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Auction your Apollo Hasselblad Camera for up to over $40,000 & 0%

FREE APPRAISAL for your Apollo Hasselblad camera.  EMAIL Nate@NateDSanders.com for your valuation up to $40,000 or more plus your opportunity to auction your Apollo Hasselblad camera for a 0% seller’s commission.  You may also call our Nate D. Sanders Auction House (http://www.NateDSanders.com) at (310) 440-2982.

Apollo Hasselblad Camera

Recently, an Apollo Hasselblad camera sold for over $40,000 at auction.  At Nate D. Sanders Auction House (http://www.NateDSanders.com), we can obtain up to $40,000 or more for your Apollo Hasselblad camera and offer you 0% seller’s commission, the best auction rate in the auction business.  We have a huge history of selling original Mercury, Gemini & Apollo memorabilia and here is a recent USA Today article illustrating that:

Astronaut John Glenn’s orbit the Earth in-flight instructions fetch $67,000


Astronaut John Glenn’s in-flight instructions from his historic 1962 mission around Earth fetched nearly $67,000 at auction in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Glenn used the instructions aboard the Friendship 7 spacecraft on his Mercury- Atlas 6 mission when he became the first American astronaut to orbit Earth. The instructions include a flight plan that detailed celestial bodies and geographical landmarks so he could track his position during the nearly five-hour mission. The astronaut executed tasks on a check-list that directed when he should take photos, put on his helmet and exercise.

Robert Pearlman, editor of collectspace.com, a website dedicated to space history and artifacts, wasn’t surprised to see the memento garner such a high price because so few objects flew on the Friendship 7 spacecraft. The craft was so small, Glenn couldn’t bring much with him, he said.

Glenn originally gave the instructions as a thank-you gift to a member of the underwater demolition team, Richard Dunham, who helped retrieve the astronaut after the spacecraft splash-landed into the ocean. Dunham gave the flight documents to U.S. Navy veteran Justin C. Pollard.


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