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Richard Nixon Memorabilia, His Briefcase Sells for $17,365 at NateDSanders.com Auction

To auction, buy or sell Richard Nixon memorabilia in our Richard Nixon memorabilia auction, please contact NateDSanders.com at (310) 440-2982 or Nate@NateDSanders.com.

Richard Nixon Memorabilia

Norman Rockwell Portrait of Nixon

1960 signed Norman Rockwell portrait of Richard Nixon, done for the cover of the “Saturday Evening Post.” Charcoal on paper drawing measuring 16″ x 20.75″. Signed to lower right with the artist’s initials, “NR.” This portrait was a study for the 5 November 1960 cover of the Saturday Evening Post, which appeared amidst the presidential race one week after Rockwell’s cover portrait of Kennedy. In addition to Nixon and Kennedy, Rockwell was commissioned to paint portraits of Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson, as well as several foreign heads of state. For his many “vivid and affectionate portraits of our country,” the artist was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977, the highest honor given to an American civilian. Nixon portrait is in very good condition, with pinholes scattered along the edges, and remnants of adhesive from scotch tape scattered along the extreme edges. Corners of sheet fit into tissue pockets on backing. This study is all the more exceptional as it is the only remaining item from the Nixon-Rockwell portrait session, beyond the final portrait itself. Kennedy’s portrait, on the other hand, was lithographed in a limited edition of 2,500 and is therefore far more common than this portrait, which poignantly captures the subject’s personality that Rockwell is so famous for. Accompanied by 5 November 1960 copy of Saturday Evening Post featuring portrait on cover. The best Richard Nixon memorabilia at auction ever besides the original oil on canvas. Sold for $24,000.

Norman Rockwell art auction Norman Rockwell Portrait of Nixon Richard Nixon Memorabilia

Most Important Richard Nixon Memorabilia Ever — Norman Rockwell Portrait of Nixon

Sold for $24,000.

Richard Nixon’s Personally-Owned Briefcase — Used by Nixon While Vice President Under Eisenhower

Briefcase owned and used by Richard Nixon as Vice President, containing a typed letter signed by Nixon not long after he resigned from office. Brick red leather briefcase shows plenty of signs of use and has Nixon’s name and title printed in gilt; ”Richard Nixon / Vice President of U.S.A.” Nixon served as Vice President under Eisenhower, from 1953-1961. Briefcase opens to reveal a typed letter signed ”RN” on Nixon’s personal stationery to Alvin Moscow, the head researcher for Nixon’s book, ”Six Crises,” to whom he gifted this briefcase after their collaboration on the book. Dated 6 January 1975, letter reads in full, ”Dear Al, I want you to know how deeply I appreciate the thoughtful message you sent to me after I left office and returned to California. We have passed through a very difficult period, but it is at such times that one learns who his real friends are; I am proud to number you among them. When I recover my health, you can be sure that in the years ahead I shall continue to work for those great goals to which we were dedicated in the years I served as President – peace for all mankind and prosperity and progress for every American. Pat joins me in sending our very best wishes.” Nixon adds a sentimental autograph note to the bottom: ”It is hard to realize that almost 14 years have passed since we worked on Six Crises -”. Included in the lot is a copy of a newspaper article on the fire that caused Nixon and Moscow to be evacuated from Nixon’s rented home in Brentwood while they were nearing completion on the book. Also included is a 10” x 8” photo of Nixon standing before a home that was destroyed in the same fire, with Moscow’s autograph caption signed to verso. Briefcase interior has address labels affixed bearing Moscow’s name. Briefcase shows heavy use by Nixon, with surface abrasions and loss of material to corners. Accompanied by a copy of a COA from Moscow. Excellent Richard Nixon memorabilia.  Sold for $17,365.

Key Richard Nixon Memorabilia:  Richard Nixon’s Amazing Handwritten Notes on Alger Hiss — The Trial That Put Nixon’s Career on the Map — “couldn’t prove he was a commie…the counterattack almost blasted us off the map”

Richard Nixon handwritten notes on the notorious Alger Hiss case. Nixon, as a member of the House Un-American Activities Committee, rose to national prominence for spearheading the highly publicized prosecution of the accused Soviet spy on charges of perjury. Nixon’s extensive notes might have been written during the trial itself, or perhaps later for speaking engagements on the subject. Notes name the key players – Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers, Bert Andrews – and touch on a multitude of aspects of the trial, including testimony, lie detector tests and his personal opinion on the case as it unfolded, the “…most controversial congressional hearing in history…” In small part, “…the counterattack almost blasted us off the map…How it started: 1) I first saw Ch [Chambers] on Aug. 3 – a heavyset man – quiet – an amazing story…the 8 people – Hiss to break away – His importance at Yalta…the counterattack…The weak spots: 1) Picture identification / …qualified answer – Even if shown he did / could not be guilty of perjury / 4) What motive could he have? 3) Chambers backed up by friends on the charge 4) New York to hear Chambers: / a) couldn’t prove he was a commie / b) if he knew him – could prove that c) So we asked him how well he knew him: 1) Hobbies 2) [illegible], 3) business as a boy 4) car…important later 5) where he lived – 6) cocker dog at kennel – d) Lie detector test…” Notes run 5pp. on 5 separate sheets of yellow ruled legal-sized stationery. Measures 8″ x 12.5″. Four pages are written in pencil and stapled together. Loose page in ink has staple punctures to upper left. Some creasing and coffee stains, else near fine.  Rare Richard Nixon memorabilia. Sold for $5,013.

Richard Nixon Memorabilia

Richard Nixon Memorabilia Being an Amazing Handwritten Notes on Alger Hiss — The Trial That Put Nixon’s Career on the Map — “couldn’t prove he was a commie…the counterattack almost blasted us off the map”

Unheard of Richard Nixon Partially Holograph Letter as President Passively Hinting at Firing Robert McNamara

Fascinating typed letter signed by Richard Nixon as President, to Robert McNamara who was then serving as President of the World Bank. Dated 3 March 1971 on White House letterhead, Nixon discusses the World Bank at length and then adds an interesting autograph postscript, in full: ”I greatly appreciate the candor & constructiveness of your talks with Henry K & others – RN / The speculation about replacing you are completely without foundation”, underlying completely for emphasis. Letter itself reads in part, ”…full mulitalateral [sic] and worldwide sharing of responsibility for development is fundamental to our new approach to foreign assistance…[signed] Richard Nixon”. Single page letter measures 7” x 10.5”. Folds, else near fine. Richard Nixon memorabilia with authentic White House Richard Nixon autographs in full are scarce. Sold for $4,153.

Multi-Presidential Signed Photo: Eisenhower, Truman, Hoover & Nixon Sign a Photo of Eisenhower’s Inauguration — Framed in Wood From Inauguration Stand — With PSA/DNA COA for All Signatures

Photo of Eisenhower’s presidential inauguration signed by four U.S. Presidents: Eisenhower, Truman, Hoover and Nixon, framed in wood taken from the inauguration stand. Special photo is signed ”Dwight D. Eisenhower” boldly in black across the lower border’s center. Signature is flanked on the right by that of ”Richard Nixon” and on the left by ”Herbert Hoover” and ”Harry Truman”. Image depicts Eisenhower taking the Oath of Office in the presence of the signers; with Hoover as former President, Truman as Ike’s immediate predecessor and Richard Nixon standing by as the new Vice President. Hoover’s face is hidden by Truman in the photo. Matte photo measures approximately 10” x 8” and is framed in wood from the stand. Toning, else near fine. With Provenance from White House Journalist Stephen V. Feeley. Also with a COA from PSA/DNA for all four signatures. Richard Nixon memorabilia as VP. Sold for $4,000.

Richard Nixon 1966 Handwritten Notes on Ending Vietnam War & China — With Excellent Content — ”Time for decision to end war…1. Unite the U.S.” & ”Don’t change policy toward China”

Historically important manuscript by Richard Nixon with detailed, handwritten notes from August 1966. As Nixon was gearing up to run for President in the 1968 election, he here outlines various foreign policy themes integral to his future campaign, with Vietnam at the forefront. Upon a sheet of legal paper entitled ”Report on World”, Nixon outlines his views on Vietnam, writing that the U.S. is ”at a great turning point” and it is ”Time for decision to end war.” Nixon then outlines this plan in detailed notes, ”1. Unite the U.S. (secret weapon of Allies) / 2. Inform our allies…4. Quit talking with 2 voices – Need talk of victory – strength, unity. 5. Don’t change policy toward China”. He continues, ”Result = Peace & freedom & progress.” Regarding domestic policy, Nixon writes in part, ”High prices: who it hurts / who is to blame / How to end”. Document measures 8.5” x 13.25” on one single sheet with two staple holes at top left. Near fine. Museum quality Richard Nixon memorabilia. Sold for $3,025.

Richard Nixon Signed Press Release Pertaining to Watergate & Acknowledging His Resignation — ”…there have been allegations…that I knew about the planning of the Watergate break-in…”

Richard Nixon memorabilia being a signed document from the height of the Watergate scandal, dated 29 April 1974. Typed document is signed, ”Richard Nixon” in blue ink on the first page. Press release contains a transcript of the 36-minute address in which Nixon announced his decision to make public transcripts of White House conversations related to Watergate. Document reads in part, ”…As for myself, I intend to go forward, to the best of my ability with the work that you elected me to do. I shall do so in a spirit perhaps best summed up a century ago by another President, [Abraham Lincoln] ‘I do the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end.’…” Runs 7pp. and measures 8.5” x 13”. Toning and staple punctures, else near fine.  Sold for $2,500.

Rare 8” x 10” Photograph Signed by Four Presidents — Signed by Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan — With PSA/DNA COA

Photograph signed by Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. The four Presidents met in the White House on 8 October 1981, the first time four living Presidents were ever photographed together. Boldly signed by all four Presidents with their full names. 8” x 10” photograph is matted and framed to 15.75” x 18”. Discreet closed tear to lower right and small crease to lower left. Very good to near fine. With a COA from PSA/DNA.  Sold for $1,563.

John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon 1960 National Convention Photo Album — Amazing Collection of Published and Unpublished Candidate Photos — Also Eisenhower, Johnson, RFK, Henry Fonda & Frank Sinatra

Photo album of the 1960 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, including candid photos of Presidential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Eighteen album pages contain more than 130 black and white photos of varying sizes, from 3.5” x 2.5” to 10” x 8” from both conventions, Chicago in July for the Republicans and Los Angeles, also in July, for the Democrats. Kennedy is shown signing autographs, speaking from a podium and surrounded by crowds. One unusual shot, taken from a bird’s eye view, shows throngs of admirers surrounding JFK as his Secret Service agents try to control the crowd. Kennedy’s family members, including Robert Kennedy and family, are featured in other photos. Other notable Democrats include Kennedy’s running mate Lyndon Johnson, Adlai Stevenson, Hubert Humphrey, Sam Rayburn, Eleanor Roosevelt, Adam Clayton Powell, Averell Harriman, Henry Fonda and Frank Sinatra. The Republican photos include Nixon speaking at a podium, in a triumphant pose with running mate Henry Cabot Lodge, and with wife, Pat, and their daughters. In an especially crowd pleasing photo, Nixon and wife Pat take time to personally greet youngsters carrying signs supporting Nixon for President. President Eisenhower features in many shots. Other notable Republicans include Nelson Rockefeller. The album, assembled by a photojournalist, also contains newspaper clippings using many of the original photos. Some glue residue to photos, else near fine. Significant paper loss and separation of binding to 12.5” x 14.75” cover. Minor toning, paper loss and tape residue to individual pages. Overall very good. A fascinating collection. Nice Richard Nixon memorabilia. Sold for $1,477.

Richard Nixon Letter Signed as President in February 1974, in the Thick of Watergate — ”…I appreciated…to learn of the widespread support of my conduct of the Office of the President…”

President Richard Nixon typed letter signed to Congressman Bill Young during the height of the Watergate hearings on 5 February 1974. Nixon here thanks Young for his support during Watergate, writing, ”…I appreciated having an opportunity to learn of the widespread support of my conduct of the Office of the President which you found throughout your Congressional District. Your report adds emphasis to my own conviction that, with the staunch support of the American people and with the loyalty and confidence of friends like you, this Administration can continue moving toward the great goals it was elected to achieve…” Signed with initials ”RN” in black ink on White House letterhead. 1pp. measures 6.75” x 8.75”. Near fine.  Great Richard Nixon memorabilia.  Sold for $1,250.

Richard Nixon Autograph Letter Signed — “…I am not surprised after the excellent job you did on No More Vietnams…” — 1987

Richard Nixon autograph letter signed on his personal stationery. Dated 7 May 1987 and penned in sharp black ink, letter reads in full: “Dear Rick, I am delighted to hear of the enormous success of your syndicate as evidenced by Thomas Collins’ [?] piece. I am not surprised after the excellent job you did on No More Vietnams. I hope John Taylor [Nixon’s aide] may be able to enlist you to handle my new book 1999 which will be published next February. With warm regards, RN”. Single page letter measures 7″ x 10.25″. Near fine condition. Mounted to a paper board and framed by black matte board in fine condition to an overall size of 11″ x 14.5″. Richard Nixon handwritten letters are rare Richard Nixon memorabilia. Sold for $1,160.

Richard Nixon Memorabilia

Richard Nixon Memorabilia Being an Autograph Letter Signed — “…I am not surprised after the excellent job you did on No More Vietnams…” — 1987

Richard Nixon Handwritten on Vietnam — ”…The enemy’s major weapon is [the American public’s] opposition to war…We have awesome military power…We can win, the question is, when?…”

Detailed handwritten note by Richard Nixon in August 1966 as a 1968 Presidential hopeful. In the midst of the Vietnam War, Nixon contrasts the U.S. advantages in the war effort with the ”Dangers” it faces, and also analyzes why the war effort had heretofore been unsuccessful. Much of the problem he places on the Johnson administration; with an entire portion of the note under ”Johnson failures” he lists ”1. Unite U.S. – 2. Unite Allies – 3. Level with people – inconsistent – up & down the hill…Failure to mobilize U.S. economy: guns + butter = not convincing”, referring to LBJ’s repeated use of the phrase. A cryptic note regarding Johnson’s failure is ”a long war – V soon be over”, crossing out what looks to be ”should”. Under the headline of ”The Dangers”, Nixon writes, ”The enemy’s major weapon is opposition to war – Division in U.S. – the conviction that [American] people will quit…Those who oppose the war effort – the Peace at any Price crowd”. On the flip side of those who opposed war, Nixon also sees a danger in ”The over optimism: ‘A quick victory’ – ‘The enemy is ready to quit’ – We must be prepared to see the war through + let enemy [?]”. He concludes this part with ”S. V.Nam – inflation – instability – Long war increases danger of escalation…” Many other interesting thoughts of the former President, including his reference to ”Free Asia” and ”More politically stable there [in Vietnam] since 1960”. Document measures 8.5” x 13.25” on one single sheet of legal paper with two staple holes at top left. Toning, otherwise near fine. Stellar Richard Nixon memorabilia.  Sold for $1,000.

To auction, buy or sell Richard Nixon memorabilia in our Richard Nixon memorabilia auction, please contact NateDSanders.com at (310) 440-2982 or Nate@NateDSanders.com.


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