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William McKinley Memorabilia (WH Chair) Sold for $20,546 at NateDSanders.com

To auction, buy or sell a William McKinley autograph or William McKinley memorabilia, please contact NateDSanders.com at (310) 440-2982 or Nate@NateDSanders.com.

William McKinley memorabilia

William McKinley memorabilia can be inexpensive.  Just a William McKinley autograph is worth no more than $300, a document signed no more than $750.  Same with a William McKinley signed photo.  But, when you start getting into William McKinley memorabilia, one of a kind items can be worth a fortune.  Here at NateDSanders.com, we sold a key piece of William McKinley memorabilia from the White House, a chair, for over $20,000.  Other William McKinley memorabilia can still be worth in the thousands of dollars.  Here is a list of the best William McKinley memorabilia that we have sold with descriptions, pictures and prices realized:

Original Chair From Presidency of William McKinley — Circa 1900 From the White House, Then Known as Executive Mansion

Scarce 110-year old chair from the administration of President William McKinley. Wooden chair, most likely mahogany, bears brass plaque on underside of seat which reads, ”Executive Mansion / President / William McKinley / Comr P B&G. / Colonel Theo. A. Bingham.” Colonel Theodore A. Bingham was responsible for renovating The White House, or the ”Executive Mansion” as it was then called, during the Benjamin Harrison administration approximately ten years before McKinley occupied the venerable residence. The federal-style wooden chair has a rectangular back and simple geometric solar design carved at top. The seat upholstered in royal blue leather is heavily worn with most of the leather torn off, exposing internal canvas, and not intended for sitting. The rest of the chair has some wear and rubbing, particularly to bottoms of legs, but still stands firmly making it a nice item for display. Back part of chair measures 14.5” x 19”; seat measures 16” x 17”, and entire chair from floor to top measures 36”.  From our William McKinley memorabilia auction.  Sold for $20,546.

Presidential Candidate William McKinley & Running Mate Teddy Roosevelt 1900 Election Campaign Umbrella — Clever Way to Promote the Successful Republican Candidates

1900 Presidential candidate William McKinley and running mate Theodore Roosevelt promotional campaign umbrella. Umbrella has six panels, two with portraits of McKinley, two of Roosevelt, and two of American flags. Umbrella fabric is cotton cloth; its handle is made of wood with metal infrastructure atop. Umbrella measures 36” open and 33.5” in length. Umbrella is very delicate from age and two sides have come loose from their metal prongs. Some staining and wear to fabric. Good condition with all panels intact.  From our William McKinley memorabilia auction.  Sold for $1,791.

Official Telegram Declaring President William McKinley’s State of Health Two Days After He Was Shot — ”The President Has Passed a Fairly Good Night”

Official telegram on Executive Mansion stationery issued on 8 September 1901, two days after President William McKinley was shot in Buffalo, New York. McKinley appeared to be recovering from his wounds after being shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz, according to this telegram, though he would die just days later on 14 September 1901. Typed telegram was issued at 3:20 am by the President’s Secretary, George Cortelyou and states: ”The following bulletin was issued by the President’s physicians at 3:20 a.m. The President has passed a fairly good night. Pulse 122, temperature 102.4 degrees, respiration 24.” Telegram is marked ”Copy” in type at top left and measures 8” x 5.25”, with toning throughout and expected folds. Near fine.  From our William McKinley memorabilia auction.  Sold for $1,250.

The Day Before William McKinley Was Assassinated, He Appeared at the Pan-American Exposition, Also the Place of His Assassination — Here Is the Program From That Event & Day

Program from the Pan-American Exposition promoting President William McKinley’s special appearance the day before his assassination. Program itemizes McKinley’s itinerary for 5 September 1901, including the last public address of his presidency and lifetime. Leon Czolgosz shot McKinley the next day during a meet and greet on the Expo grounds. Program features a photo of the doomed president on the striking red front cover and a map of the grounds on the rear cover. Runs 15pp. Measures 6” x 9”. Toning, creasing and a few scattered ink notations within, else near fine.  From our William McKinley memorabilia auction.  Sold for $1,250.

19th Century Autograph Book Signed by 153 Luminaries — Includes President William McKinley, Henry Cabot Lodge & Nathaniel Banks

Large autograph book with 153 signatures of the most notable policy makers in the late 19th century. Signatures include future President William McKinley, signed ”W McKiney Jr. / Canton Oh”, Civil War General Nathaniel Banks, signed ”N.P. Banks. / Sept. 24/90 – Mass” and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, signed ”Henry Cabot Lodge / Washington / Sept 25th 1890”. Leather bound book measures 7.75” x 9.5”. Cracked hinges, repaired by tape, and a few loose interior pages, otherwise very good condition with clean interior pages. A full list of autographs includes: John A. Anderson, Louis E. Atkinson, Charles S. Baker, Nathaniel P. Banks, Charles D. Beckwith, Charles E. Belknap, Aaron T. Bliss, Melvin M. Boothman, Marriott Brosius, James Buchanan, Theodore E. Burton, John W. Candler, Lucien B. Caswell, Henry P. Cheatham, Solomon G. Comstock, George W. Cooper, William C. Cooper, John J. De Haven, Milton De Lano, Henry Clay Evans, Lewis P. Featherstone, James P. Flick, Nathan Frank, Oscar S. Gifford, Frederic G. Greenhalge, Charles H. Grosvenor, William W. Grout, Binger Hermann, Robert R. Hitt, Bishop W. Hoskins, Leonidas C. Houk, Harrison Kelley, Daniel Kerr, John A. Ketcham, John F. Lacey, William G. Laidlaw, Gilbert Laws, William H.F. Lee, Posey G. Lester, John Lind, Henry Cabot Lodge, B.F. Lucy, William McKinley, Frederick Miles, Seth L. Milliken, John H. Moffitt, Henry L. Morey, William W. Morrow, Elijah A. Morse, James O’Donnell, John B. Penington, Samuel R. Peters, John A. Pickler, John S. Pindar, Philip S. Post, Andrew Price, John A. Quackenbush, Joseph R. Reed, Thomas B. Reed, John W. Rife, Jonathan Rowell, Henry Rusk, Charles A. Russell, John Sanford, Joseph D. Sayers, George W. Smith, Samuel P. Snider, Francis B. Spinola, Henry J. Stockbridge, Jr., Isaac S. Struble, Alfred A. Taylor, Ezra B. Taylor, Joseph D. Taylor, William H. Wade, Joseph Walker, Rodney Wallace, William C. Wallace, Theodore S. Wilkinson and John L. Wilson.  From our William McKinley memorabilia auction.  Sold for $1,094.

To auction, buy or sell a William McKinley autograph or William McKinley memorabilia, please contact NateDSanders.com at (310) 440-2982 or Nate@NateDSanders.com.


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