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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Nobel Prize Awarded to Physicist Leon Lederman in 1988 -- Won for His Groundbreaking Discovery of a New Atomic Particle -- One of Only 10 Nobel Prizes Ever to Be Auctioned 633335
2 Alexander Graham Bell Signed Card 400
3 Thomas Edison Signed Portrait With His Trademark Umbrella Autograph 1000
4 Very Scarce Signature by Famed Scientist Edward Jenner, the ''Father of Immunology'' 1331
5 Jonas Salk & Albert Sabin Signed First Day Cover PASS
6 Polio Vaccine Pioneer Jonas Salk 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
7 Discoverer of Planet Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh Collection of 4 Autographs -- ''...Discovered 9th planet...'' PASS
8 Excellent Clyde Tombaugh Autograph Note Signed -- Regarding His 1980 Book Detailing His Discovery of Pluto PASS
9 John Adams Autograph Letter Signed -- Exceptional Content During War of 1812: ''It is of no other use to ruminate upon the faults, Errors & blunders of Washington in the revolutionary War...'' PASS
10 John Adams Document Signed as President in 1801 & Countersigned by John Marshall -- Adams Grants Land to Two Revolutionary War Soldiers With a Large, Bold Signature PASS
11 John Adams Free Franked Signature -- With Holograph Address Leaf, to His Son Thomas Adams PASS
12 John Quincy Adams Land Grant Signed as President 646
13 Chester Arthur Military Appointment Signed as President in 1882 -- Countersigned by Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's Son 666
14 ''President for a Day'' David Rice Atchison Autograph Note Signed -- Atchison Was Acting President on 4 March 1849 PASS
15 James Buchanan Naval Appointment Signed as President 500
16 George H.W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...I'm sure he'll continue to do a great job at Ford...'' PASS
17 George H.W. Bush Autograph Note Signed as Vice President -- ''...I wrote the attached to the kid that drew the card you sent me. Loved it...'' PASS
18 George W. Bush Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir ''Decision Points'' 300
19 George W. Bush Signed Photo Jogging with His Dog PASS
20 George W. Bush Candid Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
21 George W. Bush First Edition of ''Decision Points'' With Signed Bookplate 165
22 Jimmy Carter Typed Letter Signed & Autograph Note as President 300
23 Jimmy Carter Signed Souvenir Excerpt From His Speech at the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty Signing in 1979 -- ''...Peace, like war, is waged...'' 250
24 Oath of Office Souvenir Slip Signed by Jimmy Carter & Gerald Ford PASS
25 Presidential Travel China Plate by Syracuse -- Likely Used on Presidential Rail Car ''Ferdinand Magellan'' PASS
26 Grover Cleveland Signed Military Appointment as President 330
27 Grover Cleveland Document Signed as President PASS
28 Grover Cleveland 1896 White House Invitation PASS
29 Clinton White House-Used China -- Cup & Saucer Set by Lenox From the Year 2000 -- Part of the First Order -- Fine PASS
30 Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial Ticket 242
31 Bill Clinton Signed First Edition of ''Giving: How Each of Us Can Change The World'' -- Fine 165
32 Hillary Clinton Signed ''It Takes a Village'' -- Near Fine 138
33 Calvin Coolidge Signed First Edition of His Autobiography -- Uninscribed 440
34 Calvin Coolidge Document Signed as President 250
35 President Calvin Coolidge Signed 1927 Birth Certificate -- Also Signed by First Lady Grace Coolidge 250
36 Calvin Coolidge Thank You Card -- Lot Also Includes Diplomatic Invitations PASS
37 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed D-Day Speech From ''Crusade in Europe'' -- Rare Signed Speech Is Very Desirable Among Presidential & WWII Collectors 2250
38 Eisenhower Autograph Letter Signed in 1940 Regarding His Son's Admission to West Point -- ''...I'm enclosing a statement of John's qualifications...I expect to mail get endorsements...'' PASS
39 Dwight Eisenhower 1945 Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...A...parade of visitors...Just spent an hour with a Senator...Tomorrow I go to Berlin and...must go...for a conference with [Gen.] McNarney...'' PASS
40 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- '' anyone else my writing would merely represent illiteracy or indifference...'' PASS
41 General Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed to His Wife, Mamie From London -- ''...we never have a dull moment...but mornings & nights are lonely...'' PASS
42 Eisenhower Letter Signed as President: ''...If you are so to this atrocious amendment, I shall regard you as practically a traitor...'' & ''...This is a slaves life...'' PASS
43 Eisenhower Letter Signed as President Regarding FDR, His Democratic Predecessor: '' President desperately tried to arrogate himself greater power than contemplated in the Constitution...'' PASS
44 President Dwight Eisenhower Campaign Picnic Lighter -- From His Re-election Campaign in 1956 484
45 President Dwight D. Eisenhower Matchbooks Flown Aboard His Presidential Airplane PASS
46 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Souvenir Presidential Oath of Office -- ''...I, Dwight D. Eisenhower, do solemnly swear...'' PASS
47 Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- Eisenhower Invites a Friend to a ''Stag Dinner'' & Requests It Be Kept ''Confidential'' PASS
48 Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President Regarding Supreme Court Vacancy -- ''...I assure you that I have the matter under serious consideration...'' 175
49 Dwight Eisenhower Letter Signed as President -- ''...Whether [campaigners] will...reach...every single voter who favors the something we shall have to find out...'' 175
50 Dwight D. Eisenhower & Richard Nixon Presidential Inauguration Invitation and Program PASS
51 Millard Fillmore Military Document Signed as President 484
52 Gerald Ford Typed Letter Signed as President, Just After His Defeat in the 1976 Election -- ''...Long after the hard work and hurried pace of these past weeks are forgotten...'' 242
53 Gerald Ford's Memoir ''A Time To Heal'' Signed 182
54 Gerald Ford Signature PASS
55 Scarce James Garfield Document Signed as President -- From 7 June 1881 PASS
56 James Garfield Autograph Letter Signed in 1880 -- ''...I should be glad to be present at the reunion of that noble regiment which did such gallant service...'' PASS
57 James Garfield Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...sit with the committee while they go over the Estimates for the Executive proper. I think we shall need you for a little while...'' 250
58 Presentation Gavel Made of Pine Wood From the White House & Hickory From Mount Vernon -- Circa 1928 PASS
59 Lot of 10 Checks Signed by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater PASS
60 Ulysses S. Grant Signed CDV Signed as Lieutenant-General of the Union Army PASS
61 Ulysses S. Grant Document Signed as President 700
62 Ulysses S. Grant Signature PASS
63 Ulysses S. Grant Dinner Invitation to Three Separate Dinners -- ''General & Mrs. Grant, At Home'' -- With a Mention of Dancing PASS
64 CDV of Ulysses S. Grant in Civil War Uniform -- With Anthony Backmark 200
65 President Ulysses S. Grant Signed Print 1000
66 Warren G. Harding Document Signed as President 330
67 Benjamin Harrison Military Appointment Signed as President 363
68 President Benjamin Harrison 1891 Dinner Invitation Addressed to New Hampshire Governor Person Colby Cheney PASS
69 William Henry Harrison Document Signed as Governor of the Indiana Territory in 1811 PASS
70 Rutherford B. Hayes Document Signed as President 300
71 Rare Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Herewith is a good luck token that I have had for 20 years. It works pretty well...I don't need it for very long...'' 600
72 Herbert Hoover Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...such an organization is an important contribution to the cause of spiritual progress...'' PASS
73 Herbert Hoover Signed First Printing of ''America's First Crusade'' 193
74 Herbert Hoover Signature PASS
75 President Herbert Hoover White House Invitation PASS
76 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President -- Large Document Measures 25'' x 16'' PASS
77 Thomas Jefferson Four-Language Ship's Paper Signed as President -- Countersigned by James Madison as Secretary of State 7986
78 Thomas Jefferson Signed Free Frank -- Envelope Filled Out in Jefferson's Hand PASS
79 Thomas Jefferson Ship's Paper Signed as President -- Countersigned by James Madison as Secretary of State 4840
80 Thomas Jefferson Signature PASS
81 Andrew Johnson Document Signed as President 726
82 Andrew Johnson Lot of 3 Military Appointments with Stamped Signatures PASS
83 Lyndon B. Johnson Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...It is with reluctance that I accept your resignation...'' 446
84 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Book: ''The Professional'' 275
85 President Lyndon B. Johnson Signed National Gallery Book of Artwork 193
86 President John F. Kennedy Fact Sheet on the White House China Room -- With Interesting Content Detailing Each President's Addition to the China Collection PASS
87 Jackie Kennedy White House Press Release -- Announcing the Resignation of the Artistic Curator During the Famous Renovation of the White House PASS
88 President John F. Kennedy Signed ''Profiles in Courage'' -- Beautiful, Uninscribed Copy -- With COA From University Archives PASS
89 John & Jackie Kennedy Owned & Used Mirror That Hung in Their Hyannis Port Home -- 20'' x 28'' PASS
90 John F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed as President PASS
91 John F. Kennedy Letter Signed as President -- Sent to DC Police Chief: ''...You and the members of your department have been very kind and thoughtful to us...'' -- With University Archives COA PASS
92 John F. Kennedy Presidential China -- Used in the Dining Room of the Presidential Yacht, the ''Honey Fitz'' PASS
93 ''The Kennedy Family'' Photo Album, Owned by JFK as President PASS
94 Ticket From ''New York's Birthday Salute To President Kennedy'' at Madison Square Garden -- Where Marilyn Monroe Sang Her Sexy Rendition of ''Happy Birthday'' to JFK PASS
95 John F Kennedy PT-109 Crew Member Autographs on a JFK Commemorative Envelope 300
96 JFK Press Release on the Cuban Missile Crisis -- ''...the Soviet Government in secretly introducing offensive weapons into Cuba...'' PASS
97 JFK Statement Urging Congress to Halt Communism and ''Castroism'' and Reverse the Vote on Foreign Aid -- 16 August 1961 PASS
98 Invitation to Dinner Welcoming JFK to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
99 Press Badge for JFK's Texas Welcome Dinner Scheduled for 22 November 1963 PASS
100 Transcript of the Address John F. Kennedy Planned to Give the Night of His Assassination PASS
101 Press Ticket for the JFK ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' -- Scheduled the Night of His Assassination PASS
102 John F. Kennedy Press Kit -- Welcoming Him to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
103 JFK Assassination Day ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Program PASS
104 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- ''Dallas Morning News'' -- 25 November 1963 -- Announcing Oswald's Death PASS
105 Lee Harvey Oswald Souvenir Arrest Document With Riveting Content of Oswald's Capture -- Signed by All Four Arresting Officers PASS
106 Rose Kennedy Autograph Postcard Signed from Venice -- ''Here for a week and then back to Paris...'' PASS
107 Ted Kennedy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
108 President Abraham Lincoln Military Document Signed From 1862 -- Near Fine With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
109 Abraham Lincoln Military Document Signed in 1863 -- Lincoln Appoints William Nelson as First Lieutenant of the 13th Infantry During the Civil War -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
110 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President During the Civil War -- With Full Signature, in Near Fine Condition PASS
111 James Madison Land Grant Signed as President 500
112 William McKinley Partial Military Appointment Signed as President PASS
113 William McKinley Document Signed PASS
114 William McKinley Signed Form as Congressman PASS
115 Invitation to the McKinley White House From 1901, Less Than a Year Before His Assassination PASS
116 William McKinley Assassination Newspaper From Buffalo, Where He Was Shot -- Covers Final Moments & Autopsy Results -- ''The bullet has not yet been found...'' PASS
117 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President PASS
118 First Lady Pat Nixon 1970 Typed Letter Signed to Wife of Robert McNamara -- ''...It is delightful to be back in Washington once again...'' PASS
119 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial PASS
120 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation PASS
121 Three Presidents Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by Nixon, Ford & Carter PASS
122 Handwritten Notes by Richard Nixon From 1958 -- ''What are goals for America?'' & ''What Communism stands for is wrong / what we stand for is right'' PASS
123 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President Regarding Vietnam -- ''...about my report to the American people on the prospects for peace in Vietnam...'' 250
124 1946 Richard Nixon Campaign Letter With Autograph Note Signed -- ''...take...every win voters away from the discredited policies of the New Deal Administration...'' PASS
125 Richard Nixon Official White House Invitation to Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara PASS
126 Franklin Pierce Military Appointment Signed as President -- Countersigned by Jefferson Davis PASS
127 James K. Polk Document Signed as President -- Polk Appoints a Swiss Consul to the State of Texas 967
128 Ronald Reagan Presidential China Dessert Bowl -- 1983 Exhibit Piece by Robert C. Floyd PASS
129 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...Your work for the Republican Party and its candidates over the years is deeply appreciated...'' PASS
130 President Ronald Reagan 1985 Inaugural Invitation & Memorabilia PASS
131 Edith Roosevelt Autograph Note Signed -- The Former First Lady Thanks an Editor for Books PASS
132 Eleanor Roosevelt's Personally Owned Books Regarding FDR's Presidency -- Lot Also Includes Books Inscribed to Her by Josephus Daniels & Pare Lorentz -- Collection of 16 Political Titles 2244
133 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed First Edition of ''India and the Awakening East'' 220
134 Eleanor Roosevelt Twice-Signed Index Card -- 3'' x 5'' -- Very Good PASS
135 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Pen Used to Sign the Important Robinson-Patman Act Into Law -- Designed to Help Local Stores Compete With Large Retailers 3025
136 Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as President -- Rare ''Ancient Order of the Deep'' Naval Certificate PASS
137 Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as President -- Large Document Measures 19.75'' x 15.5'' 300
138 Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as Acting Secretary of the Navy in 1919 -- With Beautiful, Full Signature 300
139 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Pair of White House Invitations PASS
140 July 1940 United States Democratic National Convention Floor Ticket PASS
141 Theodore Roosevelt Signed First Edition of ''Big Game Hunting'' 1650
142 Theodore Roosevelt Signed First Edition of ''The Rough Riders'' -- Includes U.S. Army Paymasters Document Showing Payments Made to ''Rough Riders'' Regiment From 1898 1500
143 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Photograph 1250
144 Theodore Roosevelt Military Appointment Signed as President PASS
145 Theodore Roosevelt Military Appointment Signed as Governor of New York -- Roosevelt Appoints a National Guardsman PASS
146 President Theodore Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed -- ''I thank you heartily for the cordial invitation extended to me to attend the eleventh annual meeting of your Commandery...'' 385
147 Theodore Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed -- ''...You have no conception of the multitude of calls made upon me...'' 303
148 Invitation to the Theodore Roosevelt White House PASS
149 William Howard Taft Typed Letter Signed -- Taft Declines a Commencement Speech at Notre Dame Because of His Duties at Yale PASS
150 William Howard Taft Typed Letter Signed as President PASS
151 William H. Taft Signed Photo Display 250
152 William Howard Taft Document Signed as President PASS
153 William Howard Taft Signature -- Bold Signature Attractively Displayed With Small Etched Portrait of Taft PASS
154 William Howard Taft Presidential Inauguration Program PASS
155 President William Taft 1911 White House Invitation PASS
156 Zachary Taylor Document Signed as President -- The Third Rarest Autograph as President PASS
157 Harry Truman Typed Letter Signed in 1946 as President -- ''...I appreciated very much your note of the twenty-first from the jet-engine propelled plane...'' 250
158 Harry Truman Signed Copy of ''Mr. Citizen'' -- Uninscribed 275
159 Harry Truman Signed First Edition of ''Mr. President'' 250
160 Harry S. Truman Signed Check as Treasurer of Jackson County, Missouri in 1934 PASS
161 President Truman White House Invitation -- With White House Envelope PASS
162 John Tyler Naval Appointment Signed as President PASS
163 Martin Van Buren Four-Language Ship's Paper Signed as President PASS
164 George Washington Document Signed as President in 1795 -- Washington Appoints Spaniard Don Juan Bautista Bernabeu as Consul 12500
165 1852 Editor's Copy of ''Memoirs of the Whig Party'' -- Republican Landmark Book 150
166 Woodrow Wilson Military Appointment Signed as President -- From 1914 During WWI, But Before America Entered the War 300
167 Woodrow Wilson Autograph Note Signed -- ''...An educated man is a man who has command both of himself and of the thinking resources of the world...'' 368
168 Woodrow Wilson First Inaugural Program -- 1913 PASS
169 Inaugural Program for Woodrow Wilson -- 5 March 1917, One Month Before Wilson Asked Congress to Declare War Against Germany PASS
170 Revolutionary War Hero Francis Barber Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding the Sullivan Expedition of 1779 -- ''...our united force will commence a rapid movement against the five nations...'' 1060
171 Rare and Beautiful 1843 Force Declaration of Independence From Original Copper Plate 12500
172 Autograph Letter by DOI Signer William Ellery PASS
173 Benjamin Franklin Signed Land Grant for Revolutionary War Veteran -- From 1787 One Month Before Franklin Attended the Constitutional Convention 12100
174 Alexander Hamilton Letters Signed Discussing Collection Law -- ''...I feel a confidence that it will meet with the chearful co-operation of the several courts...'' 7594
175 John Hancock & Samuel Adams Signed Judicial Appointment From 1793 5000
176 John Hancock Franking Signature From 1782 During the Revolutionary War -- Rare, With Address Panel in His Hand 2500
177 John Hancock Signed Militia Appointment -- Signed While Hancock Was Governor of Massachusetts in November 1782 3500
178 Declaration of Independence Signer Francis Hopkinson Document Signed 363
179 Declaration of Independence Signer Robert Morris Signed Note 491
180 1784 Deed to Property in New Brunswick, New Jersey -- ''...previous to the late Revolution...'' PASS
181 American Revolutionary General Samuel Holden Parsons Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Dr. Cogwell applied to me for the purchase of the Horseneck farm...'' -- 1785 300
182 ''Memoirs of Empress Josephine'' -- 1828 Two Volume French Edition 220
183 Princess Diana Autograph Letter Signed in 1991 -- Addressed to the Mother of First Pilot Killed in The Gulf War ''...words seem totally inadequate at times like this...'' With COA From PSA/DNA 1554
184 Queen Elizabeth I Document Signed From 1599 -- Concerning the Need for More Troops During the Nine Years War -- With Very Large ''Elizabeth R'' Signature 22000
185 Queen Elizabeth II Typed Letter Signed -- Sent to King Faisal II of Iraq on 24 January 1955 -- ''...I have judged it expedient to accredit to Your Majesty My Trust...'' 491
186 Queen Elizabeth II Party Invitation PASS
187 1957 Royal Christmas Card Signed by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother PASS
188 King George III Document Signed From 1812 -- With Bold & Large ''George PR'' Signature PASS
189 King George III Document Signed in 1795 325
190 King George III Signed Military Commission From 1804 PASS
191 King George IV Document Signed While He Served as Prince Regent -- Military Appointment PASS
192 Very Large Signature of King George IV of Hanover PASS
193 King George V Autograph Letter Signed From the First Year of His Reign 300
194 King George V Cabinet Photo Signed as the 26 Year-Old Prince of Wales -- ''George / 1891'' 250
195 Invitation to the Wedding of King George V & Mary of Teck PASS
196 King George V 1911 Coronation Ticket PASS
197 King George VI & Queen Mother Elizabeth Signed 1935 Christmas Card 300
198 Signature of King Kalakaua, Hawaii's Last King PASS
199 Queen Mary of Teck Autograph Leter Signed -- ''...Many thanks for your kind letter & for sending me the Report of the Surrey Needlework Guild...'' -- on Marlborough House Stationery 150
200 Queen Victoria Signed Document -- Signed Early in Her Reign in 1839 250
201 Rare William III of the Netherlands Signed Book -- the King Dedicates a Copy of van Prinsterer's Dutch History to American Historian John Motley in 1858 550
202 King William IV Autograph Letter Signed -- '' for this rascal Bonaparte, I wish he was at the bottom of the sea...'' PASS
203 King William IV Document Signed During the First Few Months of His Reign in 1830 PASS
204 Simon Bolivar Document Signed as ''Supreme Chief of the Republic'' -- Large Signature PASS
205 Rare Fidel Castro Document Signed as Cuba's Prime Minister in 1959, the ''Year of the Liberation'' PASS
206 French Revolutionary War General Arthur Dillon Document Signed -- 5 Years Before He Was Guillotined in the Reign of Terror PASS
207 1922 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by the IRA -- ''Beware of Black and Tans'' -- With a Statement by Eamon de Valera PASS
208 English Civil War Broadside Commanding The Burning of an ''Impious and Blasphemous'' Book & Banishing Its Author Laurence Clarkson 300
209 Gandhi's Killing Is Announced on the Front Page of ''The New York Times'' Newspaper 275
210 11'' x 14'' Photograph of Che Guevara -- Signed by Photographer Alberto Korda PASS
211 Nelson Mandela Signed Copy of His Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Beautiful, Fine Edition PASS
212 First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron 1950 Circular Signed PASS
213 Augusto Pinochet Signed Declaration, Appointing the German Consul for Chile PASS
214 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Viscount Goderich F.J. Robinson Free Frank Signed ''Goderich'' -- 1827 -- 4.25'' x 2.75'' -- Very Good PASS
215 General William Stewart Writes During Peninsular War Against Napoleon -- ''...We know nothing of the movements of the French...Lord W. [Wellington] will make a point of following them...'' PASS
216 Viceroy of Peru Don Luis de Velasco, Marques de Salinas Document Signed in 1603 PASS
217 Ryder Cup Trophy From the 1997 Championship -- One of the Few Official Trophies, Owned & Obtained from by a Former PGA Tour President PASS
218 Michelle Wie Autographed & Worn Golf Shoes -- Wie Signs Her Name to Each Shoe PASS
219 World Champion Fernando Alonso Race-Worn & Signed Rare Ferrari Suit -- From 2010 Formula One Season PASS
220 World Champion Fernando Alonso 2004 Renault Race-Suit PASS
221 Kyle Busch Race-Worn & Signed Firesuit -- Worn at 2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Races in 2011 4000
222 Indy 500 Champion Bobby Rahal Race-Worn Suit From 1992 -- Rahal Won the IndyCar World Series that Year 6000
223 Olympic Torch From the 1980 Olympic Games Held in Moscow 1925
224 Olympic Torch From the 1988 Olympic Games Held in Seoul, South Korea PASS
225 Olympic Torch From the 2010 Olympic Games Held in Vancouver 2500
226 Olympic Torch From the 2014 Olympic Games Held in Sochi, Russia 2750
227 Collection of 1984 Summer Olympic Tickets PASS
228 Jesse Owens Signed Photograph -- Signed ''Jesse Owens '36' Olympic'' 334
229 Herbert Chapman Typed Letter Signed -- On Arsenal Football Club Letterhead PASS
230 Program From the F.A. Cup Final in 1929 Between Bolton & Portsmouth 400
231 FIFA World Cup Medal From 1982 -- Awarded to Referee Nicolae Rainea, Whose Controversial Calls in the Second Round Might Have Helped Propel Italy to Victory PASS
232 Original FIFA World Cup 2002 Participant Final Competition Medal PASS
233 1964 Football League Medal From the Representative Match With the Italian Football League in 1964 PASS
234 Football League Silver-Gilt Medal From the Representative Match With Irish Football League in 1966 PASS
235 Ernest Needham WWI Light Infantry Medal PASS
236 Gold Winner's Medal Won in 1911 by Director C.W. Wright of Newcastle United -- Accompanied by Two Original Team Photographs PASS
237 League Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Middlesbrough Steve Vickers 2000
238 Middlesbrough 1998 League Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Steve Vickers 2000
239 10'' x 8'' Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed Photo -- Bold, Blue Signatures -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
240 Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
241 Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Also Signed by Dom DiMaggio -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
242 1938 Joe DiMaggio Signature -- Five Other Yankees From Championship Season Also Sign PASS
243 Don Drysdale 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
244 Lot of 10 Personal Checks Signed by Baseball HOFer Harmon Killebrew PASS
245 Excellent Mickey Mantle & Willie Mays Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA PASS
246 Roger Maris Signed ''The Kansas City Athletics'' Book -- With PSA/DNA COA 300
247 Pete Rose Signed Baseball -- PSA/DNA COA -- Graded 9 PASS
248 Peter Rose Signed Bat -- With JSA Certification PASS
249 World Champions 1985 Kansas City Royals Signed Baseball -- Team Won The World Series That Year PASS
250 Paul Brown Signed Photograph PASS
251 Lot of 45 Checks Signed by Charles ''Bubba'' Smith, Written Entirely in His Hand -- All Signed With His Name & Nickname, ''Charles Bubba Smith'' -- Very Good Condition PASS
252 Muhammad Ali Signed Kentucky Derby Program -- Signed as Cassius Clay -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
253 Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson Twice-Signed Passport PASS
254 Legendary Basketball Coach Phog Allen Autograph Letter Signed & Initialed -- ''...By that time I had lost all desire to follow through my assigned intention...'' PASS
255 Northern California Regional Emmy Award for Live Coverage of the National Hockey League Western Conference Quarterfinals -- Sharks vs. Flames, Game 7 in 2009 1500
256 BBC Sports Lifetime Achievement Award Bestowed Upon Famed Cricket Umpire David Shepherd 350
257 Lot of 4 ''Li'l Abner'' Comic Strips From 1976 -- Hand-Drawn & Signed by Capp Featuring Daisy Mae, Li'l Abner, A Shmoo & Honest Abe -- Sizes Vary, Approximately 19.5'' x 6.25'' -- Very Good PASS
258 Large Al Capp Drawing -- One of Capp's ''SWINE'' Hippie Characters -- 11.75'' x 14.75'' -- Crease to Upper Left Corner, Else Near Fine PASS
259 Al Capp Drawing of ''Li'l Abner'' Favorite Mammy Yokum -- Large Art Measures 11.5'' x 14.5'' PASS
260 Al Capp Hand-Drawn Caricature Sketch of Himself Posing Nude on a Bear Rug PASS
261 ''Li'l Abner'' Silkscreen With Abner & Honest Abe -- Numbered 151/250 & Signed ''Al Capp '74'' in Pencil -- Measures 26'' x 23'' -- Very Good PASS
262 ''Li'l Abner'' Artist Proof -- With Fun, Women's Lib Content -- Numbered 14/30 & Signed ''Al Capp '74'' in Pencil -- Measures 29'' x 22'' -- Very Good PASS
263 ''Li'l Abner'' Artist Proof Featuring Li'l Abner & Mammy -- Signed ''Al Capp '74'' in Pencil & Numbered ''20/30 AP'' -- Measures 36.5'' x 22.5'' -- Very Good PASS
264 Giant & Colorful ''Li'l Abner'' Artist Proof -- Capp Pencils ''AP 10/30'' & Signs ''Al Capp '76'' -- Measures 44'' x 31.5'' -- Foxing & Tears to Border PASS
265 Al Capp Early Sketch -- From the Capp Estate PASS
266 Two Al Capp Letters Signed to an Aspiring Artist Fan -- ''...get a good anatomy book (art anatomy) and master the construction of the figure...'' PASS
267 Matt Groening Signed Sketch of Bart Simpson -- Sketched on a Page of ''Radioactive Man'' PASS
268 Keith Haring's Famous Illustration Promoting ''Safe Sex!'' Signed by the Artist -- Poster Measures 27.25'' x 29.5'' 363
269 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker Juggling Pineapples PASS
270 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker as a Hula Dancer PASS
271 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1954 Featuring Charlotte Braun & Charlie Brown -- Charlotte Appears in Only 10 Strips PASS
272 Dr. Seuss Hand-Painted and Drawn Illustration -- Very Early Work From 1 June 1929 Issue of ''Judge'' Magazine -- With Shockingly Racist Content PASS
273 ''Superman From the 30's to the 70's'' -- Signed by 9 of Superman's Contributors Including Illustration Team Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson & ''Death of Superman'' Artists Janke and Bogdanove PASS
274 Original Pencil and Ink Illustration Drawn by Comic Book Artist Bill Ward -- Signed by Ward PASS
275 Walt Disney Signed Check -- Signed ''Walter E. Disney'' in His Unique Style PASS
276 Original 1962 Academy Awards Poster From the 34th Annual Ceremony -- ''Westside Story'' Took Home Best Picture That Year 368
277 Christian Bale Screen-Worn Costume From the 2013 Film ''Out of the Furnace'' PASS
278 ''Mr. Television'', Milton Berle Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 1959 Membership Card PASS
279 Raymond Burr Cigarette Case Gifted to Him by Jerry Lewis -- Given to Burr on the Set of the 1955 Film ''You're Never Too Young'' 1000
280 Raymond Burr Lot of 6 Neckties Custom-Made for Him -- Worn During the Filming of ''Ironside'' & ''The Return of Perry Mason'' PASS
281 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Custom-Designed Cashmere Cape 500
282 Raymond Burr's ''Perry Mason'' Cane -- Gifted by Cast Members Barbara Hale, Billy Katt and David Ogden Stiers 500
283 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Lot of 8 Sterling Silver Cups 500
284 Raymond Burr Shirt Signed by Cast & Crew of ''The Return of Perry Mason'' Made for Television Movie 450
285 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Humidor -- Gifted to Him by the Cast of the Play ''Underground'' in 1983 400
286 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Lot of 6 Sterling Silver Cups PASS
287 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Ashtray -- With Facsimile Signatures of Himself & Five Actors From ''Perry Mason'' PASS
288 Raymond Burr Award Medallion -- Awarded for His Contributions to the McGeorge School of Law at University of The Pacific PASS
289 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Silver Champagne Cooler 294
290 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Cigarette Case -- Engraved With Inscription ''An Actor is a Sculptor Who Carves in Snow'' 242
291 Raymond Burr TV Guide Award for Most Popular Male Personality for ''Perry Mason'' -- From The 1959-60 Season -- Manufactured by Tiffany & Co. PASS
292 ''Perry Mason'' TV Guide Award Nomination Bowl From 1962 -- Personally Owned by Raymond Burr PASS
293 ''Perry Mason'' TV Guide Award Nomination Bowl From 1963 -- Personally Owned by Raymond Burr PASS
294 ''Perry Mason'' TV Guide Award Nomination Bowl From 1964 -- Personally Owned by Raymond Burr PASS
295 Raymond Burr VFW Americanism Award From 1966 -- 179 Grams of 14K Gold 2000
296 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Business Suit From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
297 James Dean's Hometown Newspaper Announcing His Death PASS
298 Zoey Deutch Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Beautiful Creatures'' PASS
299 Cameron Diaz ''Bad Teacher'' Wardrobe -- Cashmere Sweater & The Row Brand Shirt 500
300 Michael Douglas Screen-Worn Dress Shirt From ''Last Vegas'' PASS
301 Jesse Eisenberg Screen-Worn Costume From the 2013 Film ''Now You See Me'' 200
302 Harrison Ford Screen-Worn Coat From ''Extraordinary Measures'' PASS
303 Clark Gable 8'' x 10'' ''Gone With the Wind'' Photo PASS
304 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Blouse From ''Draft Day'' 250
305 Emmy Award Nomination for a Liza Minnelli Television Special -- Awarded to Minnelli's Ex-husband Jack Haley, Jr. in 1987 PASS
306 Tom Hanks Costume From His Acclaimed Performance in Hijacking Thriller ''Captain Phillips'' PASS
307 Neal Patrick Harris Screen-Worn Pajamas From ''How I Met Your Mother'' PASS
308 Edith Head Costume Sketch -- Head Draws Mona Freeman for the 1951 Film ''Darling How Could You!'' PASS
309 Jim Henson Handwritten Notes of a ''Muppet'' Segment From a Very Early TV Special -- ''PUPPET COMEDY PIECE'' -- With Original Polaroid of Gonzo & Beautiful Day Monster PASS
310 Katie Holmes ''Dawson's Creek'' Wardrobe PASS
311 Rare 1940's ''Lassie'' Storyboard -- Painting Depicts the Most Famous Dog in Hollywood Running Through a Wintry Setting PASS
312 Peter Lawford ''Rat Pack'' Archive -- Documents for His Movie With Sammy Davis Jr., 63 Photos From the 1960's, Matchbooks & Legal Documents From Taxes & His Divorce From Patricia Kennedy 350
313 Eva Mendes Wardrobe From the Will Ferrell Comedy ''The Other Guys'' PASS
314 Sienna Miller Signed Shoes -- With 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
315 Movie Poster for Alfred Hitchcock's ''Rear Window'' -- Starring James Stewart & Grace Kelly PASS
316 Julia Roberts Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''August: Osage County'' PASS
317 Meryl Streep Screen-Worn Camisole From Her Best Actress Oscar-Nominated Role in ''August: Osage County'' PASS
318 Shirley Temple Twice-Signed Original Dancing Shoes Worn in the Films ''Baby Takes a Bow'' and ''Stand Up And Cheer'' -- Temple Signs Each Shoe PASS
319 Charlize Theron Wardrobe From ''The Burning Plain'' PASS
320 Actress Sydna Scott Thor Personally Owned 18K Gold Swiss Pendant Watch -- Gifted to Her by a Swedish Royal PASS
321 8'' x 10'' Press Photo of Raquel Welch in Her 1968 Film ''The Biggest Bundle of Them All'' PASS
322 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Shirts From ''Red 2'' PASS
323 Mary Astor Lot of 100 Checks Signed PASS
324 Mary Astor Divorce Certificate From Her Marriage to Thomas Gordon Wheelock PASS
325 Mary Astor Autograph Letter Signed to Her Agent Gloria Safier -- ''...I had a lovely Christmas -- just being home...'' PASS
326 Two 1940's Autograph Books With 35+ Celebrities -- Including Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Roy Rogers, Betty Grable & More 300
327 Lucille Ball Twice-Signed Pension Plan & Trust PASS
328 Lucille Ball Handwritten Letter -- ''...I'm going to miss you - so much more than you know...I've been unable to think of little else for days, except how far away you'll be...'' PASS
329 Lucille Ball Large and Rare Full Signature, ''To Bob / Lucille Ball'' PASS
330 Mathew Beard's Signature -- ''Stymie'' From ''Our Gang'' in the 1930's PASS
331 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
332 Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen Contract Signed From 1954 PASS
333 Ingrid Bergman Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph PASS
334 Charlie Chaplin Signed Photograph as the Tramp -- With JSA COA PASS
335 Charles D. Coburn Autograph Letter Signed PASS
336 Gary Cooper Signature Upon a 6'' x 4.5'' Autograph Album Page -- ''Sincerely / Gary Cooper'' -- Very Good With Uniform Toning PASS
337 Noel Coward Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am living down here and am doing 12 hours a day on my film...'' PASS
338 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed on Holiday Stationery -- ''...dear, sweet girl...I hope you will not think me presumptuous, but I am enclosing a little colored photograph of myself...'' PASS
339 Olivia de Havilland Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo From Her Acclaimed ''Gone With the Wind'' Role PASS
340 Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Lot of 10 Checks Signed PASS
341 Check Signed by Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. -- 22 November 1935 -- Cancellation Stamps, Smudging and Red Mark to Signature -- Overall Very Good PASS
342 Comedian Marty Feldman Autograph -- ''Hello Joe! / Marty Feldman'' PASS
343 Cast-Signed ''Gone With The Wind'' 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by Six of the Cast -- Frank Junior Coghlan, Ann Rutherford, William Bakewell, Cammie King, Rand Brooks & Marjorie Reynolds PASS
344 Edmund Gwenn 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Himself as the Kindly Kris Kringle From ''Miracle on 34th Street'' PASS
345 'Miracle on 34th Street'' Actor Edmund Gwenn Autograph Letter Signed -- the Oscar Winning ''Kris Kringle'' Writes a Lengthy Letter, '' will undoubtable come under its spell...'' PASS
346 Margaret Hamilton 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed as the Witch From ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- ''Best witch wishes'' PASS
347 Margaret Hamilton 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
348 Academy Award Winner Rex Harrison Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
349 Katharine Hepburn Signed Playbill From Her Tony-Nominated Role in Broadway Show ''West Side Waltz'' PASS
350 Grace Kelly Signed Photograph 500
351 Stan Laurel Letter Signed on the Formation of Laurel & Hardy -- ''...the team was formed 1927, not '29. Our first feature was a background parody on an M.G.M. picture 'The Big House'...'' PASS
352 Carole Lombard Signed Photograph PASS
353 Janye Mansfield & Mickey Hargitay 10'' x 8'' Wedding Photo Signed PASS
354 1940's Screen Siren Marilyn Maxwell 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
355 Sal Mineo Autograph Letter Signed -- Excellent ''Rebel Without a Cause'' Content -- ''It's a wonderful part for me so I want to give it all the time I have...'' PASS
356 Sal Mineo Autograph Letter Signed on a Postcard in 1955 Just Before He Started Filming ''Rebel Without a Cause'' -- ''...I'm Still Alive And Kicking...'' PASS
357 Western Movie Star Tom Mix Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
358 Sir Laurence Olivier Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 138
359 Freddie Prinze Sr. Contract Signed to Appear on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast -- 1974 PASS
360 Donna Reed Signed 10'' x 13'' Photograph PASS
361 Bill ''Bojangles'' Robinson Autograph Letter Signed -- Robinson Writes to a Captain in the Army During WWII, ''...Please see that the Boys get these...'' PASS
362 Eight ''Saturday Night Live'' Cast Member Signatures -- Including Comedic Legends Chris Farley, Phil Hartman & More -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
363 Intimate 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Frank Sinatra PASS
364 Ed Sullivan 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
365 Gloria Swanson Signed Memoir -- ''Swanson On Swanson'' First Edition PASS
366 Autograph Book Signed by 45 Hollywood Stars Including, Carl ''Alfalfa'' Switzer, Bob Hope, Edward G. Robinson, Esther Williams, Dorothy Lamour, Jack Haley, Phil Harris & More 600
367 Scarce Elizabeth Taylor 1949 Contract Signed as a 17-Year Old -- Regarding a Betty Crocker Radio Program Appearance 330
368 Spencer Tracy's Signature PASS
369 First-Ever Grammy Award From 1958 -- Won by The Champs for Best R&B Performance for the Classic Song ''Tequila'' -- Only 28 Were Awarded 50000
370 Grammy Medal Presented to Mickey Rooney in 1984 1500
371 Cher Personally Owned & Worn Emerald Green Silk Tunic Top PASS
372 Amazing Michael Jackson 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Bold Signature PASS
373 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall Signed Christmas Card PASS
374 Alicia Keys White Crocodile-Style Vest Worn During Her ''As I Am'' Tour -- With a COA From Keys 2000
375 Alicia Keys Worn Jennifer Scott Red Floppy Hat -- With a COA From the Singer PASS
376 Alicia Keys Christian Dior Sunglasses -- Worn During the ''Diary'' & ''As I Am'' Tours PASS
377 Elvis Presley Newspaper From His Hometown of Memphis -- Dated 17 August 1977 -- ''...The King is Dead...'' PASS
378 Queen Signed Holiday Card -- Signed by All Four Members of the Band Including Freddie Mercury -- With COA From Roger Epperson PASS
379 Legendary Vocalist Marian Anderson Program Signed PASS
380 Leonard Bernstein Signed LP Record Set PASS
381 Opera Singer Enrico Caruso Hand-Drawn Caricature, Also Signed by Caruso PASS
382 Nat King Cole Trio Autographs -- Plus Nine Additional Signatures of 1930's Jazz Legends PASS
383 George Gershwin Signed Limited First Edition of ''George Gershwin's Songbook'' -- Beautiful Copy Signed by Gershwin & Illustrator Constantin Alajalov in 1932 PASS
384 ''King of Swing'' Benny Goodman 8'' x 10'' Glossy Signed Photo PASS
385 Jazz Musician Hampton Hawes Files a Claim for Wages Not Paid in 1946 -- Signed ''Hampton Hawes'' PASS
386 Lot of 20 Vintage Jazz EP Vinyl Records by 9 Different Artists -- Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz, Bud Shank, Bob Gordon, Harry Edison, Laurindo Almeida, Russ Freeman & Bengt Hallberg PASS
387 Jenny Lind ''Swedish Nightingale'' Autograph Letter Signed PASS
388 Artist Francis Bacon Signed Book Page With His Photo -- His ''Three Studies of Lucien Freud'' is The Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold at Auction PASS
389 Rare 1880 Set of ''Life and Works of William Blake'' -- With Elaborate Gilt Decorations & Woodcuts 1149
390 Mt. Rushmore Artist Gutzon Borglum Signed Photo -- 10.5'' x 13.75'' 1000
391 Mount Rushmore Designer, Gutzon Borglum Signed Mount Rushmore Booklet PASS
392 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremony -- Near Fine & Printed by Tiffany & Co. PASS
393 Raymond Burr Personally Owned Limited Edition of ''Select Orchidaceous Plants'' -- Dedicated Personally to Burr in 1975 220
394 'Christy Girl'' Artist Howard Chandler Christy Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I do not know what your request is, but...I send this at random...'' PASS
395 Hans Erni Lot of 5 Signed Illustrations Dedicated to Raymond Burr 150
396 Jasper Johns Signed 38'' x 40'' Poster of His Famous ''Flag'' Painting -- With Additional Postcard Signed by Johns PASS
397 Artist and Writer Rockwell Kent Autograph Note Signed PASS
398 ''Painter of Light'' Thomas Kinkade's ''Gardens Beyond Spring Gate'' -- 1998 Artist Proof 800
399 Thomas Kinkade Artist Proof Limited Edition Signed -- ''Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream'' 800
400 Mastermind Behind The Statue of Liberty Edouard Laboulaye Autograph Letter Signed -- Rare PASS
401 1872 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Shawnoe Indian Chief Quatawapea'' PASS
402 Leroy Neiman Signed ''Winners: My Thirty Years in Sports'' 125
403 Diego Rivera Signed Copy of ''Portrait of Mexico'' PASS
404 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Iconic ''Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
405 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Famous ''Saturday Evening Post'' Cover From 1959 Titled, ''Family Tree'' PASS
406 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of His ''Springtime on Stockbridge'' PASS
407 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''The Christmas Coach'' PASS
408 Norman Rockwell Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I do not have a sketch to send you...'' PASS
409 Norman Rockwell Signed Copy of ''Norman Rockwell Artist And Illustrator'' -- Large Coffee Table Book Measures 12.5'' x 18.5'' PASS
410 Norman Rockwell Signed First Edition of ''The Norman Rockwell Storybook'' -- 1969 PASS
411 Norman Rockwell Signed Copy of His Biography, ''Illustrator'' -- Inscribed to ''fellow Vermonters'' PASS
412 Andy Warhol Signed ''America'' PASS
413 Garth Williams' Initialed Preliminary Sketch for E.B White's ''Charlotte's Web'' -- Window Into the Process of the Artist's Character Development for 1952 Classic 300
414 Artist N.C. Wyeth Signed Limited Edition of ''The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come'' -- Wyeth Illustrated the Civil War Novel PASS
415 Intricate Faberge Silver & Cloisonne Enamel Kovsh, Dating to 1899-1908 PASS
416 English Illustrator John Austen Signed Copy of ''Manon Lescaut'' -- With Twelve Beautiful Art-Deco Illustrations 165
417 James Baldwin Signed Limited Edition of His ''Go Tell It on the Mountain'' PASS
418 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Welcome Home!'' Signed -- With Sketch of a Young Boy PASS
419 William S. Burroughs Signed First American Edition of ''Naked Lunch'' PASS
420 William S. Burroughs Signed Limited Edition of ''Doctor Benway'' PASS
421 William S. Burroughs & Bryon Gysin Signed Limited Edition of ''The Cat Inside'' PASS
422 William S. Burroughs Signed Limited Edition of Alan Ansen's Essay ''William Burroughs'' -- Countersigned by Ansen -- One of 50 PASS
423 William S. Burroughs Signed First Printing of ''The Ticket That Exploded'' PASS
424 William S. Burroughs Signed Limited Edition of ''Early Routines'' PASS
425 William S. Burroughs Signed First Edition of ''Cities of the Red Night'' PASS
426 William S. Burroughs Signed First Edition of ''The Place of Dead Roads'' PASS
427 William S. Burroughs Signed First Edition of ''Ah Pook is Here'' PASS
428 William S. Burroughs Signed Limited Edition of ''Doctor Benway'' PASS
429 William S. Burroughs Signed Copy of ''Conjunctions'' Literary Journal PASS
430 Truman Capote ''In Cold Blood'' Signed First Edition, First Printing -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
431 Truman Capote's True Crime Masterpiece ''In Cold Blood'' First Edition, First Printing Signed Tipped-In Page PASS
432 Gorgeous Signed Luxury Copy of Truman Capote's ''Other Voices, Other Rooms'' -- Fine PASS
433 August Derleth ''Habitant of Dusk'' Limited Edition Signed PASS
434 Ralph Ellison ''Invisible Man'' Signed -- Fine 200
435 William Faulkner Signed ''A Green Bough'' -- Rare Limited Edition of Faulkner's Poetry PASS
436 Perry Mason Mystery Signed by Author Erle Stanley Gardner -- ''The Case of the Duplicate Daughter'' First Edition PASS
437 Allen Ginsberg Signed Copy of ''Kaddish & Other Poems'' PASS
438 Zane Grey 1930 Handwritten Check Signed -- Prolific Author of Popular Western Novels PASS
439 Seckatary Hawkins ''Stormie The Dog Stealer'' -- 1925 First Edition -- One of the Rarest Titles of the Hawkins Series PASS
440 Joseph Heller on His Catch-22 Protagonist -- ''...not for a moment the thought of making Yossarian Jewish. That was a line of development in which I did not want to get involved...'' PASS
441 Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed to the Air Force -- ''...[make] available to him any information about my military service that he wishes to obtain...'' PASS
442 Ernest Hemingway Check Signed From 1949 PASS
443 Ernest Hemingway Signed & Inscribed 10'' x 8'' Photo From the 1950's 600
444 Ernest Hemingway's Own Bullfighting Ticket From 21 August 1959 -- From the ''Plaza de Toros de Vista Alegre'' in Bilbao, Spain -- Hemingway Wrote About This Bullfight in His Final Book PASS
445 True 1935 First Edition of Ernest Hemingway's ''Green Hills of Africa'' 330
446 Marguerite Henry Signs ''A Pictorial Life Story of Misty'' -- ''Happiness is knowing Misty!'' PASS
447 Oliver Wendell Holmes Letter Signed -- '' will do well to remind me again of my promise...'' PASS
448 Very Scarce First Edition, First Printing of Captain W.E. Johns' ''Desert Night'' -- One of Only Eleven Copies Known to Exist PASS
449 Rare Signed Copy of Captain W.E. Johns' ''Biggles Flies East'' PASS
450 Stephen King Signed First Printing of ''Different Seasons'' PASS
451 Stephen King Signed Postcard -- ''CHRISTINE will be out in May....sleep with the bathroom light on and the covers tucked in and you'll be alright. Probably...'' PASS
452 Louis L'Amour Document Signed -- Contract For a Collaboration With Screenwriter Jack Natteford PASS
453 Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Other than old age and decrepitude, we're fine!...'' PASS
454 Harper Lee Autograph Note Signed -- Lee Pens a Response Writing That She Can't Respond PASS
455 Norman Mailer Signed Copy of ''The Naked and the Dead'' PASS
456 W. Somerset Maugham 1950 Typed Letter Signed PASS
457 Gorgeous Signed Limited Edition of Cormack McCarthy's ''No Country For Old Men'' -- The Novel That Inspired 2007's Best Picture -- Fine PASS
458 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited First Edition of ''Ah, Wilderness!'' PASS
459 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of His Pulitzer Prize-Winning Drama ''Anna Christie'' -- Fine PASS
460 Eugene O'Neill's 1934 Play ''Days Without End'' Signed Limited Edition PASS
461 Limited Edition of Eugene O'Neill's ''Hairy Ape'' Signed -- Fine PASS
462 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of ''Lazarus Laughed'' PASS
463 Eugene O'Neill ''Marco Millions'' Signed Limed Edition PASS
464 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of His Classic ''Mourning Becomes Electra'' PASS
465 Mario Puzo Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Here is the treatment for the Columbia Picture -- Paul Newman...'' 148
466 Ayn Rand Signed Copy of ''The Fountainhead'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
467 J.K. Rowling Signed Copy of ''Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'' -- Signed in 2002 -- With PSA/DNA COA 800
468 Carl Sandburg ''Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years'' First Edition Signed 175
469 Robert Sawyer Signed Copy of His Science Fiction Epic ''Flash Forward'' -- Fine PASS
470 ''Where the Wild Things Are'' by Maurice Sendak -- 1963 Children's Classic in Near Fine Condition PASS
471 Maurice Sendak Autograph Note Signed on a Postcard to a Puppeteer PASS
472 Original Drawing of Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss 1750
473 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed on ''Cat in the Hat'' Stationery PASS
474 Dr. Seuss' ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Edition, First Printing With First Printing Dustjacket PASS
475 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I'm at present, involved in the enclosed Grolexus, which is whirlzing me fithither...'' PASS
476 Dr. Seuss Typed Letter Signed -- ''...we are still running back and forth to Hollywood, but we hope things will let up...'' PASS
477 Dr. Seuss Signed 5'' x 7.25'' Photo -- ''With Best Wishes to Bob Walz ~~ Dr. Seuss'' -- Light Creasing, Else Near Fine PASS
478 Gertrude Stein's ''Lucy Church Amiably'' First Edition -- Scarce Book by the Author Who Coined the Term ''Lost Generation'' PASS
479 First American Edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's Classic ''Treasure Island'' -- The Rare First Illustrated Edition 800
480 Harriet Beecher Stowe Handwrites a Quote From ''Macbeth'' and Signs Alongside William Cullen Bryant Upon a Single Slip 303
481 Gertrude Stein's Lover Alice B. Toklas Signed Postcard -- ''...Carl's [Van Vechten] birthday noticed by the New Republic! - the dissociated Press!! And hundreds of newspapers!!!...'' 200
482 J.R.R. Tolkien Signed Copy of ''Tree and Leaf'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
483 Buzz Aldrin Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph on the Moon PASS
484 Buzz Aldrin Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Photo PASS
485 Buzz Aldrin ''Encounter With Tiber'' Signed Book -- 915 of 1500 Copies -- Fine PASS
486 Apollo 13 Flown Robbins Medal -- From the Collection of Jack Swigert, Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot 3661
487 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Astronaut Insurance Cover -- Signed ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
488 Limited Edition Print Signed by 20 Apollo Astronauts Including Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins PASS
489 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo, Uninscribed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
490 Excellent Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 900
491 Typed Letter Signed by American Astronaut Michael Collins -- Nice Signature From Apollo 11 Flight Member PASS
492 Michael Collins Signed Composite Photo of Apollo Flights -- ''Michael Collins, Apollo 11'' PASS
493 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine PASS
494 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
495 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed Flyer, ''Let's Fly to the Moon'' PASS
496 NASA Lot -- Hardhat & Lapel Pins PASS
497 Margaret Bourke-White 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
498 Collection of Items From the Hindenburg Disaster -- Includes Debris & Press Pass From the Day of the Disaster PASS
499 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''Lindbergh of Minnesota'' -- Near Fine PASS
500 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately 330
501 Autograph Letter Signed by Arctic Explorer Roald Amundsen in 1907 -- Amundsen Thanks Admiral Lyon for Taking Care of His Beloved Gjoa Ship That Safely Took Him Through the Northwest Passage PASS
502 Roald Amundsen Signed Photograph -- Showing His Crew Dismantling the Famed ''Norge'' Aircraft PASS
503 King Tut Founder Howard Carter Letter Twice-Signed -- Carter Tells Egyption Archaelogy Directorate ''...not to ask the government for any further compensation...'' 1980
504 Mt. Everest 1978 Team-Signed Postcard -- The First Climbers to Reach the Summit Without Supplemental Oxygen PASS
505 Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Signed First Day Cover -- With Limited Edition Coin Marking 25th Anniversary of Everest's First Ascent PASS
506 ''Through The Dark Continent'' Inscribed by Henry M. Stanley in the Year of Publication PASS
507 Union General Nathaniel Banks CDV -- Mathew Brady Backstamp PASS
508 General Ambrose Burnside CDV -- Mathew Brady Backstamp PASS
509 Civil War Era Sewing Box Likely Used in the War -- With Supplies Inside PASS
510 Civil War Soldier Letter -- ''...the slaughter must have been great...50 of them was shot down. So much for drunken officers...They did shoot at our wounded men laying on the ground...'' PASS
511 Four 1864 Confederate War Bond Coupons -- Each for $30 Printed by Archer PASS
512 George Custer Signed Envelope -- Made Out in His Hand to His Wife -- ''Mrs. G.A. Custer'' PASS
513 George Custer Autograph Envelope Made Out to His Wife ''Mrs. Genl Custer'' PASS
514 Confederate General John B. Floyd CDV Photo & Buttons -- With Unusual COA From Soldier William R.P. Crocker of the 30th Illinois Infantry 400
515 Civil War Photographer Alexander Gardner Signed Check PASS
516 3rd Georgia Cavalryman During the Atlanta Campaign -- ''...our gallant boys rose up and gave them a fire and then a yell...they scattered like sheep, leaving all their dead in our possession...'' PASS
517 Union Army General Quincy Adams Gillmore Civil War-Dated Autograph Letter Signed PASS
518 Union General Henry Halleck CDV Photograph -- Mathew Brady Backstamp PASS
519 Civil War Letter -- ''...One man was shot by the sentinel a few days ago...The ball struck the joint of his shoulder and went through his neck cutting open [his] wind pipe & gullet...'' PASS
520 Letter Lot From the 7th Indiana Infantry With Gettysburg & Chancellorsville Content -- ''...met the Rebels July 1st and we had a terrible battle...The carnage is said to have been terrible...'' 1250
521 Civil War Diary From Maine 1st Cavalryman -- Extensive Battle Content on the Overland Campaign -- ''...we lost 70 men...Our prisoners went out today to bury our dead at Reams Station...'' PASS
522 3rd Massachusetts Letter -- '' was as hot as 2 hells here...I think they are trying to kill our regiment...our party got will always be so as long as they have such damn fools...'' PASS
523 Civil War Letter With Fort Darling Battle Content -- ''...I had one man fall on me...with the back part of his head shove in by a piece of shell...loss is 60 killed wounded & missing...'' PASS
524 Civil War Letter at Battle of Darbytown Road -- ''...before the assaulting colum got within sight of the rebs they set up a awful yell and the rebs opened a murderous fire...'' PASS
525 Civil War Letter by a 64th Ohio Infantryman -- ''...a spy hung once and a while. There is 2 or 3 to be hung now...There was one hung one week ago and there were 2 hung...a few days ago...'' 275
526 Large 81 Letter Lot by Civil War Soldier -- With Gettysburg & Fredericksburg Content -- ''...I have almost forgotten what it is that has brought me here; to kill and destroy human beings...'' PASS
527 55th PA Infantry Soldier During the Civil War's Siege of Petersburg -- ''...the artillery opened fire when the Rebs made a change and our men shot a volley into them...'' PASS
528 William Seward Letter Signed, Urging His Friend to Join the Union Army in 1862 -- ''...This is a period in which there can be no divided duty...'' 250
529 General William T. Sherman Civil War-Dated Autograph Note Signed -- ''...There are Plenty of negro soldiers on leave and I cannot detail any...unless there be some very good news today...'' PASS
530 General William T. Sherman Autograph Letter Signed on U.S. Army Stationery PASS
531 William T. Sherman Letter Signed -- On Getting Into West Point -- ''...I have endorsed over a dozen will endorse more without even the most distant hope of our succeeding...'' PASS
532 Civil War letter by a Charleston Dragoon, the 4th South Carolina Cavalry -- During the Overland Campaign -- ''...The Fifth Regiment lost five men, killed last night in the fight...'' PASS
533 Civil War Letter by a 38th Virginia Infantry Captain -- ''...if the law is pronounced null and void, the Confederacy is about 'played out'...'' 250
534 Gideon Welles Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I know not when he can do better than to join your class & I command him to you...'' PASS
535 Five-Star General Hap Arnold Signed 8.5'' x 11'' Photo -- Dedicated to WWII Air Force General James Bevans PASS
536 General Mark W. Clark Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
537 Set of 16 WWII 1944 Postcards From the Krupps' Markstadt Work Camp in Poland -- ''...There was a death in our room. Censorship does not allow me to say how he died...'' PASS
538 1944 Autograph Letter Signed From a Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Prisoner -- ''...I am very thankful...'' PASS
539 Signature of WWII British Admiral Andrew Cunningham -- Green Ink, 4.5'' x 2.5'' -- With Envelope & Reply Letter -- Very Good PASS
540 Enola Gay Poem Signed by Five Crew Members Including Tibbets, Jeppson, Caron & Ferebee PASS
541 Iwo Jima Hero Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the war is going to last six more years, one year to lick the Germans, one year to lick the Japs...'' 400
542 Rene Gagnon Signed Envelope From 1943 While a WWII Marine PASS
544 General Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you so much for your birthday greeting. I appreciate it deeply. It made my day a brighter one, indeed...'' PASS
546 WWII Admiral Chester Nimitz Twice-Signed 14'' x 11'' Photograph -- Depicting Nimitz Signing the Declaration of Japanese Surrender on 2 September 1945 PASS
547 General George Patton 1945 Typed Letter Signed PASS
548 John J. Pershing Typed Letter Signed From 1939 -- ''...Thanks to your courtesy in having a private car placed at my disposal...'' PASS
549 Joe Rosenthal Document Signed From 1953 -- Also Signed by Comedian Ken Murray PASS
550 Albert Speer Letter Signed About Hitler -- ''...Napoleon is positively fundamentally different from Hitler...the awful circumstances that were found in Hitler's authoritarian system...'' PASS
551 Albert Speer Letter Signed -- ''...I'm telling you in confidence I am currently working on a book about the twenty years I spent imprisoned in Spandau...'' PASS
552 United States Pictorial History of WWI in Four Volumes -- ''U.S. Official Pictures of the World War Showing America's Participation'' PASS
553 Unique Collection of World War II Items Including a Full Uniform Worn by a Corporal in the 3rd Army -- Lot Includes Badges, Pins & a Personal Photo Owned by the Soldier PASS
554 American GI's Personal WWII Photo Album Featuring Pictorial Accounts of North Africa and Italy as Well as Basic Training -- Includes Several Pictures of War Tanks -- Nearly 300 Photos PASS
555 Bell Street Baptist Church Bombing Debris -- One of the Four Churches Bombed After the Supreme Court Ruling That the Montgomery Bus Segregation System Was Unconstitutional PASS
556 Cesar Chavez Rare Signed ''Autobiography of La Causa'' -- Near Fine 250
557 Abolitionist William L. Garrison Autograph Quotation Signed -- ''Liberty for each, for all, and forever!...'' 275
558 Rabbi Meir Kahane Signed Copy of His Book ''The Story of the Jewish Defense League'' 165
559 Coretta Scott King Concert Poster & Program From Performances in 1956 & 1958 -- One From the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church PASS
560 Martin Luther King, Jr. Address to the Montgomery Improvement Association in 1959 PASS
561 Martin Luther King, Jr. ''The Future of Integration'' Speech Delivered in 1959 -- ''...segregation is at bottom a form of slavery covered up with certain niceties of complexity...'' PASS
562 Scarce Civil Rights Artwork Given to Attendees at the ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' -- Stunning Images PASS
563 Martin Luther King, Jr. & Mrs. King Christmas Card PASS
564 Scarce Flyer Issued by the Black Opposition to the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- ''...There isn't a chance in the world of breaking segregation in Montgomery...'' PASS
565 Pope Pius XI Signed Blessing & Photo Display -- Signed as Pope in 1931 PASS
566 Mormon President Joseph F. Smith Signed Photo -- Dedicated to U.S. Steel Co-Founder Elbert H. Gary PASS
567 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed -- ''...My prayer for you is that you grow more and more like Christ...'' 325
568 Brigham Young Signed CDV -- With a COA From PSA/DNA 1650
569 Red Cross Founder Clara Barton Autograph Letter -- '' is neither wise nor kind to make conditions for persons to be held at the sacrifice of comfort and safety...'' PASS
570 Fallen Socialite Edie Beale Autograph Letter Signed -- With Great Eccentric Content on Astrology, Prince Charles & Current Events -- ''...Those murders in Atlanta is the Klan at work...'' PASS
571 Julia Child Signed First Edition of ''Julia's Kitchen Wisdom'' -- Fine PASS
572 'Julia Child & More Company'' Signed Cookbook -- ''...Everything she demonstrates on her second cooking-for-company television series...'' PASS
573 Julia Ward Howe Signed Slip PASS
574 Rare Helen Keller & Anne Sullivan Macy Signed Photo Display -- Lovely Portrait Photo by Famed Photographer Nickolas Muray, Also Signed by Him & Dated 1927 2079
575 Helen Keller Typed Letter Signed -- ''...When I demanded to have the letter read to me, it couldn't be found! Teacher said, 'Just write another'...'' PASS
576 Belva Lockwood Autograph Letter Signed -- One of the First Female Attorneys & Candidates to Run for President PASS
577 Andrew Carnegie Signed Copy of ''An American Four-in-Hand in Britain'' -- Dedicated to Henry P. Ford in 1899 PASS
578 DeLorean Motor Company Founder John Z. DeLorean Signed Document -- 1976 PASS
579 Richard Gatling Autograph Sentiment Signed -- ''We should remember our friends and not forget our enemies'' -- 1894 300
580 Ray Kroc Signed Copy of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
581 Signed 7'' x 5'' Photo of Legendary Automaker Ferdinand ''Ferry'' Porsche -- Near Fine PASS
582 American Express Stock Certificate Signed by Its Founders Henry Wells & William Fargo PASS
583 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed With Prohibition Content -- ''...I don't know whether we can make any impression on the idiots who talk about repealing the 18th amendment or not...'' PASS
584 Clarence Darrow Signed Photograph From 1930 500
585 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Photo Display -- ''To Ralph W. Beards / Best wishes / 3.9. 50 J. Edgar Hoover'' -- 8.75'' x 11.25'' Matte Photo -- Small Stain to Lower Edge, Else Near Fine PASS
586 J. Edgar Hoover Signed First Edition of ''A Study of Communism'' PASS
587 J. Edgar Hoover Signed First Edition of ''Masters of Deceit'' PASS
588 Charles Evan Hughes Signed 1910 Letter PASS
589 Senator Joe McCarthy Cold War Photo Signed -- 19.5'' x 15.5'' PASS
590 Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland Signed Photo & Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...if I were your father I should be very proud...'' PASS
591 DeWitt Clinton Document Signed as New York Governor -- 1827 Military Appointment PASS
592 Abraham Hargis Autograph Letter Signed as the Keeper of the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse -- ''...Please to not forget the dog...Last Knight I lost 2 turkeys...'' -- 1784 PASS
593 Magician Harry Kellar Signed 8'' x 10.75'' Photo PASS
594 Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen Adds a Sketch to Her Signed Autograph Note PASS
595 Lenox China Plate With Spanish Legation Tag PASS
596 Santa Anna's 1842 Attack on Texas -- ''...Santa Anna has been foiled once in this country and has not come...without being prepared...Should we not be able to repel the invaders Texas is lost...'' PASS
597 Letter Signed by Rear Admiral Cameron McRae Winslow on U.S.S. Louisiana Cardstock -- ''...due to the stress of official work...'' PASS
598 World Trade Center Ticket From 2001 -- For Access to Observatory Deck Dated 6 August 2001 PASS