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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Ben Affleck Screen-Worn Santa Costume From the Robbery Scenes in ''Reindeer Games'' 1302
2 Pamela Anderson Screen-Worn Platform Boots & Dress From Her TV Show ''VIP'' 300
3 Lucille Ball's Corset From Her Second Wedding to Desi -- With a COA From Lucie Arnaz PASS
4 Lucille Ball Bridal Lot -- 5 Items From Her 1949 Church Wedding to Desi Arnaz -- Garter, Gloves, Photo and Cake Box -- With a COA from Lucy's Daughter 17270
5 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Plate by Cartier in Original Case -- With a COA From Lucy's Daughter PASS
6 Lucille Ball's Own Pendants by Tiffany & Co. -- With a COA From Lucille Ball's Daughter PASS
7 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Locket With Photos of Her Own Family Growing Up -- With a COA From Her Daughter 5900
8 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Serving Dish -- With a COA From Lucie Arnaz PASS
9 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Script From Her 1979 TV Special -- ''Lucy Moves to NBC'' PASS
10 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Script From Her 1968 Show, ''Here's Lucy'' -- With Her Hand Notations PASS
11 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Script From Her 1968 Show, ''Here's Lucy'' -- With Her Hand Notations PASS
12 Lucille Ball First and Final Draft Scripts For An Episode of ''Here's Lucy'' Guest Starring Dinah Shore From 1971 -- With Lucy's Hand Notes PASS
13 Nearly 500 Storyboard Illustrations From the 1977 Terrorist Thriller ''Black Sunday'' -- Based on the Munich Massacre PASS
14 Jack Black's Rubber Stunt Guitar From ''Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny'' PASS
15 Pat Boone Signed White Shoes -- Signed ''Pat Boone'' on Both Shoes PASS
16 Lorraine Bracco's Costume From "Riding in Cars With Boys" PASS
17 Richard Burton's Costume From ''The Rains of Ranchipur'' PASS
18 James Caan Worn Suit From Comedy ''Elf'' 1075
19 Jim Carrey ''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'' Screen-Worn Costume 1183
20 Jim Carrey Wardrobe From Best Screenplay-Winner ''Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'' 977
21 Bradley Cooper's Screen-Worn Trashbag Ensemble From ''Silver Linings Playbook'' -- Certainly the Most Memorable Costume of the Hit Film 1774
22 Bradley Cooper Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Limitless'' -- Heavily Distressed With Prop Blood PASS
23 Bradley Cooper Screen-Worn Jersey Outfit From ''Silver Linings Playbook'' 2148
24 Dunkin' Donuts T-Shirt Screen-Worn by Rob Corddry in ''Seeking a Friend For The End of The World'' PASS
25 Joel Courtney Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Spielberg/Abrams Hit Film ''Super 8'' PASS
26 Charmeuse Bias Cut Gown Worn by Courteney Cox at the Emmy Awards in 1995 3461
27 Miley Cyrus Screen-Worn Top From ''LOL'' 825
28 Leonardo DiCaprio Costume From ''Man in the Iron Mask'' -- Handmade Coat With Real Mink Trim 5363
29 Colin Farrell Screen-Worn Leather Blindfold as John Smith From ''The New World'' 250
30 Albert Finney Screen-Worn Custom Robe From Acclaimed Tim Burton Picture, ''Big Fish'' 334
31 Custom-Made Prop From "The Flintstones" Movie -- Pair of Faux Stone Tablets Titled, "Sports Excavated" -- 11" x 15" PASS
32 Ava Gardner Personally Owned Beaded Evening Bag -- Handmade by Walborg 2796
33 Judith Godreche ''Man in the Iron Mask'' Costume -- Heavy Gown & Leather Shoes 3146
34 Lorne Greene Award for His Star on the Hollywood Walk -- For His Starring Roles on "Bonanza" and "Battlestar Galactica" -- With an LOA From His Estate PASS
35 "The Birth of a Nation" & "Intolerance" Director D.W. Griffith Personally Owned & Worn Brown Pinstripe Suit 1100
36 Riley Griffiths Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Spielberg/Abrams Blockbuster "Super 8" PASS
37 Jake Gyllenhaal Screen-Worn Hero Shirt From "Prisoners" PASS
38 Alan Hale's Costume From ''Marco Polo'' 1774
39 Book of Still Photos From 1953 Western "Shane" -- From The Personal Collection of Van Heflin, Gifted to Him by the Film's Director George Stevens 275
40 Actual 30/6 Winchester Rifle Engraved With a Dedication to Van Heflin, Who Played Marshal Curly Wilcox in The 1966 Version of ''Stagecoach'' PASS
41 Van Heflin's Aegis Theatre Club Award For "A Case of Libel" From 1964 250
42 Van Heflin's Best Actor Emmy Nomination Plaque for ''A Case of Libel'' 722
43 Katharine Hepburn's Blouse From the 1952 Romantic Comedy "Pat & Mike" 3025
44 Lena Horne's Personally-Owned Tony Award -- ''Distinguished Achievement in Theatre'' Award for ''Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music'' 9882
45 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Gucci Handbag From "Something Borrowed" 1183
46 Kate Hudson Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Something Borrowed'' by Fendi 1433
47 Jeremy Irons 5-Piece Costume From ''Man in the Iron Mask'' 4189
48 Hugh Jackman Hero Shirt From "Prisoners" 1075
49 Hugh Jackman Screen-Worn Wardrobe From "Prisoners" PASS
50 Scarlett Johanssen Screen-Worn Costume From the 2007 Film ''The Nanny Diaries'' 1302
51 Scarlett Johansson Worn Shirt From ''The Nanny Diaries'' 1183
52 Scarlett Johansson Top From ''The Nanny Diaries'' 1183
53 Scarlett Johansson Shirt From ''The Nanny Diaries'' 1183
54 Richard T. Jones Screen-Worn Air Force Uniform From "Super 8" 368
55 Gene Kelly Personally Owned & Worn Pair of 18k Gold Cufflinks by Cartier 1000
56 Q'Orianka Kilcher's Used Wool Blanket From Her Role as Pocahontas in "The New World" 250
57 Early Laurel Award From 1950 500
58 Bruce Lee Personally Owned & Used Focus Mitt 10454
59 Jennifer Lopez Hero Silk Nightgown & Terry Robe From ''The Back-Up Plan'' 1463
60 Madonna's Wardrobe From "Body of Evidence" -- With Prop Blood 2148
61 John Malkovich ''Man in the Iron Mask'' Feathered Hat 1433
62 Mask From "Man In The Iron Mask" PASS
63 Marcel Marceau Autograph Letter Signed on His Personal Stationery Gifting a Hat to a Friend for Christmas -- With His Drawing of the Hat & the Actual Gifted Hat Included in the Lot 500
64 Helen Mirren Screen-Worn Blouse From ''Red 2'' 733
65 Lot of 5 Scripts for the ''Mission Impossible'' TV Series PASS
66 Marilyn Monroe Personally Owned Crystal Necklace 23309
67 Julianne Moore Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Carrie'' 1183
68 Keybook for "No More Women" -- 1934 Picture Starring Edmund Lowe, Victor McLagen, Sally Blane & Minna Gombell 300
69 "Archie Bunker" Actor Carroll O'Connor Signed Drawing of "Archie's favorite chair" -- Not an Easy Chair but a Toilet PASS
70 Al Pacino Wardrobe From ''Stand Up Guys'' 1166
71 Amanda Peet Wardrobe From ''A Lot Like Love'' 500
72 Rosalind Russell Custom Pink Blouse With Monogrammed Beaded Neckline 750
73 Adam Sandler Robe From ''Click'' 400
74 Adam Sandler Screen-Worn Outfit From His Hit Movie "Zohan" PASS
75 "Thelma & Louise" Wardrobe Screen-Worn by Susan Sarandon -- Hero Outfit From Her Academy Award Nominated Role 3461
76 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bloodied Screen-Worn Pants From ''The Last Stand'' 446
77 Will Smith Screen-Worn Shirt From the Blockbuster Hit ''Men in Black'' 1183
78 Early Mira Sorvino Worn Costume -- From Her ''Premiere Magazine'' Shoot Recreating a Scene From ''West Side Story'' 500
79 Shooting Script for "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" From 1978 -- With the Red Coding Number on Every Page -- The Second Film Released in the Epic Series 1000
80 Barbra Streisand Owned Black Robe With Burgundy Velour Trim PASS
81 Original Charcoal Drawing & Playbill for the Broadway Premiere of "A View From The Bridge" Starring Van Heflin -- From Heflin's Collection 446
82 Christopher Walken Screen-Worn "Seven Psychopaths" Wardrobe 500
83 Sigourney Weaver Red Silk Jacket From Crime Thriller ''Copycat'' 1183
84 Sigourney Weaver Screen-Worn Tortoise Reading Glasses From "Abduction" 500
85 Ralph Lauren Jacket for Bruce Willis in ''Red 2'' 1209
86 Bruce Willis Costume for "Red 2" 700
87 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Hero Wardrobe From "Red 2" -- Luxurious Navy Blue Cashmere & Wool Coat by Canali PASS
88 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Red 2'' PASS
89 Bruce Willis Wardrobe From ''Red 2'' PASS
90 Reese Witherspoon Jacket From ''Vanity Fair'' 1433
91 ''Wizard of Oz'' Licensing Agreement From 1939 PASS
92 Darryl F. Zanuck's Own Sales Training Materials for 20th Century Fox From 1951, as Movies Face TV Competition -- "…there's nothing to be afraid of…" -- With His Bookplate 750
93 Lot of 5 Darryl F. Zanuck Bound Publications -- ''Life'' & ''Fortune'' From The 1930's -- With Articles on Zanuck -- & 20th Century Fox Materials From The 1950's, With Rare Marilyn Monroe Photos 1000
94 Darryl F. Zanuck's Monogrammed Silver Monteith Bowl -- With a COA From the Zanuck Estate PASS
95 Darryl F. Zanuck's Personally Owned Copy of "Noah's Ark" -- The Novel Version of the 1928 Disaster Film That He Wrote & Produced -- Accompanied by His Own Bookplate PASS
96 One-of-a-Kind Oil Pastel Portrait of Darryl F. Zanuck on a Polo Pony -- From His Personal Collection & With a COA from the Zanuck Estate 1952
97 Darryl F. Zanuck Signed & Personally Owned Script From "King of the Khyber Rifles" 1000
98 Darryl F. Zanuck Signed & Personally Owned Script From "Stanley and Livingstone" -- With Two Pages of Handwritten Notes in Zanuck's Hand PASS
99 Darryl F. Zanuck Signed Script For "The Blue Bird" -- With an Internal Memo From 20th Century Fox About the Screenplay Regarding Its Adherence to Production Code PASS
100 Darryl F. Zanuck Owned Sterling Silver Basket PASS
101 Fred Astaire Signed Color 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine PASS
102 Ingrid Bergman Signed Photo PASS
103 Bing Crosby Typed Letter Signed From 1964 About His Sitcom -- ''... the television series...a simple little family thing...It's don't have much time to shoot these things...'' PASS
104 Olivia de Havilland Signed 11'' x 14'' ''Gone With The Wind'' Photo -- Fine PASS
105 John Ford Signed 10.5'' x 13.5'' Photo 500
106 "The Godfather" Book Signed by the Cast of the Celebrated Film -- Signed by Brando, Pacino, Keaton, Caan, Shire, Martino and Others PASS
107 Signed Hand-Drawn Self Portrait by Great English Actor Sir Alec Guinness PASS
108 Katharine Hepburn Signed Playbill From Her Tony-Nominated Role in Broadway Show ''West Side Waltz'' PASS
109 Rare Katharine Hepburn Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo from the Van Heflin Collection 733
110 Universal Studios Founder Carl Laemmle's Signature PASS
111 Will Rogers Signed Photo -- With Lengthy Autograph Inscription -- ''...Leaving NY for the broad spaces - where every man is as good as his 'Close Up'...'' -- Framed to 17.25'' x 21'' 666
112 ''Lone Ranger'' Actor Jay Silverheels Contract Twice Signed for a TV Appearance PASS
113 Elizabeth Taylor Signed Contract For ''General Hospital'' PASS
114 Chester A. Arthur Personally Owned Custom Leather Wallet 3808
115 Bright Silver Coin Commemorating The Bush-Gorbachev Meeting at The Malta Summit -- The Event Credited With Ending The Cold War -- Fine Condition PASS
116 ''Governor Clinton'' Syracuse China Plate From DeWitt Clinton's New Yoork Governorship 2662
117 Calvin Coolidge Uninscribed & Signed Second Edition of His Autobiography PASS
118 Dwight Eisenhower Used Plate -- Used by Eisenhower in Berlin on 5 July 1945 at the Post-WWII Meeting to Discuss the Division of Germany 4719
119 Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- Eisenhower Invites a Friend to a "Stag Dinner" & Requests It Be Kept "Confidential" PASS
120 Famously Stylish First Lady Mamie Eisenhower Personally Owned Peach Ostrich Feather Hat, Gloves and Shoes 8166
121 Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Pardon Signed From 1869 -- During His First Year in Office 999
122 Warren G. Harding Document Signed as President PASS
123 Warren G. Harding Signed 9.25'' x 12.75'' Photo 500
124 Exceedingly Rare William Henry Harrison Signature as President -- Harrison Served Just One Month in Executive Office Before His Death From Pneumonia PASS
125 Herbert Hoover Signed First Printing of ''America's First Crusade'' PASS
126 Andrew Jackson Vellum Land Grant Signed as President PASS
127 14k Gold Charm Presented to Lady Bird Johnson by the University of Kentucky -- With a COA From the President's Daughter PASS
128 Lady Bird Johnson Personally Owned Sterling Silver Dish by Tane -- With an LOA From Lynda Johnson Robb PASS
129 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned Evening Bag by Dior PASS
130 Jackie Kennedy Cream Satin Clutch by Bobbie Jerome 13155
131 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned & Worn Gingham Maternity Outfit PASS
132 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned & Worn Court-Style Shoes -- The Style She Popularized -- Shoes by Mancini 24655
133 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned Sterling Silver Piece -- Gifted by Jackie to Her Mother and Engraved "Jackie / Caroline / John" 8983
134 Complete Press Package for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner -- Planned for the Night of his Assassination PASS
135 Invitation to Dinner Welcoming JFK to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
136 Program for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled for the Night of 22 November 1963 PASS
137 JFK Assassination Day ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Program PASS
138 Ticket to JFK's Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled for the Night of His Assassination PASS
139 Dallas Newspaper the Day After John F. Kennedy's Assassination PASS
140 22 November 1963 Edition of ''The Dallas Times Herald'' Announcing The Assassination of John F. Kennedy -- ''PRESIDENT DEAD'' PASS
141 Late Edition of the 22 November 1963 Dallas Times Herald Announcing Assassination of JFK -- ''PRESIDENT DEAD / CONNALLY SHOT'' PASS
142 Original White House Telegram Dated the Day After JFK's Assassination -- Brigadier General Murray Bywater Offers Condolences to Malcolm Kilduff PASS
143 Press Document from the Collection of Malcolm Kilduff, Asking if John F. Kennedy Will Visit Former Vice President Garner for His 95th Birthday on his Fateful Visit to Dallas PASS
144 Press Badge for President Kennedy's Texas Welcome Dinner, Slated for the Night He Was Assassinated PASS
145 1960 Birth Announcement of John F. Kennedy Jr. PASS
146 John & Jackie Kennedy White House Card on the Death of Their Child PASS
147 Two Original 10" x 8" Press Photos -- John F. Kennedy's Funeral and Gravesite PASS
148 Beautiful John F. Kennedy Personally Owned Humidor -- Gifted by Philippine Ambassador & Accompanied by 2 Unopened Philippine Cigars -- All Items Custom Labeled, ''President Kennedy'' 12650
149 JFK Inauguration Ceremonies Invitation & Program PASS
150 Plate From JFK's Last Official Dinner -- Four Days Before His Assassination PASS
151 John F. Kennedy's Presidential Blanket Present in the Limo & Bloodied Upon His Assassination -- With Impeccable Provenance 49279
152 John & Jackie Kennedy Owned & Used Mirror That Hung in Their Hyannis Port Home -- 20'' x 28'' 6134
153 Plate From JFK's Last Official Dinner -- Four Days Before His Assassination 5191
154 Rare 1952 Statement by Congressman John F. Kennedy on the Minimum Wage PASS
155 JFK Statement Urging Congress to Halt Communism and ''Castroism'' and Reverse the Vote on Foreign Aid -- 16 August 1961 PASS
156 John F Kennedy PT-109 Crew Member Autographs on JFK Commemorative Envelope PASS
157 A Crew Member of John F. Kennedy's PT-109 Boat Signs a First Person Account of the Sinking -- "…I met many good officers, but none could equal John F. Kennedy…" PASS
158 Original Copy of Senator John F. Kennedy's Speech, ''New England - Problem or Promise?'' PASS
159 President John F. Kennedy's First State of the Union Address -- Original Document From the Office of the White House Secretary -- 1961 PASS
160 John F. Kennedy Sterling Silver Bowl Gifted & Engraved by Him to Jackie's Mother -- With Autograph Note Signed as President on White House Stationery Regarding Gifting This Bowl PASS
161 Invitation to John F. Kennedy & Jacqueline Bouvier's Wedding -- Scarce 1000
162 Robert Kennedy Signed Driver's License Application From 1964 2363
163 Robert Kennedy Signed Photo -- Stark Portrait Measuring 8'' x 10'' PASS
164 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed as President -- Pardoning a Former Confederate 5000
165 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed as President, Dated 3 June 1864 5000
166 William McKinley Signed Slip PASS
167 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President in 1818 PASS
168 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation PASS
169 Large 17-Piece Lot of Ronald Reagan Presidential Accessories -- Cufflinks, Tie Pins, Money Clips, etc. -- All With Presidential Motif -- Includes a Gold Filled Pendant & 12k Gold Money Clip 250
170 Ronald Reagan Presidential China Dessert Plate -- 1983 Exhibit Piece by Robert C. Floyd 3222
171 Franklin Roosevelt Personally Owned Stemware With U.S. Navy Emblem -- Near Fine PASS
172 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Official White House China Dinner Plate -- Fine 3900
173 Large Theodore Roosevelt Military Document Signed as President PASS
174 Arthur Schlesinger Typed Letter Signed -- ''...As for the Warren Commission, it does seem to me that its investigation was in several respects inadequate...'' PASS
175 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' PASS
176 U.S. Supreme Court Commemorative Plate by Syracuse China -- Fine 807
177 Supreme Court Justices Photo Display Signed by 7 Members of The Rehnquist Court From 1988-1990 -- Measures 20" x 16" PASS
178 Harry Truman's Personally Owned Stetson Hat 22987
179 Harry Truman "Memoirs" Signed Two-Volume Set -- Both Volumes Include Dustjackets PASS
180 Harry S. Truman Uninscribed & Signed ''Mr. Citizen'' -- First Edition Account of His Time as President PASS
181 Harry S. Truman Signed Check as Treasurer of Jackson County, Missouri in 1934 PASS
182 Harry S. Truman Signed Letter -- ''...As you requested, I am enclosing a photograph autographed to you...'' PASS
183 Rare Candid Photo Signed by First Couple Harry & Bess Truman -- 10'' x 8'' Photo Is Likely Unpublished PASS
184 Scarce President Harry Truman Official White House China Plate -- Fine PASS
185 David Ben-Gurion Signature PASS
186 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Invitation in 1977 Honoring Her 25 Year Anniversary as Queen 250
187 Gorgeous Royal Christmas Card Signed by Queen Elizabeth II as Queen Together With Prince Philip -- Near Fine PASS
188 Elizabethan Document Signed by Henry Palmer PASS
189 Early King George III Vellum Document Signed From 1765 PASS
190 Invitation to a Royal Ball at King George V's Buckingham Palace 300
191 Rare Admission Ticket to the Royal Wedding of King George V & Queen Mary of Teck, as Young Duke & Duchess of York PASS
192 Invitation to an ''Evening Party'' at Buckingham Palace in 1951, During The Reign of King George VI 250
193 Rare King Henry VIII Document Signed, Circa 1510-1514 PASS
194 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury Easton Press First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' 2750
195 Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru Signed Photo 750
196 Piece of the HMS Victory Flag From the Battle of Trafalgar Where Horatio Nelson Received His Mortal Wound -- With Provenance From the Duke & Duchess of Windsor Sotheby's Auction PASS
197 Extraordinary Spanish Inquisition Letter by Pope Clement VIII -- "…follow the errors of Mohamed...enforce greater punishments…cut off the lethal cult…by appointing more inquisitors…" PASS
198 Joseph Stalin WWII-Dated Document Signed PASS
199 Queen Victoria 16'' x 12'' Document Signed -- Nicely Framed to 24'' x 20'' PASS
200 Rare Pair of Queen Victoria Custom Stockings Made With Her Royal Cypher -- Blush Color Stockings From Before Albert's Death, After Which She Exclusively Wore Black 4875
201 Animation Cel From 1940 Disney Classic ''Pinocchio'' -- Frame of Pinocchio During His Escapade Diving to The Bottom of the Sea to Save Geppetto After Having Been Partially Turned Into a Donkey PASS
202 Jackson Pollock Check Signed to Pay His Taxes in 1953, Three Years Before His Untimely Death at Age 44 -- Very Rare PASS
203 Renoir's Polka-Dot Scarf -- Worn by Renoir in a Magazine Photo Shoot -- 50" x 16.5" 8983
204 Renoir Personally Owned & Painted Miniature Porcelain Teapot -- One of Only 7 Known Renoir Painted Porcelains From His Time as an Apprentice in a Porcelain Factory 5069
205 Mexican Artist Diego Rivera Signature PASS
206 Norman Rockwell Limited Edition Lithograph of President John F. Kennedy -- Signed by Norman Rockwell 2118
207 Revolutionary French Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photo Postcard of His Famous Work, ''Cariatide Carrying a Stone'' PASS
208 Schulz ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1967 -- Charlie Brown & Linus Wait for Their Test Scores -- Accompanied by a Schulz Typed Letter Signed 11959
209 Beautiful Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Color Photo 500
210 Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
211 Leonard Bernstein Signed Philharmonic Program PASS
212 Miley Cyrus Personally Owned Pink Shirt with a Charity COA 888
213 Grammy Award Gold Coin Honoring Super-Group "USA For Africa" & Their 1985 Record of the Year, "We Are the World" 275
214 Righteous Brothers' Bob Hatfield Contract Signed PASS
215 Buddy Holly Personally Owned & Worn Wool Shirt - With a COA From His Widow Maria Elena Holly PASS
216 ''Blue Suede Shoes'' Songwriter Carl Perkins' Own Pair of Blue Suede Shoes PASS
217 Apollo 11 Signed Photos -- Three Individual 8'' x 10'' Portrait Photos Signed by Each Astronaut -- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins PASS
218 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Insurance Cover -- "Al Worden", "Dave Scott" & "Jim Irwin" -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5" x 3.75" -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
219 Lot of 4 Astronaut Signed 8" x 10" NASA Photos -- Stafford, McDivitt, Worden & Lovell 300
220 Antarctic Explorer Richard E. Byrd Lot -- With Signed Photo, Ticket to Presidential Reception in His Honor & 2 Expedition Content Typed Letters Signed -- ''...I must have more supplies...'' PASS
221 Striking Photo of Scott Carpenter in His Spacesuit Signed PASS
222 Cosmonaut Helmet -- Surplus From The Famed Russian Space Program PASS
223 Gus Grissom Check Signed & Apollo 1 Embroidered Patch -- Directly From His Estate 275
224 Space-Flown Fliteline Medallion and Applique From the Gemini Mission -- From the Estate of Gus Grissom & With a COA From His Son 875
225 Gus Grissom's Personally Owned & Used Slide Ruler 250
226 Liberty Bell 7 Space-Flown Dime From Mercury-Redstone 4, the Second Manned Mission in NASA History -- From the Estate of Astronaut Gus Grissom 1210
227 Fragment of Fabric From Charles Lindbergh's Plane, The Spirit of St. Louis -- With a COA from Charles Hamilton 500
228 Mercury 7 Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo 2750
229 Photo Display Signed by Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper, Deke Slayton, Wally Schirra and Scott Carpenter -- Upon the 25th Anniversary of the Mercury-Redstone 3 Mission PASS
230 Alan Shepard Signed 10'' x 11.75'' Photo Display PASS
231 The First Men of Aviation & Space Together -- White House Dinner Menu Signed by Charles Lindbergh, Alan Shepard, Dear Abby & 7 Others From a 1968 Event 750
232 Impressive Gemini III Photo Signed by John Young -- Measures 16" x 20" 250
233 Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist William Shockley Hand-Drawn Diagram Signed PASS
234 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22kt Gold Detailing 300
235 Rare Jules Rimet FIFA World Cup Trophy From 1970 -- The Last Year of the Jules Rimet Trophy 27815
236 Carl Hubbell Lot of 26 Separate Signed Cards 300
237 Sandy Koufax Signed Contract For His Appearance on Celebrity Game Show ''It Takes Two'' in 1969 PASS
238 Willie Mays Signed Baseball -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
239 Famous World Series Photo From 1954, "The Catch" Signed by Willie Mays -- 8" x 10" Photo in Near Fine Condition -- With JSA LOA PASS
240 Jackie Robinson Signed Photo -- 8'' x 10'' Photo of Robinson & Van Heflin, Dedicated in Robinson's Hand to the Actor 550
241 Pete Rose Signed Baseball Bat PASS
242 Excellent Babe Ruth Signed Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat -- With PSA/DNA 8166
243 CC Sabathia Game Worn Yankees Jersey From Opening Day of the 2012 Season 750
244 Muhammad Ali Signed Boxing Gloves From Either the Ali/Wepner Fight or "Rumble in the Jungle" -- Previously Auctioned in a Special Olympics Benefit 10721
245 James Jeffries Signed Boxing Document -- Jeffries Here Signs Van Heflin's Certificate of Victory From an Amateur Boxing Bout in 1937 300
246 Mike Tyson Signed Photo Poster -- 20'' x 16'' -- With JSA LOA PASS
247 Extensive Lot of Autographs by 20th Century Literary Legends -- First Day Covers & 8" x 10" Photos Signed by Clancy, Updike, Crichton, Grisham, Michener, Stephen King and Kurt Vonnegut PASS
248 Mark Twain Check Signed as Samuel Clemens PASS
249 English Playwright Noel Coward Signed Card -- Elegantly Framed PASS
250 Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed -- "…I have just returned to town after six weeks absent…" -- 1840 While Working on "Christmas Story" PASS
251 Edward Everett Autograph Letter Signed -- "…I promised you some time ago a copy of the new edition of my Orations & Addresses…" PASS
252 19th Century Author Edward Everett Hale Autograph Letter Signed -- "…I am only just back from Washington…" PASS
253 Ernest Hemingway Signed & Inscribed 10'' x 8'' Photo From The 1950's PASS
254 Oliver Wendell Holmes Signed Slip PASS
255 Henry W. Longfellow Autograph Poem Signed -- ''Bear a lily in thy hand! / Gates of brass cannot withstand / One touch of that magic wand...'' PASS
256 Mark Twain Dual-Signed Copy of "The Works of Mark Twain" -- Signed Both as "Mark Twain" & "S. L. Clemens" PASS
257 John Hancock Document Signed -- Regarding Castle Island, Signed by Hancock as Governor of Massachusetts 4000
258 Declaration of Independence Signer Francis Hopkinson's Autograph PASS
259 Civil War General & Gettyburg Hero Joshua Chamberlain Signed Check 750
260 Gettysburg Hero Joshua Chamberlain Signed Bowdoin College Document -- Chamberlain Signs as The School's President PASS
261 Robert E. Lee Signed Slip PASS
262 Civil War Letter Lot by John H. Hone of the 2nd Massachusetts Sharpshooters -- With Manassas Content -- "…after the retreat from Manassas…men…have no knapsacks or clothes…" PASS
263 Rare Signature of Elusive Confederate Commander John S. Mosby, The So-Called ''Grey Ghost'' PASS
264 Civil War Letter From Grant Meade of The 76th New York 5th Corps of Black Soldiers -- ''...We had them fairley flanked and at another time we had firing in front + Rear at the Same time...'' PASS
265 Civil War Diary From Wilmot A. Mills in the 55th Ohio During Sherman's March -- "…burned halfh a dozen buildings…ar trying to find out who set it a fire. It was don aganest orders…" PASS
266 Fascinating & Confidential Navy Letter Documenting First-Hand Account on the USS California at Pearl Harbor -- "…several men were hit by 27 caliber machine gun bullets…" PASS
267 1943 Autograph Letter Signed by a Prisoner in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp -- "…Thankfully I have received the parcel. In it there was marmalade, sugar, dough…bread and apples…" PASS
268 Signatures by 23 WWII War Criminals at the Sugamo Prison in Japan -- Including Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and 6 of the Executed -- Also Japan's Two Surrender Signers Aboard the Missouri 9882
269 Social Reformer Henry Ward Beecher's Signature PASS
270 Marcus Garvey Typed Letter Signed on Universal Negro Improvement Association Letterhead as Its President -- "…it would be good if you could devote some time to interesting other folks…" PASS
271 Ray Kroc Signed Copy of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
272 Railroad Tycoon George Pullman Letter Signed -- ''...check for $25,000...payable on demand with interest at 5 per cent...'' 300
273 Samuel F. Smith Autograph Quotation Signed From "America," or "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" PASS
274 Alcoholics Anonymous Co-Founder Bill Wilson Signed First Printing of "The A.A. Way of Life" PASS