Incredible First Draft of Lee Harvey Oswald's Death Certificate -- Signed by His Brother Robert Oswald as Next of Kin -- With "Shot by Jack Rubenstein" Crossed Out

Document Signed

One of a kind, museum-worthy piece related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This first draft of Lee Harvey Oswald's death certificate is signed by Robert L. Oswald as the relative who was notified of the death, and by Funeral Director Paul Groody, with both signatures required by Texas law. Upon taking the document to the county registrar's office, however, the Justice of the Peace mistakenly wrote "Shot by Jack Rubenstein" under the section of "Describe How Injury Occurred." As Jack Ruby had not yet been tried for Oswald's fatal shooting, he was told of his error and crossed out this part, but then decided to write up a new death certificate. This "first draft" copy was thus never filed (the "second draft" death certificate is, of course, housed with the state of Texas and is not available for private ownership). Original 9.25" x 7.5" document is filled in on both sides in black and blue ink with details of Lee Harvey Oswald's death including the immediate cause of death, how long he lived after being shot, the exact time and place of death, whether an autopsy was performed, etc. It also lists Oswald's vital statistics such as social security number, address, age, race and occupation. Filled out on both front and verso, with most of the information, including signatures and crossed-out part, on the front. In very good condition with very light wrinkling along the center fold, and light soiling to verso. Accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity from Allen Baumgardner, the current Director of the funeral home that buried Oswald, and who assisted at Oswald's embalming and burial.

This item sold in 2010 for $49,374