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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 John Adams Military Document Signed as President, Appointing a Midshipman to the Navy in 1799 During the French-American Quasi-War PASS
2 John Quincy Adams Land Grant Signed as President -- Accompanied by Engraving of Adams PASS
3 President Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial Ticket -- For the Last Day of the Trial & the Day of the Senate Vote PASS
4 Senate Question Card for the Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial 200
5 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir, ''The White House Years'' -- Uninscribed, #1228 of the Limited Edition PASS
6 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- General Ulysses S. Grant With His Famed Horse Cincinnati, at Cold Harbor in 1864 PASS
7 China From John F. Kennedy's Last Official Dinner on 18 November, 1963, Four Days Before His Assassination PASS
8 Photo of John F. Kennedy Giving the 1963 State of the Union Address Before Congress -- Large Photo Measures 13.5'' x 10.5'' PASS
9 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature PASS
10 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Endorsement Signed as President -- Lincoln Mistakenly Dates the Proclamation of Amnesty as 8 December 1864 -- With University Archives COA 4500
11 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- ''There! that's the best likeness of Mr. Lincoln that I ever saw!'' PASS
12 James Madison Letter Twice-Signed as Secretary of State, Regarding a Change in Payment Terms for the Louisiana Purchase -- '' promote a modification, if possible'' PASS
13 Ronald Reagan White House China Dessert Plate PASS
14 Ronald Reagan Signed Photo of His Presidential Library -- Limited Edition PASS
15 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Signed Books -- The President Signs His Book ''Speaking My Mind'' & the First Lady Signs Her Memoir ''My Turn'' PASS
16 Franklin D. Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed, Just Days Before His Inauguration as Governor of New York -- ''...I wish much you could be in Albany on Tuesday...'' PASS
17 Franklin D. Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed to Helena Mahoney, His Warm Springs Physical Therapist -- ''...I do so hope the nightmares have stopped...'' PASS
18 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1926 Letter Signed to Physical Therapist Helena Mahoney as the Warm Springs Facility Was About to Open -- ''...there are two or three patients already there...'' 250
19 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1928 Letter Signed With His Full Signature -- FDR Writes to His Physical Therapist, ''...I will bring down the pearls to Warm Springs and then if you want to make a will...'' PASS
20 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed From July 1928 -- ''...up to my neck in work - this office, law office, Democratic Executive Committee, fifty letters a day, Warm Springs contributions...'' PASS
21 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1928, Writing to His Physical Therapist Helena Mahoney -- ''...You are an Angel...'' PASS
22 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1928 Letter Signed With an Additional Handwritten Postscript -- ''...I am expecting to see Governor Smith this evening to find out what my duties are for the next six months...'' PASS
23 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed Regarding the Practical Details of Running the Warm Springs Institute -- ''...I am sorry the pipes froze...'' PASS
24 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Limited Edition of His 1889 Book ''Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Great Plains'' -- #166 of 1000 PASS
25 Harry Truman Speech Signed as President From 1952 -- ''...The Kremlin is not going to take a vacation just because we are having a Presidential election in this country. Far from it...'' PASS
26 George Washington Appointment Signed as President -- Countersigned by Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State 17500
27 White House Used Telephone -- With White House Centrex Label on the Directory Plate 600
28 David Ben-Gurion Signed Copy of ''David Ben-Gurion / A Pictorial Record'' PASS
29 Winston Churchill Signed ''The Hinge of Fate'' -- Part of Churchill's Post-WWII Analysis That Won Him the Nobel Prize in Literature PASS
30 Admission Card to the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902 PASS
31 Queen Victoria Letter Signed From 1837, Just 7 Days After Her Ascension to Queen -- ''...Upon ascending the throne of this Kingdom...'' PASS
32 Queen Victoria Signed Copy of Her Book, ''Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands'' 500
33 Sabine Baring-Gould Autograph Lyrics Signed to His Iconic Hymn, ''Onward, Christian Soldiers'' PASS
34 Outstanding Martin Luther King, Jr. Handwritten Signed Quote: ''Love is the greatest force in the universe...He who loves is a participant in the being of God'' -- With University Archives COA PASS
35 Scarce Mother Teresa Autograph Letter Signed on a Prayer Card -- With JSA COA PASS
36 Apollo Spacecraft Model Signed by 22 Astronauts, Including 9 Moonwalkers & 3 From Project Mercury -- Signatures Include Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alan Shepard & 19 More -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
37 Large Lithograph Signed by Ten of the Apollo Moonwalkers PASS
38 NASA Press Memorabilia Belonging to CBS Journalist During the Apollo Era PASS
39 Apollo I Mission Chart Signed by 9 Apollo Astronauts, All Expressing Their Gratitude to the Three Astronauts Who Gave Their Lives PASS
40 Frank Borman and James Lovell Signed Apollo 8 Lunar Orbit Chart -- The Men Also Write Their Historic Words From the 1968 Christmas Eve Broadcast, Including the Santa Claus Quote & Passage From Genesis PASS
41 ''Snoopy Astronaut'' Classic Toy From 1969 to Commemorate the Apollo 10 Mission -- Near Fine Condition PASS
42 Apollo 11 Launch Checklist Used by the Astronauts During Flight Simulation Training for the Apollo 11 Mission, Signed by Buzz Aldrin -- With Additional Letter of Provenance Also Signed by Aldrin PASS
43 Apollo 11 Crew Signed ''Apollo Achievement Award'' to Thomas O. Paine, Famed NASA Administrator During Apollo 11 -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
44 Apollo 11 Crew Signed Poster From 1984, Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Mission PASS
45 Apollo 17 Flown Lunar Map of the Tsiolkovsky Crater on the Far Side of the Moon -- With COA Signed by Apollo 17 Mission Commander Gene Cernan PASS
46 United States Flag Flown to the Moon on the Apollo 17 Mission PASS
47 ''The New Nine'' Signed Photo -- Signed by Ed White, Elliot See, Neil Armstrong & Six Others, Comprising Astronaut Group 2 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
48 Neil Armstrong Signed ''New York Times'' Supplement From 17 July 1969 Entitled ''Man and the Moon'' -- Armstrong Signed His Name and Mission Apollo 11 1000
49 Neil Armstrong 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo -- Near Fine PASS
50 Neil Armstrong Signed Program for ''Seminar on Space Exploration'' PASS
51 Large 1.75'' Square Fabric Swatch From the First Airplane, the Wright Flyer PASS
52 Wilbur Wright Postcard Signed From December 1908 During Their Very Successful Exhibition Flights in Europe PASS
53 Marie Curie Signed Document From Her ''Institut du Radium'' Laboratory -- Curie Signs Off on an Experiment in Her Lab PASS
55 Charles Darwin Autograph Note Signed -- '' can communicate direct with him...'' PASS
56 Helen Dukas Letters Signed Regarding Cataloguing Albert Einstein's Correspondence PASS
57 Helen Dukas Letters Signed Regarding Cataloguing Albert Einstein's Correspondence PASS
58 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1921, Regarding Anti-Semitism in Germany -- ''...I am supposed to go to Munich, but I will not do that, because this would endanger my life right now...'' PASS
59 Albert Einstein Letter Signed From 1943 With His Hand-Drawn Diagram -- Einstein Helps Solve a Problem for the National Defense Research Committee, the WWII Task Force That Headed the Manhattan Project 5500
60 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1921 the Year of His Nobel Prize Win PASS
61 Drs. Arnold Sommerfeld and Paul Epstein Write a Jovial Postcard to Fellow Dr. Peter Paul Koch PASS
62 Meriwether Lewis Autograph Letter Signed, Two Months Before the Lewis & Clark Expedition -- In What Would Be Lewis' Lifelong Battle With Reimbursed Debt, He Defends Against Money He Purportedly Owes PASS
63 Philadelphia Newspaper From 18 September 1787, Reporting on the Constitutional Convention That Ended a Day Earlier on 17 September, When the U.S. Constitution Was Signed PASS
64 John Hancock Military Appointment Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
65 1778 Revolutionary War Broadside, a Call to Arms to Build the ''Great Chain'' on the Hudson River, From West Point to Constitution Island -- Broadside Also Requests Forces for Battle of Rhode Island PASS
66 Declaration of Independence Signer Matthew Thornton Twice-Signed Document From 1769 as Justice of the Peace PASS
67 1839 Republic of Texas Letter: ''...It is true that Texas sprang into existence under peculiar circumstances...'' & Regarding the New Capital at Waterloo: ''...will be called The City of Austin...'' PASS
68 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- African American Teamsters at Bermuda Hundred PASS
69 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Showing a Wounded Zouave Soldier PASS
70 Iwo Jima First Day Cover Signed by All Three of the Flag Raisers: Rene Gagnon, Ira Hayes & John Bradley PASS
71 Americas Map Published in 1720 by London Cartographer Herman Moll -- Measures 25'' x 40.75'' PASS
72 17th Century Hand-Colored Map of the Americas by Noted Cartographer Willem Blaeu -- Entitled ''A New Map of America'' PASS
73 Gorgeous World Map, Circa 1700 During the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography -- Hand-Colored Map Shows Dual Hemispheres, Dual Polar Projections & Allegorical Scenes Representing the Four Seasons PASS
74 'Baltimore From Federal Hill'' Hand-Colored Folio Aquatint From 1831 by William James Bennett -- ''...Pronounced by judges to be the best print of the kind ever published in the United States...'' PASS
75 H.R. Giger Signed Limited Deluxe Edition of ''Biomechanics'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
76 Charles Hawes Watercolor Entitled ''Saturday Morning'' PASS
77 Jasper Johns ''Light Bulb'' Lithograph -- Hors Commerce 3 of 7 PASS
78 Moebius Signed ''Crystal'' Limited Edition Serigraph -- Large Artwork Measures 31.625'' x 25.25'' Framed, in Near Fine Condition PASS
79 Moebius and Darrow Signed ''City of Fire - The Street'' Limited Edition Serigraph -- Large, Detailed Artwork Measures 37.5'' x 32.25'' Framed, in Near Fine Condition PASS
80 Moebius Signed ''Walls Stardom'' Limited Edition Serigraph -- Large Artwork Measures 27.375'' x 35.625'' Framed, in Near Fine Condition PASS
81 Moebius Signed ''Starwatcher 6'' Limited Edition Serigraph -- Large Artwork Measures 31'' x 41.5'' Framed, in Near Fine Condition PASS
82 Original 1977 Storyboards for the Dr. Seuss ''Halloween Is Grinch Night'' Special -- Over 150 Pages of Graphic Storyboard Art With Narration Matching the Emmy Winning TV Special PASS
83 Andy Warhol Sketches His Famous Campbell's Soup Can -- Drawn Upon a Signed First Edition of ''The Philosophy of Andy Warhol'' PASS
84 Robert Watson 16'' x 12'' Oil Painting PASS
85 First Edition, First Printing of Alcoholics Anonymous ''Big Book'' in Original Dust Jacket -- One of the Most Attractive Copies We've Encountered, in Near Fine Condition 15000
86 Roald Dahl ''Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'' First Printing in First Printing Dust Jacket 3600
87 Ernest Hemingway's ''Men Without Women'' First Edition, First Printing PASS
88 James Joyce Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have undergone a seventh operation. It was quite awful this time...'' PASS
89 Beatrix Potter Autograph Letter Signed From 1941 -- ''...the news is very anxious - it looks like a long war, and terrible fighting. When the Germans conquer another country to eat up...'' PASS
90 Beatrix Potter Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I have to confess I have borrowed a sled...'' PASS
91 Extraordinary Bound Volume of ''raw, unworked poems'' by Anne Sexton in 1973 -- With Two Letters Signed to Critic Walter Kerr, Whom She Sent Them to, One Day After She Finished the Drafts PASS
92 Shel Silverstein Signed Copy of ''Where the Sidewalk Ends'' -- A Very Rare Title Signed by Silverstein PASS
93 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1967 -- In This Strip Violet Argues That Pig-Pen Would Make a Good Husband 15000
94 Original Disney Cels Used in ''Mary Poppins'' -- Featuring Two of the ''Pearlies'' From the Famous ''Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'' Scene PASS
95 Richard Attenborough's Directors Guild Award From 1982 for Most Outstanding Directorial Achievement for the Classic ''Gandhi'' PASS
96 Two 10'' x 8'' Candid Photos of Ingrid Berman, Circa 1940s PASS
97 ''Enter the Dragon'' Banner for the Film Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on 19 August 1973 -- Measures Over 18 x 3 Feet PASS
98 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Silk Dress From 1938 Film ''Little Miss Broadway'' PASS
99 Fred Astaire Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
100 Lucille Ball Signed ''Time'' Magazine From 1952 300
101 Charlie Chaplin Signed Bank Card PASS
102 Lot of Seven Hollywood Signed Photos -- Including Rare Signed Photo of Ted Healy PASS
103 Curly Howard Signed 10'' x 8'' Three Stooges Photo From ''Playing the Ponies'' -- ''3 Stooges / In a hurry remember / Curly'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
104 Stan Laurel, Claude Rains and Colin Clive Signed Photos -- Laurel & Clive Photos Measure 8'' x 10'' PASS
105 Bela Lugosi Signed 11.5'' x 10'' Photo From ''Chandu the Magician'' -- Also Signed by the Directors and Cast of the Film PASS
106 George Reeves Signed Photo as Superman -- With PSA/DNA COA 2929
107 Ray Bolger and Jack Haley Signed 10'' x 8'' ''Wizard of Oz'' Photo PASS
108 Silver Medal Awarded in the 1932 Summer Olympics, Held in Los Angeles PASS
109 Muhammad Ali Signed Speed Bag From 1963 as Cassius Clay -- With COA From Craig R. Hamilton PASS
110 Serena Williams' Signed Tennis Racket From Wimbledon 2005 -- The Racket That Williams Famously Smashed After Losing the First Set in the First Round Before Coming Back to Win the Match PASS
111 Interesting Roger Maris Lot -- Baseball Questionnaire Filled Out and Signed by Maris in 1957 & Two Cards Also Filled Out by Him With Details on His Name Change and the Scout Who Signed Him 324
112 The Who's John Entwistle Personally Owned Fender Swinger Guitar From 1969 -- One of the Rarest Production Guitars Ever Made, With Provenance From Sotheby's John Entwistle Estate Sale PASS
113 The Who's John Entwistle's Notebook Filled With Over 16 Handwritten Lyrics to His Songs ''Too Late the Hero'', ''Talk Dirty'', ''Love is a Heart Attack'', ''I'm Coming Back'', ''Lovebird'' & Many More PASS
114 Lady Gaga Worn Dress to the 2019 Golden Globes -- Stunning Valentino Haute Couture Gown in Periwinkle Blue Includes Dress & Separate 10' Train PASS
115 Bob Marley Signed ''Exodus'' Album -- Boldly Signed ''Rasta Fari Live / Bob Marley'' -- With Roger Epperson COA 6050
116 Paul McCartney and Wings Original 1973 Production Master Tapes for the ''Band on the Run'' PASS
117 James Taylor Production Master Tape for His Critically Acclaimed First Album Entitled ''James Taylor'' -- Recorded at the Famed Trident Studios in 1968 PASS
118 Pristine Original Woodstock Concert Poster Signed by Artist Arnold Skolnick -- First Printing, Large Format Poster Measures 24'' x 36'' PASS
119 Jenny Lind ''Swedish Nightingale'' Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Opera Singer Mathilda Ebeling -- Dated 23 March 1849 Shortly After Lind Announced Her Early Retirement From Opera PASS
120 Fun Memento Owned by Frank Sinatra, His Personal Set of Matches for the Christmas Holidays -- ''Blue Eyes'' 200
121 Samuel Francis Smith, Writer of ''America'', Signed CDV Photo -- With University Archives COA PASS
122 Sandra Day O'Connor Signed Presentation Photo PASS
123 The Burger Supreme Court Signed 21'' x 15.25'' Photo Showing the Justices in an Informal Pose -- Signed by All Nine Justices, From 1977 PASS
124 The Burger Supreme Court Signed 14'' x 11'' Photo -- Signed by All Nine Justices, Circa 1972 PASS
125 Robert Baden-Powell 12pp. Autograph Draft Letter Regarding the Nascent Boy Scouts Organization -- Circa 1917, During World War I: ''Scout training...brings out the individual, develops his character'' PASS
126 Titanic Newspaper Coverage in 2 Months of ''The Boston Evening Transcript'' From 1 March-30 April 1912 -- Includes Over 3 Dozen Titanic Ads Before the Sinking & a ''Titanic Disaster Special'' Issue PASS