2012 Olympics Torch Price

London 2012 Olympics Torch Auctions for $3,442 at Auctions

FREE APPRAISAL. To auction, buy, consign or sell a 2012 Olympics torch, please see, contact or call the Nate D. Sanders Auctions office at (310) 440-2982.
2012 Olympics Torch
A London 2012 Olympics torch is one of the most popular Olympic torches right now.  It sells for more than most of the other modern ones because it is so new.  We at Auctions were lucky to have a 2012 Olympics torch with an Olympics tracksuit and…

The Apollo 11 Robbins Medal is Not the Rarest; But it is the Most Desirable and up to $42,000 Each

To auction, buy, consign or sell an Apollo 11 Robbins Medal for $32,500 or more, please contact or call (310) 440-2982.
Apollo 11 Robbins Medal
An Apollo 11 Robbins medal is not the rarest Robbins medal flown to the moon.  That distinction goes to the only 80 medals flown to the moon by the Apollo 17 astronauts; the last flight to the lunar surface.  However, given the popularity of Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong, the Apollo 11 Robbins medal has achieved big bucks her…

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