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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Title Art From the 1946 Western ''Badman's Territory'' Starring Randolph Scott -- Hand Drawn & Painted PASS
2 ''Exorcist'' Writer & Academy Award Winner, William Peter Blatty Signed Academy Membership Card PASS
3 ''Cleopatra'' Medallion Given at the Hollywood Premiere in June 1963 -- Given to ''Cleopatra'' Cinematographer Leon Shamroy 250
4 ''The Champion'' Directors Guild Award to Robert Stillman for ''Outstanding Directorial Achievement'' PASS
5 ''The Egyptian'' Title Art -- Used in ''Produced by Darryl F. Zanuck'' and ''Directed by Michael Curtiz'' Opening Credits PASS
6 Very Early 1950s Emmy Award -- For the NBC Documentary Series ''Wide, Wide World'' 3000
7 1994 Primetime Emmy Award -- Near Fine Condition 2500
8 1994 Primetime Emmy Award to Cicely Tyson for Supporting Actress -- Near Fine Condition 4431
9 Redd Foxx's ''Sanford & Son'' Hand-Annotated Script -- 1st Draft of ''The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice'' Dated 11 December 1975 -- Very Good Condition -- From the Redd Foxx Estate PASS
10 Title Art From the Beloved 1958 Film ''Gigi'' -- Hand Painted Artwork Used in Actual Title Credit & End Credit PASS
11 Stunning Golden Globe Award PASS
12 Edith Head Costume Sketch -- Head Draws Mona Freeman for the 1951 Film ''Darling How Could You!'' PASS
13 Marilyn Monroe's Very Own Hand-Annotated Script From Her Last Movie, ''Something's Got to Give'' -- Marilyn Writes Notes to Herself, ''...almost a whisper / I just want to tell you...'' PASS
14 ''River of No Return'' Title Art -- 1954 Film Starring Marilyn Monroe & Directed by Otto Preminger PASS
15 ''River of No Return'' Title Art -- 1954 Film Starring Marilyn Monroe PASS
16 George C. Scott Golden Globe for Best Actor in ''Patton'' -- Scott Accepted This Golden Globe Before Declining His Oscar a Few Months Later for ''Patton'' 10000
17 Shirley Temple Outfit From 1937 Film ''Wee Willie Winkie'' PASS
18 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Pink Satin Bunny Pajamas From 1935 Film ''Curly Top'' PASS
19 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Horseback Riding Costume From 1938 Film ''Just Around the Corner'' PASS
20 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn Shirt From ''Ted 2'' PASS
21 Edmund Gwenn 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Himself as the Kindly Kris Kringle From ''Miracle on 34th Street'' PASS
22 Ray Harryausen Typed Letter Signed -- ''...whether he can find an outlet for his creative artistry...'' PASS
23 Alfred Hitchcock Signed Sketch of His Famous Profile -- Measures 11'' x 14'' 1250
24 Star Studded Signed Movie Premiere Poster -- Signed by Christopher Reeve, Warren Beatty, Sting, Yoko Ono, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Liza Minelli, Dustin Hoffman & More PASS
25 Star Studded Signed Movie Premiere Poster -- Signed by Christopher Reeve, Warren Beatty, Sting, Yoko Ono, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Liza Minelli, Dustin Hoffman & More PASS
26 Star Studded Signed Movie Premiere Poster -- Signed by Christopher Reeve, Warren Beatty, Sting, Yoko Ono, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Liza Minelli, Dustin Hoffman & More PASS
27 Howard Hughes Signed Program From the 19th Academy Awards Honoring the Best in Film of 1946 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
28 1940 Letter Signed by Carole Lombard, Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, Norma Shearer, Frank Capra, Ronald Colman, Charles Boyer & William Wellman -- '' discuss confidentially and fearlessly...'' PASS
29 Brittany Murphy 10'' x 8'' Photo From ''Uptown Girls'' Signed Before Her Untimely Death at Age 32 PASS
30 Lot of Interesting Items Related to Peter Sellers and the ''Pink Panther'' -- Includes Intriguing Autograph Letter Signed by Sellers & ''Revenge of the Pink Panther'' Script PASS
31 William Shatner Remembers the First Day of ''Star Trek'' With a Funny Story: ''...first day on the set of Star Trek...His ass was bare. He had forgotten to put on underwear...'' 1250
32 Orson Welles' Signature on a 5'' x 3'' Card With Welles' Photo Affixed -- Pencil Scratch, Else Near Fine PASS
33 Cher Worn Silk Maxi-Dress PASS
34 Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Gold Lamé Dress PASS
35 Michael Jackson Personally Owned ''Smooth Criminal'' White Fedora -- From His 1992 ''Dangerous'' Tour 4000
36 Michael Jackson Signed Jacket -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
37 Michael Jackson Rare Twice-Signed Thank You Note to Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush -- With PSA/DNA COA 650
38 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall Signed Christmas Card PASS
39 Quincy Jones Signed Limited Edition Artwork of Warner Brothers Characters Performing ''We Are the World'' 250
40 Grammy Nomination Medal & Certificate -- Awarded for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2000 to Limp Bizkit PASS
41 Prince Reel-to-Reel Master Demo Tape From 1977 Featuring "Soft and Wet" -- David Rivkin's Copy, Prince's Long-Time Collaborator Who Engineered "Purple Rain" 5000
42 Lot of RIAA Awards Given to Music Manager Ken Kragen Including Charity Album ''We Are the World'' by U.S.A. for Africa -- Lot Also Includes Trisha Yearwood & Travis Tritt 500
43 Historic ''USA for Africa'' Poster Signed by 24 Musical Artists From the 1985 Charity Single ''We Are The World'' -- Including Bruce Springsteen & Michael Jackson 1210
44 Historic ''USA for Africa'' Poster Signed by 22 Musical Artists From the 1985 Charity Single ''We Are The World'' -- Including Michael Jackson & Paul Simon 1210
45 Historic ''USA for Africa'' Poster Signed by 24 Musical Artists From the 1985 Charity Single ''We Are The World'' -- Including Michael Jackson & Billy Joel 1100
46 Jazz Great 5'' x 7'' Duke Ellington Signed Photo PASS
47 ''King of Swing'' Benny Goodman 8'' x 10'' Glossy Signed Photo PASS
48 Tony Award for ''Kiss of the Spider Woman'' in 1993 -- ''Spider Woman'' Won Best Musical That Year PASS
49 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf -- Scrollwork From 1250 A.D. PASS
50 Galley Proofs for Martin Luther King Jr.'s Last Book, ''The Trumpet of Conscience'' PASS
51 Christmas Card Sent by Martin Luther King, Jr. and His Family & Signed by His Daughter -- Sent From the Dexter Avenue Church Where King Organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott PASS
52 Rosa Parks Signed Civil Rights Poster 200
53 Large Signed Limited Edition Lithograph of First Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion PASS
54 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Signed Royal Decree From 1497 as King & Queen of Spain -- Regarding an Official Involved in the Edict of Expulsion -- With COA From University Archives PASS
55 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by the IRA -- Eamon de Valera Tells the Irish to ''Rally to the Flag'' and ''It is War'' PASS
56 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine Condition 1500
57 Ho Chi Minh Signed Photo -- Also Signed by Raul Castro From 1966 4284
58 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister and Duce of Fascism -- ''...sprinkle 'the rim of the glass with a sweet liquor'...'' 800
59 Queen Elizabeth II Signed Autograph Book as Princess -- From March 1951 When She Visited Malta, Less Than a Year Before Being Crowned Queen 750
60 Invitation to the Wedding of King George V & Mary of Teck PASS
61 John Quincy Adams Illinois Land Grant Signed as President 500
62 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''I founded the Fund for America's Future last year to help the Republican Party'' PASS
63 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President With Autograph Note -- ''I am on the road so much I can't even remember all the stops'' 200
64 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''I was very upset to hear you were not notified'' -- Bush Refers to His Announcement to Run for President PASS
65 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President PASS
66 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President PASS
67 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President PASS
68 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President, With Autograph Note Signed -- ''you've had too much grief'' PASS
69 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President -- ''I hope this brings some action!'' PASS
70 George W. Bush Candid Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
71 President Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Admits Bearer to the Senate Press Gallery PASS
72 President Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Admits Bearer to the Senate Diplomatic Gallery PASS
73 Calvin Coolidge Book Signed -- ''Have Faith in Massachusetts'', a Collection of His Speeches as Governor of Massachusetts 300
74 Calvin Coolidge Invitation to Dinner at the White House PASS
75 Dwight Eisenhower's Personally Own & Worn Stetson Hat -- Worn by Eisenhower While Hunting & Fishing PASS
76 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed 8'' x 10'' Military Photo PASS
77 Lot of 10 Checks Signed by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater 100
78 Set of Two 10'' x 13'' Signed Photos by Warren Harding & Florence Harding PASS
79 President Herbert Hoover Signed Cabinet Appointment for His Labor Secretary, William Doak -- A Very Rare Signed Presidential Cabinet Appointment PASS
80 President Herbert Hoover Large Signed Photo Measuring 20'' x 13.5'' -- Also Signed by His Entire Cabinet & Very Rare as Such PASS
81 Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed With Personal Content -- '' has to change - so the doctor says - or I will never see 40...'' -- Hoover Also Predicts the Future Importance of New York 600
82 Herbert Hoover 5pp. ''CONFIDENTIAL'' Letter Signed, With His Handwritten Corrections -- ''...there is no doubt there is a traitor in our camp...'' PASS
83 ''Herbert Hoover'' Signed 3'' x 1.5'' Card -- Very Good With Bold Signature PASS
84 Charles Evans Hughes Signed Proclamation on the Death of Woodrow Wilson -- In a Foregone Era of Bipartisanship, Hughes Honors the Man Who Bested Him for President 325
85 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President in 1830 PASS
86 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed First Edition of ''The Professional'' PASS
87 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed ''The Vantage Point'' First Edition PASS
88 Official Jackie Kennedy White House Press Release -- Announcing the White House Permanent Art Collection Committee Members PASS
89 Press Release From 1961 Pertaining to Jackie Kennedy's Famous Renovation of the White House PASS
90 Press Release Pertaining to Jackie Kennedy's Famous Renovation of the White House -- ''...Outstanding pieces from the fabulous vermeil collection...'' PASS
91 Jackie Kennedy White House Press Release -- Announcing the Resignation of the Artistic Curator During the Famous Renovation of the White House PASS
92 John F. Kennedy Personally Owned & Monogrammed Cigar Box -- Given as a Gift by Jackie Kennedy After JFK's Death 6600
93 Lot of Three PT-109 Tie Bars From JFK's 1960 Presidential Campaign -- Direct From the Kennedy Family PASS
94 Original President John F. Kennedy Motorcade Seating Plan for Historic 1963 Berlin Trip PASS
95 John & Jackie Kennedy White House Card on the Death of Their Child PASS
96 John F. Kennedy Inaugural Press Release on the Swearing-In of His Cabinet PASS
97 President John F. Kennedy Collection of White House Cards & Invitations 200
98 Joseph & Rose Kennedy Thank You Card -- Expressing Thanks for Prayers & Sympathies After the Tragic Death of JFK PASS
99 White House Press Release From 1962 Announcing President Kennedy's Approval of Bill H.R. 8847, Amending the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 PASS
100 President John F. Kennedy Fact Sheet on the White House China Room -- With Interesting Content Detailing Each President's Addition to the China Collection PASS
101 ''The Dallas Morning News'' Announces ''CLUB OWNER KILLS OSWALD'' & Second Paper ''LBJ Takes Over Government Reins'' PASS
102 ''The Dallas Morning News'' Announces ''KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET'' PASS
103 Engrossing Reproduction of Lee Harvey Oswald's Arrest Document With Fascinating Account of Oswald's Apprehension -- Signed by All Four Arresting Officers PASS
104 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- ''Dallas Morning News'' -- 25 November 1963 -- Announcing Oswald's Death 150
105 Large Lot of Kennedy Family Photos Owned by Ethel Kennedy -- Many Candid Shots of RFK and Two of Jackie Kennedy With LBJ, RFK & Her Children 250
106 Robert Kennedy Signed Photo -- Also Signed by Ethel Kennedy PASS
107 Robert F. Kennedy Signed First Edition of His Book ''To Seek a Newer World'' 533
108 Robert Kennedy Signed First Edition of ''The Burden and the Glory'', a Collection of Speeches by John F. Kennedy 300
109 Robert F. Kennedy Commemorative Paperweight -- From the Kennedy Family PASS
110 Robert Kennedy Family Christmas Card From 1966 -- Featuring Their 9 Children in a ''Pear'' Tree PASS
111 Robert Kennedy Family Christmas Card From 1967 -- Thought Bubble From RFK on the Back of the Card Hints at a Presidential Run in 1968 250
112 Robert Kennedy Family Christmas Card From 1965 -- Featuring the 9 Kennedy Children PASS
113 Robert Kennedy Family Christmas Card From 1963 -- Signed by Ethel PASS
114 Western Union Telegram Serving as Invitation to Attend Robert F. Kennedy's Mass & Also to Travel on the Funeral Train -- Dated One Day After RFK's Assassination PASS
115 Robert F. Kennedy Commemorative Paperweight -- From the Kennedy Family PASS
116 Large Lot of Memorial Programs & Tribute Invitations for RFK & JFK -- Also with an Ethel Kennedy Letter Signed From 1967: ''...Our anniversary was lovely...everything was breathtaking...'' 250
117 Large Lot of Candid Photos From Parties During the 1960s & 70s at Hickory Hill, Robert & Ethel Kennedy's Home -- Including John Lennon & Also RFK Sitting on the Shoulders of Rosey Grier 250
118 Rose Kennedy Autograph Postcard Signed from Venice -- ''Here for a week and then back to Paris...'' PASS
119 Ted Kennedy Signed Limited Edition Book Honoring His Brother Robert F. Kennedy 275
120 Abraham Lincoln 1860 Check Signed -- Made Out Entirely in Lincoln's Hand on the Day That Lincoln Argued a Case Before the Illinois Supreme Court -- With PSA/DNA COA 7500
121 Abraham Lincoln Military Document Signed as President During the Civil War -- Signed With His Full Signature, ''Abraham Lincoln'' -- Near Fine Condition 7000
122 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- Near Fine With Full, ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 8168
123 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Note Signed as President -- Lincoln Asks His Secretaries of State & War for Their Opinion 6000
124 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President PASS
125 Richard Nixon Handwritten Notes on Communism -- ''...People don't want to be pawns...Change - is the surest thing - People must be educated as to the character of the Communist appeal...'' PASS
126 Richard Nixon Handwritten Notes From 1958 -- Likely Notes From a Speech, With Arguments on Conservatism -- ''...I believe in Private rather than govt enterprise...Are you a Conservative...'' PASS
127 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial PASS
128 1946 Richard Nixon Campaign Letter With Autograph Note Signed -- ''...take...every win voters away from the discredited policies of the New Deal Administration...'' PASS
129 Richard Nixon Handwritten Notes on Economics -- ''...Government is Inefficient / Stultifying...'' -- Plus Note to Himself: ''clear up - where you stand'' PASS
130 Richard Nixon Signed ''1999 Victory Without War'' -- His Essay on Foreign Policy in a Nuclear World PASS
131 Richard Nixon Signed First Edition of ''RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon'' PASS
132 Richard Nixon ''Seize The Moment'' Signed -- Near Fine PASS
133 First Lady Edith Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed PASS
134 President Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Portrait Engraving -- Measuring 18'' x 24'' 660
135 Invitation to the Theodore Roosevelt White House PASS
136 William Howard Taft Bill-Signing Pen Used as President to Sign the Pan-Pacific Exhibition in 1911 -- The Exhibition Was to be Held in San Francisco After the 1906 Earthquake PASS
137 Exceptionally Rare Harry Truman WWII Victory Proclamation Signed as President -- Gifted to White House Staff in 1945 -- in Seldom-Encountered Near Fine Condition PASS
138 Harry Truman Signed 2 Volume Set of His ''Memoirs'' -- Each Volume Signed With Dust Jackets 450
139 Harry Truman's Death Announced in ''The Kansas City Star'' Newspaper PASS
140 Buzz Aldrin Postcard Signed PASS
141 Apollo 11 Space-Flown U.S. Flag 20498
142 Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Envelope -- Signed by Charles Conrad, Alan Bean and Richard Gordon 200
143 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Astronaut Insurance Cover -- Signed ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden 300
144 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Near Fine PASS
145 Striking Signed Photo of Scott Carpenter in His Spacesuit PASS
146 Challenger Space Shuttle Astronauts Signed Photo -- Signed by Judy Resnick, Ron McNair and Ellison Onizuka PASS
147 Michael Collins Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
148 Crew-Signed Photo of the Space Shuttle 51-C with El Onizuka PASS
149 Jack Swigert and Charles Duke Signed ''Christmas Eve Prayer From Lunar Orbit'' 300
150 Charles Lindbergh 1956 Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' PASS
151 Roald Amundsen Signed Photograph -- Showing His Crew Dismantling the Famed ''Norge'' Aircraft PASS
152 Mt. Everest 1978 Team-Signed Postcard -- The First Climbers to Reach the Summit Without Supplemental Oxygen PASS
153 Thomas Edison Signed Copy of ''A Million And One Nights: A History of The Motion Picture'' PASS
154 Four Awards Won by Nobel Prize Winner Kenneth Wilson -- Caltech Award, Grumman Award, Dirac Medal & Australian National University Award 600
155 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22K Gold Detailing PASS
156 First 1884 Edition of the Mt. Whitney Expedition Report -- Gifted by J.D. Whitney, for Whom Mt. Whitney Is Named PASS
157 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Game-Worn Goggles -- Worn During the 1980s With the Lakers 6000
158 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Signed & Worn Adidas Sneakers 1075
159 Lakers Limited Edition Piece of Court From the Forum -- Framed With Signatures of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor & Jerry West -- With Lakers LOA 646
160 HOFer & 7x NBA All-Star, Chet Walker Personally Owned Commemorative Jersey From His Championship Season With the 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers PASS
161 10'' x 8'' Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams Signed Photo -- Bold, Blue Signatures -- With PSA/DNA COA 350
162 Cooperstown Hall of Fame Induction 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed by HOFers Bowie Kuhn, Monte Irvin, A.B. ''Happy'' Chandler and Team Owner, American League VP Gene Autry PASS
163 Harmon Killebrew Lot of 10 Signed Checks PASS
164 Famous World Series Photo From 1954, ''The Catch'' Signed by Willie Mays -- 10'' x 8'' Photo in Near Fine Condition -- With ''Say Hey'' Authentication 150
165 1947 Football League Division Championship Gold Medal -- Won by Cyril Done of Liverpool PASS
166 UEFA Cup Gold Medal -- Won by West Germany in 1980 PASS
167 UEFA Cup Gold Medal -- Won by Bayern Munich in 1996 PASS
168 UEFA European Championship Silver Medal Won by Italy in 2012 PASS
169 Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks -- From the Arthur Ashe Estate PASS
170 Mike Tyson Signed Photo Poster -- 20'' x 16'' -- With JSA LOA 213
171 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Welcome Home!'' Signed -- With Sketch of a Young Boy PASS
172 Truman Capote's True Crime Masterpiece ''In Cold Blood'' First Edition, First Printing Signed Tipped-In Page PASS
173 William Faulkner Signed ''A Green Bough'' -- Rare Limited Edition of Faulkner's Poetry PASS
174 Perry Mason Mystery Signed by Author Erle Stanley Gardner -- ''The Case of the Duplicate Daughter'' First Edition PASS
175 'Perry Mason'' Author Erle Stanley Gardner Typed Letter Signed -- ''...You want to know what it is that makes male stars in the late fifties still attractive to young girls...'' PASS
176 Watercolor Illustration of Little Orphan Annie & Her Dog Sandy by Author Harold Gray -- Within a First Edition of ''Little Orphan Annie in the Circus'' PASS
177 Zane Grey Handwritten Draft Page From ''Heritage of the Desert'' -- ''...The sight of it flashed into the gulf of Hare's mind...'' PASS
178 Ernest Hemingway's Own Bullfighting Ticket From 27 July 1959 -- From the ''Plaza de Toros de Valencia'' -- Hemingway Wrote About the Bullfights of 1959 in His Final Book PASS
179 Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I hope to attend at least a couple of concerts...'' PASS
180 Author Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- With Mention of Lee's Worsening Macular Degeneration -- ''...can't see, drat it...'' 600
181 Harper Lee Autograph Note Signed -- With Envelope From Mobile, Alabama 600
182 Ayn Rand Signed ''Atlas Shrugged'' -- Her Magnum Opus -- Number 317 in a Special 10th Anniversary Edition Limited to 2,000 PASS
183 Curious George First Edition, Signed by H.A. Rey with Original Ink Drawing -- ''Curious George Rides a Bike'' From 1952 PASS
184 ''Curious George'' First Edition Signed by The Reys With Original Ink Drawing of Curious George -- First Book From 1941 PASS
185 Curious George First Edition, Signed by H.A. Rey With Original Ink Drawing of Curious George -- ''Curious George Rides a Bike'' From 1952 PASS
186 John Steinbeck Signed Copy of ''Travels With Charley'' -- From the Helen Hayes Estate PASS
187 Titanic Survivor Signed Copy of the 2nd Limited Edition of ''Ulysses'' From 1922 -- Signed by Titanic Survivor Jack Thayer, Who Famously Dove Into the Water as the Ship Sank PASS
188 William Butler Yeats Signed Note to Fan 400
189 Ansel Adams Signed ''Ansel Adams'' Photography Book -- Beautiful Compilation of Photographs PASS
190 Artist Francis Bacon Signed Book Page With His Photo -- His ''Three Studies of Lucien Freud'' is The Most Expensive Painting Ever Sold at Auction PASS
191 Norman Rockwell Signed First Edition of ''The Norman Rockwell Storybook'' -- 1969 250
192 Norman Rockwell Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I am very sorry but I have had to make a rule not to have visitors at my studio...'' PASS
193 Andy Warhol Signed ''America'' 300
194 Artist N.C. Wyeth Signed Limited Edition of ''The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come'' -- Wyeth Illustrated the Civil War Novel PASS
195 ''Li'l Abner'' Litho Signed ''Al Capp'' in Pencil, Labeled ''trial proof'' & Signed Again ''Al'' -- Fearless Fosdick Runs From a Pack of Dogs -- 36'' x 22.5'' on Fabric -- Very Good PASS
196 Lot of 4 Original Comic Strips: ''Cathy'', ''Baby Blues'' & ''Pickles'' PASS
197 Original Disney Cel Depicting Goofy Dressed as a Golfer 357
198 Original Disney Cel of Ludwig Von Drake -- The Nautical-Inspired Uncle of Donald Duck PASS
199 Early 1957 ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip Hand-Drawn by Charles Schulz -- Starring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus & Linus' Blanket 11000
200 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Comic Strip From 1974 Featuring Snoopy 10000
201 Snoopy Plays Pirate With Woodstock Helping in This 1972 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip 6000
202 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy in ''A New Peanuts Book Featuring Snoopy'' PASS
203 Matt Groening Signed Sketch of Bart Simpson -- Sketched on a Page of ''Radioactive Man'' PASS
204 Continental Congress President Henry Laurens Signed Military Appointment for the Revolutionary War PASS
205 George Custer Signed Envelope -- Made Out in His Hand to His Wife -- ''Mrs. G.A. Custer'' PASS
206 Jefferson Davis Autograph Note Signed -- ''...the gratification it would give your very respectful friend...'' PASS
207 Confederate Vice President, Alexander Hamilton Stephens Free Frank Signature PASS
208 Lot of 5 Confederate Letters From KIA Soldier, James W. Anthony of the 11th Alabama -- 1 Civil War Dated Letter -- ''...I fight for the rights of our lovely south...'' PASS
209 3rd Georgia Cavalryman During the Atlanta Campaign -- ''...our gallant boys rose up and gave them a fire and then a yell...they scattered like sheep, leaving all their dead in our possession...'' PASS
210 Civil War letter by a Charleston Dragoon, the 4th South Carolina Cavalry -- During the Overland Campaign -- ''...The Fifth Regiment lost five men, killed last night in the fight...'' PASS
211 Civil War Letter by 14th Virginia Infantryman -- ''...been down to Yankeedom...burnt a good deal of valuable lumber & captured five Yankees...They were indeed very much surprised to see our men...'' PASS
212 Confederate Letter Lot From 1st Virginia Cavalryman -- ''...Lieutenant Zanondson gave him a pass and took one for himself...'' -- Plus a Copy of ''1st Virginia Cavalry'' PASS
213 21st Virginia Infantryman -- ''...considerable activity in the Yankee camp...Let us pray that the almighty so directs the course of be the last of this uncalled for and cruel war...'' PASS
214 40th Virginia Infantryman Civil War Letter: ''...a spy had just passed through our camp, having crossed over at Mathias' point, on his way from Washington to report to General Holmes...'' PASS
215 Large Letter Lot by 17th IL Infantryman Mortally Wounded at Fort Donelson: ''...she has seen one by one those that she loved with a mother's warmest affection laid in the cold damp grave...'' PASS
216 Civil War Letter on the Historic Battle of Shiloh & Its Gory Aftermath -- ''...heads blown off some with a bowl through the eyes & head others with the lower part of their face blown off...'' PASS
217 Civil War Letter, Chronicling Sherman's March -- ''...our brigade...proceeded to give them a few 'pointed instructions' in skirmishing...'' & ''...passed Marietta and Atlanta...partially burned...'' PASS
218 Lot of 4 Civil War Letters From Soldiers in the 80th Illinois & Mississippi Marine Brigade -- ''...We were after some Rebs...We followed them and took a few prisoners...'' -- Plus 30+ Documents PASS
219 Civil War Letter -- ''...One man was shot by the sentinel a few days ago...The ball struck the joint of his shoulder and went through his neck cutting open [his] wind pipe & gullet...'' PASS
220 1863 Diary by 21st Indiana Light Artilleryman With Heavy Battle Content -- Battles of Chickamauga, Brown's Ferry & Fort Donelson -- ''...found the boys burying the dead Rebles killed...'' PASS
221 29th Massachusetts Infantryman, WIA at Petersburg: ''...I was shot through the back of the neck July 30th in the charge when we blowed up the rebel fort...'' -- Also Battle of Bethesda Church PASS
222 Colorful Letter Lot by 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Sergeant -- ''...Capt. Shepherd has a bullet in his leg now and several more of our company have old scars to avenge...'' PASS
223 Civil War Archive on Battles of Lynchburg & Cedar Creek -- '' was a grand but awful sight but the enemy soon began to fall back and finally broke and run and then the cavalry was after...'' PASS
224 CDV & Diary by 18 Year-Old Sergeant in the 34th Massachusetts Infantry -- Battles of Lynchburg, Piedmont & New Market -- ''...found that we killed more of the Rebs then they did of us...'' PASS
225 37th Massachusetts Soldier Describes a Flood of Rebel Deserters Crossing Enemy Lines: ''...through the night we can hear a volley of musketry fired by the Rebel pickets...'' 200
226 3rd Massachusetts Letter -- '' was as hot as 2 hells here...I think they are trying to kill our regiment...our party got will always be so as long as they have such damn fools...'' PASS
227 Large 53 Letter Lot by Brothers in the Minute Men Regiment, 8th MA Infantry -- With Post-Baltimore Riot Content & Battle of Roanoke Island: ''...they wanted to shoot the police on the spot...'' PASS
228 Diary by 43 MA Infantryman -- Siege of Little Washington: ''...places where the fire...had ignited and left burning hundreds of old dead...'' & ''...a negro deck hand had his arms shot off...'' PASS
229 Letter Lot by 13th Michigan Officer, From the Battlefield of Shiloh & Stone's River -- ''...a rebel...had his thumb on the trigger, but my trusty sword brought him to the ground...'' PASS
230 Civil War Archive by Frederick Meyer, Aboard the U.S.S. Flag -- ''...several men killed then they had to surrender...15 killed, 31 all around as shells bust on top us...'' PASS
231 Civil War Letter With Fort Darling Battle Content -- ''...I had one man fall on me...with the back part of his head shove in by a piece of shell...loss is 60 killed wounded & missing...'' PASS
232 Civil War Captain Joseph Prime Letter From 1862 Regarding the Death of Colonel Ellsworth PASS
233 Civil War Letter at Battle of Darbytown Road -- ''...before the assaulting colum got within sight of the rebs they set up a awful yell and the rebs opened a murderous fire...'' PASS
234 Letter Archive by WIA Soldier in the 114th NY Infantry: ''...a terrible battle ensued...A bullet struck me in the left leg...The rebs got whipped like the very devil...'' PASS
235 CDV & 18 Letter Lot by 1st NY Cavalryman on Battles of 2nd Winchester, White Oak Swamp & Fighting at Sharpsburg After Antietam -- ''...Bill...fell to the ground and tossed about in agony...'' PASS
236 1st NY Dragoons Soldier Describes Battle of Yellow Tavern Where He Was WIA -- ''...that night I lay in a yard with about three hundred killed and wounded, some with their legs and arms off...'' PASS
237 Civil War Letter Lot by a 21st New York Cavalryman -- Describing His Capture of Deserters & Disowning His Own Brother for Deserting -- ''...He has lost all claim upon me to call him brother...'' PASS
238 2 Civil War Diaries by 16-Year-Old Soldier, Describing Battles of Trenton, Goldsboro Bridge, Petersburg, Ream's Station & Numerous Skirmishes -- ''...the ground was strewn with rebel dead...'' PASS
239 Fantastic Letter Lot by 80th New York Soldier Who Writes Graphically About Bull Run, Cedar Mountain, Cold Harbor & City Point Explosion -- ''...the surgeons were very busy amputating limbs...'' PASS
240 Letter Lot by 82nd New York Infantryman WIA at Gettysburg: ''...I was not killed in the last battle, but was wounded. I was shot in the right breast & the ball came out of my back...'' PASS
241 Letter Lot of Sergeant in 101st Pennsylvania Infantry on Siege of Little Washington -- ''...We killed and wounded a bout 25 of them before they could get a cross...'' PASS
242 Letter Lot by Two Civil War Soldiers -- ''...the rebel cavaliers did brave our pickets...It was about 4,000 men together and it was so still that you can hear a pin fall...'' PASS
243 Two Diaries by 17th PA Cavalry Sergeant, With Constant Battle Content -- Todd's Tavern, Spotsylvania C.H., Cold Harbor, White House, Deep Bottom Run, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek & Winchester PASS
244 Civil War Letter by William H. Foss of The 1st Independent Sharpshooters -- Battle of Globe Tavern at Weldon Railroad -- ''...I do hate to see human beings shot down like wilde beast...'' PASS
245 Civil War Letter by 5th Vermont Infantryman KIA at Savage's Station, '' is pretay sickley hear and a good many have perhaps hurd of our los of men...'' PASS
246 Letter Lot by Surgeon in the 5th West Virginia Infantry on Slavery & Battle of Cross Keys -- ''...We counted 27 dead horses and in following them we saw dead men, legs, arms and feet...'' PASS
247 Dachau Concentration Camp Letter From 1943 400
248 Karl Donitz Typed Letter Signed -- Hitler's Successor in Nazi Germany PASS
249 Iwo Jima Flag Raiser, Rene Gagnon 1943 Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...if I am stationed somewhere outside the Cuba, or New Zealand, or England...Let's hope I stay in the U.S....'' PASS
250 WWII Admiral William Halsey Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...May I add my humble word of praise + say 'Good Cheer' + 'Well Done'...'' PASS
251 General Douglas MacArthur Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo PASS
252 Douglas MacArthur Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo in WWII Uniform PASS
253 General Douglas MacArthur 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo in Uniform PASS
254 General Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you so much for your birthday greeting. I appreciate it deeply. It made my day a brighter one, indeed...'' 250
255 ''The New York Times'' From 30 August 1939 -- ''Berlin Hopeful For Peace'' -- Two Days Before WWII PASS
256 ''The New York Times'' From 6 September 1939 -- ''Germans Shell Warsaw'' & ''War Stocks Boom'' PASS
257 Joe Rosenthal Document Signed From 1953 -- Also Signed by Comedian Ken Murray PASS
258 Iwo Jima Photographer Joe Rosenthal Autograph Letter Signed PASS
259 Albert Speer Typed Letter Signed -- Shortly After His Release From Prison PASS
260 Ray Kroc Signed First Edition of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' 250
261 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Prohibition -- Darrow Calls Prohibition ''The Fool Law'' 1250
262 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed -- To His Colleague Forrest Black, Who, Like Darrow, Vehemently Disagreed With the 19th Amendment of Prohibition PASS
263 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Photo Display -- ''To Ralph W. Beards / Best wishes / 3.9. 50 J. Edgar Hoover'' -- 8.75'' x 11.25'' Matte Photo -- Small Stain to Lower Edge, Else Near Fine PASS
264 J. Edgar Hoover Typed Letter Signed on FBI Stationery PASS
265 Charles Evan Hughes Speech Signed -- Speech Is About the Importance of the Justice System, Delivered on the 115th Anniversary of the Supreme Court PASS
266 Senator Joseph McCarthy Cold War Photo Signed -- Unusual Oversized Photo Measures 19.5'' x 15.5'' PASS
267 Clara Barton Letter Signed on Running the National First Aid Society at the Age of 88 -- She Writes of Supporters ''full of love, confidence and hope'' & Also ''the axe over our heads'' 600
268 Julia Child Signed First Edition of ''Julia's Kitchen Wisdom'' PASS
269 'Julia Child & More Company'' Signed Cookbook -- ''...Everything she demonstrates on her second cooking-for-company television series...'' PASS
270 P.T. Barnum Funny Autograph Letter Signed on Carnival Showmen Who ''...began to argue upon the merits and demerits of Genl Tom Thumb - one claiming that I had bamboozled the Queen...'' PASS
271 Hugh Hefner Signed ''Playboy'' Proof Copy -- October 2007 Issue Featuring Girls of the SEC PASS
272 Dorothy Stratten Signed ''Playboy'' June 1980 Issue Featuring Stratten as ''Playmate of the Year'' PASS
273 Charles ''Tex'' Watson Autograph Letter Signed From Prison -- ''...We have overcome THE LIE OF THE DEVIL...'' PASS
274 Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 2003-A, Chicago -- Near Fine 200