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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Oscar Awarded to Celebrated Art Director Richard Day For Wartime Romance ''This Above All'' -- 1942 85127
2 ''A Farewell To Arms'' 1956 Working Screenplay 1000
3 Columbia Mini-Oscar From the 15th Anniversary of Columbia Pictures in 1935 -- The Year the Studio's Hit Film ''It Happened One Night'' Took 4 of The Top Categories at The Academy Awards 5069
4 An Incredible Rarity. An Oscar Medal, Not a Trophy, for Still Photography Award Presented to Merritt Sibbald for 1940-41 39710
5 Extremely Scarce Wartime Plaster Statue -- Awarded During WWII When Metal Was Rationed PASS
6 Tablet-Style Academy Award 13155
7 Academy Awards Program From the 1990 Ceremony -- Signed by Nominees Bruce Davison & Diane Ladd -- Also Signed by Tom Cruise, Goldie Hawn & Tim Robbins 500
8 Signed Program From The 65th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony in 1993 -- Signed by Joe Pesci, Ted Turner & Jaye Davidson 250
9 Program From The 59th Annual Academy Awards Signed by Lauren Bacall, Shirley MacLaine, Chevy Chase, Isabella Rossellini, Marlee Matlin, Sigourney Weaver, Dennis Hopper, William Hurt & More 500
10 Academy Awards Program From the 60th Annual Ceremony in 1988 Signed by a Collection of Stars 500
11 Program From the 61st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony in 1989 250
12 Signed 62nd Annual Academy Awards Program -- Best Actor & Best Director Nominee Kenneth Branagh Signs Along With Walter Matthau 250
13 Program From the 64th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony -- Signed by Liza Minelli & Anjelica Huston 275
14 69th Annual Academy Awards Program -- Signed by Woody Harrelson, Debbie Reynolds, Roddy McDowell, Kristen Scott Thomas, Billy Bob Thorton, Goldie Hawn, Muhammad Ali, Tim Robbins & More 500
15 Gillian Anderson Screen-Worn Coat From Her Famous Role as Scully in ''The X-Files'' PASS
16 Mary Astor Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The news about all the rioting back east is dreadful - and I think it will get worse...I talked to some little colored children...'' PASS
17 Mary Astor Autograph Letter Signed ''...I seem to be wasting spit and high blood pressure tablets...'' PASS
18 Lot of 100 Personal Checks Signed by Classic Hollywood Film Star Mary Astor 666
19 Two 1940's Autograph Books With 35+ Celebrities -- Including Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Roy Rogers, Betty Grable & More PASS
20 Metal Avengers Poster Signed by 14 Members of the 2012 Film's Cast, Including Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo & Chris Hemsworth PASS
21 Josephine Baker Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the cat can stay in the kitchen - pay attention to her that she does not chase the animals - birds, etc. Pay attention to Fifi as well...'' PASS
22 Lucille Ball Arnaz Signed Personal Check PASS
23 Vintage Lucille Ball Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
24 Rare ''Wizard of Oz'' Autograph -- Clara Blandick ''Auntie Em'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
25 Beautiful, Large Signed Photograph of Bombshell Joan Blondell -- 10.5'' x 13.5'' PASS
26 Original ''Blues Brothers'' Duffel Bag From The 1980 Tour PASS
27 Original Rare ''Blues Brothers'' Reversible Satin Jacket From 1980 PASS
28 Original ''Blues Brothers'' Satin Jacket From 1980 PASS
29 Original ''Blues Brothers'' Vintage T-Shirt PASS
30 ''Braveheart'' Special Effects Lighted Hot Poker -- Used On-Screen to Illuminate as If Red-Hot 795
31 Shield Prop Used Onscreen in 1995 Best Picture Epic ''Braveheart'' 807
32 Michael Caine Screen-Worn Costume From the 2013 Film ''Now You See Me'' PASS
33 Jim Carrey's Head as the Grinch From Production of ''How The Grinch Stole Christmas'' 550
34 Charlie Chaplin Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you very much for your kind and interesting letter...'' -- With a JSA COA 550
35 Cher Screen-Worn Costume From the 1970's -- Designed by Bob Mackie 1554
36 Screen-Worn Costume From ''Bruno'' -- Worn by the Film's Title Character, Sacha Baron Cohen PASS
37 Screen-Worn Costume From ''Bruno'' -- Worn by the Film's Flamboyant Title Character, Sacha Baron Cohen PASS
38 Bing Crosby Letter Signed -- Crosby Lets a Newspaper Use His Doodle so Readers ''...can see in what way their personality traits resemble or parallel the outstanding people of the day...'' 250
39 Tom Cruise Screen-Used Revolver From the Sweeping 2003 Film ''The Last Samurai'' 977
40 Olivia De Havilland 11'' x 14'' Signed Photo -- ''Olivia de Havilland / 'Melanie''' in ''Gone With the Wind'' Costume -- Fine PASS
41 Large Olivia de Havilland Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo as ''Melanie'' in ''Gone With the Wind'' PASS
42 8'' x 10'' Signed Olivia de Havilland Photo Still from ''Gone With The Wind'' -- Glossy, Signed Clearly, Fine Condition -- With Wehrmann COA PASS
43 Bill Clinton Mask Procured For Patrick Dempsey as Tom in 2008 Romantic Comedy ''Made of Honor'' -- With a COA From Columbia Pictures PASS
44 Zoey Deutch Screen Worn Wardrobe From ''Beautiful Creatures'' PASS
45 Leonardo DiCaprio Screen-Used Prop Axe From ''Gangs of New York'' 1166
46 Disney Animation Cel From ''Lady and the Tramp'' -- With Disney Seal 1075
47 Disney 101 Dalmatians Animation Cel -- Frame From The Scene When The Puppies Are Born & Roger Revives One PASS
48 Original Animation Cel From Walt Disney's ''Pinocchio'' 3384
49 Disney Animation Cel -- Gaucho Goofy From ''Saludos Amigos'' 550
50 Original & Large Disney Cel From ''Sleeping Beauty'' -- Depicting Prince Philip and Briar Rose in The Famous ''Once Upon a Time'' Enchanted Sequence PASS
51 Rare ''Snow White'' Disney Original Cel from 1937 4875
52 Nude Slingback Leather Wedges Worn & Signed by Hilary Duff -- Duff Signs Both Shoes 666
53 Jesse Eisenberg Screen-Worn Shirt From the 2013 Film ''Now You See Me'' PASS
54 Emmy Award Trophy Won by CBS in 1957 -- For Their Groundbreaking 90-Minute Live Drama ''Performance 90'' 4957
55 Emmy Award Statue 4506
56 Mickey Rooney's Emmy Nomination from His Personal Collection 1210
57 Prolific Television Producer Edgar J. Scherick 1986 Emmy Award Nomination For ''On Wings Of Eagles'' Outstanding Mini Series PASS
58 Sports Emmy From 1980-1981 for ABC's Coverage of NFL Sunday Night Football 3076
59 Rare 1950's Emmy -- Dinah Shore's Emmy Award For the ''The Dinah Shore Chevy Show'' 5453
60 Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Lot of Signed Checks & Bank Correspondences From 1936 368
61 Will Ferrell Screen-Worn Costume From the 2012 Telenovela Spoof, ''Casa de Mi Padre'' PASS
62 Joseph Fiennes Screen-Worn Costume From ''Camelot'' PASS
63 Isla Fisher Hero Wardrobe From ''Now You See Me'' PASS
64 Brendan Fraser Screen-Worn Shirt From ''Furry Vengeance'' PASS
65 Brendan Fraser Screen-Worn Shirts From 2010 Family Film ''Furry Vengeance'' -- Custom T-Shirt Printed For Production PASS
66 Morgan Freeman Screen-Worn Costume From the 2013 Film ''Now You See Me'' 500
67 Morgan Freeman Screen-Worn Costume From the 2013 Film ''Now You See Me'' 733
68 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Apron From Her Satire Film ''Butter'' 1100
69 Richard Gere ''First Knight'' Screen-Worn Shield 2277
70 Richard Gere Screen-Worn Armor as Lancelot in His Arthurian Film ''First Knight'' 2277
71 Incredible Crew-Signed Copy of ''Giant'' -- Signed by the Movie's Director & Cast Including James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson & More PASS
72 Screen-Worn Costume From ''Gladiator'' -- The Moroccan Arena Scenes 2310
73 Barbarian Stunt Axe Used Onscreen in the Historic Epic Academy Award-Winning Film ''Gladiator'' 656
74 Movie of the Week Golden Globe Award for 1997 TV Miniseries ''The Rasputin'' 10454
75 Golden Globe Nomination Certificate From 1962 -- Nominating ''The Best of Enemies'' For Best Motion Picture Promoting International Understanding 733
76 Golden Globe Awards 1977 Best Picture Nomination Certificate For ''Raid on Entebbe'' 1000
77 Golden Globe Award For ''Elvis on Tour'' -- The Last Film Elvis Ever Made 27121
78 ''Bonanza'' Television Legend Lorne Greene Official 1961-62 TV Guide Award From His Personal Estate 4875
79 Jim Carrey Screen-Worn Gloves From the Hit Christmas Comedy ''How the Grinch Stole Christmas'' 1166
80 'Miracle on 34th Street'' Actor Edmund Gwenn Autograph Letter Signed -- the Oscar Winning ''Kris Kringle'' Writes a Lengthy Letter, '' will undoubtable come under its spell...'' PASS
81 Edmund Gwenn 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Himself as the Kindly Kris Kringle From ''Miracle on 34th Street'' PASS
82 Tom Hanks Screen-Worn ''Forrest Gump'' Army Sweatsuit 3076
83 Malt Machine From ''Happy Days'' PASS
84 Jean Harlow 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With Official MGM Stamp on Verso PASS
85 Rare Jean Harlow Vintage 8'' x 10'' Photograph From Her 1935 Picture ''Reckless'' PASS
86 Woody Harrelson Screen-Worn Costume From ''Now You See Me'' 500
87 Teri Hatcher Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Desperate Housewives'' -- Blood-Stained Shirt From Episode Where Mike Is Killed PASS
88 20th Century Fox Screenplay Draft of the Never Produced Film, ''Jane Eyre'' PASS
89 ''The Lost World: Jurassic Park'' Original Circular Movie Sign 2500
90 Iconic Captain Kangaroo Screen-Worn Red Jacket From 1974 3146
91 Captain Kangaroo Signed Photo & 33 Business Cards From the Beloved Show PASS
92 Carl Laemmle 1931 Letter Signed Regarding Universal Studios -- ''...[Dracula's] success has prompted us to arrange for the production of...'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley...'' 2363
93 Laurel & Hardy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
94 Heath Ledger Screen-Worn Coat From the 2000 Perios Piece Film ''The Patriot'' 7139
95 Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Signatures Ready for Matting & Framing 250
96 Vivien Leigh Photo as Scarlett O'Hara Signed 2750
97 Underage Adult Film Star Traci Lords High School Yearbook -- Her Only Yearbook Appearance Before Dropping Out PASS
98 Rob Lowe Screen-Worn Prada Shoes From ''The Invention of Lying'' 250
99 Rob Lowe Screen-Worn Sunglasses From ''The Invention of Lying'' 250
100 Patrick Macnee's Avenger's Hat 1577
101 John Malkovich Screen Worn Nautica Shirt & Tie From ''Red 2'' 500
102 Matthew McConaughey Screen-Worn Costume From ''The Lincoln Lawyer'' 1000
103 Roddy McDowell's Screen-Worn Planet of the Apes Costume 7985
104 Sal Mineo Rare Signed Photo of the Oscar Nominated Actor Before His Tragic Death -- 5'' x 7'' PASS
105 'Gone With The Wind'' Author Margaret Mitchell Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I have heard hotter arguments about who shall play Scarlett than I ever heard about the Supreme Court...'' 5363
106 Marilyn Monroe 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Close-up Image of Monroe for Her Fole as ''Roberta'' in the 1951 Film, ''Love Nest'' 6490
107 Rare Giant Life Size Disney/Pixar Character, ''Sully'' From ''Monsters, Inc.'' 2750
108 Richard ''Dickie'' Moore 1932 Contract Signed for ''Our Gang'' Films -- Hal Roach Studios -- 8.5'' x 11'' -- Very Good PASS
109 Brittany Murphy Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo -- in Blue Metallic Marker With Hearts and Smiley Face -- Near Fine -- Wehrmann COA PASS
110 Eddie Murphy Screen-Worn Shirt & Dress From ''The Nutty Professor 2'' 2796
111 ''National Board of Review of Motion Pictures'' Award For Top 5 Documentary of 2007, ''Nanking'' 250
112 ''National Board of Review of Motion Pictures'' Award to Space Travel Documentary ''In The Shadow of The Moon'' 250
113 Peabody Award Presented to Screenwriter James Costigan for His 1958 Teleplay, ''Little Moon of Alban'' 2363
114 Sean Penn ''What Just Happened'' Dolce & Gabbana Suit 1000
115 Ryan Phillipe Screen Worn Wardrobe From ''The Lincoln Lawyer'' 500
116 ''Planet of the Apes'' Screen-Worn Chimp Costume 977
117 First Ever Issue of ''Playboy'' Featuring Marilyn Monroe 1735
118 Freddie Prinze Sr. Contract Signed to Appear on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast -- 1974 PASS
119 Dennis Quaid Worn Dog Tags From ''G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'' 250
120 Basil Rathbone Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the eternal question for the artist...What you have in some ways more provocative than in the case of Oscar Wilde...'' PASS
121 George Reeves Signed Photo as Superman -- The First On-Screen Portrayal of the DC Hero -- With PSA/DNA COA 3146
122 Cesar Romero ''Batman'' Joker Costume 4506
123 Emmy Rossum Screen-Worn Shoes From ''The Phantom of the Opera'' in 2004 1000
124 Arnold Schwarzenegger Screen-Worn Sheriff's Shirt From ''The Last Stand'' -- Stained With Prop Blood 1000
125 Bloodied Screen-Worn Pants For Arnold Schwarzenegger In ''The Last Stand'' 500
126 Frank Sinatra Screen-Worn Cap From His Hit Movie ''Von Ryan's Express'' PASS
127 A Young Frank Sinatra Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 666
128 2001 Sports Emmy Award For Fox NFL Sunday 4957
129 James Stewart Typed Letter Signed -- ''I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE'' 250
130 Barbra Streisand Screen-Worn Costume From ''Funny Lady'' -- The Sequel to Her Wildly Popular Film ''Funny Girl'' Based on the Life of Fanny Brice 4957
131 Ed Sullivan Gold Tiffany's Wristwatch -- Gifted to Him by Frank Sinatra 5453
132 Gloria Swanson Signed Memoir -- ''Swanson On Swanson'' -- First Edition -- Good PASS
133 Extraordinarily Rare 1956 Sylvania Award -- Considered the Pre-Cursor of the Emmy Awards 2363
134 Channing Tatum Screen-Worn Costume From the 2012 Film ''The Vow'' 733
135 Channing Tatum Worn Dog Tags From ''G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'' 250
136 Elizabeth Taylor's Screen-Worn Costume From ''National Velvet'' -- The Beloved Equestrian Film That Launched Taylor's Spectacular Career 4096
137 Elizabeth Taylor Screen-Worn Gown From the Film Adaptation of the Hit Stephen Sondheim Musical, ''A Little Night Music'' 5069
138 Scarce Elizabeth Taylor 1949 Contract Signed as a 17-Year Old -- Regarding a Betty Crocker Radio Program Appearance PASS
139 Elizabeth Taylor Twice Signed Photograph as Beautiful, Young Ingenue 250
140 Ten Commandments Screen-Worn High Priest Arm Cuffs 275
141 The Ten Commandments Screen-Worn Robe 977
142 Billy Bob Thornton Levi's Jeans & Stetson Shirt From ''Faster'' 275
143 ''Titanic'' Oscar-Winning Special Effects Highlights on a Strip of 70mm Film 795
144 Incredible One-of-a-Kind Jacket Worn by Dick Van Dyke in ''Mary Poppins'' -- Worn During the Famous Musical Scene ''Jolly Holiday'' Where He Fantastically Jumps Into a Chalk Painting With Mary 63956
145 Jon Voight Screen-Worn ''Mission Impossible'' Costume 1735
146 Christopher Walken Screen-Worn Costume From the 2003 Film, ''The Rundown'' PASS
147 Orson Welles Typed Letter Signed to Film Columnist Kendis Rochlen -- ''...This is about the ill-omened Question-and-Answer session with the kids from that college...'' 250
148 Forest Whitaker Screen Worn Costume From ''The Last Stand'' -- Faux-Bullet-Proof Vest & Shirt 250
149 Bruce Willis Screen Worn Custom Shirt PASS
150 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Black Shirt From ''Red 2'' PASS
151 Famed ''King Kong'' Actress Fay Wray Signed Photo -- In Her Iconic Frightened Pose Beside Co-Star Robert Armstrong PASS
152 Emmy Award-Winning Actor Robert Young Award Lot PASS
153 Chester A. Arthur Autograph Letter Signed as President -- ''...I thank you cordially for your kind expressions & good wishes...'' 1952
154 Spectacular James Buchanan Large Half-Plate Daguerreotype Depicting the 15th American President Wearing His Signature White Ascot 14471
155 George Bush Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...I thought it was the best White House BBQ ever...'' 250
156 George Bush Typed Letter Signed as Vice President -- With Additional Bush Signed Autograph Notation 334
157 George Bush Signed & Inscribed Photo -- With Additional Typed Letter Signed as Texas Congressman PASS
158 George Bush Signed VP Card as VP PASS
159 George Bush Signed Photo PASS
160 Grover Cleveland Document Signed as President PASS
161 The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time -- ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' 1465
162 Dwight Eisenhower 1953 Letter Signed Regarding His Supreme Court Appointment -- ''...I shall...restore some of the prestige that the Court lost...through the New Deal and Fair Deal...'' PASS
163 Dwight Eisenhower Letter as President -- ''...I do think that the wisdom of our founding fathers...has been proven time and time again. I do not see any point in amending the Constitution...'' 1060
164 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1955 Typed Letter Signed as President -- '' some areas we are believed to be bombastic, jingoistic, and totally devoted to the theories of force and power...'' 1000
165 Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...we want every nation we can reach to stand with us in support of the basic principles of free government...'' 1000
166 Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President: ''...the lawyers who have come to me about this particular amendment seem to be in the 'corporation' category...'' PASS
167 Dwight D. Eisenhower Letter Signed as President: ''...This means the failure of self-government...More means that the extreme left wingers will be back in the saddle...'' PASS
168 Dwight D. Eisenhower White House Envelope Signed -- Rare Signature as Close to a Free Frank as One Could Hope to Find PASS
169 Rare Palm Beach, Florida Election 2000 Ballot Transfer Case -- 18'' x 11.5'' x 4'' PASS
170 James Garfield Autograph Letter Signed During His Seventh Term in The House of Representatives -- ''...[I am not] willing to oppress or distress those whom I have always sympathized with...'' 977
171 Lot of 10 Checks Signed by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater -- While Senator of Arizona PASS
172 Ulysses S. Grant Invitation to His Home in Washington D.C. -- ''...request the pleasure of General Marston's company...'' 250
173 Very Rare & Unusual 12.25'' x 8.75'' Albumen Photo -- U.S. Senators Attending the Funeral of President Ulysses S. Grant PASS
174 Very Rare Warren Harding Autograph Letter Signed as President 2860
175 Rutherford B. Hayes Document Signed PASS
176 1881 Presidential Invitation by Rutherford B. Hayes and First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes PASS
177 John Hinckley, Jr. 1974 Texas Tech University Yearbook -- With John Hinckley, Jr. on Page 482 PASS
178 Exceedingly Rare Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...receive tens of thousands of such requests....I hope that when this letter gets into the dealers hands [it] will catch fire...'' 3384
179 Herbert Hoover 7.5'' x 9.75'' Signed Photo PASS
180 Herbert Hoover Signed Copy of His ''American Individualism'' PASS
181 President Herbert Hoover Autograph Card PASS
182 Herbert Hoover Signed Copy of ''The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover 1874-1920'' PASS
183 Andrew Jackson Autograph Letter Signed as President Offering Fatherly Advice to His Son -- ''...we cannot by repining change the event which has passed...'' -- Signed Plus Initialed Postscript 3146
184 1830 President Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed PASS
185 Thomas Jefferson Official Dinner Invitation -- To Revolutionary War General & Congressman Robert Brown 1952
186 Andrew Johnson 1865 Document Signed as President -- Just a Week After Taking Office in the Wake of Lincoln's Assassination 1000
187 President Andrew Johnson Invitation to Dine at the White House -- Scarce Invitation from the Johnson Administration PASS
188 Lyndon B. Johnson's 1930 Senior Year College Yearbook -- With Four Photos of the Future President in Various Clubs PASS
189 Lyndon B. Johnson 24.5'' x 20.5'' Document Signed as President in 1964 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
190 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed First Edition of ''The Professional'' With Dustjacket 303
191 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Norman Rockwell Portrait PASS
192 Lyndon B. Johnson 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed -- Accompanied by a Lady Bird Johnson Signed Photo 303
193 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Mat Surrounding a Family Photo of the Johnsons 303
194 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed First Edition of His Memoir ''The Vantage Point: Perspectives on the Presidency 1963-1969'' 275
195 Rare 1952 Statement by Congressman John F. Kennedy on the Minimum Wage PASS
196 JFK Assassination Day ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Program PASS
197 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- ''Dallas Morning News'' -- 23 November 1963 PASS
198 Dallas Newspaper Reporting on JFK's Funeral & The Killing of Lee Harvey Oswald PASS
199 Dallas Newspaper Reporting on the Conviction of Jack Ruby in The Dallas Killing of Suspected JFK Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald PASS
200 President John F. Kennedy & First Lady Jacqueline Thank You Card -- Expressing Gratitude For Sympathies Sent After the Tragic Death of Their Newborn Baby, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy PASS
201 Original JFK Inaugural Press Release -- on the Swearing In of His Cabinet -- 1pp. 8.5'' x 11'' -- Near FIne PASS
202 John F. Kennedy Original 1961 Press Release -- Exchange of Letters Between JFK and the Soviet Union PASS
203 JFK Statement Urging Congress to Halt Communism and ''Castroism'' and Reverse the Vote on Foreign Aid -- 16 August 1961 PASS
204 Invitation to the Dinner Welcoming President Kennedy to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
205 Press Badge for the Dinner Welcoming JFK to Texas the Night He Was Assassinated PASS
206 JFK Press Documents Promoting his Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled the Night of his Assassination PASS
207 Robert Kennedy Autograph Letter Signed From the Soviet Union -- on a Soviet Union Postcard -- Likely Written When RFK Worked for the Senate Investigations Committee PASS
208 Dallas Robert Kennedy Assassination Newspaper PASS
209 Rose Kennedy Signed Letter -- ''...We heard the vote tally state by state on the was very exciting...Jack arrived last night...'' -- 1956 PASS
210 Rose Kennedy Typed Letter To Her ''Children'' Signed Mother -- ''...We have not had any mail from you lazy gadabouts so please get busy if you want any French perfume...'' PASS
211 Rose Kennedy Typed Letter Signed PASS
212 Abraham Lincoln 1863 Political Appointment Signed as President -- With Full Signature 5069
213 1890 Ten Volume Set of ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' 1100
214 Eyewitness Letter to President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination -- ''...lead many people to believe than the assassination was the outcome of a Catholic plot...'' PASS
215 Front Page of The 15 April 1865 Edition of ''The New York Herald'' Announcing Lincoln's Death PASS
216 19th Century Presidential Invitation to ''Mrs. Lincoln'' PASS
217 William McKinley Naval Commission Document Signed as President in 1899 334
218 William McKinley 1896 Political Appointment Signed as Governor of Ohio 275
219 William McKinley & Partial Cabinet Signed Card PASS
220 1825 Invitation to Dinner at James Monroe's White House -- Given to John McLean PASS
221 Richard Nixon Signed Easton Press Edition of ''The Memoirs of Richard Nixon'' PASS
222 Barack Obama Signed as President Leaderboard for the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship -- With Obama's Team Picks Handwritten by Him 16838
223 Barack Obama Signed as President Leaderboard for the 2012 NCAA Women's Basketball Championship -- With Obama's Team Picks Handwritten by Him 5363
224 Lee Harvey Oswald Autograph Letter Signed From Russia -- Used by The Warren Commission -- ''... I got a letter from the to developments with the exit visa...'' 6490
225 Oswald Arrest Document -- Signed by All Four Arresting Officers 250
226 Thrilling Handwritten Account of the Capture of Lee Harvey Oswald by the Police Officer Who Arrested Him in the Movie Theater -- ''...I grabbed for...the pistol...he pulled the trigger...'' 2500
227 Multi-Presidential Signed Photo: Eisenhower, Truman, Hoover & Nixon Sign a Photo of Eisenhower's Inauguration -- Framed in Wood From Inauguration Stand -- With PSA/DNA COA for All Signatures 7139
228 Ronald Reagan Signed & Inscribed Autobiography ''An American Life'' 275
229 Ronald Reagan Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''An American Life'' PASS
230 Ronald Reagan Signed Limited Edition of His Speeches, ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
231 Ronald Reagan Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart...'' PASS
232 Exceptional Franklin Roosevelt Letter Signed -- ''...we face in this country not only the danger of communism but the equal danger of the concentration of all power...'' PASS
233 FDR Autograph Note Signed -- Roosevelt Approves the 1930 Budget for His Beloved Warm Springs Polio Foundation PASS
234 President Theodore Roosevelt White House Card Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
235 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' PASS
236 William Taft Letter Signed -- ''...I am in receipt of a note from the Ladies' Home Journal...enclosing check for $1,000 for my article on 'Is Prohibition a Blow at Personal Liberty'...'' PASS
237 Taft Endorses a Peace Plan Amending the League of Nations -- ''...I have watched the play of selfishness and the prejudice of excessive nationalism among the European Nations...'' PASS
238 William Taft Letter Signed as President of ''League to Enforce Peace'' Precursor to League of Nations -- ''...absolute necessity revealed by the European relations...'' PASS
239 William Taft Signed Letter as Supreme Court Chief Justice Regarding Tuskegee Institute -- ''...Major Moton in his way is as essential to the uplift of the negro as Booker Washington was...'' 250
240 ''Memoirs'' by Harry Truman Signed Limited Two Volume Edition 250
241 Congressional Version of The Invitation & Program For The 1949 Presidential Inauguration of Harry S. Truman PASS
242 Harry S. Truman Signed Account of His Time as President -- ''Mr. Citizen" 303
243 Harry Truman 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
244 John Tyler Document Signed as President PASS
245 John Tyler White House Invitation as President PASS
246 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin Collection of Two Signed Camp David Treaty Brochures & a Signed Photo 303
247 1642 Declaration by Charles I of England at the Outbreak of the English Civil War -- '' different the Reputation of the principle Ringleaders of this Rebellion is...'' 275
248 17th Century King Charles II Broadside of His Proclamation Banishing ''Popish'' Priests 303
249 Broadside Issued by King Charles II in 1678 in Response to the Infamous ''Popish Plot'' Hoax -- Limiting ''Popish Recusants'' to a 5 Mile Radius of Their Residences 250
250 17th Century Broadside of a Proclamation by King Charles II -- Charles Offers Clemency to Expose the ''Popish Plot'' 250
251 1681 Broadside of King Charles II's Proclamation Offering a Reward to Police & Civilians for Stopping Highway Robbery 250
252 Clementine Churchill Autograph Letter Signed to Her Husband's Secretary -- ''...Nervous Exhaustion cannot be hurried...You have done so much for Mr. Churchill and he is so sad you are ill...'' PASS
253 Scarce Oliver Cromwell Real Estate Document Signed From 1656 -- Signed as Lord Protector, Two Years Before His Death 5900
254 Broadside Issued by Oliver Cromwell's Parliament to Fight Crime During Third English Civil War & War of 3 Kingdoms -- Bounty on Robbers & Crackdown on Influx of ''Rogues'' From Ireland -- 1649 250
255 Princess Diana Iconic Dress Worn to a 1987 Benefit In London -- Handmade by the Prominent Designer Zandra Rhodes 58141
256 The Duchess of Windsor's Personally Owned Multicolor Necklace -- From The Famed Duke & Duchess Christie's Auction 7853
257 King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Coronation Dinner Invitation 500
258 King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Ornate Coronation Invitation 733
259 King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Coronation Invitation 500
260 King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Coronation Invitation PASS
261 King Edward VIII Photograph Owned by Edward & Wallis -- From The Famous Sotheby's 1997 Auction of Property of The Duke & Duchess of Windsor 7139
262 King Edward VIII Photograph Owned by Edward & Wallis -- From The Famous Sotheby's 1997 Auction of Property of The Duke & Duchess of Windsor 7139
263 Unique Gift Signed by Queen Elizabeth II -- 1952 Calendar Signed When Elizabeth Was Still a Princess 500
264 King George III Signed Slip PASS
265 George IV Signs a Patent Document as Prince Regent During His Father King George III's Illness PASS
266 King George V & Queen Anne Signed and Inscribed Book -- Gifted at Christmas of 1930 1100
267 King George V of Great Britain Signed Document From 1925 500
268 King George V 1911 Coronation Invitation 500
269 King George V Official 1911 Coronation Invitation 500
270 King George V & Queen Mary 1918 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation 250
271 King George V & Queen Mary 1935 Invitation for The Royal Silver Jubilee 250
272 Che Guevara ''Heroic Warrior'' Signed by Photographer Alberto Korda -- Limited Edition Lithograph Photo PASS
273 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by Michael Collins' Free State Side -- ''...Fighting the Irish nation is not fighting the British Empire...'' -- July 1922 PASS
274 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by Eamon de Valera's IRA While the War's First Battle Raged in Dublin -- 1 July 1922 PASS
275 Irish Civil War Broadside Printed by Eamon de Valera's IRA PASS
276 King Louis XVI Signed Partially-Printed Document -- 1781 1100
277 Circa 1895 Photo of Tsar Nicholas II With His Wife and Daughter -- Very Nice Photograph of Russia's Last Emperor 500
278 Pope John Paul Signed Photo Measuring 14'' x 13.5'' PASS
279 Pope John Paul Signed Photo -- Measuring 18.5'' x 17.5'' Overall 2500
280 Portrait of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor -- 11.5'' x 15'' Photograph Was Taken by Frank Turgeon -- From The Famed 1997 Sotheby's Duke & Duchess Auction 6490
281 Invitation for Queen Victoria Royal Diamond Jubilee 500
282 Queen Victoria Royal Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Pass 275
283 Queen Victoria Signed Document From The First Year of Her Reign PASS
284 Buzz Aldrin ''Encounter With Tiber'' -- Limited Edition Book Signed -- #975 of 1,500 -- Fine PASS
285 Buzz Aldrin High School Diploma -- Very Rare Space Collectible From Aldrin's Personal Collection PASS
286 Buzz Aldrin Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo -- In Black Ink: ''To Monique Maier With Best Wishes / Buzz Aldrin'' -- Near Fine PASS
287 ''The New York Times'' Announces Historic ''Men Walk On Moon'' -- 21 July 1969 PASS
288 Apollo 10 American Flag Flown -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed By Each Astronaut 2310
289 Space-Flown Apollo 10 Robbins Medal, Serial Number 205 PASS
290 Apollo 12 Space-Flown American Flag -- Mounted to COA, Signed by the Entire Crew PASS
291 Apollo 12 Space-Flown West Virginia State Flag -- With COA Signed by The Crew, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan L. Bean 1735
292 Apollo 13 American Flag Space-Flown -- Affixed to Official NASA Certificate Signed By Each Astronaut -- ''This flag was on board Apollo XIII during its flight and Emergency Return to Earth'' 3461
293 Apollo 15 Crew Signed Rare NASA Issue Astronaut Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
294 Apollo 15 Space-Flown Flag -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed by the Crew PASS
295 Apollo 16 Charm, Left on the Moon for 3 Days in the PPK on the Orion! -- With COA From Astronaut Charles Duke -- ''...This charm then spent the next three days on the surface of the Moon...'' 58141
296 Unflown Apollo 17 Robbins Medal, Serial Number 168 1075
297 Apollo 7 Crew Signed 10'' x 13'' Photo PASS
298 Apollo 7 American Flag Flown -- Affixed to an Official NASA Certificate Signed By Walt Cunningham 1433
299 Apollo 8 Space-Flown Flag With COA Signed by Frank Borman and Jim Lovell 2541
300 Patch From Apollo 1 PASS
301 Patch From Apollo 1 PASS
302 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins 2860
303 Scarce Sterling Silver Apollo 13 Flown Robbins Medal -- With LOA From Mission Commander James Lovell -- From James Lovell's Personal Collection 4957
304 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' Nauru Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- Also With COA by Worden 666
305 Apollo 14 Space-Flown Flag & COA Signed by the Crew 2310
306 Apollo 15 Flown 6'' x 4'' American Flag -- Signed & Inscribed ''Flown to the Moon on Apollo 15 Al Worden CMP'' by NASA Astronaut Al Worden -- Near Fine -- Also With COA by Worden PASS
307 NASA Pilots Signed Lithograph -- Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Pete Conrad, John Glenn, Rick Hauck, Jack Lousma, James Lovell, Wally Schirra & Alan Shepard -- Near Fine Condition 1735
308 Neil Armstrong Signed Moon Landing Cover 1302
309 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover Commemorating the Apollo 11 First Lunar Orbit 977
310 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover Featuring an Apollo 11 Crew Photo -- Cancelled in 1969 1302
311 Neil Armstrong Signed Moon Landing Cover 1735
312 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 1100
313 Neil Armstrong Signed Photo & Signed Program From National Geographic's 1970 Hubbard Medal Ceremony -- Fantastic Lot of Two Signatures by the Elusive Astronaut 1735
314 Neil Armstrong Twice Signed LIFE Magazine Featuring His Autograph Inscription About The Moon -- ''...It's a bright but quiet spot...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 2310
315 Neil Armstrong 8th Grade Yearbook PASS
316 Neil Armstrong 1947 High School Yearbook -- From His Active Senior Year -- Pictured 7 Times PASS
317 Lot of NASA Photos Signed by 8 Astronauts Including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins & Scott Carpenter PASS
318 Henry Robertson ''Birdie'' Bowers 8-Page Autograph Letter Signed -- From 1907, Five Years Before He Perished on Scott's Terra Nova Expedition 1100
319 Scott Carpenter Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
320 Michael Collins ''Carrying The Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys'' Signed -- 40th Anniversary Edition Softcover -- Fine PASS
321 Michael Collins Signed NASA 8'' x 10'' Photo -- ''Best Wishes / Michael Collins'' -- With NASA Backstamp -- Near Fine 275
322 Gordon Cooper Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of Himself in His Spacesuit PASS
323 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed Flyer PASS
324 Mt. Everest 1978 Team-Signed Postcard -- The First Climbers to Reach the Summit Without Supplemental Oxygen PASS
325 Astronaut Theodore Freeman Autograph Note Signed -- ''...very best of wishes in each of your goals...'' PASS
326 Gus Grissom's Personally Owned Date Book From 1960 -- Filled Out in His Hand With Astronaut Content -- His First Full Year as a NASA Astronaut PASS
327 Engine Start Button From the Mercury-Atlas 7 Spacecraft -- From the Estate of Scott Carpenter's Attorney, to Whom Carpenter Gave the Button PASS
328 Samuel Morse Autograph Letter Signed Mentioning His Historic Invention, the Telegraph -- ''...I was on my way Westward to inspect the Telegraphic Stations...'' -- 1845 PASS
329 Collection of Three Official NASA Photos Signed By Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins & Frank Borman PASS
330 Jonas Salk 8'' x 9.5'' Glossy Signed Photo -- Engaging Candid Shot of the Polio Vaccine Scientist -- Near Fine PASS
331 Jonas Salk 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Light Smudge to Signature, Very Good PASS
332 Alan Shepard Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
333 Unflown Skylab II Robbins Medal 491
334 American Flag Flown in Space Aboard Columbia STS-1 733
335 Space Flown Flag on NASA's Space Shuttle STS-7 Mission 250
336 Pluto Discoverer Clyde Tombaugh Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...some of this methane frost is sublimating to form a thin methane atmosphere as Pluto approaches its periledion...'' PASS
337 James D. Watson ''Genes, Girls, and Gamow'' Signed -- Easton Press Edition, Leather Bound & 22kt. Gold Detailing -- Fine PASS
338 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22kt Gold Detailing 250
339 Egyptologist Arthur Weigall Signed Letter -- 1908 -- ''...the Directorate would like to have exchanges with the home owners located in front of Temple of Luxor...'' PASS
340 Beautiful, Original Artwork by Marc Chagall in His Book, ''Peintre Sous un Arbre'' Signed 9503
341 Exquisite Vintage Faberge Crystal & Silver Box -- Circa 1908-1915 9882
342 A Silver Bowl Marked Faberge With The Imperial Warrant, With The Workmaster's Mark of Julius Rappoport, St. Petersburg, 1899-1904 11959
343 Scarce Karl Faberge 1916 Stock Certificate Signed -- Transfer of Stock in House of Faberge -- With PSA/DNA COA 2600
344 'Painter of Light'' Thomas Kinkade's ''Gardens Beyond Spring Gate'' -- 1998 Artist Proof PASS
345 1872 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Ioway Indian Chief Watchemonne'' PASS
346 1872 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Shawanese Indian Chief'' PASS
347 1872 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Shawnoe Indian Chief Quatawapea'' PASS
348 1872 McKenney Hall Color Print -- ''Uchee Indian Timpoochee Barnard'' -- 7'' x 10.5'' -- Excellent PASS
349 1872 McKenney & Hall Color Print -- ''Winnebago Brave'' PASS
350 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I regret to inform you of my brothers death...'' -- 1917 2148
351 Leroy Neiman Signed ''Winners: My Thirty Years in Sports'' PASS
352 Pablo Picasso Signed 14.75'' x 22.5 Poster -- 1961 1952
353 Jackson Pollock Signed Check 7853
354 Norman Rockwell's Original 1943 ''Four Freedoms'' Poster Set PASS
355 Norman Rockwell Signed Copy of ''The Norman Rockwell Storybook'' PASS
356 Norman Rockwell Signs ''Norman Rockwell: Artist and Illustrator'' -- Nice Large Format Collection of Rockwell Illustrations PASS
357 Impressive 28'' x 40'' Norman Rockwell 1943 War Bonds Poster -- Rare PASS
358 Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photograph PASS
359 Rare ''Every Building on the Sunset Strip'' by Edward Ruscha, Early Edition From 1966 PASS
360 ''Peanuts'' Sketch of Snoopy Playing Hockey -- Large 8'' x 7.5'' Original Drawing From 1958 2541
361 Charles Schulz Autograph Letter Signed Replying to Fan Mail in The First Few Years of ''Peanuts'' -- ''...I am happy that you have been enjoying Peanuts...'' PASS
362 Charles Schulz Large Drawing of Snoopy -- Measures 18.75'' x 14.75'' PASS
363 ''Peanuts'' 4-Panel Comic Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Peppermint Patty From 4 June 1993 9503
364 Mort Walker Signed ''Beetle Bailey'' Drawings PASS
365 Large 17.75'' x 20.75'' Albumen Photo by Carleton Watkins -- The Renowned Early Western Photographer -- Of 1860's Yosemite Valley PASS
366 Pablo Casals Autograph Manuscript Quotation Signed 250
367 Johnny Cash's Personally Owned Cane With Owl Handle & Rattlesnake Shaft 13915
368 Eric Clapton Official 1988 Grammy Certificate For His Famous Single, ''After Midnight'' 3808
369 Eric Clapton 1988 Official Grammy Certificate For His Album ''Crossroads'' 4189
370 Nat King Cole Trio Autographs -- Plus Nine Additional Signatures of 1930's Jazz Legends PASS
371 Duke Ellington Autograph -- 5'' x 3'' -- ''To Joe / Good luck / Duke Ellington'' -- Near Fine PASS
372 Benny Goodman Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo -- ''To Conchita / Best wishes & thanks for all / Benny Goodman'' -- Very Good PASS
373 2004 Latin Grammy Nominee Medal Bestowed Upon the Grammy-Winning Funk Band Ozomatli 2541
374 Grammy Nomination Medal From The 47th Annual Ceremony in 2005 -- Presented to Latin Band Ozomatli, Who Won The Grammy That Year -- Solid Bronze Medal Made by Tiffany & Co. 2541
375 Grammy Nomination Medal From The 41st Annual Ceremony in 1999 -- Solid Bronze Medal Made by Tiffany & Co. 2541
376 Photo Signed & Inscribed by Annette Hanshaw ''To Marjorie Every good wish Annette Hanshaw'' -- 4.75'' x 6.75'' -- Near Fine PASS
377 Jazz Musician Hampton Hawes Files a Claim for Wages Not Paid in 1946 -- Signed ''Hampton Hawes'' PASS
378 Rare 1930's Jazz Legends Autographs -- ''Lady Day'' Billie Holiday & ''King of the Clarinet'' Artie Shaw -- With JSA COA PASS
379 Rare Signed Photo of 1930's Jazz Musician Claude Hopkins -- 8'' x 10'' -- Very Good PASS
380 Whitney Houston RIAA Award for her 1985 Self-Titled Debut Album 500
381 Amazing Michael Jackson 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Bold Signature -- With Wehrmann COA PASS
382 Elton John Personally Owned Outfit -- Custom-Made by Famed Japanese Designer Kansai Yamamoto 7139
383 Madonna MTV ''Moonman'' Video Music Award -- For Madonna's ''Ray of Light'' Music Video in 1998 11500
384 Ticket to The 1967 Monterey International Pop Music Festival -- Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Otis Redding & The Who All Performed -- With PSA COA 250
385 The Famous ''Oliver Twist Manifesto'' Poster For The Sex Pistols' Last Ever Show in Britain -- Single Sided Test Print Before Poster's Final Issue PASS
386 Scarce Sex Pistols Poster For Their Final Tour in The UK -- Poster Full of Quotes by Venues Stating They're Not Welcome 1075
387 Early Motown Photo Signed by ''The Supremes'' PASS
388 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Welcome Home!'' Signed -- With Sketch of a Young Boy PASS
389 Ludwig Bemelmans Hand-Drawn Sketch & Signed Inscription Within His Popular Book, ''Madeline's Rescue'' PASS
390 Garth Williams' Preliminary Illustration for ''Charlotte's Web'' -- Initialed and Numbered by the Artist -- Unfinished Sketch on the Verso PASS
391 August Derleth ''Habitant of Dusk'' Limited Edition Signed PASS
392 T.S. Eliot Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I wish...I could be in Paris and see the exhibition itself, but the problem of currency makes visits to Paris very difficult nowadays...'' 596
393 Ralph Waldo Emerson Nicely Matted and Framed Signed 1860 Essay, ''Worship'' From the Well-Regarded Collection, ''The Conduct of Life'' 596
394 ''The Great Gatsby'' -- First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Legendary Novel 1331
395 Allen Ginsberg Signed Poetry Book ''The Fall of America'' PASS
396 Allen Ginsberg Signed Poetry Book ''Planet News'' PASS
397 Zane Grey Handwritten Manuscript Page From His 1910 Western Novel ''Heritage of the Desert'' -- ''...The sight of it flashed into the gulf of Hare's mind like a meteor into black night...'' PASS
398 Zane Grey Autograph Note Signed -- ''...Books are good, but there is nothing better for a boy than familiarity with trees and flowers and birds and fish...'' PASS
399 Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed -- ''By all means, help yourself to the papers at Brandeis...'' PASS
400 Joseph Heller Letter Signed Regarding Guillain-Barre Syndrome -- ''...I'm well over half way back and most of the rest now seems to be simply a matter of regaining muscle strength...'' PASS
401 ''The mission you ask about never happened'' PASS
402 Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- ''...[make] available to him any information about my military service that he wishes to obtain...'' PASS
403 Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- ''...The arrival of your volume Critical Essays on Catch-22 this weekend delighted me...''On ''Critical Essays on Catch-22'' PASS
404 Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Concerning my coming there to speak, I'm flattered that you're making the attempt...I can be had for less, but don't tell...'' PASS
405 First Edition, First Printing of Hemingway's Classic Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel ''The Old Man And The Sea'' With Dustjacket PASS
406 Oliver Wendell Holmes Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Have had a hard time of it with my old enemy...'' PASS
407 Rare Signed Copy of Captain W.E. Johns' ''Biggles Flies East'' PASS
408 Rudyard Kipling 1906 Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...when he was off for a gallop on his own...he looked...not exactly like a cowboy seen through the wrong end of a telescope...'' 250
409 H.L. Mencken Autograph Letter Signed -- ''... Let me suggest as a subject for debate: 'Which is the happier: the baby yet unborn, or the man just hanged?'...'' PASS
410 Dorothy Parker Large Photo With Inscribed & Signed Mat -- 1928 PASS
411 Rare Deluxe First U.K. Edition & First Printing ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'' PASS
412 ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'' -- First American Edition, First Printing PASS
413 ''Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'' -- First American Edition, First Printing PASS
414 U.K. Deluxe Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' PASS
415 Two 19th Century Books With Rare Paintings of the Tiber and Thames Rivers Along Fore-Edge PASS
416 U.K. Deluxe Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'' PASS
417 U.K. Deluxe Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'' PASS
418 ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'' -- First American Edition, First Printing PASS
419 ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'' -- First American Edition, First Printing PASS
420 ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' -- First American Edition, First Printing PASS
421 ''Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'' -- First American Edition, First Printing PASS
422 J.D. Salinger 1966 Letter Signed -- Scarce Content on Politics & Vietnam -- ''...They asked me to justify American policy in Vietnam and were rather shocked...our VN policy stinks...'' 7853
423 Signed Copy of Maurice Sendak's ''Where the Wild Things Are'' PASS
424 Maurice Sendak 1967 Autograph Letter Signed -- '' seems my 'Wild Things' has caused quite a sensation...'' PASS
425 Maurice Sendak Autograph Letter Signed Upon a Card Featuring His ''Nutcracker'' Artwork -- ''...After 3 Tiresome Weeks Pissing Over the Ballet (Nutcracker)...This Winter I Am Home...'' PASS
426 Maurice Sendak Autograph Note Signed on a Postcard to a Puppeteer PASS
427 Dr. Seuss Signed Original Handwritten Poem -- ''...I'm glad you don't / have to share a shower / after class / with David Eisenhower'' PASS
428 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed on ''Cat in the Hat'' Stationery -- Seuss Writes in Clever ''Thought Bubbles'' PASS
429 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed on ''Cat in the Hat'' Stationery PASS
430 Dr. Seuss Typed Letter Signed -- ''...we are still running back and forth to Hollywood, but we hope things will let up...'' PASS
431 Jonathan Swift Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I can make no wishes for either of you, but a good Voyage without sickness or accidents...'' -- Written Shortly After He Penned His Own Obituary 6134
432 J.R.R. Tolkien's ''The Return of the King'' First Edition, Frist Impression, Third State PASS
433 First Edition, First Printing of Mark Twain's Masterpiece, ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' -- Beautiful Condition 1909
434 ''The Writings of Mark Twain'' 37 Volume Set -- Signed Both ''S.L. Clemens'' and ''Mark Twain'' to Volume 1 2363
435 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf Circa 1240 1100
436 Children's Book Illustrator Garth Williams Signed Drawing -- Early Cover Art For the 1959 Book ''Emmett's Pig'' PASS
437 Garth Williams Drawing For The Cover Art of ''Emmett's Pig'' -- Signed by Williams on Verso 550
438 Tennessee Williams Signed Review for Author James Leo Herlihy -- ''...This is not a lost generation...but one which has found itself through contempt for social and moral falsities...'' PASS
439 Rare Signature of Ethan Allen 2600
440 1876 Printing of the Declaration of Independence -- Centennial Memorial Print PASS
441 Admiral Richard Howe Document Signed ''Howe'' in Black Ink -- 22 February 1785 -- Partial Document Clipped to a Size of 6.75'' x 2.5'', Matted and Framed to an Overall Size of 12.75'' x 16'' PASS
442 Lafayette, Acting on an Intercepted Letter to Cornwallis, Asks for Reinforcements ''To Come as Fast as Possible'' as He States ''...We are Near the Enemy...'' -- Just 4 Months Until Surrender 8166
443 Lafayette Letter Signed Just After Arriving in Virginia in Early 1781 Where by the Fall, the British Would Surrender -- He Writes of His Strategy But Notes He Is Hampered by No Ammunition 7423
444 Marquis de Lafayette Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Nothing but this melancholy event...could prevent my enjoying...your Ball...'' 1577
445 One Month Away From the Surrender at Yorktown, Just Across the River Lies Gloucester, Where Lafayette Writes From, in Hopes of Finishing Cornwallis With Vessels Not Occupied by Washington 7423
446 Gloucester, Across the River From Yorktown, Two Months Before the Surrender Was Made, Lafayette Writes That Cornwallis Is There With His Whole Force as the Aforementioned Readies U.S. Troops 7423
447 G.T. Beauregard Bids Farewell to His Army of the Potomac Whom He Led at Bull Run -- ''...I cannot quit you without...deep anxiety, in the moment of our country's trials and dangers...'' 6748
448 Civil War 1868 Official State of Maine Testimony -- Signed By Union Brevet Major General & Governor of Maine, Joshua Chamberlain PASS
449 50+ Letters by Charles Chase of the 23rd MA -- ''...galling fire from both friend and foe - a blunder...many were hit...mortally wounded...gun stocks splintered...dirt thrown in my face...'' 3328
450 Civil War Era Sewing Box Likely Used in the War -- With Supplies Inside 605
451 CDV of Ulysses S. Grant in Union General Uniform -- Brady Backstamp -- 2.25'' x 4'' -- Very Good PASS
452 Civil War ''Harper's Weekly'' -- Bound Compilation of Every Issue From 1863 PASS
453 32nd Mass. Letter Lot -- ''...a mob of demoralized soldiers -- wounded, hungry and cowardly...cried out tauntingly that we should be used up before night...'hows your patriotism now'...'' 3661
454 1863 Civil War Battles Detailed in Pages of ''The New York Times'' -- Chancellorsville, Vicksburg, Gettysburg PASS
455 William Rees of the 103rd Pennsylvania Letter Lot -- '' Williamsburg...they fought like tigers...I could hear the bullets whistling and hear our men cheering as they charged...'' 4431
456 William Sherman Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...You, Getty and I are destined to be the survivors of our class...'' 334
457 William T. Sherman Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I regard Receptions as first class nuisances...I begged the Committee to postpone a year - but no!...I must attend in full uniform...'' 303
458 William T. Sherman Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Tomorrow night I come in after an all night affair at the Players Club to see the old year out + new year...'' -- 1889 368
459 Confederate Rebel Vice President Alexander Stephens 1861 Testimony -- Regarding Georgia's Desire to Secede PASS
460 80th Illinois Civil War Letter Lot -- ''...We have been in another battle...We fought the Rebels at Milton...they had about 3 men to our one but we whipped them bad...'' -- Vaught's Hill 3025
461 General Mark Clark 10'' x 8'' Glossy Signed Photo of a WWII Tank -- Near Fine PASS
462 Mark Clark Typed Letter Signed to Boy Scout Johnson -- With Fifth Army Shoulder Patch -- 1945 PASS
463 Signature of WWII British Admiral Andrew Cunningham -- Green Ink, 4.5'' x 2.5'' -- With Envelope & Reply Letter -- Very Good PASS
464 Karl Donitz Typed Letter Signed -- Hitler's Successor PASS
465 Signed 10'' x 8'' Collage Photo of Enola Gay -- Signed by Tibbets, Beser, Ferebee, Van Kirk and Caron -- Near Fine 500
466 WWII Hero Rene Gagnon 1943 Autograph Letter Signed -- '' my hands I hold two means of killing a person...inside of six months I'll be using my rifle and bayonet to kill...'' PASS
467 Adolf Hitler 1909 Vienna Signed Rare Handwritten Police Document Changing His Address to an Apartment Just 4 Months Before He Would Become a Homeless & Angry 20 Year Old & Soon Anti-Semite 10871
468 Iwo Jima Photo Signed by Lindberg, the Oldest Surviving Member of the Iconic Flag Raising Party -- 8'' x 10'' PASS
469 Montgomery of Alamein Signed ''Forward To Victory'' -- ''We have plenty of tanks...we will smash the enemy attack...we will...give him a very 'bloody nose'...'' PASS
470 Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery Signed Copy of ''A Tale of Two Cities'' -- For a Young Friend's Birthday PASS
471 9 August 1945 ''The New York Times'' Announces Atom Bomb on Nagasaki PASS
472 Norman Rockwell Wartime Poster -- ''Freedom From Want'' -- 28.5'' x 40'' PASS
473 Joe Rosenthal Document Signed From 1953 -- Also Signed by Comedian Ken Murray -- ''...For services rendered, I am to receive two hundred and fifty dollars...'' -- 8.5'' x 11'', Near Fine PASS
474 Iwo Jima Photographer Signs an Autograph Slip -- ''Greetings to newspaperman Ed Brooks from Joe Rosenthal (ex. Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima)'' -- 5'' x 3'' -- Fine PASS
475 Pulitzer-Prize Winning WWII Photographer Joe Rosenthal Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- With a Typed Letter Signed PASS
476 1944 Autograph Letter Signed From a Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Prisoner -- ''...I am very thankful...'' PASS
477 1944 Autograph Letter Signed From Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp -- Written in German by a Prisoner Named Kasic Roman -- ''...Only the longing for you gave me no rest...Kisses...'' PASS
478 Fascinating Lot of Personal World War II Possessions Belonging to United States Air Corps Officer -- Includes Uniforms, Medals, Photos PASS
479 Rabbi Meir Kahane Signed Copy of His Book ''The Story of the Jewish Defense League'' PASS
480 ''Memphis Press-Scimitar'' 5 April 1968 Detailing Death of Martin Luther King -- King Shot by Memphis Sniper Previous Day 250
481 The Dalai Lama Signed Booklet 275
482 Nelson Mandela Signed Copy of His Autobiography ''Long Walk To Freedom'' -- Beautiful, Near Fine Edition 2796
483 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed -- ''Keep the Joy of Loving God as Your Strength and Share This Joy...'' 250
484 Legendary Hotelier Conrad Hilton Signed Photo PASS
485 Signed 7'' x 5'' Photo of Legendary Automaker Ferdinand ''Ferry'' Porsche -- Near Fine PASS
486 ''Ripley's Believe It Or Not'' Creator Robert Ripley Signed Photo PASS
487 Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak High School Yearbook PASS
488 1868 Letter on Alaska Purchase & Ulysses S. Grant -- ''...Grant has said nothing on the...purchase of Alaska...impression produced by Genl Grant's enemies...should be counteracted...'' PASS
489 50th Anniversary Miss America Pageant Program From 1970 PASS
490 1972 Miss America Pageant Program -- 64 Pages, 8.5'' x 11'' -- Very Good Condition PASS
491 1973 Miss America Pageant Program PASS
492 Elfego Baco Typed Letter Signed & First Edition Copy of His Biography ''Law and Order Ltd.'' -- With His Business Card & Law Practice Pamphlet PASS
493 Published Death Sentence for Henri Bertrand -- ''...Bertrand was the first among the French who accompanied Bonaparte in his enterprise against France...'' PASS
494 19th Century Bowler Hat PASS
495 Buffalo Bill Original Newspaper Advertisement for His 1888 Book, ''Story of the Wild West and Camp-Fire Chats'' PASS
496 1849 California Gold Rush Autograph Letter Signed 250
497 Julia Child Signed First Edition of ''Baking With Julia'' PASS
498 Second Cholera Pandemic Handwritten Letter -- ''...there was the last account 33 death by cholera in Princeton...'' -- 1834 PASS
499 Death Sentence for Napoleon's Aide de Camp, General Charles de la Bedoyere -- ''...convicted of crimes of treason and rebellion, for having lent support in the invasion made by Bonaparte...'' PASS
500 Excellent Early Twentieth Century Beaver Fur Top Hat Owned by a Member of Congress, Franklin Dershem of Pennsylvania PASS
501 Gothic Old English Document on Paper PASS
502 J. Edgar Hoover signed ''The FBI Story: A Report to the People'' PASS
503 ''J. Edgar Hoover'' 9'' x 11.25'' Portrait Photo -- Signed & Dated 1960, at the Height of His Fervent Hunt to Root Out Communists PASS
504 Escape Artist Harry Houdini 1926 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...The Spiritualists get along nicely without my assistance, and there you are!...'' PASS
505 Harry Houdini Autograph Note Signed to a German-English Language Learning Book -- ''...Out of this book my dear father tried to master the English language in his 60th year...'' 1331
506 Journalist Dorothy Kilgallen Adds a Sketch to Her Signed Autograph Note PASS
507 Charles Manson Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...GOT NO WAY of knowing real from not. I got little memory...when your in a cage + in handcuffs...'' Plus ALS From Mark David Chapman PASS
508 Titanic Relief Fund Letter by NYC Mayor William Gaynor -- Just Days After Titanic Crash -- ''...I thank you for your generous contribution for...crew and passengers of the 'Titanic'...'' 250
509 Rare Titanic Survivor Document -- Crew Member Thomas Knowles Certificate of Discharge from Service on Previous Ship -- Dated 21 December 1896 PASS
510 1837 Land Document From Illinois Pre-Dating the Women's Property Act by Two Years -- ''...wife of the said George Smith...signed...the [deed]...without any compulsion of her said husband...'' PASS
511 Lot of 6 Tickets to the World Trade Center From August 2001 -- Less Than a Month Before the Twin Towers' Destruction PASS
512 Willie Mays Signed Official Major League Baseball With Mays' Hologram Certifying Authenticity -- Also With JSA COA PASS
513 Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier 1970 ''Fight Of The Century'' Original Dual Contract Signed 4096
514 Program From the 1975 World Heavyweight Championship -- Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner -- The Match That Inspired The Film ''Rocky'' PASS
515 Father of Basketball Coaching, Phog Allen Signed First Printing of His Book, ''Sports Stories'' -- Signed ''Forrest C. Allen'' & ''Phog'' & ''FCA'' PASS
516 Circa 1990's Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar Game-Used Bat -- Approx. 32 oz & 31.5'' -- 0.5'' Chip Else Very Good PASS
517 Lot of Ten NFL Programs, Including Baltimore Colts -- 1960's to 1980's PASS
518 1954 Baltimore Orioles Official 48pp. Softcover Yearbook From the Team's Inaugural Season -- Covers Separated From Staples; Very Good PASS
519 Wade Boggs Signed Game-Used Devil Rays Away Jersey -- From His 3,000 Hit Season -- With an LOA PASS
520 Very Rare 1881 Boston Baseball Association Stock Certificate 275
521 Jim Brown Signed 1953 Yearbook as a Senior in High School -- With 7 Photos of the Football Legend PASS
522 Rare Clarence Campbell Trophy Issued to Rick MacLeish of The Philadelphia Flyers in 1975-76 2500
523 Cassius Clay-Henry Cooper 1966 Championship Fight Program PASS
524 Roberto Clemente's 1973 Death Reported in the ''Pittsburgh Post-Gazette'' PASS
525 Collection of 10 Vintage Baltimore Colts Programs PASS
526 Collection of 10 Early 1960's Vintage Baltimore Colts Programs PASS
527 Collection of 10 Vintage 1960's Baltimore Colts Programs PASS
528 Collection of 10 Vintage Baltimore Colts Programs -- With 2 Glossy Photos of the 1963 Colts-Bears Game PASS
529 Collection of 10 Vintage Baltimore Colts Programs From the 1961 Season PASS
530 Collection of 10 Vintage Baltimore Colts Programs From the 1967 Season PASS
531 Collection of 10 Baltimore Colts Programs From the 1968 Season PASS
532 Collection of 10 Programs From Colts Games Played During The 1969 Season PASS
533 Football HOFer ''Jim Conzelman'' Signature -- Upon a 5'' x 3'' Card -- With Notation by an Unknown Hand ''please autograph'' and Tape to Edges -- Very Good PASS
534 Photo Signed by Joe DiMaggio & Ted Williams -- 10'' x 8'' -- With JSA COA -- Near Fine PASS
535 1965 World Series Champion Dodgers Team Signed Baseball -- Walt Alston Signs Sweet Spot -- 15 Signatures -- With JSA COA PASS
536 Frazier vs. Quarry 23 June 1969 World Heavyweight Boxing Program -- Madison Square Garden On-Site Program -- 8.5'' x 11'', 52pp. -- Near Fine PASS
537 Herman Hill, Vern Morgan, & George Mitterwald Signatures PASS
538 Elroy ''Crazylegs'' Hirsch Typed Letter Signed -- ''...We are always happy to hear from our Rams fans...'' -- 1960 PASS
539 Baseball HOFer Waite Hoyt Lot of 10 Signed Cards PASS
540 Lot of 10 Signatures by Baseball HOFer Carl Hubbell PASS
541 Harmon Killebrew Signed Personal Checks -- Lot of 10 PASS
542 Football HOFer ''Frank 'Bruiser' Kinard'' Signed 5'' x 3'' Card -- in Black Ink -- Pencil Notation to Verso -- Near Fine PASS
543 NHL Award From 1943-44 Bestowed Upon Elmer Lach During The First Year of The ''Punch Line'' -- The Hockey Line that Led The Montreal Canadiens to The Top of The League For 4 Years 1465
544 Jeremy Lin Signed Basketball -- With JSA COA PASS
545 Sonny Liston-Henry Clark 1968 Heavyweight Fight Program PASS
546 ''Pistol Pete'' Maravich Signed Vanderbilt University Program -- From 1970, Inscribed to Boo Odem PASS
547 Roger Maris Signed ''The Kansas City Athletics'' Book 303
548 Roger Maris Signed 5'' x 7'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
549 Minnesota Fats Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo & a Muhammed Ali Signed Cover PASS
550 ''New York Daily News'' Paper Announcing Death of Yankees Thurman Munson -- 3 August 1979 -- Very Good PASS
551 Winston Cup '79 NASCAR Book -- Color Photos Throughout -- Excellent Condition PASS
552 Original 1951 NCAA Basketball National Championship Plaque Trophy From the Collection of Boston Celtics & Kentucky Wildcats, Lou Tsioropoulos 6134
553 Athlete Signed Album of Attendees at 1955 Funeral for Sports Editor Arch Ward -- With Signatures of Two of Knute Rockne's Four Horsemen -- Also Signed by HOFers Paddy Driscoll & Joe Stydahar PASS
554 Ohio State Team-Signed Football -- Signed By Woody Hayes, Archie Griffin and Others on the 1974 & 1975 Team 250
555 Ohio State Team-Signed Football -- Signed By Woody Hayes & Two-Time Heisman Trophy Winner Archie Griffin 250
556 Olympic Torch From The Centennial Olympics -- Carried From Greece for the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta 2541
557 Longtime President of the Dodgers Wally O'Malley Typed Letter Signed -- '' seems my roomie is now an ex-employee...'' PASS
558 Pele Original 1960's Santos Jersey -- Worn by the Top Scorer in Soccer Named ''Athlete of the Century'' -- With COA from Brazil World Cup Teammate & Winner, Marco Antonio 7139
559 1960 World Series Newspaper -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Announces ''BUCS ARE THE CHAMPS'' & Credits Bill Mazeroski's Home Run PASS
560 Edd Roush Single Signed Wilson Baseball -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
561 Excellent Babe Ruth Signed Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat -- With PSA/DNA 5999
562 Valderrama Golf Club Founder Jaime Ortiz-Patino Ryder Cup Trophy -- From the Famous 1997 Ryder Cup Tournament 43681
563 8'' x 10'' Photograph Signed by Heavyweight Jack Sharkey -- in His Famous Photograph With Knuckles Bared PASS
564 Wilbur Shaw Trophy Awarded to The Winner of The 100 Mile Race at Northampton Track in 1926 4431
565 Lot of 50 Union Bank Checks Signed by Charles ''Bubba'' Smith -- ''Charles Bubba Smith'' -- Near Fine PASS
566 1964-65 Montreal Canadians Dick Duff Miniature Stanley Cup Championship Presentational Trophy 16838
567 Football HOFer George Trafton Autograph Note Signed -- ''With Kindest Regards, and all the Good Luck. Sincerely / George Trafton'' -- Measures 5'' x 3'' -- Near Fine PASS
568 Official 1954 World Cup Participation Medal 1952
569 1966 World Cup Trophy -- Presented to FIFA Referee 24655
570 Jefferson Davis Signed Photo in Original Gilt-Etched Frame PASS
571 1942 Claudette Colbert Photo for ''The Palm Beach Story'' -- Stamp of Paramount to Verso -- 8'' x 10'' -- Excellent PASS