PASS
169 George Gershwin Signed Photograph PASS
170 Billie Holiday Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph -- ''Stay as Great as you Are / Billie Holiday'' PASS
171 President John Adams Signed 4-Language Ship's Papers From 1797 6050
172 Air Force One China -- Cup & Saucer Set by Franciscan From the Early 1960's PASS
173 Chester Arthur Document Signed as President in 1883 -- Railroad Appointment 799
174 Chester A. Arthur Autograph Letter Signed PASS
175 Chester A. Arthur Signature 300
176 James Buchanan Signature 300
177 Air Force One Plate From the George W. Bush White House PASS
178 Grover Cleveland 1887 Military Appointment Signed as President 350
179 Calvin Coolidge 1926 Naval Appointment Signed as President 467
180 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Naval Appointment as President 500
181 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo as President -- With Letter From the White House PASS
182 Mamie Eisenhower Personally Owned Gold Beaded Purse -- Given to the First Lady by Indira Gandhi on the Eisenhower's Historic Trip to India in 1959 -- With a Note Card From Indira Gandhi PASS
183 James Garfield House of Representatives Letter Signed -- Also Signed by Nathaniel Banks, Alexander Stephens & Samuel Randall PASS
184 Warren G. Harding Owned Crystal Cordial Glass -- From Prohibition Days PASS
185 Warren G. Harding 1921 Letter Signed as President on White House Stationery -- Regarding Dues Owed by Harding of Less Than $5.00 -- Dramatic Reminder of the Growth of the Modern Presidency PASS
186 Benjamin Harrison 1882 Letter Signed on U.S. Senate Stationery -- '' anything that I properly can for a deserving soldier...'' PASS
187 Herbert Hoover Signed Memoirs -- Set of 3 Books, All Signed PASS
188 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Twice-Signed as President in 1829 750
189 Thomas Jefferson & James Madison Signed 1807 Ship's Passport PASS
190 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned Tiffany Cigarette Case PASS
191 White House Rocking Chair Used by President John F. Kennedy -- With White House Inventory Plate ''JK-1-5-60'' PASS
192 John F. Kennedy Signed U.S. Senate ID Card -- With LOA From Evelyn Lincoln PASS
193 John F. Kennedy U.S. Senate Card & Card Case -- With LOA From Evelyn Lincoln PASS
194 President John F. Kennedy Double Deck of Cards & Matchbook for Use on His Presidential Aircraft 750
195 John F. Kennedy Presidential China -- Used in the Dining Room of the Presidential Yacht, the ''Honey Fitz'' PASS
196 Abraham Lincoln 4-Language Ship's Paper Signed -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 8000
197 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed as President in May 1862 -- ''...With the permission of the Secretary of War, and of the commanding general...'' PASS
198 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- With Bold ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature -- Lincoln Appoints an Anti-Slavery Speaker as U.S. Attorney Just Days Before the Civil War 6000
199 Abraham Lincoln 1863 Military Commission Signed as President -- Signed With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
200 Abraham Lincoln 1863 Military Commission Signed as President -- Signed With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 5500
201 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Endorsement Signed as President in August 1861 PASS
202 Abraham Lincoln Signature as President -- With Full, Bold ''Abraham Lincoln'' Autograph 3750
203 Penholder Made From Abraham Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois -- With COA Affidavit From State of Illinois PASS
204 Letter Regarding the Assassinations of Presidents Lincoln & McKinley -- ''...anarchists...will face death for the notoriety they may gain by the murder of our Presidents and others...'' PASS
205 James Madison & James Monroe Signed 1812 Land Grant -- Madison Signs as President and Monroe Signs as Secretary of State PASS
206 William McKinley Military Document Signed as President in 1898 PASS
207 James Monroe Land Grant Signed 587
208 Richard Nixon Handwritten Note From 1952 on the Korean War: ''...we tend to forget that American boys [are] fighting so that we continue to have choice as to those who head our government...'' PASS
209 Handwritten Note by Richard Nixon From August 1966 as He Prepared to Contest LBJ for the Presidency -- ''...This adm [Johnson administration] to blame / the people are hurt...'' PASS
210 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation 587
211 James Polk Autograph Letter Signed as Speaker of the House of Representatives PASS
212 U.S. Presidential Automobile Limousine Flag PASS
213 Franklin D. Roosevelt Owned Crystal Decanter PASS
214 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed White House Card 550
215 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Photo Display as President -- To a Chapter of His Fraternity 1000
216 Alexander Stephens Autograph Letter Signed -- Upon House of Representatives Stamped Stationery PASS
217 Zachary Taylor Owned Eyeglasses & Case -- The General President Who Is Among the Rarest, Having Only Served 16 Months PASS
218 Zachary Taylor Signed Receipt From 1833 800
219 Harry S. Truman Personally Owned Vulcain Cricket Watch PASS
220 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
221 Harry Truman Document Signed as President -- Awarding Legion of Merit to ''Red Army'' Soldier for ''meritorious service...against the common enemy'' During WWII 750
222 George Washington Autograph Receipt Signed as President 8000
223 George Washington Franking Signature 6000
224 Section of Wood From the White House -- Removed During 1927 Reconstruction 750
225 Section of Wood From the White House -- Removed During 1950 Truman Reconstruction PASS
226 White House Telephone From Reagan Administration PASS
227 Woodrow Wilson Document Signed as President in 1916 400
228 Benjamin Franklin Signed Land Grant From 1787 PASS
229 John Hancock 1781 Signed Appointment as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
230 Continental Congress President Henry Laurens Signed Military Appointment for the Revolutionary War PASS
231 Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Owned 14k Gold Longines Watch -- With Her Engraving & Crest -- Gifted to Secret Service Agent Henry W. Rodney, Who Was Part of the Security Detail for Madame Kai-Shek PASS
232 18th Century Hand-Painted Map of Korea by Japanese Artist Hayashi Shihei -- Banned by the Shogun in 1792 PASS
233 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine Condition PASS
234 Princess Diana Autograph Letter Signed in 1994 on Kensington Palace Stationery -- ''...You are full of kindness and the three of us are enormously touched...we have fond memories...'' PASS
235 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Royal Christmas Card From 1981 -- The First Year of Their Marriage 1250
236 Edward VIII Signed Photo Display From 1924 as the Prince of Wales -- Photo by Vandyk PASS
237 Edward VIII Signed Royal Christmas Card From 1913 -- Signed as the Prince of Wales PASS
238 Queen Elizabeth Wedding Cake Slice 2500
239 Queen Elizabeth Christmas Alarm Clock 500
240 Queen Elizabeth 60th Anniversary Wedding Cake Slice 500
241 Princess Elizabeth of Russia Signed Booklet -- Canonized as a Martyr, Elizabeth Famously Forgave the Assasin of Her Husband, Czar Nicholas II, Yet Was Killed by the Bolsheviks 13 Years Later PASS
242 Henry VIII Autograph Letter Signed as King of England in 1519 -- Regarding the Withdrawl of English Troops from Belgium After the Treaty of London 15000
243 William & Kate Wedding Cake Slice PASS
244 King Tut Founder Howard Carter Letter Signed -- While at the Egyptian Antiquities Service 1800
245 Meriwether Lewis Signed Appointment as Governor of Louisiana From 1808 -- Very Scarce Signature, Dated 2 Years After the Lewis & Clark Expedition PASS
246 Thomas Edison Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 1000
247 Thomas Edison Signed Note 500
248 Prestigious Gold Enrico Fermi Award Presented to Physicist Leon Lederman in 1992 -- One of the Greatest U.S. Honors to Scientific Achievement 20000
249 24k Gold Franklin Institute Elliot Cresson Medal -- Awarded to Physicist Leon Lederman, Author of ''The God Particle'' in 1976 15000
250 Scientific Diary by William Shockley, the Nobel-Prize Winning Physicist & Inventor, Called the Father of Silicon Valley -- Manuscript Diary With Notes on Aeronautics & Ideas for Inventions PASS
251 China Used on Historic Hindenburg Zeppelin Airship -- Cup & Saucer Designed by Heinrich & Company -- Not the Set Designed for Tourists PASS
252 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 587
253 Orville Wright Signed Patent Document From 1916 ''for improvements in flying machines'' -- Very Rare PASS
254 Orville Wright Letter Signed Defending His Reputation as Inventor -- ''...The important point at issue is as to who was the inventor of the first successful flying machine...'' 12500
255 Apollo 1 Astronauts 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo -- Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee -- With PSA/DNA COA 4000
256 Apollo 11 Cover Signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins -- With ''Man on the Moon'' Silver Medal & With COA From Steve Zarelli PASS
257 1969 Apollo 11 Splashdown Party Program Signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins PASS
258 Apollo 11 Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' NASA Photo -- Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin PASS
259 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo, Uninscribed -- With COA From Steve Zarelli 2500
260 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
261 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
262 ''Reaching for the Stars'' Print by Alan Bean Signed by 24 Astronauts PASS
263 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned Apollo 13 First Day Cover Signed PASS
264 Bruce Jenner 1982 Racing Suit from Celebrity Grand Prix of Long Beach PASS
265 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1924 Summer Olympics, Held in Paris, France PASS
266 Australian Team Jacket for 1948 London Summer Games PASS
267 Olympic Torch Used in 1948 London Summer Games PASS
268 1956 U.S. Olympic Team Signed Menu -- Includes Jesse Owens (Twice), Bill Russell, Eddie Eagan, Lucinda Williams & Wilma Rudolph 1500
269 Olympic Torch Used in 1960 Rome Summer Games -- With Original Holding Box PASS
270 Silver Medal From the 1968 Summer Olympics, Held in Mexico City, Mexico -- Awarded for the Gymnastics Vault Event PASS
271 Silver Olympic Medal From the 1968 Winter Olympics, Held in Grenoble, France PASS
272 Gymnastics Poster From 1972 Summer Olympic Games PASS
273 Sailing Poster From the 1972 Summer Games PASS
274 Olympic Torch From the 1972 Olympic Games Held in Munich, Germany PASS
275 Bronze Medal From 1984 Summer Olympics, Held in Los Angeles PASS
276 Olympic Torch Used in the 1988 Seoul Summer Games PASS
277 Olympic Relay Torch Used in 1992 Barcelona Summer Games PASS
278 Olympic Relay Torch Used in 1996 Atlanta Summer Games 1750
279 Olympic Torch Used in 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games 1750
280 Olympic Relay Torch Used in 2004 Athens Summer Games PASS
281 Olympic Torch Used in 2006 Torino Winter Games PASS
282 Olympic Torch Used in 2010 Vancouver Winter Games -- With Official 3 Piece Outfit PASS
283 Olympic Torch & Tracksuit Used in 2012 London Summer Games PASS
284 ''100 Mile an Hour Club'' Dinner Menu From 1956 Signed by 14 Legendary Drivers Including Lou Meyer, Bill Holland, Lee Wallard and Johnnie Parsons -- With Motor Speedway Entrance Passes PASS
285 World Champion Fernando Alonso Race-Worn & Signed Rare Ferrari Suit -- From 2010 Formula One Season PASS
286 World Champion Fernando Alonso 2004 Worn Renault Race-Suit 8000
287 Mario Andretti Signed Helmet Worn at 2015 Indy 500 -- With COA From PSA/DNA PASS
288 Racing Legend Mario Andretti Race-Worn Suit -- Worn During the 1982 CART Season, Andretti's Last Year Racing for Formula One PASS
289 1960 British Grand Prix Poster -- From the Historic Silverstone Formula One Racing Circuit PASS
290 1929 Brooklands Race Program -- Inaugural Year of Race 250
291 Paul Clark Race-Worn Fire Suit PASS
292 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Race-Worn & Signed Driving Gloves -- With COA From Dale Earnhardt Jr. Foundation PASS
293 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Worn and Signed Daytona 500 Shirt PASS
294 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Race-Used Panel of Car, Circa 1980 PASS
295 Indy 500 Champion Emerson Fittipaldi Signed Race-Worn Suit 5000
296 Mika Hakkinen Race-Worn Suit From His Final Season Racing in 2007 10000
297 1921 Indy 500 Program -- From the Early Days of Auto Racing & the 10th Year of the Race PASS
298 1922 Indy 500 Program PASS
299 1923 Indy 500 Program PASS
300 1926 Indy 500 Program PASS
301 1933 Tydol and Veedol Indy 500 Advertisement Poster PASS
302 Dale Jarrett Race-Worn & Signed Helmet -- With LOA From Jarrett PASS
303 Jimmie Johnson Race-Worn & Signed Driving Gloves -- With COA From Jimmie Johnson Foundation PASS
304 Tony Kanaan Race-Worn & Signed Fire Suit PASS
305 Vintage 1967 Le Mans 24 Hour Race Program PASS
306 Sterling Marlin Race-Worn Fire Suit -- Back to Back Daytona 500 Champ in '94 and '95 PASS
307 NASCAR Helmet Signed by 41 Drivers, Entire Starting Line-up at the ''Quicken Loans 400'' -- Signatures From Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson & 38 More -- With NASCAR COA PASS
308 ''An Evening With Roger Penske'' Program Signed by Penske, Carroll Shelby & Parnelli Jones PASS
309 Paul Russo Race-Worn Indy 500 Uniform From 1955 PASS
310 Michael Schumacher Worn Racing Suit From the 2011 Turkish Formula One Grand Prix PASS
311 Michael Schumacher Race-Worn Fire-Resistant Shirt PASS
312 Sebastian Vettel Race-Worn Suit -- Worn During 2014 Formula One Season -- Vettel Won Four Consecutive Formula One Championships From 2010-2013 10000
313 Aston Villa Football Club Medal From the 1935-36 Season PASS
314 Original 1895-96 Dunblane Perthshire Scottish Football Association Championship Pin PASS
315 1947 Football League Division Championship Gold Medal -- Won by Cyril Done of Liverpool PASS
316 1964 Football League Medal From the Representative Match With the Italian Football League in 1964 PASS
317 Football League vs. Scottish Football League Silver-Gilt Medal From 1964 PASS
318 Football League Silver-Gilt Medal From the Representative Match With Irish Football League in 1965 PASS
319 Football League Silver-Gilt Medal From the Representative Match With Irish Football League in 1966 PASS
320 1937 Gold Medal From the Lancashire Football Combination Cup -- 9K Gold Runner's Up Medal PASS
321 Gold Winner's Medal Won in 1911 by Director C.W. Wright of Newcastle United -- Accompanied by Two Original Team Photographs 500
322 Scottish Football Alliance (Reserve League) Rangers Gold Winners Medal From the 1931 Season 600
323 UEFA Cup Gold Medal -- Won by West Germany in 1980 PASS
324 UEFA Cup Gold Medal -- Won by Bayern Munich in 1996 PASS
325 UEFA European Championship Silver Medal Won by Italy in 2012 PASS
326 FIFA World Cup Participation Medal From 1938 -- Issued Only to Members of the FIFA Executive Commission PASS
327 Jules Rimet World Cup Trophy Presented to Jose Nasazzi in 1950 PASS
328 1966 World Cup Trophy -- Presented to FIFA Referee PASS
329 Full Set of England Tickets from Historic 1966 World Cup -- The Only World Cup Won by England -- Also the World Cup That Made Pickles the Dog Famous PASS
330 FIFA World Cup Medal From 1982 -- Awarded to Referee Nicolae Rainea, Whose Controversial Calls in the Second Round Might Have Helped Propel Italy to Victory PASS
331 Original FIFA World Cup 2002 Participant Final Competition Medal PASS
332 Vic Hanson Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Certificate -- Only Athlete in History Elected to Basketball HOF and College Football HOF PASS
333 Edward S. ''Ned'' Irish's 1964 Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Plaque -- Founder of the New York Knicks PASS
334 Chet ''The Jet'' Walker NBA Hall of Fame Jacket 1750
335 Chet ''The Jet'' Walker Personally Owned & Engraved All-American Watch From 1962 PASS
336 Green Bay Packers' Carroll Dale's Golden Helmet Award From 1971 NFC-AFC Pro Bowl PASS
337 Miami Dolphins 1972 Undefeated Season Plaque PASS
338 Muhammad Ali Signed Kentucky Derby Program -- Signed as Cassius Clay -- With PSA/DNA COA 1250
339 Fight Agreement Signed by Sonny Liston & Floyd Patterson in 1963 -- States No Re-Match Requirement for Patterson If He Wins Fight PASS
340 Rare Clarence Campbell Bowl Trophy Issued to Andre Dupont of The Philadelphia Flyers in 1974-75 PASS
341 Hall of Famer Bob Gibson 1968 All-Star Game Presentation Tray -- Same Year Gibson Won NL MVP & Cy Young Award With the Lowest ERA in Modern Baseball -- With LOA Signed by Gibson PASS
342 Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo in Near Fine Condition -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
343 Tooting Bec Golf Medal From 1915 -- Not Engraved Due to WWI PASS
344 1923 Kentucky Derby Racing Program PASS
345 Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks -- From the Arthur Ashe Estate PASS
346 Cricket Bat Signed by ''The Invincibles'' -- Famous 1948 Australian Team Considered the Greatest of All Time PASS
347 Peter Arno Original Hand-Drawn Cartoon Signed -- Created for Helen Hayes' Daughter PASS
348 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sunday ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1985 -- Baseball Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Snoopy PASS
349 Flying Ace ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1992 Featuring Snoopy as ''The World War I Flying Ace'' -- Hand-Drawn Comic Strip by Charles Schulz 10753
350 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1993 Featuring Lucy & Schroeder at His Piano PASS
351 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1992 Featuring Snoopy's Brother Spike PASS
352 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip -- Featuring Charlie Brown & Linus Holding His Blanket 9000
353 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn & Signed ''Peanuts'' Illustration Featuring Snoopy -- Measures 9'' x 11.75'' 660
354 Ludwig Bemelmans Hand Drawn Illustration of Madeline With Her Dog -- Signed & Drawn Inside Copy of ''Madeline'' PASS
355 Truman Capote's True Crime Masterpiece ''In Cold Blood'' First Edition, First Printing Signed Tipped-In Page PASS
356 Noel Coward Handwritten & Signed Poem -- Composed in 1933 for Helen Hayes' Daughter -- ''...The talented and witty man / Who wrote these charming lines! / Noel Coward...'' PASS
357 Robert Frost's 1958 Creative Writing Award From the Huntington Hartford Foundation -- Awarded To Influential Writers, Artists, Composers PASS
358 Eugene O'Neill Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph PASS
359 Ayn Rand Signed First Edition of ''Atlas Shrugged'' PASS
360 Ayn Rand Signed Copy of ''The Fountainhead'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
361 Curious George First Edition, Signed by H.A. Rey with Original Ink Drawing -- ''Curious George Rides a Bike'' From 1952 PASS
362 John Steinbeck Signed Copy of ''Travels With Charley'' -- From the Helen Hayes Estate PASS
363 Jefferson Davis Document Signed as Secretary of War in 1857 -- Davis Tells West Point Student That ''...the President of the United States has...conditionally appointed you a Cadet...'' 800
364 Robert E. Lee Early War-Dated Document Signed as Commanding General -- Regarding Mail for Confederate Troops & ''Felling of Trees'' Just After Lee's First Battle of Cheat Mountain PASS
365 General Robert E. Lee Signed CDV 3025
366 General William T. Sherman Civil War-Dated Autograph Note Signed -- ''...There are Plenty of negro soldiers on leave and I cannot detail any...unless there be some very good news today...'' 1000
367 Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...carry our rifle, and a 60 lb. pack, our ammunition belt, full of ammunition bayonets, steel helmets...Im so tired...'' -- With Original Signed Envelope PASS
368 Douglas MacArthur Signed First Edition of ''MacArthur: His Rendezvous With History'' PASS
369 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf -- Scrollwork From 1250 A.D. PASS
370 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed First Edition of ''Stride Toward Freedom'' -- Uninscribed 2500
371 Scarce Flyer Issued by the Black Opposition to the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- ''...There isn't a chance in the world of breaking segregation in Montgomery...'' PASS
372 Pope Francis Signed Copy of His First Encyclical, ''Lumen Fidei'' (The Light of Faith) -- With LOA From Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin -- Extremely Rare 3750
373 Belva Ann Lockwood Autograph Letter Signed in 1903 PASS
374 Andrew Carnegie Lot of 3 Signed Items in Framed Presentation -- Includes Autograph Letter Signed, Letter Signed & Signature PASS
375 Andrew Carnegie Signed Book -- ''History of Saint Andrew's Society'' PASS
376 Andrew Carnegie Signature PASS
377 Henry Ford & Edsel Ford Signed Photo Display of One Millionth Ford -- With LOA from Ford Motor Company PASS
378 John D. Rockefeller Signed Stock Certificate for Standard Oil Trust -- Signed by Rockefeller as President in 1882 PASS
379 Frank Woolworth Pair of Letters Signed, in Handsome Framed Presentation PASS
380 Estee Lauder Owned Platinum Earrings With Diamonds, Pearls and Sapphires -- Designed by David Webb & With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
381 Estee Lauder Owned Platinum Brooch With Diamonds, Pearls and Sapphires -- Designed by David Webb & With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
382 Buffalo Bill Cody Signed 1899 Biography -- Dual-Signed ''W.F. Cody'' and ''Buffalo Bill'' 1210
383 1956 Victoria Cross Winners Signed Commemoration Dinner Menu -- Includes Charles Upham, James Crichton & Samuel Frickleton PASS