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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 The Beatles Ticket for Their 7 December 1963 Appearance on the BBC's ''Juke Box Jury'' PASS
2 Bob Dylan Signed Album ''Blood on the Tracks'' -- With Roger Epperson COA PASS
3 Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Signatures -- From a 1963 Concert 1000
4 Janis Joplin First Printing Concert Poster -- For Show on 25 October 1969 in Oklahoma City PASS
5 Original Rolling Stones Poster for Their Cancelled Cardiff and Pembroke Castles Concert in 1973 -- The Most Collectible Rolling Stones Poster PASS
6 Eddie Van Halen Personally Designed, Stage Played & Signed Guitar PASS
7 Grammy Nomination for Best Classical Performance in 1963 PASS
8 Spectacular Collection of ''Captain Kangaroo'' Scripts Owned by Bob Claver, Who Wrote & Produced the First Five Seasons -- Bound in 7 Volumes 1500
9 First Issue ''Playboy'' Featuring Marilyn Monroe From December 1953 PASS
10 Original 1949 Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Andre de Dienes -- With de Dienes Backstamp -- Large Format Photo Measures 10.75'' x 13.75'' PASS
11 Original Frank Sinatra Jr. Ransom Note Sent to Peter Lawford When Sinatra Was Kidnapped in 1963 PASS
12 'Gone With the Wind'' Employment Contract Signed by David O. Selznick and Costume Designer Walter Plunkett -- ''...Selznick employs connection with photoplay 'GONE WITH THE WIND'...'' PASS
13 Audrey Hepburn Signed Copy of ''My Fair Lady'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
14 ''The Marx Brothers'' Signed by All Five Brothers: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Gummo & Zeppo -- Along With Harpo Marx Letter Signed With Self-Portrait Sketch of Him Playing the Harp 2000
15 Fantastic Steve McQueen Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- ''To a Damn good Fireman'' -- PSA/DNA Encapsulated 1250
16 Steve McQueen Signed Document From the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- McQueen Sells a Shotgun & Rifle 733
17 Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio Signatures -- With JSA COA PASS
18 Will Rogers Signed Book, ''Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to His President'' PASS
19 H.R. Giger Signed Limited Edition of ''Necronomicon Volumes I & II'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
20 Georgia O'Keeffe Autograph Letter Signed -- '' some odd way her face haunts me...'' PASS
21 Rembrandt Peale Autograph Letter Signed Regarding One of His Last Paintings, ''Coast Scene'' -- ''...I painted it with much pleasure as the most natural effect of water I had ever seen...'' PASS
22 John Steinbeck's ''The Grapes of Wrath'' First Printing -- In First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
23 Gerald Ford Signed Pardon of Richard Nixon PASS
24 Norman Rockwell Lithograph of President John F. Kennedy -- One of Only 200 Signed and Numbered by Rockwell 1200
25 Abraham Lincoln Military Appointment Signed During the Civil War PASS
26 President Harry Truman's Monogrammed Pocket Watch, Pocket Knife & Stetson Hat -- Gifted by Truman to His Secret Service Agent 8000
27 ''The Home of Washington'' 1871 Book by Benson J. Lossing, With Numerous Engravings and Illustrations of Mt. Vernon and George Washington PASS
28 Winston Churchill Signed Limited First Edition of ''Marlborough: His Life and Times'' -- Rare Set Signed by Churchill, One of Only 155 in the Limited Edition, Here in the Original Bindings PASS
29 Winston Churchill Letter Signed as Prime Minister, Regarding Corrections to His WWII Memoir, ''The Second World War'' PASS
30 Prince William and Princess Kate Wedding Cake Slice -- In Original Presentation Tin PASS
31 Scarce Marie Curie Signed Document From Her ''Institut du Radium'' Laboratory -- Curie Signs Off on an Experiment in Her Lab PASS
32 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1923, During Germany's Economic Crisis -- '' is necessary now for the intellectual workers in Germany to look for a subsistence...'' 6000
33 Buzz Aldrin Signed 10'' x 8'' ''First Lunar Landing'' Photo -- Aldrin Stands in Front of the U.S. Flag on the Moon PASS
34 Apollo 11 First Day Cover Boldly Signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins -- Large Cover Measures 9'' x 6'' PASS
35 Apollo 12 Flown U.S. Flag, Measuring 11.5'' x 8'', Affixed to Presentation Mat Signed by Each of the Apollo 12 Crew Members: Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon & Alan Bean -- From Richard Gordon Estate PASS
36 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Uninscribed -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
37 Neil Armstrong & Michael Collins Signed First Day Cover Measuring 9'' x 6'' PASS
38 Neil Armstrong Signed Dollar Bill With Apollo 11 Sticker Affixed -- With JSA COA 500
39 Stuart Roosa Signed Cover PASS
40 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' -- Inscribed to the Controversial Historian Harry Elmer Barnes PASS
41 Jonathan Corwin, Judge of the Salem Witch Trials, Document Signed as Salem Judge -- Document Has Association to the Infamous Trials PASS
42 Jefferson Davis Autograph Letter Signed to Georgia's Governor in June 1861, Asking for Troops -- ''...your well equipped, armed & supplied troops are to us a great relief - thanks for your zeal...'' PASS
43 General Joseph Johnston Autograph Letter Signed From July 1862 While Recovering From His Wounds After Being Replaced by Lee -- ''...I am very anxious to know what to expect on rejoining the army...'' PASS
44 Robert E. Lee Signed CDV Photo PASS
45 Sam Houston Signed Land Grant as Governor of Tennessee PASS
46 First Edition of ''Israel Vindicated'' Signed by Its Author, George Houston, ''An Israelite'' -- Included in ''Sabin Americana'', the Most Important Books Related to the Americas From 1500-1926 PASS
47 ''We Shall Overcome'' Portfolio From the ''March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom'' -- Rare Complete Portfolio of Collages Issued by the National Urban League as a Memento for Marchers PASS
48 Two Original Photographs From 1891, Just Days After the Wounded Knee Massacre -- One Photograph Depicts the Battlefield With Fallen Lakota & a Destroyed Wagon PASS
49 Two Original Photographs From 1891, Shortly After the Wounded Knee Massacre -- One Photograph Depicts ''A Sioux Graveyard'' & the Other Depicts Sioux Survivors Standing With Major Burke & Frank Gerard PASS
50 First Edition, First Printing of Alcoholics Anonymous ''Big Book'' -- One of Less Than 2,000 Copies, Scarce in Original First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
51 Babe Ruth Twice-Signed Check From 1935 -- Slabbed & Graded Mint 9 by PSA/DNA 4800
52 Babe Ruth Autograph Note Signed -- ''Come back soon...Babe Ruth'' 1800
53 Olympic Torch From the 2006 Torino Winter Games PASS
54 Olympic Torch Used in 2010 Vancouver Winter Games -- Signed by Skier Jennifer Heil, Who Won Gold in Torino & Silver in Vancouver PASS
55 Margaret Sanger Signed Copy of Her Book, ''My Fight for Birth Control'' PASS
56 Harry Houdini Twice-Signed Copy of His Book ''The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin'' -- ''...may the reading of this book conjure up pleasant thoughts...'' PASS
57 Mobster Meyer Lansky Autograph Letter Signed to Joseph Sheiner of the Israeli Security Agency, From June 1973 -- ''...I hope the war is over soon with a just peace...'' PASS
58 Frederick Law Olmsted Letter Signed as Superintendent of Central Park, During Its Construction -- ''those who have no means to go into the country for relief from the heat and turmoil of the city'' PASS