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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 One of a Kind ''Barbie And G.I. Joe'' Prototype -- Only One in Existence -- From The Estate of G.I. Joe Creator Donald Levine 3500
2 One of a Kind 9/11 FDNY Prototype Scene -- From The Estate of G.I. Joe Creator Donald Levine PASS
3 Set of Two G.I. Joe Prototypes Commemorating the Thirtieth Anniversary of The ''G.I. Joe'' Series -- Accompanied With Original Remote Control, in Working Condition PASS
4 1964 G.I. Joe Prototype Action Figure -- ''Action Soldier'' With Original Hair Flocking -- From The Estate of G.I. Joe Creator Donald Levine 2100
5 One of a Kind ''Action Man'' Prototype From 1966 With Original Hair Flocking -- Includes Original Booklet From The British ''Action Man'' Series PASS
6 One of a Kind G.I. Joe Prototype Aviator F-15 C Cockpit Module -- Exceptional Detail -- From The Estate of G.I. Joe Creator Donald Levine PASS
7 Nine Original Prototypes From The ''Deb-U-Teen'' Series -- In Original Packaging From 1959 -- From The Estate of ''Deb-U-Teen'' Creator Donald Levine PASS
8 Lot of Twelve ''Dolly Darling'' Prototype Dolls -- In Original Packaging -- From Estate of G.I. Joe Creator Don Levine PASS
9 Red Baron ''Peanuts'' Sunday Comic Strip -- Appeared on New Years Day 1967 -- Snoopy Confronts His Nemesis ''The Red Baron'' PASS
10 Charles Schulz Original "Peanuts" Strip -- A Great Pumpkin Strip 18000
11 1967 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip With Baseball Content -- Featuring Charlie Brown & Lucy, Who Pelts Charlie Brown With Baseballs 15000
12 1967 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Linus 15000
13 1954 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Shermy 18150
14 1957 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip Featuring Schroeder on the Piano & Lucy 15000
15 Early 1958 Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip by Charles Schulz -- Featuring the Beloved Charlie Brown & Lucy 15000
16 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip Featuring Snoopy & Linus from 1973 16638
17 Charles Schulz Signed Snoopy Portrait 3808
18 Chet ''The Jet'' Walker's NBA Championship Ring From 1967 27500
19 Babe Ruth Autograph, Plus Signatures From 7 Other Players Including Hall of Famer Al Lopez -- With JSA COA PASS
20 Aston Villa Football Club Medal From the 1935-36 Season PASS
21 Trophy From the 1988 F.A. Charity Shield Football Contest -- Awarded to Player of the Liverpool Club at Wembley Stadium PASS
22 Early F.A. Challenge Cup Gold Medal -- Issued to Famed Sheffield United Footballer Ernest Needham -- From the 1923-1924 Season PASS
23 Gold Medal Awarded to Sheffield United Footballer Ernest Needham in 1909 PASS
24 Ernest Needham Gold Medal From a 1923 Soccer Tournament PASS
25 Gold Medal Issued to Famed Sheffield United Footballer Ernest Needham in 1927 PASS
26 Ernest Needham Football Medal From 1919-1920 PASS
27 Ernest Needham Silver Football Medal From a 1919-1920 Tournament PASS
28 Ernest Needham Silver Football Medal -- Awarded in 1904 PASS
29 Famed Scottish Football Player George Connelly 1972-73 Medal -- for the Scottish League Cup Final PASS
30 ''Football League'' Gold Championship Medal Awarded to Middlesbrough F.C. Player Steve Vickers -- Awarded for 1994-95 First Division Championship 10000
31 1997 F.A. Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Steve Vickers of Middlesbrough 8000
32 League Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Middlesbrough Steve Vickers PASS
33 Middlesbrough 1998 League Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Steve Vickers PASS
34 Wolves 1954 English League Championship Football Medal -- Very Scarce -- The First Time in History The Team Won -- Awarded to Trainer Joe Gardiner 12500
35 Wimbledon Championship Gold Medal Won by Early Tennis Great Harold Mahony in 1896 PASS
36 Montreal Canadiens 1976-77 Stanley Cup Trophy -- Voted Best Hockey Team of All Time by the Sporting News! PASS
37 Stunning Victoria Beckham Worn Christian Dior Dress PASS
38 Victoria Beckham Worn Dolce & Gabbana Outfit PASS
39 Ultra Sleek Sky-Blue Suit Owned & Worn By Victoria Beckham 3000
40 Cher Personally Owned Crushed Velvet Top 750
41 Grammy Award Given to Rock Group Pearl Jam in 1995 -- Award for Best Hard Rock Performance -- Only Grammy That Pearl Jam Ever Won 41781
42 Harrison Ford Screen-Worn Suit -- From His Most Iconic Role in ''Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'' PASS
43 ''Addams Family Values'' Actor Raul Julia Pinstripe Suit PASS
44 ''Addams Family Values'' Actor Raul Julia Pinstripe Suit Costume PASS
45 Christopher Lloyd Screen-Worn Pinstripe Suit From ''Addams Family Values'' PASS
46 ''Lurch's'' Tuxedo Costume From ''Addams Family Values'' 1250
47 ''Lurch's'' Costume From ''Addams Family Values'' PASS
48 Gracie Allen's Eyeglasses 500
49 Carol Burnett Dress Worn on ''The Carol Burnett Show'' -- Designed by Oscar Nominated Costumer Bob Mackie 2925
50 George Burns & Gracie Allen's Award -- ''Chair in Cardiology Research'' PASS
51 George Burns Personally Owned Cigar & Signed Photo -- With a COA From His Son -- ''...these were the very last cigars in my father's possession...'' PASS
52 Captain Kangaroo Robert Keeshan's High School Diploma PASS
53 Photos of the Captain Kangaroo Set -- With 20 Different Pictures of Bob Keeshan in Costume On Set Performing as The Captain 300
54 Captain Kangaroo's Notebook Filled With His Hand Notes -- Including Notes on His Visit With ''Ruth Gruber'', the Famed American Activist PASS
55 Gary Cooper Coat From the 1947 Cecil B. Demille Film ''Unconquered'' -- With COA From Warner Bros. 1000
56 Michael Douglas Screen-Worn Dress Shirt From ''Last Vegas'' PASS
57 Painting of E.T. by His Creator, Special Effects Artist Carlo Rambaldi -- Rambaldi Won an Oscar for E.T. 1774
58 Undedicated Emmy Award Statue Circa 1970's PASS
59 Greta Garbo Dress Sandals -- Owned & Worn by the Reclusive Screen Siren 500
60 Melanie Griffith Screen-Worn Dress From ''Raising Hope'' -- With COA From Twentieth Century Fox 750
61 Charlton Heston Bronze Key to the City of Hollywood PASS
62 Keira Knightley Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Her Musical ''Begin Again'' PASS
63 Keira Knightley Screen-Worn ''Begin Again'' Wardrobe 500
64 People's Choice Award Statue for ''Dynasty'' -- Awarded for Favorite Nighttime Dramatic Series in 1987 -- Made of Orrefors Glass PASS
65 Adam Sandler Screen-Worn Tweedledee & Tweedledum T-Shirts & Skirt From ''Jack and Jill'' 500
66 Lot of 7 Notes About Elizabeth Taylor From Early in Her Career -- Dated 1943, 1949 & 1950 on MGM Stationery 300
67 Bruce Willis ''Red 2'' Screen-Worn Custom Dress Shirt PASS
68 Mary Astor Divorce Certificate From Her Marriage to Thomas Gordon Wheelock PASS
69 Olivia de Havilland Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Gone With the Wind'' PASS
70 Lot of 7 Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Signed Checks -- With Corresponding Entries on Ledger Sheet PASS
71 Beautiful Hedy Lamarr Photo Signed -- Matted to 14'' x 17'' 250
72 Carole Lombard 10.75'' x 13.75'' Photo Signed 550
73 Bela Lugosi Signed Photo 1000
74 Jayne Mansfield Photo Signed -- Matted to 12.75'' x 14'' 300
75 Rare Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood & Tony Curtis Signed ''Kings Go Forth'' First Edition Book -- All Three Starred Together in the Film Adaptation of the Novel PASS
76 Florenz Ziegfeld Letter Mentioning ''The Ziegfeld Follies'' & Otto Kahn in 1916 -- ''... as soon as I get the 'Follies' on...'' PASS
77 Excellent Confederate Letter Lot -- Gettysburg, Spotsylvania & Second Fredericksburg -- ''...the brave man turnd and went back in to the fight and was kild...he was shot through the head...'' PASS
78 Lot of 5 Confederate Letters From KIA Soldier, James W. Anthony of the 11th Alabama -- 1 Civil War Dated Letter -- ''...I fight for the rights of our lovely south...'' PASS
79 Lot of 26 George Custer Envelopes Made Out in His Hand to his Wife -- ''Mrs. Genl Custer'' PASS
80 3rd Georgia Cavalryman During the Atlanta Campaign -- ''...our gallant boys rose up and gave them a fire and then a yell...they scattered like sheep, leaving all their dead in our possession...'' PASS
81 Civil War Letter, Chronicling Sherman's March -- ''...our brigade...proceeded to give them a few 'pointed instructions' in skirmishing...'' & ''...passed Marietta and Atlanta...partially burned...'' PASS
82 Civil War Letter on the Historic Battle of Shiloh & Its Gory Aftermath -- ''...heads blown off some with a bowl through the eyes & head others with the lower part of their face blown off...'' PASS
83 Lot of 4 Civil War Letters From Soldiers in the 80th Illinois & Mississippi Marine Brigade -- ''...We were after some Rebs...We followed them and took a few prisoners...'' -- Plus 30+ Documents PASS
84 Lot of 11 Civil War Battle Letters -- ''...They mowed us down like sheep. The grunts and groans...that night were enough to make the stoutest man infant...the Devil gave them strength...'' PASS
85 Lot of 3 Letters & CDV From the Civil War -- Battle of Deserted House: ''...Wounded and dead men and horses all lying alike uncared for...I saw sights too sickening to relate...'' PASS
86 Civil War Archive by Frederick Meyer, Aboard the U.S.S. Flag -- ''...several men killed then they had to surrender...15 killed, 31 all around as shells bust on top us...'' PASS
87 Civil War Letter at Battle of Darbytown Road -- ''...before the assaulting colum got within sight of the rebs they set up a awful yell and the rebs opened a murderous fire...'' PASS
88 Civil War Letter With Fort Darling Battle Content -- ''...I had one man fall on me...with the back part of his head shove in by a piece of shell...loss is 60 killed wounded & missing...'' PASS
89 Large 76 Letter Lot of Three Brothers During the Civil War -- ''... colored troops...kill every single one they have a chance to...'' PASS
90 Civil War Letter Lot by a 21st New York Cavalryman -- Describing His Capture of Deserters & Disowning His Own Brother for Deserting -- ''...He has lost all claim upon me to call him brother...'' PASS
91 Civil War Letter Right After Gettysburg -- ''...three hard days fiting at Gettysburgh...we drove them back with a very heavy loss...'' PASS
92 Large 81 Letter Lot by Civil War Soldier -- With Gettysburg & Fredericksburg Content -- ''...I have almost forgotten what it is that has brought me here; to kill and destroy human beings...'' PASS
93 Letter Lot by Two Civil War Soldiers -- ''...the rebel cavaliers did brave our pickets...It was about 4,000 men together and it was so still that you can hear a pin fall...'' PASS
94 55th PA Infantry Soldier During the Civil War's Siege of Petersburg -- ''...the artillery opened fire when the Rebs made a change and our men shot a volley into them...'' PASS
95 Civil War Letter by William H. Foss of The 1st Independent Sharpshooters -- Battle of Globe Tavern at Weldon Railroad -- ''...I do hate to see human beings shot down like wilde beast...'' PASS
96 Civil War Letter Archive by KIA Corp. George Crawford of the 5th US Cavalry -- Battle of Brandy Station, Smallpox, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg -- ''...the slaughter was terrible...'' PASS
97 Santa Anna's 1842 Attack on Texas -- ''...Santa Anna has been foiled once in this country and has not come...without being prepared...Should we not be able to repel the invaders Texas is lost...'' PASS
98 Oath of Office Slip Signed by Jimmy Carter & Gerald Ford PASS
99 Calvin Coolidge Signed First Edition of His Autobiography -- Uninscribed PASS
100 Gerald Ford 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed & Typed Letter Signed as Republican Minority Leader -- Ford Writes of ''...the protection of wild horses...'' PASS
101 James A. Garfield Free Franked Signature Upon a House of Representatives Envelope PASS
102 Ulysses S. Grant Signed Presidential Appointment PASS
103 Warren G. Harding Document Signed as President PASS
104 Lyndon B. Johnson ''The Professional'' Signed PASS
105 Jackie Kennedy Onassis Collection of Three Handwritten Notes to Her Bergdorf Personal Shopper PASS
106 Staff Badge for the ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' the Night JFK Was Assassinated PASS
107 Invitation to the Dinner Welcoming President Kennedy to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
108 Robert Kennedy Signed Photo -- Stark Portrait Measuring 8'' x 10'' PASS
109 Rose Kennedy Autograph Letter Signed -- From Zurich to Her Maid in Hyannisport -- ''...There is no Place Better Than The Cape...'' PASS
110 President James Monroe 1824 Land Grant Signed PASS
111 Richard Nixon Handwritten Page of Notes -- For a Campaign Speech With Content on Vietnam and the 1968 Election: ''Dems Divided...Bobby & Hubert'' PASS
112 Richard Nixon 1972 Presidential Star Award -- Gifted to Supporters on the Heels of His Re-Election PASS
113 Richard Nixon Signed First Printing of ''The Real War'' -- Uninscribed PASS
114 Richard Nixon Signed First Edition of His Book "In The Arena" PASS
115 Richard Nixon Signed ''Seize The Moment'' PASS
116 Edith Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed PASS
117 Eleanor Roosevelt ''On My Own'' Signed Autobiography 250
118 Dip Pen Used by Franklin D. Roosevelt as President in 1944 to Sign Veteran's Bill Into Law -- Accompanied by Typed Document on White House Stationery Explaining Pen's Significance 1600
119 Franklin D. Roosevelt Large Naval Document Signed 440
120 President William Howard Taft Signed Photo 300
121 Presidential Flag From the Truman Administration Used for Presidential Parades in 1948 -- Grand Cloth Flag in Full Color Measures 75'' x 59'' PASS
122 Harry S. Truman Signed Volume II of His ''Memoirs'' PASS
123 Autograph Letter Signed by Arctic Explorer Roald Amundsen in 1907 -- Amundsen Thanks Admiral Lyon for Taking Care of His Beloved Gjoa Ship That Safely Took Him Through the Northwest Passage PASS
124 King Tut Founder Howard Carter Letter Twice-Signed -- Carter Tells Egyption Archaelogy Directorate ''...not to ask the government for any further compensation...'' PASS
125 King Tut Founder Howard Carter Letter Signed -- While at the Egyptian Antiquities Service PASS
126 Letter Regarding King Tut's Tomb From 1923 -- The Egyptian Secretary of State Inquires How to Proceed With the Excavation After the Death of Its Sponsor PASS
127 Rare Telegram Pertaining to Press Coverage of King Tut's Tomb, Sent in 1923 PASS
128 Important Letter Signed by Pierre Lacau Regarding King Tut's Tomb & the Fight With Howard Carter to Objects in the Tomb -- ''...Mr. Carter thinks that article 6 of the contract entitles him...'' PASS
129 Apollo 1 Astronauts 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo -- Gus Grissom, Ed White & Roger Chaffee -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
130 Apollo 11 Crew Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins PASS
131 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed Astronaut Insurance Cover -- Signed by Al Worden, Dave Scott & Jim Irwin PASS
132 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
133 Excellent Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Uninscribed PASS
134 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Signed Memoir, ''Carrying the Fire'' -- Nice, Clean Copy With Bold Signature PASS
135 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo -- ''Mike Collins'' -- Fine PASS
136 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremony -- Near Fine & Printed by Tiffany & Co. PASS
137 Norman Rockwell's Signature Affixed Within Coffee Table Book ''Norman Rockwell: Artist and Illustrator'' -- Nice Large Format Collection of Rockwell Illustrations PASS
138 Revolutionary French Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photo Postcard of His Famous Work, ''Cariatide Carrying a Stone'' PASS
139 Gown Worn By Queen Elizabeth II as Princess -- Scarce 15000
140 The Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 PASS
141 Part From The Wright Brothers' Groundbreaking 1910 Plane, The ''Wright Model B'' -- The World's First Mass-Produced Airplane 500
142 Postcard Signed & Written by Coretta Scott King -- Signed ''Coretta & Martin'' -- Dated 1958 PASS
143 Scarce Civil Rights Artwork Given to Attendees at the ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' -- Stunning Images PASS
144 1876 Printing of the Declaration of Independence -- Centennial Memorial Print 250
145 Iwo Jima Hero Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Signed -- '' week isn't much to look forward to, but when I might be gone for a year...I guess that one week will mean an awful lot to us...'' PASS
146 Rene Gagnon V-Mail & Autograph Letter Signed Three Times -- ''...get one thing straight I'm not on any picnic...These Pacific Island are not what you think...full of dancing hula girls...'' PASS
147 Rene Gagnon Signed Envelope From 1943 While a WWII Marine PASS
148 German Nazi Identification Books -- For Two Luftwaffe Pilots 275
149 1944 Autograph Letter Signed From a Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Prisoner -- ''...I am very thankful...'' PASS
150 Albert Speer Typed Letter Signed -- Shortly After His Release From Prison PASS
151 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22kt Gold Detailing PASS
152 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Prohibition -- ''...Vanity Fair is to publish my story on the repeal of the 18th amendment...'' PASS
153 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Photograph PASS
154 McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc Twice Signed Book, ''The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
155 ''The Great Gatsby'' -- First Edition, First Printing of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Legendary Novel PASS
156 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...When things get a bit more un-gerunularized...'' PASS
157 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- '' I'm going swimming to prepare my body temperature for the Rodeo tomorrow...'' PASS
158 Dr. Seuss Letter Signed -- ''...I am still in a horrific time jam trying to finish a movie in Hollywood...'' -- Seuss Likely Refers to TV Adaptation of ''Cat in the Hat'' PASS