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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 ''The Fables of Aesop'' 1668 Second Edition, With Over 80 Engraved Plates Illustrating the Fables -- Large Folio Measures 11'' x 16.5'' 1800
2 L. Frank Baum's ''The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'' First Edition, Second State PASS
3 Charles Bukowski Original Artwork From ''The Day It Snowed in L.A.'' -- One of Only 11 Copies of the Limited Edition Signed by Bukowski & Containing His Hand-Drawn Illustration From the Book PASS
4 Illustrated 1901 Edition of ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' by Lewis Carroll PASS
5 James Fenimore Cooper Autograph Letter Signed PASS
6 Alfred de Vigny Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...There comes to me a young actor...the Prodigal Son...'' PASS
7 August Derleth ''Dark Mind, Dark Heart'' First Edition Signed -- One of Only 2,493 First Edition Copies PASS
8 August Derleth ''Habitant of Dusk'' Limited Edition Signed PASS
9 Large 19th Century Lithographic Poster of ''David Copperfield'' by Jules Cheret, Advertising the 1885 French Edition -- Measures 33.5'' x 48'' PASS
10 William Faulkner Signed ''A Green Bough'' -- Rare Limited Edition of Faulkner's Poetry PASS
11 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Suicide Attempt of Dorothy Parker -- ''...How's Dotty? What are you guys doing driving the poor little woman almost to suicide...'' PASS
12 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Letter Signed Three Times, Including as ''Hemingstein'', Announcing the Birth of His Son -- ''...This makes three boys - a matador - a banderellero and a sword handler...'' 6000
13 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...bring your shortwave set down to Key West and we could try to turn an honest penny running Chinamen...'' PASS
14 Ernest Hemingway Envelope Signed 800
15 Laura Ingalls Wilder Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Pa called me Flutterbudget because I was so quick always fluttering here and there...Pa and Ma never had any of those modern things...'' PASS
16 James Joyce ''Ulysses'' First English Edition From 1922 -- #389 of 2,000 Copies in the Limited Edition PASS
17 Stephen King Signed First Edition of ''Firestarter'' -- Signed in 1980, a Week Before Its Official Publication PASS
18 ''One Hundred Years of Solitude'' First Edition by Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- Near Fine Condition PASS
19 Beatrix Potter Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have to confess I have borrowed a sled...'' PASS
20 Ezra Pound Signed Copy of His Translation for ''Confucian Analects'' -- Pound Inscribes the Copy to Poet Thomas Cole -- With University Archives COA PASS
21 Marcel Proust Autograph Letter Signed From 1917 -- '' is lovely that these well-deserved successes add their noble radiance to your mourning...'' PASS
22 Ayn Rand Signed ''Atlas Shrugged'' -- Number 1,780 in a Special 10th Anniversary Edition Limited to 2,000, With Rare Slipcase PASS
23 H.A. Rey Signed Drawing of Curious George, Drawn Inside ''Curious George Takes a Job'' 967
24 Curious George First Edition, Signed by H.A. Rey With His Original Ink Drawing of Curious George -- ''Curious George Rides a Bike'' From 1952 600
25 J.K. Rowling Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''The Cuckoo's Calling'' Written Under Her Pseudonym Robert Galbraith -- With Beckett Authentication PASS
26 J.K. Rowling Signed First U.S. Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'' -- Signature Certified by Beckett 1320
27 J.K. Rowling Signed First U.S. Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'' -- Signature Certified by Beckett PASS
28 J.K. Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson & Rupert Grint Signed Deluxe Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'' -- Plus J.K. Rowling & Rupert Grint Signed Screenplay -- With Beckett COA 770
29 J.K. Rowling Signed Screenplay for ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
30 J.K. Rowling & Rupert Grint Signed Screenplay for ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
31 J.K. Rowling Signed First U.S. Edition of ''The Tales of Beedle the Bard'' -- With Beckett COA 600
32 J.K. Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint Signed First U.S. Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
33 J.K. Rowling First Printing of ''The Tales of Beedle the Bard'' -- With Custom Pouch, Case & All Ten Collector's Edition Prints 440
34 Rare Deluxe First U.K. Edition & First Printing of ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'' 440
35 Original ''Wild Things'' Drawing by Maurice Sendak -- Included With a Signed Limited 25th Anniversary Edition of ''Where the Wild Things Are'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
36 Dr. Seuss' ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Edition, First Printing With First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
37 Dr. Seuss Handwritten Postcard -- During a Trip to East Africa PASS
38 First Edition of ''Killer Angels'' by Michael Shaara -- Pulitzer Prize Winning Historical Novel Recounting the Four Days of the Gettysburg Battle PASS
39 Shel Silverstein Signed Copy of ''Where the Sidewalk Ends'' -- A Very Rare Title Signed by Silverstein PASS
40 German Language Edition of ''Solomon and Marcolf'' -- Bound in Wood & Leather With Metal Clasp PASS
41 John Steinbeck's ''The Winter of Our Discontent'' Limited First Edition of 500 Copies, Made For Friends of the Author & Publishers PASS
42 Harriet Beecher Stowe 1852 UK Edition of ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' 700
43 Nobel Prize Recipient Rabindranath Tagore Signed Photo PASS
44 Hunter S. Thompson Letter Signed ''Zapata'' That Reads Like a Short Story: ''...I might have a go at the bible...Faith in what?...In god, Grapefruit or the Final Orgasm with the Queen of the Jews...'' PASS
45 Hunter Thompson Letter -- ''...The nagging lust to rewrite the novel prevents me from focusing on journalism, and the necessity of paying the bills with journalism keeps me from...the novel...'' PASS
46 Hunter S. Thompson Letter From 1964 -- ''...Gone creepy sentimental, like Salinger, who may be dead by now. Ah this writing is a shitty game and god knows what will come of my involvement in it...'' PASS
47 Hunter Thompson Letter With Hand Annotations -- ''...we will both be old men before the world power structure rests on another three-cornered sense of humor like Kruschev, Kennedy and Pope John...'' PASS
48 Hunter S. Thompson Letter From 1964 Regarding Politics, Racism & the Birth of His Son -- ''...Malcom [sic] X is a black Goldwater, and apparently just as dense...I now have a son named Juan...'' PASS
49 Fascinating Hunter S. Thompson Letter From March 1964 Regarding the Sheraton Palace Hotel Strike, ''phoney liberals'' & More -- ''...I honestly think the Establishment has got the fear...'' PASS
50 Hunter Thompson 1964 Letter on ''Cassius X'', JFK & More -- ''...Kennedy was killed, so now we sit in a limbo where the decent man has a variety of things to vote against, but nothing to vote for...'' PASS
51 Hunter Thompson Letter With Hand-Annotations -- ''...That is the problem in this country; the network of pleasant ignorance that surrounds nearly everything...'' PASS
52 Hunter Thompson Letter From 1964 -- ''...[Bob] Dylan is a goddamn phenomonen [sic], pure gold, and mean as a snake...listen to his 'Masters of War'...'' PASS
53 Hunter S. Thompson Typed Letter From 1964 With Hand-Annotations -- ''...I am going to California, and for no particular reason...God fuck us all...'' PASS
54 Hunter S. Thompson Typed Letter, With Handwritten Note -- ''...My position has always been that I distrust power and authority...'' PASS
55 Mark Twain ''Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' First Edition, Second Printing -- Bound in Publisher's Blue Cloth PASS
56 ''Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ'' Signed by Author Lew Wallace -- With JSA COA PASS
57 Children's Advocate & Author Kate Douglas Wiggin Signed ''The Birds' Christmas Carol'', With a Quote From the Book in Her Hand PASS
58 Virginia Woolf First Edition, First Printing of Her Second Novel ''Night and Day'' PASS
59 Disney Limited Edition Sericel of ''Reflection of Love'' From ''Beauty and the Beast'' -- Signed by Seven of the Animators & Directors on the 1991 Academy Award Winning Film PASS
60 Bugs Bunny Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel Signed by Legendary Animator Friz Freleng PASS
61 Disney Limited Edition Sericel From ''Cinderella'' -- Signed by the Actress Who Voiced Cinderella in the Original 1950 Film PASS
62 Limited Edition of Bob Kane's ''Batman & Me'' -- Includes Hand-Drawn Signed Sketch of Batman in Near Fine Condition PASS
63 Ward Kimball Drawing of the Band Leader From ''Woodland Cafe'' PASS
64 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1970 -- Featuring Franklin & Peppermint Patty PASS
65 Disney Limited Edition Sericel of ''Two Hero Party'' From ''Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day'' -- Signed by the Actor Who Voiced Winnie the Pooh PASS
66 ''White Heron'' Print by Artist John James Audubon -- ''Birds of America'' Collection -- Large Sheet Measures 39.5'' x 26.5'' PASS
67 Artist Francis Bacon Signed Book Page With His Photo -- His ''Three Studies of Lucien Freud'' is The Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold at Auction PASS
68 Ludwig Bemelmans Watercolor From ''Marina'', Measuring 24'' x 16.5'' -- Featuring the Shark Who Swallows Marina & the Porpoises Who Save Her 1600
69 'Baltimore From Federal Hill'' Hand-Colored Folio Aquatint From 1831 by William James Bennett -- ''...Pronounced by judges to be the best print of the kind ever published in the United States...'' PASS
71 Alexander Calder Autograph Note Signed -- ''...I am off to Europe...'' PASS
72 Howard Chandler Signed Illustration of His Famous ''Christy Girl'' -- Elegant Portrait Measures 6'' x 9.5'' PASS
73 H.R. Giger Signed Limited Deluxe Edition of ''Biomechanics'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
74 Mastermind Behind The Statue of Liberty Edouard Laboulaye Autograph Letter Signed -- Rare 300
75 Henri Matisse Autograph Letter Signed on the Verso of a Postcard Featuring His Painting ''Pianist and Checker Players'' PASS
76 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed -- Monet Orders Wine for the Art Critic Octave Mirbeau, and Praises an Order of Asparagus PASS
77 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed -- Monet Writes to His Wine Merchant PASS
78 LeRoy Neiman Signed Serigraph of ''Olympic Slalom'' PASS
79 LeRoy Neiman Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen of ''Tennis Players'' PASS
80 Rembrandt Peale Autograph Letter Signed Regarding One of His Last Paintings, ''Coast Scene'' -- ''...I painted it with much pleasure as the most natural effect of water I had ever seen...'' PASS
81 Pablo Picasso Signed ''Modele nu et Sculptures'' Etching -- From the Desirable Vollard Suite of Etchings PASS
82 Pablo Picasso Autograph -- Within an Autograph Book Owned by Film Director Harry Lachman, Featuring Dozens of Signatures by His Friends, Including Sergei Diaghilev & Angel Zarraga PASS
83 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Beloved Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
84 Dr. Seuss Large Artwork From 1955 -- Featuring an Early Grinch Prototype Two Years Before His Famous Character Debuted in ''How the Grinch Stole Christmas!'' PASS
85 Movie Poster for the Andy Warhol Film ''My Hustler'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
86 Andy Warhol Sketches His Famous Campbell's Soup Can -- Drawn Upon a Signed First Edition of ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'' PASS
87 Edward Weston's ''Winter Idyll'', Printed & Signed in a Limited Edition by Cole Weston PASS
88 Garth Williams Hand-Drawing for the Cover Art of ''Emmett's Pig'' -- Signed by Williams on Verso PASS
89 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed Book, ''Architecture and the Modern Life'' -- One of the Rarer Titles Signed by Wright PASS
90 Artist N.C. Wyeth Signed Limited Edition of ''The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come'' -- Wyeth Illustrated the Civil War Novel PASS
91 Gorgeous World Map, Circa 1700 During the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography -- Hand-Colored Map Shows Dual Hemispheres, Dual Polar Projections & Allegorical Scenes Representing the Four Seasons PASS
92 First Edition of ''America, Being the Latest, and Most Accurate Description of the New World'' From 1671 by John Ogilby -- A Superior Copy With Nearly All 58 Plates & Maps Present PASS
93 Roald Amundsen Signed Photograph -- Showing His Crew Dismantling the Famed ''Norge'' Aircraft PASS
94 William Bligh Document Signed From 1798 for His Ship, the HMS Director -- Like the HMS Bounty, the HMS Director Also Mutinied Under Bligh's Command PASS
95 William Bligh 1792 First Edition of ''A Voyage to the South Sea'' -- The Thrilling Account of Bligh's 1789 Command of the HMS Bounty, Resulting in the Famous ''Mutiny on the Bounty'' 1200
96 Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Signed First Day Cover -- With Limited Edition Coin Marking the 25th Anniversary of Everest's First Ascent PASS
97 Meriwether Lewis Autograph Letter Signed, Two Months Before the Lewis & Clark Expedition -- In What Would Be Lewis' Lifelong Battle With Reimbursed Debt, He Defends Against Money He Purportedly Owes PASS
98 Buzz Aldrin Signed ''Life'' Magazine -- Uninscribed -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
99 Buzz Aldrin 20'' x 16'' Photo Signed of the First Lunar Landing PASS
101 Buzz Aldrin Signed Limited Edition Apollo 11 Command Module Model -- Fine Condition PASS
102 Buzz Aldrin 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed ''First Lunar Landing / Buzz Aldrin / Apollo XI'' -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
103 Apollo Spacecraft Model Signed by 22 Astronauts, Including 9 Moonwalkers & 3 From Project Mercury -- Signatures Include Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alan Shepard & 19 More -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
104 Large Lithograph Signed by Ten of the Apollo Moonwalkers PASS
105 Apollo I Mission Chart Signed by 9 Apollo Astronauts, All Expressing Their Gratitude to the Three Astronauts Who Gave Their Lives PASS
106 Computer Space Document Signed by Apollo 1 Astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee -- Also by James McDivitt 2000
107 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' NASA Photo of the Apollo 11 Plaque -- With Bold, Uninscribed Signatures -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
108 Apollo 11 Crew Signed ''Apollo Achievement Award'' to Thomas O. Paine, Famed NASA Administrator During Apollo 11 -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
109 Apollo 11 Crew Signed Poster From 1984, Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Mission PASS
110 Apollo 11 Launch Checklist Used by the Astronauts During Flight Simulation Training for the Apollo 11 Mission, Signed by Buzz Aldrin -- With Additional Letter of Provenance Also Signed by Aldrin PASS
111 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Insurance Cover -- From Al Worden's ''Personal Collection'', as Written by Him, and Also With His Signed COA PASS
112 Three Pieces of the Apollo 16 Thermal Coating, Taken From the Command Module That Orbited the Moon & Carried the Astronauts Back to Earth 1000
113 Apollo 17 Photo Display Signed by Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt -- Measures 14'' x 11'' PASS
114 Neil Armstrong Boldly Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo, Uninscribed -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
115 Neil Armstrong Signed Artwork of Armstrong Standing on the Lunar Surface -- Signed ''Neil Armstrong / Apollo 11'', in Near Fine Condition PASS
116 ''The New Nine'' Signed Photo -- Signed by Ed White, Elliot See, Neil Armstrong & Six Others, Comprising Astronaut Group 2 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
117 Neil Armstrong Signed Lithograph, Also Signed by 8 Other NASA Astronauts Including Alan Shepard & John Glenn -- With a COA From the National Museum of Naval Aviation 1100
118 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Armstrong Writes ''Apollo 11'' Under His Signature PASS
119 Neil Armstrong Signed 10'' x 8'' NASA Photo -- Armstrong Inscribes ''Michael - Get Well Soon'' -- With Zarelli COA 800
120 Neil Armstrong Signed Certificate for ''Footsteps on the Moon'' PASS
121 Neil Armstrong Signed Program Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Apollo 11 PASS
122 Frank Borman Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo, With His Thoughts About the Moon: '''s a vast, lonely, forbidding-type existence...'' PASS
123 Challenger Space Shuttle Crew Signatures Acquired the Day Before the Disaster -- Complete Set of Signatures of the Crew, Plus the Surviving Back-up Crew Member Barbara Morgan 3000
124 Challenger Space Shuttle Astronauts Signed Photo -- Signed by Judy Resnick, Ron McNair and Ellison Onizuka PASS
125 Michael Collins Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo of the First Footprint Upon the Moon PASS
126 Michael Collins Signed Copy of the Apollo 11 Flight Plan PASS
127 Michael Collins Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
128 Walt Cunningham Signed 16'' x 20'' Photo With Personal Message Honoring Wernher von Braun -- ''...Wernher, relative to the position he had and what he had to do, I think was the best of the bunch...'' PASS
129 Gemini 9A Flown Medallion From the Personal Collection of Jack Swigert -- One of the Rare Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Medallions PASS
130 Scarce 1938 Letter Signed by Robert H. Goddard, the Father of Space Flight -- ''...such matters as the rocket motor have accordingly not received as much attention...'' -- With JSA COA PASS
131 Dick Gordon Signed 20'' x 16'' ''Earthrise'' Photo -- Gordon Additionally Writes About the Apollo 12 Mission: ''...I piloted our Command Module 'Yankee Clipper' around the moon...'' PASS
132 Jim Irwin Autograph Letter Signed From High Flight Foundation -- ''...Your friend from beyond the Earth...'' PASS
133 James Lovell Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo of the Apollo 13 Damaged Service Module PASS
134 Christa McAuliffe 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed on 27 January 1986, a Day Before the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster -- McAuliffe Poignantly Writes ''Reach for the stars!'' PASS
135 Robbins Medal #8F, Flown on Challenger STS-41-C -- With COA Signed by Dick Scobee, Indicating Medal Was Flown for Scobee's Parents PASS
136 Jack Swigert Autograph Letter Signed to His Parents the Day of His NASA Selection -- ''the sacrifices, self-denial and discipline now seem to have been all worth while'' -- Also With Swigert's Resume PASS
137 Edward White 14'' x 11'' Signed Photo From the Gemini IV Mission Showing White Spacewalking PASS
138 Charles Darwin 8pp. Autograph Letter Signed With Evolution Related Content -- ''...I was particularly glad to hear you and your brother's statement about the 'gay' deceiver-pigeons...'' PASS
139 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed From 1854, the Year He Began Writing ''On the Origin of Species'' PASS
140 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed From 1860, Just Weeks After ''On the Origin of Species'' Was Published -- Rare as Also Signed With His Full Name ''Charles Darwin'' PASS
141 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed Regarding His United Field Theory: ''...I have been brooding and calculating almost all of my days and half of the nights...'Unified Field Theory'...'' PASS
142 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed ''A. Einstein'' With His Handwritten Equations -- ''...the theory...really does constitute immense an appendix of my little book on... PASS
143 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed to His Assistant, Regarding Einstein's Paper ''Generalization of the Relativistic Theory of Gravitation'' -- With Several Equations in Einstein's Hand PASS
144 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1921 the Year of His Nobel Prize Win PASS
145 Albert Einstein Letter Signed to Composer Walter Kaufmann -- ''...You know how highly I esteem your artistic competencies...'' PASS
146 Albert Einstein Signature From 1949 -- The Limited Edition Page From ''Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist'' PASS
147 1919 Edition of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity -- Housed in Custom Clamshell Case & Slipcover PASS
148 Elsa Einstein 1933 Autograph Letter Signed After the Passing of Her Daughter, Ilse -- ''...most sensitive and generous...A strong and highly intelligent personality. Albert...knows that as well...'' PASS
149 John Latham 2-Volume Set of ''A General Synopsis of Birds'' -- First Edition Published 1783-1785 With All 75 Hand-Colored Plates Present & Original Binding 400
150 Drs. Arnold Sommerfeld and Paul Epstein Write a Jovial Postcard to Fellow Dr. Peter Paul Koch 500
151 DNA Scientists Francis Crick and James Watson Signed First Day Cover Honoring Health Research 1200
152 1933 Graf Zeppelin Flown Cover -- From Its ''Century of Progress'' Flight to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago PASS
153 Charles Lindbergh 1953 Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' PASS
154 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''Lindbergh of Minnesota'' PASS
155 Fabric Swatch From the Wright Flyer, Flown at Kitty Hawk During the First Flight on 17 December 1903 -- Encapsulated by CAG PASS
156 Orville Wright Letter Signed Regarding ''...placing the Kitty Hawk machine in a museum...I would much rather have had it in...[The Smithsonian]...and Dayton as suitable a place as Kitty Hawk...'' 6000
157 Outstanding Orville Wright Letter Signed -- ''...human flight was generally looked upon as an impossibility, and that scarcely any one believed in it until he actually saw it with his own eyes...'' 6000
158 John Adams Signed Copy of ''A Discourse'' -- The Powerful Pro-American Independence Book Called ''The Morning Gun of the Revolution'' PASS
159 John Adams 4-Language Ship's Papers Signed as President During the French-American Naval Quasi-War PASS
160 John Adams Military Document Signed as President, Appointing a Midshipman to the Navy in 1799 During the French-American Quasi-War 4000
161 John Adams Free Franked Signature -- With University Archives COA 1210
162 John Adams Family Document -- Regarding Debts Due From the Estate of Elihu Adams, John Adams' Brother PASS
163 James Buchanan Letter of Recommendation Signed -- ''...Wm. Richard Goodchild was in my employment as head servant & waiter at the White House during the period I occupied it...'' PASS
164 George W. Bush Signed Limited Edition of ''The Capitol of Texas'' -- Gorgeous, Leather-Bound Volume Also Signed by Five Other Texas Governors PASS
165 Dwight Eisenhower WWII ALS to His Wife -- ''...about the Hollywood offer...I couldn't touch it - and would never allow such a thing to occur! We don't need it anyway - it's fun to be poor!...'' PASS
166 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1955 Letter Signed as President -- ''...Any provision of a treaty or international agreement which conflicts with this Constitution shall be of no force or effect...'' PASS
167 Dwight D. Eisenhower Letter Signed as President -- Eisenhower Writes of Being President: ''...This is a slave's life...'' PASS
168 Dwight D. Eisenhower Sketch as President -- Eisenhower Draws the Profile of a Man -- From the Malcolm S. Forbes Collection PASS
169 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir, ''The White House Years'' -- Uninscribed, #923 of the Limited Edition PASS
170 Millard Fillmore Document Signed as President -- Fillmore Grants ''Respite'' PASS
171 Ulysses S. Grant Autograph Letter Signed During the Civil War -- Grant Writes to General Terry During the Siege of Petersburg in 1864, ''...keep your Cavalry to watch the movements of the enemy...'' PASS
172 Rutherford B. Hayes Pardon Signed as President Dated 1 April 1878 PASS
173 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President PASS
174 Thomas Jefferson Land Grant Signed as President -- Countersigned by James Madison as Secretary of State PASS
175 Lyndon B. Johnson Owned Silver Tiffany Cigarette Box With Presidential Seal -- Used by LBJ as President PASS
176 Lyndon B. Johnson Owned Necktie, Custom-Made for Him PASS
177 John F. Kennedy Signed ''Profiles in Courage'' -- With University Archives COA PASS
178 John F. Kennedy Signed Program for the Graduation Ceremonies at University of Illinois in 1957, Where He Gave the Commencement Address -- With University Archives COA PASS
179 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of John F. Kennedy -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
180 U.S. Senate Towel Used by John F. Kennedy, From His Senate Office Bathroom PASS
181 Original President John F. Kennedy Motorcade Seating Plan for Historic 1963 Berlin Trip PASS
182 Large Signed Drawing of ''President Kennedy's Wounds'' by Dr. Robert McClelland, the Physician Who Held President Kennedy's Head at the Dallas Hospital PASS
183 ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Ticket, Scheduled for John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963 PASS
184 Robert F. Kennedy Signed 8'' x 9.75'' Photo PASS
185 Abraham Lincoln Military Appointment Signed as President -- With Bold ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature, Lincoln Promotes a Cavalry Soldier to Second Lieutenant 4200
186 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
187 Abraham Lincoln Complete 10 Volume Set of His Definitive Biography ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' -- Written by His Secretaries John Hay & John Nicolay PASS
188 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- The Earliest Known Portrait of Lincoln, Circa 1846 PASS
189 James Madison Letter Twice-Signed as Secretary of State, Regarding a Change in Payment Terms for the Louisiana Purchase -- '' promote a modification, if possible'' PASS
190 William McKinley Military Appointment Signed as President PASS
191 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President 500
192 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial PASS
193 Rare U.S. Senate Ticket to the Impeachment Trial of President Richard Nixon -- Ticket Allows U.S. House Member to View Senate Proceedings PASS
194 Franklin Pierce Pardon Signed as President -- Pierce Pardons a Man Convicted of Transmitting Forged Federal Documents PASS
195 Nancy Reagan Signed Copy of Her Memoir ''My Turn'' PASS
196 Ronald Reagan Signed ''An American Life'' Special Limited Edition -- Housed in Luxury Oak Case With Audiotapes of ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
197 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box -- Displayed at the White House PASS
198 Ronald Reagan White House China Service Plate -- Measures 12.125'', Ideal for Display PASS
199 Ronald Reagan Signed Presidential Post-It PASS
200 Ronald and Nancy Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
201 Eleanor Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1933 -- Eleanor Writes to Helena Mahoney, FDR's Personal Physical Therapist 150
202 Franklin D. Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed to Helena Mahoney, His Warm Springs Physical Therapist -- ''...I do so hope the nightmares have stopped...'' PASS
203 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photo of His ''Turkey Cabinet'' as Governor of New York in 1932 -- Signed in Full, ''Franklin D. Roosevelt'' 900
204 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Limited Edition of His 1889 Book ''Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Great Plains'' -- #166 of 1000 PASS
205 William Taft Letter Signed During WWI With Long Autograph Note Signed -- 5 Days After His Son Charlie Sailed Off to War, Taft Pens, ''I shall be anxious for 'those in peril on the sea' for some time'' PASS
206 Donald Trump Personally Owned Candlesticks -- Displayed on the Dinner Table at the Trump Tower Residence During His Marriage to Marla Maples PASS
207 President John Tyler Signed Treaty of Peru -- Tyler's Signature Here on 12 January 1843 Ratifies the 1841 Treaty 600
208 Martin Van Buren Autograph Letter Signed & Free Franked Signature PASS
209 Section of Wood From the White House -- Removed During 1927 Reconstruction PASS
210 Woodrow Wilson Military Appointment Signed as President, Just Months Before the United States' Entry Into WWI PASS
211 David Ben-Gurion Signed Copy of ''David Ben-Gurion / A Pictorial Record'' PASS
212 King Charles XIV John of Sweden Letter Signed as General During the Napoleonic Wars -- In 1797, He Writes French General Baraguey d'Hilliers That He Can't Afford to Give His Soldiers New Uniforms PASS
213 Important Oliver Cromwell Autograph Letter Signed From 1648 Regarding His Son's Matrimony -- ''...Mr. Maijor desired 400l. per annum of inheritance...wherein I desired to be advised by my wife...'' PASS
214 The Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 PASS
215 Yitzak Rabin Hand-Drawn & Signed Map of Israel -- Drawn During the Time of the Oslo Accords in 1993, With Detailing in the West Bank & Gaza Strip -- Very Scarce & With University Archives COA PASS
216 Duke & Duchess of Windsor Owned Bulova Accutron Watch PASS
217 Prince of Wales Feather & Crown Jewelry Owned by The Duke & Duchess of Windsor PASS
218 Napoleon III Royal China From Tuileries Palace PASS
219 Queen Victoria Letter Signed From 1837, Just 7 Days After Her Ascension to Queen -- ''...Upon ascending the throne of this Kingdom...'' PASS
220 Sabine Baring-Gould Autograph Lyrics Signed to His Iconic Hymn, ''Onward, Christian Soldiers'' PASS
221 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf -- Scrollwork From 1250 A.D. PASS
222 Steve Biko Letter Signed From 1977 -- Regarding the Death of Mapetla Mohapi Who Died in Police Custody in 1976, a Year Before Biko Met the Same Fate PASS
223 First Edition of ''Israel Vindicated'' Signed by Its Author, George Houston, ''An Israelite'' -- Included in ''Sabin Americana'', the Most Important Books Related to the Americas From 1500-1926 PASS
224 Important Book From 1753 on Jewish Anti-Semitism in England -- ''Further Considerations on the Act to Permit Persons Professing the Jewish Religion to be Naturalized by Parliament'' PASS
225 Pope John Paul II Signed German Bible -- Signed During His Historic Trip to Germany in 1980 PASS
226 Outstanding Martin Luther King, Jr. Handwritten Signed Quote: ''Love is the greatest force in the universe...He who loves is a participant in the being of God'' -- With University Archives COA 8000
227 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Biography, ''What Manner of Man'' -- Without Inscription, King Signs ''Best Wishes / Martin Luther King Jr.'' 1540
228 Large Medieval Manuscript Measuring 28'' x 22'' -- Theological Appointment With Gilt Detailing PASS
229 British Air Force Booklet Written in Response to the 1936 Arab Revolt in Palestine -- ''Notes on Tactical Lessons of the Palestine Rebellion, 1936'' PASS
230 Rare British Counter-Terrorism Pamphlet for Palestine -- Published December 1946 PASS
231 Georgia Gold Lottery Deed From 1832 -- Following the Georgia Gold Rush of 1829 & Ushering in the Trail of Tears PASS
232 Ship's Contract From 1794 for the Ship ''William'', Owned by Moses Brown PASS
233 John Hancock 1780 Naval Document Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
234 Declaration of Independence Signer Matthew Thornton Twice-Signed Document From 1769 as Justice of the Peace PASS
235 Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Plight of Dorence Atwater -- With General Benjamin Butler's Reply on Andrew Johnson's Impeachment: ''...So many are afraid of the impeachment...'' PASS
236 Clara Barton Letter Signed on Red Cross Letterhead PASS
237 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Showing Burnside's Bridge Over Antietam Creek PASS
238 Magic Lantern Slide Showing a Civil War Campsite PASS
239 George A. Custer Rare Signed CDV Photo With Brady Backstamp -- ''Truly Yours / G.A. Custer'' PASS
240 George Custer Envelope Made Out in His Hand to His Wife -- ''Mrs. G.A. Custer'' PASS
241 Magic Lantern Slide of the Emancipation Memorial PASS
242 Civil War Photographer Alexander Gardner Signed Check PASS
243 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Showing Culp's Hill From Cemetery Hill PASS
244 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- President Lincoln Meets With General McClellan After Antietam PASS
245 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Showing the Infamous Marshall House in Alexandria, Virginia Where Colonel Ellsworth Was Killed PASS
246 Civil War Archive by the Colonel Commanding the 45th Massachusetts Infantry -- ''...The battle at Kingston was a severe initiation...One man was killed at my side and many were hit all around me...'' PASS
247 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Portrait Photograph of General George B. McClellan PASS
248 Civil War Letter Archive by a Soldier in the 43rd New York Infantry, Who Describes the Battle of Fredericksburg -- ''...I have just passed through my first battle...and a severe one it was...'' PASS
249 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Portrait Photograph of CSA General George Pickett, Infamous for ''Pickett's Charge'' at Gettysburg That Turned the Course of War PASS
250 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- African-Americans Leaving Richmond With Ruined Buildings in Background PASS
251 General Winfield Scott Document Signed -- Regarding Soldier Abuse in the Seminole Wars PASS
252 Civil War Era Sewing Box Likely Used in the War -- With Supplies Inside PASS
253 Bocks Car Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo of the B29 Bomber -- Signed by 9 of the Crewmen Who Flew the Mission During WWII PASS
254 WWII German Luftwaffe Rare Photograph Album -- 189 Photos With Captions PASS
255 General Douglas MacArthur 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo in Uniform PASS
256 Admiral Chester Nimitz 14" x 11" Signed Photo of the Japanese Surrender PASS
257 Nuremberg Book Signed by 18 Nazi War Criminals During the WWII Nuremberg Trials -- Includes Signatures by Goring, Donitz, Streicher & Speer, and Also Two ID Cards by U.S. Guard Who Acquired Signatures PASS
258 1942 Letter Detailing the Torpedo Damage on the U.S.S. California During the Attack on Pearl Harbor PASS
259 Joe Rosenthal Document Signed From 1953 -- Also Signed by Comedian Ken Murray PASS
260 Oskar and Emilie Schindler Archive Concerning Their Move to Argentina After World War II -- Including Oskar's Boarding Document to Leave Europe PASS
261 U.S.S. Indianapolis Survivors Signed Photo -- Measures 14'' x 11'' PASS
262 Dutch Van Kirk Autograph Statement Signed on a 10'' x 8'' Photo of the Enola Gay, Regarding Dropping the Atomic Bomb -- ''...The war soon ended and the killing stopped...'' PASS
263 Adele Signed CD Cover for ''21'' -- With PSA/DNA Authentication PASS
264 The Beatles Last Concert Poster as a Touring Band, From 29 August 1966 at Candlestick Park -- First Printing PASS
265 Stunning Victoria Beckham Worn Christian Dior Dress PASS
266 John Bonham's Custom-Made Drum Sticks Used by Bonham in the mid-1970s with Led Zeppelin PASS
267 David Bowie ''Diamond Dogs'' Poster From 1974 With the Famous Peelaert Album Art PASS
268 David Bowie ''Ziggy Stardust'' Poster From 1972 -- Rare Example With Art by Joe Petagno PASS
269 Chris Brown Worn Jacket to the 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party PASS
270 Early Johnny Cash Concert Poster From 1961 PASS
271 Fantastic, Large Johnny Cash Poster From 1970 -- Measures 22'' x 28'' PASS
272 Cher Worn Dolce & Gabbana Pants -- From Photo Shoot for Her Living Proof Tour PASS
273 Creed's 1998 Billboard Award for ''Rock Artist of the Year'' PASS
274 Bob Dylan Signed, Handwritten Lyrics to ''Like a Rolling Stone'', The Quintessential Rock Song -- With Jeff Rosen COA PASS
275 Bob Dylan Signed Album ''The Times They Are A-Changin''' -- With Roger Epperson, Jeff Rosen & PSA/DNA COAs PASS
276 Bob Dylan Signed Album ''The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan'' -- With PSA, Roger Epperson & Jeff Rosen COAs PASS
277 Bob Dylan Signed Double Album ''Blonde on Blonde'' -- With PSA/DNA, Roger Epperson & Jeff Rosen COAs PASS
278 Bob Dylan Signed Album ''Highway 61 Revisited'' -- With Roger Epperson, Jeff Rosen & PSA/DNA COAs PASS
279 The Who's John Entwistle Personally Owned Fender Swinger Guitar From 1969 -- One of the Rarest Production Guitars Ever Made, With Provenance From Sotheby's John Entwistle Estate Sale PASS
280 The Who's John Entwistle's Notebook Filled With Over 16 Handwritten Lyrics to His Songs ''Too Late the Hero'', ''Talk Dirty'', ''Love is a Heart Attack'', ''I'm Coming Back'', ''Lovebird'' & Many More PASS
281 Costume Worn by Lady Gaga During the Launch of Her Makeup Line PASS
282 Grammy Medal Awarded to Kathy Mattea PASS
283 Roy Hamilton and The Drifters Concert Poster From 1954 PASS
284 Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Handbill -- For the 11 May 1969 Concert in Indianapolis 400
285 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall Signed Christmas Card PASS
286 Jefferson Airplane Fillmore Poster by Bill Graham From 1966 -- The First in Graham's Numbered Concert Series -- Near Fine Condition PASS
287 Jimmy Page Signed Limited Edition 16'' x 20'' Photo as Rock 'n Roll God -- Playing the Double-Necked Guitar in 1977 PASS
288 Jimmy Page Signed 16'' x 20'' Photo -- One of Only 50 Signed by Page in a Limited Edition PASS
289 Lloyd Price 1963 Original Boxing-Style Concert Poster PASS
290 Selena Twice-Signed ''Preciosa'' Album -- Signed ''Selena'' on the Front & ''Selena Quintanilla'' on Back -- With Roger Epperson COA 900
291 Pristine Original Woodstock Concert Poster Signed by Artist Arnold Skolnick -- First Printing, Large Format Poster Measures 24'' x 36'' PASS
292 Art by Opera Great Enrico Caruso -- Signed Bust Sketch in Profile of Caruso Is Likely Him in Character PASS
293 Rare Letter Signed by Pianist Glenn Gould PASS
294 Grammy Nomination for Best Classical Performance in 1963 PASS
295 Billie Holiday 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
296 Jenny Lind ''Swedish Nightingale'' Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Opera Singer Mathilda Ebeling -- Dated 23 March 1849 Shortly After Lind Announced Her Early Retirement From Opera PASS
297 Frank Sinatra's Own Custom-Shirt With His Label PASS
298 Igor Stravinsky, Bruno Walter and Wilhem Furtwangler Signed Album Page -- Large Page Measures 6.75'' x 8.5'' PASS
299 Hank Williams, Sr. Signed Photo, Without Inscription -- With PSA/DNA & Roger Epperson COAs PASS
300 Jessica Alba Screen-Worn Outfit from ''The Killer Inside Me'' -- Dramatic With Movie Studio Blood PASS
301 Early Concept Art for ''Alien'', Done in 1977 -- Showing the ''Hypersleep Vault'' of the Nostromo Spaceship PASS
302 Richard Attenborough's Directors Guild Award From 1982 for Most Outstanding Directorial Achievement for the Classic ''Gandhi'' PASS
303 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Pewter Plate by Cartier in Original Case -- With a COA From Lucy's Daughter PASS
304 Vintage 1939 Script For ''Invisible Stripes'' Starring George Raft, Humphrey Bogart & William Holden -- With Hand Corrections & Notes 350
305 Sandra Bullock Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Wardrobe From Her Academy-Award Winning Role in ''The Blind Side'' PASS
306 Nicolas Cage Costume From Thriller ''Season of The Witch'' PASS
307 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Business Suit From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
308 Don Cheadle Screen-Worn Outfit from His Academy Award Nominated Role in ''Hotel Rwanda'' PASS
309 Bradley Cooper's Three-Piece Suit From ''American Hustle'' PASS
310 Penelope Cruz's Gown Worn at the 75th Golden Globe Awards in 2018 -- Black Gown Sold to Benefit ''TIME'S UP'' PASS
311 Penelope Cruz ''All The Pretty Horses'' Wardrobe PASS
312 Bette Davis Personally Owned Earrings PASS
313 James Dean's Hometown Newspaper Announcing His Death PASS
314 Cameron Diaz Worn Costume From the 2002 Comedy, ''The Sweetest Thing'' PASS
315 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Queens Theatre Plaque From Her Dressing Room PASS
316 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Cigarette Lighter & Leather Case PASS
317 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Shooting Schedule From Her Controversial Role as Catherine The Great in Joseph von Sternberg's Pre-Code Film ''The Scarlet Empress'' PASS
318 Directors Guild Award to Glenn Jordan -- From 1976, for the Aaron Spelling Drama ''Family'' 750
319 Harrison Ford ''Crossing Over'' Screen-Worn Costume PASS
320 Mouseketeer Annette Funicello Personally Owned & Worn Butterfly Brooch PASS
321 Annette Funicello Motion Picture Academy Membership Card From 2001 -- With COA From Funicello Research Fund PASS
322 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Wardrobe From ''Butter'' -- Premiere Props COA PASS
323 Richard Gere Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 Thriller, ''The Double'' PASS
324 Archive Regarding the Use of the Word ''Damn'' in ''Gone With the Wind'' -- Includes Letter From David O. Selznick to Will Hays, Architect of the Hays Code, & Also Memo From Selznick Entitled ''DAMN'' PASS
325 ''Gone With the Wind'' Telegram, Authorizing David O. Selznick to Enter Into Contracts With Loews, Inc. to Secure Clark Gable for the Role of Rhett Butler PASS
326 Leslie Howard Contract for ''Gone With the Wind'' to Play Ashley Wilkes PASS
327 'Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor Regarding Casting -- ''...keep his eyes open for a Scarlett...'' PASS
328 'Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick -- '' is silly to waste film with an actor such as Charles Quigley as Rhett...we do an injustice to the girls who are playing Scarlett...'' PASS
329 'Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor Regarding Casting -- ''...The expense...of all our future 'Gone With The Wind' tests, should be held down...'' PASS
330 ''Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor Regarding Casting the Role of Ashley Wilkes PASS
331 'Gone With the Wind'' Casting Memo From David O. Selznick -- ''...Definitely set Lionel Barrymore as Dr. Meade...I want to test Billie Burke for Aunt Pitty Pat...Ditto Judy Garland for Careen...'' PASS
332 ''Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor, Likely Regarding Casting for the Role of Scarlett -- ''What gives with Cobina Wright, Jr.? Should I see her test?'' PASS
333 ''Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor PASS
334 'Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor Regarding Casting -- ''...I'm afraid she's scarcely the very chic and attractive woman that we want for the part...'' PASS
335 ''Gone With the Wind'' Memo From David O. Selznick to Director George Cukor Regarding Casting PASS
336 Salma Hayek's Balenciaga Gown Worn at the 75th Golden Globe Awards in 2018 -- Black Gown Sold to Benefit ''TIME'S UP'' PASS
337 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Pair of Photos From ''War and Peace'', Testing a Hairstyle for the Film -- From the Personal Collection of Audrey Hepburn PASS
338 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From ''Love in the Afternoon'' -- Measures 11.5'' x 15.5'' PASS
339 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Photo From Her ''Look'' Magazine Photo Shoot in 1953 -- Taken by Photographer Milton Greene PASS
340 Dennis Hopper's Jacket Worn as the Grand Marshal of the 69th Hollywood Christmas Parade in 2000 PASS
341 Moe Howard Owned Poster Advertising The Three Stooges' Famous June 1939 Show at the Blackpool Palace in England -- Larger Size Measures 24.75'' x 39.75'' PASS
342 Moe Howard's Script for The Three Stooges 1942 Film ''Sock-a-Bye Baby'', With Working Title ''Their First Baby'' -- With Howard's Annotations & Drawings on Back Cover PASS
343 Moe Howard's Script for The Three Stooges 1951 Film ''Three Arabian Nuts'', With Working Title ''Genii With the Light Brown Hair'' PASS
344 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn All-Designer Wardrobe From ''Something Borrowed'' -- With Vintage Diane von Furstenberg Top, Tory Burch Skirt & Manolo Blahnik Shoes PASS
345 One Sheet Poster for ''The Incredible Shrinking Man'' From 1957 PASS
346 Kylie Jenner Owned Nude Maxi Dress PASS
347 Milla Jovovich Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Catsuit From ''Resident Evil: Afterlife'' PASS
348 Iconic Captain Kangaroo Screen-Worn Red Jacket From 1974 PASS
349 Kim Kardashian Owned Long Black Tank Dress PASS
350 1940s ''Lassie'' Storyboard -- Painting Depicts the Most Famous Dog in Hollywood Running Through a Wintry Setting PASS
351 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Nightgown From ''The Backup Plan'' PASS
352 Classic Sci-Fi B-Movie One Sheet for the 1951 Film ''The Man from Planet X'' PASS
353 Burgess Meredith Tony Award -- Rare Special Tony Award From 1960 for Directing ''A Thurber Carnival'' 10000
354 MGM Glass Lion Title Plate -- Framed Display with Light-Up Power Supply -- Beautiful Vestige From the Golden Age of Hollywood PASS
355 Demi Moore Screen-Worn Wardrobe Ensemble From ''LOL'' PASS
356 Al Pacino Screen-Worn Custom Tailored Suit From ''Gigli'' PASS
357 Sean Penn Screen-Worn Costume From the 2008 Barry Levinson film ''What Just Happened'' PASS
358 Fantastic One Sheet Poster From 1968 for ''Planet of the Apes'' 400
359 Burt Reynolds Wardrobe From ''Evening Shade'' PASS
360 Ryan Reynolds Screen-Worn Flight Suit From the Movie ''Life'' -- Along With His Socks PASS
361 Julia Roberts Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''August: Osage County'' PASS
362 Adam Sandler ''Click'' Screen-Worn Wardrobe PASS
363 Arnold Schwarzenegger Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Costume From ''The Last Stand'' PASS
364 Writers Guild of America Valentine Davies Award Presented to Sam Simon in 2014 -- Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
365 Writers Guild of America Award Presented to Sam Simon in 2013 -- Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
366 Anna Nicole Smith Lakers Jacket From ''Be Cool'' PASS
367 Sylvester Stallone Screen-Worn Shirts From ''Creed'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
368 Sylvester Stallone Screen-Worn Shirt & Sweatshirt From ''Creed'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
369 Storyboard From the ''Empire Strikes Back'' Depicting Darth Vader -- From the Collection of Art Director Joe Johnston PASS
370 Barbra Streisand's Silk Body Suit & Wool Trousers PASS
371 Shirley Temple Owned Leather-Bound Script From 1935 Film ''Our Little Girl'' PASS
372 Shirley Temple Owned Doll PASS
373 Shirley Temple Owned Dried Apple Chief PASS
374 Shirley Temple Owned Puffy Felt Boy Doll PASS
375 John Travolta Wardrobe as ''Chili Palmer'' From the 2005 Hit ''Be Cool'' PASS
376 Sofia Vergara Screen-Worn Sweater From ''Modern Family'' -- With COA From 20th Century Fox Television PASS
377 Alicia Vikander Screen-Worn Costume as Lara Croft in ''Tomb Raider'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
378 Bruce Willis Worn Costume From ''Color of Night'' PASS
379 Luke Wilson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Horror Movie ''Vacancy'' PASS
380 Reese Witherspoon ''Elle Woods'' Wardrobe From ''Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde'' 1000
381 Julie Andrews Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''The Sound of Music'' -- PSA/DNA Certified PASS
382 Stan Lee Signed ''The Avengers'' Poster -- Also Signed by 8 Members of the 2012 Film's Cast PASS
383 Stan Lee Signed ''The Art of the Avengers'' Coffee Table Book -- Also Signed by 7 Members of Superhero Squad Including Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans PASS
384 ''Back to the Future'' Cast Signed DeLorean PASS
385 Johnny Carson Lot of Signed Memorabilia From 1953 -- Includes 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo, Two Autograph Letters Signed, Two Typed Letters Signed & a Ticket to Carson's Show ''Carson's Cellar'' PASS
386 Charlie Chaplin Signed Bank Card 385
387 ''Frankenstein'' Actor Colin Clive 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo 700
388 Gorgeous Marlene Dietrich 10'' x 13'' Signed Photo PASS
389 ''Back to the Future II'' Hoverboard Signed by Michael J. Fox PASS
390 David O. Selznick Agreement Signed to Produce ''Gone With the Wind'' & Confirming Clark Gable Will Play Rhett Butler PASS
391 Leslie Howard Agreement Signed Regarding ''the role of ASHLEY in our photoplay entitled GONE WITH THE WIND'' PASS
392 'Miracle on 34th Street'' Actor Edmund Gwenn Autograph Letter Signed -- the Oscar Winning ''Kris Kringle'' Writes a Lengthy Letter, '' will undoubtable come under its spell...'' PASS
393 Jim Henson 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo Surrounded by His Muppets PASS
394 Jim Henson 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo ''From Kermit'' With His Muppets at Christmas PASS
395 Audrey Hepburn Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine PASS
396 Moe Howard's Handwritten Signed Description of ''Our Regular Vaudeville Act'', Recounting Early Howard, Fine & Howard Theatrical Shows -- Done in Preparation for The Three Stooges 1953 Las Vegas Show PASS
397 Moe Howard's Handwritten & Signed Comedy Sketch for an Episode of ''The New Three Stooges'' -- Manuscript Spans Over 10 Pages PASS
398 The Three Stooges Signed Agreement From 1959 -- Signed by Moe Howard, Larry Fine & Joe DeRita PASS
399 Andy Kaufman Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 400
400 Grace Kelly Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
401 Laurel & Hardy Signed Photo -- Near Fine Condition PASS
402 Peter Lorre Contract Signed With 20th Century-Fox From 1938 PASS
403 Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke Signed Limited Edition ''Mary Poppins'' Artwork by Disney -- Created From Original Disney Animation Drawings PASS
404 Steve McQueen Signed Copy of ''The Tower'', Adapted Into the Hit Movie ''The Towering Inferno'' Starring McQueen -- Also Signed by Ali MacGraw PASS
405 Gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Signed Photo Measuring 8.25'' x 10'' 8000
406 Marilyn Monroe Photographer's Release From 1946, Signed ''Norma Jeane Dougherty'' PASS
407 Freddie Prinze Sr. Contract Signed to Appear on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast -- 1974 PASS
408 Gene Roddenberry Letter Signed Regarding ''Star Trek'' -- ''...on the spread of cheap STAR TREK hucksterism and the damage it may do...the name Timothy Leary gave me a real chill...'' PASS
409 Gene Roddenberry Letter Signed Regarding ''Star Trek'' -- ''...Our closed set policy is resulting in a lot of mystery being built up about our film...'' PASS
410 Arnold Schwarzenegger Signed ''The Terminator'' Movie Poster From 1984 PASS
411 William Shatner Gives Warm Praise to ''Star Trek'' Colleague Walter Koenig -- ''...Life is cruel - Some people get it worse than others. How do they endure?...I don't know that I could do it...'' PASS
412 Julie Andrews and ''Sound of Music'' Cast-Signed Photo -- With Beckett's COA PASS
413 Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Vertigo'' PASS
414 Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novak Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Vertigo'' -- With JSA COA PASS
415 Shirley Temple Large 11'' x 14'' Signed Photo PASS
416 Rudolph Valentino Autograph Letter Twice-Signed With His Real Name Rodolfo, as a 15-Year Old -- ''...I don't do anything except go to the Cafe-Chantant and have fun with the singers...'' PASS
417 John Wayne Signed Document for a Celebrity Tennis Tournament PASS
418 John Williams Autograph Manuscript Quotation Signed for the ''Jaws'' Theme -- Also Signed by Peter Benchley, Who Sketches a Great White Shark 450
419 Lot of 55 Official Financial Ledgers for the Dodgers From 1924-1965 -- Covering Their Move to LA From Brooklyn, Player Salaries, Ticket Sales, Manager & Scout Salaries, Player ''Depreciation'' & More PASS
420 Lou Gehrig Signature -- Uninscribed 2500
421 Mickey Mantle Signed 16'' x 20'' Limited Edition Photo -- With Upper Deck COA PASS
422 Babe Ruth Signed First Edition of His Biography ''The Babe Ruth Story'' -- With PSA COA 3000
423 Babe Ruth Signature -- Slabbed by PSA 2000
424 Ted Williams Signed Photo Posing With DiMaggio -- 14'' x 11'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
425 Muhammad Ali Signed Boxing Bag Glove From 1964 as Cassius Clay -- Also Signed by Sonny Liston -- With COA From Craig R. Hamilton PASS
426 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo From the Fight of the Century -- With Steiner COA PASS
427 Cassius Clay Signed Album ''I Am the Greatest!'' -- With JSA COA PASS
428 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Dual-Signed Large 22.5'' x 30.5'' Photo of the ''Fight of the Century'' -- Limited Edition With Steiner COA PASS
429 Muhammad Ali Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo After Knocking Out George Foreman in Round 8 of ''Rumble in the Jungle'' -- With Mounted Memories COA PASS
430 Australian Team Jacket for 1948 London Summer Games PASS
431 Lot of 10 Hockey Tickets for the 1980 Olympics, Including the US vs. USSR ''Miracle on Ice'' Game -- Also Includes Opening & Closing Ceremonies & Gold Medal Award Ceremony for US Hockey -- PSA Slabbed PASS
432 Lot of 3 Colts Season Ticket Books -- From 1954, 1955 and 1957 PASS
433 Lithograph of the Los Angeles Lakers Legends Signed by Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- Limited Edition 450
434 Bill Russell Contract Signed From 1975 as General Manager of the Seattle SuperSonics -- Russell Signs Player Al Carlson PASS
435 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Worn and Signed Daytona 500 Shirt PASS
436 The Burger Supreme Court Signed 21'' x 15.25'' Photo Showing the Justices in an Informal Pose -- Signed by All Nine Justices, From 1977 PASS
437 The Burger Supreme Court Signed Photo Mat -- Signed by All Nine Justices, Circa 1981 PASS
438 Helen Keller Signed Copy of Her Book, ''Let Us Have Faith'' PASS
439 Mata Hari Autograph Letter Signed to Her Lover, Piet van der Hem -- ''...Want to come and talk to me a little at 9 pm?...'' PASS
440 William Randolph Hearst Large Signed Photo Display Measuring 11'' x 15'' -- Hearst Inscribes the Photo to His Daughter-in-Law Lorna, ''from her Pop'' PASS
441 John D. Rockefeller Signed Stock Certificate for Standard Oil Trust -- Signed by Rockefeller as President in 1884 PASS
442 John D. Rockefeller Signed Stock Certificate for Standard Oil Trust From 1882 PASS
443 Bill Wilson Signed Copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous ''Big Book'' PASS
444 Robert Baden-Powell 12pp. Autograph Draft Letter Regarding the Nascent Boy Scouts Organization -- Circa 1917, During World War I: ''Scout training...brings out the individual, develops his character'' PASS
445 Robert Baden-Powell Lot of Three Autograph Draft Letters Regarding the Closing of a Boy Scout Troop PASS
446 Republic of Texas Bond From 1841 Signed by David Burnet as Acting President PASS
447 1892 Insert for ''Buffalo Bill's Wild West'' Show PASS
448 1898 Program for ''Buffalo Bill's Wild West'' Show -- Featuring Buffalo Bill Cody ''sharpshooting at full speed'', a Reenactment of the Battle of Little Bighorn, Russian Cossacks & Indian Attacks PASS
449 1895 Program for ''Buffalo Bill's Wild West'' Show -- Featuring Buffalo Bill Cody ''sharpshooting at full speed'', Annie Oakley & Cody Rescuing Settlers From Attack PASS
450 Beautiful Cunard Lines Broadside From 1877 -- Advertising Passenger Ships to Accommodate the Immigrant Explosion From Europe to the United States in the Late 19th Century PASS
451 36-Star Flag After Nevada Joined the Union -- Circa 1865 PASS
452 36-Star Flag After Nevada Joined the Union -- Circa 1865 PASS
453 Lakota Territories 39-Star Flag, Circa 1889 -- Measures 24.25'' x 17.5'' PASS
454 First Edition From 1776 of ''A Code of Gentoo Laws, or, Ordinations of the Pundits'' -- Translation of Hindu Law to Facilitate English Colonial Rule PASS
455 Hawaiian Document From 1901 Signed by Henry Cooper as Acting Governor of the Territory of Hawaii PASS
456 Mobster Meyer Lansky Autograph Letter Signed to Joseph Sheiner of the Israeli Security Agency, From June 1973 -- ''...I hope the war is over soon with a just peace...'' PASS
457 Senator Joseph McCarthy Cold War Photo Signed -- Oversized Photo Measures 19.5'' x 15.5'' PASS
458 Titanic Newspaper Coverage in 2 Months of ''The Boston Evening Transcript'' From 1 March-30 April 1912 -- Includes Over 3 Dozen Titanic Ads Before the Sinking & a ''Titanic Disaster Special'' Issue PASS
459 Fold-Out Deck Plans to the White Star Line's RMS Olympic From 1912 -- The Largest Ocean Liner in the World From 1911-1913 Only Surpassed for a Brief Period by the Titanic PASS