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Nuremberg Chronicle 1st Edition Wanted at 0% Commission

FREE ESTIMATE. To auction, buy, consign or sell your Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition for at least $50,000 by Hartmann Schedel aka Liber Chronicarum (Book of Chronicles 1st Edition) aka Die Schedelsche Weltchronik (Schedel’s World History) for the highest prices realized in the industry, please contact Nate D. Sanders at (310) 440-2982 or email him at Nate@NateDSanders.com.  We at NateDSanders.com offer 0% commission on your Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition that should save you thousands of dollars over our competitors.  Plus, interest-free cash advances where the competitors all charge you a lot.  They also charge you a 1% up front loan fee that we don’t have!  We will also grant you a high reserve which no other auction house will let you do as well.  Free FedEx pickup, free insurance and free FedEx shipping to our auction house in Los Angeles from Asia, Europe or US.  Please contact us for a free appraisal of your Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition.

Nuremberg Chronicle 1st Edition Wanted at 0% Commission

We all know the history of the famous Nuremberg Chronicle but do we know how much the fabled 15th century Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition by Hartmann Schedel is worth? Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition auction prices have been all over the place for decades and we’d like to document them below.  By the way, we can obtain up to at least $50,000 for you for your Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition and charge you 0% commission.  Contact us today at Nate@NateDSanders.com.

2017 — Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition:  $62,500

2015 — Nuremberg Chronicle 1st edition: $48,000, $38,000, $34,362 and $24,000

Incredibly, by the number of volumes that sold in 2015, we can see that a book from 1493 is not rare.  Thus, the prices are low compared to other important books from yesteryear (example: a Christopher Columbus from after this book is worth up to $750,000).  See the Robb Report article below regarding our auction house’s auctioning of this book:

Rare 1494 Christopher Columbus Book Detailing Discovery of New World to be Auctioned

Rare 1494 Christopher Columbus Book Detailing Discovery of New World to be Auctioned

The book contains a letter that Columbus penned about the people and places he discovered on his first journey to the New World…

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