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Alice in Wonderland Signed Book by Lewis Carroll in Full at Auction in 2018 at Nate’s

To auction, buy, consign or sell your Lewis Carroll autograph aka Charles Dodgson autograph or an Alice in Wonderland signed book, please write Nate@NateDSanders.com or phone our auction company, The Nate D. Sanders Auction House in Los Angeles at (310) 440-2982.  Thank you.

Alice in Wonderland Signed Book

It is rare to find an Alice in Wonderland signed book and when Lewis Carroll did make an Alice in Wonderland signed book, he would usually signed it “By the Author.”  In the Nate D. Sanders 2018 auction, we have a rare Alice in Wonderland signed book.  Take a look:

Alice in Wonderland Signed Book — Lewis Carroll Autograph Poem Signed in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” — Carroll Cleverly Composes an Acrostic Poem Where the First Letter of Each Line Reveals a Message

Original Lewis Carroll autograph poem signed by Lewis Carroll, dedicated to the sister of an “Alice” who died in infancy. Carroll composes the tender poem inside a presentation copy of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (London: MacMillan and Co., 1874), inscribed on the half-title page in Carroll’s signature purple ink, “Presented to Jessie Howard Clark, in remembrance of her sister Alice, by the Author / July 15, 1875”. Young Jessie lived in Australia which served as the basis for the poem, alongside the themes of death and the connected experience of childhood across the world. The poem is additionally constructed so that the letters of the first words of each line form the recipient’s name, “Jessie Howard Clark”. Written on the page opposite the table of contents, poem reads in full,

“Just half a world to travel o’er,
E’re this may reach its Southern home:
Such waters wide between us roare
So many a league of barren foam.

In vain the trackless interspace –
England’s white ships can cleave the flood,
Hailing as brethren every race
Of English speech & English blood.

Wherever English childhood dwells
‘Alice’ may hope to find a band
Ready to listen while she tells
Dreams of the shadowy ‘Wonderland.’

Child-friend, whom I shall never see!
Let me in fancy feel thee nigh,
And trust in other lands to be
Remembered as the years go by –
Kind thoughts will live, though we may die.

Lewis Carroll
July 15, 1875.”

Jessie’s father was author John Howard Clark, who originally wrote Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, regarding his own book “Bertie and the Bullfrogs”, inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Upon learning that Clark had a daughter Alice who died in infancy, Carroll kindly composed this poem and gifted it to Clark’s other daughter Jessie. Book measures 5″ x 7.25″, bound in publisher’s red boards with gilt titling. With original black endpapers and all edges gilt. Separation starting to front and rear joints, and scuffing to boards. Interior is clean, including manuscript pages. Overall in very good condition, with a dramatic presentation.  Very rare Alice in Wonderland signed book.

Alice in Wonderland Signed Book

Charles Dodgson Autograph Manuscript Acrostic Poem Signed Lewis Carroll. Click to enlarge.

Minimum bid $40,000

We also have a Lewis Carroll autograph letter signed with both of his names and regarding his two classic novels:

Dual-Signed Autograph Letter by “Charles L. Dodgson / alias ‘Lewis Carroll autograph'”, With Alice & Looking Glass Content: “…They were inspired originally by an ‘Alice’, now a grown woman…”

Excellent Lewis Carroll autograph letter signed, who signs with both his real name, “Charles Dodgson”, and also with his “‘nom de plume'”, the “alias Lewis Carroll autograph”. Carroll writes from Christ Church, Oxford on 13 November 1874, regarding his famous protagonist Alice and his books “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass”. With heart-felt content, Carroll responds enthusiastically to a man from Australia, whose children are enjoying the books. Letter reads in full, “My dear Sir, I take much blame to myself for having left un-acknowledged, for more than seven months, your letter & the accompanying copies of your little book ‘Bertie,’ & of the ‘Adelaide Observer’. As to the story, I take it as a great compliment that you should have chosen ‘Alice’s Adventures’ as a model for imitation, & am only sorry that your skill & your time should have been given to so humble a task, instead of taking, as I do not doubt you would succeed even better in, a line of your own. / It is, I assure you, a source of real pleasure to me, who am a great lover of the race of children, to know that my little books are liked by so many, & in so many distant lands. They were inspired originally by an ‘Alice’, now a grown woman, & I have given away many copies since to other ‘Alices,’ & to many who do not bear her name. It is too much to hope that you have an ‘Alice’ among your children, but if there is one of your daughters (whatever her name) who is still young enough to care for a presentation copy of ‘Alice’, or of the ‘Looking-glass,’ it will give me great pleasure to send one. In that case, perhaps you will favour me with the names & ages of the children – both that I may form a more definite idea of my distant readers, & that I may judge what will be most acceptable: children sometimes like books best, when given to individuals & sometimes when given collectively, & I should be glad if you would suggest which would be preferred. Perhaps you can find one to whom ‘Alice’ would be acceptable, & another who would like a ‘Looking-glass’. / I sign my real name to this, but request that you will not publish it in print, as I prefer the other as a ‘nom de plume’. / Believe me yours truly / Charles L. Dodgson / alias ‘Lewis Carroll autograph.'” Letter on black-bordered card-style stationery measures 4.5″ x 7″. Folds, with one through Dodgson, and very light soiling, otherwise near fine condition.  Perhaps a one-of-a-kind Lewis Carroll autograph?


Alice in Wonderland Signed Book

Lewis Carroll Signed Letter. Click to Enlarge.

Minimum bid $8,000

Last, this is a wonderland Alice in Wonderland item that sold in our September 2017 auction, although not an Alice in Wonderland signed book:

Sir John Tenniel Illustration Used in the First Edition of ”Through the Looking-Glass” — With a Presentation Signing by Tenniel From ”Christmas 1876”

Sir John Tenniel original illustration from ”Through the Looking Glass”, the sequel to the enormously successful ”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. This illustration appears on page 201 of the first edition of ”Looking Glass”, done to illustrate the text, ”She was standing before an arched doorway over which were the words QUEEN ALICE in large letters…” A presentation inscription by Tenniel is written to the lower margin, ”With Mr. Tenniel’s kind regards / Christmas 1876”. Pencil drawing was done sometime between 1869-1871 when Tenniel again collaborated with Lewis Carroll in illustrating his novel, an undertaking that Tenniel first rejected due to the time-consuming nature of the work: after drawing preliminary sketches, Tenniel would transfer the artwork onto woodblocks using tracing paper and then finish shading on the blocks. The Brothers Dalziel would then produce engravings from the blocks. Tenniel at first rejected Carroll’s offer to illustrate ”Looking Glass”, but ultimately relented as Carroll could find no other illustrator that matched Tenniel’s ”grotesque” interpretation of the fantasy creatures he envisioned. Drawing measures 3.25” x 4.5”, archivally matted and framed to 11.25” x 12.75”. Very light foxing to margins and light uniform toning, overall near fine condition. From the Bronson Winthrop collection of Tenniel drawings: Parke-Bernet sale of 12 March 1945, lot 164.  Sold for $37,500.

Alice in Wonderland Signed Book

Sir John Tenniel Original Illustration from “Through the Looking Glass”. Click to enlarge.

To auction, buy, consign or sell your Lewis Carroll autograph aka Charles Dodgson autograph or an Alice in Wonderland signed book, please write Nate@NateDSanders.com or phone our auction company, The Nate D. Sanders Auction House in Los Angeles at (310) 440-2982.  Thank you.

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