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Here are some Vietnam War autographs that we sold in the past:

Book of Autographs of Almost All the Vietnam War Players

Museum-worthy collection of signatures by American politicians, military leaders, opinion makers, CIA operatives and diplomats who, together, formed and executed U.S. policy in Vietnam during the 1960’s. These 1,100+ signatures are contained in the official logbook of Admiral Ulysses Simpson Grant Sharp, Jr., Commander in Chief of the Pacific Command (CINCPAC), whose headquarters in Honolulu required all guests — even the President, who noted his “Duty Station” as Washington, D.C. — to sign-in and list their titles in the book, embossed in gilt on the cover, “Commander-in-Chief / Pacific / Guest Log”. These signatures, gathered contemporaneously during Sharp’s command from 1964 to 1968, provide a window into Vietnam policy as it was being formulated, giving the date of each visitor as well as their name and “Title or Duty Station”. The guestbook immediately portends future events in Vietnam, with the first page listing visitors in July-August 1964, amidst naval attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin that precipitated the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which dramatically escalated U.S. involvement in the War. During the next four years — with 29 July 1968 as the last entry in the logbook, public opinion had tumultuously turned against the war that had then claimed over 35,000 U.S. lives. During this four year period, here are some of the notables who visited the Pacific Command Center and signed the book: (1) President Lyndon B. Johnson in April 1968, shortly after announcing that he would not seek re-election; (2) President Richard Nixon who visited and signed the book twice, the first in August 1966 and the second in April 1967, both times writing “USNR” (U.S. Navy Retired) after his name; (3) General William Westmoreland, Commander of U.S. military operations in Vietnam; (4) General Creighton Abrams who succeeded Westmoreland in 1968; (5) Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara; (6) General Omar Bradley (who served on LBJ’s “Wise Men” advisory board during Vietnam); (7) General Maxwell Taylor who served as Ambassador to Vietnam in 1964; (8) General Curtis LeMay who memorably advised Vietnam to stop its aggression or “we’re going to bomb them back into the Stone Age”; (9) CIA’s Sherman Kent, “the father of intelligence analysis”; (10) Henry Luce, Editor of Time Magazine who featured Admiral Sharp on its cover immediately after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident; (11) Vice President Hubert Humphrey; (12) Laos Ambassador William Sullivan, whom Westmoreland accused of hampering the war effort; (13) General Vang Pao, Commander of the CIA-trained “Secret Army”; (14) John Singlaub, founding member of the CIA who wrote after his name, “New Chief, SOG, USMACV”, the Special Ops force that conducted covert operations in Vietnam; (15) Dickey Chapelle, photojournalist who lost her life in Vietnam; (17) General Edward Lansdale of the OSS and CIA; (18) Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt, who died while swimming in 1967; (19) General Ira Eaker; (20) CIA agent Lloyd Lauderdale who developed the first advanced signals satellite; (21) Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos; (22) CIA agent William Colby, architect of the infamous Phoenix Program in Vietnam; (23) Ray Cline, Directorate of Intelligence for the CIA; (24) General Harry Kinnard, who pioneered the method of sending troops into battle using helicopters; (25) General Holland “Howlin Mad” Smith of Iwo Jima fame and the father of modern amphibious warfare. In addition to these names, the 1,100+ more include USMC Commandant Wallace Green; Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chief of Naval Operations; General Joseph Nazzaro, CIC Strategic Air Command; General Earle Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; General Lewis Walt; General Lowell English (noted for his role in the defense of Khe Sanh); Raymond Burr of “Perry Mason” fame, along with Senators, Congressman, and various Generals, Admirals, politicians and diplomats from the SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) countries. Large blue leather logbook is in very good condition and measures 12.5″ x 14.5″, with gilt titling and satin moire endpapers. Pages run chronologically with the earliest appearing at the end of the book. Lot also includes two 14″ x 11″ photos of Admiral Sharp and his wife meeting President Johnson and Lady Bird at the Honolulu airport. A truly outstanding piece from America’s most controversial war. Sold for $8,880.

Vietnam War autographs
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