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Apollo Flown Pen

An Apollo flown pen is very rare because you would think that not many would have been kept.  A few years back, we sold the estate of Apollo 13 astronaut, Jack Swigert, and included in the estate, was an Apollo flown pen.  Here is the description, picture and price realized:

Apollo 13 Flown Pen, Space Silver Pen Owned By Jack Swigert


Apollo 13 flown space pen personally owned by Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert. The crew endured incredible circumstances after launching 11 April 1970, when two days later, they were forced into an emergency turn-around before ever reaching the moon. Fortunately the astronauts expertly improvised a repair to the spacecraft and narrowly escaped disaster, ultimately returning safely to Earth. Silver mechanical pencil still works and has original graphite intact. With ”SEB 12100081-301” and ”S/N 2015” engraved in black to side of pen. Measures 5” with tiny piece of velcro taped to top. Near fine. With an LOA from Swigert’s sister attesting that it is Apollo 13 flown.   Sold for $10,313.

Apollo Flown Pencil Apollo Flown Pen

Apollo 13 Flown Space Silver Pen Owned By Jack Swigert

To auction, buy or sell an Apollo flown pen, please call Nate D. Sanders at (310) 440-2982 or email Nate@NateDSanders.com.


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