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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed -- Regarding the German Translation for His Works 4750
2 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed From 1918, Predicting His Nobel Prize Years Before Winning It PASS
3 Albert Einstein 1938 ALS Regarding Hitler: ''...Hoping that Hitler might let off steam...[Chamberlain] saved Hitler in the nick of time by crowning himself with the wreath of love of peace...'' 25000
4 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed in 1932 on the Economy & His Nobel: ''...I am neither socialist nor communist...unskilled workers - will be brought down to an ignoble subsistence level...'' PASS
5 Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed -- Einstein Writes to His Closest Friend, Michele Besso, Offering Condolences to Besso's Family, Who Suffered a Tragic Death 4500
6 James Watson Signed Drawing of the DNA Double Helix -- Also Signed by Francis Crick PASS
7 Walt Disney Signed ''Bambi'' Cel -- Featuring Bambi and Thumper, Along With Thumper's Four Bunnies 5000
8 ''Aquaman'' Original Art by Jim Aparo -- #43 Edition From 1969 Featuring Aquagirl PASS
9 ''Fantastic Four'' Original Art by Rick Buckler From 1975 -- Xemu Tries to Enlist Medusa to Turn Against Black Bolt PASS
10 Original Cover Art for ''Marvel Tales Starring Spider-Man!'' by Sal Buscema PASS
11 ''Terry and the Pirates'' Original Comic Strip by Milton Caniff From 1936 -- The Dragon Lady Has ''Her Fun'' by Drugging the ''Handsome American'' PASS
12 ''Avengers'' Original Art From 1977 Signed by the Artist Michael Golden -- Splash Page With Additional Large Sketch by Golden on Verso PASS
13 Krazy Kat Illustration by George Herriman -- Composed in Ink & Watercolor, Measuring 9.5'' x 6'' of Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse & Officer Bull Pupp PASS
14 Limited Edition of Bob Kane's ''Batman & Me'' -- Includes Hand-Drawn Signed Sketch of Batman in Near Fine Condition PASS
15 Frederick Burr Opper Original Hand-Drawn Illustration of ''Happy Hooligan'' -- Measures 9.5'' x 6'' 450
16 Charles Schulz Hand-Drawn Comic Strip From October 1961 -- Lucy Tells Her Brother Linus to ''LEARN THINGS!'' as He Leaves for School 11000
17 Printing Mock-Up for the ''Peanuts Coloring Book Featuring Sally'' -- Nice ''Peanuts'' Display Item PASS
18 Charles Schulz ''Peanuts'' Limited Edition Lithograph -- Snoopy & Charlie Brown Play Golf PASS
19 ''Felix the Cat'' Original Artwork by Pat Sullivan -- Measures 9.5'' x 6'' PASS
20 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1964 -- With Chic Young's Original Preliminary Artwork for Both Strips PASS
21 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1965 -- With Chic Young's Original Preliminary Artwork for Both Strips PASS
22 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1965 & 1966 -- With Chic Young's Original Preliminary Artwork for One PASS
23 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1968 -- Plus Chic Young's Original Artwork for Both Strips PASS
24 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1971 -- With Chic Young's Original Preliminary Artwork for Both PASS
25 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1971 -- With Chic Young's Original Preliminary Artwork for Both PASS
26 2 Chic Young Hand-Drawn ''Blondie'' Comic Strips From 1973 -- With Chic Young's Original Preliminary Artwork for Both PASS
27 John Audubon 1846 ''The Cougar'' Lithograph From ''The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America'' -- Measures 20'' x 26'' PASS
28 Howard Chandler Signed Illustration of His Famous ''Christy Girl'' -- Elegant Portrait Measures 6'' x 9.5'' PASS
29 Patrick Nagel Signed Limited Edition Seriagraph of ''Lorraine'' From 1981 PASS
30 Norman Rockwell Signed Limited Edition Lithograph 350
31 Norman Rockwell Signed Copy of ''Norman Rockwell Artist And Illustrator'' -- Large Coffee Table Book Measures 12.5'' x 18.5'' PASS
32 Andy Warhol Large Signed Poster of Marilyn Monroe PASS
33 Artist N.C. Wyeth Signed Limited Edition of ''The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come'' -- Wyeth Illustrated the Civil War Novel PASS
34 Gabriele D'Annunzio Autograph Letter Signed From 1900 PASS
35 Langston Hughes Twice-Signed Copy of ''An African Treasury'' -- Writings Selected by Hughes by Black Africans PASS
36 Stephen King Signed Limited Edition of ''Christine'' -- Near Fine Condition PASS
37 J.D. Salinger Autograph Letter Signed -- ''...I missed you by inches, once...'' PASS
38 End Title Plate From Twentieth Century Pictures, the Early 1930s Incarnation of Twentieth Century Fox -- Perhaps the Only Title Plate Extant From the Studio PASS
39 Academy Award ''Best Picture'' Nomination for ''The Thin Red Line'' by Terence Malick 800
40 1955 Academy Award Nomination for Korean War Documentary ''Heartbreak Ridge'' -- Nominated for ''Best Documentary Feature'' PASS
41 Academy Award Commendation Medal PASS
42 Sports Emmy for the 1981 New York Marathon 1000
43 Gorgeous Beaded Gown & Bolero Worn by Shirley Jones -- Bolero Removes to Reveal a 1920s Inspired Gown PASS
44 ''Return of the Jedi'' Concept Movie Poster Art by Tom Jung -- Two Versions Depicting Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader Using the Original Title, ''Revenge of the Jedi'' PASS
45 ''Return of the Jedi'' Original Concept Movie Poster Art by Tom Jung -- Featuring the Climactic Lightsaber Duel Between Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader -- Measures 24'' x 19'' PASS
46 Patrick Swayze Owned Sweatshirt From Paramount, the Studio Behind ''Ghost'' PASS
47 Mark Wahlberg Screen-Worn Shirt From ''Ted 2'' PASS
48 Julie Andrews Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo From ''The Sound of Music'' -- PSA/DNA Certified PASS
49 Star Wars Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo by Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker, Who Portrayed R2-D2 -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
50 Jim Henson 10'' x 8'' Signed Photo Surrounded by His Muppets PASS
51 Sal Mineo Employment Contract Signed From 1960, at the Height of His Career PASS
52 William Shatner Describes Captain Kirk: ''...the gravity of each decision, the mastery of everybody on board...riding a stud horse bareback, loving the ladies - sound familiar?...'' PASS
53 Director Douglas Sirk Contract Signed With Universal Pictures -- 1959 Contract Shortly After ''Imitation of Life'' Was Released PASS
54 Star Trek Cast Signed Photo -- Limited Edition Signed by All 7 Crew Members of the Starship Enterprise PASS
55 ''Star Wars: The Force Awakens'' Cast Signed Poster Measuring 27'' x 40'' -- Signed by 11 of the Cast, With COAs From Celebrity Authentics PASS
56 James Stewart Signed Contract for ''Strategic Air Command'' -- With Beckett COA PASS
57 John Wayne Signed Biography ''John Wayne / Shooting Star'' -- ''...Without my permission but good reading for gossips...'' 600
58 John Lennon Signed ''Bag One'' Lithograph -- Number 89 Out of 300 1500
59 Jimmy Page Signed 16'' x 20'' Photo -- One of Only 50 Signed by Page in a Limited Edition PASS
60 Elvis Presley Newspaper From His Hometown of Memphis -- Dated 17 August 1977 -- ''...The King is Dead...'' PASS
61 ''2 Live Crew'' Signed Napkin Including Deceased Kid Ice PASS
62 Nat King Cole Trio Autographs -- Plus Nine Additional Signatures of 1930s Jazz Legends Including Cab Calloway PASS
63 Gioachino Rossini Autograph Letter Signed -- '' all that you can to assist my protege...'' PASS
64 John Adams Family Document -- Regarding Debts Due From the Estate of Elihu Adams, John Adams' Brother PASS
65 Secret Service Badge for Bill Clinton's 1997 Inauguration PASS
66 1992 Presidential Debate Program Signed by President George H.W. Bush, future President Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton & Journalist Tom Brokaw PASS
67 Cigar Box From the Election of 1880 -- Memorabilia From the Candidacy of Gettysburg Hero Winfield Hancock PASS
68 ''The Dallas Times Herald'' Newspaper From 15 March 1964 -- Jury Gives Jack Ruby the Death Penalty -- 26pp. -- Very Good Condition PASS
69 Robert F. Kennedy Signed Copy of ''Robert F. Kennedy: The Brother Within'' -- Also With U.S. Senate Chamber Card From Kennedy's Office 300
70 Abraham Lincoln Autograph Endorsement Signed as President -- Lincoln Issues Amnesty to Confederate Soldier 5000
71 Abraham Lincoln Broadside Featuring 100 Photographs of the Beloved President -- Printed in 1909 on the 100th Anniversary of Lincoln's Birth PASS
72 James Monroe Land Grant Signed as President PASS
73 Ronald Reagan Signed ''An American Life'' Special Limited Edition -- Housed in Luxury Oak Case With Audiotapes PASS
74 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box -- Displayed at the White House PASS
75 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box -- Displayed at the White House & With Plaque Engraved for Nancy Reagan PASS
76 Ronald Reagan Signed Photo of His Presidential Library -- Limited Edition PASS
77 Nancy & Ronald Reagan Coffee Cup & Saucer PASS
78 Franklin D. Roosevelt Autograph Letter Signed From Warm Springs & Signed Cover -- ''...we have 34 patients & while there will be a falling off over Christmas...we expect to heave 50...'' PASS
79 Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed as President in 1935 PASS
80 Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders Reunion Button -- From 1900 Shortly After the Spanish-American War PASS
81 Theodore Roosevelt Letter Signed as Editor of Metropolitan Magazine -- ''That's a mighty nice letter of yours and a mighty nice editorial...'' PASS
82 Fidel Castro Document Signed for the Cederista Guard PASS
83 Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban 1954 Letter Signed With Fantastic Content on Global Tensions & World Peace -- ''...The element of mistrust dominating the relationship between East and West...'' PASS
84 Che Guevara Autograph Note Signed From 1964 PASS
85 Queen Elizabeth II Diplomatic Commission Signed PASS
86 Tsar Nicholas I Document Signed -- Large Document Measures 17.25'' x 14'' PASS
87 Naval Hero Stephen Decatur Autograph Letter Signed, Writing to John Rodgers in 1811 -- ''...This Ship is now ready for sea...'' PASS
88 Phelps Broadside of the U.S. Constitution From 1846 PASS
89 Jefferson Davis Letter Signed as Mississippi Senator in 1860, Shortly Before the Election of Abraham Lincoln That Precipitated Civil War PASS
90 Archive of One of the Last Surviving Gettysburg Veterans -- Includes 75th Gettysburg Reunion Program, the Confederate Soldier's Southern Cross of Honor, Etc. 750
91 Texas Court Document From 1858 Regarding Ownership of a Slave -- Court Presided Over by Judge Nicholas W. Battle, Who Ruled That a Freed Black Man Could Not Sell Himself Into Slavery PASS
92 WWII Letter From a Prisoner at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp -- on Auschwitz Postcard With Camp ''Rules'' 800
93 Bocks Car Crew-Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo of the B29 Bomber -- Signed by 9 of the Crewmen Who Flew the Mission During WWII PASS
94 Iwo Jima Flag Raisers & Joe Rosenthal Signed Sheet of Iwo Jima Commemorative Stamps -- Signed by All Four: Hayes, Gagnon, Bradley & Rosenthal PASS
95 Admiral Chester Nimitz 14'' x 11'' Signed Photo of the Japanese Surrender PASS
96 Nuremberg Trial Pass -- Issued in January 1946 for the International Military Tribunal Trial That Prosecuted the 24 Most Notorious Nazis PASS
97 U.S.S. Indianapolis Survivors Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by 24 Survivors PASS
98 Unique Collection of World War II Items Including a Full Uniform Worn by a Corporal in the 3rd Army -- Lot Includes Badges, Pins & a Personal Photo Owned by the Soldier PASS
99 1933 Graf Zeppelin Flown Cover -- From Its ''Century of Progress'' Flight to the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago PASS
100 Charles Lindbergh Signed Copy of ''Lindbergh of Minnesota'' PASS
101 The Wright Brothers' Secretary Fights for Their Legacy -- ''...Today I signed a waiver of summons...for permission to sell the 'Kitty Hawk' to the National Museum for $1...under compulsion...'' PASS
102 Orville Wright's Secretary Argues With the Smithsonian Regarding the Infamous Label to Display the Kitty Hawk -- ''...the words 'capable of sustained free flight' should be on that label...'' PASS
103 Orville Wright's Secretary Chastises the Smithsonian Regarding Its Display of the Kitty Hawk -- ''...I am beginning to think it would have been better to have left the machine in England...'' PASS
104 Orville Wright's Nephew Regarding the Infamous Smithsonian Label to Display the Kitty Hawk -- '' that the Smithsonian will never use the word in connection with any aircraft...'' PASS
105 Orville Wright Autograph Note Signed From 1946 PASS
106 Apollo 17 Photo Display Signed by Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Harrison Schmitt -- Measures 14'' x 11'' PASS
107 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' Apollo 11 White Space Suit Photo PASS
108 Jim Irwin Autograph Letter Signed From High Flight Foundation -- ''...Your friend from beyond the Earth...'' PASS
109 Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo PASS
110 John Young Signed Photo of Him Standing on the Moon -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
111 Georgia Gold Lottery Deed From 1832 -- Following the Georgia Gold Rush of 1829 & Ushering in the Trail of Tears PASS
112 Large Medieval Manuscript Measuring 28'' x 22'' -- Theological Appointment With Gilt Detailing PASS
113 Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier Dual-Signed Large 22.5'' x 30.5'' Photo of the ''Fight of the Century'' -- Limited Edition With Steiner COA PASS
114 Muhammad Ali Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo After Knocking Out George Foreman in Round 8 of ''Rumble in the Jungle'' -- With Mounted Memories COA PASS
115 P.T. Barnum Signed Autobiography ''Life of P.T. Barnum'' PASS
116 1874 Broadside Announcing the Rail Schedule for the Boston & Albany Railroad PASS
117 Thomas Edison Signed Stock Certificate in Edison Storage Battery Co. -- Founded to Produce Batteries for Electric Cars PASS
118 American Express Stock From 1865 Signed by Henry Wells and William Fargo, the 19th Century Businessmen Who Also Created Wells Fargo & Co. PASS
119 $1 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1977, City of Print Missing -- Insufficient Ink to Front -- Discoloration Along Bottom Edge PASS
120 $5 Federal Reserve Error Note -- Series 1985, San Francisco -- Insufficient Ink to Verso PASS
121 Bonnie & Clyde Telegram From 1934 -- The FBI Arrests Conspirator Mary O'Dare PASS
122 Buffalo Bill Cody Signature -- Framed With a Photo of the Legendary Wild West Showman 600