Frequently Asked Questions

How do your auctions work?
Our auctions begin as soon as they are posted on our website. Clients can bid with us directly online or via phone, fax, mail and email from the time the auction starts until the stated auction end date. More detailed information about bidding in our auctions can be found in our Auction Instructions.

Do I need to register to place a bid?
The first time you bid with us, we will need to receive a current address (non P.O. Box), contact phone number, and a fax or email in order to send auction confirmations, invoices, and communications. Once we have this information, and have done business with you, you need only leave us a message with the lots and amounts you are bidding to participate in our auctions. We do not assign bidder numbers to our customers.

How do I know how my bid is doing?
Please refer to the My Account page to check the status of your bids.

Should I wait until the last day to bid?
In the event of a tie bid, the first person who bids secures the item; for that reason and to avoid forgetting about the auction, we advise clients to place bids early. Clients can use the Max Bid functionality to respond to bidding activity; in this scenario, the system will only bid in increments according to other clients' bids.

What is the best way to place a bid?
Whatever is most convenient for you is the best way to place a bid. We accept bids 24 hours a day via phone, fax, and email. Most clients bid directly through our website.

How do I know if I won?
Within 48 hours of the end of our auction, we will notify all winning bidders of their auction wins and amounts. At that time, we will calculate the full amount, including premium, applicable taxes, and shipping charges.

Do you do private sales?
We do many private sales, often purchasing pieces specifically for our clients. Please contact us directly if there is a specific item you're looking for.

Who is Nate D. Sanders?
Nate has been in the industry, authenticating and appraising autographs and collectibles, for almost 40 years. Click here for additional information about the company.

Do you accept consignments?
We accept a wide range of consignment pieces for our auction. If you have a piece you are considering consigning, please contact us at [email protected].

What do all these abbreviations mean?
Refer to our Abbreviations page for some commonly use abbreviations. If you have more questions...
Send an email to us at [email protected], or call us at 310-440-2982, and we will answer any questions you have.

Full contact information: About Us

Further auction instructions: Auction Instructions

Full terms of agreement: Auction Terms of Sale