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Original Nobel Prize Auction on February 26th!

Nate D. Sanders is honored to announce that we will have a Nobel Prize auction by auctioning off the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences, awarded to economist Simon Kuznets in 1971.
Nobel Prize Auction
Long recognized as one of the most influential economists of all time, Kuznets was awarded the prize in 1971 for the creation of the Kuznets curve, which posits, in beautiful simplicity:  as countries develop their economies and income rises, there is a sharp increase in income inequality,…

Exceptional And Rare Abraham Lincoln Signed CDV Sells for $49,913 at January Auction

An exceptional and rare Abraham Lincoln signed CDV sold for close to $50,000 in Nate D. Sanders’ January 29th auction.
Abraham Lincoln Signed CDV
Lincoln’s legend is widely known, and he remains one of our most beloved Presidents. Items personally owned or signed by Lincoln are highly sought after, and while there are many carte de visite’s of the President in existence, they are rarely signed by the President.

The photograph was taken early on in Lincoln’s presidency in 1861 by Whit…

Olympic Medal Auction Sells All 7 Olympic Medals in Nate D. Sanders January Auction

If you would like to buy, consign or sell to our next Olympic medal auction, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.  No one has achieved higher prices realized for Olympic medals than us.
Olympic Medal Auction
Proving that interest in Olympic Memorabilia remains high, Nate D. Sanders Olympic medal auction sold seven Olympic medals in its January auction. Up for auction were seven beautiful medals won by participants in several Olympic games from 1912 to 1976.  All of…

Michael Jackson Thriller Auction at Nate D. Sanders

The Michael Jackson Thriller Auction has begun.  Nate D. Sanders Auctions will be selling the contract Michael Jackson signed for his iconic “Thriller” video in its February auction. The music video is so famous, it is the only music video that is in the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress, which recognizes the most important films of all time. The video is more short film than music video, clocking in at 13 1/2 minutes long, and featuring some of the most classic dance moves…

Nate D. Sanders Is The Place For Charles Addams Art

If you would like to buy, consign or sell to our next Charles Addams art auction, please contact Nate@NateDSanders.com or (310) 440-2982.
Charles Addams Art

We at Nate D. Sanders have been very lucky to have some exciting artwork come our way over the past few months. One of the most notable artists’ work we have lately been associated with is “Addams Family” creator Charles Addams. Charles Addams art was truly visionary, and his creepily humorous series “Addams Family” is firmly…

Grammy Award Won at First Grammy’s Nets $62,500 at Nate’s Grammy Auction

To buy, consign or sell in our Grammy auction, please email Nate@NateDSanders.com or call (310) 440-2982.  Our Grammy auction yields the highest prices for your Grammy or other music memorabilia.
Grammy Auction
We just wanted to let you all know that we felt very privileged to have the opportunity to auction off the infamous Grammy that grunge rock group Pearl Jam won in 1996, the only Grammy award the band ever won at our past Grammy auction. Grammy awards are very scarce and highly sought…


One of the greatest Oscars to ever go on sale, won by one of America’s most beloved actors, is in our November 20th, 2014 auction. It is James Cagney’s lone Academy award, won for his sensational performance as George M. Cohan in the 1942 classic film “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. Cagney is quite simply breathtaking in the movie, and very few actors have been able to break type as successfully and astonishingly as Cagney does in this delightfu…

Lot Of Fascinating Museum Quality G.I. Joe Memorabilia Including Prototypes Up For Sale For October 30th Auction

G.I. Joe Memorabilia
“Rare” and “One of a Kind” are not words we throw around lightly here at Nate D. Sanders Auctions. We try very hard to reserve those hallowed words for pieces that truly fit that description. We can confidently call the “G.I. Joe” prototypes we are putting up for auction on October 30th “rare” and “one of a kind” because that really is what they are. Nate D. Sanders Auctions is excited to announce that we will be auctioning off several museum quality G.I. Joe prototypes…

Exceptional Collection of King Tut Items Up For Auction — Illuminating the Politically Fraught Backdrop of the Excavation with Howard Carter

Buried deep in the Valley of the Kings is a lesser-known story relating to the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, the only intact royal tomb in history – that of the behind-the-scenes clashing between various factions – Howard Carter, the archaeologists, conservationists, Egyptian government officials, and on, and on.


What started as an archaeological adventure quickly turned political, legal, even nasty.

The treasures in King Tut’s tomb quickly became a…

Gemini Flight Data Recorder Up For Auction

Gemini Flight Data Recorder
Project Gemini remains one of the most important NASA programs in space history, as it helped develop travel techniques later utilized in each of the Apollo missions.

We have in our current auction a very rare Gemini Flight Data Recorder. 

Each of the Gemini flights was launched by Titan II launch vehicles. There were two unmanned Gemini flights in 1964 and 1965, followed by ten manned flights in 1965 and 1966.

The project’s objectives were met…

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