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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Hans Christian Andersen Autograph Quote Signed Regarding Retirement -- ''The first moment of retirement is the nosegay of the entire journey'' PASS
2 Very Personal Samuel Clemens Autograph Letter Signed, to His Wife Regarding the Near-Death of Their Daughter Jean -- ''...It still makes me shudder...'' PASS
3 Beatrix Potter Signed First Edition, Second Issue of ''Roly-Poly Pudding'' PASS
4 Marcel Proust Autograph Letter Twice-Signed -- ''...your absolutely unique style as an ironic writer and painter of characters...'' PASS
5 Superb Harriet Beecher Stowe Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Slavery -- ''...Nothing more is needed than to awaken the attention of the public to an expose of the slave law system...'' PASS
6 First Edition, First Printing of ''Uncle Tom's Cabin'' by Harriet Beecher Stowe -- The Scarcest Variant of the First Printing, in Publisher's Wrappers PASS
7 Hunter S. Thompson Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...all sorts of people are after me - police, creditors, ins. companies...'' PASS
8 Hunter S. Thompson Letter Signed -- Fantastic Letter With Dozens of Quotable Lines: ''...have been requested to do article on 'The Dry Rot of American Journalism' (my title)...'' PASS
9 Hunter S. Thompson Letter Signed From 1959 -- ''...a huge man in shorts and a cigar standing over the bed, jabbering about...bastards sleeping in his bed...'' PASS
10 Evelyn Waugh Signed First Edition of His Heralded Biography ''The Life of Ronald Knox'' PASS
11 Ansel Adams Signed Poster of His Photograph, ''Madrone Bark, Santa Cruz Mountains, California'' PASS
12 H.R. Giger Signed Limited Deluxe Edition of ''Biomechanics'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
13 Very Rare Edvard Munch Autograph Letter Signed Referencing His "Moonlight" Etching 4000
14 Very Rare Edvard Munch Autograph Letter Signed From the Kornhaug Sanatorium in 1900 -- "…I am thinking of traveling to Dresden then, concerning an exhibit of my works…" 4000
15 Pablo Picasso ''Le Dejeuner Sur L'herbe'' (''Lunch on the Grass''), No. 517 -- Stunning Plaque Created at Madoura Pottery Studios Measures 24'' x 20'' in Classic Picasso Style -- Picasso's Artist... PASS
16 Pablo Picasso ''Corrida aux Personnages'', Number 104 -- Colorful Ceramic Plate Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios in Very Small 50 Edition, Painted by Picasso in His Quintessential Style PASS
17 Pablo Picasso ''Tete au Masque'', Number 362 -- Dramatic & Playful Ceramic Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
18 Pablo Picasso ''La Pique'', Number 103 -- Ceramic Plate Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios in Small 150 Edition, Painted by Picasso in His Quintessential Style PASS
19 Pablo Picasso ''Figure de Proue'', Number 136 -- Vase Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
20 Pablo Picasso ''Paysage'', Number 205 -- Dramatic Ceramic Plate Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
21 Pablo Picasso ''Centaure et Visage'', Number 188 -- Pitcher Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios in a Small Edition of 125 PASS
22 Pablo Picasso ''Hibou'', Number 253 -- Ceramic Owl Pitcher Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
23 Pablo Picasso ''Pichet Yan'', Number 140 -- Pitcher Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
24 Pablo Picasso ''Yan Barbu'', Number 513 -- Pitcher Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
25 Pablo Picasso ''Femme Echevelee'', Number 511 -- Ceramic Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
26 Pablo Picasso ''Petit Visage Solaire'', Number 552 -- Ceramic Plaque Created at the Madoura Pottery Studios PASS
27 Andy Warhol Twice-Signed Iconic Campbell's Soup Can 3000
28 Berke Breathed Original Hand-Drawn Comic Strip for ''Bloom County'' -- Milo Scares Opus PASS
29 Berke Breathed Original Hand-Drawn Comic Strip for ''Bloom County'' -- Opus Has a Near Death Experience PASS
30 Berke Breathed Original Hand-Drawn Comic Strip for ''Bloom County'' -- Featuring Opus & Milo Bloom PASS
31 Milton Caniff Charcoal Drawing of the Dragon Lady From ''Terry and the Pirates'' -- Measures 24'' x 30'' 1250
32 ''Terry and the Pirates'' Original Comic Strip by Milton Caniff From 1943 PASS
33 Ward Kimball Signed Drawing of His Creation, the Reluctant Dragon PASS
34 Fantastic Dr. Seuss Lot of 3 Letters Signed & Illustrations From His Pivotal Year of 1957 -- ''...THE CAT IN THE HAT will, shortly, be my best known animal...'' -- Also Several Drawings by Walt Kelly 6823
35 Large Disney Cel From ''Sleeping Beauty'' -- Depicting Princess Aurora With Her Fairy Godmother Merryweather PASS
36 Grammy Medal Awarded to Kathy Mattea PASS
37 Scarce Huddie ''Lead Belly'' Ledbetter Autograph Letter Signed, Circa Early 1940s -- '' in a tuff spot right now but I'm trying all I can to get a $1000 dollars...'' 4000
38 Scarce Bon Scott Autograph Letter Signed From 1978 -- ''...Oh we finished our live album a few weeks ago in New York. I had to re-record about five concerts...'' -- With Epperson COA 7865
39 Eddie Van Halen Personally Designed, Stage Played & Signed Guitar 15000
40 Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed Both as ''Louis Armstrong'' & With His Nickname ''Satchmo'' PASS
41 Franz Liszt Autograph Letter Signed Mentioning His ''Lieder'' Compositions -- ''...since you are assuring me that my Lieder will contribute to your peace...'' PASS
42 Giacomo Puccini AMQS for ''La Boheme'' PASS
43 1956 Academy Award Nomination for the Film ''Giant'' 800
44 1970 Academy Award Nomination for the Song ''Till Love Touches Your Life'' 700
45 Bette Davis Personally Owned Necklace PASS
46 Bette Davis Personally Owned Earrings PASS
47 James Dean Unpublished Photograph, Taken Shortly Before His Death PASS
48 Farrah Fawcett Personally Owned Venetian Eye Mask -- With Elaborate Purple & Black Feathers PASS
49 Farrah Fawcett Personally Owned Necklace PASS
50 Carole Lombard Personally Owned & Monogrammed Bible PASS
51 Original 1945 Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Andre de Dienes, With de Dienes Backstamp -- Measures 9.5'' x 11.25'' 2000
52 Mickey Rooney's Golden Globe for Best Actor in ''Bill'' -- Directly From the Mickey Rooney Estate 7986
53 Mickey Rooney's Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor for ''Bill'' -- The Only Emmy Won by Rooney -- Directly From the Mickey Rooney Estate PASS
54 Mickey Rooney's Lifetime Achievement Award From the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs -- Directly From the Mickey Rooney Estate PASS
55 Mickey Rooney ''Best of Broadway Award'' for ''Sugar Babies'' -- Rooney's Broadway Debut That Revitalized His Career -- Directly From the Mickey Rooney Estate 587
56 Mickey Rooney ''Veterans Lifetime Achievement Award'' -- Directly From the Mickey Rooney Estate PASS
57 Frank Sinatra's Own Custom-Shirt With His Label PASS
58 John Wayne Mug From ''Rooster Cogburn'' -- One of Wayne's Famous Mugs Gifted to the Cast and Crew on His Films PASS
59 Marlon Brando Signed Agreement with 20th Century Fox From 1956 1419
60 Sammy Davis, Jr. Twice-Signed Passport Issued in 1963 -- With Dozens of Stamps Documenting His Travels Throughout the 1960s PASS
61 Marlene Dietrich Letter Signed, With Autograph Note, on Her Relationship with Erich Remarque, and ''that bitch [Paulette] Goddard'', Remarque's Widow 600
62 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- ''...Hardy was'nt Mad - just disgusted with the whole affair, it was really a shocking experience...'' 500
63 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- ''...Did you see the Dick Van Dyke show on TV a couple of weeks ago, he did a L&H skit (enclosed news photo) it was very good indeed...'' PASS
64 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- ''...The last film Hardy ever appeared in was titled 'UTOPIA' the one we made in France in 1950 - should have been title the 'Fiasco'...'' PASS
65 Marilyn Monroe Signed Rodeo Program, Obtained During the Filming of ''Bus Stop'' -- With University Archives COA PASS
66 ''Star Wars'' Cast-Signed Movie Poster -- Signed by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Darth Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca's Characters PASS
67 Rudolph Valentino Signed Photo With His Real Name ''Rodolfo Guglielmi'' -- Shows Valentino as a Young Boy PASS
68 Rudolph Valentino Autograph Letter Signed With His Real Name ''Rodolfo'' -- ''...I'm sending you my photograph with this letter, and I hope you'll send me one of you as soon as you get one taken...'' PASS
69 George H.W. Bush Autograph Letter Signed -- Addressed to Minnie Pearl, Who Had Just Performed for Him at the Grand Ole Opry PASS
70 George W. Bush Signed Limited Edition of ''The Capitol of Texas'' -- Gorgeous, Leather-Bound Volume Also Signed by Five Other Texas Governors PASS
71 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Copy of ''Crusade in Europe'' PASS
72 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President PASS
73 Thomas Jefferson & James Madison Signed Four-Language Ship's Papers -- Jefferson Signs as President & Madison as Secretary of State PASS
74 John F. Kennedy Signed ''Profiles in Courage'' -- With University Archives COA PASS
75 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of John F. Kennedy -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
76 First Edition, 27 Volume Set of the Warren Commission's Report on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy -- With Scarce ''Report'' Volume PASS
77 AP Wire Teletype From 22 November 1963 Regarding the Assassination of John F. Kennedy -- ''President Kennedy Is Dead'' PASS
78 Robert F. Kennedy Sculpture by Robert Berks 1500
79 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed as President -- Recommending Employment to a Discharged Soldier PASS
80 First Edition of ''Words of Lincoln'' From 1895, With Excerpts of Abraham Lincoln's Speeches & Writings PASS
81 Ronald and Nancy Reagan Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- With JSA COA PASS
82 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Book as President, on the Occasion of the Tricentennial Anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement of America PASS
83 Zachary Taylor Document Signed as President -- The Third Rarest Autograph as President PASS
84 George Washington Letter Signed From 1785 -- In this Almost Humorous Letter, Washington Manages Renters on His Land, and Appeals to His Land Agent for Help 15000
85 Winston Churchill Letter Signed Regarding Corrections to His WWII Memoir, ''The Second World War'' PASS
86 Important Oliver Cromwell Autograph Letter Signed From 1648 Regarding His Son's Matrimony -- ''...Mr. Maijor desired 400l. per annum of inheritance...wherein I desired to be advised by my wife...'' PASS
87 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine Condition PASS
88 Anastasio Somoza Garcia Document Signed From 1937 as President of Nicaragua PASS
89 Prince William and Princess Kate Wedding Cake Slice -- In Original Presentation Tin PASS
90 Scarce Marie Curie Signed Document From Her "Institut du Radium" Laboratory -- Curie Signs Off on an Experiment in Her Lab PASS
91 Lot of Two Charles Darwin Autograph Letters Signed With Evolution Related Content -- ''...I was particularly glad to hear you and your brother's statement about the 'gay' deceiver-pigeons...'' PASS
92 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed -- Darwin Writes to His Financial Advisor Regarding an Investment PASS
93 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed From November 1851 PASS
94 Richard Feynman Autograph Manuscript Entitled ''Conversation with Presskill'' -- Comprising Three Pages of Notes on Theoretical Physics PASS
95 Spectacular Buzz Aldrin Signed 20'' x 8'' Photo, Titled by Aldrin ''Magnificent Desolation'' -- With Novaspace COA 1500
96 Buzz Aldrin Fantastic Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo of the First Lunar Landing PASS
97 Buzz Aldrin Signed 10'' x 8'' ''First Lunar Landing'' Photo -- Aldrin Stands in Front of the U.S. Flag on the Moon PASS
98 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed Astronaut Insurance Cover -- Signed ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
99 U.S. Flag Flown to the Moon on the Apollo 17 Mission 2500
100 Neil Armstrong Signed Certificate for ''Footsteps on the Moon'' PASS
101 Scarce Rogers Commission Signed Photo -- Signed by 12 Members Who Investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, Including Richard Feynman, Sally Ride, Don Kutyna, William Rogers & Neil Armstrong PASS
102 Howard Hughes Signed First Day Cover for the 1944 Flight of the Constellation -- Also Signed by TWA President & Hughes' Co-Pilot Jack Frye -- With University Archives COA 1600
103 Fabric Swatch From the First Airplane, the Wright Flyer 10000
104 Wilbur Wright Postcard Signed From December 1908 During Their Very Successful Exhibition Flights in Europe -- With University Archives COA PASS
105 Marquis de Lafayette Autograph Note Signed -- ''Here is the portrait of an affectionate, grateful, and respectful friend / Lafayette'' PASS
106 Civil War Letter Archive by a 107th Illinois Corporal -- ''...They came near drawing us into as nice a trap as was ever set to catch human flesh...they fled...leaving all their killed & wounded...'' PASS
107 Civil War Letter Lot by a 36th Illinois Infantryman WIA at Murfreesboro -- ''...had the satisfaction of seeing at least 2 of the enemy fall before my gun when a ball struck my left leg...'' PASS
108 Journal & 40 Letter Civil War Lot by a Soldier in ''Butler's Brigade'', the 30th Massachusetts Infantry, Organized by General Butler -- With Battle of Baton Rouge & New Orleans Occupation Content PASS
109 Civil War Archive by the Colonel Commanding the 45th Massachusetts Infantry -- ''...The battle at Kingston was a severe initiation...One man was killed at my side and many were hit all around me...'' PASS
110 General William T. Sherman Twice-Signed Copy of ''Military Orders of General William T. Sherman, 1861-'65'' -- Inscribed to Civil War General Samuel W. Crawford 2500
111 18 Civil War Letters by General John Willian, With Personal Content on the Battles of Chancellorsville, Williamsburg, Spotsylvania Court House, Fort Stedman & Boydton Plank Road PASS
112 Frederick Douglass Document Signed as Recorder of Deeds PASS
113 New Orleans Slave Receipt From 1853 -- Disturbing Bill of Sale From a Slave Auction at the St. Louis Exchange Hotel Itemizes Several Slaves With Purchase Price, Signed by the Auctioneer PASS
114 Enola Gay Crew-Signed Photo by Four Depicting the Atomic Bomb Blast PASS
115 Original Program From the WWII Japanese Surrender Ceremony -- 2 September 1945 on the USS Missouri PASS
116 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo From the Fight of the Century -- With Steiner Certification PASS
117 Muhammad Ali Signed 24'' x 30'' Photo -- With Steiner COA PASS
118 Mata Hari Autograph Letter Signed to Her Lover, Piet van der Hem -- ''...Want to come and talk to me a little at 9 pm?...'' PASS
119 Illinois-Wabash Land Company Document, Appointing Simon Gratz as Chairman PASS
120 John D. Rockefeller Signed Portrait Engraving -- Measures 13'' x 17.25'' PASS
121 F.W. Woolworth Signed Stock Certificate for the Woolworth Building Safe Deposit Company -- From 1914 Shortly After the Historic Woolworth Building Was Completed PASS
122 Alcoholics Anonymous ''Big Book'' First Edition, Fourth Printing PASS
123 Daniel Boone Revolutionary War Document Signed Regarding a Horse Killed During the Battle of Blue Licks -- One of the Only Documents Signed by Boone Regarding This Battle 8500
124 Harry Houdini Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Beautiful Matte Photo With Bold Signature PASS
125 Red Cross Advertising Poster PASS
126 Red Cross Employment Flyer PASS
127 Red Cross Disaster Relief Poster PASS
128 Marquis de Sade Autograph Letter Signed From 1793 -- Sade Recommends an Individual During France's Reign of Terror 2400