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Lot #12: Alexander Butterfield Signed Handwritten Manuscript, Documenting His Testimony Before the Watergate Committee That Led to Nixon's Resignation -- ''...I was aware of listening devices, yes sir...''


Riveting testimony by Alexander Butterfield, Deputy Assistant to President Nixon, documenting in this handwritten and twice-signed manuscript his testimony before the U.S. Senate Watergate Committee revealing the existence of the Oval Office taping system, which directly led to President Nixon's resignation. Upon two pages, Butterfield first transcribes his 16 July 1973 testimony, and then adds contextual importance on a second sheet. Headlined ''My Watergate Committee testimony -- Mon. July 16, 1973 -- during which I confirmed the existence of President Nixon's secret tapes'', documents read in small part,

''Fred Thompson: Mr. Butterfield, are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the President?

A.B. (Long pause) I was aware of listening devices, yes sir.

F.T. When were those devices placed in the Oval Office?

A.B. Approximately the summer of 1970...I will tell you what I know about how those devices were triggered. They were installed, of course, for historical purposes to record the President's business...Alexander P. Butterfield''.

Upon the second sheet, titled ''Footnotes'', Butterfield provides interesting background on his revelation to the Committee, reading in part, ''The transcript on pg. 1 does not refer to my initial revelation of Nixon's tapes. That occasion was 3 days earlier, Friday July 13, 1973 in an interview with Watergate Committee staffers...He paused, then asked, 'Was there ever any other recording device in the Oval Office?' I was taken aback. Here, quite suddenly, was a question that met all the criteria I required to be totally forthcoming: Clarity, directness and no ambiguity. Compelled to respond in kind, I said, 'Yes. Since February of 1971 there have been listening devices and tapes.' A moment of silence...they had hit pay dirt and wanted badly to get to their supervisors...It was 11:00 am Monday (July 16) when I learned that they wanted me testify before the full Committee...The historical impact of the tapes' revelation would seem to speak for itself. Only a year later Nixon realized he lacked sufficient support from the Senate to expect acquittal of the 3 articles of impeachment against him, and that if he resigned before the full House voted, he could nullify impeachment and leave office on his own terms. He resigned on Aug. 9, 1974, the first president to do so, while President Ford, the first American to occupy our top two federal offices without being elected to either...moved into the White House...Alexander P. Butterfield / Deputy Assistant to President Nixon 1969-1973''.

First sheet is composed upon Butterfield's personal stationery, embossed at top ''Alexander Porter Butterfield''. Each sheet measures 6.375'' x 8.5''. Near fine condition.
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