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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Nobel Prize Awarded to Economist Simon Kuznets in 1971 -- Inventor of the Kuznets Curve -- One of the Most Influential Economists of All Time 321540
2 Andrew Carnegie Signed Copy of ''Round The World'' -- Dedicated to Henry P. Ford in 1899 550
3 Harvey Firestone 8'' x 10.5'' Photo Signed -- Rare Signed Photo of the Business Magnate 334
4 Henry Ford Signed Photo, Inscribed to Helen Hayes From Her Estate 1210
5 American Business Mogul John Paul Getty Group of 10 Signed Checks 200
6 Charles Goodyear Signed Letter Fragment, Written in His Hand PASS
7 Ray Kroc Signed First Edition of ''Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's'' 363
8 J.C. Penney Signed Copy of ''Main Street Merchant - The J.C. Penney Story'' 152
9 John S. Pillsbury Signed Stock Certificate PASS
10 American Express Stock Certificate Signed by Its Founders Henry Wells & William Fargo PASS
11 Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak 1965 High School Yearbook PASS
12 Mary Astor's Screen Actors Guild Union Card, Given to Her Upon Her Retirement in 1965 125
13 Christian Bale Screen-Worn Hero T-Shirt & Shorts From ''Out of the Furnace'' PASS
14 1943 Receipts Allocating Payment to Screen Legend Ingrid Bergman -- The Same Year She Starred in ''For Whom The Bell Tolls'' PASS
15 Milton Berle's Membership Card to the Hollywood Comedy Club for 1960 PASS
16 ''Blues Brothers'' Never Worn Vintage T-Shirt From the Summer Tour of 1980 -- Fine PASS
17 Steve Carell ''The Office'' Wardrobe -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
18 Jim Carrey Wardrobe From ''Fun With Dick & Jane'' PASS
19 Jennifer Connelly Wardrobe Ensemble From Superhero Movie ''Hulk'' PASS
20 Sir Sean Connery Hero Belt & Prop Pistol From ''League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'' -- His Last Leading Role Before Retiring From Hollywood PASS
21 Tom Cruise Naval Officer's Cap From ''A Few Good Men'' PASS
22 Sammy Davis Jr.'s Personal Address Book Containing the Names & Addresses of Over 100 of His Celebrity Friends -- Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Liz Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Jay Leno & More PASS
23 Cecil B. Demille Necklace Gifted to His Daughter, Actress Katherine Demille Quinn -- 88 Grams of 18K Gold -- With a COA From Cecil B. Demille's Granddaughter PASS
24 Johnny Depp Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''Transcendence'' PASS
25 Cameron Diaz ''Bad Teacher'' Wardrobe -- Cashmere Sweater & The Row Brand Shirt PASS
26 Jenna Elfman Screen-Worn Cashmere Sweater, Pants & Shoes From ''1600 Penn'' -- With Wardrobe Tag & 20th Century Fox COA PASS
27 Program From the 1963 Emmy Awards Ceremony PASS
28 Jenna Fischer Screen-Worn Silk & Cashmere Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- With a COA From NBC Universal PASS
29 Harrison Ford Screen-Worn Coat From ''Extraordinary Measures'' PASS
30 Swimsuit & Cap Belonging to Screen Legend Greta Garbo PASS
31 Dress Owned by Legendary Actress Greta Garbo PASS
32 Handbag Owned by Screen Legend Greta Garbo PASS
33 Greta Garbo Owned Shoes PASS
34 Greta Garbo Owned Outfit PASS
35 Jennifer Garner Screen-Worn Blouse From ''Draft Day'' PASS
36 Unique Plaque From the President of Paramount Pictures for the Success of ''The Godfather'' -- ''...unprecedented grosses and extraordinary playing time...'' PASS
37 Tom Hanks Costume From His Acclaimed Performance in Hijacking Thriller ''Captain Phillips'' PASS
38 Neal Patrick Harris Screen-Worn Pajamas From ''How I Met Your Mother'' PASS
39 Unique 1974 Disney Trophy Bestowed Upon Actress Helen Hayes for Her Work in the Sequel to ''The Love Bug'' -- ''Herbie Rides Again'' PASS
40 Helen Hayes' Medal, Made of Diamonds & 14k Gold PASS
41 Pearl S. Buck Humanitarian Award Bestowed on Legendary Actress Helen Hayes PASS
42 Katherine Heigl Screen-Worn Wardrobe From Her Hit Romantic Comedy ''27 Dresses'' PASS
43 Hollywood Film Award From 1936 125
44 Moe Howard's Own Three Stooges' Columbia Pictures Script -- For Their 1951 Film, ''Corny Casanovas'' -- From the Personal Estate of Moe Howard PASS
45 Script From ''The Howdy Doody Show'' -- Episode #449 -- From the Bob Keeshan Estate PASS
46 Glossy Production Photographs From the Set of ''Captain Kangaroo'' -- From the Bob Keeshan Estate PASS
47 Captain Kangaroo Mariachi Costume Pants -- From a Set of Costumes Worn on the Show PASS
48 Script for Captain Kangaroo's Classic Episode ''Curacao Caper'' or ''The Missing Paint Mystery'' -- With Handwritten Notes & Drawings -- From The Personal Collection of Bob Keeshan PASS
49 Pair of Tickets to the 5th Anniversary Taping of Captain Kangaroo -- Personally Owned by Bob Keeshan PASS
50 Keira Knightley Gown From ''Pirates of The Caribbean'' -- With Original Wardrobe Tag From Production PASS
51 Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe From ''The Burning Plain'' -- One of Her Earliest Roles PASS
52 Lucy Liu Full Hero Costume From ''Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever'' PASS
53 Eva Mendes Wardrobe From the Will Ferrell Comedy ''The Other Guys'' PASS
54 1918 Document Approving Construction of MGM Studios in Hollywood 750
55 Edward Norton Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Painted Veil'' PASS
56 Academy Award-Winner Sean Penn Screen-Worn Wardrobe From 2011 Film ''This Must Be The Place'' PASS
57 Julia Roberts Wardrobe From the 1996 Film ''Michael Collins'' 750
58 Julia Roberts Screen-Worn Hat From ''Michael Collins'' 750
59 Adam Sandler Costume From the 2008 Farce ''Zohan'' PASS
60 James Spader Screen-Worn Wardrobe From ''The Office'' -- With a COA from NBC Universal PASS
61 Emma Stone ''House Bunny'' Costume PASS
62 Meryl Streep Screen-Worn Camisole From Her Best Actress Oscar-Nominated Role in ''August: Osage County'' PASS
63 Large ''Ten Commandments'' Poster -- Three Sheet Poster Measures 41'' x 81'' -- Mounted on Linen 250
64 Charlize Theron Wardrobe From ''The Burning Plain'' PASS
65 Ashley Tisdale Screen-Worn Hero Sweater From ''Scary Movie 5'' PASS
66 Sofia Vergara Screen-Worn Blouse From ''Modern Family'' PASS
67 John Wayne ''Red River'' Chaps -- Gifted Later by Wayne to Joel McCrea, Who Wore Them in ''Four Faces West'' PASS
68 Bruce Willis Screen-Worn Hero Shirt From ''Red 2'' PASS
69 Reese Witherspoon Worn Costume From ''How Do You Know'' PASS
70 ''Wizard of Oz'' Licensing Agreement From 1939 PASS
71 Chow Yun-Fat Leather Jacket From ''The Replacement Killers'' PASS
72 Fred Astaire Signature PASS
73 Mary Astor Divorce Papers Signed, Citing ''Extreme Cruelty'' -- ''...because of his idleness, profligacy and dissipation...'' 400
74 Lot of 100 Checks Signed by Classic Hollywood Film Star Mary Astor 400
75 Mary Astor Contract Signed for Her Role on ''The Defenders'' 100
76 Mary Astor Autograph Letter Signed 100
77 Broadway Star Pearl Bailey Signed Photo 100
78 Lucille Ball Twice-Signed Trust Document From 1979 PASS
79 Brigitte Bardot Signed Guess Jeans & Signed 8.25'' x 11'' Photo 150
80 Robert Blake Signature From L.A. County Jail While Awaiting His Murder Trial -- Signed on a Receipt of Sundries Requested 150
81 Dirk Bogarde Signed Photo PASS
82 George Burns & Gracie Allen Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
83 Lon Chaney, Jr. Photo Signed 300
84 Academy Award-Winning Actor Charles D. Coburn Autograph Letter Signed to Artist Eric Pape -- Regarding ''the MacBeth Production'' 100
85 Joan Crawford Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Thank you...for sending me the photographs you took with your Polaroid camera during the Zane Grey Theatre television show...'' PASS
86 Bing Crosby Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I've heard of this boy and his prowess...'' -- 1965 PASS
87 Olivia de Havilland Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo From ''Gone With The Wind'' 0
88 Large Olivia de Havilland Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo as ''Melanie'' in ''Gone With the Wind'' 175
89 Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. 1936 Ledger Sheets & Two Single Signed Checks 125
90 Clark Gable Check Signed PASS
91 Ava Gardner Signed Personal Check PASS
92 Actress Greer Garson Signed Photo -- 8'' x 10'' -- Near Fine PASS
93 ''Wizard of Oz'' 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed by Jack Haley 300
94 10'' x 8'' Signed ''The Wizard of Oz'' Photo of Ray Bolger and Margaret Hamilton -- ''...I'll fix them!...WWW!'' 300
95 Margaret Hamilton Signed 10'' x 8'' ''Wizard of Oz'' Photo 250
96 Richard Harris Contract Signed 198
97 Oscar & Tony Award-Winning Actor Rex Harrison Signed Check PASS
98 Ray Harryausen Typed Letter Signed -- ''...whether he can find an outlet for his creative artistry...'' PASS
99 Katharine Hepburn Autograph Note Signed to Her Stylist, ''What an enormous help you are - actually + spiritually...'' 175
100 Katharine Hepburn Typed Letter Signed -- ''...such a nice letter...Thank you for bothering...'' -- 1996 PASS
101 Diane Keaton ''Godfather'' Document Signed -- Pertaining to Her Work in ''The Godfather Part III'' in Italy 350
102 Rod La Rocque Signed Photograph PASS
103 Jovial Laurel & Hardy Signed Photo PASS
104 Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy's Autographs PASS
105 Laurence Olivier & Vivien Leigh Signed Photographs 400
106 Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier Signatures PASS
107 Broadway Queen Ethel Merman Signed Card 100
108 Sal Mineo Autograph Letter Signed on a Postcard in 1955 Just Before He Started Filming ''Rebel Without a Cause'' -- ''...I'm Still Alive And Kicking...'' PASS
109 Sir Laurence Olivier Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo 125
110 Shirley Temple Large 10.5'' x 13.5'' Photo Signed as a Very Young Child Star -- In Near Pristine Condition 500
111 Shirley Temple 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
112 Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan ''Tarzan'' Photo Signed 350
113 Johnny Weissmuller Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo as Tarzan 330
114 Beach Boys Signed Menu -- Signed by Brian Wilson & Dennis Wilson Along With Other Band Members 500
115 Victoria Beckham Owned Dolce & Gabbana Bustier PASS
116 Cher Worn Sweater From Her Personal Wardrobe 300
117 Fergie Worn High Heels, Signed on the Bottom of Both Heels PASS
118 Buddy Holly Stage-Worn Shirt PASS
119 Michael Jackson Signed ''Thriller'' Contract -- Large Red Signature -- With Verification from the U.S. Copyright Office PASS
120 Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall Signed Christmas Card PASS
121 Alicia Keys Dolce & Gabanna Worn During Her ''As I Am'' Tour PASS
122 Alicia Keys Stunning Red Blouse Worn by During Her ''As I Am'' Tour PASS
123 Alicia Keys Worn Vest During Her ''As I Am'' Tour PASS
124 Alicia Keys Christian Dior Sunglasses -- Worn During the ''Diary'' & ''As I Am'' Tours PASS
125 Alicia Keys Fur Hat Worn During Her ''As I Am'' & ''Diary'' Tours PASS
126 ''Blue Suede Shoes'' Songwriter Carl Perkins' Own Pair of Blue Suede Shoes 2000
127 Katy Perry Costume From Her Guest Spot on ''Raising Hope'' PASS
128 1977 Sex Pistols ''God Save the Queen'' NME Magazine Ad -- Signed By Sex Pistols Artist Jamie Reid -- ''God Save us all / Jamie Reid'' 175
129 The Supremes Signed 14'' x 11'' Glossy Photo 303
130 Katharine Lee Bates Autograph Letter Signed -- Refers to ''America the Beautiful'' -- ''...I enclose an autograph copy of the hymn you are so good as to like...'' PASS
131 Caricature Drawn by Famed Italian Opera Singer, Enrico Caruso PASS
132 Patsy Cline Autograph Postcard Signed -- Sent From Las Vegas in 1962 -- ''...I've been getting real good crowds & have pictures to show you. I can't wait to get home...'' PASS
133 Con Conrad Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction Certificate 500
134 Jazz Great 5'' x 7'' Duke Ellington Signed Photo PASS
135 Duke Ellington Signature PASS
136 George Gershwin Signed Photograph PASS
137 George Gershwin Personal Check Signed PASS
138 Kate Smith Signed Card PASS
139 Peter Arno Original Hand-Drawn Cartoon Signed -- Created for Helen Hayes' Daughter PASS
140 Dick Calkins Letter Signed Featuring Five Color Drawings -- ''...Don't let this Buck Rogers business fool you. About all I get is a lot of publicity, while the syndicate gets the gravy...'' PASS
141 Li'l Abner Poster Featuring Li'l Abner & ''Moishe Dayan'' -- Signed ''Al Capp '75'' in Pencil & Marked ''EA 3/20'' -- Measures 23.75'' x 29.5'' -- Tape To Border, Near Fine 100
142 Bound Book of Handwritten Music From the 1956 Production of ''Li'l Abner'' Based on the Famous Comic Strip -- From the Personal Collection of Al Capp PASS
143 ''Li'l Abner'' Comic Strip Hand Drawn & Signed by Al Capp -- Dark Subject Matter Titled ''Quiet Corpse'' From 18 August 1948 -- 23'' x 6.75'' -- Very Good PASS
144 ''Li'l Abner'' Original Comic Strip From 4 December 1966 -- Hand-Drawn & Signed by Al Capp Featuring Mammy & Pappy Yokum -- 2 Sheets, 14.5'' x 5'' -- Very Good PASS
145 Al Capp Colorful ''Li'l Abner'' Poster -- Depicting Daisy Mae -- Signed in Pencil ''Al Capp '76'' -- Measures 24'' x 28.5'' -- Near Fine PASS
146 Al Capp ''Li'l Abner'' Large Colorful Poster on Canvas -- Featuring Abner, Daisy Mae & Shmoos -- Signed ''Al Capp'' in Pencil -- 24'' x 36'' -- Near Fine PASS
147 ''Li'l Abner'' Unfinished Comic Strip by Al Capp -- Undated & Untitled Strip Features Li'l Abner & Daisy Mae -- 19.75'' x 6.25'' -- Near Fine PASS
148 Al Capp Pencil Drawings -- 3 Sheets Containing 11 Sketched Figures PASS
149 Al Capp Signed Leases for an Apartment on Park Avenue in New York City, Signed Four Times 100
150 Illustrator Henry Clive Signed Drawing With Inscription PASS
151 Cartoonist Robert Crumb Handwritten Manuscript & Original Pencil Drawing 1000
152 Cartoonist Robert Crumb Autograph Letter Signed to Fellow Comic Book Cartoonist Woody Gelman -- Mentioning His Famed ''Zap Comix'' 500
153 Walt Disney Signed Check -- Signed ''Walter E. Disney'' in Famed Disney Handwriting PASS
154 Original Illustration Drawn by Comic Book Artist Bill Edwards PASS
155 ''Flinstones'' Barney Rubble Cel & Sketch PASS
156 Extensive Lot of Original Jay Irving Material -- Vast Lot of Drawings & Notes Including ''Pottsy'' Storyline Ideas PASS
157 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Sunday Strip Featuring Charlie Brown & Linus -- 1958 28000
158 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn ''Peanuts'' Strip Featuring Baseball Content With Charlie Brown & Snoopy -- Charlie Brown Makes Snoopy Manager of the Baseball Team -- 1968 18150
159 Mort Walker Signed ''Beetle Bailey'' Drawings PASS
160 Original Illustration Drawn by Comic Book Artist Bill Ward -- Signed by Ward PASS
161 Signed Pencil and Ink Illustration Drawn by Comic Book Artist Bill Ward -- Originally Drawn for the ''Sextra Laughs'' Comic Series PASS
162 Comic Art by Bill Ward -- Excellent Vintage ''Good Girl'' Art PASS
163 Bill Wenzel Hand Drawn Comic Strip PASS
164 Ticket Lot for King Edward VII's Burial 300
165 Duke & Duchess of Windsor Fob Swiss Watch -- Gorgeous 15 Jewel Marvin Brand Timepiece Is Fully Functional PASS
166 Duchess of Windsor Personally Owned Medallion Commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II PASS
167 Ticket to the Birthday Parade of King Edward VIII Held on 23 June 1936 -- His Sole Birthday as Monarch Before Abdication Later That Year 400
168 Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson Personally Owned Egyptian Coin PASS
169 Edward, Duke of Windsor, Silver Memorial Medal Personally Owned by Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson PASS
170 Queen Elizabeth II Autograph Letter Signed One Month Before She Was Crowned Queen -- To U.S. Ambassador Lewis Douglas: ''...I am so grateful to you both for your kind thought of me...'' PASS
171 Ticket to Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration -- Issued to the Queen's Lady-in-Waiting PASS
172 Queen Mother Elizabeth Christmas Card Signed From 1961 PASS
173 King George I Birthday Celebration Ticket From 1832 PASS
174 King George III Document Signed From 1812 -- With Bold & Large ''George PR'' Signature PASS
175 King George IV Document Signed While He Served as Prince Regent -- Military Appointment PASS
176 King George V 1911 Coronation Ticket PASS
177 King George V Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...he was the nicest Frenchman I ever knew...'' PASS
178 Invitation to the Wedding of King George V & Mary of Teck PASS
179 King George V 1929 Document Signed -- Large Document Measures 21'' x 16.5'' 250
180 Ticket to The Wedding of George Duke of York to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck PASS
181 Rare Admission Ticket to the Royal Wedding of King George V & Queen Mary of Teck, as Young Duke & Duchess of York PASS
182 King George V & Queen Mary Coronation Booklet PASS
183 Photo Display Signed by King George VI as Prince Albert, Duke of York -- Also Signed by Portrait Photographer Bertram Park -- Dated 1926 -- With PSA/DNA PASS
184 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Invitation ''To Celebrate The Coronation'' at Sandringham Park Two Days After They Ascended the Throne PASS
185 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Invitation to a Ball at Buckingham Palace PASS
186 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Buckingham Palace Invitation -- '' an Afternoon Party in the Garden...'' PASS
187 Signature of King Kalakaua, Hawaii's Last King PASS
188 Princess Grace's Death Announced in Her Hometown Newspaper PASS
189 Princess Margaret Worn Diamond & Aquamarine 18K Gold Earclips -- With Leather Bound COA From Kensington Palace and Provenance from Her 2006 Christie's Estate Auction 12500
190 Book Signed by Queen Mary of Teck in 1938 PASS
191 1842 Royal Invitation to Queen Victoria's Buckingham Palace PASS
192 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Invitation From 1897 175
193 Rare Unused Dinner Menu From the Royal Family's Balmoral Castle -- Queen Victoria Era 150
194 King William IV 1833 Invitation to Dinner at St. James's Palace PASS
195 Aston Villa Football Club Medal From the 1935-36 Season PASS
196 Bournemouth & District Junior Football League 1913-1914 Silver Medal -- Awarded to the Bournemouth Tramways Football Club PASS
197 Original FIFA World Cup 2002 Participant Final Competition Medal PASS
198 Original 1895-96 Dunblane Perthshire Scottish Football Association Championship Pin PASS
199 Southern Counties Football Association Gold Medal From 1926 PASS
200 FIFA Referee Pin From 1953 -- Gold-Plated PASS
201 F.A. Cup 1954 Challenge Cup Final Program 125
202 Football League Silver-Gilt Medal From the Representative Match With Irish Football League in 1965 PASS
203 Football League vs. Scottish Football League Silver-Gilt Medal From 1964 PASS
204 Football Season League Cup Medal From the 1932-33 Season PASS
205 1911-12 Silver Medal From the Hampshire Football Association PASS
206 1937 Gold Medal From the Lancashire Football Combination Cup -- 9K Gold Runner's Up Medal PASS
207 London Football War Memorial Silver Medal From 1926 PASS
208 Ernest Needham Silver Football Medal -- Awarded in 1904 PASS
209 Ernest Needham Football Medal From 1919-1920 PASS
210 Gold Medal Issued to Famed Sheffield United Footballer Ernest Needham in 1927 PASS
211 Gold Medal Awarded to Sheffield United Footballer Ernest Needham in 1909 PASS
212 Ernest Needham Gold Medal From a 1923 Soccer Tournament PASS
213 Ernest Needham Silver Football Medal From a 1919-1920 Tournament PASS
214 Nuneaton Combination Football Gold Medal From the 1932-1933 Season PASS
215 Paul Parker's Passport Spanning His Time Playing Soccer With Fulham & Queens Park Rangers -- Signed & With 2 Photos 200
216 Gerard Pique Match-Worn Football Shoes Signed -- From the Match-up Dubbed ''El Clasico'' Between Barcelona & Real Madrid 1000
217 London Football Association Gold Medal Won by Edwin J. Revill of the Queens Park Rangers in 1912 at a Charity Cup PASS
218 Scottish Football Alliance (Reserve League) Rangers Gold Winners Medal From the 1931 Season PASS
219 Gold Medal Issued to the Director of Scotland's World-Class Stadium Hampden Park in 1923 PASS
220 Silver Medal From the 1921-22 Suffolk County Football Association Charity Cup PASS
221 UEFA Cup Football Medal -- Given to ''OS Belenenses'' Football Club in Portugal in 1989 for Its Participation in the UEFA Cup PASS
222 Middlesbrough 1998 League Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Steve Vickers PASS
223 League Cup Runners-Up Medal Awarded to Middlesbrough Steve Vickers PASS
224 Rous Cup Gold Medal Won by Former Manchester United Footballer Neil Webb -- Won While Playing for England in Its Annual Clash With Scotland PASS
225 Indianapolis 500 Winner Mark Donohue Who Died Tragically & Young in a Race, 1973 Typed Letter Signed -- ''...No one is ever going to become a professional driver if he doesn't win races...'' PASS
226 Arie Luyendyk Racing Suit Worn & Signed -- Worn During the 1995 Indy Car Season 3000
227 Oliver Panis Racing Suit Worn & Signed -- Worn During Formula One Seasons 2003 & 2004 PASS
228 Race-Worn Suit by Formula One Driver Bruno Senna in 2012 PASS
229 Indy 500 Champion Al Unser Jr. Race Worn Suit -- Worn in 1992, the Year He Won the Indianapolis 500 5000
230 Lot of 10 Arthur Ashe Signed Checks -- From the Arthur Ashe Estate PASS
231 Early Arthur Ashe Award Plate From 1964's International Lawn Tennis Club of the U.S.A. Tournament 733
232 Lot of Programs From Arthur Ashe's Funeral PASS
233 Collection of Nearly 100 Signatures by 1930's Sports Stars -- 1938 Wimbledon & 1934 British Open Golf Championship -- Henry Cotton, Bobby Riggs, Don Budge, Bill Tilden & More 600
234 PGA's Tooting Bec Cup From the 1953 British Open -- Won by Eric G. Lester for the Lowest Single Round During the Championship -- Lester Shot 70 5000
235 Masters Golf Tournament 1994 Hologram Entry Badge -- Fine PASS
236 "The Golfer's Pocket Tip Book" by G.D. Fox -- 1912 PASS
237 HOFer Frank ''Home Run'' Baker Signature -- Signed ''J. Franklin Baker'' -- With JSA COA PASS
238 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo by Baseball Greats Joe DiMaggio and Bob Feller -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
239 Don Drysdale Baseball Signed PASS
240 1953 New York Giants Baseball With 24 Signatures -- Including HOFers Hoyt Wilhelm & Monte Irvin -- Plus Bill Rigney, Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Thomson & Others -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
241 Lot of 10 Signatures by Baseball HOFer Carl Hubbell PASS
242 Harmon Killebrew Signed Personal Checks -- Lot of 7 PASS
243 HOFer Sandy Koufax Signed High School Yearbook -- ''...To be successful and make my family proud of me...'' -- With JSA LOA PASS
244 Famous World Series Photo From 1954, ''The Catch'' Signed by Willie Mays -- 8'' x 10'' Photo in Near Fine Condition -- With JSA LOA PASS
245 Ticket Stub From Thurman Munson's Final Game Before His Tragic Death -- PSA Encapsulated & Graded Excellent PASS
246 HOFer Satchel Paige 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed PASS
247 1976 Cincinnati Reds Team-Signed Photograph -- Signed by the Entire Starting Lineup Including Pete Rose & Hall of Famers Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench and Tony Perez 250
248 Babe Ruth Autograph, Plus Signatures From 7 Other Players Including Hall of Famer Al Lopez -- With JSA COA PASS
249 Hall of Famer Bill Veeck Signed Letter on St. Louis Browns Letterhead -- ''...It is against our policy to release the players' addresses...'' -- 1951 PASS
250 Kevin Youkilis Game-Worn Yankees Jersey PASS
251 World Champion 1960 Boston Celtics Team-Signed 14'' x 11'' Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
252 Jeremy Lin Signed Basketball -- With JSA COA PASS
253 John Wooden Typed Letter Signed -- Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach Agrees to Speak on Coaching Topics PASS
254 Muhammad Ali Photo Signed of His Fight With Liston For His First Heavyweight Championship -- With JSA & Steiner COA PASS
255 Fantastic Muhammad Ali Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Also Signed by Larry Holmes From Ali's Penultimate Fight -- Obtained in Person by Michael Wehrmann PASS
256 Alexis Arguello & Aaron Pryor Signed 14'' x 11'' Photo of Their ''Fight of the Eighties'' PASS
257 Boxing HOFer Max Baer Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
258 Unused & Pristine Ticket From Tragic Ray Mancini/Duk-Koo Kim Fight PASS
259 Heavyweight Jack Sharkey Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Famous Photograph With Knuckles Bared PASS
260 HOFer Earl ''Dutch'' Clark Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...the greatest feeling of satisfaction was being selected on the all-pro team for six straight years...'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
261 Collection of 10 Baltimore Colts Programs From the 1968 Season PASS
262 Los Angeles Dons Football Contract to Play at the Coliseum -- ''...Los Angeles club in the All America Football Conference is the first bona fide effort to to this community...'' PASS
263 Football Hall of Famer Ed Healey Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I thank God for everything...'' PASS
264 Running Back Elroy ''Crazylegs'' Hirsch Autograph Letter Signed -- Describing How He Got His Nickname: '' looks like I 'wobble'...Legs'' PASS
265 Hall of Famer Frank ''Bruiser'' Kinard Signed Card PASS
266 U.S. Navy vs. Princeton Football Program From 1923 PASS
267 SAG Card Belonging to Football Legend & Actor Bubba Smith PASS
268 David Ben-Gurion Signature PASS
269 French Revolutionary General Earl de la Valette Autograph Note Signed -- ''...kindly grant him leave as requested...'' PASS
270 French Revolutionary General Etienne Eustache Bruix Autograph Letter Signed -- Signed in 1798, the Year Before His Infamous ''Cruise of Bruix'' PASS
271 King Hussein of Jordan Signed Holiday Card PASS
272 Irish Civil War Broadside Issued by Michael Collins' Free State Side -- ''...Fighting the Irish nation is not fighting the British Empire...'' -- July 1922 PASS
273 1810 Document Signed by Alexandre Lameth, French General & Aide to Rochambeau During the American Revolution PASS
274 Nelson Mandela Signed Copy of His Autobiography ''Long Walk to Freedom'' -- Beautiful, Fine Edition 2250
275 Historic 1994 South African Ballot -- The Election Brought Nelson Mandela to Presidency and Ended Apartheid -- Fine PASS
276 Death Sentence for Napoleon's Aide, General Charles de la Bedoyere -- ''...convicted of crimes of treason and rebellion, for having lent support in the invasion made by Bonaparte...'' PASS
277 Roman Republic 1798 Document -- Shortly After Napoleon's General Invaded Rome & Established the Roman Republic -- ''...The Republic was founded with their blood...'' PASS
278 Count de las Cases ''The Life, Exile and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon'' -- 1835 PASS
279 First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron 1950 Circular Signed PASS
280 Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat Typed Letter Signed PASS
281 Official Duke of Wellington Dinner Invitation 250
282 General Reginald Wingate Autograph Letter Signed to Arthur Balfour -- ''...I have not shot for many years & feel sure I could not 'hit a haystack'...'' PASS
283 Chester A. Arthur Signature 250
284 Chester Arthur Presidential Invitation PASS
285 George W. Bush Signed 19'' x 12.5'' Presidential Campaign Poster 250
286 George W. Bush Limited Edition ''Decision Points'' Signed PASS
287 Laura Bush Signed ''Spoken From the Heart'' PASS
288 Presidential Travel China Plate by Syracuse -- Likely Used on Presidential Rail Car ''Ferdinand Magellan'' PASS
289 Clinton White House-Used China -- Cup & Saucer Set by Lenox From the Year 2000 -- Part of the First Order -- Fine PASS
290 Clinton White House Used China -- Soup Plate by Lenox From the Year 2000 -- Fine PASS
291 Calvin Coolidge Signed ''Have Faith in Massachusetts'' -- Signed as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
292 President Calvin Coolidge Signed Photograph -- Nicely Matted & Framed 250
293 President Calvin Coolidge Signed 1927 Birth Certificate -- Also Signed by First Lady Grace Coolidge PASS
294 Calvin Coolidge Signature PASS
295 Invitation to The Coolidge White House & Pass for Parking -- 1924 PASS
296 China Plate From Eisenhower's Presidential Airplane PASS
297 Dwight Eisenhower WWII Letter to His Wife -- ''...though I sometimes get tired, it is merely a natural result of intensive problems...'' PASS
298 Eisenhower WWII Autograph Letter Signed to Mamie -- ''...Your mention of women flying over here is news to me. I don't know who they are!...'' 1250
299 Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Letter Signed During WWII -- ''...Yesterday and today have been hard ones on me...I get so I have no thought except crawling off in a corner + keeping still...'' 1250
300 Intriguing Dwight Eisenhower Letter Signed as President to Al Capp -- ''...we must wage peace with all the vigor...of wartime...cartoonists...contribute to lessening [Cold War] world tensions...'' 400
301 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1955 Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...I have consistently pressed for an increase of effort in the Republican Party at the grass roots level...'' PASS
302 Dwight Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed as President -- Eisenhower Invites a Friend to a ''Stag Dinner'' & Requests It Be Kept ''Confidential'' PASS
303 Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Note Signed as President -- ''...I think it's fine!...'' PASS
304 Gerald Ford 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed & Typed Letter Signed as Republican Minority Leader -- Ford Writes of ''...the protection of wild horses...'' 100
305 James Garfield Free Frank Envelope Signed PASS
306 Presentation Gavel Made of Pine Wood From the White House & Hickory From Mount Vernon -- Circa 1928 PASS
307 Ulysses S. Grant Signed Presidential Appointment 600
308 Benjamin Harrison Large Document Signed as President PASS
309 Benjamin Harrison Signature PASS
310 Benjamin Harrison Signed Holograph Check PASS
311 Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed -- Handwritten Letters by Hoover Are Quite Scarce PASS
312 Herbert Hoover 1934 Letter Signed Regarding FDR's Controversial Gold Policy -- ''...I would of course be greatly interested in the investigations...knowledge of late 1932 and early 1933...'' PASS
313 Herbert Hoover 7.5'' x 9.75'' Signed Photo PASS
314 ''Herbert Hoover'' Signed 3'' x 1.5'' Card -- Very Good With Bold Signature PASS
315 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President PASS
316 Thomas Jefferson Ship's Paper Signed as President -- Countersigned by James Madison as Secretary of State -- Rare 10721
317 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Copy of His Civil Rights Speeches in 1965 -- ''The Road to Justice'' -- Rare Signed Volume by LBJ PASS
318 Lyndon Johnson Bill-Signing Pen Used as President -- To Sign Bill Which Increased Basic Pay For Members of the Military at the Height of the Vietnam War PASS
319 Lyndon B. Johnson Signed First Edition of His Memoir ''The Vantage Point'' PASS
320 Toy Set Owned by the Kennedy Family, for Use by Caroline Kennedy PASS
321 Driver License Application Signed & Filled Out by Jackie Kennedy Onassis When She Remarried & Took Onassis' Name in 1970 PASS
322 Jackie Kennedy Onassis Collection of Three Handwritten Notes to Her Bergdorf Personal Shopper PASS
323 8 Original Photos of Jackie Kennedy Conducting the Famous Kennedy Renovation of The White House PASS
324 Press Release Pertaining to Jackie Kennedy's Famous Renovation of the White House -- ''...Outstanding pieces from the fabulous vermeil collection...'' PASS
325 Press Release From 1961 Pertaining to Jackie Kennedy's Famous Renovation of the White House PASS
326 Very Last White House Invitation for the Kennedy Administration -- President John F. Kennedy Invitation Card for a White House Reception Held Two Days Before His Death PASS
327 John F. Kennedy Owned Wooden Toy Church -- Together With a Christmas Card Received by JFK as President-Elect 1500
328 ''The Kennedy Family'' Photo Album, Owned by JFK as President PASS
329 John F. Kennedy Portrait, Signed by the Artist Norman Rockwell -- One of Only 25 Artist Proofs PASS
330 Plate From the Home of John F. Kennedy -- From the Sotheby's Auction of Property of the Kennedy Family Homes PASS
332 President John F. Kennedy Collection of White House Cards & Invitations PASS
333 Lot of 5 Photographs of JFK and Jackie Kennedy -- Includes Solo Portraits Along With Photographs of the Kennedy Children PASS
334 John & Jackie Kennedy White House Card on the Death of Their Child PASS
335 1960 Birth Announcement of John F. Kennedy Jr. PASS
336 John F. Kennedy Inauguration Lot -- Invitation & Program for the Inauguration Itself, Plus an Invitation to the Inaugural Concert 175
337 Joseph & Rose Kennedy Thank You Card -- Expressing Thanks for Prayers & Sympathies After the Tragic Death of JFK PASS
338 Original Photo of JFK at the White House -- Taken on the White House Lawn at Jackie Kennedy's First Concert For Crippled Children in 1961 PASS
339 John F. Kennedy's Senate Staff Touts His Record on Space & Science as the World Jockeyed for Space Dominance PASS
340 White House Press Release From 1962 Announcing President Kennedy's Approval of Bill H.R. 8847, Amending the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 PASS
341 JFK Press Release -- Message to Khrushchev Regarding Nuclear Disarmament Shortly Before Cuban Missile Crisis PASS
342 President John F. Kennedy Executive Order -- Regarding Civil Rights Violations in Mississippi PASS
343 President John F. Kennedy Appoints General Maxwell D. Taylor as His Military Advisor -- Shake-up of Staff After the Bay of Pigs PASS
344 Blaze Starr Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding a Tryst in the White House with JFK -- ''...I told J.F.K. about my fantasy with the Lincoln bedroom. He said lets go...'' PASS
345 JFK During the Cuban Missile Crisis -- ''...Boy, if Fidel Castro had something like you, he would think more about making Love, and less about making war...'' PASS
346 Press Badge for JFK's ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Scheduled for the Night of 22 November 1963 PASS
347 Press Ticket for the JFK ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' -- Scheduled the Night of His Assassination PASS
348 Press Kit & ''Working Program'' for the Dinner Welcoming JFK to Texas the Night of His Assassination PASS
349 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- 25 November 1963 Edition of ''The Dallas Times-Herald'' Covering The Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald PASS
350 JFK Assassination Newspaper -- ''Dallas Morning News'' -- 25 November 1963 -- Announcing Oswald's Death PASS
351 25 November 1963 Edition of the ''Amarillo Daily News'' Newspaper -- ''Final Tribute Today / Accused Assassin Slain'' PASS
352 Original JFK News Teletype: the Apprehension of Lee Harvey Oswald & Plans for Kennedy's Burial -- ''...He...denies assassinating Mr. Kennedy...'' PASS
353 Rose Kennedy Autograph Postcard Signed -- Written From Vermont to Her Maid in Hyannisport in 1953 PASS
354 President Abraham Lincoln Military Document Signed From 1863 -- With Full ''Abraham Lincoln'' Signature 6050
355 Abraham Lincoln Broadside, Circa 1860 PASS
356 Abraham Lincoln CDV Photograph by Mathew Brady PASS
357 Drafted Chapter of ''A True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and of the Conspiracy of 1865'' -- By Louis Weichmann, Prosecution Witness at the Lincoln Assassination Trial PASS
358 Lincoln Assassination Letter -- From Policeman Who Hunted Conspirators -- '', an officer of the government...were a boarder in the Surratt house and on intimate terms with that family...'' PASS
359 Eyewitness Letter to President Abraham Lincoln's Assassination -- ''...You will be fully justified in revealing the entire plot for the assassination of the noble Lincoln...'' PASS
360 President Lincoln's Bodyguard, William Crook Signed Book ''Memories of the White House'' 350
361 Lincoln Assassination Letter Signed by George Porter, Doctor to Wilkes & the Other Conspirators -- ''...The incident of the cavalry men on the road over the Eastern Branch...'' PASS
362 1865 Lincoln Assassination Trial Newspaper -- Firsthand Testimony PASS
363 William McKinley Signed Check PASS
364 William McKinley Document Signed as President PASS
365 James Monroe Free Frank Signed as Secretary of State PASS
366 Pat Nixon White House Invitation to Robert McNamara's Wife PASS
367 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial PASS
368 Richard Nixon 1966 Handwritten Notes as He Was Preparing to Run For President -- ''...because we are party of people...govt. should not help those who won't help selves...'' 750
369 Richard Nixon Handwritten Manuscript From 1958 -- ''...Check For All Comments...Which Are Derogatory...'' & ''...Individuals have individual rights majority can't deny...'' PASS
370 Richard Nixon Signed First Edition of His Book ''1999 / Victory Without War'' PASS
371 Richard Nixon Signed ''Seize The Moment'' PASS
372 Richard Nixon ''Real Peace'' First Edition Signed Book PASS
373 Richard Nixon Signed First Edition of His Bestselling Autobiography ''Memoirs'' PASS
374 Richard Nixon ''Six Crises'' First Edition Signed PASS
375 Richard Nixon Signs a First Edition of His Book ''In The Arena'' PASS
376 Richard Nixon Archive of Typed Letters Signed By His Biographer, Earl Mazo -- In Preparation for His 1959 Book, ''Richard Nixon: A Political and Personal Portrait'' PASS
377 Franklin Pierce Document Signed as President 600
378 Franklin Pierce Signature PASS
379 Rare 8'' x 10'' Photograph Signed by Four Presidents -- Signed by Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
380 Ronald Reagan Presidential China Dessert Bowl -- 1983 Exhibit Piece by Robert C. Floyd PASS
381 Ronald Reagan White House China for Use on Air Force One, Camp David and the White House -- Fine 968
382 Ronald Reagan Signed Short Story About Filming ''The Cattle Queen of Montana'' -- Also With Reagan's Hand-Notations: ''Made one slight change on Page 7 otherwise I'm very happy'' PASS
383 President Ronald Reagan Letter Signed From 1983 -- ''...One day one of our Secret Service agents was sitting up on a hill above our house and a mountain lion strolled by...'' 250
384 First Lady Edith Roosevelt Signed Book, ''Talks With T.R.'' PASS
385 Edith Roosevelt White House Invitation PASS
386 Edith Roosevelt Autograph Note Signed to Scribner's Editor Will David Howe PASS
387 Eleanor Roosevelt Signed First Edition of Her Book, ''This I Remember'' PASS
388 Eleanor Roosevelt 4.75'' x 7'' Photo Signed PASS
389 Eleanor Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed Shortly After WWII as Delegate to the United Nations 100
390 Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed as President -- ''...How proud you and the congregation must be when you realize that one fourth of your membership is serving valiantly...'' 350
391 Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as President -- Large Document Measures 19.75'' x 15.5'' PASS
392 Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as Acting Secretary of the Navy in 1919 -- With Beautiful, Full Signature PASS
393 Early Franklin D. Roosevelt Document Signed as Acting Secretary of the Navy in 1916 PASS
394 Trio of Invitations to the Franklin D. Roosevelt White House -- From 1938, 1940 and 1941 PASS
395 Theodore Roosevelt Signed Photograph -- In His Rough Riders Uniform PASS
396 Theodore Roosevelt Military Appointment Signed as President -- Also Signed by William Howard Taft as Secretary of War PASS
397 Theodore Roosevelt White House Card Signed PASS
398 Theodore Roosevelt White House Invitation From 1906 -- Roosevelt's Daughter's Wedding PASS
399 William Howard Taft Document Signed as President PASS
400 William Taft Typed Letter Signed as Yale Law Professor -- Agrees to Deliver a Lecture on ''The Lawyer of Ideals'' -- Excellent Signature PASS
401 Taft Presidential Invitation to a Musical Performance at the White House -- 1912 PASS
402 Scarce President Harry Truman Official White House China Plate -- Fine PASS
403 Harry Truman Signed First Edition of ''Mr. President'' PASS
404 Harry Truman ''Memoirs'' Uninscribed & Signed Within the First Volume PASS
405 Rare Candid Photo Signed by First Couple Harry & Bess Truman -- 10'' x 8'' Photo Is Likely Unpublished PASS
406 Harry Truman Signed Navy Card as President PASS
407 Harry Truman's Death Announced in ''The Kansas City Star'' Newspaper PASS
408 President Harry Truman Signed Photo 125
409 Woodrow Wilson White House Exhibit Collection China Cup & Saucer by Lenox -- Fine 1250
410 Lot of 6 Letters from Woodrow Wilson's Family -- During WWI: '' this dangerous time the White House is not a place for functions of any kind...'' PASS
411 Marcus Garvey Letter Signed From 1934 -- On Universal Negro Improvement Association Stationery PASS
412 L. Ron Hubbard Signed Letter -- ''...I could sell more than that on a New York street corner...people are writing to me about my non-Scientology writings...'' PASS
413 Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. & Mrs. King Christmas Card PASS
414 ''We Shall Overcome'' First Edition Portfolio From the ''March on Washington'' -- Scarce Complete Portfolio of Five Collages Issued by the National Urban League as a Memento for Marchers 800
415 Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Christmas Card PASS
416 Rare Pass From the ''March on Washington'' -- Where Martin Luther King Delivered His Great ''I Have A Dream'' Speech 250
417 Pin From the Landmark March on Washington -- Where Martin Luther King Delivered His Great ''I Have A Dream'' Speech PASS
418 Martin Luther King, Jr. Program From His 1965 Speaking Engagement Following His Nobel Peace Prize Win PASS
419 Printed Sermon Delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1956 -- With Two Additional Programs From Various Speaking Engagements PASS
420 Pastor Richard Newton Signed Book of Children's Sermons PASS
421 Rosa Parks 8'' x 10'' Photo Signed 1060
422 Rosa Parks Signed Civil Rights Poster PASS
423 Papal Brief Manuscript From Pope Pius V -- Circa 1572 175
424 Mother Teresa Typed Letter Signed -- ''...Be an instrument in God's hands - a small pencil...'' PASS
425 Cecil Beaton Signed First American Edition of His Book ''I Take Great Pleasure'' PASS
426 Scarce Mt. Rushmore Photograph Signed by Its Designer Gutzon Borglum -- 10'' x 12.75'' PASS
427 Mount Rushmore Designer, Gutzon Borglum Signed Mount Rushmore Booklet PASS
428 Artist Walt Kuhn Signed Drawing With Personal Inscription -- ''...Never trust a man who paints pictures...'' -- Includes Screenwriter Ben Hecht Signed Drawing on Verso PASS
429 Master of Americana, Norman Rockwell Signed Print of ''Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas'' PASS
430 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of "The Christmas Coach" PASS
431 Norman Rockwell Signed Print of His Famous ''Saturday Evening Post'' Cover From 1959 Titled, ''Family Tree'' PASS
432 Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of His ''Springtime on Stockbridge'' PASS
433 Norman Rockwell Signed 8'' x 10'' Portrait Photo PASS
434 Norman Rockwell Autobiography ''My Adventures as an Illustrator'' Signed PASS
435 Norman Rockwell Typed Letter Signed -- ''...I am very sorry but I have had to make a rule not to have visitors at my studio...'' PASS
436 Norman Rockwell Wartime Poster -- ''Freedom From Want'' PASS
437 Norman Rockwell's Signature Affixed Within Coffee Table Book ''Norman Rockwell: Artist and Illustrator'' -- Nice Large Format Collection of Rockwell Illustrations PASS
438 Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photograph PASS
439 Revolutionary French Sculptor Auguste Rodin Signed Photo Postcard of His Famous Work, ''Cariatide Carrying a Stone'' PASS
440 Andy Warhol Large Signed Poster of Marilyn Monroe PASS
441 Andy Warhol Signed Poster of His Famous Elizabeth Taylor Masterpiece PASS
442 Garth Williams Hand-Drawing for the Cover Art of ''Emmett's Pig'' -- Signed by Williams on Verso PASS
443 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed First Edition of ''American Architecture'' PASS
444 Fascinating 1950's Frank Lloyd Wright Lot -- Includes Telegrams, Unpublished Photos, Early Publications and Several Other Documents Relevant to the Renowned Architect 220
445 Intricate Faberge Silver & Cloisonne Enamel Kovsh, Dating to 1899-1908 PASS
446 Isaac Asimov Signed Deluxe Edition of ''Prelude to Foundation'' -- Near Fine PASS
447 W.H. Auden 1972 Autograph Letter Signed PASS
448 William Cullen Bryant's Signature PASS
449 Truman Capote's True Crime Masterpiece ''In Cold Blood'' Signed First Edition -- Gifted to a Juror in One of The Murder Trials by the District Attorney PASS
450 Original Candid Photograph of Truman Capote While He Was Writing ''In Cold Blood'' in 1963 -- Capote Poses With His Aunt PASS
451 Lewis Carroll Autograph Letter Signed ''C.L. Dodgson'' -- Rare 1331
452 Noel Coward Handwritten & Signed Poem -- Composed in 1933 for Helen Hayes' Daughter -- ''...The talented and witty man / Who wrote these charming lines! / Noel Coward...'' PASS
453 August Derleth Letter Signed -- ''...The task which looms most disturbingly is my novel, STILL IS THE SUMMER NIGHT...'' -- 1932 PASS
454 'Perry Mason'' Author Erle Stanley Gardner Typed Letter Signed -- ''...You want to know what it is that makes male stars in the late fifties still attractive to young girls...'' PASS
455 Graham Greene Signed Edition of ''The Quiet American'' -- Dedicated to Actress Helen Hayes' Son PASS
456 Zane Grey 1937 Holograph Check Signed -- Prolific Author of Popular Western Novels PASS
457 'Catch-22'' Author Joseph Heller Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...My memory isn't as good as the written notes, but if you're puzzled, perhaps I can make sense of things...'' PASS
458 Joseph Heller Letter Signed -- Regarding His Novel ''Something Happened'' -- ''...The potential for commercial success of the novel is...larger than any of us had been likely to believe...'' PASS
459 Ernest Hemingway Signed ''Men Without Women'' -- Dedicated in His Hand to the Son of Renowned Actress Helen Hayes PASS
460 Ernest Hemingway Check Signed From 1949 PASS
461 Ernest Hemingway Signed & Inscribed 10'' x 8'' Photo From the 1950's PASS
462 Oliver Wendell Holmes Signed Slip PASS
463 Oliver Wendell Holmes Autograph Note Signed -- ''...It warms my old heart and makes me grateful to you for giving such free and kind expression to your thoughts and feelings...'' PASS
464 Langston Hughes Signed First Edition of ''Shakespeare in Harlem'' PASS
465 Scarce Second Edition of Samuel Johnson's 2-Volume Masterpiece of Lexicography -- ''A Dictionary Of The English Language: In Which The Words Are Deduced From The Originals...'' -- 1755 PASS
466 Harper Lee Autograph Letter Signed -- Lee Reviews a Friend's Book PASS
467 Gorgeous Signed Limited Edition of Cormack McCarthy's ''No Country For Old Men'' -- The Novel That Inspired 2007's Best Picture -- Fine PASS
468 Eugene O'Neill Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph PASS
469 Eugene O'Neill Signed Limited Edition of ''Lazarus Laughed'' PASS
470 Mario Puzo Autograph Letter Signed -- ''Godfather'' Author Asks His Literary Agent for Comments on a Script PASS
471 Signed & Hand-Illustrated Copy of ''Curious George Goes to The Hospital'' -- H.A. Rey Inks a Sketch of George With a Dog 2500
472 Carl Sandburg Signed First Edition of ''Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years'' PASS
473 Carl Sandburg Signed Copy of ''Always the Young Strangers'' PASS
474 Maurice Sendak ''Where The Wild Things Are'' Signed Page PASS
475 Maurice Sendak Signed Christmas Card PASS
476 Signed Copy of Maurice Sendak's ''Where the Wild Things Are'' 200
477 Dr. Seuss Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I'm at present, involved in the enclosed Grolexus, which is whirlzing me fithither...'' PASS
478 Dr. Seuss Typed Letter Signed -- ''...please digest mentally the enclosed material concerning the catching of seals in West Greenland...'' PASS
479 George Bernard Shaw's ''Nine Plays'' Signed PASS
480 John Steinbeck Signed Copy of ''Travels With Charley'' -- From the Helen Hayes Estate PASS
481 Harriet Beecher Stowe Signed Cabinet Card -- From the Estate of Helen Hayes 750
482 Mark Twain Signed ''Works'' -- Complete 35 Volume Set, Signed Both ''S.L. Clemens / Mark Twain'' in the First Volume PASS
483 True Mark Twain 1885 First Edition of His Beloved Tome, ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' PASS
484 Mark Twain Check Signed as Samuel Clemens 750
485 Kurt Vonnegut Signed Easton Press Edition of ''Fates Worse Than Death'' PASS
486 Thornton Wilder & George Jessel Signed Inscriptions to the Daughter of Helen Hayes -- ''Listen you little thing, Just you be like your Mamma...'' PASS
487 Garth Williams Signed Print From the 1953 Edition of ''Little House on the Prairie'' -- Ma and Pa Drag Mr. Scott From the Bottom of the Well PASS
488 Tennessee Williams Typed Poem Signed -- ''Tennessee Williams '81 / For Francisco Bay'' 250
489 Signed First Edition of Harold Bell Wright's Last Novel, ''The Man Who Went Away'' -- With Rare Dustjacket PASS
490 Buzz Aldrin Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Photo PASS
491 Buzz Aldrin's Signature PASS
492 Apollo 12 Crew-Signed 10'' x 11.5'' Photo Display PASS
493 Apollo 13 Flown Robbins Medal -- From the Collection of Jack Swigert, Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot -- Serial Number 153 3025
494 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned Apollo 13 Splashdown NASA Photo -- Signed by Lovell, Swigert & Haise 1375
495 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed Postal Cover Flown to The Moon -- Carried on the Surface of the Moon in Lunar Module ''Falcon'' -- With COA Also Signed by Astronauts PASS
496 Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Issued Astronaut Insurance Cover -- ''Al Worden'', ''Dave Scott'' & ''Jim Irwin'' -- Cancelled 26 July 1971 -- 6.5'' x 3.75'' -- Near Fine -- With COA From Worden PASS
497 Jack Swigert's Own Apollo 17 Unflown Robbins Medal, Serial Number 228 PASS
498 Neil Armstrong Moonwalker Signed 8'' x 10'' Photograph 1250
499 Neil Armstrong Signed Cover Paying Tribute to the Splashdown Recovery -- Cancelled Onboard the U.S.S. Hornet PASS
500 Neil Armstrong Signed 8" x 10" Photo, Uninscribed -- With a COA From JSA 2500
501 Lot of of 9 Astronaut Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Photos -- Vance Brand, Paul Weitz, Jerry Carr, Ed Gibson, Joe Kerwin & Bill Pogue PASS
502 Striking Signed Photo of Scott Carpenter in His Spacesuit PASS
503 Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
504 Michael Collins ''Carrying The Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys'' Signed -- 40th Anniversary Edition Softcover PASS
505 NASA Astronaut Ronald Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo PASS
506 Ron Evans Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA Apollo 17 Photo 150
507 Jack Swigert Personally Owned Skylab III Unflown Robbins Medal 450
508 American Flag Flown in Space Aboard Columbia STS-1 PASS
509 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned STS-3 Robbins Medal Unflown, Serial Number 205 PASS
510 Jack Swigert Personally Owned NASA Lot of Apollo Badges, Launch Tickets & Return Passes 1500
511 Jack Swigert's Personally Owned Apollo 13 First Day Cover Signed PASS
512 Large John Young Signed Photo -- Depicting Young & Gus Grissom in Their Spacesuits -- With an LOA From The Gus Grissom Estate 250
513 1933 Graf Zeppelin Flown Cover -- From Its ''Century of Progress'' Flight to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago PASS
514 Charles Lindbergh Signed Children's Book About His Transatlantic Flight, ''Ride on the Wind'' PASS
515 Wiley Post & Harold Gatty Signed First Edition of ''Around the World in 8 Days'' 350
516 Part From The Wright Brothers' Groundbreaking 1910 Plane, The ''Wright Model B'' -- The World's First Mass-Produced Airplane 400
517 Alexander Graham Bell Signature PASS
518 Thomas Edison Signed Copy of ''His Life And Inventions'' -- Rare Signed Volume by Edison PASS
519 Albert Einstein Signed First Edition of ''Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist'' -- Number 274 Out of 760 Printed 3750
520 Famed Penicillin Discoverer Alexander Fleming 1946 Autograph Letter Signed -- A Year After Winning the Nobel Prize -- ''...I am at peace with the world...'' PASS
521 Guglielmo Marconi Signature PASS
522 Jonas Salk & Albert Sabin Signed First Day Cover PASS
523 Jonas Salk 8'' x 10'' Signed Photo PASS
524 Albert Schweitzer Signed Photo PASS
525 Famed Italian Inventor of the Battery Alessandro Volta Document Signed PASS
526 James Watson Signature & Drawing of DNA PASS
527 James D. Watson ''The Double Helix'' Signed -- 22K Gold Detailing PASS
528 James Watson Signed Copy of ''Genes, Girls, & Gamow: After the Double Helix'' PASS
529 Carl Zeiss 1856 Autograph Letter Signed -- Signed During the Time of His ''Carl Zeiss AG'' Lens Invention PASS
530 Autograph Letter Signed by Arctic Explorer Roald Amundsen in 1907 -- Amundsen Thanks Admiral Lyon for Taking Care of His Beloved Gjoa Ship That Safely Took Him Through the Northwest Passage PASS
531 King Tut Founder Howard Carter Letter Twice-Signed -- Carter Tells Egyption Archaelogy Directorate ''...not to ask the government for any further compensation...'' PASS
532 Egyptologist Georges Daressy Typed Letter Signed From 1914 Pertaining to The Karnak Site PASS
533 Nepalese Fist Day Cover Signed by Four Members of the Hillary/Norgay Ascent of Mt. Everest PASS
534 Letter From The Egyptian Government Regarding King Tut's Tomb the Year After Its Discovery -- '' is hoped to open the Tomb to the general public...'' PASS
535 Fascinating Egyptology Document From 1924 -- '' a kind of sequel to the Tutankhamen dispute...Archaeologists are not feeling at all happy about...the attitude of the Egyptian Government...'' PASS
536 1923 Letter Regarding King Tut's Tomb -- ''...a snippet from the Arabic Journal 'Al Siassa'...entitled 'Lord Carnarvon and the Tomb of Tout-Ankh-Amun...'' PASS
537 Benedict Arnold 1776 Document Pertaining to One of His Soldiers in the Continental Army PASS
538 Bunker Hill Centennial Items From 1875 -- Program & Book From the Centennial & Ribbon From the Unveiling of the Memorial Monument PASS
539 Declaration of Independence Printing From 1902 PASS
540 1876 Centennial Broadside Print of The Declaration of Independence PASS
541 Civil War General & Fort Sumter Hero Robert Anderson's Signature PASS
542 George Custer Envelope With a Full ''G.A. Custer'' Signature 1500
543 George Custer Signed Envelope PASS
544 Gettysburg General George Gordon Meade Document Signed as Commander of the Department of the South PASS
545 Civil War Furlough Request Signed by Several Confederate Generals & Officers -- Including Generals Leonidas Polk, Thomas C. Hindman, Braxton Bragg & Zacariah Deas PASS
546 General William S. Rosecrans Civil War Document Signed, Dated Christmas Day of 1862 from Nashville PASS
547 General Winfield Scott Document Signed -- Regarding Soldier Abuse in the Seminole Wars PASS
548 General William T. Sherman Cabinet Card Signed -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
549 William T. Sherman's Civil War Orders Handwritten by His Assistant Following the Battle of Memphis -- ''...All houses inside the new Fort must be forthwith vacated by families...'' PASS
550 Confederate Vice President, Alexander Hamilton Stephens Free Frank Signature PASS
551 Charles Sumner Civil War Dated Autograph Letter Signed Regarding the Civil War Draft of Soldiers -- ''...I voted against obliging persons to bear arms who have conscientious scruples...'' PASS
552 General Mark Clark 10'' x 8'' Glossy Signed Photo of a WWII Tank -- Near Fine PASS
553 1944 Autograph Letter Signed From Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Prisoner -- ''...I ask the dear God to protect you...'' PASS
554 German Admiral Karl Donitz Typed Letter Signed -- Hitler's Successor Looks Forward to a Gift of a Model Ship PASS
555 Enola Gay Poem Signed by Five Crew Members Including Tibbets, Jeppson, Caron & Ferebee PASS
556 Rene Gagnon's Personally Owned Marines-Issued Knife -- Likely Used at Iwo Jima -- From Rene Gagnon's Estate PASS
557 Rene Gagnon Autograph Letter Signed 4 Times -- Less Than 3 Months Before Iwo Jima -- '' this Island Paradise if it doesn't rain, its so windy you wish the heck it was raining...'' PASS
558 Rene Gagnon Signed Envelope From 1943 While a WWII Marine PASS
559 General Roy Geiger April 1945 Typed Letter Signed -- Declines Clippings Concerning Iwo Jima PASS
560 WWII Admiral William ''Bull'' Halsey Signed Photograph -- Inscribed to Jasper Acuff, ''wartime comrade [who] brought us brains, bullets, & fuel'' 400
561 Douglas MacArthur Typed Letter Signed Less Than 2 Months Before His Death -- ''...The kindly thought underlying your birthday greeting moved me deeply...'' 250
562 WWII General Douglas MacArthur Signed Photo PASS
563 WWII Admiral Chester Nimitz Signed Photograph -- Showing Nimitz Signing the Japanese Surrender Aboard the USS Missouri PASS
564 Fascinating & Confidential Navy Letter Documenting First-Hand Account on the USS California at Pearl Harbor -- ''...several men were hit by 27 caliber machine gun bullets...'' 600
565 1942 Letter Detailing the Torpedo Damage on the U.S.S. California During the Attack on Pearl Harbor PASS
566 Iwo Jima Photographer Joe Rosenthal Autograph Letter Signed PASS
567 WWII Instrument of Surrender Ceremony Card -- From the Famous Ceremony Aboard The USS Missouri in 1945 -- Given to U.S. Commodore Jasper Acuff PASS
568 Original Program From the WWII Japanese Surrender Ceremony -- 2 September 1945 on the USS Missouri PASS
569 Socialite Edie Bouvier Beale Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...You always sent me such wonderful [cards] at 'Grey Gardens'!...I have to go to NYC soon to hunt for an apartment...'' PASS
570 Julia Child Signed ''Julia Child's Menu Cookbook'' PASS
571 Signed First Edition of 1950's Household Gem ''Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book'' PASS
572 Helen Keller's Book of Poetry ''The Open Door'' Signed PASS
573 Helen Keller Typed Letter Signed from 1940 -- ''...It has made me very happy to receive your contribution in answer to my appeal for help to Spain's little refugees...'' 300
574 Suffragette Mary A. Livermore Cabinet Card Signed PASS
575 Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox Typed Letter Signed -- '' the total Watergate experience there were both pluses and the end the pluses exceed the minuses...'' PASS
576 Clarence Darrow Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Prohibition -- ''...I doubt if you would get any anti-prohibitionists to take them up...'' PASS
577 Letters by Clarence Darrow's Wife Regarding the Massie Trial -- ''...we both are 'sold' to your Kentucky-ian, 'Tommy' Massie. No finer fellow ever sat in a witness chair for himself...'' PASS
578 ''The Story of the Federal Bureau of Investigation'' -- A Rare FBI Publication, Written for American Youth PASS
579 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Photograph PASS
580 J. Edgar Hoover 1950 Signed Photo PASS
581 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Portrait Print PASS
582 J. Edgar Hoover Memo Signed -- on F.B.I. Letterhead PASS
583 J. Edgar Hoover ''Masters of Deceit'' Signed PASS
584 J. Edgar Hoover Signed ''A Study of Communism'' PASS
585 Secretary of State & Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes Photo Signed 200
586 Charles Evan Hughes Speech Signed -- Speech Is About the Importance of the Justice System, Delivered on the 115th Anniversary of the Supreme Court PASS
587 FBI Agent Eliot Ness Signed Check -- Rare PASS
588 Watergate Signed First Day Cover -- Signed by Seven Prominent Watergate Figures Including Judge John Sirica and Sam Ervin 200
589 Leo Ryan 1969 Typed Letter Signed 9 Years Before His Murder at Guyana's Jonestown Massacre PASS
590 Charles ''Tex'' Watson Typed Letter Signed From Prison -- ''...We have missed your support to ALMS...You we charish [sic] in our heart...'' -- 1985 PASS
591 P.T. Barnum ''Struggles and Triumphs'' Signed PASS
592 Program From the Opening Ceremonies of the Brooklyn Bridge 600
593 Invitation to the Brooklyn Bridge Opening Ceremony -- Near Fine & Printed by Tiffany & Co. PASS
594 South Carolina Senator Andrew Butler Free Frank Signed PASS
595 Letter Regarding the Second Cholera Pandemic -- ''...there was the last account 33 death by cholera in Princeton...'' -- 1834 PASS
596 Rare Alexander J. Dallas Autograph Letter Signed as Secretary of The Treasury PASS
597 Titanic Rescuing Captain Arthur Rostron Autograph Letter Signed PASS
598 Frederick W. Seward Document Signed -- 1889 Railroad Stock Certificate PASS
599 World Trade Center Ticket From 23 August 2001 PASS
600 World Trade Center, New York City Full Color Postcard -- Postmarked 9/11/01 PASS