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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Nobel Prize Awarded to Chemist Heinrich Wieland, the Founder of Modern Biochemistry -- The Only Nobel Prize in Chemistry Ever to Be Auctioned 325000
2 Thomas Edison Signed Copy of ''His Life And Inventions'' -- Rare Signed Volume by Edison 1065
3 Famed Penicillin Discoverer Alexander Fleming 1946 Autograph Letter Signed -- A Year After Winning the Nobel Prize -- ''...I am at peace with the world...'' PASS
4 Famed Italian Inventor of the Battery Alessandro Volta Document Signed PASS
5 Academy Award Trophy From the 1935 Ceremony -- Produced by Columbia Pictures to Celebrate ''It Happened One Night'' & Given to Columbia Stars That Night 6000
6 Academy Award Nomination for Animated Short ''Tulips Shall Grow'' PASS
7 Academy Award Nomination for the Animated Short Film ''John Henry And The Inky Poo'' PASS
8 Academy Award Nomination for the Dr. Seuss Short Film ''And To Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street'' PASS
9 Academy Award Nomination for the Dr. Seuss Short Film ''The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins'' PASS
10 Mary Astor's Union Card, Given to Her Upon Her Retirement in 1965 -- From The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists PASS
11 Thora Birch Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Ghost World'' -- With Original Wardrobe Tags From Production 1200
12 Jeff Bridges Screen-Worn Bodysuit From the 1982 Science Fiction Classic ''Tron'' 7500
13 Johnny Carson Costume From Famous ''Rambo'' Parody Sketch -- With Signed Photograph of Carson Wearing the Costume PASS
14 Joan Crawford Personally Owned Film Script for ''Daisy Kenyon'' -- From Christie's Auction of Crawford's Estate PASS
15 Cecil B. Demille Necklace Gifted to His Daughter, Actress Katherine Demille Quinn -- 88 Grams of 18K Gold -- With a COA From Cecil B. Demille's Granddaughter PASS
16 Robert Downey Jr. Screen-Worn ''Flying Test'' Wardrobe From ''Iron Man'' PASS
17 Rock Hudson's Own Script From the 1973 Academy Awards, When He Hosted It -- With COAs From Rock Hudson's Estate PASS
18 Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe From ''The Burning Plain'' -- One of Her Earliest Roles 750
19 ''RoboCop'' Screen-Used Robot PASS
20 Red Skelton Famous Three Piece Checkered Suit Worn as ''Clem Kadiddlehopper'' on ''The Red Skelton Show'' PASS
21 ''The Sound of Music'' Ultimate Collection of ''Curtain'' Costumes Worn by the Von Trapp Children PASS
22 ''The Sound of Music'' Script Owned & Signed by Academy Award Nominated Cinematographer Ted McCord -- With McCord's Own Annotations and Notes 1000
23 ''Sound of Music'' Original Color Poster -- Measures 14'' x 20'' 300
24 ''Sound of Music'' Large Color Poster -- Measures 27'' x 40.5'' 300
25 ''Sound of Music'' Large Poster From 1969 -- Measures 27'' x 41'' PASS
26 ''Sound of Music'' Sheet Music PASS
27 ''Sound of Music'' Insert From the Original Soundtrack Album PASS
28 Lot of 100 Personal Checks Signed by Hollywood Film Star Mary Astor PASS
29 Mary Astor Letter Signed -- ''...I turned down a 'Gunsmoke' at $2,000, but there's a Fred MacMurray show in mid-Sept at $1500 that I'll have to take if I can't count on some voice-overs...'' 125
30 Pearl Bailey Signed Card PASS
31 Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Signed Checks From 1953 PASS
32 Frankenstein Actor Lon Chaney, Jr. Signed Photo 300
33 Vivien Leigh Signature PASS
34 Marilyn Monroe Signed Check PASS
35 Marilyn Monroe Signed Photo Display -- With PSA/DNA COA 2250
36 Deborah Shelton Signed Poster PASS
37 Red Skelton Twice-Signed Contract -- Pertains to Clips of His Show Used in ''Gremlins'' PASS
38 Heather Thomas Signed Poster PASS
39 Gold Olympic Medal From the 1906 Summer Olympics, Held in Athens, Greece PASS
40 Silver Olympic Medal From the 1906 Summer Olympics, Held in Athens, Greece PASS
41 Silver Olympic Medal From the 1906 Summer Olympics, Held in Athens, Greece PASS
42 Gold Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics, Held in Stockholm, Sweden PASS
43 Silver Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics, Held in Stockholm, Sweden PASS
44 Silver Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics, Held in Stockholm, Sweden PASS
45 Bronze Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics, Held in Stockholm, Sweden PASS
46 Bronze Medal From the 1912 Summer Olympics, Held in Stockholm, Sweden PASS
47 Silver Olympic Medal From the 1920 Summer Olympics, Held in Antwerp, Belgium PASS
48 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1920 Summer Olympics, Held in Antwerp, Belgium PASS
49 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1920 Summer Olympics, Held in Antwerp, Belgium PASS
50 Gold Olympic Medal From the 1928 Summer Olympics, Held in Amsterdam, Netherlands PASS
51 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1928 Summer Olympics, Held in Amsterdam, Netherlands PASS
52 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1928 Summer Olympics, Held in Amsterdam, Netherlands PASS
53 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1928 Winter Olympics, Held in St. Moritz, Switzerland PASS
54 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1928 Winter Olympics, Held in St. Moritz, Switzerland PASS
55 Bronze Olympic Medal From the 1932 Summer Olympics, Held in Los Angeles, California PASS
56 Silver Medal From the 1936 Summer Olympics, Held in Berlin, Germany PASS
57 Silver Medal From the 1936 Summer Olympics, Held in Berlin, Germany -- Won by Swiss Gymnast Eugen Mack PASS
58 Silver Medal From the 1936 Summer Olympics, Held in Berlin, Germany -- Won by Swiss Gymnast Eugen Mack PASS
59 Olympic Torch From the Famed 1936 Summer Olympic Games Held in Berlin -- Very Few Torches From the 1936 Games Remain 8750
60 Silver Medal From the 1952 Summer Olympics, Held in Helsinki, Finland PASS
61 Bronze Medal From the 1952 Summer Olympics, Held in Helsinki, Finland PASS
62 Bronze Medal From the 1992 Summer Olympics, Held in Barcelona, Spain PASS
63 Bronze Medal From the 2004 Summer Olympics, Held in Athens, Greece PASS
64 Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball -- Also Signed by Whitey Ford -- From The Estate of Red Skelton And Previously Owned by Him PASS
65 Philadelphia Phillies 1980 World Series Ring -- Awarded to Longtime National League President Charles ''Chub'' Feeney -- The First World Series Ever Won by the Franchise PASS
66 Jeff Gordon IROC Race-Worn Suit From the 1997 Season PASS
67 Jimmie Johnson Signed Racing Suit From His Rookie Year -- Race-Worn During the 2000 NASCAR Busch Series PASS
68 F.A. Cup Gold Winner's Medal Awarded to Newcastle United for the Famous ''Rainy Day Final'' in 1924 -- Accompanied by Two Original Team Photographs PASS
69 Gold F.A. Cup Winner's Medal Won in 1931 by West Bromwich Albion PASS
70 Gold F.A. Cup Runners-Up Medal Won by West Bromwich Albion Manager Fred Everiss in 1935 PASS
71 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Sunday Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Linus With Biblical Content -- 1964 28000
73 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn "Peanuts" Comic Strip From 1967 -- Featuring Charlie Brown & Violet Gray 12500
74 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1959 -- Featuring Charlie Brown & Schroeder 15000
75 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn & Signed ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1967 -- A Baseball Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Peppermint Patty 16638
76 Charles Schulz Drawing of ''Peanuts'' Character Schroeder PASS
77 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing PASS
78 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing PASS
79 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing PASS
80 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing PASS
81 Charles Schulz Signed Sketch of Snoopy -- From the Early 1950's PASS
82 Mickey Mouse ''Fantasia'' Hand Painted Cel by Walt Disney Company -- From the ''Magic Brooms'' Segment PASS
83 Mickey Mouse Animation Cel by Walt Disney Co. 300
84 Mickey Mouse Animation Cel by Walt Disney Co. 300
85 Animation Cel From the 1940 Disney Classic ''Pinocchio'' -- Shows Pinocchio During His Escapade at the Bottom of the Sea to Save Geppetto PASS
86 Scarce Mt. Rushmore Photograph Signed by Its Designer Gutzon Borglum -- 10'' x 12.75'' PASS
87 Master of Americana, Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
88 Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photograph PASS
89 Dr. Seuss Original 66'' x 29.5'' 1940's Drawing of His Famous Dachshund, Representing Germans in WWII -- Measures Nearly Six Feet Long! PASS
90 Andy Warhol Large Signed Poster of Marilyn Monroe PASS
91 Andy Warhol Signed Poster of His Famous Elizabeth Taylor Masterpiece PASS
92 Andy Warhol Sketches His Famous Campbell's Soup Can -- Drawn Upon a Signed First Edition of ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'' 1800
93 Beatles Poster Signed by Original Drummer Pete Best PASS
94 Victoria Beckham Owned Dolce & Gabbana Silver Silk-Blend Dress PASS
95 Gorgeous Victoria Beckham Owned Dolce & Gabbana Dress PASS
96 Stunning Victoria Beckham Worn Christian Dior Dress PASS
97 Fergie Worn High Heels, Signed on the Bottom of Both Heels PASS
98 Grammy Signature Book From the 2015 Award Show -- Signed by 71 Celebrities Including Paul McCartney, Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, Tony Bennett & More PASS
99 Michael Jackson Signed ''Thriller'' Contract -- Large Red Signature -- With Verification from the U.S. Copyright Office PASS
101 John Lennon Signed ''Bag One'' Print Depicting Lennon & Yoko Ono -- Limited Edition #48 of 300 -- With COA From Roger Epperson PASS
102 Katy Perry Costume From Her Guest Spot on ''Raising Hope'' PASS
103 Elvis Presley's Personally Owned Gramophone -- From His House in Palm Springs PASS
104 Donna Summer 1979 American Music Award For ''Bad Girls'' as Favorite Female Vocalist PASS
105 Donna Summer 1979 American Music Award for ''Bad Girls'' PASS
106 Patsy Cline Autograph Postcard Signed -- Sent From Las Vegas in 1962 -- ''...I've been getting real good crowds & have pictures to show you. I can't wait to get home...'' PASS
107 Billie Holiday Signed First Edition of Her Memoirs -- Scarce 2500
108 Charles Bukowski Hand Drawn Illustration -- Signed ''Buk'' 400
109 Charles Bukowski Signed & Hand-Sketched Page From His Book PASS
110 First Edition, First Printing of ''The Great Gatsby'' PASS
111 Charles Swinburne Limited First Edition of ''The Springtide of Life'' -- Signed by Illustrator Arthur Rackham PASS
112 George Bernard Shaw's ''Nine Plays'' Signed PASS
113 True Mark Twain 1885 First Edition of His Beloved Tome, ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' PASS
114 Richard Wright Signed Copy of ''Native Son'' PASS
115 John Quincy Adams Land Grant Signed as President 600
116 Calvin Coolidge Signed ''Have Faith in Massachusetts'' -- Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
117 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed D-Day Speech From ''Crusade in Europe'' -- Rare Signed Speech Is Very Desirable Among Presidential & WWII Collectors PASS
118 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph letter Signed to Mamie About Their Son -- ''...Undoubtedly he has some feeling (at least subconsciously) that he has always been carefully watched over...'' PASS
119 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter -- ''...I just heard of an emergency some 200 miles away, I must run out and jump into a plane to take a trip...oh, baloney, here's a mob...'' PASS
120 General Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Letter Signed to His Wife, Mamie -- ''...the only real reason I'm writing is just to tell you again I love you...'' PASS
121 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Intimate Letter to His Wife -- ''...I find myself trying to write everything except what is actually in my mind...'' PASS
122 China Plate From Eisenhower's Presidential Airplane PASS
123 Eisenhower Letter Signed as President -- ''...The 'which' clause came into the thing insidiously and without awakening the fears of many -- including capable, even brilliant -- lawyers...'' PASS
124 President Dwight Eisenhower Signed 11'' x 14'' Photograph PASS
125 President Ulysses S. Grant Signed Pardon PASS
126 Benjamin Harrison Large Document Signed as President PASS
127 Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed -- Handwritten Letters by Hoover Are Quite Scarce PASS
128 Herbert Hoover Signature 125
129 President Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed in 1830 PASS
130 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Copy of His Civil Rights Speeches in 1965 -- ''The Road to Justice'' -- Rare Signed Volume by LBJ PASS
131 Lyndon Johnson Bill-Signing Pen Used as President -- To Sign Bill Which Increased Basic Pay For Members of the Military at the Height of the Vietnam War PASS
132 President John F. Kennedy Double Deck of Cards & Matchbook for Use on His Presidential Aircraft PASS
133 John F. Kennedy Pen Used for Bill Signing During His Presidency PASS
134 Very Last White House Invitation for the Kennedy Administration -- President John F. Kennedy Invitation Card for a White House Reception Held Two Days Before His Death PASS
135 John F. Kennedy Portrait, Signed by the Artist Norman Rockwell -- One of Only 25 Artist Proofs PASS
136 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' PASS
137 Program for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled for the Night of 22 November 1963 300
138 JFK Assassination Newspaper ''Dallas Morning News'' -- 23 November 1963 PASS
139 ''The Dallas Times-Herald'' From 25 November 1963 -- ''Sad Nation Bids Kennedy Farewell / FBI Tipped Oswald Would Be Killed'' PASS
140 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed With a Bold, Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature -- Signed Very Early in His Presidency on 28 March 1861 7000
141 Abraham Lincoln Complete 10 Volume Set of His Definitive Biography ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' -- Written by His Secretaries John Hay & John Nicolay PASS
142 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Letter From the Lead Detective -- ''...Clampitt [Mary Surratt's defense lawyer] was little more than a big mouthed political rounder...'' PASS
143 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Witness Accuses Another Witness of Lying: ''...I do not understand why he gave his imagination such full play in embellishing the part he performed...'' PASS
144 Mary Todd Lincoln CDV -- With Anthony Backstamp PASS
145 William McKinley Signed Check PASS
146 President James Monroe Land Grant Signed in 1821 PASS
147 James Monroe Free Frank Signed as Secretary of State 550
148 Richard Nixon Handwritten on Vietnam -- ''...The enemy's major weapon is [the American public's] opposition to war...We have awesome military power...We can win, the question is, when?...'' PASS
149 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation 600
150 Richard Nixon Signed ''Private Limited Edition'' of ''Real Peace'' -- Advance Copy Owned by Red Skelton PASS
151 Rare 8'' x 10'' Photograph Signed by Four Presidents -- Signed by Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
152 Ronald Reagan Signed Limited Edition of His Speeches, ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
153 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Copy of ''If You Ask Me'' -- Rare Title Signed by the First Lady PASS
154 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Owned Sailboat Glass -- From the 1951 Sale of the Roosevelt Estate PASS
155 Theodore Roosevelt Military Appointment Signed as President -- Also Signed by William Howard Taft as Secretary of War 600
156 President William H. Taft Photograph Signed as President -- Signed on His Last Day in Office -- Measures 9.75'' x 13.75'' PASS
157 President Zachary Taylor Free Frank Signature 800
158 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
159 Scarce President Harry Truman Official White House China Plate -- Fine PASS
160 Harry Truman Signed First Edition of His ''Memoirs'' PASS
161 Harry Truman Signed Portrait 200
162 King Edward VIII Personally Owned British Royal Navy Flag -- With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
163 Duke & Duchess of Windsor Fob Swiss Watch -- Gorgeous 15 Jewel Marvin Brand Timepiece Is Fully Functional PASS
164 Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Autograph Letter Signed From Buckingham Palace -- ''...The King & I are so very touched by your kindness in sending us such a charming silver wedding present...'' 250
165 Queen Victoria Owned & Worn Black Feather Aigrette -- Purchased at Christie's by Madame Tussauds in 1982 PASS
166 Queen Victoria Signed Photograph -- COA From PSA/DNA 1000
167 Lot of 29 British Royalty Tickets to Various Events -- Includes Tickets to the Coronations of King George V & VI, King Edward VII And Queen Elizabeth II 2000
168 Napoleon PASS
169 Napoleon Bonaparte Document Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA 2500
170 Leon Trotsky Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I 'entrust' to your experienced hands...'' PASS
171 Apollo 10 Crew-Signed Poster --Signed by Tom Stafford, John Young & Gene Cernan -- Dedicated to Red Skelton & Consigned by His Estate 250
172 Four X-Ray Radiographs of Apollo 11 Items Worn by the Astronauts & Left on the Moon -- Radiographs Were Taken by NASA Nine Days Before the Apollo 11 Launch PASS
173 Apollo 13 Flown Robbins Medal -- From the Collection of Jack Swigert, Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot -- Serial Number 146 2750
174 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Near Fine PASS
175 Pete Conrad's Military-Issued Watch PASS
176 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned & Signed Apollo 13 First Day Cover -- Near Fine PASS
177 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately PASS
178 George Custer Envelope Signed PASS
179 Civil War Furlough Request Signed by Several Confederate Generals & Officers -- Including Generals Leonidas Polk, Thomas C. Hindman, Braxton Bragg & Zacariah Deas PASS
180 General William T. Sherman Cabinet Card Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA 600
181 Enola Gay Crew Members Signed Cover -- Paul Tibbets, Dutch Van Kirk, Tom Ferebee, Jacob Beser & Dick Nelson PASS
182 Rene Gagnon 1944 WWII Autograph Letter Twice Signed -- ''...I'd even go over the hill [AWOL] and go to Manchester to see you if you wanted me to, but I know you don't want me to...'' PASS
183 WWII Admiral Chester Nimitz Signed Photograph -- Photograph Depicts Nimitz Signing the Declaration of Japanese Surrender on 2 September 1945 PASS
184 Original Program From the WWII Japanese Surrender Ceremony -- 2 September 1945 on the USS Missouri 5000
185 WWII Instrument of Surrender Ceremony Card -- From the Famous Ceremony Aboard The USS Missouri in 1945 -- Given to U.S. Commodore Jasper Acuff 3000
186 Rosa Parks Signed Photograph -- With COA From JSA PASS
187 Fallen Socialite Edie Bouvier Beale Autograph Letter Signed -- With Great Eccentric Content on Her Cat -- ''...[my cat] is very fat...He likes...moist cat food...milk...Will eat bacon...'' PASS
188 Helen Keller's Book of Poetry ''The Open Door'' Signed 300
189 American Business Mogul John Paul Getty Group of 10 Signed Checks PASS
190 McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc Twice Signed Book, ''The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
192 Titanic Rescuing Captain Arthur Rostron Autograph Letter Signed PASS