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Lot #41: Hunter S. Thompson Letter Signed ''HST'' -- ''...As a failing artist, unable to come to terms with the capitalist warlords...Up the Republic! And Fuck All!...''


Hunter S. Thompson typed letter signed ''HST'', with funny, acerbic content about his ''failed'' literary prospects, and also a mocking riff on what type of gun his friend Paul Semonin should buy. Dated 4 November (1963) from Woody Creek, Colorado, letter, with Thompson's hand-annotation, reads in part, ''Sir...I should advise strongly against the purchase of a Hessian Drumloader 12, especially since you plan to go around busting up marriages...It is also a fact that you might bust in on some irate husband in quick possession of a more modern weapon, capable of cutting you down like cheap meat.

For the likes of you I would suggest the .357 magnum in a snub-nose model...Loaded with dum-dums it is quite capable of blowing out the back of a man's head at 50 or 100 yards. For a few more dollars you may purchase a light shoulder-holster with a spring-clip for quick draws.

A Luger is nice, but tricky to handle and much given to jamming at times of crisis. You should only purchase a Luger after first laying hands on a dependable killer...may the devel [sic] take the unsuspecting. / Quite professionally, [signed] HST / Mister Magnum''.

Thompson then adds a lengthy postscript, ''...My life leaks worse than your roof. I am without funds or expectation of same. If there were a Bowery in Woody Creek I would be on it. As a failing artist, unable to come to terms with the capitalist warlords, and a man with no great liking for the system as it stands, I feel quite ripe for conversion to any banner capable of giving an honorable translation to my foul and vengeful feelings. Up the Republic! And Fuck All! / I will attempt to communicate at a later date, when rage, hysteria and poverty have somewhat abated. In the meantime, hello to all the fellas in your fraternity...'' Single page letter measures 8.5'' x 11''. Toning and brittleness to paper, overall very good condition.
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Minimum Bid:$400
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