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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Nobel Prize Awarded to Physiologist Alan Lloyd Hodgkin in 1963 -- Won for His Revolutionary Research on the Central Nervous System 658845
2 Royal Medal Given to Physiologist Alan Lloyd Hodgkin in 1958 35000
3 Copley Medal Given to Physiologist Alan Lloyd Hodgkin -- The Copy Medal Is the Oldest Scientific Award in the World, Presented by the Royal Society PASS
4 Prestigious Gold Enrico Fermi Award Presented to Physicist Leon Lederman in 1992 -- One of the Greatest U.S. Honors to Scientific Achievement PASS
5 24k Gold Franklin Institute Elliot Cresson Medal -- Awarded to Physicist Leon Lederman, Author of ''The God Particle'' in 1976 PASS
6 Harvey Cushing Signed Neurosurgery Book, ''From a Surgeon's Journal'' -- Uninscribed PASS
7 Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh Signed Description of Discovering Pluto -- ''...I suddenly spied an object 'That's it!' I exclaimed to myself...'' PASS
8 Napoleon Bonaparte Document Signed as First Consul -- With Napoleon's Personal Vignette to Top -- Countersigned by Lazare Carnot, ''Organizer of Victory'' of the French Revolution PASS
9 Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Owned 14k Gold Longines Watch -- With Her Engraving & Crest -- Gifted to Secret Service Agent Henry W. Rodney, Who Was Part of the Security Detail for Madame Kai-Shek PASS
10 Madame Chiang Kai-Shek Signed Photograph -- Measures 11'' x 12'' PASS
11 Winston Churchill Signed Photo Display -- Unusual, Dramatic Portrait of the WWII Prime Minister PASS
12 David Lloyd George Signed 8.5'' x 10.5'' Photo, Without Inscription -- Unusual Photo of Himself With the Prince of Wales -- Photo by Vandyk PASS
13 1933 British Reception Invitation for the King of Iraq -- Invitation Was Given to Lord Stanley PASS
14 Air Force One Plate From the George W. Bush White House PASS
15 George W. Bush Typed Letter Signed as President From 2006 -- ''...I appreciate your taking on this important responsibility...'' PASS
16 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed 8" x 10" Military Photo -- Inscribed to His Secret Service Agent PASS
17 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo -- ''...with best wishes to a distinguished American...'' PASS
18 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1957 Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...inadequate education of our youth could, and would unless greater facilities were provided, become a national calamity...'' 375
19 Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...the perversion of justice in the Soviet orbit...'' 275
20 Dwight D. Eisenhower Signed Souvenir Presidential Oath of Office -- ''...I, Dwight D. Eisenhower, do solemnly swear...'' 275
21 President Dwight Eisenhower Signed 11'' x 14'' Photograph PASS
22 Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Note Signed as President -- ''...I think it's fine!...'' PASS
23 Mamie Eisenhower Personally Owned Pink Silk Evening Bag -- With Handwritten Note From Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Given to the First Lady on the Eisenhower's Trip to India in 1959 10000
24 Mamie Eisenhower Personally Owned Gold Beaded Purse -- Given to the First Lady by Indira Gandhi on the Eisenhower's Historic Trip to India in 1959 -- With a Note Card From Indira Gandhi PASS
25 Mamie Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed on White House Stationery to a Newborn -- During Her First Year as First Lady, 1953 PASS
26 President James Garfield Inauguration Lot -- Inaugural Ball Program & Inaugural Reception Promenade Concert Invitation PASS
27 Lot of 10 Barry Goldwater Checks Signed -- From March 1986 While Senator From Arizona PASS
28 Norman Rockwell Limited Edition Lithograph of President John F. Kennedy -- Signed by Norman Rockwell PASS
29 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' 750
30 Staff Badge for the ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' the Night JFK Was Assassinated PASS
31 Invitation to the Dinner Welcoming President Kennedy to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
32 JFK Press Documents Promoting His Texas Welcome Dinner -- Scheduled the Night of his Assassination PASS
33 Dallas Newspaper Reporting the Assassination of JFK PASS
34 ''The Dallas Times-Herald'' From 25 November 1963 -- ''Sad Nation Bids Kennedy Farewell / FBI Tipped Oswald Would Be Killed'' PASS
35 John F. Kennedy Newspaper From the Evening Edition of ''The Dallas Times Herald'' on 22 November, 1963, The Day He Was Assassinated PASS
36 Rose Kennedy Autograph Postcard Signed -- Written From Vermont to Her Maid in Hyannisport in 1953 PASS
37 Letter Regarding the Assassinations of Presidents Lincoln & McKinley -- ''...anarchists...will face death for the notoriety they may gain by the murder of our Presidents and others...'' PASS
38 James Madison & James Monroe Signed 1812 Land Grant -- Madison Signs as President and Monroe Signs as Secretary of State PASS
39 'Buffalo Enquirer'' From 16 September 1901, Reporting on Death of President McKinley -- ''...Dead Ruler's Remains Borne to Washington...'' PASS
40 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President in 1823 450
41 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President in February 1974, in the Thick of Watergate -- ''...I learn of the widespread support of my conduct of the Office of the President...'' 1000
42 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation PASS
43 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial PASS
44 Edith Roosevelt Signed Book ''Ventures in Book Collecting'' PASS
45 Edith Roosevelt 1926 Autograph Letter Signed PASS
46 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
47 Congressional Invitation & Program for the 1949 Presidential Inauguration of Harry S. Truman PASS
48 Martin Van Buren Four-Language Ship's Paper Signed as President 500
49 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Wedding Breakfast Program PASS
50 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Signed Royal Christmas Card From 1981 -- The First Year of Their Marriage PASS
51 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding Breakfast Program PASS
52 Duke and Duchess of Windsor Signed Book, ''The Windsor Years'' -- With Additional Signed Photo by Wallis Simpson PASS
53 Princess Elizabeth of Russia Signed Booklet -- Canonized as a Martyr, Elizabeth Famously Forgave the Assasin of Her Husband, Czar Nicholas II, Yet Was Killed by the Bolsheviks 13 Years Later PASS
54 King George IV Military Appointment Signed From 1823 PASS
55 King George V Royal Wedding Breakfast Menu From 1893 -- Stunning PASS
56 Princess Mary Christmas Tin for WWI Troops in 1914 1000
57 William & Kate Royal Wedding Dinner Menu 1000
58 Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Reception Invitation -- Private Party Reception Hosted by Kate's Family PASS
59 Grammy Award for 1990 Best Historical Album, ''Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings'' -- Celebrating the Life of Iconic Blues Guitarist Robert Johnson PASS
60 Bon Jovi RIAA Multi-Platinum Record Award for ''Slippery When Wet'' -- From George Marino Estate PASS
61 Johnny Cash Handwritten Set List from Mid 1990's -- Includes ''Ring of Fire'', ''I Walk the Line'', ''Hey Porter'' and ''Casey Jones'' -- With Sotheby's Provenance PASS
62 Cher Worn Roberto Cavalli Black Velvet Jacket With Gold Embroidering PASS
63 Cher Worn Dolce & Gabbana Pants -- From Photo Shoot for Her Living Proof Tour PASS
64 Cher Worn Chemise PASS
65 Guns N' Roses RIAA Multi-Platinum Record Award for ''G N' R Lies'' -- From George Marino Estate PASS
66 ''The Jimi Hendrix Experience'' Gold Record Award -- From George Marino estate. PASS
67 Stage Costume Worn by Michael Jackson at the 1986 American Music Awards Worn During the Performance of ''We Are The World'' -- With Julien's Provenance PASS
68 Michael Jackson's Famous Stage-Worn Black Fedora -- From 1984 ''Victory'' Tour 14619
69 Michael Jackson's Personally Owned and Worn Aviator Sunglasses From the ''Victory'' Tour in 1984 - With a COA From Henry Vaccaro 2500
70 Mick Jagger Autograph Letter Signed From 1965 -- With Hand-Addressed Envelope by Mick PASS
71 KISS Concert-Used Guitar Piece Signed by All Four Original Members -- Also With Gene Simmons Costume Stud PASS
72 John Lennon & Yoko Ono RIAA Platinum Record Award for ''Double Fantasy'' -- From George Marino Estate PASS
73 Elvis Presley Newspaper on His Death -- Special Edition From Memphis, Elvis' Hometown, Following His 16 August 1977 Death PASS
74 Red Hot Chili Peppers MTV Nomination Certificate for the Video Music Awards -- Best Group Video for ''Californication'' 600
75 Keith Richards Autograph Letter Signed From 1965 -- ''...It is difficult to catch what Mick sings...'' PASS
76 The Who RIAA Platinum Record Award for ''The Ultimate Collection'' PASS
77 Led Zeppelin RIAA Platinum Record Award for ''Led Zeppelin'' Boxed Set -- From George Marino Estate PASS
78 Irving Berlin Original Artwork & Autograph Musical Quotation Signed -- From His Most Famous Song of All Time, ''White Christmas'' -- With an Additional 1973 Typed Letter Signed PASS
79 Opera Legend Enrico Caruso Self-Portrait Sketch 600
80 George Gershwin Signed Limited First Edition of ''George Gershwin's Songbook'' -- Beautiful Copy Signed by Gershwin & Illustrator Constantin Alajalov in 1932 PASS
81 ''King of Swing'' Benny Goodman Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
82 Billie Holiday Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph -- ''Stay as Great as you Are / Billie Holiday'' PASS
83 Intimate 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo of Frank Sinatra 500
84 Samuel Francis Smith Autograph Letter Signed From 1895 -- Believed to be the Last Letter He Wrote PASS
85 John Philip Sousa Signature PASS
86 33rd Academy Awards Presentation Program 250
87 36th Academy Awards Presentation Program 250
88 37th Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
89 1965 Academy Awards Ticket to Oscar Ceremony & Governors' Ball PASS
90 38th Academy Awards Presentation Program 250
91 1966 Academy Awards Ticket to Oscar Ceremony PASS
92 Script for the 1969 Academy Awards -- With Dialogue of Presenters, Call Sheets & Award Recipients PASS
93 42nd Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
94 Complete First Draft Production Script and Invitation to the 1972 Academy Awards -- Rare Internal Script & Ticket From the Event's Art Director PASS
95 53rd Academy Awards Presentation Program PASS
96 Amy Adams' Outfit from ''Julie & Julia'' PASS
97 Jessica Alba Screen-Worn Outfit from ''The Killer Inside Me'' -- Dramatic With Movie Studio Blood PASS
98 Lloyd Bridges' Leather Bound Personal Copy of His ''Mafia'' Movie Script -- Along With Crew Sheet for ''Seinfeld'' From 1997 -- From Estate of Lloyd Bridges PASS
99 Charity Plaque Awarded to Actor Lloyd Bridges -- From Estate of Lloyd Bridges PASS
100 ''Perry Mason'' TV Guide Award Nomination Bowl From 1962 -- Personally Owned by Raymond Burr PASS
101 ''Perry Mason'' TV Guide Award Nomination Bowl From 1963 -- Personally Owned by Raymond Burr PASS
102 ''Perry Mason'' TV Guide Award Nomination Bowl From 1964 -- Personally Owned by Raymond Burr PASS
103 Johnny Carson Signed Mug Used on His Desk During ''The Tonight Show'' -- Previously Owned by Carson's Personal Correspondent Who Worked on the Show for 10 Years PASS
104 Johnny Carson Mug Used on His Desk During ''The Tonight Show'' -- Previously Owned by Carson's Personal Correspondent Who Worked on The Show For 10 Years PASS
105 Johnny Carson Mug Used on His Desk During ''The Tonight Show'' -- Previously Owned by Carson's Personal Correspondent Who Worked on the Show for 10 Years PASS
106 Sean Connery Screen-Worn Jacket From 1970 Film ''The Molly Maguires'' PASS
107 Sammy Davis Jr. Personally Owned Two-Piece Suit PASS
108 Academy Awards Poster for 1978 Best Picture ''The Deer Hunter'' PASS
109 2011 Sports Emmy Award for MLB Networks ''MLB Tonight'' Program -- Luminous, Near Fine Condition 4290
110 Emmy Nomination Certificate for ''Love, American Style'' in 1971 PASS
111 1989 Daytime Emmy Award Nomination for ''The Young and the Restless'' PASS
112 Emmy Nomination Certificate for The Learning Channel's ''Books Across America'' PASS
113 1969 Golden Globes Invitation Card 125
114 Rock Hudson Screen-Worn Coat From 1952 Film ''Bend of the River'' PASS
115 Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Jesus Christ Superstar'' -- Rhinestone Belt Buckle Worn by Carl Anderson in His Portrayal of Judas 1500
116 Academy Awards Poster for 1998 Film ''Life is Beautiful'' 100
117 Lucy Liu Screen-Worn Outfit from ''Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever'' 750
118 Sidney Lumet Producer's Guild of America Award 1500
119 Marilyn Monroe Personally Owned Black Velvet Hat -- Includes Photograph of the Iconic Hollywood Star Wearing Hat PASS
120 Eddie Murphy Screen-Worn Dress From ''Nutty Professor II: The Klumps'' PASS
121 1921 Program From D.W. Griffith Film ''Orphans of the Storm'' -- Filled With Rich Illustrations, Photographs & Comic Strips PASS
122 Blackbeard's Coat from ''Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'', Screen-Worn by Ian McShane PASS
123 Leon Shamroy's 1945 ''Look'' Magazine Film Achievement Award 800
124 Leon Shamroy's 1949 ''Look'' Magazine Film Achievement Award for ''Twelve O'Clock High'' 800
125 1951 Academy Award Nomination Presented to Leon Shamroy for ''David and Bathsheba'' 800
126 1955 Academy Award Nomination Presented to Leon Shamroy for ''Love is a Many-Splendored Thing'' 800
127 1956 Academy Award Nomination Presented to Leon Shamroy for ''The King and I'' 1290
128 1959 Academy Award Nomination Presented to Leon Shamroy for ''Porgy and Bess'' 800
129 Charlie Sheen Screen-Worn Floral Shirt from ''Anger Management'' 300
130 Lot of 4 ''Box-Office Champion No. 1'' Awards for Shirley Temple From 1934-1937 -- From the Important Poll of Movie Theater Owners That Would Make or Break Hollywood Careers PASS
131 Shirley Temple Dress & Jacket Worn to the 1935 Academy Awards to Receive Her Juvenile Oscar PASS
132 Shirley Temple Owned Leather Bound Script From 1935 Film ''Curly Top'' PASS
133 Shirley Temple Owned Clown Doll PASS
134 Charlize Theron Wardrobe From ''The Burning Plain'' PASS
135 Program From 1921 Silent Film ''The Three Musketeers'' Starring Douglas Fairbanks PASS
136 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn Outfit From ''Ted 2'' PASS
137 Denzel Washington Screen-Worn Costume from ''Out of Time'' PASS
138 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Overcoat & Scarf From ''Hart's War'' PASS
139 Abbott & Costello, Rita Hayworth, Roy Rogers, Mickey Rooney, Ava Gardner, Hedy Lamarr, Edgar Bergen & More Signed 1942 Program 330
140 Lot of 25 Personal Checks Signed by Hollywood Starlet Mary Astor PASS
141 Olivia de Havilland 8'' x 10'' Signed Glossy Photo as ''Melanie'' -- ''Greetings and good luck / Olivia de Havilland'' -- Very Good PASS
142 Olivia De Havilland Signed Photo as Melanie from ''Gone With the Wind'' -- 11'' x 14'' PASS
143 Leslie Howard Signed 8.75'' x 13.5'' Elegant Photo 400
144 Signature of Al Jolson -- Called The World's Greatest Entertainer 125
145 Gypsy Rose Lee Signed First Edition of Her Novel ''The G-String Murders'' 200
146 Marilyn Monroe Signed Check 1980
147 Conrad Nagel Signed 9'' x 12'' Photo PASS
148 Maureen O'Sullivan Signed 7'' x 9'' Photo -- Beautiful & Charming Portrait Photo of O'Sullivan PASS
149 Basil Rathbone Signed 11.25'' x 14.5'' Photo 400
150 Wallace Reid Signed Photo -- Reid Was Dubbed ''The screen's most perfect lover'' PASS
151 Roland Young Signed 10'' x 13'' Photo PASS
152 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sunday ''Peanuts'' Strip From 1975 Featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Lucy 28000
153 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sunday ''Peanuts'' From 1978 -- Featuring Lucy as ''No. 1 Crab'' 25000
154 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing 400
155 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing 400
156 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing 440
157 Charles Schulz ''Snoopy'' Drawing 400
158 Scarce Mt. Rushmore Photograph Signed by Its Designer Gutzon Borglum -- 10'' x 12.75'' PASS
159 1883 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremonies PASS
160 Howard Chandler Christy Signed First Edition of ''The Girl I Loved'' -- Featuring His Illustrations PASS
161 Jasper Johns Signed 38'' x 40'' Poster of His Famous ''Flag'' Painting -- With Additional Postcard Signed by Johns PASS
162 Norman Rockwell Signed Autobiography ''My Adventures as an Illustrator'' PASS
163 Ink and Watercolor Drawing by E.H. Shepard of Winnie-the-Pooh & Piglet -- Extraordinarily Scarce Drawing by Shepard of the Most Famous Children's Character -- With Provenance From Sotheby's PASS
164 Bruce Jenner 1982 Racing Suit from Celebrity Grand Prix of Long Beach PASS
165 1912 Summer Olympics Program -- Held in Stockholm 200
166 1912 Swedish Summer Olympics Preliminary General Program PASS
167 1912 Swedish Summer Olympics Rowing Program PASS
168 1912 Stockholm Olympics Pictorial Review 200
169 1932 Los Angeles Summer Olympics Pictorial Souvenir Book PASS
170 Collection of 30 Olympic Programs From the 1936 Berlin Olympics -- Bound Into 624 Page Book PASS
171 1936 Olympic Silver Trophy Given at the ''Sternfahrt'' Motorsports Rally 1000
172 Australian Team Jacket for 1948 London Summer Games PASS
173 1948 London Summer Olympics Cycling Program PASS
174 1948 London Summer Olympics Swimming Program PASS
175 1948 Summer Olympics Official Report 200
176 Olympic Torch Used in 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games PASS
177 Olympic Relay Torch Used in 2004 Athens Summer Games PASS
178 ''100 Mile an Hour Club'' Dinner Menu From 1956 Signed by 14 Legendary Drivers Including Lou Meyer, Bill Holland, Lee Wallard and Johnnie Parsons -- With Motor Speedway Entrance Passes PASS
179 Racing Legend Mario Andretti Race-Worn Suit -- Worn During the 1982 CART Season, Andretti's Last Year Racing for Formula One PASS
180 Mario Andretti Signed 1974 Road American Program -- Also Signed by 8 Other Drivers 300
181 1963 USAC National Championship Racing Program Signed by Don Branson, Roger McClusky & Others 300
182 1929 Brooklands Race Program -- Inaugural Year of Race PASS
183 1936 Brooklands Racing Program PASS
184 Paul Clark Race-Worn Fire Suit PASS
185 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Race-Worn & Signed Fire Suit & Gear Bag -- With COA From Earnhardt's Company PASS
186 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Race-Worn & Signed Driving Gloves -- With COA From Dale Earnhardt Jr. Foundation PASS
187 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Worn and Signed Daytona 500 Shirt PASS
188 Dale Earnhardt Sr. Race-Used Panel of Car, Circa 1980 PASS
189 Indy 500 Champion Emerson Fittipaldi Signed Race-Worn Suit PASS
190 A.J. Foyt & Don Branson Signed 1962 USAC National Championship Racing Program 300
191 Kevin Harvick Race-Worn & Signed Fire Suit From the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350 Race in 2015 PASS
192 Kevin Harvick Race-Worn & Signed Shoes From 2014 Championship Season 750
193 1926 Indy 500 Program PASS
194 Vintage 1930's Indy 500 Pennant Flag PASS
195 1931 Indy 500 Program 300
196 1933 Tydol and Veedol Indy 500 Advertisement Poster PASS
197 1934 Indy 500 Program 300
198 1956 Indy 500 Pre-Race Panoramic Photo 400
199 Dale Jarrett Race-Worn & Signed Helmet -- With LOA From Jarrett PASS
200 Jimmie Johnson Race-Worn & Signed Driving Gloves -- With COA From Jimmie Johnson Foundation PASS
201 Sterling Marlin Race-Worn Fire Suit -- Back to Back Daytona 500 Champ in '94 and '95 PASS
202 NASCAR Hood Signed by Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Danica Patrick and Entire Lineup at 2015 Pocono Raceway -- 43 Signatures in Total -- With COA From NASCAR Foundation PASS
203 NASCAR Helmet Signed by 41 Drivers, the Entire Starting Line-up at the ''Quicken Loans 400'' -- Signatures From Dale Ernhardt, Jr., Brad Keselowski, Jimmie Johnson & 38 More PASS
204 ''An Evening With Roger Penske'' Program Signed by Penske, Carroll Shelby & Parnelli Jones PASS
205 Vintage 1912 Santa Monica Road Race Program PASS
206 Vintage 1971 Road America Program Signed by Jackie Stewart -- Also Signed by Ron Dykes, Vic Elford & Many More 300
207 Bruce Lee Signed Photo From ''The Green Hornet'' -- Bruce Also Draws the ''Loong'' Character of the Dragon 9664
208 Bruce Lee Autograph Letter Signed From 1966 7312
209 Full Set of England Tickets from Historic 1966 World Cup -- The Only World Cup Won by England -- Also the World Cup That Made Pickles the Dog Famous PASS
210 1962 Chile World Cup Banquet Invitation PASS
211 1923 Kentucky Derby Racing Program PASS
212 1933 Kentucky Derby Ticket Stub PASS
213 1934 Kentucky Derby Racing Program PASS
214 1936 Kentucky Derby Racing Program PASS
216 1947 Billy Evans Signed Book ''Umpiring From the Inside'' -- Uninscribed PASS
217 Hank Greenberg Signed Postcard of His Hall of Fame Plaque PASS
218 Lot of 10 Personal Checks Signed by Baseball HOFer Harmon Killebrew 175
219 Casey Stengel Autograph Letter Signed -- '' regards to trades & winter work for the Yankee club...I signed a two year contract at my former figure...'' PASS
220 1957 NBA All Star Game Program PASS
221 1958 NBA All Star Game Program PASS
222 Lot of 11 Vintage Football Programs -- Ranging From 1947-1964 -- Yankees, Lions, Dons, Colts, Dodgers, 49ers, Patriots, Bills, Oilers, Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Redskins & Bears PASS
223 NFL Hall of Fame Inaugural Program & Postcard From 1963 PASS
224 Miami Dolphins 1972 Undefeated Season Plaque PASS
225 Lot of 11 Vintage Pittsburgh Steelers Programs From 1948-1953 PASS
226 Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London 1966 Fight Program PASS
227 Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran Rematch Fight Program PASS
228 Joe Louis Signed First Edition of ''My Life Story'' -- With JSA COA PASS
229 Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks -- From the Arthur Ashe Estate PASS
230 Ryder Cup Trophy From the 1997 Championship -- One of the Few Official Trophies, Owned & Obtained from by a Former PGA President 15000
231 Ludwig Bemelmans ''Welcome Home!'' Signed -- With Sketch of a Young Boy PASS
232 Ray Bradbury Original Typed Manuscripts for ''The Women'' and ''The Shape of Things'' -- Also With Letter Signed by Bradbury From 1964 3146
233 First Edition of ''A Clockwork Orange'' in First Edition Dustjacket -- With Alternative Ending Preferred by Burgess of Redemption by the Novel's Protagonist PASS
234 Truman Capote ''In Cold Blood'' Signed First Edition, First Printing -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
235 Perry Mason Mystery Signed by Author Erle Stanley Gardner -- ''The Case of the Duplicate Daughter'' First Edition PASS
236 Ernest Hemingway Insurance Policy and Receipt for His Cuban Home PASS
237 Ernest Hemingway Original Film Reel -- Features Footage of Hemingway Hunting With Gary Cooper in Sun Valley, Idaho PASS
238 First Edition of Ernest Hemingway's ''The Sun Also Rises'' -- Beautiful Hardcover Edition of a Literary Masterpiece PASS
239 Four First Editions of the Winnie-the-Pooh Series by A.A. Milne & Illustrator E.H. Shepard -- All in Original Dustjackets -- With All But "When We Were Very Young" Being 1st Printings PASS
240 Rare Signed Edition by Willy Pogany of ''Willy Pogany's Mother Goose'' -- 1928 PASS
241 Dr. Seuss' ''Bartholomew and the Oobleck'' First Edition, First Printing With First Printing Dustjacket PASS
242 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I'm at present, involved in the enclosed Grolexus, which is whirlzing me fithither...'' PASS
243 12th Century Hand-Painted Manuscript From ''Book of Hours'' 1000
244 Medieval Vellum Bible Leaf -- Scrollwork From 1250 A.D. PASS
245 Illuminated Manuscript -- 15th Century French Prayer Book Decorated in Vibrant Colors PASS
246 Medieval Persian Islamic Hand-Painted Manuscript Illumination Page PASS
247 Christmas Card Sent by Martin Luther King, Jr. and His Family & Signed by His Daughter -- Sent From the Dexter Avenue Church Where King Organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott PASS
248 Rosa Parks Signed Book ''Quiet Strength'' -- Uninscribed PASS
249 Rosa Parks Signed Civil Rights Poster PASS
250 Pope Pius XI Signed Blessing & Photo Display -- Signed as Pope in 1931 PASS
251 Saint Junipero Serra Autograph Letter Signed -- Serra Writes to His Viceroy, Requesting Items "...for San Diego Mission in Upper California, which was plundered and burned..." PASS
252 Mormon President Joseph F. Smith Signed Photo -- Dedicated to U.S. Steel Co-Founder Elbert H. Gary PASS
253 Bunker Hill Centennial Items From 1875 -- Program & Book From the Centennial & Ribbon From the Unveiling of the Memorial Monument 350
254 Patrick Henry Signed 1785 Land Grant as Governor of Virginia 825
255 Confederate Vice President, Alexander Hamilton Stephens Free Frank Signature PASS
256 WWII Henry ''Hap'' Arnold Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo PASS
257 WWII Henry ''Hap'' Arnold Typed Letter Signed From 1945 -- ''...the only time I get out of Washington is to visit the war fronts...'' PASS
258 WWII Henry ''Hap'' Arnold Signed Scrapbook PASS
259 Concentration Camp Victim at Ravensbrueck Writes to His Parents -- ''...How are you? Same old, same old here and everything in order. I wish Merry Christmas and send you kisses...'' PASS
260 WWII German Luftwaffe Rare Photograph Album -- 189 Photos With Captions PASS
261 1942 WWII Japanese Evacuation Poster -- For Japanese Residents of San Francisco 250
262 General Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you so much for your birthday greeting. I appreciate it deeply. It made my day a brighter one, indeed...'' PASS
263 WWII Admiral Chester Nimitz Twice-Signed 14'' x 11'' Photograph -- Depicting Nimitz Signing the Declaration of Japanese Surrender on 2 September 1945 800
264 WWI American Red Cross Poster From 1918 PASS
265 Pulitzer-Prize Winning WWII Photographer Joe Rosenthal Signed Iwo Jima Photograph PASS
266 Amelia Earhart Signed First Printing of ''The Fun of It'' -- Includes Record With Audio Recordings From Earhart's Internationally Broadcast 1932 Flight PASS
267 Piece of Flight Deck From the ''Spruce Goose'' -- Howard Hughes' Infamous Aircraft PASS
268 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of "Lindbergh of Minnesota" -- Near Fine PASS
269 Charles Kingsford Smith Signed Print Commemorating His Pioneering Flight From United States to Australia PASS
270 ''The New York Times'' Announces Feat of Human Achievement -- ''Men Walk On Moon'' -- 21 July 1969 PASS
271 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Astronaut Insurance Cover -- Signed ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
272 Neil Armstrong Uninscribed Signed Photo in His White Spacesuit -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
273 Space-Flown U.S. Flag From the Columbia STS-1 Mission PASS
274 Pair of James Lovell 8'' x 10'' Photos Signed -- One Photo of Lovell in His Spacesuit & One Crew Photo of the Apollo 7 Astronauts in Civilian Suits PASS
275 Alan Shepard Signed 10'' x 8'' NASA Photograph PASS
276 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned & Signed Apollo 13 First Day Cover -- Near Fine PASS
277 Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay Signed First Day Cover -- With Limited Edition Coin Marking 25th Anniversary of Everest's First Ascent PASS
278 1924 Letter Signed From the Egyptian Government Regarding the Excavation of King Tut's Tomb -- ''...stone from king Tout-Ankh-Amoun's tomb...a crypt cut out in the rock...'' PASS
279 1939 Cadillac Fleetwood Brochure -- Showcasing the Luxury Car Company's Vintage Fleet PASS
280 Andrew Carnegie Lot of 3 Signed Items in Framed Presentation -- Includes Autograph Letter Signed, Letter Signed & Signature PASS
281 Andrew Carnegie Signed Book -- ''History of Saint Andrew's Society'' PASS
282 J.C. Penney ''Main Street Merchant'' Book Signed 138
283 Frank Woolworth Pair of Letters Signed, in Handsome Framed Presentation PASS
284 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Photograph PASS
285 New York City Police Department Log Book -- Records Incidents in the Larchmont Luxury Community From 1931-1932 PASS
286 Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist Signed Ticket to the Impeachment Trial of President Bill Clinton -- Rehnquist Presided Over the Senate Impeachment Trial PASS
287 Charles ''Tex'' Watson Signed Letter From Prison -- ''...we are expecting again. Yahoo. We are blessed with children. GLORY. We hope it is a girl this time...'' -- 1983 PASS
288 Terrorist Board Game Prototype Sanctioned by the CIA -- Designed by G.I. Joe Founder Donald Levine PASS
289 Buffalo Bill Cody Signed 1899 Biography -- Dual-Signed ''W.F. Cody'' and ''Buffalo Bill'' PASS
290 Harry Houdini Typed Letter Signed From 1922 -- Regarding a Magic Trick for ''Growing a Girl'' 1375
291 1925 Miss America Program -- The 5th Year of the Pageant PASS
292 1947 Miss America Yearbook PASS
293 Vintage Red Cross ''On the Job'' Poster PASS
294 World Trade Center Ticket From 2001 PASS