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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 ''Li'l Abner'' Litho With Abner & Honest Abe -- Numbered 151/250 & Signed ''Al Capp '74'' in Pencil -- Measures 26'' x 23'' -- Very Good -- From the Al Capp Estate PASS
2 ''Li'l Abner'' Unfinished Comic Strip by Al Capp in Pencil -- Undated -- 23'' x 6.5'' -- Very Good Condition -- From the Al Capp Estate PASS
3 ''Li'l Abner'' Unfinished Comic Strip by Al Capp in Pencil -- Undated Strip Features Mammy Yokum -- 19.75'' x 6.25'' -- Very Good -- From the Al Capp Estate PASS
4 Robert Crumb Original Color Drawing of Fritz the Cat -- Gifted to Crumb's Then Publisher in 1968 Upon the Birth of His Child PASS
5 Robert Crumb Original Illustration for ''The Monkey Wrench Gang'' -- Measures 10.5'' x 12.75'' PASS
6 Chuck Jones Signed Limited Edition Cels of ''Le Pursuit'' Showing Pepe Le Pew Pursuing Penelope Pussycat -- With Linda Jones COA PASS
7 Chuck Jones Signed Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel of ''Bugs and Witch Hazel'' PASS
8 Limited Edition of Bob Kane's ''Batman & Me'' -- Includes Hand-Drawn Signed Sketch of Batman in Near Fine Condition PASS
9 Bugs Bunny Limited Edition Hand-Painted AP Cel Signed by Artist Virgil Ross -- Artwork Measures 24.5'' x 11'' PASS
10 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1963 Featuring Charlie Brown PASS
11 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1962 -- Charlie Brown & Lucy Discuss their ''Golden Years'', or as Charlie Brown Puts It, Their ''Copper Years'' PASS
12 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1978 -- A ''Beagle Scouts'' Strip Featuring Snoopy & Woodstock's Friends 13000
13 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1965 -- In This Very Cute Strip, Snoopy Bares Teeth at a Seagull Who Lands on His Nose 13000
14 Charles Schulz Signed Drawing of Schroeder From the Early 1950s -- Measures 18'' x 24'' PASS
15 Charles Schulz ''Peanuts'' Limited Edition Lithograph -- Snoopy & Charlie Brown Play Golf PASS
16 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy in ''A New Peanuts Book Featuring Snoopy'' 600
17 Garry Trudeau Signed Sketch of Doonesbury's Favorite Hippie, Zonker Harris -- Certified by PSA/DNA PASS
18 Final ''Calvin & Hobbes'' 1995 Color Proof Signed by Creator Bill Watterson PASS
19 Ludwig Bemelmans Painting for ''Madeline and the Bad Hat'' -- Gorgeous & Vivid Painting Measures 31.75'' x 19'' 22400
20 Ludwig Bemelmans Watercolor From ''Marina'', Measuring 24'' x 16.5'' -- Featuring a Panoply of Sea Creatures 2000
21 Disney Original Concept Painting From 1946 for ''Song of the South'' by Mary Blair -- Measures 13.5'' x 11'' PASS
22 Patrick Nagel Signed Limited Edition Seriagraph of ''Kristen'' From 1983 -- One of Nagel's Most Popular Models PASS
23 LeRoy Neiman Signed Serigraph of ''Olympic Slalom'' PASS
24 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Beloved Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
25 Norman Rockwell Signed Copy of His Biography, ''Illustrator'' -- Inscribed to ''fellow Vermonters'' PASS
26 Andy Warhol Signed 50'' x 35'' Poster, With Hand-Drawn River, From His ''American Indian'' Series -- Here Featuring Activist Russell Means, a Leader at Wounded Knee PASS
27 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed 11'' x 14'' Photograph PASS
28 J.M. Barrie Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...There will be nothing doing on Friday evening in Peter Pan except odds & ends...'' PASS
29 Andre Breton Autograph Letter Signed on The Surrealist Revolution Letterhead -- ''...newspapers concerning a Mr. Breton, politician, a Mr. Le Breton, professor, and even Bretons dead in the war...'' 900
30 Lewis Carroll Autograph Poem Signed in ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' -- Carroll Cleverly Composes an Acrostic Poem Where the First Letter of Each Line Reveals a Message PASS
31 Charles Dodgson Autograph Letter Twice-Signed -- ''...I have much pleasure sending a presentation copy of 'Alice' for your daughter...'' PASS
32 Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain Autograph Note Signed From 1885, the Year of ''Huckleberry Finn'' -- Clemens Ends the Note Humorously, Referring to Himself as ''Known to the police'' PASS
33 Alfred de Vigny Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...There comes to me a young actor...the Prodigal Son...'' PASS
34 Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed 800
35 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Letter & Signed Envelope, Documenting the Legendary Marlin That Inspired ''The Old Man and the Sea'' -- ''...landed Blue Marlin which weighed 500 lbs...sharks hit him...'' 28000
36 Ernest Hemingway's Own Bullfighting Ticket From 26 July 1959 From the ''Plaza Toros de Valencia'' -- Hemingway Wrote About The Bullfights He Attended in the Summer of '59 for ''The Dangerous Summer'' PASS
37 Photograph of Roberto Hererra, Ernest Hemingway's Close Friend, Swimming in Hemingway's Pool at His Home in Cuba PASS
38 Scarce Second Edition of Samuel Johnson's 2-Volume Masterpiece of Lexicography -- ''A Dictionary Of The English Language: In Which The Words Are Deduced From The Originals...'' -- 1755 PASS
39 Francis Scott Key Signed Legal Petition From 1803 Defending ''Negro Tom'', Who Was Being Tortured by His Slaveowner -- Petition Written Entirely in Key's Hand 1418
40 Stephen King Signed Limited Edition of ''Christine'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
41 Marcel Proust Autograph Letter Signed From 1909 While Writing ''In Search of Lost Time'' -- ''...the novel that I have finally begun so tires out my wrist that I no longer write letters...'' 3750
42 Mario Puzo Autograph Letter Signed -- ''Godfather'' Author Asks His Literary Agent for Comments on a Script PASS
43 J.D. Salinger Letter Signed -- Salinger Recommends ''Bonnie B. Good'' for a Teaching Position PASS
44 Sir Walter Scott Autograph Letter Signed, Regarding the Building of His Home Abbotsford -- ''...We will need at the entrance of the Avenue a small lodge...'' 200
45 Dr. Seuss Clever Drawing of ''The Cat in the Hat'' 1949
46 Shel Silverstein Signed Copy of ''Where the Sidewalk Ends'' -- A Very Rare Title Signed by Silverstein PASS
47 Shel Silverstein Signed First Edition of ''A Light in the Attic'', With Elaborate Hand-Drawn Sketch PASS
48 Eloquent Autograph Letter Signed by Robert Louis Stevenson, Bound Within ''An Inland Voyage'' First Edition -- ''I should be strangely made if I were indifferent to the praise of my fellow writers'' 2285
49 Defiant Hunter S. Thompson Letter Signed, Boldly Proclaiming ''...I am not going to be either the Fitzgerald or the Hemingway of this generation...I am going to be the Thompson of this generation...'' PASS
50 Fantastic Early Autograph Letter Signed From 17 Year Old Hunter S. Thompson About His Burgeoning Identity, the Nature of Friendship and His Trouble with the FBI PASS
51 Hunter S. Thompson Autograph Letter Signed From 1962 With Soul-Baring Content -- Thompson's at ''his wits end'' with ''...confusion all around. My lowest ebb...'' PASS
52 John Bonham's Custom-Made Drum Sticks Used by Bonham in the mid-1970s with Led Zeppelin PASS
53 Gorgeous MM Couture Blouse Owned by Sheryl Crow 500
54 Jimi Hendrix Experience Signatures -- Perhaps the Best Signatures of the Group Ever Available, With Jimi Writing, ''to an Electric lady / Jimi Hendrix'' -- With Roger Epperson COA 6589
55 Alicia Keys Worn Green & Black Lace Beret -- With a COA From Keys PASS
56 Alicia Keys Worn Fuchsia Floppy Hat by Designer Emma Fielden -- With a COA From the Singer PASS
57 Alicia Keys Worn Jennifer Scott Red Floppy Hat -- With a COA From the Singer PASS
58 Two John Lennon Signed Lithographs From ''Bag One'' Released in 1970 -- Includes ''Alphabet'' Limited Edition #12 of 300, and ''Erotic #7'' Limited Edition #117 of 300 3000
59 Bob Marley Signed ''Kaya'' Album -- Signed ''Rasta Love Kaya / Bob Marley'' -- With Roger Epperson COA 5324
60 Fun & Unique Gwen Stefani Costume Worn in Her ''Misery'' Music Video PASS
61 The Supremes Photo Signed by all 3, Including Florence Ballard -- With Epperson COA PASS
62 Five 1960-70s Concert Programs, Including the Woodstock Festival, the Isle of Wight Festival 1970, Rolling Stones 66, Rolling Stones Black and Blue, and Led Zeppelin at Knebworth 1979 PASS
63 Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of His Iconic Smile PASS
64 Art by Opera Great Enrico Caruso -- Signed Bust Sketch in Profile of Caruso Is Likely Him in Character PASS
65 Nat King Cole Signed Album, ''Songs by Nat 'King' Cole'' PASS
66 Gioachino Rossini Autograph Letter Signed -- '' all that you can to assist my protege...'' PASS
67 Frank Sinatra's Own Custom-Shirt With His Label PASS
68 Frank Sinatra Personally Owned Christmas Mug PASS
69 Christmas Travel Bag Owned by Frank Sinatra 350
70 Fun Memento Owned by Frank Sinatra, His Personal Set of Matches for the Christmas Holidays -- ''Blue Eyes'' PASS
71 Richard Strauss Signed, Handwritten Musical Manuscript for the Final Scene in His Opera, ''Die schweigsame Frau'' PASS
72 Igor Stravinsky, Bruno Walter and Wilhem Furtwangler Signed Album Page -- Large Page Measures 6.75'' x 8.5'' PASS
73 Legendary Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughan Lot of 5 Contracts Signed PASS
74 Alexander Graham Bell Autograph Letter Signed Regarding ''Visible Speech'' PASS
75 Scarce Marie Curie Signed Document From Her ''Institut du Radium'' Laboratory -- Curie Signs Off on an Experiment in Her Lab 3000
76 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed From 1851 -- On Black-Bordered Stationery to Mourn the Passing of Darwin's Daughter Annie PASS
77 Robert Darwin Autograph Letter Signed From 1841 PASS
78 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed on God & Unified Field Theory, With Mathematical Equations in His Hand Regarding the Theory -- ''...It is devilishly difficult to get closer to 'Him'...'' PASS
79 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed Regarding His United Field Theory: ''...I have been brooding and calculating almost all of my days and half of the nights...'Unified Field Theory'...'' PASS
80 Albert Einstein Envelope Signed From 1918 to His Closest Friend Michele Besso -- With World War I Censor Paste PASS
81 Scarce David Hume Autograph Letter Signed -- '' of the most celebrated Booksellers of Paris...'' PASS
82 Louis Pasteur Signed Portrait Engraving PASS
83 Polio Vaccine Pioneer Jonas Salk Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
84 Buzz Aldrin Signed Album -- With PSA/DNA COA 500
85 Limited Edition ''Encounter With Tiber'' Signed By Astronaut Buzz Aldrin PASS
86 Scarce Apollo 11 Space-Flown U.S. Flag -- Affixed to a NASA Certificate Signed by Each of the Apollo 11 Crew Members: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
87 Space-Flown Apollo 11 Robbins Medal -- Owned by Buzz Aldrin 30250
88 Apollo 11 Crew-Signed ''Type Three'' Insurance Cover -- Signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins 7000
89 ''The New York Times'' From 19 July 1969, Reporting on the Apollo 11 Mission With Headline ''Moscow Says That Luna 15 Won't Be In Apollo's Way'' PASS
90 ''The New York Times'' From 22 July 1969, the Day After Apollo 11 Leaves the Moon -- ''2 Astronauts Lift off Moon'' PASS
91 Apollo 13 Patches, Both Flown to the Moon by Jack Swigert PASS
92 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Insurance Cover -- With COA From Al Worden PASS
93 Neil Armstrong Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo Stepping Onto the Moon -- Uninscribed -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
94 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Near Fine PASS
95 Gordon Cooper Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of the Gemini 5 Launchpad ''Before Our Record Breaking Flight'' 200
96 Gemini 12 Crew-Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo by Buzz Aldrin and James Lovell PASS
97 John Young Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo of Him Standing on the Moon -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
98 John Young Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo in His White Spacesuit -- ''9th man on the moon'' -- With Steve Zarelli COA 450
99 Charles Lindbergh 1953 Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' PASS
100 Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Signed First Day Cover -- With Limited Edition Coin Marking the 25th Anniversary of Everest's First Ascent PASS
101 John Adams Autograph Letter Signed on the Stamp Act -- Adams Gives Documents and ''broken hints'' to Jedidiah Morse for ''Annals of the American Revolution'', on Events ''Five and Forty years ago'' PASS
102 John Adams 4-Language Ship's Papers Signed as President -- With French Certification Attached to Document, Dated Less Than One Month Before the French-American Naval ''Quasi-War'' Erupted PASS
103 Grover Cleveland Document Signed as President -- Cleveland Appoints a Consul to Germany PASS
104 1992 Presidential Debate Program Signed by President George H.W. Bush, future President Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton & Journalist Tom Brokaw 350
105 1860 Campaign Portrait Flag Banner for Stephen Douglas -- One of Less Than 10 Known Examples PASS
106 Dwight D. Eisenhower Self-Portrait Sketch, Drawn While President PASS
107 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I've just finished a picture taking ordeal! I always feel like a ---- fool when they say - 'A little smile, please!' Blah!...'' PASS
108 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir, ''The White House Years'' -- Uninscribed, #823 of the Limited Edition PASS
109 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed 8'' x 10'' Military Photo PASS
110 James Garfield Document Signed as President -- One of the Rarest Presidential Signatures PASS
111 Lot of 10 Checks Signed by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater -- While Senator of Arizona PASS
112 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- General Ulysses S. Grant at His Headquarters at Cold Harbor in 1864 PASS
113 Rutherford B. Hayes White House Oyster Plate -- Unique, Colorful Design PASS
114 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President PASS
115 Thomas Jefferson Signature -- Beautifully Framed With an Engraving of Jefferson PASS
116 Jackie Kennedy Signed Photo of the Kennedy Family at the Winter White House in Palm Beach -- From Their Last Easter Together in 1963 PASS
117 Press Release From 1961 Pertaining to Jackie Kennedy's Famous Renovation of the White House -- Announces Appointments to the Committee of the Fine Arts Commission PASS
118 Elegant White-Glazed Oyster Plate Owned by the Kennedy Family -- From Sotheby's 2005 Sale, ''Property From Kennedy Family Homes'' PASS
119 Cecil W. Stoughton's Personal, Unpublished Photo of LBJ's Inauguration Aboard Air Force One -- LBJ Takes the Oath of Office as Jackie Stands Witness 1500
120 ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Invitation to the Event Honoring President John F. Kennedy the Night of His Assassination PASS
121 Press Kit From the John F. Kennedy ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' the Night of His Assassination PASS
122 Ted Kennedy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
123 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Endorsement Signed as President -- Lincoln Mistakenly Dates the Proclamation of Amnesty as 8 December 1864 -- With University Archives COA PASS
124 Abraham Lincoln 1860 Campaign Ribbon With the Desirable ''Cooper Union'' Photographic Portrait PASS
125 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- Taken as President-Elect in 1861 PASS
126 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- The ''Tousled Hair'' Photo PASS
127 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- From Lincoln's Last Photo Session in February 1865 PASS
128 Eyewitness Letter to President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination -- ''...You will be fully justified in revealing the entire plot for the assassination of the noble Lincoln...'' PASS
129 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President PASS
130 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation PASS
131 Richard Nixon Signed First Printing of ''The Real War'' -- Uninscribed PASS
132 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Pillbox -- ''Living well is the best revenge'' PASS
133 Ronald Reagan Signed Limited Edition of His Speeches, ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
134 Ronald Reagan Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''An American Life'' PASS
135 Ronald Reagan Signed Presidential Post-It PASS
136 John Hinckley, Jr. 1974 Texas Tech University Yearbook PASS
137 Eleanor Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1962 When She Served as Chair of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women Under John F. Kennedy PASS
138 Eleanor Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1948 -- Regarding the March of Dimes, Then Called the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis 200
139 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1928 Letter Signed to His Physical Therapist, Who Helped Him Make the Nominating Speech at the 1928 Democratic Convention Without Crutches -- ''Politics will be very strenuous'' PASS
140 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1926, With Full ''Franklin D. Roosevelt'' Signature -- FDR Writes His Polio Therapist Helena Mahoney Shortly After the Launch of the Warm Springs Institute PASS
141 Franklin D. Roosevelt Lengthy Letter Signed as President 500
142 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1926, With Full ''Franklin D. Roosevelt'' Signature -- FDR Writes of the Warm Springs Institute, ''...we can count on a big and successful spring opening...'' PASS
143 Theodore Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am very anxious to see if there are not some old...diaries or private letters extant, relating to the early times in Tennessee...'' PASS
144 Theodore Roosevelt Military Commission From 1901, Signed as President PASS
145 Theodore Roosevelt Letter Signed as Editor of Metropolitan Magazine -- ''That's a mighty nice letter of yours and a mighty nice editorial...'' PASS
146 William Taft Letter Signed as President, About the Supreme Court -- ''...I can not appoint anybody because he is a Jew; and I certainly shall not decline to appoint anybody because he is a Jew...'' PASS
147 William Taft Letter Signed During Louis Brandeis' Nomination to the Supreme Court -- ''...The Brandeis evidence is revealing a professional crookedness...the Jews have a right to complain...'' PASS
148 William H. Taft Letter Signed in 1919 Endorsing (Perhaps for the First Time on Paper) the Suffrage Movement -- Taft Also Criticizes President Woodrow Wilson's Mis-Handling of the Treaty of Versailles PASS
149 William Taft Letter Signed During WWI With Long Autograph Note Signed -- 5 Days After His Son Charlie Sailed Off to War, Taft Pens, ''I shall be anxious for 'those in peril on the sea' for some time'' PASS
150 Zachary Taylor Letter Signed as President With Virginia Reference -- Taylor Was President for Only 16 Months PASS
151 Harry Truman Twice-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photograph, Famously Showing Truman Holding Up the ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- Original UPI Press Photo -- With University Archives COA PASS
152 Rare Harry Truman WWII Victory Proclamation Signed as President -- Gifted to White House Staff in 1945 -- Near Fine Condition PASS
153 Donald Trump Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 250
154 Telephone From the White House -- Used For Making Non-Secure Calls PASS
155 Woodrow Wilson Signed ''History of the American People'' -- Limited Edition for Princeton Alumni 750
156 Woodrow Wilson Military Appointment Signed as President, Just Months Before the United States' Entry Into WWI PASS
157 Founding Father Abraham Baldwin Autograph Letter Signed as U.S. Senator Regarding Impeachment Trial of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase PASS
158 John Hancock Military Appointment Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
159 Tadeusz Kosciuszko Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The General Kosciuszko is extremely sensitive to Lord Carnarvon's kindness...'' PASS
160 Very Rare Thomas Paine Autograph Letter Signed, to Fellow Revolutionary Ira Allen PASS
161 Excellent Clara Barton Autograph Letter Twice-Signed, Regarding the 1866 Trial of Dorence Atwater, the Famous POW at Andersonville Who Smuggled Out the ''Death List'' PASS
162 Clara Barton Letter Signed on Red Cross Letterhead PASS
163 Jefferson Davis Autograph Letter Signed in Response to General William Sherman Calling Him a Conspirator -- ''...Sherman's speech...which bore the slander...'' PASS
164 Gettysburg Battlefield Album Photograph -- Measures 7'' x 4.5'' PASS
165 Auschwitz Concentration Camp Letter From 1944 -- ''...I do not need my wife's address. I only wanted to know where she is and what she and the children are doing...'' 500
166 German Admiral Karl Donitz Typed Letter Signed on His Personal Stationery 200
167 ''Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders'' Signed by General James Doolittle & 28 of His Raiders PASS
168 Enola Gay Crew-Signed Photo by Four Depicting the Atomic Bomb Blast PASS
169 WWII Poem Signed by Five Enola Gay Crew Members -- Tom Ferebee, Theodore Van Kirk, Morris Jeppson, George Caron & Paul Tibbetts PASS
170 WWII Hero Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Signed & Signed Envelope -- ''...You do whatever your [sic] told and do it on the double. That's the Marine Corps...'' PASS
171 General Douglas MacArthur Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo 450
172 WWII ''New York Times'' Newspaper From 28 April 1945 -- The Day of Mussolini's Capture PASS
173 WWII ''The New York Times'' Newspaper From 26 April 1945 -- Reporting Final Overthrow of The Reich & Establishment of the United Nations PASS
174 World War II ''New York Times'' Newspaper From 29 September 1945 PASS
175 George S. Patton WWII Letter Signed Two Days After He Was Promoted to General 750
176 U.S.S. Indianapolis Survivors Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by 24 Survivors PASS
177 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf -- Scrollwork From 1250 A.D. PASS
178 Frederick Douglass Autograph Note Signed to the Son of Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison -- Written in 1880 Shortly After Garrison's Death 1200
179 Prominent Abolitionist & Suffragist William Lloyd Garrison Autograph -- With His Printed Poem Advocating for Gender Equality PASS
180 Martin Luther King Signed Program for ''The Du Bois Centennial'', an Event in 1968 Honoring the 100 Anniversary of W.E.B. Du Bois' Birth -- With University Archives COA 1598
181 Personal Malcolm X Letter Signed From 1958 to His Wife Betty -- '' such nervous state my patience is short and when I'm unpleasant toward you it only adds to my already 'pained' conscience...'' PASS
182 Elijah Muhammad Document Signed From 1958 PASS
183 Rosa Parks Signed Copy of ''Quiet Strength'' PASS
184 Rosa Parks Signed Civil Rights Limited Edition Poster PASS
185 Moving Anti-Slavery Essay Circa 1796, Entitled ''Against the Slave Trade'' -- ''...How takeing him in a deceitfull manner under the cloak of friendship & confineing him in chains...'' PASS
186 Bullet Shell Casing From the Battle of Little Bighorn -- From the Stella Foote Collection PASS
187 Nineteenth Century Albumen Photograph of Sitting Bull Measuring 3.75'' x 5.25'' -- Along With Photographs of Indian Policeman Fast Horse, Chief Flying Horse, and The Misses Few Tails PASS
188 David Ben-Gurion Signed Limited Edition of ''Israel: A Personal History'' PASS
189 Josephine Bonaparte Letter Signed -- The Widow Josephine Writes a Letter of Recommendation for Another Widow PASS
190 Fidel Castro Document Signed as Prime Minister From 1960 330
191 Winston Churchill Letter Signed as Prime Minister With Additional Autograph Note -- Churchill Pens a Humorous Letter Referring to the 30,000 Letters He Received on His Birthday PASS
192 Che Guevara Signed Photo -- ''A souvenir photo to remember the resounding time / Che'' PASS
193 Che Guevara Document Signed From 1964 -- ''Revolutionarily'' 1000
194 Adolf Hitler Document Signed From 1934, on Hitler's ''German Chancellor'' Letterhead -- With University Archives COA PASS
195 The Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 PASS
196 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine Condition PASS
197 Princess Diana Autograph Letter Signed From 1989 -- ''...for the lady who does all the cooking!...'' PASS
198 Princess Diana Signed Christmas Card From 1995 -- With Beautiful Portrait of Her With William & Harry PASS
199 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Christmas Card From 1982 -- With Family Portrait of Prince William as an Infant PASS
200 Admission Card to the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902 PASS
201 Gorgeous Limited Edition of ''A King's Story'' Signed by Edward, Duke of Windsor -- ''...I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden...'' PASS
202 Queen Victoria Signed Copy of Her Book, ''Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands'' PASS
203 Milton Berle's 1963 AFTRA Card -- The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists PASS
204 Milton Berle's Membership Card to ''Saints and Sinners'' From 1960 PASS
205 Handwritten Document Chronicling Bob Keeshan's Appearances Promoting ''Captain Kangaroo'' in 1974 -- From the Bob Keeshan Estate PASS
206 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Calvin Klein Wool Business Suit From ''The Office'' -- With a COA From NBC Universal PASS
207 Charlie Chaplin ''The Great Dictator'' Handbill -- From the Iconic 1940 Comedy PASS
208 Cher Personally Owned Pink Jeans in Fine Wale Corduroy PASS
209 Bradley Cooper's Three-Piece Suit From ''American Hustle'' PASS
210 Bette Davis Personally Owned Earrings PASS
211 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Perfume Bottle PASS
212 ''The Poster'' That Defined a Decade -- From the Personal Collection of Farrah Fawcett PASS
213 Farrah Fawcett Personally Owned Cuff Bracelet PASS
214 ''The Royal Family'' Rough Draft Script Owned by Redd Foxx of ''Sanford & Son'' -- Dated One Month Before Foxx's Death -- 43 Pages -- Very Good Condition -- From Redd Foxx Estate PASS
215 ''The Royal Family'' Episode 2 Revised Table Draft Script Owned by Redd Foxx -- Dated Weeks Before Foxx's Death -- 48 Pages -- Very Good Condition -- From Redd Foxx Estate PASS
216 Greta Garbo Owned Shoes PASS
217 Audrey Hepburn 11'' x 14'' Photo From ''My Fair Lady'' -- Taken by Cecil Beaton & From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
218 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Pair of Photos From ''War and Peace'', Testing a Hairstyle for the Film -- From the Personal Collection of Audrey Hepburn PASS
219 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From ''Love in the Afternoon'' -- Measures 15'' x 11'' PASS
220 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From ''Love in the Afternoon'' -- Measures 15.5'' x 11.5'' PASS
221 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From Her ''Look'' Magazine Photo Shoot in 1953 -- Taken by Photographer Milton Greene PASS
222 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Photo From ''War and Peace'' PASS
223 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Photo From ''War and Peace'' PASS
224 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Photo, Taken During Filming of ''Green Mansions'' -- Audrey Is Shown Here With Her Beloved Yorkshire Terrier ''Mr. Famous'' PASS
225 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Production Still From ''Green Mansions'' PASS
226 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From ''The Nun's Story'' PASS
227 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From ''The Nun's Story'' PASS
228 Kylie Jenner Owned Gorgeous Black Lace Dress PASS
229 ''Return of the Jedi'' Concept Movie Poster Art by Tom Jung -- Two Versions Depicting Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader Using the Original Title, ''Revenge of the Jedi'' PASS
230 Kim Kardashian Owned Black Floor-Length Givenchy Dress PASS
231 Withdrawn lot PASS
232 Jean Stapleton's People Choice Award as ''Favorite Female Television Performer'' in 1980 for Her Portrayal of Edith Bunker PASS
233 ''All in the Family'' Framed Commemorative Stamp, Personally Owned by Jean Stapleton 200
234 ''All in the Family'' Album Personally Owned by ''Edith Bunker'' Jean Stapleton PASS
235 ''All in the Family'' Album Personally Owned by ''Edith Bunker'' Jean Stapleton PASS
236 Jean Stapleton 20th Century Fox Jacket From the Movie ''The Buddy System'' PASS
237 Jean Stapleton Jacket From Her Movie ''Aunt Mary'' PASS
238 Jean Stapleton Hall of Fame Award From TV Land, Honoring Classic Television PASS
239 Jean Stapleton Lifetime Achievement in Comedy Award Nomination 200
240 Patrick Swayze Owned ''The Outsiders'' T-Shirt PASS
241 Season One ''Taxi'' Script From 1978 for Episode ''The Great Line'' -- From the Estate of Sam Simon, Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' & Writer on ''Taxi'' PASS
242 1936 Venice Film Festival Award Medal -- Given to RKO for the Film ''Metropolitan Nocturne'' 1500
243 Alicia Vikander Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Costume as Lara Croft in ''Tomb Raider'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
244 ''Aliens'' Cast Signed 10'' x 14'' Photo PASS
245 Mary Astor Letter Signed Regarding Her Autobiography -- ''...I hope my book will be a true biography...with no hurrying on to get to 'the juicy part'...'' PASS
246 Mary Astor Letter Signed to Her Agent, With a Heated 3pp. Response to Her Editor's Notes on Her Book ''A Place Called Saturday'' -- Also With Autograph Note Signed About How Mad She Is PASS
247 Humphrey Bogart 1947 Signed Agreement to Sell His Ford Truck PASS
248 Olivia de Havilland Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Gone With the Wind'' 275
249 Gorgeous Marlene Dietrich 10'' x 13'' Signed Photo PASS
250 Walt Disney Signed ''Walt Disney's Peter Pan'' PASS
251 Walt Disney Signed ''Walt Disney's Living Desert'' Book PASS
252 Star Wars Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo by Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker, Who Portrayed R2-D2 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
253 Clark Gable Signed 10'' x 13'' Photo as U.S. Army Lieutenant During WWII -- Photo Taken by Clarence Sinclair Bull -- With JSA COA PASS
254 Cast-Signed ''Gone With The Wind'' 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by Six of the Cast -- Frank Junior Coghlan, Ann Rutherford, William Bakewell, Cammie King, Rand Brooks & Marjorie Reynolds PASS
255 Jim Henson 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo ''From Kermit'' With His Muppets at Christmas PASS
256 Audrey Hepburn Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine PASS
257 Alfred Hitchcock Signed Sketch of His Famous Profile PASS
258 Grace Kelly Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
259 Laurel & Hardy Signed Photo PASS
260 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- '' old silent two reeler we made titled 'Habeas Corpus', it was a story about a nutty Professor who hired us to go to a graveyard & dig up a corpse...'' PASS
261 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- Laurel Reminisces About Vaudeville & Early Film Stars PASS
262 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- ''...I have just the two awards - The Oscar & the Screen Actors Guild trophy...'' PASS
263 Stan Laurel Signed Photo PASS
265 Bruce Lee Signed Book, ''Chinese Gung Fu - The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense'' -- Lee Also Hand-Writes: ''Simplicity is the height of cultivation; partial cultivation runs to ornamentation'' PASS
266 Vivien Leigh Signed Photo as Scarlett From ''Gone With the Wind'' -- With JSA COA PASS
267 Peter Lorre Contract Signed With 20th Century-Fox From 1938 PASS
268 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis 14'' x 11'' Signed Photo PASS
269 Brittany Murphy Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo PASS
270 Carrie Fisher & Darth Vader's David Prowse Signed 10'' x 16'' Movie Poster Photo for ''Return of the Jedi'' -- With Steiner COA PASS
271 Bill ''Bojangles'' Robinson Autograph Letter Signed -- Robinson Writes to a Captain in the Army During WWII, ''...Please see that the Boys get these...'' PASS
272 Gene Roddenberry Letter Signed Regarding ''Star Trek'' -- ''...on the spread of cheap STAR TREK hucksterism and the damage it may do...the name Timothy Leary gave me a real chill...'' PASS
273 Star Trek Cast Signed Photo -- Limited Edition Signed by All 7 Crew Members of the Starship Enterprise PASS
274 Carrie Fisher & Chewbacca's Peter Mayhew Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo From ''Star Wars'' -- With Steiner COA PASS
275 James Stewart Signed Contract for ''Strategic Air Command'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
276 Gloria Swanson Signed Memoir -- ''Swanson On Swanson'' First Edition PASS
277 Elizabeth Taylor Signed Deed for her Los Angeles Home -- With JSA COA PASS
278 John Wayne & Roy Rogers Signed Copy of ''The Dark Command'' -- Wayne & Rogers Starred in the 1940 Film Adaptation of the Book -- Also Signed by Gene Autry, Gabby Hayes & Walter Pidgeon PASS
279 John Wayne Release Signed with Hair Trigger, Inc. PASS
280 Joe DiMaggio 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo in His Yankee Pinstripes -- With JSA COA PASS
281 Lot of 10 Personal Checks Signed by Baseball HOFer Harmon Killebrew PASS
282 Mickey Mantle Signed 16'' x 20'' Limited Edition Photo -- With Upper Deck COA PASS
283 Famous World Series Photo From 1954, ''The Catch'' Signed by Willie Mays -- 10'' x 8'' Photo in Near Fine Condition -- With ''Say Hey'' Authentication PASS
284 Peter Rose Signed Bat -- With JSA Certification PASS
285 Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca Signed 20'' x 16.5'' Photo of the Famed ''Shot Heard Round the World'' -- Steiner COA 175
286 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Dual-Signed Large 22.5'' x 30.5'' Photo of the ''Fight of the Century'' -- Limited Edition With Steiner COA PASS
287 Muhammad Ali Photo Signed of His Fight With Sonny Liston to Retain His Heavyweight Championship -- Measures 20'' x 16'' -- With Steiner COA 1200
288 Heavyweight Jack Sharkey Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Famous Photograph With Knuckles Bared PASS
289 Lithograph of the Los Angeles Lakers Legends Signed by Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- Limited Edition PASS
290 Bill Russell Contract Signed From 1975 as General Manager of the Seattle SuperSonics -- Russell Signs Player Al Carlson PASS
291 2010 FIFA World Cup Gold Winner's Medal PASS
292 SAG Card Belonging to Football Legend & Actor Bubba Smith PASS
293 NFL Legend Bubba Smith Lot of Signed Documents -- Relating to His Finances & Acting Career PASS
294 Lot of 25 Bubba Smith Signed Checks PASS
295 Lot of Programs From Arthur Ashe's Funeral PASS
296 Olympics Program for the 1932 Summer Games in Los Angeles -- Program for 2 August 1932 Events PASS
297 Olympic Track & Field Hero Jesse Owens 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
298 J. Edgar Hoover ''Masters of Deceit'' Signed 150
299 William Rehnquist Signed Supreme Court Decision of Schneble vs. Florida -- Justice Rehnquist's First Opinion in 1972 PASS
300 John Paul Stevens Signed Bush v. Gore Supreme Court Decision PASS
301 Clarence Thomas Signed Bush v. Gore Supreme Court Decision PASS
302 The Earl Warren Supreme Court Signed Card -- Signed by All 9 Justices From the Mid 1960s PASS
303 Helen Keller Signed Copy of Her Book, ''Let Us Have Faith'' PASS
304 Mata Hari Autograph Letter Signed to Her Lover, Piet van der Hem -- ''...I am a very ambitious woman and when I feel an affinity for someone than I have the same ambitious feelings...for him...'' PASS
305 John DeLorean Signed Owner's Manual for the Iconic DMC-12 PASS
306 Thomas Edison Stock Signed for the Phonograph Corporation of Indiana 275
307 B.C. Forbes Signed First Edition of His Book, ''101 Unusual Experiences'' -- Inscribed to General Motors CEO Alfred Sloan, ''May you enjoy many, many Happy Experiences'' PASS
308 William Randolph Hearst Large Signed Photo Display Measuring 11'' x 15'' -- Hearst Inscribes the Photo to His Daughter-in-Law Lorna, ''from her Pop'' PASS
309 Ray Kroc Signed Copy of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' -- Near Fine PASS
310 Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 2003-A, Chicago -- Near Fine PASS
311 Americas Map Published in 1720 by London Cartographer Herman Moll -- Measures 25'' x 40.75'' PASS
312 Ticket to ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody's Wild West Show PASS
313 Oklahoma 46-Star Flag, Circa 1910 PASS
314 Utah 45-Star Flag, Circa 1900 PASS
315 1849 California Gold Prospector Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I hope that you will not think that I have taken leave of my senses...the small package of gold sent...'' PASS
316 Red Cross Poster Based on WWI Campaign PASS
317 Charles ''Tex'' Watson Autograph Letter Signed Within a Religious Greeting Card -- ''...I will be sure + keep your friend that got bit in my prayers!...'' PASS
318 Gorgeous World Map, Circa 1700 During the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography -- Hand-Colored Map Shows Dual Hemispheres, Dual Polar Projections & Allegorical Scenes Representing the Four Seasons PASS
319 World Trade Center 2001 Observatory Ticket -- From 3 Weeks Before 9/11 PASS
320 World Trade Center, New York City Postcard -- Postmarked 9/11/01 PASS