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Sell Your Archie Comics #1 Comic Book for up to Nearly $200,000 or More at Nate D. Sanders Auctions

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Sell Your Archie Comics #1 comic book

Below is a recent realized price for a Archie Comics #1 comic book. We at Nate D. Sanders Auctions can obtain up to these amounts or more for you:

Archie Comics #1 comic book. Sold for nearly $200,000.

Archie Comics #1 comic book
Archie Comics #1 comic book

Nate D. Sanders Auctions has sold the following items:

”Prince Valiant” Sunday Artwork by Hal Foster From 1939 — Perhaps the Most Recognizable Artwork by Hal Foster From ”Prince Valiant”, the Majestic Andelkrag Castle

One of the greatest pieces of artwork by Hal Foster Prince Valiant comic art in his career, the original artwork for the 120th “Prince Valiant” Sunday comic strip from 28 May 1939. In this instantly recognizable piece — featured on the cover of Fantagraphics’ “Prince Valiant Vol. 2: 1939-1940” and in numerous “Prince Valiant” publications — Val sees the foreboding castle of Andelkrag in person, surrounded by Huns as they prepare to attack it. The six panel strip measures 26″ x 34.5″, (the large Andelkrag panel measures 17″ x 21″ by itself), with incredible detail showing the seemingly impregnable fortress, the mountains behind it, the flames roiling up aside it and Prince Valiant standing upon a hillside, gazing at its beauty and enormity. In this strip, Val makes his approach and plunges into the river moat at darkness, to find a fire-raft built by the Huns in order to destroy Andelkrag’s bridge. As Prince Valiant destroys their handiwork, the Huns vow revenge in return. Artwork is signed by Foster on the second panel, inscribed to “Edward W. Larson / with friendly greetings / Hal Foster”. With King Features Syndicate, Inc. label on fifth panel, with 1939 copyright. The date of 28 May 1939 appears on the fourth panel, along with “120”, the number of this Prince Valiant strip in the life of the series. Artwork is mounted to board and matted to a size of 33″ x 41.5″, with matting strips separating the panels. With minute amount of soiling, artwork is in near fine condition. Accompanied by the color newsprint of this artwork and two “Prince Valiant” books featuring this strip.  An amazing Hal Foster Prince Valiant comic art.  Sold for $70,461.

Archie Comics #1 comic book
”Prince Valiant” Sunday Artwork by Hal Foster From 1939. Click to enlarge.–

Robert Crumb Original Cover Art for Volume 6 of ”The Complete Crumb Comics” Entitled ”On the Crest of a Wave”

Incredible Robert Crumb original cover art for ”The Complete Crumb Comics”, Volume 6 entitled ”On the Crest of a Wave”, published by Fantagraphic Books in 1991. This fantastic example of original Crumb artwork shows Crumb himself riding the crest of a wave of flesh and humanity, populated with familiar faces from 1960s counterculture, including Jerry Garcia. This piece served as the cover for Volume 6 of a 17 volume exhaustive series of Crumb’s artistic output, with Vol. 6 documenting approximately two years from the late 1960s into the early 1970s. Ink on illustration board, cover measures 13” x 17” with ”The Complete Crumb Comics” header affixed; artwork alone measures 10” x 13”. Artwork is affixed at the top to the backing mat by two pieces of tape, measuring 16” x 20” with mat. Near fine condition. Sold for $41,250.

Archie Comics #1 comic book
Robert Crumb Original Cover Art for Volume 6 of ”The Complete Crumb Comics” Entitled ”On the Crest of a Wave”. Click to enlarge.

Charles Schulz Snoopy Red Baron Comic Strip Art — Appeared on New Years Day 1967 — Snoopy Confronts His Nemesis “The Red Baron”

Very scarce and desirable “Red Baron” Peanuts comic strip, hand-drawn by Charles Schulz. Appearing Sunday, 1 January 1967 and featuring Snoopy and Charlie Brown, this 15-panel strip is one of only eight “Peanuts” Sunday strips to run on New Years day. Strip features Snoopy as the Flying Ace, comically fantasizing about shooting down his WWI nemesis, the “Red Baron”. Tired of Snoopy’s ruckus, the European tavern owner in Snoopy’s dreams unceremoniously kicks him out of his doghouse in the pouring rain. Luckily, he always has Charlie Brown, with whom he reigns in the New Year. United Feature Syndicate label appears on second to last panel. 22.5″ x 15.5″ strip is matted to an overall size of 29.75″ x 22.5″. Very light creasing. Near fine.  Sold for $60,000.

Archie Comics #1 comic book
Red Baron “Peanuts” Sunday Comic Strip — Appeared on New Years Day 1967 — Snoopy Confronts His Nemesis “The Red Baron”

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