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Sell Your Joseph Henry Sharp Art for up to $200,000 or More at Nate D. Sanders Auctions

FREE APPRAISAL.  To appraise, auction, buy, consign or sell your Joseph Henry Sharp art that is for sale for up to $200,000 or more, please email your description and photos to [email protected] of Nate D. Sanders Auctions (http://www.NateDSanders.com).

Sell Your Joseph Henry Sharp Art

Joseph Henry Sharp Painting

Joseph Henry Sharp was an American painter and a founding member of the Taos Society of Artists. He painted American Indian portraits and cultural life, as well as Western landscapes.  Here is a piece of Joseph Henry Sharp art actual price realized, and we can get up to this price for you or more at our Nate D. Sanders Auction House:

Joseph Henry Sharp painting

Joseph Henry Sharp created a painting of a Taos Indian with oil on canvas. We here at Nate  D. Sanders Auction House in Los Angeles are looking to obtain an original piece of Joseph Henry Sharp art. We can obtain from nearly $40,000 up to $200,000+ for you or more. Please email a description of your Joseph Henry Sharp art and images of your Joseph Henry Sharp art to us at [email protected]

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Here are some recent items that our auction house, Nate D. Sanders (http://www.NateDSanders.com) has sold:

Norman Rockwell Oil on Canvas Painting of Richard Nixon — The National Portrait Gallery Study for ”Mr. President (Richard Nixon)”, Painted in 1968

Norman Rockwell oil on canvas painting of Richard Nixon, signed ”Norman / Rockwell” at lower right. Painting is the study for ”Mr. President (Richard Nixon)”, which resides in the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, and was published in the 4 February 1969 issue of ”Look” magazine, captioned ”Weighed, yet buoyed, by the American past and present, Richard M. Nixon, 37th President, faces the future in this Rockwell portrait”.

Rockwell painted this study in late 1968 of then President-Elect Richard Nixon, a man whose portrait he found ”elusive” but whose features here are unmistakenly Nixon, revealing at the same time both the guardedness and warmth of the 37th President. As the premiere portraitist of the 20th century, one would expect no less from Rockwell. Oil on canvas measures 14” x 11”. Provenance is from Judy Goffman Fine Art of New York, and then subsequently the Charles E. Sigety Collection. Exhibited at the Mississippi Museum of Art in ”Norman Rockwell: The Great American Storyteller” from 2 March-15 May 1988, no. 64. Painting is in very good condition, with a stretcher bar mark along upper edge. Wax lined, with no inpainting. Sold for $125,000.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Norman Rockwell Oil on Canvas Painting of Richard Nixon. Click to enlarge

Jessie Willcox Smith Original Cover Art for ”Good Housekeeping” From November 1920 Entitled ”We Give Thee Thanks”

Beloved American illustrator, Jessie Willcox Smith original cover art for the November 1920 issue of ”Good Housekeeping” as well as the April 1922 issue of the UK edition, entitled ”We Give Thee Thanks”. Mixed media on illustration board measures 18.25” x 19”, showing two children praying before their meal. Signed ”Jessie Willcox Smith” at lower right. Artwork is one of Willcox Smith’s most memorable pieces, with limited edition lithographs even being made of it, a quintessential example of her work featuring two gently postured children in a moment of gratitude and familial warmth.

Jessie Willcox Smith was the exclusive cover artist for ”Good Housekeeping” from 1917-1933, and was the second woman inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame, followed shortly thereafter by Elizabeth Shippen Green and Violet Oakley, fellow members of the Red Rose Girls, a group of female artists who flourished during the Golden Age of Illustration. Very good condition with no restoration apparent under blacklight. Artwork was given to Anne Champe Orr, the needlework editor for ”Good Housekeeping”, and then by descent to consignor. Sold for $82,500.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Jessie Willcox Smith Original Cover Art for ”Good Housekeeping” From November 1920 Entitled ”We Give Thee Thanks”. Click to enlarge.

Auction your Joseph Henry Sharp art at Nate D. Sanders Auctions. Send a description and images of your Joseph Henry Sharp art to us at [email protected].

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Drawing — Portrait of a Young Girl ”Fillette”

French Impressionist master Pierre-Auguste Renoir drawing, pen and ink with ink wash of a young girl with a hat, entitled ”Fillette”. The drawing, created circa 1882, is signed with the initial, ”R”. Renoir, who had been painting Parisian scenes for many years, saw his fame take off when, along with other Impressionist painters, including Monet, Degas and Cezanne, his work was represented in the first Impressionist Exhibition in 1874. He painted scenes of people at work and play, often painting women and girls. He was known for his free brush strokes and the warm sensuality present in the light and color of his palette. Two of Renoir’s most famous paintings, ”Luncheon of the Boating Party” and ”Girl With a Hoop”, were completed during the early 1880’s when this drawing was made. The drawing, measuring 5.5” x 7.75”, is in fine condition. With provenance from Sotheby’s. Also featured in: (1) page 171, Vol. II of ”Pastels & Drawings of Pierre-Auguste Renoir” by Ambroise Vollard. Paris: 1918; (2) page 568, Vol. II of ”Renoir. Catalogue Raisonne of the Paintings, Pastels, Drawings and Watercolours 1882-1894” by Guy-Patrice & Michel Dauberville. Paris: 2009. Superb Renoir drawing.  Sold for $65,959.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Drawing — Portrait of a Young Girl ”Fillette”

Dean Ellis Painting Commissioned for the Cover of Ray Bradbury’s Book ”The Illustrated Man” — From the Bradbury Estate

Artist Dean Ellis original ”Red Illustrated Man” painting commissioned for the cover art of Ray Bradbury’s ”The Illustrated Man”. Ellis’ depiction was used for the cover of the Bantam Books 1969 paperback edition of ”The Illustrated Man”. Composed in casein on illustration board. Painting measures 17” x 26.5” and is framed to an overall size of 26” x 35”. Near fine condition. With a COA from the Ray Bradbury estate. Sold for $45,894.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Dean Ellis Painting Commissioned for the Cover of Ray Bradbury’s Book ”The Illustrated Man”. Click to enlarge.

Consign your Joseph Henry Sharp art at Nate D. Sanders Auctions. Send a description and images of your Joseph Henry Sharp art to us at [email protected].

Rembrandt Peale’s Painting of “Napoleon”

1812 portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte Rembrandt Peale painting, noted American Neoclassical painter and son of acclaimed artist Charles Willson Peale. Painted by the famed portrait artist who captured the likenesses of nearly all of the important statesmen of the 18th century, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This compelling 22.5″ x 27.5″ oil on canvas comes with a fascinating backstory. Since Bonaparte was unwilling to sit for any artists, Peale spent hours sketching the Emperor on public occasions, such as during the procession of deputies in the Champ de Mars where Bonaparte sat still for hours on end. Contrary to the famously romanticized, larger than life interpretations of the French dictator by such artists as Jacques-Louis David, here Peale offers a very human-scale Bonaparte. Peale employs a palette of muted burgundies and blacks, soft lighting and an echo of the background wine-colored drapery in Bonaparte’s scarf. Painting comes with a transcript of the letter Peale gave to artist Thomas Hollingsworth Morris, original owner of the portrait, datelined Philadelphia, 26 January 1858. Letter reads as follows: “Dear Sir, The Portrait you allude to, is an Original Study of the Head of Napoleon Bonaparte, which I made in Paris, in the Year 1812 (not when he was 1st Consul)–but Emperor). It was the result of many paintings, after seeing him at Reviews & other occasions – for he had decided never to sit to any Artist, after the design to assassinate him by Cerachi [sic] the Sculptor who was making a Bust of him–The same Cerachi who was in this Country & made a Bust of our Washington, which is more like Cerachi himself than like Washington. He was guilliotined [sic]. This Head, the effort of repeated Memories, David the Emperor’s Painter thought a good likeness. I am sorry you did not subscribe your address, as I should like to see this Portrait again when I visit Baltimore. Respectfully Yours, Rembrandt Peale (signed).” An excellent portrait of the legendary military genius by an American master portraitist. Excellent Rembrandt Peale painting. Sold for $32,000.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Rembrandt Peale’s Painting of “Napoleon”. Click to enlarge.

Thomas Hart Benton Oil Painting on Paper — “Construction Workers” — Circa 1923

Thomas Hart Benton oil painting entitled “Construction Workers”. 9″ x 6.75″ oil on paper, circa 1923. Benton, a leader of the regionalist movement, was a muralist, social critic and teacher of other artists, including Jackson Pollock. His subject matter honored everyday American life, often ordinary people, such as these workers, in the throes of hard work. Provenance: William Neuse, New York (acquired directly from the artist).  Sold for $20,900.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Thomas Hart Benton Oil Painting on Paper — “Construction Workers” — Circa 1923

Guy Carleton Wiggins Painting of New York City in Winter

Guy Carleton Wiggins painting in his quintessential style of New York City in winter. Entitled ”Snow Storm at The Plaza”, oil on canvas board is signed ”Guy Wiggins NA” at lower right. Also signed and titled on the reverse. Measures 16” x 11.75”, in an early frame measuring 16” x 20”. No restoration. An excellent example of Wiggins’ impressionistic work, in very good condition. Sold for $20,000.

Guy Carleton Wiggins Painting of New York City in Winter. Click to enlarge.

Auction your Joseph Henry Sharp art at Nate D. Sanders Auctions. Send a description and images of your Joseph Henry Sharp art to us at [email protected].

Antonio Jacobsen Painting

Antonio Jacobsen’s oil on canvas, “The Vaderland.” The 1909 maritime painting by Danish-born American artist Antonio Nicolo Gasparo Jacobsen, depicts a realistic steamship in black with red trim, cutting across choppy ocean waves. The tormented sky behind the cruising vessel, depicted in an array of moody blues and greys, swirls with dark clouds as violent and ominous as the icy black & grey ocean waves in the foreground. Jacobsen’s eye for ship detail established him as the premier nautical artist of his day. An American folk art hero born in Copenhagen in 1850, Jacobsen’s works reflect the history of domestic and international ships. A prolific painter and creator of some 6,000 paintings, Jacobsen came from a long line of Danish violin-makers. He left his family in Denmark and arrived in New York in the early 1870’s. Like many immigrants, Jacobsen went to New York City’s Battery Park seeking work, and passed his days sketching ships that sailed in and out of the harbor. A representative from Marvin Safe Company noticed his drawings and offered him a job decorating safes. Jacobsen’s detailed artwork, drenched with his personal passion for nautical subjects, led to commissions from sea captains and ship owners and, inevitably, steamship companies to document their entire fleet. The Old Dominion Line, The Fall River Line and The White Star Line are among the steamship companies that commissioned Jacobsen to paint portraits of their sea vessels. Jacobsen died in Newark, NJ in 1921. Portrait measures 36″ x 22″ (41.5″ x 27.5″ with frame) and shows very light wear along right edge, not noticeable except upon close inspection. A beautiful and foreboding image by one of the most sought-after nautical portraitists in American art.  Sold for $13,771.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Antonio Jacobsen’s oil on canvas, “The Vaderland.”

Marjorie Reed Western Landscape

Marjorie Reed original landscape painting. Oil on canvas, signed to lower right. Measures 24″ x 20″; 29″ x 25″ framed. Marjorie Reed was born in 1915, the daughter of artist Walter Reed, an illustrator for Walt Disney. She was raised in Los Angeles, but from a young age yearned for the life of the country. After attending the Chouinart Art School and the Art Center school in Los Angeles, she found her most significant tutelage with renowned California landscape artist Jack Wilkinson Smith. She moved dozens of times throughout her adult life, living primarily in Arizona and Southern California. Her paintings often feature stagecoaches, cowboys, horses and other iconography of the west. Horses were a particular passion of Reed’s, an interest she traced to her girlhood dream of living on a ranch. In this painting, she depicts a placid scene of a Native American couple on a pack mule in the midst of a sprawling desert. Light general soiling to canvas. Excellent condition. Sold for $3,267.

Joseph Henry Sharp art
Marjorie Reed Western Landscape. Click to enlarge.

FREE APPRAISAL. To buy, auction, sell or consign your Joseph Henry Sharp art that is for sale, please email your description and photos to [email protected] of Nate D. Sanders Auctions (http://www.NateDSanders.com).

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