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Lot #94: Drafted Chapter of ''A True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and of the Conspiracy of 1865'' -- By Louis Weichmann, Prosecution Witness at the Lincoln Assassination Trial


Draft of chapter 11 of Louis Weichmann's autobiographical work, ''A True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and of the Conspiracy of 1865''. Weichmann, former friend of the Surratt family and then chief prosecution witness at their trial, corresponded with people involved in the events while writing his book on the assassination. Weichmann had been a boarder at Mary Surratt's home when it served as headquarters for John Wilkes Booth and John Surratt, and it was his testimony that led to the conviction and ultimate execution of Mary Surratt. Many years after the tragedy, Weichmann wrote this book to clear his name from suspicions that abounded following his testimony against his housemates. Chapter is summarized at top, ''Progress of the Conspiracy -- Booth's telegram to O'Laughlin -- Payne's second visit to Mrs. Surratt's house -- Meeting of Payne and Surratt -- Their visit to Ford's theater on March 15th -- They occupy the President's box -- Booth visits them while there -- Attempt of the conspirators to capture the President -- The history and home life of the Surratts.'' Chapter summarizes the scheming and plotting, and overall unusual behavior Weichmann witnessed as a border in the house. He details meetings between Surratt and the other co-conspirators who planned the assassination. Interesting sections include: ''...Arnold said the purpose of the parties in the conspiracy at this time was to abduct or kidnap the President and take him South for the purpose of making the U.S. Government have an exchange of prisoners, or something like that. He also said that his part in the plot was to catch the President when he was thrown out of the box at the theatre. Booth, he said, furnished the arms for all the men...'' And his response to not realizing his roommates were conspiring, ''But no man in my position would have acted differently from what I did; no one would have suspected from the facts stated that these men had that day tried to affect the capture of the President, or that failing, his murder. I always had too high an opinion of John Surratt and his mother to believe them capable of such a crime, but the sad results of the 14th day of April, and the developments growing out of the conspiracy trial, show how utterly mistaken and deceived I was in them...'' Runs 20pp. and measures 8'' x 13'', with pencil edits throughout. Three punch holes and staples, toning and light chipping. Last page is detached. Very good condition overall.
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