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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Johnny Cash Stage-Worn Outfit With His Distinctive Long Black Coat, Black Pants, Black Leather Boots & White Shirt -- With Two COAs From Bill Miller PASS
2 Original, Signed Handwritten Lyrics by Bob Dylan From November 1961 -- Draft Song About Wisconsin, Where Dylan Spent Summers as a Youth -- With Roger Epperson COA 19200
3 Grammy Award to Lou Rawls for the Hit ''Dead End Street'' 12500
4 Grammy Award to Lou Rawls for Best R&B Vocal Performance for ''Unmistakably Lou'' 12500
5 Ariana Grande Crown Worn for ''Dangerous Woman'' Promo Campaign -- With LOA From the Designer PASS
6 Michael Jackson Signed ''Billie Jean'' Jacket -- With PSA/DNA COA 1750
7 Alicia Keys Worn Black Blouse -- With a COA From Keys PASS
8 John Lennon Suit Worn During the Mid-1960s With The Beatles -- With Two D.A. Millings & Son Labels, a Photo of John & COA From Madame Tussauds, Where It Was Displayed PASS
9 Paul McCartney Signed ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'' Album -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
10 Photo Postcard From Ringo Starr's 1968 Sex Farce ''Candy'' -- Costar Ewa Aulin Writes ''...We're making a movie in Rome...'' PASS
11 Art by Opera Great Enrico Caruso -- Signed Bust Sketch in Profile of Caruso Is Likely Him in Character PASS
12 George Gershwin Signed Photograph PASS
13 Jenny Lind ''Swedish Nightingale'' Autograph Letter Signed PASS
14 Maurice Ravel Autograph Musical Quotation Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
15 Samuel Francis Smith Autograph Letter Signed From 1895 -- Believed to be the Last Letter He Wrote 200
16 Tony Award for ''Kiss of the Spider Woman'' in 1993 -- ''Spider Woman'' Won Best Musical That Year PASS
17 Legendary Jazz Singer Sarah Vaughan Lot of 5 Contracts Signed 165
18 Bruce Lee Signed & Handwritten Essay From High School -- "…the pure white hangings in the little bed chambers above beckons, Come in!…" -- Among Earliest Examples of Lee's Writing PASS
19 1947 Billy Evans Signed Book ''Umpiring From the Inside'' -- Uninscribed PASS
20 Baseball HOFer Harmon Killebrew Signed Personal Checks -- Lot of 10 PASS
21 Stan Musial Typed Letter Signed on St. Louis Cardinals Stationery PASS
22 HOFer Satchel Paige 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed 350
23 Bobby Thomson and Ralph Branca Signed 20'' x 16.5'' Photo of the Famed ''Shot Heard Round the World'' -- Steiner COA PASS
24 Lot of 50 Checks Signed by Charles ''Bubba'' Smith -- All Signed With His Name & Nickname, ''Charles Bubba Smith'' -- Very Good Condition PASS
25 Super Bowl MVP Poster Signed by Every Living MVP in 40 Years of the Super Bowl -- From 1967-2006 600
26 Extremely Rare Russian Meteorite Medal Given to Olympic Athletes Who Won Gold at the Sochi Games on 15 February 2014 -- Exactly One Year After the Asteroid Exploded Over Russia 1735
27 Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks -- From the Arthur Ashe Estate PASS
28 Beautiful 13th Century Biblical Manuscript PASS
29 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed ''Strength To Love'' Autobiography -- First Edition in Dust Jacket 4028
30 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Program, ''Toward a World of Understanding'' PASS
31 Nelson Mandela Signed Luxury First Edition of His Celebrated Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Fine Condition PASS
32 English Civil War 1650 Broadside Appointing a Commander in Chief of The Guard to Protect Parliament -- ''...for the suppressing of all Tumults, Insurrections, Rebellions, and Invasions...'' PASS
33 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Signed Royal Decree From 1497 as King & Queen of Spain -- Regarding an Official Involved in the Edict of Expulsion -- With COA From University Archives PASS
34 1953 Israeli Law Signed by President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Prime Minister Moshe Sharett and Finance Minister Levi Eshkol -- Document Extends the Use of Leumi Banknotes Until End of 1954 PASS
35 Golda Meir Signed First Day Cover as Israeli Prime Minister -- Cover Honoring Willa Cather Is Postmarked 20 September 1973 -- Near Fine 200
36 Japanese Emperor Taisho Signed Military Certificate -- Beautifully Housed in Wooden Presentation Box PASS
37 King Charles II Restoration Period Letter Signed PASS
38 Ticket to The Wedding of George Duke of York to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck PASS
39 Napoleon III Royal China From Tuileries Palace PASS
40 John Quincy Adams Land Grant Signed as President 500
41 Chester A. Arthur Signed Program as President -- For the Unveiling of the Statue of George Washington on Wall Street PASS
42 Chester Arthur Presidential Invitation PASS
43 George H.W. Bush Letter Signed as Vice President, With Autograph Note Signed -- ''you've had too much grief'' PASS
44 George W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President-Elect -- ''...Dick Cheney and I want to thank you for all you have done for us...'' PASS
45 Own A Piece Of Election History - 2000 Presidential Ballot Transfer Case Used in Palm Beach, Florida - The County That Caused the U.S. Presidential Race to Be Decided by the Supreme Court PASS
46 Invitation to The Coolidge White House & Pass for Parking -- 1924 PASS
47 Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed to His Brother Edgar -- ''...I am quite doubtful as to the wisdom of any private group attempting to establish foreign policy for the United States...'' PASS
48 Eisenhower 1964 Letter Signed Regarding Civil Rights -- ''...I scarcely see how the Federal Government can fail to take cognizance of the 14th and 15th Amendments and violations thereof...'' PASS
49 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1956 Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...I am sure no man can continue to take the steady daily beatings...without finally showing some effects...'' PASS
50 Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...when I see the use of the adjective 'violent' in connection with support of individual or local rights...'' PASS
51 Dwight Eisenhower Letter Signed as President -- Regarding Proposed Amendments to the Constitution: ''...even my brother did not go along with the stand I had taken on this particular issue...'' PASS
52 Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- To His Brother Edgar -- '' desire to see the extreme fringes of the New Deal and the ADA back in power...'' PASS
53 Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed ''...I think you had better determine by cable to Justice Warren just what one he prefers me to undertake...'' -- 1955 PASS
54 Dwight Eisenhower Signed Letter Sent From the Hospital -- ''...the first indication I have seen of your 'tender heartedness'!...'' -- 1967 PASS
55 Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I sent you a note telling you of the arrival of the Alaska King Crabs...'' -- 1955 PASS
56 Lot of 10 Checks Signed by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater PASS
57 William Henry Harrison Signed Engraving as General -- Likely the Earliest Signed Image of Any President & Only Known Signed Image of Harrison PASS
58 Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed as a Mining Executive -- ''...thus getting the effective control entirely into our hands...'' PASS
59 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President in 1830 PASS
60 Thomas Jefferson Signed Document From the Second Session of Congress -- Jefferson Approves Funding to Desalinate Water PASS
61 Lyndon B. Johnson Uninscribed Signed First Edition of ''The Professional'' PASS
62 Jackie Kennedy Personally Owned & Worn High Heel Shoes -- Shoes by Revette PASS
63 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of JFK -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
64 2 Pairs of Sconces Owned by the Kennedys -- From the Winter White House PASS
65 Area Rug Owned by Jackie and John F. Kennedy PASS
66 JFK Statement Urging Congress to Halt Communism and ''Castroism'' and Reverse the Vote on Foreign Aid -- 16 August 1961 300
67 Staff Badge for the ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' the Night JFK Was Assassinated PASS
68 An Invitation to Dinner Welcoming JFK to Texas the Night of His Assassination 400
69 Press Badge for JFK's ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Scheduled for the Night of 22 November 1963 PASS
70 Press Kit for the JFK Texas Welcome Dinner Scheduled for the Night of His Assassination PASS
71 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- Complete 22 November 1963 Edition of ''The Dallas Times Herald'' -- Headline, ''PRESIDENT DEAD'' PASS
72 Lincoln Assassination Letter Regarding the Guilt of Father Walter -- ''...It has been claimed by some not familiar with the history of the assassination...that it was a Catholic plot...'' PASS
73 ''The New York Times'' From 15 April 1865 Announcing the Assassination of President Lincoln & the Unfolding Drama -- ''AWFUL EVENT. President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin.'' PASS
74 'Buffalo Enquirer'' From 16 September 1901, Reporting on Death of President McKinley From Where He Was Shot -- ''...Dead Ruler's Remains Borne to Washington...'' PASS
75 William McKinley Assassination Newspaper From Buffalo, Where He Was Shot -- Covers Final Moments & Autopsy Results -- ''The bullet has not yet been found...'' PASS
76 James Monroe Land Grant Signed for Property in Perrysville, Ohio Along the Erie River PASS
77 President Nixon Letter Signed During Watergate -- ''...urging me not to resign the Presidency...It is my intention to remain on the job...'' -- 20 February 1974 PASS
78 Richard Nixon Handwritten Notes -- ''...Recognize threat - its character - determination to dominate world...people don't understand adequately the area of greatest danger...'' PASS
79 Richard Nixon ''Six Crises'' First Edition Signed PASS
80 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Plate Designed by Valentino PASS
81 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned & Used Cup & Saucer PASS
82 FDR's Funeral Covered in 16 April 1945 ''New York Times'' -- America Mourns as the War in Europe Draws to a Close PASS
83 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Collection of His Writings -- Signed as President, With PSA/DNA COA PASS
84 Theodore Roosevelt 1903 White House Invitation PASS
85 William Taft Letter Signed as Supreme Court Chief Justice -- Taft Talks Politics & Taxes: ''...I don't want to complain, but this year...present income tax law will make me pay very heavily...'' PASS
86 William Taft Typed Letter Signed to Editor Edward Bok -- Acknowledging Receipt of Payment for an Article PASS
87 Taft Presidential Invitation to a Musical Performance at the White House -- 1912 PASS
88 Exceptionally Rare Harry Truman WWII Victory Proclamation Signed as President -- Gifted to White House Staff in 1945 -- in Seldom-Encountered Near Fine Condition PASS
89 Harry Truman Letter Signed as President With Rare Communist Content -- '' the charges of the Un-American Activities Committee...communism has not infiltrated the churches of this Nation...'' PASS
90 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time 1000
91 Harry Truman Signed ''Memoirs'' -- Uninscribed -- With Rare Invitation Card to Attend the 1955 ''Autographing Party'' With Truman 300
92 Harry S. Truman Typed Letter Signed from 1955 -- ''...good wishes on the occasion of your Golden Wedding Anniversary...'' PASS
93 President Truman White House Invitation -- With White House Envelope PASS
94 Martin Van Buren Holograph Check Signed -- PSA/DNA Certified PASS
95 Charles Darwin Signed, Handwritten & Powerful Conclusion Page From ''Origin of Species'' -- '' as yet throws no light on the far higher problem of the essence or origin of life...'' PASS
96 Charles Darwin Handwritten Draft Page From His Book ''Fertilisation of Orchids'' -- His First Book After ''Origin of Species'', Where He Proved Evolutionary Theory & Co-Evolution PASS
97 Thomas Edison Signed Copy of ''A Million And One Nights: A History of The Motion Picture'' 1000
98 Remarkable Letter Signed by Albert Einstein, Along With His Initialed Drawings -- Explaining the Science Behind His Groundbreaking Work on Electrostatic Theory and Special Relativity 42803
99 Sigmund Freud Autograph Letter Signed in English -- Freud Writes to His Nephew, the PR expert Edward Bernays, of Publishing a Book: ''...The title might be: Scraps of popular Psychoanalysis...'' 8800
100 Amelia Earhart Twice-Signed ''Certificate of Landing'' for Her First Solo Transatlantic Flight in 1932 -- The First Solo Transatlantic Flight by a Woman PASS
101 Charles Lindbergh 1953 Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' 600
102 Piece of the 1905 Wright Flyer III Plane -- Incredibly Rare With Only a Handful Owned Privately PASS
103 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA-Issue Astronaut Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
104 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins Signed 8'' x 10'' Glossy Photo -- ''Mike Collins'' -- Near Fine PASS
105 Typed Letter Signed by American Astronaut Michael Collins -- Nice Signature From Apollo 11 Flight Member PASS
106 Apollo 17 Astronaut Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
107 Excellent Collection of 6 NASA Astronaut Signatures on Greeting Cards -- Includes Several of the Mercury 7 PASS
108 Alan Shepard & Jack Swigert Signed Menu From an Event at the Reagan White House PASS
109 Jack Swigert 8'' x 10'' Signed NASA Photo PASS
110 Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Signed First Day Cover -- With Limited Edition Coin Marking the 25th Anniversary of Everest's First Ascent 400
111 1924 Letter Signed From the Egyptian Government Regarding the Excavation of King Tut's Tomb -- ''...stone from king Tout-Ankh-Amoun's tomb...a crypt cut out in the rock...'' PASS
112 1843 Force Declaration of Independence From Original Copper Plate -- Near Fine Condition 15000
113 Patrick Henry Virginia Land Grant Signed as Governor of Virginia 1250
114 George Custer Envelope Made Out in His Hand to His Wife -- ''Mrs. G.A. Custer'' PASS
115 George Custer Envelope Signed, Handwritten to His Wife PASS
116 Civil War Photographer Alexander Gardner Signed Check PASS
117 Texas Cavalry Special Orders From 1864 -- For a Private in Gano's Guards of Gano's Brigade PASS
118 Enola Gay Crew Members Signed Cover -- Paul Tibbets, Dutch Van Kirk, Tom Ferebee, Jacob Beser & Dick Nelson 400
119 Rene Gagnon WWII Letter Lot -- ''...Remember when I used to think the war would end too soon...'' 600
120 Benito Mussolini Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister and Duce of Fascism -- ''...The author is - naturally! - the hunter...'' 800
121 Concentration Camp Victim at Ravensbrueck Writes in 1943 -- ''...I feel healthy and lively...I send you all the warmest and best wishes of the Lord...'' PASS
122 Raoul Wallenberg Signed Document From 1944, Exempting a Jewish Person From Having to Wear the Star of David -- Very Rare 10648
123 Ernest Hemingway's Own Bullfighting Ticket From 9 August 1959 -- From the ''Plaza de Toros'' in Malaga, Spain -- Hemingway Wrote About the Bullfights of 1959 in His Final Book 400
124 Ernest Hemingway Candid Photograph PASS
125 Photo of Ernest Hemingway's Writing Office on His Finca La Vigia Property In Cuba PASS
126 Photograph of Ernest and Mary Hemingway Enjoying a Private Concert Among Friends in Cuban Bar PASS
127 Dramatic Photo of Ernest Hemingway, Charting His Boat ''Pilar'' With Mary Hemingway -- With a Second Photo of the Ocean -- Both From the Collection of Hemingway's Friend, Roberto Herrera PASS
128 Eugene O'Neill Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph PASS
129 Beatrix Potter Signed 1902 First Edition, First Impression of ''The Tailor of Gloucester'' -- Very Rare PASS
130 Dr. Seuss Handwritten Postcard -- During a Trip to East Africa PASS
131 Nobel Prize Recipient Rabindranath Tagore Signed Photo 1500
132 John Updike's Personally Owned Hemingway Literary Light Award -- With an LOA From Updike's Son PASS
133 Scarce Mt. Rushmore Photograph Signed by Its Designer Gutzon Borglum -- 10'' x 12.75'' PASS
134 Mastermind Behind The Statue of Liberty Edouard Laboulaye Autograph Letter Signed -- Rare PASS
135 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Famous ''Saturday Evening Post'' Cover From 1959 Titled, ''Family Tree'' PASS
136 Andy Warhol Signed Poster of His Famous Elizabeth Taylor Masterpiece PASS
137 Charles Schulz ''Peanuts'' Limited Edition Lithograph -- Snoopy & Charlie Brown Play Golf PASS
138 Lucille Ball's Corset From Her Second Wedding to Desi -- With a COA From Lucie Arnaz PASS
139 Lucille Ball Personally Owned Script From Her 1979 TV Special -- ''Lucy Moves to NBC'' PASS
140 Original ''Blues Brothers'' Never Used Duffel Bag From the 1980 Tour PASS
141 Kate Bosworth Costume From the 2011 Thriller, ''Straw Dogs'' PASS
142 Lloyd Bridges' Personal Copy of ''Hot Shots!'' Movie Script -- With Hand Annotations by Bridges PASS
143 Cannes Lions Award From 1970 -- Awarded to Screen Gems 500
144 Steve Carell Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
145 Sean Connery Screen-Worn Jacket From 1970 Film ''The Molly Maguires'' PASS
146 ''Creed'' Clapperboard Piece PASS
147 Cameron Diaz Worn Costume From the 2002 Comedy, ''The Sweetest Thing'' PASS
148 Leonardo DiCaprio Costume as the ''Man in the Iron Mask'' From 1998 -- His Follow-up Film to ''Titanic'' PASS
149 Marlene Dietrich Personally Owned Wristwatch PASS
150 Screen Legend Marlene Dietrich's Cigarette Lighter -- With Husband Rudolf Sieber's Initials Engraved to Front PASS
151 Marlene Dietrich Owned Glass Cigarette Lighter PASS
152 ''The Champion'' Directors Guild Award to Robert Stillman for ''Outstanding Directorial Achievement'' 666
153 1971 Primetime Emmy Award -- ''Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing'' PASS
154 One of the Earliest Emmy Awards for ''The Simpsons'' -- For An Episode of ''The Tracey Ullman Show'' With the Short ''Maggie in Peril'' PASS
155 1994 Primetime Emmy Award -- Near Fine Condition 0
156 Emmy Nomination Given to Producer Richard A. Harrison for ''Jamison's Story'' in 1993 PASS
157 Series Premiere First Draft Script of ''Stanford & Son'' Spin-off Show, ''Grady'' -- Owned & Annotated by Redd Foxx Who Made Guest Appearance -- Very Good Condition -- From Redd Foxx Estate PASS
158 Greta Garbo Owned Outfit PASS
159 Handbag Owned by Screen Legend Greta Garbo PASS
160 Greta Garbo Personally Owned Shoes PASS
161 Jim Henson Handwritten Character Description of Muppet Brewster ''The Guru'' -- With Polaroid Photos of The Prototype PASS
162 Kendall Jenner Owned Dress Coat PASS
163 Kylie Jenner Owned Nude Maxi Dress PASS
164 Kim Kardashian Owned Long Black Tank Dress PASS
165 Kourtney Kardashian Owned Floral Pattern Strapless Dress PASS
166 Jennifer Lopez Screen-Worn Costume From ''Gigli'' PASS
167 Mary Martin Sterling Silver Frame Displaying a Photo of Martin as ''Peter Pan'' PASS
168 Vintage MGM Sign From 1940s PASS
169 Demi Moore Screen-Worn Blue Hoodie From the 2012 Film, ''LOL'' PASS
170 Sean Penn Screen-Worn Costume From the 2008 Barry Levinson film ''What Just Happened'' PASS
171 Adam Sandler ''Spanglish'' Wardrobe PASS
172 Arnold Schwarzenegger Screen-Worn ''Hero'' Costume From ''The Last Stand'' PASS
173 Writers Guild of America Award Presented to Sam Simon in 2013 -- Co-Creator of ''The Simpsons'' -- From the Sam Simon Estate PASS
174 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Blouse From 1933 Film ''The Kid's Last Fight'' -- Framed Presentation PASS
175 Shirley Temple Screen-Worn Coat From 1938 Film "Little Miss Broadway" PASS
176 Shirley Temple Owned Leather Bound Script From 1935 Film ''Curly Top'' PASS
177 Shirley Temple Owned Doll PASS
178 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Overcoat & Scarf From ''Hart's War'' PASS
179 ''Wizard of Oz'' Licensing Agreement From 1939 750
180 Fred Astaire Signed Color 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Fine PASS
181 Lot of 100 Personal Checks Signed by Classic Hollywood Film Star Mary Astor PASS
182 Mary Astor 1967 Autograph Letter Signed -- To Her Agent, Regarding Her Upcoming Novel, ''A Place Called Saturday'' PASS
183 Actor/Director/Producer/Writer/Icon Warren Beatty Signed Contract for the 1970s Classic ''Shampoo'' PASS
184 Mel Blanc Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph -- Blanc Also Writes ''Eh What's Up Steve? Bugs Bunny & Gang'' PASS
185 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I've been Barbados where I did nothing but eat, sleep, read and swim. I had a divine rest...'' -- 1961 PASS
186 Lot of Three Movie Premiere Posters -- Signed by Christopher Reeve, Warren Beatty, Sting, Yoko Ono, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Liza Minelli, Dustin Hoffman & More PASS
187 Diane Keaton's Signed Contract to Star in ''The Godfather Part II'' PASS
188 Scarce Bert Lahr Signed Photo as ''Cowardly Lion'' in 1939 ''The Wizard of Oz'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
189 Steve McQueen Signed Photo 1250
190 Freddie Prinze, Sr. Rare Contract Signed -- Concerning His Appearance on Variety Show ''The Midnight Special'' in 1974 PASS
191 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Prohibition PASS
192 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Portrait Print -- From a 1939 Sketch by Cartoonist Paul Frehm -- Signed ''To Ellen Hamilton / Best wishes / 12.8.42 / J. Edgar Hoover'' -- 9.25'' x 11'' -- Very Good PASS
193 Unpublished 1986 Photo of John DeLorean & His Girlfriend by Famous Papparazzi Ron Galella -- With Ron Galella Backstamp -- 7'' x 10'' PASS
194 McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc Twice Signed Book, ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' PASS
195 FDC Signed by Richard McDonald, Founder of Famed Restaurant Chain -- Celebrating the United Nations 200
196 Uncut Sheet of 32 $1 Federal Reserve Notes -- Series 2003-A, Chicago -- Near Fine PASS
197 DeWitt Clinton Document Signed as New York Governor -- 1827 Military Appointment PASS
198 Dorothy Stratten Signed ''Playboy'' June 1980 Issue Featuring Stratten as ''Playmate of the Year'' PASS
199 World Trade Center Ticket 2001 Observatory Deck Dated 6 August 2001 PASS