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Examples of Prices Realized

Thomas Jefferson Handwritten Report as President Regarding the Lewis & Clark Expedition -- "…Capt. Lewis who has been sent to explore the Missouri to its source & thence to pursue the nearest water communication to the South sea, passed the last winter among the savages 1600 miles up the Missouri. Deputies from the great nations in that quarter (2500 miles from hence) are now on their way... Lewis finds the Indians every where friendly..."


Lee Harvey Oswald's Original Pine Coffin That Held His Body From His Burial -- Very First Time Offered for Sale


William Henry Harrison Document Signed as President -- The Scarcest Presidential Autograph, With Only 12 Privately-Owned Signed Documents in Existence


President Harry Truman Signs the Original Press Release Announcing the First Use of Atomic Weaponry -- "…Hiroshima…may expect a rain of ruin from the air…" -- One of Only a Few Extant


Incredible First Draft of Lee Harvey Oswald's Death Certificate -- Signed by His Brother Robert Oswald as Next of Kin -- With "Shot by Jack Rubenstein" Crossed Out


John Adams Reflects Upon the Real Causes of the American Revolution -- "…what would be the consequences of an attempt on the part of Great Britain, to carry into…Authority over Us…War and Carnage, and devastation I saw - or thought I saw must be the consequence - and I fully believed that all the horrours of such a Contest would never wholly subdue the old non-conformist Spirit…" -- Extraordinary and Moving Letter on the Indefatigable Spirit of the American Colonists


Incredible Secretary of State James Madison July 1803 Letter Signed Regarding the April 1803 Offer from France for the Louisiana Purchase