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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Original 1949 Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Andre de Dienes -- With de Dienes Backstamp -- Large Format Photo Measures 10.75'' x 13.75'' PASS
2 Elvis Presley's Personally Owned Guitar, Likely Screen-Used in ''Girls, Girls, Girls'' PASS
3 Ryan Reynolds Screen-Worn Flight Suit From the Movie "Life" -- Along With His Socks PASS
4 Frank Sinatra 1945 Golden Globe Award for ''The House I Live In'' That Promoted Jewish Tolerance -- The Only Major Award Won by Frank Sinatra to Appear at Auction 44000
5 Alicia Vikander Screen-Worn Costume as Lara Croft in ''Tomb Raider'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
6 Cary Grant 11'' x 14'' Signed Photo, With Bold Signature 600
7 Audrey Hepburn Receives a Letter From Paramount Founder Adolph Zukor -- ''It gives me great pleasure to congratulation you on your portrayal of MY FAIR LADY'' -- From Audrey's Personal Collection 1750
8 Scarce Bert Lahr Signed Photo as ''Cowardly Lion'' in 1939 ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
9 Hattie McDaniel of ''Gone With the Wind'' Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 750
10 Shirley Temple Large 11'' x 14'' Signed Photo PASS
11 Three Stooges Signed Sheet Music, Including Curly Howard's Signature -- Signed by Curly, Moe & Larry Circa 1943 1000
12 Disneyland Ticket for Opening Day Festivities on 17 July 1955 PASS
13 Original ''Dumbo'' Disney Cel -- Featuring Dumbo With His Large Ears on Full Display PASS
14 Original Disney Hand-Painted Cels From the Academy Award-Winning 1938 Disney Short ''Ferdinand the Bull'' -- Featuring Ferdinand With His Mother PASS
15 Original Disney Cel of Mickey Mouse From ''The Mickey Mouse Club'' on ''Circus Day'', Showing Mickey Standing in a Pool of Water PASS
16 Bill Wilson Signed Copy of ''AA Today'' -- ''...For your example of all that is AA, my deep gratitude...'' PASS
17 Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...About undoubtedly know more about the book and the events surrounding it than I do...I would not trust my memory...'' PASS
18 Joseph Heller on His Catch-22 Protagonist -- ''...not for a moment the thought of making Yossarian Jewish. That was a line of development in which I did not want to get involved...'' 400
19 James Joyce Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have undergone a seventh operation. It was quite awful this time...'' PASS
20 Sylvia Plath Signed Health Insurance Card PASS
21 Beatrix Potter 1907 Autograph Letter Signed as ''Beatrix Potter'' -- ''...I have been photographing...the lambs before they depart. Oh shocking! It does not do to be sentimental on a farm...'' PASS
22 Curious George First Edition, Signed by H.A. Rey With His Original Ink Drawing of Curious George -- ''Curious George Rides a Bike'' From 1952 PASS
23 Fantastic Lot of Letters by J.D. Salinger on Writing -- ''...I hate the word smells more of writing for publication than for survival, for sanity...'' 7500
24 J.D. Salinger Letter Signed From 1953, ''...I don't seem to know who any of my friends are any more...'' -- Also With a Passionate 2pp. Letter to a Fellow Writer, ''...Both stories reek of talent...'' PASS
25 J.D. Salinger Letter Signed Twice, With Autograph Note -- ''...I am up to my flat, slug-white writer's ass in a large-size book...'' -- And With Letter Signed ''John Ringling North'' in Type 4750
26 Extraordinary Bound Volume of ''raw, unworked poems'' by Anne Sexton in 1973 -- With Two Letters Signed to Critic Walter Kerr, Whom She Sent Them to, One Day After She Finished the Drafts PASS
27 Shel Silverstein Signed Copy of ''Where the Sidewalk Ends'' -- A Very Rare Title Signed by Silverstein PASS
28 Superb Harriet Beecher Stowe Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Slavery -- ''...Nothing more is needed than to awaken the attention of the public to an expose of the slave law system...'' PASS
29 The Beatles RIAA White Matte Gold Award for ''Something New'' -- One of a Few Available White Matte Awards for The Beatles PASS
30 The Beatles Last Concert Poster as a Touring Band, From 29 August 1966 at Candlestick Park -- First Printing PASS
31 John Bonham's Custom-Made Drum Sticks Used by Bonham in the mid-1970s with Led Zeppelin PASS
32 Bob Dylan Signed Martin D-15 Acoustic Guitar -- Also With Dylan's RIAA Award for ''Time Out of Mind'' -- With Roger Epperson COA 5500
33 The Who's John Entwistle Personally Owned Fender Swinger Guitar From 1969 -- One of the Rarest Production Guitars Ever Made, With Provenance From Sotheby's John Entwistle Estate Sale PASS
34 Michael Jackson's Famous Stage-Worn Black Fedora -- From 1984 ''Victory'' Tour Used When Jackson Performed ''Billie Jean'' PASS
35 Miranda Lambert Stage-Worn Black Leather Studded Mini-Skirt PASS
36 Miranda Lambert Stage-Worn Black Suede Mini-Skirt PASS
37 Miranda Lambert Stage-Worn Cut-Off Black Denim Shorts PASS
38 Paul McCartney and Wings Original 1973 Production Master Tapes for the ''Band on the Run'' 400
39 Jimmy Page Signed Limited Edition of ''ZoSo'', His Photographic Autobiography -- The Collector Edition PASS
40 Pink Floyd Signed ''Ummagumma'' Album -- Signed by All Four Members: Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason & David Gilmour -- With Roger Epperson COA 4000
41 The Supremes Photo Signed by all 3, Including Florence Ballard -- With Epperson COA PASS
42 James Taylor Production Master Tape for His Critically Acclaimed First Album Entitled ''James Taylor'' -- Recorded at the Famed Trident Studios in 1968 PASS
43 Tupac Shakur Twice-Signed Polaroid From Prison -- Tupac Signs Both ''TUPAC'' and ''2PAC'' -- Taken the Day After Tupac Married Keisha 3000
44 Tupac Shakur Signed Polaroid From Prison -- In the Photo, Tupac Flashes the Westside Sign 4393
45 Handwritten Music for The Who's #1 Hit ''You Better You Bet'', Penned by Bass Guitarist John Entwistle 1600
46 Pristine Original Woodstock Concert Poster Signed by Artist Arnold Skolnick -- First Printing, Large Format Poster Measures 24'' x 36'' PASS
47 Grammy Nomination for Best Gospel Performance to The Winans PASS
48 Billie Holiday 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
49 Gioachino Rossini Autograph Letter Signed -- '' all that you can to assist my protege...'' PASS
50 Samuel Francis Smith, Writer of ''America'', Signed CDV Photo -- With University Archives COA PASS
51 Hank Williams, Sr. Signed Photo, Without Inscription -- With PSA/DNA & Roger Epperson COAs PASS
52 Lot of 55 Official Financial Ledgers for the Dodgers From 1924-1965 -- Covering Their Move to LA From Brooklyn, Player Salaries, Ticket Sales, Manager & Scout Salaries, Player ''Depreciation'' & More PASS
53 1963 Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Ring -- Belonging to the Mulvey Family Who Co-Owned the Dodgers PASS
54 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Ring -- Dodgers Owner Stephen W. Mulvey's Replacement Ring 5000
55 Artwork Signed by 28 Baseball Players Including Joe DiMaggio, Dizzy Dean and Casey Stengel PASS
56 Over 200 Dodgers Baseball Cards, From the 1930s to 1970s -- Owned by the Mulvey Family PASS
57 Original 1957 Ordinance & Map Approving the Dodgers Move to Los Angles & the Transfer of Land in Chavez Ravine to Build Dodgers Stadium -- From the Dodgers Archives 1612
58 Jackie Robinson Signature 450
59 Babe Ruth Signature -- Slabbed by PSA PASS
60 Muhammad Ali Signed Speed Bag From 1963 as Cassius Clay -- With COA From Craig R. Hamilton PASS
61 Knute Rockne Letter Signed From 30 October 1928, Just 11 Days Before His ''Win one for the Gipper'' Speech -- With JSA COA 1000
62 Olympic Torch Used in 2016 Rio Summer Games PASS
63 Henri Matisse Autograph Letter Signed on the Verso of a Postcard Featuring His Painting ''Pianist and Checker Players'' PASS
64 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
65 Norman Rockwell Signed Set of ''Four Seasons'' Artist Proof Lithographs -- Housed in Custom Portfolio 500
66 Andy Warhol Signed Iconic Campbell's Soup Label PASS
67 Andy Warhol Sketches His Famous Campbell's Soup Can -- Drawn Upon a Signed First Edition of ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'' PASS
68 Bernard Krigstein Artwork Entitled "Maine Rocks (Seal Cove)"-- Large Watercolor Measures 22" x 15" 200
69 Bernard Krigstein Nude Watercolor -- Measures 15'' x 11'' 200
70 Bernard Krigstein Nude Watercolor -- Measures 15'' x 10'' 200
71 Bernard Krigstein Signed Illustration, Entitled "Mythic Warrior" Done for a Hawaii Magazine Series -- Large Illustration Measures 10.5" x 13.75" PASS
72 Bernard Krigstein Signed Illustration, Entitled "Surf Riders" Done for a Hawaii Magazine Series -- Large Illustration Measures 10.5" x 13.75" 200
73 Bernard Krigstein Illustration, Entitled "The Blind Handel conducts his Concerti Grossi"-- Large Illustration Measures 17" x 14" 200
74 Bernard Krigstein Signed Illustration, Entitled "Winter, 1739-40 - The Thames Frozen" From 1959 for a Handel LP -- Large Illustration Measures 16.75" x 13.75" PASS
75 Bernard Krigstein Signed Illustration, From 1959 for the LP "Beethoven Symphony No. 9" -- Large Illustration Measures 16.75" x 13.5 PASS
76 Bernard Krigstein Signed Illustration for "American Heritage" Magazine Entitled "A Sword for George Rogers Clark", From 1962 -- Measures 15" x 16" PASS
77 Bernard Krigstein Signed Illustration From 1961 of Two Civil War Soldiers - Union and Confederate -- Large Illustration Measures 16.75" x 13.5 PASS
78 Charles Schulz Signed 8'' x 7'' Drawing of Snoopy 1250
79 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Charlie Brown Blowing Out Birthday Candles -- Measures 8.5'' x 11'' 1065
80 John Adams Signed Copy of ''A Discourse'' -- The Powerful Pro-American Independence Book Called ''The Morning Gun of the Revolution'' PASS
81 John Adams 4-Language Ship's Papers Signed as President During the French-American Naval Quasi-War PASS
82 John Adams Free Franked Signature -- With University Archives COA PASS
83 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed D-Day Speech From the Limited Edition of ''Crusade in Europe'' PASS
84 James Garfield Document Signed as President -- One of the Rarest Presidential Signatures PASS
85 Very Scarce White House China From the Ulysses S. Grant Administration PASS
86 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of John F. Kennedy -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
87 Abraham Lincoln Military Appointment Signed as President -- With Bold ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature, Lincoln Promotes a Cavalry Soldier to Second Lieutenant PASS
88 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
89 Abraham Lincoln Signature -- With University Archives COA PASS
90 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- Taken 4 October 1859 PASS
91 James Madison Letter Twice-Signed as Secretary of State, Regarding a Change in Payment Terms for the Louisiana Purchase -- '' promote a modification, if possible'' PASS
92 James Madison Military Appointment Signed as President During the War of 1812 400
93 Ronald Reagan Signed ''An American Life'' Special Limited Edition -- Housed in Luxury Oak Case With Audiotapes of ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
94 Ronald Reagan Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''An American Life'' PASS
95 Ronald Reagan Signed Bookplate -- Included With a First Edition of His Book ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
96 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photo of His ''Turkey Cabinet'' as Governor of New York in 1932 -- Signed in Full, ''Franklin D. Roosevelt'' PASS
97 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Limited Edition of His 1889 Book ''Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Great Plains'' -- #166 of 1000 PASS
98 Harry Truman Twice-Signed 13.25'' x 10.5'' Photograph, Famously Showing Truman Holding Up the ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- Truman Writes ''They missed the boat?'' 2420
99 Harry Truman Speech Signed as President From 1952 -- ''...The Kremlin is not going to take a vacation just because we are having a Presidential election in this country. Far from it...'' 1400
100 Gorgeous 16.5'' x 12'' Photo Signed by Harry Truman & His Cabinet -- From the Estate of Agriculture Secretary Charles Brannon PASS
101 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper, Along With the Second Erroneous Paper Published Later That Day, ''G.O.P. Wins White House!'' -- The Worst Newspaper Faux Pas of the 20th Century 1100
102 Hand-Colored Campaign Banner for the 1848 Free Soil Presidential Ticket That Opposed Slavery & Swung the Election to Zachary Taylor -- Featuring Martin Van Buren & Lithographed by Nathaniel Currier PASS
103 Winston Churchill Signed ''The Hinge of Fate'' -- Part of Churchill's Post-WWII Analysis That Won Him the Nobel Prize in Literature 800
104 Important Oliver Cromwell Autograph Letter Signed From 1648 Regarding His Son's Matrimony -- ''...Mr. Maijor desired 400l. per annum of inheritance...wherein I desired to be advised by my wife...'' PASS
105 Yitzak Rabin Hand-Drawn & Signed Map of Israel -- Drawn During the Time of the Oslo Accords in 1993, With Detailing in the West Bank & Gaza Strip -- Very Scarce & With University Archives COA PASS
106 Margaret Thatcher's Personally Owned Holy Bible PASS
107 Margaret Thatcher's Personally Owned Chair, From the Study in Her London Home PASS
108 Large 12'' x 16'' Photograph of Margaret Thatcher, Taken by Terence Donovan in 1995 PASS
109 Leon Trotsky Letter Signed -- ''...Do you actually believe that I wanted to provoke...the [Communist party] split? long as his power is not threatened he approves of everything in China...'' PASS
110 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Christmas Card From 1990 -- With Family Portrait Featuring William & Harry 500
111 Admission Card to the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902 PASS
112 Queen Victoria Letter Signed From 1837, Just 7 Days After Her Ascension to Queen -- ''...Upon ascending the throne of this Kingdom...'' PASS
113 Sabine Baring-Gould Autograph Lyrics Signed to His Iconic Hymn, ''Onward, Christian Soldiers'' PASS
114 Outstanding Martin Luther King, Jr. Handwritten Signed Quote: ''Love is the greatest force in the universe...He who loves is a participant in the being of God'' -- With University Archives COA PASS
115 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Gospel of Matthew 2500
116 Scarce Mother Teresa Autograph Letter Signed on a Prayer Card -- With JSA COA 1000
117 Lot of Seven 19th Century Slave Documents -- ''Bill of Sale'' for Slaves, Taxes Levied for Slave Property, Inventory List of Slaves, Court Order to Recover Slaves, Etc. PASS
118 Buzz Aldrin Signed Lunar Module Descent Chart for Apollo 11 PASS
119 Buzz Aldrin Signed Limited Edition Apollo 11 Command Module Model -- Fine Condition PASS
120 Apollo Spacecraft Model by North American Rockwell PASS
121 Apollo I Mission Chart Signed by 9 Apollo Astronauts, All Expressing Their Gratitude to the Three Astronauts Who Gave Their Lives PASS
122 ''Snoopy Astronaut'' Classic Toy From 1969 to Commemorate the Apollo 10 Mission 600
123 Apollo 11 U.S. Flag Flown to the Moon PASS
124 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' NASA Photo of the Apollo 11 Plaque -- With Bold, Uninscribed Signatures -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
125 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' NASA Photo of the Mission Insignia -- Near Fine With Bold, Uninscribed Signatures -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
126 Apollo 11 Launch Checklist Used by the Astronauts During Flight Simulation Training for the Apollo 11 Mission, Signed by Buzz Aldrin -- With Additional Letter of Provenance Also Signed by Aldrin PASS
127 Apollo Lunar Orbit Chart for the Apollo 11 Mission 500
128 Apollo 12 Flown U.S. Flag, Measuring 11.5'' x 8'', Affixed to Presentation Mat Signed by Each of the Apollo 12 Crew Members: Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan Bean -- From Richard Gordon Estate PASS
129 Apollo 13 United States Flag Space-Flown -- Crew-Signed & Uninscribed, From the Jack Swigert Estate PASS
130 United States Flag Flown to the Moon on the Apollo 17 Mission PASS
131 Exceptionally Rare Neil Armstrong Signed Poster, Measuring 20.25'' x 27.75'' -- With Steve Zarelli COA 15000
132 ''The New Nine'' Signed Photo -- Signed by Ed White, Elliot See, Neil Armstrong & Six Others, Comprising Astronaut Group 2 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
133 Neil Armstrong Signed Lithograph, Also Signed by 8 Other NASA Astronauts Including Alan Shepard & John Glenn -- With a COA From the National Museum of Naval Aviation PASS
134 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Near Fine PASS
135 "We Seven" Book, With 40 Signatures by 32 of America's Astronauts Including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins, Ed White, Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, Deke Slayton, Etc. PASS
136 Michael Collins Signed Apollo Lunar Orbit Chart for the Apollo 11 Mission PASS
137 Scarce 1938 Letter Signed by Robert H. Goddard, the Father of Space Flight -- ''...such matters as the rocket motor have accordingly not received as much attention...'' -- With JSA COA PASS
138 Challenger STS-51-L Robbins Medal, Serial #1 -- Given to the Family of Commander Dick Scobee PASS
139 Jack Swigert Autograph Letter Signed to His Parents the Day of His NASA Selection -- ''the sacrifices, self-denial and discipline now seem to have been all worth while'' -- Also With Swigert's Resume PASS
140 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' -- Uninscribed PASS
141 Charles Lindbergh Signed Postcard Photograph PASS
142 Large 1.75'' Square Fabric Swatch From the First Airplane, the Wright Flyer 6000
143 Wilbur Wright Postcard Signed From December 1908 During Their Very Successful Exhibition Flights in Europe PASS
144 Marie Curie Signed Document From Her ''Institut du Radium'' Laboratory -- Curie Signs Off on an Experiment in Her Lab PASS
145 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed on God & Unified Field Theory, With Mathematical Equations in His Hand Regarding the Theory -- ''...It is devilishly difficult to get closer to 'Him'...'' PASS
146 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1918, Predicting His Nobel Prize Years Before Winning It PASS
147 Albert Einstein Letter Signed in 1935 -- ''The hostile attitude of universities towards Jewish teaching staff and students has been increasing...similar to the German Jews in the time before Hitler'' PASS
148 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1921 the Year of His Nobel Prize Win PASS
149 Albert Einstein Signature From 1949 -- The Limited Edition Page From ''Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist'' PASS
150 Historically Important Elsa Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From March 1933 While Traveling Back to Germany -- ''...We are now going into exile...We must not go to Berlin...Alfred cannot risk it...'' PASS
151 Louis Pasteur Signed Portrait Engraving PASS
152 Meriwether Lewis Autograph Letter Signed, Two Months Before the Lewis & Clark Expedition -- In What Would Be Lewis' Lifelong Battle With Reimbursed Debt, He Defends Against Money He Purportedly Owes PASS
153 Founding Father Abraham Baldwin Autograph Letter Signed as U.S. Senator Regarding Impeachment Trial of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase PASS
154 Philadelphia Newspaper From 18 September 1787, Reporting on the Constitutional Convention That Ended a Day Earlier on 17 September, When the U.S. Constitution Was Signed PASS
155 John Hancock 1780 Naval Document Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
156 Henry Laurens Document Signed as President of the Continental Congress -- Blank Military Appointment to the Revolutionary War PASS
157 Declaration of Independence Signer Matthew Thornton Twice-Signed Document From 1769 as Justice of the Peace PASS
158 1839 Republic of Texas Letter: ''...It is true that Texas sprang into existence under peculiar circumstances...'' & Regarding the New Capital at Waterloo: ''...will be called The City of Austin...'' PASS
159 George A. Custer Rare Signed CDV Photo With Brady Backstamp -- ''Truly Yours / G.A. Custer'' PASS
160 Nuremberg Book Signed by 18 Nazi War Criminals During the WWII Nuremberg Trials -- Includes Signatures by Goring, Donitz, Streicher & Speer, and Also Two ID Cards by U.S. Guard Who Acquired Signatures PASS
161 Joe Rosenthal Signed 10'' x 12.75'' Photo of Iwo Jima Flag Raising PASS
162 Dutch Van Kirk Autograph Statement Signed on a 10'' x 8'' Photo of the Enola Gay, Regarding Dropping the Atomic Bomb -- ''...The war soon ended and the killing stopped...'' PASS
163 Lot of Three Admission Tickets to the Funeral of Catherine Gladstone, Wife of U.K. Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone PASS
164 Charles Evan Hughes Speech Signed -- Speech Is About the Importance of the Justice System, Delivered on the 115th Anniversary of the Supreme Court 250
165 The Burger Supreme Court Signed 14'' x 11'' Photo -- Signed by All Nine Justices, Circa 1972 PASS
166 Ray Kroc Signed Copy of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' -- Near Fine PASS
167 Robert Baden-Powell 12pp. Autograph Draft Letter Regarding the Nascent Boy Scouts Organization -- Circa 1917, During World War I: ''Scout training...brings out the individual, develops his character'' PASS
168 Robert Baden-Powell Lot of Three Autograph Draft Letters Regarding the Closing of a Boy Scout Troop PASS
169 William Bligh Document Signed From 1798 for His Ship, the HMS Director -- Like the HMS Bounty, the HMS Director Also Mutinied Under Bligh's Command PASS
170 Fold-Out Deck Plans to the White Star Line's RMS Olympic From 1912 -- The Largest Ocean Liner in the World From 1911-1913 Only Surpassed for a Brief Period by the Titanic PASS