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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 John Adams 4-Language Ship's Papers Signed as President During the French-American Naval Quasi-War PASS
2 Bill Clinton Book Signed as President, Inscribed to Former President Gerald Ford -- Handsome Deluxe Limited Edition Leather Bound Set of ''The President's House'' 1465
3 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed D-Day Speech From the Limited Edition of ''Crusade in Europe'' -- Housed in Rare Slipcase PASS
4 Dwight Eisenhower WWII ALS to His Wife -- ''...about the Hollywood offer...I couldn't touch it - and would never allow such a thing to occur! We don't need it anyway - it's fun to be poor!...'' PASS
5 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir, ''The White House Years'' -- Uninscribed, #923 of the Limited Edition 500
6 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President, Awarding Land to a Military Veteran PASS
7 Thomas Jefferson Land Grant Signed as President -- Countersigned by James Madison as Secretary of State PASS
8 Lyndon B. Johnson Owned Necktie, Custom-Made for Him PASS
9 John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey Signed Program for the DNC's ''1960 Presidential Campaign Kick-Off Dinner'' PASS
10 Lee Harvey Oswald Arrest Document Signed by Officer Nick McDonald, With Fascinating First-Hand Account of Oswald's Apprehension -- ''...I stared into his icy cold, steel blue eyes...'' PASS
11 Abraham Lincoln Letter Signed to His General After the Disastrous Battle of Fredericksburg on Taking Richmond: ''...the army must remain on or near the Fredericksburg line, to protect Washington...'' 32000
12 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President, Appointing Edward L. Kingsbury U.S. Consul to Algiers -- With a Bold, Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 4000
13 Abraham Lincoln Military Appointment Signed as President -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
14 Abraham Lincoln Complete 10 Volume Set of His Definitive Biography ''Abraham Lincoln: A History'' -- Written by His Secretaries John Hay & John Nicolay PASS
15 Rare Document Signed by Mary Surratt -- From November 1864 When She Opened Her Washington DC Boarding House Where the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators Plotted PASS
16 James Madison Check Signed and Handwritten as President in 1814 1400
17 James Madison Land Grant Signed as President 450
18 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President, Awarding 50 Acres to a Military Veteran PASS
19 Barack Obama Autograph Letter Signed as President, on White House Letterhead -- ''...We're going to keep working on the health care exchanges...keep pushing Congress!...'' 3000
20 Ronald Reagan Signed ''An American Life'' Special Limited Edition -- Housed in Luxury Oak Case With Audiotapes of ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
21 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Ring Container, Decorated With Wedding Bells & the Words ''For Ever'' PASS
22 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Decorative Box -- ''The Best of Times is Now'' PASS
23 Exceptional George Washington Autograph Letter Signed on 24 September 1777, Two Days Before the British Captured Philadelphia -- ''...strike up the country without getting nearer to the Enemy...'' PASS
24 George Washington Letter Signed During the Revolutionary War's Philadelphia Campaign -- ''...your aid is extremely wanted and cannot arrive too soon...'' PASS
25 George Washington Letter Signed on 24 September 1777 in the Thick of the Philadelphia Campaign -- ''...The Army will fall down to night to a well known place called the Trap 24 miles from... PASS
26 George Washington Letter Signed, One Day Before the British Captured Philadelphia -- ''...keep the most vigilant lookout...'' PASS
27 George Washington Franking Signature During the Revolutionary War -- From 25 September 1777 Just One Day Before the British Captured Philadelphia PASS
28 George Washington Franking Signature During the Revolutionary War -- From 22 September 1777 Just Days Before the British Captured Philadelphia PASS
29 Section of Wood From the White House -- Removed During 1927 Reconstruction 500
30 David Ben-Gurion Signed Limited Edition of ''Israel: A Personal History'' PASS
31 Winston Churchill Signed Photo, Signed on the Mat -- Rare PASS
32 Winston Churchill Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I am a good many years younger than Rectorial standards would usually seem to require...a disqualification...only capable of gradual correction...'' PASS
33 Winston Churchill Letter Signed as President of the Board of Trade in 1909 PASS
34 Winston Churchill Letter Signed as President of the Board of Trade in 1908 PASS
35 Winston Churchill Free Frank Signed PASS
36 Winston Churchill Lot of Press Photos Showing Churchill Receiving a Humidor PASS
37 Important Oliver Cromwell Autograph Letter Signed From 1648 Regarding His Son's Matrimony -- ''...Mr. Maijor desired 400l. per annum of inheritance...wherein I desired to be advised by my wife...'' PASS
38 Over 100 Photos of India During Its Violent Partition -- Photos Include the Aftermath of the Calcutta Riots in 1946, Nehru & Gandhi, Gandhi's Death, & Life During the Partition PASS
39 Emperor of Japan, Prince Akihito Signed Photo PASS
40 Mary Cassatt Autograph Letter Signed Mentioning Her Collaborator, Edgar Degas -- ''...My Degas are in Auvergne...'' PASS
41 Currier & Ives Hand-Colored Lithograph Measuring -- 19th Century Print Remains Boldly Colored PASS
42 Lucian Freud Personally Used Paintbrush & Oil Paint PASS
43 Alberto Giacometti Autograph Letter Signed With Extremely Rare Content on His Sculptures -- ''...I am working on a woman in plaster who will be seated on a sort of throne...'' PASS
44 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed -- Monet Writes to His Wine Merchant PASS
45 Pablo Picasso Autograph From 1916 -- With University Archives COA PASS
46 Charles M. Russell Original Watercolor of a Blackfoot Native American, Complete With His Buffalo Skull Emblem 8000
47 Andy Warhol Sketches His Famous Campbell's Soup Can -- Drawn Upon a Signed First Edition of ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'' PASS
48 E.H. Shepard Drawing of a Rabbit & Pig Dancing, Titled ''Dogs, Ow! - Stick, O My!'' -- Done for ''Bertie's Escapade'' PASS
50 Original 1980 Artwork of All Nine Characters From ''Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back'' PASS
51 Sal Buscema and Sam Grainger Original Marvel Artwork From ''Marvel Two-In-One Presents The Thing and Captain America'' From 1978 PASS
52 63 Issues of ''Mad'' Magazines From Issue #7 in 1953 to Issue #69 in 1962, Bound in Four Volumes -- Also Includes the Sole Two Issues of ''Trump'' Magazine Published by Hugh Hefner in 1957 PASS
53 Final ''Calvin & Hobbes'' 1995 Color Proof Signed by Creator Bill Watterson 4500
54 Walt Disney Signed Copy of ''Stories From Walt Disney's Fantasia'' -- With Phil Sears COA PASS
55 Walt Disney Signed Copy of His Pioneering Animation Study, ''The Art of Walt Disney'' -- With Phil Sears COA PASS
56 Walt Disney Signed ''Lady and the Tramp'' Print PASS
57 Walt Disney Signed ''Bambi'' Cels -- Featuring Bambi and Thumper PASS
58 Animation Cel From ''Lady and the Tramp'' -- Used in the 1955 Disney Film PASS
59 L. Frank Baum's ''The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'' First Edition, Second State PASS
60 Charles Bukowski Original Artwork From ''The Day It Snowed in L.A.'' -- One of Only 11 Copies of the Limited Edition Signed by Bukowski & Containing His Hand-Drawn Illustration From the Book PASS
61 Illustrated 1901 Edition of ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'' by Lewis Carroll PASS
62 First Edition, First Printing of ''The Great Gatsby'' PASS
63 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Suicide Attempt of Dorothy Parker -- ''...How's Dotty? What are you guys doing driving the poor little woman almost to suicide...'' 5000
64 Ernest Hemingway First Limited Edition of ''A Farewell to Arms'' -- Signed by Hemingway PASS
65 Ernest Hemingway Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...bring your shortwave set down to Key West and we could try to turn an honest penny running Chinamen...'' PASS
66 Ernest Hemingway Signed ''A Farewell to Arms'' 2500
67 James Joyce ''Ulysses'' First Edition From 1922 -- #877 of the 1,000 Copies in the Rare First Edition PASS
68 James Joyce ''Ulysses'' First English Edition From 1922 -- #389 of 2,000 Copies in the Limited Edition PASS
69 ''One Hundred Years of Solitude'' First Edition by Gabriel Garcia Marquez -- Near Fine Condition PASS
70 Sylvia Plath Signed Health Insurance Card PASS
71 Marcel Proust Autograph Letter Signed From 1917 -- '' is lovely that these well-deserved successes add their noble radiance to your mourning...'' PASS
72 Ayn Rand Signed ''Atlas Shrugged'' -- Number 1,780 in a Special 10th Anniversary Edition Limited to 2,000, With Rare Slipcase PASS
73 J.K. Rowling Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''The Cuckoo's Calling'' Written Under Her Pseudonym Robert Galbraith -- With Beckett Authentication PASS
74 J.K. Rowling Signed First U.S. Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'' -- Signature Certified by Beckett PASS
75 J.K. Rowling Signed Screenplay for ''Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
76 J.K. Rowling & Rupert Grint Signed Screenplay for ''Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
77 J.K. Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint Signed First U.S. Edition of ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'' -- With Beckett COA 450
78 Original ''Wild Things'' Drawing by Maurice Sendak -- Included With a Signed Limited 25th Anniversary Edition of ''Where the Wild Things Are'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
79 Pair of Dr. Seuss Autograph Letters Signed on ''Cat in the Hat'' Stationery -- Including One Where Dr. Seuss Draws a Crow, Sitting on the Cat's Hat 400
80 First Edition of ''Killer Angels'' by Michael Shaara -- Pulitzer Prize Winning Historical Novel Recounting the Four Days of the Gettysburg Battle PASS
81 Mary Shelley Autograph Letter Signed During Her Travels Through Italy in 1843 -- Shelley Gives Thanks for Sending Letters Written by Her Late Husband, Percy Shelley PASS
82 German Language Edition of ''Solomon and Marcolf'' -- Bound in Wood & Leather With Metal Clasp PASS
83 John Steinbeck's ''The Winter of Our Discontent'' Limited First Edition of 500 Copies, Made For Friends of the Author & Publishers PASS
84 First Edition of Robert Louis Stevenson's Classic ''Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
85 Superb Harriet Beecher Stowe Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Slavery -- ''...Nothing more is needed than to awaken the attention of the public to an expose of the slave law system...'' PASS
86 Hunter S. Thompson Letter From 1965 -- ''...Ballantine is beginning to hammer and howl about the importance of meeting the deadline...'' PASS
87 Hunter S. Thompson Letter From 1965 While Writing ''Hell's Angels'' -- ''...I am either drunk or on the bike, or both. Acceleration above 60 has been substantially increased...'' PASS
88 Hunter Thompson Letter From 1965 While Writing About the Hell's Angels -- ''...I heard myself telling an editorial writer...that the first time I had a chance to shoot a cop, I'd probably take it...'' PASS
89 Hunter S. Thompson Letter With Handwritten Edits -- ''...There is no money on the Left. That is one of the basic gives the whole thing a Losers' smell...'' PASS
90 Hunter S. Thompson Letter From 1962 -- ''...Writing novel is the shittiest thing a man can undertake...'' PASS
91 Mark Twain ''Adventures of Tom Sawyer'' First Edition, Second Printing -- Bound in Publisher's Blue Cloth PASS
92 ''Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ'' Signed by Author Lew Wallace -- With JSA COA PASS
93 Virginia Woolf First Edition, First Printing of Her Second Novel ''Night and Day'' PASS
94 Beatles Signed Concert Program From 1963 -- Each of the Beatles Sign Effusively Next to Their Photo, Without Inscription -- With Roger Epperson COA for All Four Signatures 7500
95 Production Master Tapes for The Beatles ''Please Please Me'' and for James Taylor's Critically Acclaimed First Album PASS
96 Early Johnny Cash Concert Poster From 1961 PASS
97 Fantastic, Large Johnny Cash Poster From 1970 -- Measures 22'' x 28'' PASS
98 John Entwistle Personally Owned & Worn Blue Pinstripe Vest & Trousers -- Stage Clothes Custom Made for Entwistle PASS
99 Grammy Nomination for Best Contemporary Song for ''Jean'' From the 1969 Film ''The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'' PASS
100 John Lennon Signed ''Bag One'' Limited Edition Lithograph -- With PSA/DNA COA 2000
101 John Lennon Signed ''Bag One'' Limited Edition Lithograph -- With PSA/DNA COA 2000
102 Prince Signed Contract for the ''Rock in Rio II'' 1991 Concert -- Signed ''Prince R. Nelson'', With Roger Epperson COA PASS
103 The Rolling Stones Signed Limited Edition Artwork for ''Bridges to Babylon'' PASS
104 Selena Signed ''Amor Prohibido'' CD, the Last Album Released by Selena -- With Roger Epperson COA PASS
105 Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, Autograph Letter Signed With Her Full Name ''jenny Lind'' PASS
106 Hank Williams, Sr. Signed Photo, Without Inscription -- With PSA/DNA & Roger Epperson COAs PASS
107 1958 Best Picture Academy Award Nomination for the Film ''Gigi'' -- Which It Won PASS
108 Moe Howard's Script for The Three Stooges 1942 Film ''Sock-a-Bye Baby'', With Working Title ''Their First Baby'' -- With Howard's Annotations & Drawings on Back Cover PASS
109 ''Rocky'' Star Burgess Meredith's Personally Owned Hollywood Walk of Fame Award PASS
110 ''Rocky'' Star Burgess Meredith's Personally Owned Golden Globe Nomination for ''The Day of the Locust'' PASS
111 Agreement Signed by a Bevy of Hollywood Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Joseph Cotten, Barbara Stanwyck & More -- The Movie Stars Invest in an Oil Venture in 1952 PASS
112 Fantastic Three Stooges Comedy Routine Handwritten by Moe Howard -- Document Runs Five Pages, Circa Mid-1950s With Shemp as Third Stooge PASS
113 Marilyn Monroe Photographer's Release From 1946, Signed ''Norma Jeane Dougherty'' PASS
114 Marilyn Monroe Signed Address Book -- ''Love & Kisses / Marilyn Monroe'' 1800
115 George Reeves as ''Superman'' Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Included With Archive of Signed Photos by Doris Day, Vincent Price, Jerry Mathers & Julie Andrews PASS
116 Buzz Aldrin Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo of the Footprint Upon the Moon -- Aldrin Also Handwrites the Date of the Moon Landing -- With Novaspace COA PASS
117 Buzz Aldrin Signed ''Life'' Magazine Commemorative Issue PASS
118 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo, Uninscribed -- With Steve Zarelli & Beckett COAs PASS
119 Walter Cunningham Signed 16'' x 20'' Photo With Personal Message Honoring Wernher von Braun -- ''Wernher von Braun was one that I never had any reluctance to give whatever kind of credit he deserved'' PASS
120 Scarce 1938 Letter Signed by Robert H. Goddard, the Father of Space Flight -- ''...such matters as the rocket motor have accordingly not received as much attention...'' -- With JSA COA PASS
121 Bruce McCandless Signed 14'' x 19.25'' Photo of Him Performing the First Non-Tethered Spacewalk -- ''Reach for the Stars!'' PASS
122 Edward White Pair of Letters Signed, Including One With an Autograph Note Just After Gemini IV -- ''What a ride that was!'' PASS
123 Very Rare John Young Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo of Young on the Moon -- With Novaspace COA PASS
124 Fabric Swatch From the Wright Flyer, Flown at Kitty Hawk During the First Flight on 17 December 1903 -- Encapsulated by CAG PASS
125 Wilbur Wright Postcard Signed From December 1908 During Their Very Successful Exhibition Flights in Europe PASS
126 Albert Einstein Signature PASS
127 Albert Einstein Letter Signed to Composer Walter Kaufmann -- ''...You know how highly I esteem your artistic competencies...'' PASS
128 1919 Edition of Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity -- Housed in Custom Clamshell Case & Slipcover 200
129 First Edition of ''America, Being the Latest, and Most Accurate Description of the New World'' From 1671 by John Ogilby -- A Superior Copy With Nearly All 58 Plates & Maps Present PASS
130 Booker T. Washington Signed First Printing of His First Major Publication, ''The Future of the American Negro'' PASS
131 Large 5'' x 7'' Silver Gelatin Photo of Sioux Chief Afraid of a Hawk -- Circa 1890 PASS
132 Sioux Chief High Bear 19th Century Cabinet Photo by Lucien W. Stilwell PASS
133 Large 5'' x 7'' Silver Gelatin Photo of Sioux Chief High Bear -- Circa 1890 PASS
134 Two Original Wounded Knee Photographs From 1890-1891, at the Time of the Massacre -- One Photograph Shows Cheyenne Cavalry, Recruited by the U.S. Military to Fight Their Enemy, the Sioux PASS
135 General William Franklin Autograph Draft Letter to Abraham Lincoln on a Plan to Take Richmond After Fredericksburg: '' great sacrifice of blood on our part, the result would not be decisive...'' 3200
136 General William Franklin Autograph Draft Letter Signed to President Abraham Lincoln -- Franklin Expounds Upon His Plan to Capture Richmond After the Disastrous Battle of Fredericksburg 2400
137 General Robert E. Lee Letter Signed Regarding Troop Replenishment After the Battle of Chancellorsville -- Dated 9 May 1863 After Lee Made the Audacious Decision to Split His Army & Bluff the Union PASS
138 Robert E. Lee Signature PASS
139 Ticket to the 1961 Trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel PASS
140 Nuremberg Book Signed by 18 Nazi War Criminals During the WWII Nuremberg Trials -- Includes Signatures by Goring, Donitz, Streicher & Speer, and Also Two ID Cards by U.S. Guard Who Acquired Signatures PASS
141 Royal Air Force World War I Training Poster -- Large-Format Lithograph Poster Entitled ''Bad Landing'' Measures 40'' x 27'' PASS
142 Extraordinary Autograph Album of a Young Japanese Girl Imprisoned in the Tule Lake Concentration Camp During WWII -- ''...Tule Lake will remain in my memory for ever...'' PASS
143 Jim Thorpe Lot of Three Signed Items, Including a Rare Signed Photo -- Considered One of the Greatest Athletes of All Time, Thorpe Was the First Native American to Win an Olympic Gold Medal for the US PASS
144 Kobe Bryant Game-Worn Lakers Road Shorts with Team Letter COA PASS
145 Kobe Bryant Signed Limited Edition Basketball -- Signed in 2001 After the Lakers First Two Championships -- With Upper Deck Authentication PASS
146 Kobe Bryant Signed 16'' x 20'' Limited Edition Photo, Commemorating the Lakers ''Back to Back'' Championships in 2000-2001 -- With Upper Deck Authentication PASS
147 Muhammad Ali Signed Boxing Bag Glove From 1964 as Cassius Clay -- Also Signed by Sonny Liston -- With COA From Craig R. Hamilton PASS
148 Muhammad Ali Signed Speed Bag From 1963 as Cassius Clay -- With COA From Craig R. Hamilton 5000
149 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo From the Fight of the Century -- With Steiner COA PASS
150 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Dual-Signed Large 22.5'' x 30.5'' Photo of the ''Fight of the Century'' -- Limited Edition With Steiner COA PASS
151 Original Apple Computer, Inc. Signs Measuring Over 4' x 5' -- One of the Earliest Apple Retail Signs, Circa 1978 PASS
152 John D. Rockefeller Signed Stock Certificate for Standard Oil Trust -- Signed by Rockefeller as President in 1883 PASS
153 Cunard Line's RMS Mauretania Deck Plans & Rates From 1912 -- One of the Famed 19th Century Ocean Liners PASS
154 Sergei Diaghilev Autograph -- Also With the Autograph of Leonide Massine, Diaghilev's Choreographer for the Ballets Russes PASS
155 First Edition From 1776 of ''A Code of Gentoo Laws, or, Ordinations of the Pundits'' -- Translation of Hindu Law to Facilitate English Colonial Rule PASS
156 Frederick Law Olmsted Letter Signed as Superintendent of Central Park, During Its Construction -- ''those who have no means to go into the country for relief from the heat and turmoil of the city'' PASS
157 Dorothy Stratten Signed Playboy Photo PASS
158 Bill Wilson Signed Second Edition of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book -- '' gratitude for your recovery...'' -- Also With Edward A. Webster Signed Copy of the AA Book ''Stools and Bottles'' PASS