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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 ''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'' Directors Guild Award to Richard Brooks for Outstanding Directorial Achievement 2000
2 Golden Globe for ''Dances With Wolves'' -- Awarded for ''Best Screenplay'' to Michael Blake, the Man Who Also Wrote the Novel & Championed the Making of the Film Throughout the 1980s 6000
3 Marilyn Monroe's Grave Marker PASS
4 Paramount Pictures Sign -- Large Metal Sign Measures Nearly 2 Feet PASS
5 Roy Rogers Personally Owned Bible With His Monogram -- Also With Dale Evans Rogers Personally Owned Bible With Her Monogram -- From the Roy Rogers Estate PASS
6 Bela Lugosi Signed Sketch of Himself as Dracula PASS
7 William Shatner Sincerely Wants to Know Why George Takei Doesn't Like Him -- ''...Not so long after that very friendly time he began to say very mean things about me. - Why?...'' PASS
8 William Shatner on His On-Screen Romance With Nichelle Nichols -- '' I asked her about them and she whole heartedly reminded me - They were Juicy...'' PASS
9 William Shatner Gives Warm Praise to ''Star Trek'' Colleague Walter Koenig -- ''...Life is cruel - Some people get it worse than others. How do they endure?...I don't know that I could do it...'' PASS
10 William Shatner Conveys His Jealousy of DeForest Kelley's Solid Marriage -- ''...What a strange, wonderful life they had - I still marvel at it...'' PASS
11 William Shatner on Recommending James Doohan for the Role of ''Scotty'' -- ''...Roddenberry got in contact with him and subsequently hired him...Getting somebody a job is a responsible thing...'' PASS
12 William Shatner on the First ''Star Trek'' Movie -- ''...he said we can make more movies but, more cheaply - Cheap, we can do that - Cheap is our middle name...'' PASS
13 William Shatner Reflects on Gene Roddenberry & the ''Star Trek'' Pilot -- ''...there was some objection to Spock's ears. 'Too devilish' somebody said - Gene fought for the ears...'' PASS
14 William Shatner Reflects on First ''Star Trek'' Episode -- ''...that 1st episode was a shakedown cruise...the writers...had to did the individual actor fit what was written for him...'' PASS
15 William Shatner Defends His Decision Not to Attend His Friend Leonard Nimoy's Funeral -- ''...we'll mourn Leonard, say his name and then pledge your money...'' 1500
16 William Shatner Remembers Leonard Nimoy Helping Him With His Wife's Alcoholism -- ''...I had this romantic idea that love can fill any void...But Leonard knew...that this might not be possible...'' PASS
17 William Shatner Describes Captain Kirk: ''...the gravity of each decision, the mastery of everybody on board...riding a stud horse bareback, loving the ladies - sound familiar?...'' PASS
18 Bruce Lee's National Karate Championship Plaque -- Awarded to Him & Very Scarce 10000
19 Bruce Lee Signed & Handwritten Martial Arts File for His Friend & Student, Hollywood Movie Star Steve McQueen 19489
20 Walter Johnson 7.5'' x 9.5'' Signed Photo Shown Pitching -- Inscribed to Hollywood Legend Harold Lloyd -- Scarce PASS
21 1983 North Carolina NCAA Basketball Championship 10kt Ring -- From Wolfpack Player Harold Thompson for What's Considered the Best College Basketball Championship Game Ever Played 8000
22 Sterling Marlin Race-Worn Fire Suit -- Back to Back Daytona 500 Champ in '94 and '95 PASS
23 Prince Valiant Strip by Hal Foster Dated 6 March 1937 -- 4th Prince Valiant Strip in the Series! -- Val's ''Career of Adventure Begins'' Here, Showing His Growth From Boy to Young Man PASS
24 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Sketch of Snoopy in ''A New Peanuts Book Featuring Snoopy'' PASS
25 Charles Schulz Letter Signed From 1961 to ''Little Orphan Annie'' Cartoonist Harold Gray -- Schulz Is Flattered That Gray Asks Permission to Use His ''Peanuts'' Characters 300
26 Scarce Mt. Rushmore Photograph Signed by Its Designer Gutzon Borglum -- 10'' x 12.75'' PASS
27 Frank Lloyd Wright Signed First Edition of ''The Natural House'' PASS
28 Christmas Card Sent by Martin Luther King, Jr. and His Family & Signed by His Daughter -- Sent From the Dexter Avenue Church Where King Organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott PASS
29 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Rare Signed Document From Their Reign as King & Queen of Spain -- Regarding Driving Out the Moors in Southern Spain -- With a COA From University Archives PASS
30 King Charles II Restoration Period Letter Signed PASS
31 Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding Cake Slice -- In Original Presentation Box PASS
32 Edward VIII Signed Presentation Photo Display From 1924 as the Prince of Wales -- Photo by Vandyk Shows the Prince in His Naval Uniform 300
33 Grace Kelly Signed Postcard as Princess Grace de Monaco -- With Original Envelope PASS
34 John Quincy Adams Illinois Land Grant Signed as President PASS
35 Chester A. Arthur Signed Program as President -- For the Unveiling of the Statue of George Washington on Wall Street PASS
36 Calvin Coolidge Book Signed -- ''Have Faith in Massachusetts'', a Collection of His Speeches as Governor of Massachusetts PASS
37 Ulysses S. Grant Document Signed as President -- Grant Pardons a Man Who Attempted to Defraud the Government PASS
38 Set of Two 10'' x 13'' Signed Photos by Warren Harding & Florence Harding PASS
39 Rutherford B. Hayes Large Document Signed as President 375
40 Herbert Hoover Autograph Letter Signed With Personal Content -- '' has to change - so the doctor says - or I will never see 40...'' -- Hoover Also Predicts the Future Importance of New York PASS
41 Herbert Hoover 5pp. ''CONFIDENTIAL'' Letter Signed, With His Handwritten Corrections -- ''...there is no doubt there is a traitor in our camp...'' PASS
42 Charles Evans Hughes Signed Proclamation on the Death of Woodrow Wilson -- In a Foregone Era of Bipartisanship, Hughes Honors the Man Who Bested Him for President PASS
43 Andrew Jackson Land Grant Signed as President in 1830 PASS
44 Outstanding Abraham Lincoln Autograph Endorsement Signed as President -- Regarding the 1864 Confederate Treason Trials in Indiana PASS
45 Abraham Lincoln Full Signature as President -- Dated 7 January 1863, Just Days After Issuing the Emancipation Proclamation PASS
46 Abraham Lincoln Signature as President -- Lincoln Issues Amnesty to Confederate Soldier PASS
47 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President PASS
48 Richard Nixon Signed Souvenir Resignation 440
49 Richard Nixon Impeachment Trial Ticket -- Unused U.S. House Ticket to the Impeachment Trial PASS
50 Nancy Reagan Christian Dior Purse PASS
51 Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Addex Mini Pen PASS
52 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box -- Displayed at the White House PASS
53 Beautiful Steuben Candlesticks Owned & Used by Ronald & Nancy Reagan PASS
54 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Plate Designed by Valentino PASS
55 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned & Used Cup & Saucer -- Acquired by the Reagans Before His Presidency PASS
56 William Howard Taft Bill-Signing Pen Used as President to Sign the Pan-Pacific Exhibition in 1911 -- The Exhibition Was to be Held in San Francisco After the 1906 Earthquake PASS
57 ''Dewey Defeats Truman'' Newspaper -- The Most Famous Newspaper Mistake of All Time PASS
58 Woodrow Wilson Speech Draft as President, Hand-Annotated by Him -- Wilson Writes Fiery Rhetoric Regarding the Evils of Germany During WWI -- ''...Against the horror of military conquest...'' 1500
59 1843 Force Declaration of Independence From Original Copper Plate PASS
60 Douglas MacArthur Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo in WWII Uniform PASS
61 Admiral Chester Nimitz 13'' x 11'' Signed Photo of the Japanese Surrender -- Near Fine 1172
62 Nobel Prize Awarded to Physicist Kenneth G. Wilson in 1982 -- One of the Kingpins of Quantum Physics 95000
63 Thomas Edison Signed Copy of ''A Million And One Nights: A History of The Motion Picture'' PASS
64 Apollo 11 Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Uninscribed & Near Fine -- With Zarelli COA 3545
65 Apollo 11 Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo -- Uninscribed & Near Fine -- With Zarelli COA 3222
66 Apollo 13 Space-Flown Robbins Medal -- From the Estate of Jack Swigert PASS
67 Charles Lindbergh 1956 Signed Copy of ''The Spirit of St. Louis'' PASS
68 Orville Wright Holograph Check Signed to His Housekeeper Carrie Grumbach PASS
69 Ayn Rand Signed ''Atlas Shrugged'' -- Her Magnum Opus -- Number 317 in a Special 10th Anniversary Edition Limited to 2,000 PASS
70 Maurice Sendak Autograph Note Signed -- With a Sketch of One of His Mischievous ''Wild Things'' 600
71 John Steinbeck Signed ''East of Eden'' First Edition in Original Slipcase PASS
72 John Steinbeck Autograph Letter Signed -- ''... If you want the coffee really to shine mix in the dry grounds the white of one egg...'' PASS
73 Mark Twain Signed ''The Works of Mark Twain'' -- Signed Both ''S.L. Clemens / Mark Twain'' in the First Volume PASS
74 Grammy Nomination for The Beatles ''Help!'' in 1965 -- Very Scarce PASS
75 Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Bomber Jacket PASS
76 Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Special Occasion Dress by ''Alice + Olivia'' PASS
77 Sheryl Crow Personally Owned & Worn Gold Sequined Party Dress by ''Alice + Olivia'' PASS
78 ''Kool and the Gang'' 1986 American Music Award for Favorite Soul Group -- Awarded to Founding Member Ronald Bell PASS
79 Tex Beneke Archive -- Singer on the Famous ''Chattanooga Choo Choo'' 300
80 Clara Barton Letter Signed on Running the National First Aid Society at the Age of 88 -- She Writes of Supporters ''full of love, confidence and hope'' & Also ''the axe over our heads'' PASS
81 Thomas Edison Signed Stock in the Edison Storage Battery Company PASS
82 Sam Walton Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
83 Dorothy Stratten Signed ''Playboy'' June 1980 Issue Featuring Stratten as ''Playmate of the Year'' PASS