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Lot #203: Carl Jung Autograph Letter Signed, Analyzing a Dream with Religious Overtones -- ''...indignation...within you towards the new religious views that entangle modern man in horrible moral conflicts...''


Unpublished Carl Jung autograph letter signed, with interesting analysis of a dream with religious overtones. Dated 16 November 1947 on stationery from the mountain resort town of Rigi Staffel, Jung writes to his mentee, the psychoanalyst Dr. Rivkah Scharf Kluger. Letter in German translates in full:

''Dear Miss! / Thank you very much for the interesting Ras Shamra material on the subject of the Leviathan. Accordingly, it seems quite likely to me that originally there was only one snake, as would have been expected. The 7 heads = 7 planets, the snake as the shadow of the 7 gods?

The younger man and the older man of your dream point to 2 time periods, an older point of view and a younger one, both of them may be renounced before the king, the authority of this world, i.e., Judeo-Christianism [sic] and psychology, - both of them are in the arena for the ordeal, however, i.e. they are subject to the judgment of God. Yahweh is never completely of one mind within himself: he persecutes the innovator (Cain) and at the same time favors him, etc. It is the indignation of history within you towards the new religious views that entangle modern man in horrible moral conflicts. The conflict, however is the coniunctio oppositorum (the struggle between Leviathan and Behemoth or between the two snakes!!). The arena and the stake are not on the outside anymore, they are within us. / Again many thanks, / Your faithful / C.G. Jung

P.S. A most remarkable interpretation of the Leviathan is said to be found in Moses Maimonides: More nebuchim [sic] part 3, chapter 23, namely that it represents the principle of corporeality. I would be happy if you could check out this passage. Kirchmaier Disput-Zoolog. refers to it.''

Two-page letter on bifolium stationery measures 5.875'' x 8.25'' as folded. Single fold, overall near fine. Accompanied by original mailing envelope addressed in Jung's hand.
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