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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 U.S. Flag and Apollo 13 Patch Both Flown to the Moon by Jack Swigert -- Signed & Gifted by Swigert to His Father, ''who has been my guidance and inspiration thru life'' 8860
2 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned Apollo 13 Medallion Issued by the Franklin Mint PASS
3 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed Astronaut Insurance Cover Issued by NASA -- Signed ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden 400
4 Alan Bean 16'' x 20'' Signed Photo, With His Personal Story on How He Collected ''Pristine Moon Dust'' PASS
5 Alan Bean Signed Apollo Lunar Orbit Chart for the Apollo 12 Mission PASS
6 Gene Cernan Signed 40'' Panoramic Photo of the Lunar Surface PASS
7 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''Lindbergh of Minnesota'' PASS
8 Two Months After their Successful 1903 Kitty Hawk Flight, Wilbur Wright Excoriates a Newspaper for Lying: ''...the bogus article contains matter which never came from me...and which is entirely... PASS
9 Thomas Edison Signature 1560
10 John Quincy Adams Land Grant Signed as President PASS
11 Grover Cleveland Consul Appointment Signed as President 350
12 White House China From the Bill Clinton & George W. Bush Administrations -- For ''The White House Mess'' PASS
13 Clinton White House China -- Saucer Used in State Dinners PASS
14 Lot of 10 Checks Signed by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater -- While Senator of Arizona PASS
15 John F. Kennedy Presidential China -- Used in the Dining Room of the Presidential Yacht, the ''Honey Fitz'' PASS
16 Signed Drawing of ''President Kennedy's Fatal Head Wound'' by Dr. Robert McClelland, the Physician Who Held President Kennedy's Head at the Dallas Hospital PASS
17 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- Complete 25 November 1963 Edition of ''The Dallas Morning News'' Reporting The Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby 250
18 Dallas Newspaper Announcing The Assassination of JFK -- ''KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET'' 250
19 Abraham Lincoln Civil War Commission Signed as President, Appointing a Hospital Chaplain -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 3500
20 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- The Earliest Known Portrait of Lincoln, Circa 1846 220
21 Richard Nixon Handwritten Note From 1958 -- Entitled ''Dignity'' 250
22 Richard Nixon Signed First Printing of ''The Real War'' -- Uninscribed PASS
23 Barack Obama White House Service Plate -- Measures 11.75'', Ideal for Display PASS
24 Ronald Reagan Signed ''Speaking My Mind'' Special Limited Edition -- Housed in Luxury Oak Case 2500
25 Ronald Reagan Presidential China -- Service Plate Measuring 12'', Ideal for Display PASS
26 Ronald Reagan White House Dinner Plate -- Used in the Private Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Reagan PASS
27 Ronald Reagan Presidential China Cup & Saucer -- Beautiful Design in Navy and Gilt PASS
28 Ronald Reagan Presidential China Soup Bowl Set -- Beautiful Design in Navy and Gilt PASS
29 China Dinner Plate Used During the Reagan Administration PASS
30 Ronald Reagan Signed Photo of His Presidential Library -- Limited Edition PASS
31 Ronald Reagan Presidential Serving Bowl -- Dramatic Statement Piece PASS
32 Ronald Reagan Presidential China Dessert BOwl -- Beautiful Design in Navy and Gilt PASS
33 Edith Roosevelt White House Invitation PASS
34 Zachary Taylor Letter Signed as President With Virginia Reference -- Taylor Was President for Only 16 Months PASS
35 Donald Trump Signed Drawing of the New York City Skyline -- With Additional Signed Photo of Trump, Who Writes, ''THINK BIG!'' 5500
36 George Washington Document Signed as President, Also Signed by Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State PASS
37 White House Sterling Silverware, With Engraving of ''President's House'' -- Fork & Spoon Used in the White House PASS
38 White House Sterling Silver Spoon, With Engraving of ''President's House'' -- Serving Spoon Used in the White House PASS
39 Josephine Bonaparte Letter Signed -- The Widow Josephine Writes a Letter of Recommendation for Another Widow PASS
40 Fidel Castro Document Signed as Prime Minister From 1960 -- Castro Confirms the Separation of a Consul PASS
41 Winston Churchill Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo PASS
42 Winston Churchill Signed Photo 1250
43 Winston Churchill Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The road is strong + painful + uphill...'' 807
44 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister and Duce of Fascism -- ''...In order to make paying taxes enticing, it's necessary to simplify...'' 800
45 Bob Dylan Signed ''The Lyrics: Since 1962'' -- #15 of Only 50 Signed by Dylan PASS
46 Grammy Award to the Pointer Sisters in 1984 for Best Pop Performance for ''Jump (For My Love)'' PASS
47 Jimmy Page Signed Limited Edition of ''ZoSo'', His Photographic Autobiography -- The Collector Edition PASS
48 Elvis Presley Death Newspaper -- Special Edition From Memphis, Elvis' Hometown, Following His 16 August 1977 Death PASS
49 Louis Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo Playing His Trumpet PASS
50 Legendary Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughan Lot of 5 Contracts Signed PASS
51 Extremely Rare Concert Poster for ''Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowboys'' From 1949 PASS
52 H.R. Giger Hand-Painted Model of Space Jockey & the Derelict Spaceship From ''Alien'' -- Measures Over 3 Feet by 3 Feet, Personally Owned by 20th Century Fox Executive Peter Beale 25000
53 '''Alien' Final Production Budget'', From the 20th Century Fox Executive in Charge of Production for the Film 100
54 ''Alien'' Original Lithographic Poster From 1979 PASS
55 ''Kennedy Center Honors'' Directors Guild Award to Michael Onofrio -- From 1978, the Inaugural Year of the Kennedy Center Honors PASS
56 ''The Empire Strikes Back'' Script With Unique Red Coding # on Each Page From Original Production 1044
57 ''The Empire Strikes Back'' Original Production Budget From 1979 200
58 ''Vader in Flames'' Crew Patch From ''The Empire Strikes Back'' 75
59 ''The Empire Strikes Back'' Crew Gift 400
60 ''The Empire Strikes Back'' Crew Gift -- ''May the Force Be With You'' Star 400
61 Farrah Fawcett Negligee From ''Poor Little Rich Girl'' -- From Fawcett's Personal Collection PASS
62 Redd Foxx's ''Sanford & Son'' Script -- Revised First Draft of ''Going Out Of Business'' Dated 11 July 1974 -- 39 Pages -- Very Good Condition -- From the Redd Foxx Estate PASS
63 ''Sanford & Son'' Script, With Redd Foxx's Notes -- First Draft of ''Fred Sanford Has a Baby'' Dated 6 November 1975 -- 36pp. -- Very Good Condition -- From the Redd Foxx Estate PASS
64 H.R. Giger ''Alien'' Artwork -- Set of 9 Photos of the Alien Creature, Space Jockey 75
65 H.R. Giger ''Alien'' Artwork -- Set of 10 Photos of the Alien Creature, Space Jockey, the Derelict Spaceship 75
66 H.R. Giger ''Alien'' Artwork -- Set of 12 Photos With Several Unique Shots of the Alien Creature 75
67 H.R. Giger ''Alien'' Artwork -- Set of 12 Photos With Several Unique Shots of the Alien Creature 75
68 David Lean Script ''Nostromo'' -- Lean's Last Script From 1989 & the Project He Was Developing When He Died PASS
69 Concept Artwork From the Ridley Scott Film ''Legend'' Starring Tom Cruise -- 19 Photographs Measuring 16'' x 12''. 200
70 Storyboards for the Ridley Scott Directed Film ''Legend'', Starring Tom Cruise 400
71 Ralph McQuarrie Artwork 400
72 Alien Concept Original Drawings by Famed Artist Ralph McQuarrie -- 52 Sheets With Dozens of Drawings 6409
73 ''The Omen'' Production Budget & Poster -- Originally Entitled ''Birthmark'' PASS
74 Photo Album for the 1977 Film ''The Other Side of Midnight'' PASS
75 ''Star Wars'' Merchandising Lot of Items -- Darth Vader Hemet, CP3O Helmet & Obi Wan Kenobi Mug PASS
76 ''Star Wars'' Publicity Book Measuring 14'' x 11'' -- Given to Media & Theatre Owners to Promote the Film PASS
77 Early ''Star Wars'' Production Budget From April 1975 -- With Details on the Cost for the Set & Cast for George Lucas' Earlier Screenplay Draft 400
78 ''Star Wars'' Preliminary Budget From Early 1976 400
79 Large ''Star Wars'' Mirrored Artwork From 1977 -- The Only One Produced as a Prototype PASS
80 "Star Wars" Silvered Miniature of R2-D2 -- One of Only 20 Made 400
81 Early ''Star Wars'' Poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt -- Featuring Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker Before Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill Were Cast PASS
82 ''The Star Wars'' Script Used in Production on the Film From March 1976 -- With the Unequivocal Answer to Han Solo's ''Who Shot First'' Controversy 1391
83 Patrick Swayze Owned T-Shirt From His Film ''Black Dog'' PASS
84 ''Taxi'' Script -- From the Estate of Sam Simon, Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' & Writer on ''Taxi'' PASS
85 ''Aliens'' Cast Signed M41A Pulse Rifle -- Signed by 12 Key Cast Members Including Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton PASS
86 Joan Crawford Letter Signed With Autograph Postscript -- ''...I'm so happy that you saw Christina on 'Here's Hollywood'. She had such fun doing that show, and I thought she looked lovely...'' PASS
87 Olivia de Havilland Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo as Melanie From ''Gone With the Wind'' -- With JSA COA 250
88 Olivia de Havilland Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Gone With the Wind'' PASS
89 Olivia De Havilland Signed Photo as Melanie from ''Gone With the Wind'' -- 11'' x 14'' PASS
90 Check Signed by Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Dated 25 November 1935 -- Written to Screenwriter N.A. Pogson -- Red Mark Across Signature, Else Very Good PASS
91 Autograph Album With Dozens of Hollywood Celebrities -- Including Carrie Fisher, Mickey Rooney & Joan Crawford PASS
92 Peter Lorre Contract Signed With 20th Century-Fox From 1938 PASS
93 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis 14'' x 11'' Signed Photo PASS
94 William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy & DeForest Kelley During the Early Days of ''Star Trek'' -- ''These early shows were quite an exploration...the three of us began to work together as a team...'' PASS
95 Star Trek Cast Signed Photo -- Limited Edition Signed by All 7 Crew Members of the Starship Enterprise 3500
96 Charles Dodgson Autograph Letter Twice-Signed -- ''...I have much pleasure sending a presentation copy of 'Alice' for your daughter...'' PASS
97 Langston Hughes Signed Copy of ''Fight for Freedom: The Story of the NAACP'' PASS
98 Stephen King Signed First Edition of ''Firestarter'' -- Signed in 1980, a Week Before Its Official Publication PASS
99 Stephen King Signed First Edition of ''Four Past Midnight'' PASS
100 Stephen King Signed Copy of ''Nightmares & Dreamscapes'' PASS
101 Margaret Mitchell Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''Gone With The Wind'' PASS
102 Lot of Three Letters Signed by J.D. Salinger From the 1970s, With Interesting Content on Priests, Zealots, Religiosity & Even Carl Jung -- ''...all are connected, and rumored, even to be One...'' 5324
103 Pablo Picasso Signed Limited Edition of ''Picasso: The Recent Years 1939-1946'' -- Near Fine PASS
104 ''Prince Valiant'' Limited Edition Color Lithograph Signed by Hal Foster -- Along With Typed Letter Describing the Origins of Prince Valiant PASS
105 Fred Lasswell Signed Limited Edition of Snuffy Smith PASS
106 ''Pinocchio'' Animation Cel From the 1940 Disney Classic Film, Showing Pinocchio Holding the Apple for His Teacher -- With Hand Painted Set-up by Courvoisier PASS
107 Lot of 10 Personal Checks Signed by Baseball HOFer Harmon Killebrew PASS
108 Willie Mays Signed Official Major League Baseball With Mays' Hologram Certifying Authenticity -- Also With JSA COA PASS
109 Famous World Series Photo From 1954, ''The Catch'' Signed by Willie Mays -- 8'' x 10'' Photo Is in Near Fine Condition -- With JSA LOA PASS
110 Pete Rose Signed Baseball Bat -- Adirondack 34'' Bat Reads ''Pete Rose / Hit King'' in Blue Ink -- With JSA Authentication -- Near Fine PASS
111 Babe Ruth Twice-Signed Check From 1935 -- Slabbed & Graded Mint 9 by PSA/DNA 4000
112 Lot of 50 Checks Signed ''Charles Bubba Smith'' by the Football Star -- Very Good Condition With Standard Bank Cancellation Marks PASS
113 Olympic Torch From the 1968 Olympic Games Held in Mexico City PASS
114 Steve Biko Letter Signed From 1977 -- Regarding the Death of Mapetla Mohapi Who Died in Police Custody in 1976, a Year Before Biko Met the Same Fate PASS
115 Auschwitz Concentration Camp Letter From 1944 -- ''...I do not need my wife's address. I only wanted to know where she is and what she and the children are doing...'' PASS
116 Buchenwald Concentration Camp Letter From 1941 -- ''... May spring bring you only beauty and fulfill all your hopes...Through your eyes, I am able to see everything at home...'' 400
117 Mauthausen Concentration Camp Letter From 1940 PASS
118 Rosa Parks Signed Civil Rights Limited Edition Poster PASS
119 One of the Rarest Declaration of Independence Signers, Joseph Hewes Document Signed 3500
120 Tadeusz Kosciuszko Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...The General Kosciuszko is extremely sensitive to Lord Carnarvon's kindness...'' PASS
121 Civil War Magic Lantern Slide -- Desolate Pontoon Boat From the 50th New York Engineers at Rappahannock Station PASS
122 WWII Poem Signed by Five Enola Gay Crew Members -- Tom Ferebee, Theodore Van Kirk, Morris Jeppson, George Caron & Paul Tibbetts PASS
123 Enola Gay & Bocks Car First Day Cover Signed by 7 of the Crew Members PASS
124 Iwo Jima Flag Raiser, Ira Hayes Envelope Signed in July 1945, With Two Iwo Jima Stamps PASS
125 Admiral Chester Nimitz 12'' x 9'' Signed Photo of the Japanese Surrender PASS
126 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Prohibition PASS
127 J. Edgar Hoover Signed ''A Study of Communism'' -- 1962 150
128 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Copy of ''Masters of Deceit'' -- Hoover's Analysis of the Communist Threat PASS
129 American Express Stock Signed by William Fargo of Wells Fargo Co. PASS
130 Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 2003-A, Chicago -- Near Fine PASS
131 2006 Uncut Sheet of 32 $5 Federal Reserve Notes -- Near Fine -- With Original Tube From Bureau of Engraving & Printing PASS
132 Bonnie & Clyde Document From January 1934 -- From the Texas State Highway Patrol on the Whereabouts of the Gang After the Eastham Prison Breakout PASS
133 Ticket to ''Buffalo Bill'' Cody's Wild West Show PASS