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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 John Adams Twice-Signed Check -- Slabbed by PSA/DNA 19489
2 Calvin Coolidge Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Cochran Who Helped Coolidge Gain National Prominence in 1920 PASS
3 Dwight D. Eisenhower Sketch as President -- Eisenhower Draws the Profile of a Man -- From the Malcolm S. Forbes Collection PASS
4 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir, ''The White House Years'' -- Uninscribed, #1228 of the Limited Edition PASS
5 Checks Signed By Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater PASS
6 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- General Ulysses S. Grant 160
7 Rutherford B. Hayes White House China PASS
8 Secret Service Badge for George H.W. Bush's 1989 Inauguration 500
9 Andrew Jackson Signed Ship's Papers as President PASS
10 Andrew Johnson Appointment Signed as President PASS
11 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of John F. Kennedy -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
12 Press Release From 1962 Pertaining to Jackie Kennedy's Famous Renovation of the White House PASS
13 Cecil W. Stoughton's Personal, Unpublished Photo of LBJ's Inauguration Aboard Air Force One, With Jackie Kennedy Being Comforted PASS
14 Texas Welcome Dinner Press Pass From the Night of John F. Kennedy's Assassination PASS
15 Texas Welcome Dinner Press Releases From the Night of John F. Kennedy's Assassination PASS
16 Dr. Robert McClelland Signed Photo of John F. Kennedy as Pronounced Dead PASS
17 ''Wall Street Journal'' From 25 November 1963 -- Three Days After The Assassination of John F. Kennedy 100
18 Ted Kennedy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
19 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide 160
20 Fascinating Richard Nixon Handwritten Notes Attacking Communism -- ''...Commies hide under Marshall's great reputation...Bank Robber - would you trust man who said...they didn't steal much...'' PASS
21 Richard Nixon Handwritten Notes -- ''...Politics - not a bad word...'' PASS
22 Richard Nixon ''The Real War'' Signed PASS
23 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Aperitif Glass by the Luxury Glassmaker Steuben PASS
24 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Signed Copy of ''An American Life'', Uniquely Signed by the First Couple -- With Beckett COA PASS
25 Eleanor Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1933 -- Eleanor Writes to Helena Mahoney, FDR's Personal Physical Therapist PASS
26 Franklin D. Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed to Helena Mahoney, His Warm Springs Physical Therapist -- ''...I do so hope the nightmares have stopped...'' PASS
27 Franklin D. Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed to Helena Mahoney, His Warm Springs Physical Therapist -- ''...The Doctor writes you will be back to over 20 patients before the end of the month...'' PASS
28 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed From 1926 -- With Exceptional Content to Helena Mahoney Upon the Opening of the Warm Springs Institute PASS
29 Franklin D. Roosevelt White House Christmas Card From 1944 -- As WWII Was Being Fought, the Roosevelts Wish for ''...a Happier Nineteen Forty-five...'' PASS
30 Franklin D. Roosevelt White House Christmas Card From 1933 -- With Silver Gelatin Photo of the White House PASS
31 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signature as President Upon a White House Card PASS
32 William Taft Quote Signed -- ''...We are a great power in the world, and we may be, and I hope we are...a great power for the spread of Christian civilization...the foremost people of the world...'' PASS
33 Gorgeous 16.5'' x 12'' Photo Signed by Harry Truman & His Cabinet -- From the Estate of Agriculture Secretary Charles Brannon PASS
34 George Washington Signed Document Conferring Membership in the Ultra-Elite Society of the Cincinnati -- Available Only to Revolutionary War Officers & Their Heirs 4500
35 Woodrow Wilson Military Appointment Signed as President, Just Months Before the United States' Entry Into WWI PASS
36 David Ben-Gurion Signed Limited Edition of ''Israel: A Personal History'' PASS
37 Fidel Castro Document Signed as Prime Minister From 1960 -- Cuba Appoints an Envoy to Its Embassy in Paris PASS
38 Japanese Emperor Hirohito Document Signed From 1932 1500
39 Adolf Hitler Document Signed From 1934, on Hitler's ''German Chancellor'' Letterhead -- With University Archives COA 2925
40 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed 600
41 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed PASS
42 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed PASS
43 Chinese President Xu Shichang Document Signed PASS
44 Yuan Shikai Document Signed -- The First Formal President of the Republic of China 3000
45 Princess Diana Autograph Letter Signed, With Congratulatory Telegram -- '' think that I am going to miss the best man's speech!!...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
46 Napoleon III Royal China From Tuileries Palace PASS
47 The Guggenheim Mining Ledger, From Its Articles of Incorporation in 1888 to Its Sale in 1901 -- Over 90 Pages & Signed by Patriarch Meyer Guggeneheim & Sons Daniel, Benjamin, William, Morris & Simon 25000
48 Ship's Contract From 1794 for the Ship ''William'', Owned by Moses Brown PASS
49 Benjamin Franklin Revolutionary War-Dated Military Appointment Signed as President of the Committee of Safety -- With PSA/DNA COA 7000
50 John Hancock Document Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
51 Emotional Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed, Regarding Missing Soldiers -- ''...This Officer with his undeserved rank, his manners, his tricks, his falsehoods, his forgeries and his crimes...'' PASS
52 Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Missing Black Soldiers -- '' relation to the Colored Troops...this search can be made nearly as successful as that for the white soldiers...'' PASS
53 Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed to General Benjamin Butler, Regarding Her Brother, Imprisoned as a Confederate Spy -- ''...unless my brother's soul is dead, and his whole nature changed...'' PASS
54 Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Plight of Dorence Atwater -- With General Benjamin Butler's Reply on Andrew Johnson's Impeachment: ''...So many are afraid of the impeachment...'' PASS
55 Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed Regarding POW Dorence Atwater -- ''...I am neither a prophet, nor the daughter of a prophet, nevertheless, more than five years ago I made a prophecy...'' PASS
56 George Custer Envelope Made Out in His Hand to his Wife -- ''Mrs. Genl Custer'' PASS
57 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Gettysburg Battlefield Showing Little Round Top & Big Round Top PASS
58 Robert E. Lee Signature PASS
59 WWII Letter From a Prisoner at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp -- on Auschwitz Postcard With Camp ''Rules'' PASS
60 German Admiral Karl Donitz Typed Letter Signed -- Hitler's Successor Looks Forward to a Gift of a Model Ship PASS
61 WWII Poem Signed by Five Enola Gay Crew Members -- Tom Ferebee, Theodore Van Kirk, Morris Jeppson, George Caron & Paul Tibbetts PASS
62 WWII German Luftwaffe Rare Photograph Album -- 189 Photos With Captions PASS
63 Four WWII Photographs Showing the Execution of German Spies PASS
64 ''The New York Times'' From 10 September 1939 -- ''British Cabinet Preparing For a Three-year War'' -- One Week Into World War II PASS
65 24 August 1945 Edition of ''New York Times'' -- ''7,500 Sky Troops to Land in Japan with M'Arthur'' PASS
66 22 August 1945 Edition of ''The New York Times'' -- Japanese Occupation Begins PASS
67 28 September 1939 Edition of ''The New York Times'' -- Warsaw Surrenders to Germans PASS
68 26 September 1939 Edition of ''The New York Times'' -- War on Many European Fronts as Warsaw Burns PASS
69 U.S.S. Arizona Cover Signed by Five Crewmen Who Survived the Pearl Harbor Sinking 250
70 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signature -- Written on the Verso of a Card Condemning Some in the Republican Party -- ''...they are useing the good white republicans to gain power...'' PASS
71 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Airplane Boarding Pass PASS
72 Rosa Parks Signed Civil Rights Limited Edition Poster PASS
73 Bullet Shell Casing From the Battle of Little Bighorn -- From the Stella Foote Collection PASS
74 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' -- Uninscribed PASS
75 Buzz Aldrin Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo as He Walks on the Moon PASS
76 Apollo 11 Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Uninscribed PASS
77 Apollo 12 Flown United States Flag, One of the Largest Apollo Flown Flags at 18'' x 11.5'' -- From the Collection of Richard Gordon Who States That the Flag Landed on the Lunar Surface PASS
78 Apollo 13 United States Flag Space-Flown -- Crew-Signed & Uninscribed, From the Jack Swigert Estate 5638
79 Apollo 13 ''Nouns'' Space-Flown Plate Used to Communicate With Houston Mission Control -- From the Estate of Jack Swigert 1500
80 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Astronaut Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine Condition -- With COA From Worden PASS
81 ''The New Nine'' Signed Photo -- Signed by Ed White, Elliot See, Neil Armstrong & Six Others, Comprising Astronaut Group 2 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
82 Neil Armstrong Signed Program Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Apollo 11 PASS
83 Gene Cernan Signed 40'' Panoramic Photo of the Lunar Surface PASS
84 Gordon Cooper Handwritten Memos From Circa 1964 Regarding Spacecraft Windows -- Cooper Warns NASA of Possible Dangers During the Gemini & Apollo Missions PASS
85 Charlie Duke Signed 40'' x 8'' Panoramic Photo of the Moon During the Apollo 16 Mission -- Duke Also Handwrites Objects in the Photo Including Fellow Astronaut ''John'' Young PASS
86 John Young Signed Photo of Him Standing on the Moon in the Descartes Highlands -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
87 Egyptologist Georges Daressy Typed Letter Signed From 1914 Pertaining to The Karnak Site PASS
88 Scarce Marie Curie Signed Document From Her ''Institut du Radium'' Laboratory -- Curie Signs Off on an Experiment in Her Lab 4833
89 Thomas Edison Umbrella Signature PASS
90 Einstein and Nazism in 1938: ''...buckets of letters are coming in, whole stacks full of persecuted and desperate victims of the current situation...Only when you are dead will you be safe...'' 25000
91 Letter Written by Albert Einstein the Day He Renounced His German Citizenship & Turned in His German Passport -- ''...We will now look for a hiding place...'' 27500
92 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1921, Regarding Anti-Semitism in Germany -- ''...I am supposed to go to Munich, but I will not do that, because this would endanger my life right now...'' PASS
93 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed During The Year That the General Theory of Relativity Is Published -- The Beginnings of His Serious Illness That Almost Killed Him & Mention of Quantum Theory 15000
94 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed in 1946 Regarding His Sister's Stroke -- ''...the immense patience and empathy with which you have sweetened for her these years of 'being exiled'...'' PASS
95 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...triggers wonderful faded memories...'' & ''...I could not get the hang of cooking too well...'' 4500
96 Co-Discoverer Of DNA & Nobel Prize Winner James Watson's Signed Copy of ''Genes, Girls, & Gamow: After the Double Helix'' PASS
97 James Fenimore Cooper Autograph Letter Signed PASS
98 Charles Dickens Signed Cover PASS
99 Joseph Heller Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Concerning my coming there to speak, I'm flattered that you're making the attempt...I can be had for less, but don't tell...'' PASS
100 Sylvia Plath's Pulitzer Prize in Poetry PASS
101 Sylvia Plath Twice-Signed Driver's License From 1958 -- Plath Also Handwrites Her Addresses, Including ''9 Willow St.'' PASS
102 George Sand Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I forgot to tell you that the mysterious author of Synedise does not demand anything for his work...'' PASS
103 Oscar Wilde Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Be at Vaudeville Theatre...'' 1320
104 Beatles Signed Photo From 1962 With Pete Best as Drummer -- Signed by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison & Best -- PSA Slabbed PASS
105 Beatles Concert Ticket From 1965 PASS
106 John Bonham's Custom-Made Drum Sticks Used by Bonham in the mid-1970s with Led Zeppelin PASS
107 Cher Worn Chemise PASS
108 Drake's Personal, Signed Notebook for His First Mixtape, ''Room For Improvement'' -- Includes 80 Handwritten Pages of Lyrics, His ''My First Album'' Todo List, Motivational Quotes, Signatures & More PASS
109 Bob Dylan Signed Album ''The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan'' -- With Epperson COA PASS
110 Alicia Keys Worn Leather Cap -- With a COA From Keys PASS
111 Alicia Keys Worn Selima-Brand Hat -- With a COA From Keys PASS
112 ''Queen The Complete Works'' Autographed by All Four Band Members -- One of 600 in a Signed Limited Edition PASS
113 Jenny Lind ''Swedish Nightingale'' Autograph Letters Signed -- Lot of 3 Letters PASS
114 ''Esquire's Jazz Book 1945'' Signed by Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins, Louis Jordan, Benny Goodman, Roy Eldridge, Johnny Hodges, Cab Calloway, Cootie Williams & More -- With Epperson COA PASS
115 Legendary Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughan Contract Signed PASS
116 Alexander Calder Autograph Note Signed -- ''...I am off to Europe...'' PASS
117 James Montgomery Flagg Equine Painting -- Measures 21'' x 30'' PASS
118 Claude Monet Autograph Letter Signed to His Patron, Georges de Bellio -- '' wife is sick and I didn't have the means to buy what the doctor prescribed her. I am truly ashamed to bother you...'' 3000
119 LeRoy Neiman Signed Lithograph of Jesse Owens From Owens' Estate -- Part of a Limited Edition of 100 Made Only for Friends & Family PASS
120 Georgia O'Keefe Signed Program in Her Honor PASS
121 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Beloved Piece ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
122 Disney Limited Edition Sericel of ''Bambi and Faline'' -- Signed by the Actors Who Voiced Bambi and Faline From the Original ''Bambi'' Film PASS
123 Disney Limited Edition Sericel of ''Reflection of Love'' From ''Beauty and the Beast'' -- Signed by Seven of the Animators & Directors on the 1991 Academy Award Winning Film PASS
124 Bugs Bunny Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel Signed by Legendary Animator Friz Freleng PASS
125 ''Li'l Abner'' Lithograph With Abner & Honest Abe -- Numbered 151/250 & Signed ''Al Capp '74'' in Pencil -- Measures 26'' x 23'' -- Very Good -- From the Al Capp Estate PASS
126 Al Capp Signed ''Li'l Abner'' Artist's Proof Lithograph, Featuring Mammy Yokum -- Signed ''Al Capp '74'' & ''EA 11/20'' -- Measures 23.75'' x 25.75'' -- Staining to Border; Very Good Condition PASS
127 Lot of 3 Al Capp Signed Contracts With the William Morris Agency, Each Signed Twice by Capp PASS
128 Disney Limited Edition Sericel From ''Cinderella'' -- Signed by the Actress Who Voiced Cinderella in the Original 1950 Film PASS
129 Walt Disney Signed Print of Mickey Mouse -- With Phil Sears COA 6202
130 Hanna & Barbera Signed Original Hand-Painted Production Cel for ''The Flintstones'' PASS
131 Chuck Jones Signed Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel of ''Coyote Crossing'' Showing Bugs Bunny & His Nemesis Wile E. Coyote PASS
132 ''Pinocchio'' Animation Cels by Walt Disney of Pinocchio & The Little Dutch Girl Marionette -- With Courvoisier Label PASS
133 ''Pinocchio'' Animation Cel by Walt Disney of Figaro the Cat -- With Courvoisier Label PASS
134 Disney Limited Edition Sericel From the 1988 Film ''Who Framed Roger Rabbit'' -- Signed by Kathleen Turner Who Voiced the Character Jessica Rabbit -- With Disney & Beckett COAs PASS
135 Snoopy as The Red Baron Flying Ace -- Charles Schulz 1979 Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip 12000
136 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Comic Strip From 1960 -- Linus Gives Miss Othmar Her Wedding Present in This Famous Strip 11000
137 Charles Schulz Signed Drawing of Snoopy PASS
138 ''Tom and Jerry'' Animation Cels From the 1954 Short ''Baby Butch'' PASS
139 Hanna & Barbera Signed Original Hand-Painted Production Cel for ''Tom and Jerry: The Movie'' PASS
140 Disney Limited Edition Sericel of ''Two Hero Party'' From ''Winnie the Pooh & the Blustery Day'' -- Signed by the Actor Who Voiced Winnie the Pooh PASS
141 1955 Academy Award Nomination for Korean War Documentary ''Heartbreak Ridge'' -- Nominated for ''Best Documentary Feature'' PASS
142 Academy Award Commendation Medal PASS
143 Early Concept Art for ''Alien'' of the Spaceship Nostromo, Done in 1977 -- Measures 19'' x 9.5'', From the Collection of ''Alien'' Executive Peter Beale PASS
144 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Business Suit From ''The Office'' -- With a COA From NBC Universal PASS
145 Bette Davis Personally Owned Necklace PASS
146 Bette Davis Personally Owned Earrings 800
147 ''Kennedy Center Honors'' Directors Guild Award to Michael Onofrio -- From 1978, the Inaugural Year of the Kennedy Center Honors PASS
148 Regional Emmy Award PASS
149 ''The Poster'' That Defined a Decade -- From the Personal Collection of Farrah Fawcett PASS
150 Farrah Fawcett Personally Owned Jewelry PASS
151 ''The Royal Family'' Episode 6 Revised Table Draft Script Owned & Annotated by Redd Foxx of ''Sanford & Son'' -- 46 Pages -- Very Good Condition -- From Redd Foxx Estate PASS
152 Audrey Hepburn's Personally Owned Blouse From ''My Fair Lady'' PASS
153 Audrey Hepburn 11'' x 14'' Photo From ''My Fair Lady'' -- Taken by Cecil Beaton & From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
154 Audrey Hepburn 11'' x 14'' Photo From ''My Fair Lady'' -- Taken by Cecil Beaton & From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
155 Large 11'' x 14'' Paramount Studio Portrait of Audrey Hepburn From ''Funny Face'' -- From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
156 Large 11'' x 14'' Paramount Studio Portrait of Audrey Hepburn From ''Funny Face'' -- From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
157 Scripts From the ''Picture Pages'' Segment on ''Captain Kangaroo'' -- Dialogue Written for Bill Cosby 400
158 Kim Kardashian Owned Black Strappy Heels PASS
159 Frank Sinatra Owned Music Box -- Given by Sinatra in 1979 to Commemorate His 40 Years in Show Business PASS
160 Frank Sinatra Custom Invitation to Celebrate His ''Fortieth Year in Show Business'' PASS
161 Frank Sinatra Monogrammed Christmas Stocking PASS
162 Large Archive of Items Owned by Jean Stapleton From ''All in the Family'', Obtained Directly From Her Estate -- Including Awards From ''All in the Family'' & Personal Mementos From the Show PASS
163 Alicia Vikander Screen-Worn Costume as Lara Croft in ''Tomb Raider'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
164 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn James Perse Shirt from ''Ted 2'' PASS
165 Hollywood Luminary Mary Astor's Personally Signed Checks PASS
166 Mary Astor Autograph Letter Signed -- To Her Agent, Regarding Her 1968 Novel, ''A Place Called Saturday'' PASS
167 ''Back to the Future'' Cast Signed DeLorean PASS
168 ''Back to the Future II'' Cast Signed Hoverboard PASS
169 Audrey Hepburn Receives a Letter From Paramount Founder Adolph Zukor -- ''It gives me great pleasure to congratulation you on your portrayal of MY FAIR LADY'' -- From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
170 Andy Kaufman Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
171 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- ''...No, Hardy & I never had our hand or footprints in the lobby of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, we were never considered of much importance in Hollywood...'' PASS
172 Stan Laurel Letter Signed -- ''...No trick photography was used for stretching Hardy in 'The Bohemian Girl'...I worked with Charlie [Chaplin] in Vaudeville...'' PASS
173 Laurence Olivier & Vivien Leigh Signatures PASS
174 Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke Signed Limited Edition ''Mary Poppins'' Artwork by Disney -- Created From Original Disney Animation Drawings PASS
175 Carrie Fisher & Darth Vader Signed Movie Poster From ''Return of the Jedi'' PASS
176 Arnold Schwarzenegger Signed ''The Terminator'' Movie Poster From 1984 PASS
177 William Shatner Praises Leonard Nimoy as Spock: ''...Leonard has invented the Spock pinch - It was brilliant - He knew his character, he understood the philosophy by which Spock lived...'' PASS
178 William Shatner Reflects on the Sexiness of 1960s Smoking & How It Killed Leonard Nimoy -- ''...Leonard sat silently by and had stopped talking...silently puffing...'' PASS
179 Star Wars Cast-Signed Darth Vader Helmet -- Signed by All Stars of ''Star Wars'' and ''The Empire Strikes Back'', Including Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill PASS
180 ''Star Wars'' Cast-Signed Movie Poster -- Signed by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Darth Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca's Characters PASS
181 John Williams Autograph Manuscript Quotation Signed for the ''Jaws'' Theme -- Also Signed by Peter Benchley, Who Sketches a Great White Shark PASS
182 Olympic Torch From the 1968 Olympic Games Held in Mexico City PASS
183 Olympic Torch Used in 2012 London Summer Games PASS
184 Olympic Torch Used in 2016 Rio Summer Games PASS
185 Jesse Owens Signed Philatelic Passport -- Also Signed by Isaac Asimov PASS
186 Olympic Gold Medalist Jesse Owens Signature PASS
187 Baseball Hall-of-Fame Player Harmon Killebrew Personally Signed Checks PASS
188 Willie Mays & ''The Catch'' Signed Photo PASS
189 1986 Mets Team-Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo -- With Steiner COA PASS
190 Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca Signed 20'' x 16.5'' Photo of the Famed ''Shot Heard Round the World'' -- Steiner COA PASS
191 Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks -- From the Arthur Ashe Estate PASS
192 Lot of 10 Programs From Arthur Ashe's Funeral PASS
193 Muhammad Ali Autograph Note Signed -- ''To the lucky person from Muhammad Ali...there will never be another'' PASS
194 J. Edgar Hoover Signed First Edition of ''Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It'' PASS
195 Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 2003-A, Chicago -- Near Fine PASS
196 Admission Ticket to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies -- Printed by Tiffany & Co. PASS
197 1883 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies -- Made by Tiffany & Co. PASS
198 Program From the Opening Ceremonies of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 PASS
199 Ticket to ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody's Wild West Show PASS
200 Beautiful 39-Star Colorado Flag Measuring 9.5'' x 6.25'' -- Taken to World War I 2500
201 Large 37-Star Parade Flag After Nebraska Joined the Union -- Silk Flag Measures 11.5'' x 7.5'' PASS
202 Nebraska 37-Star Flag, Circa 1870s -- Medallion Pattern PASS
203 Vermont 14-Star Flag, Circa 1870s PASS
204 36-Star Flag After Nevada Joined the Union -- Circa 1865 PASS
205 36-Star Flag After Nevada Joined the Union -- Circa 1865 PASS
206 Lakota Territories 39-Star Flag, Circa 1889 -- Measures 24.25'' x 17.5'' PASS
207 1957 ''On the Job'' Red Cross Campaign Poster PASS
208 American Red Cross Poster -- ''Good Things Happen When You Give'' PASS
209 Bill Wilson Signed Copy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book -- ''...of your devotion to AA's Grapevine...Bill'' PASS
210 World Trade Center 2001 Observatory Ticket -- From 3 Weeks Before 9/11 PASS
211 World Trade Center Postcard -- Postmarked 9/11/01 PASS