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Did You Know that the John Adams Autograph Can be More Valuable Than a Thomas Jefferson Autograph?

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Please let us know if you have a John Adams autograph for sale. Top dollar obtained for…

Henry VIII Autograph FREE APPRAISAL at Nate D. Sanders Auctions

FREE APPRAISAL FOR YOUR HENRY VIII AUTOGRAPH.  One of the most expensive autographs, bought in force by American and other worldwide collectors, is not an American President as you might expect, but the ruthless 16th century English monarch from the House of Tudor named Henry VIII.  Here at, we have sold 3 Henry VIII autograph in the last three years totaling $130,000 for the trio.  Generally, these days a Henry VIII autograph sells for around $20,000.  Please ema…

On the Assassination’s 53rd Anniversary, Remembering the Most Talked About John F. Kennedy Memorabilia Auction

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John F. Kennedy Memorabilia
Here is the story on famous John F. Kennedy Memorabilia Auction Related to His Assassination:

It all started when Nate Sanders got a phone call from a co-owner of a funeral home in Fort…

Napoleon III Historical Memorabilia — Dinner Is Served with the Main Bonaparte

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As the imperious nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte staged a coup in 1851 to become the sole ruler of France, Napoleon III. He became emperor of France from 1852 to 1870 with a marked downfall during the Franco-Prussian War, when his efforts to…

Napoleon Memorabilia Sells for Over $80,000 at Nate D. Sanders Auctions

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Napoleon Memorabilia
We at Auctions, specialize in the sale of Napoleon letters signed and Napoleon memorabilia.  A few years back, we were able to achieve some record prices for Napoleon III’s china service.
In the center…

Abraham Lincoln Memorabilia: A Presidential Visionary With Vision Problems

FREE VALUATION. When you are looking to buy, consign or sell Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, Abraham Lincoln autographs & letters or Presidential memorabilia, please go to or email [email protected] The Nate D. Sanders Auction House can also be reached at (310) 440-2982.
Abraham Lincoln Memorabilia
Many American Presidents have had a vision for their country — with a literal vision problem. Lincoln was one of the nation’s Presidential four eyes, and we’r…

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