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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
2 Lot of Two Political Protest Posters from the 1992 Republican Convention by the Group Antitrust PASS
3 Alexander Butterfield Autograph Manuscript Signed Regarding Watergate and President Nixon's Involvement -- ''...Nixon, in my opinion, most assuredly knew about the first Watergate break-in...'' PASS
4 Millard Fillmore Free Frank Envelope Signed as Vice President -- Postmarked 10 July, Possibly the Day That Fillmore Was Inaugurated as President 450
5 Rare James Garfield Stamped Signature on Executive Mansion Card -- Sent Post Assassination in a Mourning Envelope Hand-Addressed by First Lady Lucretia Garfield PASS
6 Collection of Letters Postmarked on 2 July 1881 and 19 September 1881, the Dates of President James Garfield's Assassination Shooting & Death PASS
7 Lot of James Garfield Assassination Letters -- Composed on Executive Mansion Stationery by Garfield's Secretary, Joseph Stanley Brown After the Shooting but Before Garfield's Death PASS
8 Barry Goldwater Check Signed PASS
9 Ulysses S. Grant Document Signed as President, Authorizing a Military Reservation at Fort Shaw, Montana Territory -- Countersigned by General William T. Sherman & Secretary of War William Belknap PASS
11 Thomas Jefferson Free Frank Signature PASS
14 Scarce Presidential China Plate Used on John F. Kennedy's Plane ''Caroline'' PASS
15 John F. Kennedy Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''Profiles in Courage'', Uninscribed -- With University Archives COA 2659
16 First UK Edition, First Impression of ''Why England Slept'' by John F. Kennedy PASS
17 First Edition, First Printing of ''Why England Slept'' by John F. Kennedy 450
19 Original 10'' x 8'' Photo of John and Jackie Kennedy Taken by Cecil W. Stoughton the Morning of the Assassination -- Encapsulated & Authenticated by PSA as Type I Photograph PASS
26 Abraham Lincoln Signature PASS
27 James Madison Signed Free Frank from 1819 PASS
28 William McKinley Signed Executive Mansion Card 825
29 Postcard from the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, Postmarked the Day of William McKinley's Assassination Shooting in Buffalo 400
30 Barack Obama Souvenir Signed Copy of His Birth Certificate -- With Beckett Encapsulation PASS
31 Barack Obama Signed Souvenir Photo of Osama bin Laden's FBI Most Wanted Poster -- Beckett Encapsulated PASS
33 Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box PASS
34 Ronald Reagan Signed ''An American Life'' Special Limited Edition -- Housed in Luxury Oak Case With Audiotapes of ''Speaking My Mind'' PASS
35 As President, Theodore Roosevelt Signed First Edition of the Famous 20th Century Travelogue, ''The Burton Holmes Lectures'' 879
36 Donald Trump Letter Signed -- ''...I was pleased to know that you found my book, THE ART OF THE DEAL, incredibly inspirational...'' PASS
40 George Washington Signature PASS
42 Ho Chi Minh Signed Photo -- With University Archives COA PASS
43 Haile Selassie Letter Signed as Emperor of Ethiopia -- With PSA/DNA COA 1000
44 Margaret Thatcher's Personally Owned Purse PASS
45 Frederick Douglass Document Signed as Recorder of Deeds PASS
47 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signed First Edition of ''Strength To Love'' With Long Inscription, ''Whose genuine humanitarian concern and unswerving devotion to the principles of justice and freedom...'' 11000
48 Martin Luther King, Jr. Signature -- Without Inscription PASS
49 Large Civil Rights Archive Including Rosa Parks Twice-Signed Program, Christmas Cards from Martin Luther King Jr. & Family, Books Signed by Coretta Scott King & More 2000
50 Carlotta LaNier, the Youngest of the ''Little Rock Nine'' Autograph Essay Signed -- ''...After the news cameras left...we experienced routine harassment and even home was bombed...'' PASS
51 Original Sojourner Truth CDV from 1864 PASS
52 Booker T. Washington Signed First Edition, First Printing of His First Major Publication, ''The Future of the American Negro'' PASS
55 Alexander Hamilton Signature as Treasury Secretary -- With JSA COA PASS
57 Sam Houston Document Signed as Governor of Tennessee -- Houston Appoints a Justice of the Peace for Davidson County 4500
58 Magda Goebbels Large Signed Photo, Dated 1941 PASS
59 Hermann Goring Signed Copy of the German Novel ''Der Wehrwolf'' PASS
60 Rudolf Hess Signed First Edition of ''Reden'', His Collection of Speeches -- Published in 1938 PASS
61 Rudolf Hess Signed Photo -- With PSA/DNA Auction COA 572
62 Rudolf Hess Autograph Postcard Signed from 1914 Referencing the World War I Christmas Truce -- ''...The French made a truce for Christmas...May 1915 bring England its entire and just desserts!...'' 264
63 Hitler Youth Membership Card -- With Photo of 10 Year-Old Boy 100
64 Erich Ludendorff Autograph Quote Signed from 1919 with a Nationalistic German Message -- ''...May we learn to become Germans once more...'' 100
65 Erwin von Witzleben Signed Photo 100
66 Josef Wagner Signed Photo 100
67 Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed to Surgeon Sir William Bowman 3500
68 Albert Einstein Letter Signed With Exceptional Content Regarding the Theory of Relativity and Whether Space Exists Outside Our Universe 25000
69 Albert Einstein Signed 7'' x 10.5'' Photo from 1921, the Same Year He Won the Nobel Prize -- Lot Also Includes Elsa Einstein Signed Photo 19965
70 Enrico Fermi Award Presented to Stafford L. Warren, Inventor of the Mammogram and Member of the Manhattan Project PASS
71 Sigmund Freud Autograph Postcard Signed 1500
72 Sigmund Freud Signed Card from 1936 1500
73 Sigmund Freud Signed Birthday Thank You Card 1500
74 Sigmund Freud Handwritten Card and Envelope on His Personal Stationery 1465
75 John Nash Signed Movie Poster for ''A Beautiful Mind'', the Biopic of the Nobel Prize Winner's Life PASS
76 William Osler Signed First Edition of ''Counsels and Ideals'' Without Inscription -- Considered the ''Father of Modern Medicine'', Book Is a Collection of Osler's Writings PASS
77 Maurice Wilkins Autograph Manuscript Signed Three Times, With Fascinating DNA Content -- ''the situation was very confused around the Double Helix...High tension accounted for some of the secrecy'' PASS
78 Charles Lindbergh Signed Program for a 1927 Banquet Honoring Him 660
79 Orville Wright Signed ''First Flight'' Photo -- Uninscribed PASS
80 Chuck Yeager Signed Bell X-1 Model Airplane -- The Plane Yeager Piloted When He Broke the Sound Barrier in 1947 PASS
81 Chuck Yeager Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo, Next to the Bell X-1 Plane that Broke the Sound Barrier in 1947 500
82 Buzz Aldrin Signed ''Black Number'' Apollo 11 ''Visor'' Photo on ''A Kodak Paper'' -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
83 NASA Photo of Buzz Aldrin Weightless in the Eagle During the Apollo 11 Mission -- Printed on ''A Kodak Paper'' PASS
84 Buzz Aldrin Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo of the Apollo 11 Astronauts in Their White Spacesuits PASS
85 Flown Kapton Foil from All the Apollo Missions PASS
86 Scarce Apollo AS-201 Flown Heat Shield Segment -- From the Command & Service Module of the 1966 Mission that Tested the Functionality of the Heat Shield Upon Reentry PASS
87 Apollo 8 Heat Shield Segment from the Command Module PASS
88 Apollo 8 Heat Shield Segment from the Command Module PASS
89 Apollo 8 Earthrise Photo with NASA Press Release on Verso PASS
90 Apollo 9 ''Lunar Module Systems Handbook'' for the LM-3 Spider -- Containing Dozens of Fold-out Diagrams & Schematics PASS
91 Original 1969 Copy of the ''Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Operations Plan'' -- Issued One Month Before the Moon Landing PASS
92 Apollo 11 ''Red Number'' 10'' x 8'' Photo of Buzz Aldrin Next to the Lunar Module -- Printed on ''A Kodak Paper'' & Encapsulated by PSA as Type I Photo from 1969 PASS
93 Apollo 11 ''Visor'' Photo Printed on ''A Kodak Paper'' PASS
94 Apollo 11 Space Food Display Including Two Food Items, Menu & Brochure ''Feeding America's Astronauts'' PASS
95 Charles Conrad Personally Owned Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Cover -- With Additional LOA Signed by Conrad PASS
96 Apollo 13 Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo by Fred Haise & NASA Support Team of Jack Lousma, Milton Windler, Jerry Bostick and Gerry Griffin -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
97 ''Red Number'' NASA Photo of a Near Full Moon from the Apollo 13 Mission -- On ''A Kodak Paper'' PASS
98 Apollo 15 ''Red Number'' Photo of the Lunar Surface -- Printed on ''A Kodak Paper'' PASS
99 ''Red Number'' NASA ''Blue Marble'' Photo from the Apollo 17 Mission on ''A Kodak Paper'' -- The First Fully Illuminated Image of the Earth from Space PASS
100 United States Flag Flown to the Moon on the Apollo 17 Mission PASS
101 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA White Spacesuit Photo, Uninscribed -- With Zarelli COA 2500
102 Neil Armstrong Signed 8'' x 10'' NASA White Spacesuit Photo, Uninscribed -- With Zarelli COA 2500
103 Charlie Duke Signed Handwritten Essay on Serving as Apollo 11 CAPCOM -- ''...Neil quickly assumed control, safely missing the crater, but leaving the Eagle with only seconds of fuel!...'' PASS
104 Apollo 16 Moonwalker Charlie Duke on the Meaning of God in His Life -- ''...I thought that Apollo 16 would be my crowning glory but the crown that Jesus gives will not tarnish or fade away...'' PASS
105 Charlie Duke Signed 20'' x 16'' Photo of the Apollo 16 Rocket Launch -- With a Handwritten Recollection About Nearly Losing His Life on the Moon: ''...I would have had it...'' PASS
106 Richard Feynman 4pp. Handwritten Document From the Challenger Investigation -- Feynman's Detailed Notes for 4 Days Spanning 7-10 February 1986, Leading Up to & Including Discovery of O-ring Failure PASS
107 Richard Feynman Handwritten Document From the Challenger Investigation -- Feynman's Detailed Notes for 10-14 February 1986, the Day He Discovered O-ring Failure & the Day of the Ice Water Experiment PASS
108 Richard Feynman Handwritten Document From the Challenger Investigation -- Feynman's Detailed Notes for 2 Days When He Viewed the Challenger Wreckage PASS
109 Richard Feynman Handwritten Document Regarding the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster -- A Calendar From 1960-1983 of NASA's Growing Fantastical Belief That the Space Shuttle Program Was Fail-Safe PASS
110 Scarce Gemini 2 Flown Heat Shield Plug PASS
111 Gemini 2 Flotation Ball PASS
112 NASA Press Photo from the Gemini 6A Mission -- Showing the Gemini 7 Spacecraft in Rendezvous PASS
113 Gemini 7 ''Red Number'' Photo of the State of Texas, Taken from Space -- Printed on ''A Kodak Paper'' PASS
114 James Irwin Signed ''Black Number'' Photo, Without Inscription -- With Steve Zarelli COA PASS
115 Alexei Leonov Signed Copy of ''700,000 Kilometres Through Space'' -- Leonov Writes ''1st Man in Space'' PASS
116 Mercury 7 Signed ''The 1962 World Book'' -- Signed by All 7 Astronauts PASS
117 Large Sample of Parachute Fabric Used on Mercury-Redstone 3 During Splashdown PASS
118 Project Mercury ''Capsule Flight Operations Manual'' from February 1962 PASS
119 NASA Large Format Panoramic Photo from 1966 Showing the First View of Earth from Space PASS
120 Apollo Era ''NASA SPACE CENTER'' Street Sign -- Measures 24'' Square PASS
121 14 NASA Photos on ''A Kodak Paper'' Including Apollo 17 Blue Marble Photo -- Plus 13 Photos on ''GAF'' Photo Paper, Black Numbered Photos & John Glenn Signature 2000
122 William Peter Blatty Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''The Exorcist'' 250
123 Truman Capote's Straw Hat, Famously Worn by Capote on the Cover of ''People'' Magazine in 1976 PASS
124 Last Photo of Truman Capote -- With Handwritten Note by Joanne Carson on Verso PASS
125 Truman Capote's Personal Bible, Initialed ''TC'' and with Numerous Underlined References Throughout -- Also With Hand Edits Such as Capote Writing ''Ten Commandments'' PASS
126 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''The Sittaford Mystery'' -- Unusually Signed with Christie's Full Name, Without Inscription PASS
127 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''The ABC Murders'' -- With a Clever and Scarce Handwritten Poem Referencing the Title of the Book PASS
128 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''Death in the Clouds'' -- Uninscribed and Signed with Her Nickname ''Ange'' PASS
129 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''Why Didn't They Ask Evans?'' -- Without Inscription PASS
130 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''Hickory Dickory Dock'' -- Signed the Month of Publication, in October 1955 PASS
131 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''A Murder Is Announced'' -- In First Printing Dust Jacket PASS
132 Agatha Christie Signed First Edition, First Printing of ''A Pocket Full of Rye'' -- Signed the Month of Publication, in November 1953 PASS
133 F. Scott Fitzgerald First Edition, First Printing of His Only Play ''The Vegetable'' 800
134 Robert Frost Autograph Poem Signed of ''In the Long Night'' -- Handwritten by Frost Within a Signed Limited Edition of ''Steeple Bush'' PASS
135 Stephen King Signed Limited Edition of ''Frankenstein'' by Mary Shelley 700
136 Rudyard Autograph Letter Signed Regarding His Book of Poetry, ''The Seven Seas'' PASS
137 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Signed Early Edition of ''Tales of a Wayside Inn'' PASS
138 First Edition of Sylvia Plath's Poem ''A Winter Ship'' -- One of Only 60 Copies Extant, Personally Owned by Sylvia Plath PASS
139 Hunter Thompson Letter Signed -- ''...I am living in a world of cracks, breaks, fizzles, lies, treachery, & overall thirdrateness...'' PASS
140 Anne Tyler Signed First Edition, First Printing of Her First Novel, ''If Morning Ever Comes'' PASS
141 Berenice Abbott Signed Photo Mat of Her Portrait of Rene Crevel -- Measures 16'' x 20'' PASS
142 Berenice Abbott Signed Photo Mat of Her Portrait of Jane Heap -- Measures 16'' x 20'' PASS
143 Frederic Bartholdi Autograph Letter Signed with Exceptional Content from 1871 in English -- Bartholdi References the Chicago Fire, the Franco-Prussian War and Relations Between the U.S. & France PASS
144 Collection of Four Animal Drawings by Illustrator Frederick Stuart Church Within a Group of Letters 550
145 Lot of Two Al Hirschfeld Signed Limited Edition Lithographs -- Both with Ballet Content PASS
146 LeRoy Neiman Original Painting of a Sailboat PASS
147 Norman Rockwell ''Four Freedoms'' Posters -- Complete Set of Four from 1943 in Near Fine Condition -- In Original ''War Poster'' Envelope from 1943 750
148 Elmer Wachtel Oil on Canvas 18'' x 24'' Painting 6000
149 Fascinating Al Capp Typed Criticism of Television With Notes & Corrections in His Hand -- ''...their homes will be invaded by unwholesome, the fraudulent and the idiotic...'' PASS
150 Two Al Capp Letters Signed to an Aspiring Artist Fan -- ''...get a good anatomy book (art anatomy) and master the construction of the figure...'' PASS
151 Charles Schulz Original ''Peanuts'' Advertising Artwork, Circa Mid-1950s -- Measures 18.75'' x 8.25'' PASS
152 Original Printing Plates for Three ''Peanuts'' Comic Strips PASS
153 Charles Schulz Signed ''Peanuts'' Book, ''Love Is Walking Hand in Hand'' PASS
154 Lot of Six Checks from 1970 Signed by Original Members of The Allman Brothers Band -- Includes Scarce Duane Allman Check Signed from 1970 PASS
155 The Allman Brothers Band Signed Gibson Guitar PASS
156 Lot of Four Burt Bacharach Autograph Musical Quotations Signed for ''Lost Horizon'' PASS
157 Collection of 23 Vintage Unpublished Beatles Photos from Their First Chicago Concert & Press Conference in 1964 1418
158 Bob Dylan Signed, Handwritten Lyrics to ''Like a Rolling Stone'', The Quintessential Rock Song -- With Jeff Rosen COA PASS
159 Scarce Bob Marley Signed Poster for His May 1978 Concert -- Includes Original Artwork for Poster PASS
160 Rolling Stones Signed Limited Edition Poster for the Licks World Tour -- With Epperson COA PASS
161 Gene Simmons Signed Guitar Stage-Played With KISS -- ''Rock & Roll All Nite And Party Every Day...Gene Simmons'' PASS
162 Amy Winehouse Signed Photo PASS
163 Amy Winehouse Signed Photo PASS
164 Lot of Jazz & Blues Musician Autographs Including Huddie ''Lead Belly'' Ledbetter -- With Roger Epperson COA PASS
165 Walt Disney Signed Sketch of Mickey Mouse -- Measures 7.5'' x 5'' PASS
166 ''Alice in Wonderland'' and ''The Three Caballeros'' Dye Transfer Prints PASS
167 Ben Affleck Signed ''Batman'' Cowl Display PASS
168 Mary Astor Signed Deed of Trust for Her Malibu Property PASS
169 Mary Astor Twice-Signed Lease Agreement PASS
170 ''Avengers Prime'' Cast-Signed Comic #1, Graded 9.8 -- Signed by Stan Lee and 9 Cast Members Including Robert Downey, Jr. PASS
171 Stan Lee Signed ''The Avengers Omnibus'' Coffee Table Book -- Also Signed by 8 Members of Superhero Squad Including Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans PASS
172 ''Back to the Future II'' Cast-Signed Sports Almanac PASS
173 ''Captain America: The First Avenger'' Cast-Signed Poster PASS
174 Charlie Chaplin Autograph & Self-Portrait Sketch of Himself as The Tramp -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
175 Harrison Ford Signed Whip, His Iconic Weapon in the ''Indiana Jones'' Film Franchise -- With Beckett COA PASS
176 Harrison Ford Signed Indiana Jones Fedora -- With Beckett COA PASS
177 Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino Signed ''The Godfather II'' Movie Poster PASS
178 ''The Golden Girls'' Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Signed by All Four Including Betty White -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
179 David O. Selznick Agreement Signed to Produce ''Gone With the Wind'' & Confirming Clark Gable Will Play Rhett Butler -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
180 Hugh Hefner Signed Photo of Marilyn Monroe's Famous ''Red Velvet'' Pose -- The Cover Shot of the First ''Playboy'' Issue PASS
181 Large 11'' x 14'' Photo Signed by Alfred Hitchcock -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
182 Alfred Hitchcock Signed Self-Portrait Within a First Edition of ''Alfred Hitchcock Presents'' 1650
183 Moe Howard Hand-Annotated ''Knife Throwing Gag'', Circa 1950s -- Signed & Annotated by Moe Throughout PASS
184 Iron Eyes Cody SAG Award, Signed by Cody on Verso -- Given to the Actor Who Famously Played Native American Characters Throughout His Career PASS
185 Rare 10'' x 8'' Photo Signed by Both James Stewart and Donna Reed From ''It's a Wonderful Life'' -- ''I have wonderful memories of 'It's a Wonderful Life'!'' -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
186 Laurel & Hardy Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo 500
187 Madeleine Le Beau Signature -- The Rarest Autograph From the ''Casablanca'' Cast -- With JSA COA PASS
188 Bruce Lee Signed Program for the 1967 International Karate Championships PASS
189 Autograph Book Signed by the Marx Brothers: Harpo Marx, Groucho Marx, and Twice Signed by Chico Marx -- Also Signed by 1952 San Francisco 49ers Football Team Players 1000
190 Scarce ''The Munsters'' Cast-Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo Including Beverley Owen's Signature -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
191 Natalie Portman Signed ''Black Swan'' Poster -- Portman Won the Best Actress Academy Award for Her Performance PASS
192 John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson Signed 14'' x 11'' Photo From ''Pulp Fiction'' PASS
193 Robert DeNiro and Jake LaMotta Signed ''Raging Bull'' Movie Poster PASS
194 Margot Robbie Signed Comic #75 of ''Harley Quinn'' PASS
195 Sylvester Stallone & ''Rocky'' Cast-Signed Boxing Glove PASS
196 ''Rocky'' Cast-Signed Poster Including Sylvester Stallone PASS
197 Sylvester Stallone Signed ''Rocky III'' Poster From 1982 PASS
198 Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston Signed ''Thor'' Poster -- Measuring 27'' x 40'' PASS
199 Thelma Todd Signed 11'' x 14'' Photo by Photographer John Miehle PASS
200 Willy Wonka Cast-Signed 18'' x 12'' Photo With Actors Adding Their Character's Names & Best Bits of Dialogue -- With PSA/DNA COA for All Six Signatures PASS
201 Annette Bening Escada Couture Gown Worn to the 71st Academy Awards PASS
202 Bill Cosby Grammy Nomination for ''The Electric Company'' in the Category of ''Best Recording for Children'' 500
203 Jim Henson Early ''Muppets'' Character Sketch -- Depicting Notes for a Muppets Dance Number for a Very Early Television Debut -- Includes Two Polaroids of Henson Posing With the Puppets PASS
204 Audrey Hepburn 11'' x 14'' Photo From ''My Fair Lady'' -- Taken by Cecil Beaton & From Audrey's Personal Collection PASS
205 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Pair of Photos From ''War and Peace'', Testing a Hairstyle for the Film -- From the Personal Collection of Audrey Hepburn PASS
206 Audrey Hepburn Personally Owned Pair of Photos From ''War and Peace'' -- From the Personal Collection of Audrey Hepburn PASS
207 Original ''Jurassic Park'' Logo Sketch Created in Development for the 1993 Film PASS
208 Marilyn Monroe Personally Owned 8'' x 10'' Photo from Her First Modeling Job in 1945 -- With LOA from the Daughter of Doc Goddard 5000
209 Tom Kelley Limited Edition Giclee Photograph of Marilyn Monroe -- ''Pose #10'' Photo Measures 17'' x 22'' PASS
210 Tom Kelley Limited Edition Giclee Photograph of Marilyn Monroe -- ''Pose #1'' Photo Measures 17'' x 22'' PASS
211 Marilyn Monroe's First Ever Magazine Appearance From January 1946 PASS
212 Original 8'' x 10'' Photograph of Marilyn Monroe Taken by Andre de Dienes in 1949 -- With de Dienes Backstamp PASS
213 Western Heritage Award -- The Wrangler Statue 500
214 Olympic Relay Torch from the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games 1612
215 Olympic Relay Torch Used in the 1988 Calgary Winter Games -- One of the Scarcest Olympic Torches PASS
216 Olympic Relay Torch Used in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games PASS
217 Lot of Over 300 Baseball Cards -- 23 Graded Cards Including 1956 Topps #135 Mickey Mantle with White Back, & 308 Raw Cards 5000
218 Lou Gehrig Signature -- PSA/DNA Encapsulated PASS
219 Jackie Robinson Signed Vehicle Registration Certificate, Circa 1954 -- PSA/DNA Encapsulated PASS
220 Babe Ruth Signed Card -- Without Inscription 5591
221 Christy Walsh Signed 10'' x 8'' Photo with Babe Ruth PASS
222 Uncut M. Santos/Pele Rookie Card -- Contained Within the 1958 ''Swedish Rekord Journal'' -- Scarce as Uncut 5000
223 Kobe Bryant Signed Lakers T-Shirt -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
224 Brian Piccolo Signed 8'' x 10'' Photo -- Inscribed to a Wake Forest Teammate -- With PSA/DNA COA PASS
225 Lot of Programs From Arthur Ashe's Funeral PASS
227 Harvey Firestone Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''Men and Rubber'' -- Firestone Also Writes About His Famous Camping Trips with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford PASS
228 Bill Gates Signed Photo -- Uninscribed 700
229 Bill Gates Signed Photo 700
230 Calamity Jane Cabinet Card Photograph -- Measures 4.25'' x 6.5'' 4000
231 Harry Houdini Twice-Signed First Edition of His Book ''The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin'' -- ''...This is the first authentic book on the subject magicians and magic...'' PASS
232 Florence Nightingale First U.S. Edition of ''Notes on Nursing'' Published 1860 PASS