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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 George W. Bush Signed 9/11 Speech PASS
2 Alexander Butterfield Autograph Manuscript Signed Regarding Watergate and President Nixon's Involvement -- ''...Nixon, in my opinion, most assuredly knew about the first Watergate break-in...'' PASS
3 President Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial Ticket -- For the First Day of the Trial PASS
4 Secret Service Badge for Bill Clinton's 1997 Inauguration 400
5 Ulysses S. Grant Magic Lantern Slide, Taken by Mathew Brady PASS
6 Ulysses S. Grant Magic Lantern Slide -- Taken by Mathew Brady During the Civil War in 1864 PASS
7 Lyndon B. Johnson Campaign Ashtray Shaped as His Trademark Cowboy Hat 300
8 Jackie Kennedy Onassis Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...Please order two more tortoiseshell platters (fake, plastic) from the Dior boutique...'' 800
9 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of John F. Kennedy -- Appeared as the Cover of ''The Saturday Evening Post'' in 1960 PASS
10 John F. Kennedy Glass From His Presidential Yacht, the U.S.S. Sequoia PASS
11 Photo Album of the Kennedy Family, With 16 Photos of Their Last Trip to Atoka, Virginia in November 1963 -- Housed in White House Photographer Cecil Stoughton's Personal Red Leather Binder PASS
12 Cecil W. Stoughton's Personal, Unpublished Photo of LBJ's Inauguration Aboard Air Force One -- In Stoughton's Custom Red Leather Binder Stamped ''Inauguration Nov. 1963'' on Spine PASS
13 Abraham Lincoln Magic Lantern Slide -- The Earliest Known Photograph of Lincoln, Circa 1846 220
15 Barack Obama Signed Copy of His Birth Certificate 1100
16 Barack Obama Signed Deluxe First Edition of ''A Promised Land'' PASS
17 Lot of Four Presidential Bill-Signing Pens From Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon & Gerald Ford PASS
18 Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed 18'' x 24'' Sketch PASS
19 Donald Trump Senate Impeachment Trial Ticket PASS
20 U.S. Capitol Police Badge Set for Donald Trump's 2017 Inauguration PASS
21 DC Metropolitan Police Badge Set for Donald Trump's 2017 Inauguration PASS
23 Martin Luther King Signed First Printing of ''Stride Toward Freedom'' Without Inscription -- With University Archives COA PASS
24 Two Letters Regarding the 1964 Murders of the Three CORE Civil Rights Activists in Mississippi PASS
25 Rosa Parks Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
26 Charles H. Spurgeon Eight Page Autograph Letter Signed, Published at Length in ''The Life and Works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon'' -- ''...forebodings of evil were neither rare nor frivolous...'' PASS
27 Large 5'' x 7'' Silver Gelatin Photo of Sioux Chief Afraid of a Hawk -- Circa 1890 PASS
28 Complete Set of 80 Hand-Colored Lithographs of ''The Aboriginal Port Folio'' by James Otto Lewis From 1835-1838 -- Extremely Scarce Complete Set PASS
29 1884 Stereoview of the Little Bighorn Commander, Sioux Chief Gall and His Family 600
30 Revolutionary War Bond From 1776 to Raise a Company of Continental Soldiers, Led by General Augustus Collins -- Signed by Generals Collins and Roger Newberry PASS
31 Revolutionary War Broadside From Boston in 1775, With Loyalists Bidding Farewell to Colonial Governor Thomas Gage, the First British Commander-in-Chief -- ''...dark Contrivances of ambitious Men...'' PASS
32 Revolutionary War Broadside Regarding ''Demonstrations of Joy'' to Mark the War's End -- With Details on the Infamous ''Triumphal Arch'' in Philadelphia, Which Erupted in Flames the Night of Its Debut PASS
33 1788 Issue of ''The Pennsylvania Packet'' With Reporting on Virginia Debating Whether to Join the United States PASS
34 Robert E. Lee Signed CDV Photo -- One of the Rarer Images From the 1866 Mathew Brady Sitting 3000
35 General Douglas MacArthur Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
36 Douglas MacArthur Signed Limited Edition of His Memoir ''Reminiscences'' -- Near Fine Condition in Original Slipcase PASS
37 The Battle of Dublin & Start of The Irish Civil War Announced in This Broadside -- 28 June 1922 PASS
38 Rare Complete Photo Album by the An Fong Studio, Documenting the Battle of Shanghai -- 110 Photos Titled ''The Sino-Japanese Hostilities 1937 / Shanghai'' PASS
39 Large Silk Photographic Banner of Sun Yat-sen, Commemorating the Chinese Leader Upon His Passing in 1925 PASS
40 Admission Card to the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1902 PASS
41 Edward, Prince of Wales' Royal Tiepin -- The Prince's ''Most Noble Order of the Garter'' Pin, the Highest Order of Chivalry PASS
42 Duke & Duchess of Windsor Owned Bulova Accutron Watch 1600
43 Prince of Wales Feather & Crown Jewelry Owned by The Duke & Duchess of Windsor 900
44 ''A New Systeme of Geography'' First Edition From 1685 by John Seller, the Hydrographer to the King -- Very Rare as a First Edition With Few Copies Still Extant PASS
45 John White's Map of Virginia From 1590 -- The First Printed Map of Virginia and North Carolina PASS
46 Gorgeous World Map, Circa 1700 During the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography -- Hand-Colored Map Shows Dual Hemispheres, Dual Polar Projections & Allegorical Scenes Representing the Four Seasons PASS
47 Simon Bisley Original ''Lobo'' Artwork Entitled ''Lobo vs. Rat King'' -- Measures 11.5'' x 16'' PASS
48 Disney Animator Thurston Harper Lot of Three Pages of Sketches -- Includes Mickey Mouse, Emil Eagle, Chipmunks From ''Snow White'', & Oliver Hardy PASS
49 ''Buster Brown'' Sunday Christmas-Themed Comic Strip by Richard F. Outcault Circa 1916 PASS
50 Original Artwork by Mark Poole for One of the 75 Original 1993 Limited Edition Common Cards for ''Magic: The Gathering'' -- ''Morale'' Card Artwork Signed by Poole PASS
52 Bob Dylan Signed First Edition of ''Writings and Drawings by Bob Dylan'' 1210
53 David Juniper Signed ''Led Zeppelin II'' Album -- ''...on spec, I mocked up a fold-out design for the second album and took it to Led Zeppelin's manager...'' PASS
54 Tupac Shakur & M.C. Hammer Signatures on Luxor, Las Vegas Stationery From 1996 -- ''Everythingz possible! / 2Pac'' -- With PSA/DNA COA 4284
55 Gene Simmons Signed Guitar Stage-Played With KISS -- ''Rock & Roll All Nite And Party Every Day...Gene Simmons'' PASS
56 Truman Capote Signed Limited Edition of ''A Christmas Memory'' PASS
57 Ayn Rand Signed First Edition of ''Atlas Shrugged'' in Original Dust Jacket 1000
58 Fred Astaire Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Swing Time'' Showing Astaire in Blackface PASS
59 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Signed 8'' x 10 Photo PASS
60 ''Back to the Future II'' Cast-Signed Sports Almanac PASS
61 ''Back to the Future'' Cast-Signed Poster -- Includes Signatures of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd & Lea Thompson PASS
62 Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon Signed ''Bull Durham'' Jersey PASS
64 Gene Hackman Signed 11'' x 17'' Photo of ''The French Connection'' Poster 533
65 Sylvester Stallone & ''Rocky'' Cast-Signed Boxing Glove PASS
66 Moe Howard's Script for The Three Stooges 1937 Film ''Back to the Woods'' -- With Notations on Back Cover PASS
67 Graphite From CP-1, the First Nuclear Reactor, Used by Enrico Fermi in 1942 to Launch the First Atomic Energy Reaction -- The Birth of the Nuclear Age 3200
68 Buzz Aldrin Signed Certificate Authenticating a Piece of Kapton Foil From the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia -- With University Archives COA PASS
69 Apollo 12 Crew-Signed ''LIFE'' Magazine -- With JSA COA PASS
70 United States Flag Flown to the Moon on the Apollo 17 Mission PASS
71 Gus Grissom Personally Owned Lot of 9 NASA Books Including Grissom's Heavily Edited Gemini 4 Debriefing Report: ''Kick his ass!!'' and ''Did they have a moon on dark side?'' -- With Zarelli COAs 1264
72 Wernher von Braun 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo From a Hunting Trip PASS
73 Wernher von Braun 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo From a Hunting Trip PASS
74 Fabric Swatch from Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega 5B Plane -- Used by Earhart in 1932 as the First Woman to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic PASS
75 Charles Lindbergh Signed Photo -- Also Signed by His Wife Anne Lindbergh PASS
76 Royal Air Force World War I Training Poster -- Large-Format Lithograph Poster Entitled ''Bad Landing'' Measures 40'' x 27'' PASS
77 Kobe Bryant 1996 Topps Rookie Card #138 -- Graded PSA Excellent-Mint 6 PASS
78 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Dual-Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo of the ''Fight of the Century'' -- With JSA COA PASS
79 Invitation to the Investiture Ceremony of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and Associate Justice Antonin Scalia PASS
80 Thomas Edison Check Signed From 1916 -- Paid to Edison's Brother-in-Law, the Sales Agent for Edison's Electric Car Company 850
81 1883 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies -- Made by Tiffany & Co., in Near Fine Condition PASS