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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Nobel Prize Awarded to Thomas Schelling in 2005 -- One of the Foremost Experts in Game Theory Regarding Nuclear Arms Strategy -- Proceeds of Sale Will Be Donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center 150000
2 John Adams 1800 Land Grant Signed as President With Bold Signature -- Awarding Revolutionary War General William Woodford 2,500 Acres in Ohio 6655
3 Bill Clinton Letter Signed as President -- Bill Thanks an Arkansas Friend, ''...It is a great reminder of home...'' 300
4 Eisenhower Letter Signed as President: ''...If you are so to this atrocious amendment, I shall regard you as practically a traitor...'' & ''...This is a slaves life...'' PASS
5 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1955 Letter Signed as President -- ''...Any provision of a treaty or international agreement which conflicts with this Constitution shall be of no force or effect...'' PASS
6 Dwight Eisenhower Document Signed as President PASS
7 Andrew Jackson Signed Ship's Papers as President PASS
8 Thomas Jefferson Document Signed as President -- 4-Language Ship's Papers Also Signed by James Madison PASS
9 Thomas Jefferson Ship's Papers Signed as President -- Countersigned by James Madison 3000
10 John F. Kennedy's Personally Owned Leather Bomber Jacket -- Recovered From the ''Honey Fitz'' Yacht After His Death PASS
11 John F. Kennedy Signed ''Profiles in Courage'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
12 Garden Planter Owned by JFK and Jackie Kennedy -- From the Winter White House PASS
13 JFK During the Cuban Missile Crisis -- ''...Boy, if Fidel Castro had something like you, he would think more about making Love, and less about making war...'' PASS
14 Cecil W. Stoughton's Personal Photo Album, Storing 17 of His Photos of LBJ's Inauguration Aboard Air Force One, With Johnson Taking the Oath of Office as a Stunned Jackie Kennedy Looks On PASS
15 First Edition, 26 Volume Set of the Warren Commission's Report on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy PASS
16 Robert Kennedy Signed Portrait of His Brother, President John F. Kennedy -- Also Signed by JFK's Justice Department PASS
17 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President, Appointing Henry Wetmore U.S. Consul to Peru -- Wetmore Would Later Head a Campaign to Register Former Slaves to Vote PASS
18 Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature, Lincoln Appoints a Register to the Kansas Land Office at the Start of the Civil War -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
19 Abraham Lincoln Assassination Letter From the Lead Detective -- ''...Clampitt [Mary Surratt's defense lawyer] was little more than a big mouthed political rounder...'' PASS
20 Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President Regarding Vietnam -- ''...this Administration to achieve a cease-fire, the release of American prisoners, and the negotiation of a just peace...'' PASS
21 Fantastic Presidential Photo Signed by Five Presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon & Gerald Ford -- With University Archives COA PASS
22 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box -- Displayed at the White House 1200
23 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Pillbox -- ''Living well is the best revenge'' PASS
24 Ronald Reagan Signed Limited Edition of His Speeches, ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
25 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Aperitif Glass by the Luxury Glassmaker Steuben PASS
26 Ronald Reagan Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''An American Life'' PASS
27 Eleanor Roosevelt Letter Signed Where She Vigorously Defends Israel's Right of Self Defense: ''...Israel was not an aggressor...The Israelis have a right to their land...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
28 Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as President -- FDR Signs a Certificate of Honor in 1936 for the USS Indianapolis, the Ship That Famously Sunk 9 Years Later in the Navy's Worst Maritime Disaster 400
29 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Cabinet Photo Measuring 23" x 19" -- Roosevelt Signs the Photo, Along With Nine Members of His Cabinet, Including William Taft -- With University Archives COA PASS
30 William Taft Letter Signed as President, About the Supreme Court -- ''...I can not appoint anybody because he is a Jew; and I certainly shall not decline to appoint anybody because he is a Jew...'' PASS
31 William Howard Taft Excoriates President Woodrow Wilson for His Handling of WWI -- ''...Wilson's selfish temperament...he loves idealistic phrases that sound well in his mouth...'' PASS
32 Harry Truman Speech Signed as President From 1952 -- ''...The Kremlin is not going to take a vacation just because we are having a Presidential election in this country. Far from it...'' PASS
33 Harry Truman Signed Farewell Address From 1953 -- ''...The President...has to decide. He can't pass the buck to anybody...'' & ''...And always in the background there has been the atomic bomb...'' PASS
34 George Washington Signed Document Conferring Membership in the Ultra-Elite Society of the Cincinnati -- Available Only to Revolutionary War Officers & Their Heirs PASS
35 Winston Churchill Letter Signed -- ''...It was very kind of you to write to me about my work...'' PASS
36 Scarce Adolf Hitler Signed Photo -- With Letter Signed by Albert Bormann From Hitler's Chancellory Confirming the Signature PASS
37 Martin Luther King Jr. Signature -- With University Archives COA PASS
38 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed Program, ''Toward a World of Understanding'' 1331
39 Bullet Shell Casing From the Battle of Little Bighorn -- From the Stella Foote Collection PASS
40 John Hancock 1780 Naval Document Signed as Governor of Massachusetts 3000
41 WWII Hero Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...about my furlough...just think of it in five more weeks exactly well be together again...'' PASS
42 Ira Hayes Envelope Signed From 1944 During His WWII Service -- Postmarked Independence Day July 4, 1944 800
43 Admiral Chester Nimitz Signed Photo of the Japanese Surrender PASS
44 Buzz Aldrin's A6L Spacesuit Glove -- Worn by Aldrin in 1968 During Training for the Apollo 11 Mission 14272
45 Scarce Apollo 11 Space-Flown U.S. Flag -- Affixed to a NASA Certificate Signed by Each of the Apollo 11 Crew Members: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
46 Apollo 11 Beta Cloth Name Tags for the Entire Crew -- Three Tags Reading ''N. ARMSTRONG'', ''E. ALDRIN'' and ''M. COLLINS'' 363
47 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
48 Gene Cernan Signed 19.5'' x 16'' Photo of the Apollo 17 Night Launch PASS
49 Gene Cernan Large 19.5'' x 16'' Signed Photo on the Lunar Surface PASS
50 Gordon Cooper Handwritten Memos From Circa 1964 Regarding Spacecraft Windows -- Cooper Warns NASA of Possible Dangers During the Gemini & Apollo Missions PASS
51 John Glenn's U.S. Navy Helmet Worn During Project Bullet -- The First Supersonic Transcontinental Flight Dubbed ''Faster Than a Bullet'' That Made Glenn a Celebrity & Led to His Selection in Mercury 7 PASS
52 Mercury 7 Signed Invitation to Honor Them -- Signed by All 7 Except Deke Slayton 800
53 American Flag & NASA Patch Flown on Space Shuttle Challenger 200
54 NASA Flag Flown on Space Shuttle Discovery 100
55 American Flags Flown on Space Shuttles Challenger, Columbia & Atlantis 220
56 American Flag Flown on Space Shuttle Columbia 100
57 American Flag Flown on Space Shuttle Atlantis -- NASA's Final Space Shuttle Flight in 2011 525
58 Albert Einstein Letter Signed to His Friend, Composer Walter Kaufmann -- ''...I shall always be happy to give you another similar recommendation...'' 2500
59 Large Lot of 26 Signed Lithographs by Rockwell Kent From His ''The Complete Works of Shakespeare'' 1000
60 Norman Rockwell Oil on Canvas Painting of Richard Nixon -- The National Portrait Gallery Study for ''Mr. President (Richard Nixon)'', Painted in 1968 100000
61 Andy Warhol Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
62 Walt Disney Hand-Drawn Sketch of Donald Duck, Signed by Disney -- With Phil Sears COA for Both Signature & Drawing PASS
63 H.A. Rey Signed Drawing of Curious George, Drawn Inside ''Curious George Takes a Job'' PASS
64 Set of 8 ''Peanuts'' Books, 6 Signed by Charles Schulz 733
65 First Edition, First Printing of Alcoholics Anonymous ''Big Book'' -- One of Less Than 2,000 Copies PASS
66 Charles Dickens Autograph Letter Signed, Under Deadline for ''Oliver Twist'': ''...I have had the resolution to shut myself up so strictly with Oliver Twist...'' PASS
67 Ernest Hemingway Color Slides -- Taken of His Estate at Finca Vigia Gardens PASS
68 ''To Kill a Mockingbird'' First Edition, First Printing -- In the First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
69 Shel Silverstein Signed First Edition of ''A Light in the Attic'', With Elaborate Hand-Drawn Sketch PASS
70 The Beatles RIAA White Matte Gold Award for ''Something New'' -- One of a Few Available White Matte Awards for The Beatles PASS
71 Large Bob Dylan Concert Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
72 Large Bob Dylan Concert Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
73 Large Bob Dylan Concert Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
74 Large Bob Dylan Concert Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
75 Large Bob Dylan Concert Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
76 Large Bob Dylan Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
77 Large Photo of Bob Dylan in Concert From 1966 -- Taken by Noted Rock Photographer Jan Persson PASS
78 Large Photo of Bob Dylan From 1966 -- Taken by Noted Rock Photographer Jan Persson PASS
79 Artistic & Sensual Photo of Bob Dylan From 1966 Taken by Noted Rock Photographer Jan Persson PASS
80 Large Bob Dylan Photograph From 1966 by Photographer Jan Persson PASS
81 Elvis Presley's Personally Owned Guitar, Screen-Used in ''Girls, Girls, Girls'' PASS
82 Leonard Bernstein AMQS for ''West Side Story'' 1065
83 1972 Academy Award Nomination for ''Norman Rockwell's World...An American Dream'' PASS
84 Early Concept Art for ''Alien'', Done in 1977 -- Depicting the Scene Where the Characters Kane, Dallas and Lambert Leave the Spaceship to Encounter the Alien PASS
85 Emmy for PBS' ''Reading Rainbow'' PASS
86 Screen-Used Ralph McQuarrie Original Model of Star Trek's USS Enterprise From 1976 PASS
87 Patrick Swayze's Personal Copy of the Script for ''Ghost'' -- With COA From Lisa Niemi Swayze PASS
88 Alicia Vikander Screen-Worn Costume as Lara Croft in ''Tomb Raider'' -- With COA From MGM PASS
89 ''Back to the Future'' Cast Signed DeLorean 1200
90 ''Back to the Future II'' Cast Signed Hoverboard 1200
91 Alfred Hitchcock Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo, Peering Sideways Into the Camera PASS
92 ''Goldfinger'' Villain, Harold Sakata Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- With Beckett COA PASS
93 Arnold Schwarzenegger Signed ''The Terminator'' Movie Poster From 1984 PASS
94 Star Wars Cast-Signed Stormtrooper Helmet -- Signed by All Stars of ''Star Wars'' and ''The Empire Strikes Back'', Including Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill 6000
95 ''Star Wars'' Cast-Signed Movie Poster -- Signed by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Darth Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca's Characters PASS
96 Jimmy Stewart & Kim Novak Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo From ''Vertigo'' -- With JSA COA PASS
97 Babe Ruth Signature PASS
98 Tennis Trophy Won by May Sutton, the First American to Win Wimbledon Singles Championship PASS
99 Incredibly Scarce & Important Guggenheim Mining Ledger Signed by Patriarch Meyer Guggeneheim, Successor Daniel Guggenheim & Thrice-Signed by Benjamin Guggenheim, Who Died on the Titanic 15000
100 Important Document Signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1900 at the First Meeting of the Rapid Transit Subway Construction Company -- the Very Beginnings of New York City's Subway System PASS
101 ''Boy Scout'' Cast Iron Mechanical Bank -- Made in Concert With the Launch of Boy Scouts of America in 1910 PASS