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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed -- Darwin Orders a Book on Evolutionary Theory Predating "Origin of the Species" PASS
2 The Earliest Known Signature of Galileo Galilei -- One of Only 4 Signatures Sold at Auction of the "Father of Science" PASS
3 Sigmund Freud Signed Physician's Oath -- "…I do hereby swear to fulfil precisely…" PASS
4 Sigmund Freud Autograph Letter Signed on Dreams & How Long They Last -- "…the question of the real duration of dreams…which I have described as at present unsettled…" PASS
5 Australian National University Award Medal -- Presented to Nobel Prize Winner Kenneth G. Wilson PASS
6 First Ever Boltzmann Medal Awarded to Physicist & Nobel Prize Winner Kenneth G. Wilson in 1975 5999
7 Caltech Distinguished Alumni Medal Awarded to Physicist & Nobel Prize Winner Kenneth G. Wilson in 1981 PASS
8 Dirac Prize Medal Awarded to Theoretical Physicist Kenneth Wilson PASS
9 Franklin Institute Medal Awarded to Theoretical Physicist Kenneth Wilson -- America's Oldest Ongoing Science Award Program 5500
10 Leroy Randle Grumman Award Medal Presented to Theoretical Physicist Kenneth G. Wilson PASS
11 Drum Kit Used to Record The Beatles' Very First Single ''Love Me Do'', on Their Debut Album ''Please Please Me'' -- Also Used on ''P.S. I Love You'' 54000
12 Stunning Victoria Beckham Worn Christian Dior Dress PASS
13 Johnny Cash Handwritten Set List from Mid 1990s -- Includes ''Ring of Fire'', ''I Walk the Line'', ''Hey Porter'' and ''Casey Jones'' -- With Sotheby's Provenance PASS
14 Cher Worn Dolce & Gabbana Pants -- From Photo Shoot for Her Living Proof Tour PASS
15 Creed's 1998 Billboard Award for ''Rock Artist of the Year'' PASS
16 Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Special Occasion Dress by ''Alice + Olivia'' PASS
17 Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Black Beaded Romper PASS
18 Grammy Signature Book From the 2015 Award Show -- Signed by 71 Celebrities Including Paul McCartney, Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, Tony Bennett & More PASS
19 Ariana Grande Crown Worn for ''Dangerous Woman'' Promo Campaign -- With LOA From the Designer PASS
20 Michael Jackson Personally Owned Trademark White Sequined Glove -- Gifted to the Artist He Commissioned for Neverland, Circa 1984 PASS
21 Alicia Keys Worn Silk Kimono, With Stunning Peacock Feather Design -- With a COA From the Singer PASS
22 ''Kool and the Gang'' 1986 American Music Award for Favorite Soul Group -- Awarded to Founding Member Ronald Bell PASS
23 John Lennon Signed ''Bag One'' Print Depicting Lennon & Yoko Ono -- Limited Edition #48 of 300 -- With COA From Roger Epperson PASS
24 Don McLean Handwritten Lyrics to His Iconic ''American Pie'' -- The Only Lyrics Ever Sold at Auction Apart From the Original Draft PASS
25 Rod Stewart Owned Turquoise Necklace From the Early 1970s PASS
26 Historic ''USA for Africa'' Poster Signed by 18 Musical Artists From the 1985 Charity Single ''We Are The World'' -- Including Michael Jackson & Billy Joel -- With Epperson COA PASS
27 Very Rare Led Zeppelin 1980 Tour Jacket PASS
28 Enrico Caruso Original Watercolor Painting -- With LOA From Enrico Caruso, Jr. PASS
29 Scarce Mt. Rushmore Photograph Signed by Its Designer Gutzon Borglum -- 10'' x 12.75'' PASS
30 Large Watercolor by Howard Chandler Christy of His Famous ''Christy Girl'' PASS
31 Ink and Watercolor Drawing by E.H. Shepard of Winnie-the-Pooh & Piglet -- Extraordinarily Scarce Drawing by Shepard of the Most Famous Children's Character -- With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
32 Andy Warhol Large Signed Poster of Marilyn Monroe 6655
33 Andy Warhol Signed Poster of His Famous Elizabeth Taylor Masterpiece PASS
34 Garth Williams Hand-Drawing for the Cover Art of ''Emmett's Pig'' -- Signed by Williams on Verso PASS
35 Walter Lantz Signed Sketch of Woody Woodpecker Juggling Pineapples 500
36 Sketch of ''Pluto'' by Famed Disney Animator James Shamus Culhane PASS
37 Early 1957 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip Hand-Drawn by Charles Schulz -- Starring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus & Linus' Blanket PASS
38 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Comic Strip From 1974 Featuring Snoopy PASS
39 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Comic Strip From October 1963 -- The First Appearance of Character ''555 95472'', Schulz's Tongue-in-Cheek Protestation of Zip Codes & 7 Digit Phone #'s 10000
40 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1986 -- Charlie Brown & Snoopy Negotiate His Treats 10000
41 Snoopy Plays Pirate With Woodstock Helping in This 1972 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip PASS
42 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1992 Featuring Snoopy's Brother Spike PASS
43 ''Superman From the 30s to the 70s'' -- Signed by 9 of Superman's Contributors Including Illustration Team Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson & ''Death of Superman'' Artists Janke and Bogdanove PASS
45 Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Owned 14k Gold Longines Watch -- With Her Engraving & Crest -- Gifted to Secret Service Agent Henry W. Rodney, Who Was Part of the Security Detail for Madame Kai-Shek PASS
46 The First Account of the Discovery of the New World -- Christopher Columbus' 1494 Book With His Letter of the Discovery to Ferdinand & Isabella & Woodcuts of America PASS
47 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Rare Signed Royal Decree From 1491 During Their Reign as King & Queen of Spain -- Regarding Land Dispute for a Soldier -- With COA From University Archives 8054
48 The Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 PASS
49 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister and Duce of Fascism -- ''...Two rapier thrusts, and it breaks my heart...'' PASS
50 Japanese Emperor Taisho Signed Military Certificate -- Beautifully Housed in Wooden Presentation Box PASS
51 King Charles II Restoration Period Letter Signed PASS
52 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Royal Christmas Card From 1981 -- The First Year of Their Marriage 1100
53 Tiepin With the Royal Cypher of George V as The Prince of Wales -- Owned by The Duke of Windsor PASS
54 Prince of Wales Feather & Crown Jewelry Owned by The Duke & Duchess of Windsor PASS
55 Wallis Simpson's Personally Owned Qing Dynasty Goldfish Jewelry -- Ornate Articulated Brooch Made of Filigree & Enamel 2500
56 Duke & Duchess of Windsor Owned Bulova Accutron Watch PASS
57 Prince Edward VIII's Royal Tiepin -- The Prince's ''Most Noble Order of the Garter'' Pin, the Highest Order of Chivalry PASS
58 Napoleon III Royal China From Tuileries Palace PASS
59 1843 Force Declaration of Independence From Original Copper Plate 15000
60 John Hancock Letter Signed Regarding Native-Americans -- "…The People…are obliged to Suffer toil, hunger, and all the hardships which are incident to the Settlement of a new country…" PASS
61 Extremely Rare John Hancock Signed Book, From His Library -- One of Only a Handful of Signed Books From Hancock's Library Sold at Auction PASS
62 John Adams Autograph Letter Signed -- Exceptional Content During War of 1812: ''It is of no other use to ruminate upon the faults, Errors & blunders of Washington in the revolutionary War...'' PASS
63 John Adams Ship's Papers Signed as President 3025
64 Chester A. Arthur Signed Program as President -- For the Unveiling of the Statue of George Washington on Wall Street PASS
65 George H.W. Bush Custom-Made Watch With a Handwritten Letter by Bush Attesting to its Authenticity -- Watch Has Gold ''George Bush'' Lettering PASS
66 Dwight Eisenhower's Personally Own & Worn Stetson Hat -- Worn by Eisenhower While Hunting & Fishing PASS
67 General Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed to His Wife, Mamie -- ''...Don't tell Gen. Marshall about such a schedule or he'll give me hell...'' PASS
68 Eisenhower Letter Signed as President: ''...If you are so to this atrocious amendment, I shall regard you as practically a traitor...'' & ''...This is a slaves life...'' PASS
69 Thomas Jefferson's 1st U.K. Edition of ''Notes on the State of Virginia'' -- From 1787 PASS
70 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of JFK -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
71 JFK During the Cuban Missile Crisis -- ''...Boy, if Fidel Castro had something like you, he would think more about making Love, and less about making war...'' 733
72 Lot of 25 Invitations to the Dinner Welcoming President Kennedy to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
73 Lot of 25 Press Badges for President Kennedy's Texas Welcome Dinner, Slated for the Night He Was Assassinated PASS
74 Abraham Lincoln Military Appointment Signed as President -- Lincoln Appoints a Brigadier General, Union General Speed S. Fry -- Signed With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 8470
75 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- Near Fine With Full, ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
76 Abraham Lincoln Full Signature as President -- Dated 7 January 1863, Just Days After Issuing the Emancipation Proclamation PASS
77 Abraham Lincoln Signature as President -- Lincoln Issues Amnesty to Confederate Soldier 3500
78 Lincoln Assassination Letter Regarding the Guilt of Father Walter -- ''...It has been claimed by some not familiar with the history of the assassination...that it was a Catholic plot...'' PASS
79 Nancy Reagan Formal Evening Purse by Renaud Pellegrino PASS
80 Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Addex Mini Pen 2500
81 Ronald Reagan Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Engraved Pen -- Personally Owned & Used by Ronald Reagan, The Great Communicator PASS
82 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box -- Displayed at the White House PASS
83 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Collection of His Writings -- Signed as President, With PSA/DNA COA PASS
84 Harry Truman Letter Signed as President With Rare Communist Content -- '' the charges of the Un-American Activities Committee...communism has not infiltrated the churches of this Nation...'' PASS
85 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
86 81 Letter Lot by Civil War Soldier -- Gettysburg Content -- ''...I have almost forgotten what it is that has brought me here; to kill and destroy human beings...'' PASS
87 John Bradley's Personally Owned U.S. Marines-Issued Combat Boots -- Used at Iwo Jima -- From John Bradley's Estate 2000
88 Dachau Concentration Camp Letter From 1942 -- With Censor's Stamp 400
89 Bell Street Baptist Church Bombing Debris -- One of the Four Churches Bombed After the Supreme Court Ruling That the Montgomery Bus Segregation System Was Unconstitutional PASS
90 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Copy of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Program Where King Was Awarded the Prize -- Possibly the Only One Extant 10500
91 Scarce Civil Rights Artwork Given to Attendees at the ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' -- Stunning Images PASS
92 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine Condition PASS
93 Scarce Flyer Issued by the Black Opposition to the Montgomery Bus Boycott -- ''...There isn't a chance in the world of breaking segregation in Montgomery...'' PASS
94 Ben Affleck Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Costume From the Climactic Ending of ''Dogma'' -- With the Director's COA 1064
95 Jessica Alba Costume From ''Into The Blue'' Co-Starring Paul Walker -- Eye-Catching Top of Dolphins & Sun Setting Over the Ocean 799
96 Julie Andrews Floor Length Coat From the Epic Drama ''Hawaii'' PASS
97 Julie Andrews Dress From the 7 Academy Award Nominated Film ''Hawaii'' PASS
98 Julie Andrews Dress From the 7 Academy Award Nominated Film ''Hawaii'' PASS
99 Jennifer Aniston Movie Wardrobe From ''Just Go With It'' PASS
100 Lucille Ball Worn & Signed Costume in a Desilu Production -- Signed by Lucille Ball, ''Love Lucy'' -- Provenance from Christie's PASS
101 Lucille Ball's Corset From Her Second Wedding to Desi -- With a COA From Lucie Arnaz PASS
102 Comedic Genius Lucille Ball's First and Final Draft Scripts From A 1971 Episode of ''Here's Lucy'' Guest Starring Dinah Shore - Including Lucy's Handwritten Script Notes PASS
103 Ellen Barkin Screen-Worn Designer Jacket From ''Modern Family'' PASS
104 The Batsuit From "Batman Returns" Starring Michael Keaton -- Measures Over 6' Tall on Custom Display 33000
105 Halle Berry Screen Worn-Hero ''Hero'' Wardrobe From ''The Call'' PASS
106 Ernest Borgnine Suit Worn in ''The Last Command'' PASS
107 Sandra Bullock Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Wardrobe From Her Academy-Award Winning Role in ''The Blind Side'' PASS
108 Gerard Butler Screen-Worn Prison Wardrobe From 2009 Futuristic Thriller ''Gamer'' PASS
109 Nicolas Cage Costume From Thriller ''Season of The Witch'' PASS
110 1956 Cannes Film Festival Poster -- Linen Backed, in Near Fine Condition PASS
111 Don Cheadle Screen-Worn Outfit from His Academy Award Nominated Role in ''Hotel Rwanda'' PASS
112 George Clooney Screen-Worn Costume From ''Intolerable Cruelty'' PASS
113 Sean Connery Screen-Worn Jacket From 1970 Film ''The Molly Maguires'' PASS
114 Daniel Craig Suit & Sunglasses Worn as James Bond in ''Spectre'' -- Elegant Black 3-Piece Peak Lapel Suit by Tom Ford -- With Custom James Bond Label Sewn Within PASS
115 Leonardo DiCaprio Costume as the ''Man in the Iron Mask'' From 1998 -- His Follow-up Film to ''Titanic'' PASS
116 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Queens Theatre Plaque From Her Dressing Room PASS
117 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Sunglasses by Iconic French Designer Ted Lapidus PASS
118 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Turquoise Brooch PASS
119 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Luxurious Rhinestone Wristwatch 1250
120 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Ceramic Cross Pendant 1331
121 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Cigarette Lighter & Leather Case PASS
122 Richard Attenborough's Directors Guild Award From 1982 for Most Outstanding Directorial Achievement for the Classic ''Gandhi'' PASS
123 ''The Champion'' Directors Guild Award to Robert Stillman for ''Outstanding Directorial Achievement'' PASS
124 Very Early 1950s Emmy Award -- For the NBC Documentary Series ''Wide, Wide World'' PASS
125 Emmy Nomination for ''The Simpsons'' Given to Sam Simon in 2000 -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
126 Will Ferrell Screen-Worn Costume From the 2012 Telenovela Spoof, ''Casa de Mi Padre'' PASS
127 Harrison Ford ''Crossing Over'' Screen-Worn Costume PASS
128 Jodie Foster Screen-Worn Silk Dress From Her Directorial Endeavor ''The Beaver'' PASS
129 Mouseketeer Annette Funicello Personally Owned & Worn Butterfly Brooch PASS
130 Battaglia Blouse Belonging to Screen Legend Greta Garbo PASS
131 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Apron From Her Comedy ''Butter'' PASS
132 Richard Gere Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 Thriller, ''The Double'' PASS
133 Mel Gibson Screen-Worn Costume From the 2011 Drama ''The Beaver'' PASS
134 Title Art From the Beloved 1958 Film ''Gigi'' 2000
135 Jake Gyllenhaal Screen-Worn Flight Suit From His Acclaimed Sci-Fi Thriller ''Source Code'' PASS
136 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Costume From the Hit 2008 Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' PASS
137 Jim Henson Handwritten Notes of a ''Muppets'' Segment From a Very Early TV Special -- ''PUPPET COMEDY PIECE'' -- With Original Polaroid of Gonzo & Beautiful Day Monster PASS
138 Audrey Hepburn Title Art From ''Wait Until Dark'' PASS
139 Charlton Heston Sea Captain's Costume From ''The Hawaiians'' PASS
140 Charlton Heston Inverness Coat From ''The Hawaiians'' PASS
141 Dennis Hopper Pinstriped Jacket From 2008 TV Series ''Crash'' PASS
142 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn All-Designer Wardrobe From ''Something Borrowed'' -- With Vintage Diane von Furstenberg Top, Tory Burch Skirt & Manolo Blahnik Shoes PASS
143 Kylie Jenner Owned Nude Maxi Dress PASS
144 Kim Kardashian Owned Long Sleeve Black Dress PASS
145 Title Art From the Cult Classic ''Land of the Pharaohs'' PASS
146 Rare 1940s ''Lassie'' Storyboard -- Painting Depicts the Most Famous Dog in Hollywood Running Through a Wintry Setting PASS
147 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Nightgown From ''The Backup Plan'' PASS
148 Dean Martin 3-Part Costume From "5 Card Stud" & "The Sons of Katie Elder" -- Rare Costume Worn by Martin 2000
149 Steve Martin's ''Inspector Jacques Clouseau'' Pink Camouflage Costume From the ''Pink Panther'' PASS
150 Steve McQueen Screen-Worn Blue Jeans From ''The Sand Pebbles'', The Film That Garnered Him a Best Actor Oscar Nomination PASS
151 Original 1946 Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Andre de Dienes -- With de Dienes Backstamps, Developed by Him From His Negative -- Large Format Photo Measures 11'' x 12.25'' PASS
152 Demi Moore Screen-Worn Wardrobe Ensemble From ''LOL'' PASS
153 WWII Hero & Actor, Audie Murphy Lot of Costumes From ''The Wild and the Innocent'', ''Kansas Raiders'' and ''Unforgiven'' PASS
154 The Actor's Studio Award Given to Rosemary Murphy, Who Starred as ''Miss Maudie'' in ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' 500
155 Hollywood Military Costumes Including Outfits Worn by Laurence Olivier, Robert Mitchum & Robert Duvall -- Many From When These Actors Portrayed President Eisenhower Onscreen PASS
156 Incredibly Rare Oscar Medal for Still Photography Awarded to A.L. Schafer for 1941-1942 PASS
157 Al Pacino Screen-Worn Wardrobe in ''Danny Collins'' PASS
158 Academy Award-Winner Sean Penn Screen-Worn Bathrobe From ''This Must Be The Place'' PASS
159 Gorgeous Blue Velvet Coat Worn by Anthony Quinn in ''Against All Flags'' PASS
160 Superman Hero Costume Worn by Christopher Reeve in the 1978 Superman Film PASS
161 Julia Roberts Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''August: Osage County'' PASS
162 ''RoboCop'' Screen-Used Prop From the Successful 2014 Remake of The Cult Classic PASS
163 Roy Rogers Personally Owned Bible With His Monogram -- Also With Dale Evans Rogers Personally Owned Bible With Her Monogram -- From the Roy Rogers Estate 1250
164 Adam Sandler ''Click'' Screen-Worn Wardrobe PASS
165 People's Choice Award for ''The Simpsons'' -- Awarded Favorite New Television Comedy Series in 1991 -- From the Sam Simon Estate 3500
166 AFI Certificate Given to ''The Simpsons'' Co-Creator Sam Simon -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
167 Sylvester Stallone 3-Part Suit From F.I.S.T. -- His First Film After ''Rocky'' 1612
168 Sylvester Stallone Screen-Worn Shirt & Sweatshirt From ''Creed'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
169 From ''Star Trek: The Next Generation'', the Prototype Used to Make the Famous Ferengi D'Kora Marauder Spacecraft PASS
170 Multi-Talented Icon Barbra Streisand's Silk Body Suit & Wool Trousers PASS
171 Shirley Temple Dress & Jacket Worn to the 1935 Academy Awards to Receive Her Juvenile Oscar PASS
172 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Heart Dress From 1938 Film ''Just Around the Corner'' 12500
173 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Costume From 1937 Film ''Heidi'' 12500
174 Shirley Temple School Uniform From 1939 Film ''The Little Princess'' PASS
175 Shirley Temple Owned Large Portrait Photo Album From 1937 Film ''Heidi'' PASS
176 Set of 4 Shirley Temple Framed Studio Portraits PASS
177 Shirley Temple Owned Leather Script From Her 1934 Film ''Baby Take a Bow'' PASS
178 John Travolta Wardrobe as ''Chili Palmer'' From the 2005 Hit ''Be Cool'' PASS
179 Sofia Vergara Screen-Worn Sweater From ''Modern Family'' -- With COA From 20th Century Fox Television PASS
180 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn Hero Shirts & Knapsack From the Final Scene in 2013 Crime Flick ''Broken City'' PASS
181 Large, Original Hand-Painted 33'' x 23'' Glass Movie Title Art Crediting John Wayne for ''How the West Was Won'' -- The Only John Wayne Glass Title Art Available PASS
182 John Wayne Black Jacket Worn in His Republic Pictures Movies -- From Western Costume PASS
183 Original ''War of The Worlds'' Radio Broadcast Script Draft, as Read by Orson Welles in 1938 -- This Broadcast Famously Caused Mass Panic of an Alien Landing PASS
184 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Overcoat & Scarf From ''Hart's War'' PASS
185 Greta Garbo's United States Immigrant ID Card -- Signed & With Her Photo From 1938 PASS
186 Rare Sydney Greenstreet 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo From ''Casablanca'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
187 Diane Keaton's Signed Contract to Star in ''The Godfather Part II'' PASS
188 Scarce Bert Lahr Signed Photo as ''Cowardly Lion'' in 1939 ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
189 William Shatner Remembers Leonard Nimoy Helping Him With His Wife's Alcoholism -- ''...I had this romantic idea that love can fill any void...But Leonard knew...that this might not be possible...'' PASS
190 Babe Ruth Single-Signed Baseball -- Boldly Signed in Black Ink PASS
191 Bruce Lee's Grey Cotton Jacket -- With a COA From His Widow, Linda Lee Who States It Was One of Bruce's Favorite Jackets PASS
192 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Race-Used Panel of Car, Circa 2000 PASS
193 NASCAR Helmet Signed by 41 Drivers, Entire Starting Line-up at the ''Quicken Loans 400'' -- Signatures From Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson & 38 More -- With NASCAR COA PASS
194 Michael Schumacher Racing Suit From the 1992 German F1 Grand Prix 5000
195 Extremely Rare Russian Meteorite Medal Given to Olympic Athletes Who Won Gold at the Sochi Games on 15 February 2014 -- Exactly One Year After the Asteroid Exploded Over Russia PASS
196 1947 Football League Division Championship Gold Medal -- Won by Cyril Done of Liverpool PASS
197 UEFA Cup Gold Medal -- Won by West Germany in 1980 PASS
198 UEFA Cup Gold Medal -- Won by Bayern Munich in 1996 PASS
199 UEFA European Championship Silver Medal Won by Italy in 2012 PASS
200 Babe Zaharias Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo, Holding the Trophy From Her Record-Breaking U.S. Open in 1954 182
201 First English Translation of ''Dante's Inferno'' From 1782 PASS
202 Ray Bradbury Signed First Edition of His Classic ''The Martian Chronicles'' PASS
203 James Fenimore Cooper's ''Last of the Mohicans'' First Edition -- Scarce in Original Boards PASS
204 James Fenimore Cooper's ''Last of the Mohicans'' First Edition PASS
205 First Edition, First Printing of Charles Dickens' ''Bleak House'' PASS
206 ''David Copperfield'' First Edition, First Printing by Charles Dickens PASS
207 First Edition of ''Charles Dickens'' by David Copperfield -- Early Printing From 1850 PASS
208 Very Rare First Edition of William Faulkner's ''The Sound and the Fury'' -- In First Edition Dust Jacket -- From the Library of Faulkner Collector Clifton Barrett PASS
209 William Faulkner's ''Light in August'' First Edition, First Printing in Scarce First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
210 William Faulkner Signed First Edition of ''A Fable'' -- In Original Acetate Wraps & Slipcase PASS
211 William Faulkner First Edition, First Printing of ''These Thirteen'' -- In First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
212 William Faulkner Signed First Edition of ''Notes on a Horse Thief'' PASS
213 First Edition, First Printing of William Faulkner's ''The Unvanquished'' PASS
214 Scarce Copy of ''Faust'' Privately Printed & Inscribed by Its Translator Abraham Hayward -- Presentation Copy With No Auction Records PASS
215 First Edition of Nathaniel Hawthorne's ''Twice-Told Tales'' -- One of Only 1,000 Printed, in Scarce Original Binding PASS
216 Joseph Heller on His Catch-22 Protagonist -- ''...not for a moment the thought of making Yossarian Jewish. That was a line of development in which I did not want to get involved...'' PASS
217 Ernest Hemingway First Limited Edition of ''A Farewell to Arms'' -- Signed by Hemingway PASS
218 Ernest Hemingway First Limited Edition of ''A Farewell to Arms'' -- Signed by Hemingway PASS
219 First Edition, First Printing of Ernest Hemingway's ''Men Without Women'' PASS
220 Advance Review Copy of Ernest Hemingway's ''To Have and Have Not'' PASS
221 Ernest Hemingway First Edition of His Classic ''A Farewell to Arms'' -- In Original Unclipped Dust Jacket PASS
222 Ernest Hemingway First Edition, First Printing of ''Green Hills of Africa'' -- With Unclipped Dust Jacket PASS
223 First Edition, First Printing of Frank Herbert's ''Dune'' -- With Typed Letter Signed by Herbert Regarding ''Dune'' Sequels PASS
224 Stephen King Signed First Edition of His Masterpiece, ''The Shining'' -- With First Edition Dust Jacket PASS
225 H.P. Lovecraft Printing of ''The Shunned House'' From 1928 -- One of Only 100 Printed Copies Subsequently Printed by Arkham House, With ''Canterbury'' Watermark -- Scarce PASS
226 First Edition of H.P. Lovecraft's ''Beyond the Wall of Sleep'' PASS
227 First English Printing of ''One Hundred Years of Solitude'' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- In First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
228 Herman Melville First U.S. Edition of the Classic ''Moby Dick'' -- In Original Binding PASS
229 First Edition, First Printing of ''Lolita'' by Vladimir Nobokov PASS
230 George Orwell First Edition of His Classic ''Nineteen Eighty-Four'' -- With Original Dust Jacket Showing 10s. Price 1800
231 Beatrix Potter Signed 1902 First Edition, First Impression of ''The Tailor of Gloucester'' -- Very Rare PASS
232 Arthur Rackham Signed First Edition of ''Mother Goose'' -- Limited Edition With 13 Full Color Plates PASS
233 Ayn Rand Signed ''Atlas Shrugged'' -- Number 240 in a Special 10th Anniversary Edition Limited to 2,000 1250
234 Dr. Seuss Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' PASS
235 Dr. Seuss' ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Edition, First Printing With First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
236 Dr. Seuss First Printing of ''The Cat in the Hat'' -- In First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
237 Dr. Seuss' ''The Cat in the Hat'' First Printing PASS
238 First edition of Dr. Seuss' ''Green Eggs and Ham'' in Unclipped Dust Jacket PASS
239 True First U.S. Edition of ''Frankenstein'' by Mary Shelley 3500
240 John Steinbeck ''Cup of Gold'' First Edition -- In Scarce First Edition Dust Jacket PASS
241 First Edition, First Printing of Robert Louis Stevenson's ''Treasure Island'' in Near Fine Condition -- With Check Signed by Stevenson to His Stepson & Co-Author S. Lloyd Osbourne PASS
242 Robert Louis Stevenson's ''Treasure Island'' First Edition PASS
243 Lord Alfred Tennyson's ''Poems by Two Brothers'' First Edition From 1827 PASS
244 First Edition of ''Vanity Fair'' by William Thackeray -- Near Fine PASS
245 First Edition Set of Tolkien's ''Lord of the Rings'' -- ''Fellowship of the Ring'' & ''Return of the King'' Are First Printings; ''Two Towers'' Is Second Printing -- All Three Are Near Fine PASS
246 Attractive First Edition Set of Mark Twain's ''Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' & ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' -- Both Bound in Publisher's Blue Cloth 7000
247 Mark Twain Signed ''The Works of Mark Twain'' -- Signed Both ''S.L. Clemens / Mark Twain'' in the First Volume 1250
248 Mark Twain ''The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' First U.K. Edition 350
249 W.B. Yeats Signed Limited Edition of ''Early Poems and Stories'' PASS
250 W.B. Yeats First Edition of His Influential Book of Poetry ''The Tower'' PASS
251 First English Edition of Rene Descartes' ''The Passions of the Soule'' -- From 1650 PASS
252 Michel de Montaigne First English Edition of His Influential ''Essayes'' -- From 1603 PASS
253 Apollo 11 First Day Cover Boldly Signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins 6202
254 Apollo 13 Space-Flown Robbins Medal -- From the Estate of Jack Swigert 6647
255 United States Flag Flown to the Moon on the Apollo 17 Mission 1760
256 Space-Flown U.S. Flag From the Columbia STS-1 Mission 500
257 Alan Shepard & Jack Swigert Signed Menu From an Event at the Reagan White House PASS
258 Jack Swigert 8'' x 10'' Signed NASA Photo 1264
259 King Tut Founder Howard Carter Document Signed -- From 1903 While at the Egyptian Antiquities Service PASS
260 Thomas Edison Signed Stock in the Edison Storage Battery Company 1665
261 Sam Walton Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA 800
262 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding His Disdain for Prohibition -- ''...I could write one or two stories on the values...of repealing the 18th Amendment...'' PASS
263 Estee Lauder Owned Platinum Earrings With Diamonds, Pearls and Sapphires -- Designed by David Webb & With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
264 Estee Lauder Owned Platinum Brooch With Diamonds, Pearls and Sapphires -- Designed by David Webb & With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
265 King George III Style Pair of Silver Vegetable Dishes With Lids -- 1780 PASS
266 King George III Style Silver Two-Handled Cup & Cover -- From 1771 PASS
267 Pair of Silver Sauce Tureens in the King George III Style -- 1809 PASS
268 Bill Wilson Signed First Edition of ''The AA Way of Life'' 726